62 Edith Rosen teaches 13 year old Zack Diamond about sex and life
Hi folks, I’m Zack Diamond, I was thirteen years old when this happened. I live on Elm Street in, well I won’t tell you that, but it’s in the mid-west. I was pretty good at sports, baseball in fact, the girls like me ok, no sex yet unless my hand is counted, but I could live with that, at least for a little while. And I was pretty lucky, there’s a lady that lives on our street who has odd jobs for me so I’ve always got a little pocket money. It was summer vacation then. I’d be a freshman in high school when school started again.

I was walking home when I heard my name being called. I looked around and the lady I mentioned, her name is Edith Rosen, motioned for me to come over, she was working in her flower garden. I think of Mrs. Rosen as the Grey Lady. She has a full head of grey hair, she always dresses in grey clothing, her car is grey even her complexion has a grey cast. I jogged over saying, “Hi Mrs. Rosen.”

“Hi Zack, could I get your help weeding this flower bed?” she asked.

As I knelt and started pulling weeds I replied, “Sure Mrs. Rosen.”

I guess I should explain, Mrs. Rosen had known me all of my life, literally, she visited my mother and saw me on the day I was born. Mrs. Rosen is in her sixties, Mr. Rosen died a few years ago and now she’s alone; I try to help all I can and, of course, she pays me a little.

Like always Mrs. Rosen was dressed in grey, grey sweat pants, a grey long sleeve sweat shirt, grey sneakers and grey work gloves. She cautioned, “Now Zack, only weeds, don’t pull the flowers.”

“Mrs. Rosen, I’ve worked in your garden a lot of times, I know a weed when I see one.”

She smiled at me and said, “Yeah Zack, I guess you do.”

When we’d finished in the garden Mrs. Rosen invited me in for a glass of lemonade. No way would I turn that down, she made the best lemonade I’d ever tasted, she made it from scratch with fresh squeezed lemons and she usually had some home made cookies to go with it, they’re scrumptious too.

I washed my hands and she served cookies with the lemonade. We sat at the table chatting about things going on in the neighborhood and how my summer was going then she asked me if I’d be able to help her tomorrow morning. She said it involved some heavy lifting. I told her sure; I’d be over about 8:30.

We got started early and the lifting was heavy. She had a pile of lumber in her garage that she wanted moved to her shed. We both worked loading wheel barrow after wheel borrow with the wood, I pushed the wheel barrow but both of us worked on the loading and unloading. We were almost finished with the last load when Mrs. Rosen gasped in pain. She was bent over and didn’t seem to be able to stand straight.

“”Mrs. Rosen, what happened, what’s the matter?” I asked.

“Oh Zack, I’ve hurt my back can you help me into the house?”

I took her arm and supporting some of her weight I walked her to her living room and helped her into her recliner. I took off her gloves and asked if I could get anything for her.

“Please Zack, in the medicine cabinet in my bedroom there are some Advil, would you get me two and a glass of water.”

After I gave her the pain reliever I finished up with the lumber and came back inside.

I asked, “Feeling any better?”

“The pills are helping a little but I think I pulled a muscle. Zack, if it’s not asking too much, would you rub some lotion on my back, I think that would help.”

“Sure, I can do that.”

“Help me up Zack; it would be easiest if I was lying on the bed.”

I helped her to her feet and supported her as we walked to the bedroom.

“The lotion is in the medicine cabinet, too, Zack, the pink bottle.”

I was surprised; the pink bottle was a scented body lotion not something like Ben Gay as I thought it would be. I had a second surprise, if I wasn’t mistaken, and I could be because I’d never really seen one, but if I wasn’t mistaken there lying alone on the bottom shelf of the medicine cabinet was a dildo. I thought, no, that can’t be.

Mrs. Rosen was lying face down on the bed waiting for me; she’d lifted the shirt a little so I could do her back. I sat down beside her and warmed a little of the lotion between my hands before I began to rub her lower back.

After just a few moments Mrs. Rosen asked, “Zack, will you help me out of this sweat shirt, I want you to be able to get my shoulders.”

I helped her take the shirt off and got another surprise. The Grey Lady was wearing a bright red brassiere.

“Zack, climb up on the bed so you can put some pressure on when you rub, and while you’re at, unhook my bra so you can get my whole back.”

I didn’t see any other way to do what she wanted, I straddled her bottom and unfastened her bra and started her massage.

I worked from her shoulders downward, down her spine and outward, Mrs. Rosen was nearly mewing with pleasure. I did her sides and, taking a chance, rubbed the exposed sides of her breasts. When I touched her there she wriggled her hips. I thought she was telling me to stop; not so, she wriggled again and said, “Go on Zack.”

