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After Angel told me that she liked her vagina shaved, we chatted on Instant Messenger about me doing it for her some time. We chatted off and on for about three weeks and during that time Angel told me her boy friend was going out of the country, to visit family, for about a month. A few days went by and it was a Saturday when Angel started chatting with me again. It was earlier in the day for her to be online so I was a little surprised to hear from her. She told me that her boy friend was leaving on Tuesday and she wanted to have a “special” time with him before he left for a month. She told me she had gone to the beauty salon and had her hair cut and tinted, had her finger nails and toe nails manicured and nail polish applied, but that her vagina hair had grown and she didn’t have time to go for a wax hair removal. I told her that I would gladly give her vagina area a shave. We continued chatting about “things” and she brought our conversation back to her needing a shave, and she asked me if I would come over and shave her. I told her I would be there in a few minutes and we ended chatting, I got in my car, and drove over to her place.

When I got there, I rang her door bell and the door opened, but I didn’t see her. She was standing behind the door totally nude. She said she had just taken a shower and didn’t see any need to get dressed. Bell was also there, wagging her tail, jumping all over me.
Angel let me in, gave me a big hug and suggested that we go to her bedroom, so I could do what I had come there to do. Shave her.

We went into her bedroom and she had a towel laid out on her bed. Bell followed us into the bedroom and kept trying to jump on me. Angel asked me to take my clothes of, so I would be comfortable, so I did. Bell really seemed to get excited when she saw me get naked. I asked Angel about Bells excitement and she told me that Bell had come from a couple where the lady was a lesbian and the guy was a bimale and they let Bell “play” when they were having sex. Angel said that her boyfriend would let Bell lick him after they had sex and Bell loved cleaning his cock after they finished, so they let Bell suck him almost every time they had sex. Angel told me that Bell had never licked her and she wasn’t sure she ever would.

Angel had a basin of hot water next to the bed, so I had her lay on the bed and I washed her vagina hair with the water and soap. I then rainsed her and put shaving scream all over her mound, vagina, and anus area. I started shaving her anus area and as I did, I began playing with her anus hole with my finger. I shaved all around her anus, all the time working my finger in her just a little bit at a time. Angel was relaxed enough that my finger when into her ass without and trouble, so I kept moving it in and out all the time I shaved her anus and as I began working my way up toward her pussy lips. When I got to her slit, I pulled the slit open and stuck m 2 fingers into her and played with her cunt for a few minutes. I went back to work shaving all her hair off up to her mound at the top of her vagina. There was a lot of hair there, so I use my scissiors and trimmed the long hair off all around the top of her vagina. Then I took my razor and shaved her smooth from the top of her cunt and down the sides. I ran my fingers all over her pussy and it was as smooth as a babies behind.

Angel just laid there with her eyes closed, so I leaned over her pussy and started to lick her. She let out a faint moan, so I continued licking her smooth pussy. While I was licking her, Bell was working on my penis. She licked all around the head and up and down the sides. I felt wonderful, so I let her keep licking me. I wanted better access to Angels pussy, so I stood up so I could move to get directly between her legs. When I stood up, Bell jumped onto the bed and went right between Angels legs and started licking Angel all over her inner legs and between Angels Pussy lips. Angel didn’t stop her, so I just stood there watching Bell having a feast on Angels pussy. I could see Bells tongue go deep into Angels pussy and over her clit. Bell went down low between her legs and licked Angels anus over and over again. Angel began to moan louder and louder. She grabbed hold of the sides of the bed and I could tell she was ready to cum and I could see it was going to be a good cum. Bell was again licking the top of Angels pussy, running her tongue over and over Angels clit. I saw Angel stiffen and she was gasping for air and all of a sudden, Angel let out the loudest moan and filled Bells mouth with her juice. It seemed like a long time that Angel held on to the side of the bed, but she finally let go of her grip and relaxed and just laid there. I pushed Bell off the bed and knelt down between Angels leg and began licking up the rest of the pussy juice Bell hadn’t gotten. Angel begged me to stop but I just kept licking her. She was trying to push me away from her pussy but I was stronger than she, so I kept licking her. I got her clit between my teeth and with my tongue, I flicked it back and forth. I did the for a few minutes until Angel couldn’t take and more and she let go again with an other large amount of juice and I lapped as much of it as I could into my mouth. I really love the taste of her cum! When I had cleaned all of her cum out of her pussy I stopped and realized that Bell had been licking me all the time I was going down on Angel. I just let it happen and Bell got me off all over her face and the floor. Belle cleaned all my cum up and went out into the hall and fell asleep. When Angel could speak, she told me that she had never let Bell on the bed before, and that she had never cum two times in a row before. She then said that both of those things would probably happen again. She said that she and her boy friend had fucked all night before, but they rested between fucks, but now that she had experienced a double cum, her boy friend was in for a treat Sunday night. She also said that Bell may get a treat again too.

We were both totally sweating after we had finished so she offered me the use of her shower which I accepted, gladly. I got into the show, turned the water on, as hot as I could stand it and just stood there with my eyes closed enjoying the spray of the hot water all over my body. I didn’t hear Angel, but all of a sudden, I felt her against my backside, she had joined me in the shower. (That is an other story though)

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really good add another part

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