So back to her breasts I went. I must confess, touching a woman’s breasts even if it was just the sides had given this thirteen year old boy an erection and her wriggling had dislodged me from my perch atop her bottom and my little stiff cock was comfortably lodged between her cheeks. As I rubbed her back I was also rubbing along her crack; she seemed to like it. She pushed back against me any mewled quietly; I came in my shorts.

How to get out of this, I didn’t know, I could see that the back of her sweats were getting damp from me. Then, thankfully, she said, “Ok Zack, that’s enough for now. If it still hurts would you help me again tomorrow?”

Gratefully I dismounted saying, Sure Mrs. Rosen, is there anything else I can get for you before I go?”

“No Zack thanks, but I think I’ll just lay here for a while.”

After Zack had gone home Edith continued to lie on the bed, she had a smile on her face, she still had an active libido, she knew Zack had cum and she was pleased. It had been many a year since a man had cum for her. Her husband had been dead for four years but they hadn’t had sex during the last five years of his life, age and diabetes had left him impotent. But, blow on the ashes, there may still be a fire there and she did feel a glow. Edith was tickled that her own panties were a little damp; her dildo would get a workout tonight while she thought about a young boy’s cock.

Zack came by the next morning to check on her, she had exercised her dildo the previous night; all it had done was fuel her hunger. She called out for him to come in.

“Zack, I’m back here in the bedroom, come here, won’t you?”

When he came in Mrs. Rosen asked, “Will you do my back again please, I still hurt.”

I answered, “Yes.” But as I went to get the lotion I was thinking, will I do your back again, hell, I’d pay to get in the same position again. But I was about to learn, things could get better.

Mrs. Rosen was atop the sheets when I got back. She asked, “Zack, will you help me out of my nightie so you can get my whole back.”

I helped her lift the gown over her head. She had no bra on and her breasts hung heavily. They sagged of course, she was over sixty, but they were large and full with large dark areolas and long light brown nipples, I couldn’t take his eyes off them and she noticed. She asked, “Do you like them Zack?”

Reddening with embarrassment I stammered, “They’re beautiful.”

As I jerked my eyes away I saw that Mrs. Rosen was dressed in only her panties. They were a bright red, I just gaped.

She rolled on her tummy saying, “Time to get to work Zack.”

Of course I was stiff, my first view of a woman’s breasts and seeing her in only her red panties; I was hard as a board. I mounted her bottom and started to warm the lotion. Mrs. Rosen shifted under me until I was resting in her crack then she squeezed me with her bottom cheeks, I nearly lost it right there before she said, “Come on Zack.”

I gave her a good workout, massaging all of her sore spots and attending to her breasts.

Mrs. Rosen enjoyed it, his hands on her body and his little Willie against her bottom, it felt so good.

“Come sit beside me Zack.”

I sat beside her but she said, “No, come up here where I can see you.”

I scooted up trying to hide his hard-on.

“Zack, you made me feel good, would you like me to make you feel good?”

I wasn’t sure what she had in mind but the raspiness of her voice and the faint scent of her seemed to spell sex. I answered, “Yes, Mrs. Rosen, I’d like to feel good, too.”

“Good,” she said as she pulled my shorts and white jockey shorts down exposing my erection.

She took some of the body lotion and started to stroke his little cock. God, he exploded, gush after gush of his ropy cum hit his stomach and washed over her hand, she stroked him until he began to shrink.

I’d just sat in wide eyed wonder as she masturbated me, my jaw gaped open as she licked the cum from my body.

“Do you feel better now Zack,” she whispered.

“Mrs. Rosen, that was awesome.”

“Will you do something else for me, please Zack?”

“What would you like?”

“Would you suckle on my breasts?”

Zack turned to face her and leaned to her chest taking a nipple in his mouth he nuzzled against her and began sucking. Mrs. Rosen moaned with pleasure.

“Take the other one Zack, please, oh yes, just like that.”

She guided one of his hands down to her crotch and let him play with her through her panties. He’d get more but that was for later, for now just let him explore, he’d find that she was wet.

Between his attention to her breasts and his roving hand Edith experienced a little orgasm; she clamped his hand between her thighs and let him feel her heat and moisture.

“Mrs. Rosen, did you wet yourself,” Zack naively asked.

“No Zack, that’s what a woman does when a man excites her.”

“Did I excite you Mrs. Rosen?”

“You sure did Zack; now let me excite you.”

Zack’s shorts were still off and he’d regained his erection. Edith rolled toward him and took him in her mouth. She’d been pretty good at this when she was younger; it was no effort to deep throat a thirteen year old and she took him all the way in. She bobbed up and down several times then swirled her tongue around him and took him back in. Zack held her head and pumped her mouth as he climaxed. Edith had no problem at all swallowing all he had to offer.

“Well Zack, what did you think of the Mrs. Rosen sex education class,” she asked.

“Wow Mrs. Rosen,” was all I could say.

“If you’d like we can have another session tomorrow.”


“Class dismissed ‘til 8:30 tomorrow morning,” she smiled.

When Zack was gone Edith lay in bed thinking about tomorrow’s class plan and what the future might hold. She wanted to do so much with Zack, to teach him about sex and to teach him to be a considerate, accomplished lover. Edith had loved anal sex when she was younger and her sphincter was almost twitching in anticipation, but that would be for later.

Edith had a philosophy about women and anal sex; it was pretty straight forward. Women by and large did not like it. From conversations with lady friends over the years she estimated that about 70% of women had engaged in anal sex. Most did it to satisfy their partners. The remaining 30% refused it under any circumstance, if it was the make or break in a relationship the relationship wasn’t worth saving. Perhaps as few as 2% of women truly reveled in being anally penetrated; Edith was in that 2%.

But tomorrow’s lesson would be creating the arousal in a woman and straight intercourse in the missionary position. She couldn’t wait for the next day to arrive.

If Zack was nothing else he was prompt. At 8:30 exactly he arrived and went to the bedroom. Edith was sitting up in bed waiting for him.

“Come give me a hug Zack,” she asked.

I climbed up on the bed next to her and hugged her tightly; she drew my head to her breast and held me there for a few moments before pulling me up to her face and kissing me.

“Zack, today I want you to learn how to prepare a woman for sex, are you ready to start?”

“What do you want me to do Mrs. Rosen?”

As she slid down in the bed she said, “Zack, I want you to kiss me, kiss my lips, my face, my ears, my eyes, kiss me all over.”

I followed her instructions, when I kissed her lips she ran her tongue into his mouth; I did the same to her. When we broke our kiss Mrs. Rosen said, “Now I want you to massage my breasts while we kiss.

She was wearing a nightgown, directing my hand under the gown to her breasts she explained, “Zack, I want you to take my nipples between your thumb and finger, twist and pull on them but do it gently as breasts can be tender. If I want more pressure I’ll let you know, ok?”

We embraced in a deep kiss while I played with her nipples.

When he twisted them she felt a tingle between her thighs; it had been a long time since a man had made her feel like that down there.

“Zack, that feels nice, now take off my nightgown please.”

I lifted her gown over her head and laid it on the bed. Her breasts were magnificent to me.

“Now, Zack, kiss me again then kiss down my throat and on to my breasts. Kiss then suck on one nipple while you tease the other.”

I kissed down her front and took one of her large nipples between my lips, sucking like a hungry baby. Mrs. Rosen emitted a low moan of pleasure; the tingle was getting stronger. I alternately sucked, kissed and tweaked both nipples for quite some time before she said, “Now Zack, kiss down to my tummy.”

Trailing kisses down her body, I arrived at her belly. She was soft with just a little fat; all in all Mrs. Rosen was in good shape for a woman her age. I tickled her belly button with the tip of my tongue and kissed down to the elastic of her panties.

“Zack, rub me between my legs,” she said as she parted her thighs inviting his touch.

I had touched her yesterday but this wasn’t quite the same. Today the gusset of her panty was soaked and I could feel her heat. I cupped her sex and rubbed.

Edith wanted to be touched, flesh on flesh but she let him feel her through her panties for several minutes before asking, “Zack will you take my panties off please.”

I almost came just from her words, I was about to get to see a pussy. I tugged on the elastic waist band asking, “Mrs. Rosen will you lift your bottom a little.”

Edith raised her hips as her panties slid off. Zack could only stare, before him was a real live adult woman’s pussy. It was covered with black hair tinged with some grey, full and bushy. Zack ran his fingers through, smoothing and combing it. It was surprisingly fine and soft to his touch.

“On down Zack, open my slit and finger me.”

Oh yes, that was an invitation not to be delayed. I parted her lips. Her inner core was a pale red, her inner lips a darker crimson, blood engorged and waiting; then scent I now knew to be her arousal permeated the room. I ran his fingers up and down her slit, finding her vagina.

“That’s it Zack, I want you to stick a finger up me until you find a spot that’s a little rougher than the rest. It’ll be on my inner wall. Zack probed into her until he found what she’d describe.

Edith’s voice had a low raspiness as she explained to Zack, “That’s a woman’s “G” spot, we like to have it rubbed, put in another finger.”

I pumped two fingers in and massaged her. Mrs. Rosen was taking small gasping breaths as she said, Zack, up toward the top of my slit you’ll find my love button, my clitoris, find that and rub it too.

I was massaging Edith’s “G” spot and rubbing her clit when she gave a little shudder and clinched her thighs, holding my hand in her. I could feel fluid flowing from her, drenching my hand.

“Thank you Zack, you make an old woman feel good. Now, kneel between my legs.”

Positioning myself as instructed, Edith guided my penis into her hungry vagina saying, “Zack pump your hips, push in and out of me.”

Zack was no fool, he knew what he was doing; he was fucking, he was fucking a woman, he was fucking Mrs. Rosen; the feeling was unbelievable. He pushed into her as far as his 4 ½ inch dick would go then pulled back and pumped in again. She lifted her legs so he could go in further; it felt like her pussy was about to suck his balls in too.

What Zack lacked in experience he made up for with exuberance; he was pounding her fast and hard; she only wished he was a little bigger but it felt fantastic to her none the less.

Edith was panting, she was going to cum again, she could feel her climax building and was ready when Zack started spurting into her. He was grunting from his efforts then let out a muffled scream as he erupted. Edith wrapped her legs around Zack’s waist, holding him tight to her as he filled her then with a loud moan of her own she added her juices to his.

She just held him in her, her legs still holding him securely as she smiled and said, “Congratulations, you’re my little man now, come up here and snuggle with me.”

I loved the soft pillow like feel of her breasts as she held me to her. I could hear the beating of her heart, I couldn’t help myself, I took a nipple between my lips, pulled it into my mouth and began to suck.

As Zack snuggled and sucked at her breast, Edith experienced a feeling she hadn’t had since she’d nursed her own child those many years ago. She felt a tightening in her womb, almost a yen to have it filled again. She knew that wasn’t possible, she was long beyond child bearing age, still it brought back pleasant memories and it was arousing her.

While I was sucking on her breasts I could tell Mrs. Rosen was having a reaction to my attention, her breathing changed and she was making a quiet sound deep in her throat, I slid my hand down and massaged her tummy.

Edith felt a sudden clenching inside. When Zack started to rub her belly he’d rubbed low enough that she could feel the pressure on her womb, she started squeezing her thighs together, exciting herself, readying herself, she knew Zack was going to have her again.

When I rubbed low on Mrs. Rosen’s tummy her breathing intensified and she started clinching her thighs. I knew what she wanted; I wanted the same thing. Keeping a nipple in my mouth I rolled over on top of her. She spread her legs, inviting me in.

“Mrs. Rosen, I want you again,”

In a low whisper she rasped, “Please Zack take me now.”

I slid into her and began to stroke. The first time, my first time I was rushed. Sex, fucking, was a feeling I’d never experienced and I wanted it so badly. This time, having just cum, I wanted to take my time. I stroked into Mrs. Rosen slowly but deeply, trying to let her feel me. I continued to tease her breasts while I was in her, increasing her arousal, bringing her closer and closer to her pleasure. This was far more pleasant than the first time; it was fun to watch her face as I thrust into her as far as I could go. She was feeling me; her facial expressions alone let me know that I was pleasing her.

Edith was most pleasantly surprised; Zack had been like a bunny earlier, now he was like a lover trying to satisfy his woman, and satisfying her he was. She liked that he continued to massage her breasts and she liked his long deep thrusts. She felt like a woman being made love to by a man that wanted her. It had been a long time.

I was getting close but I wanted Mrs. Rosen with me. I remembered how she’d reacted earlier when I’d played with her clit; I slipped one hand between us, found her love button and, holding it between my fingers began to strum her. It was all it took.

When he took her clitoris Edith couldn’t restrain herself, she hooted, “Oh, oh, oh, yesss Zack, yes, yes, yes, oh God, yes,” as she pound her hips against him and exploded in the strongest orgasm she’d experienced in over twenty years. Her copious love juices flowed from her spasming vagina, coating Zack’s crotch and flooding down over her bottom and soaking her sheets as Zack continued to stroke into her.

I hadn’t cum yet. I wanted her full attention when I filled her with my cum. As she began to relax from her climax I pounded into her and held myself against her as I filled her with my creamy jizz. Afterward we lay together snuggling and kissing. She was sixty-two and I was only thirteen but there had been a bond between us for years. Now the bond was even stronger and deeper.

After they had rested Edith confirmed tomorrow’s 8:30 appointment and Zack left.

Edith lay on her bed in a dreamy state. She felt so contented and fulfilled, she felt loved and that was what had been missing from her life. She also considered tomorrow’s lesson. She decided on oral sex, her on him first and then him on her; then she wanted him to take her from behind. She’d encourage him to rub and finger her tight pucker, maybe she could even get him to dip a finger or two in; tomorrow would tell.

Edith got up and baked some of her famous chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies; they might want a snack after tomorrow’s workout.

When Zack arrived the next morning Edith was waiting for him in the bed. She’d taken her gown off earlier; all she had on were her panties. She’d left them for Zack; she liked having him remove them.

“Zack honey, why not take off your things and come to bed with me,” she asked.

I quickly stripped and joined her under the covers. I was surprised to see that she was topless. I leaned toward her to take abreast in my mouth but Mrs. Rosen stopped me. This morning it’s your turn she said as she laid me back on the bed. She took my penis in her hand and stroked me several times getting me ramrod stiff then she bent over me and took me in her mouth.

Edith loved the taste of Zack, she took him down her throat and hummed creating a stimulating vibration then she sucked him, bobbing up and down, twirling her tongue around his engorged cock then bobbing on him. She wanted to try one other thing just to see how he would react. She slipped his penis out of her mouth and wet her finger. Deep throating him again, she grasped his cheeks and pulled him closer while massaging his anus with her damp digit. It spurred him on. He began pumping into her mouth. When she probed into him he jumped a little then leaned back, forcing her deeper. It put him over the edge; he spewed into her as she swallowed each pulse, sucking him dry.

“Gosh Mrs. Rosen, what did you do to me?” I asked.

“Did you like it Zack?”

“I’m not sure, it sorta surprised me, but it sure made me cum hard.”

“I guess it does have that effect sometimes,” she smiled.

Slipping into a robe Edith said, “Let’s take a break and have some cookies.”

I slipped into my shorts and followed her to the kitchen. After serving the lemonade and cookies Mrs. Rosen talked about my next lesson.

“Zack, when we go back I want to teach you one of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn about satisfying a woman. I say one of the most important; the most important is to always be loving, caring and respectful of her as a person, but this one may be next. I gave you oral sex a few minutes ago; when we go back it’s your turn to give it to me. Every woman I’ve ever met likes it and nearly every man.

When we returned to the bedroom Mrs. Rosen said, “Zack, I want you help me out of my robe and lay me down on the bed then join me and caress and kiss me.”

I did as she asked.

“Now Zack, kiss down my body, excite my breasts then move down to my tummy. While you’re doing that rub my sex through my panties.”

I kissed down her throat to her breasts and fondled one while I sucked on the other. As her breathing became more ragged I kissed down to her tummy and massaged her through her panties.”

“Now Zack, I want you to roll my panties down and take them off.”

Once I taken her panties off, she opened her legs. Her labia opened showing her light reddish core and the scent of her arousal filled the air.

“Zack, I want you to lick me.”

I leaned forward and took a tentative taste. I thought, not bad, she had a slightly salty tang. I licked along her slit, exploring her with my tongue. When I found her hole I stuck my tongue in and teased her, she wriggled in enjoyment.

“Zack, find my clit with your tongue and finger my vagina please.”

I licked upward until I could take her clitoris between my lips, sucking it in as I inserted two fingers until I could massage her “G” spot. She started to pump herself against my fingers and began a low moan.

“Ooo that’s it Zack, that’s it. Now Zack I want you to do what I did to you.”

I had to think for a moment, and then it dawned on me. She wanted me to finger her bottom. I took my moist hand from her pussy and circled her pucker, she moaned louder; then I stuck a finger in and pumped gently. I was sucking on her clit and pumping a finger in her bottom when uttered a raspy, “yesss Zack, yesss, oh God, pump me harder.

When I probed deeper into her bottom she clenched my head between her thighs and thrust her pussy against my face. She let out a small scream then started panting as I continued to pump her rose bud, even inserting a second finger when she erupted. She squirted her fluid out in gush after liquid gush, covering my face. I released her clit and started lapping, tasting her fragrant juices and cleaning her; I continued until her breathing returned to normal and she relaxed.

“Oh Zack that was wonderful, God you made me feel so, so good, thank you.”

“I thought it was wonderful, too, Mrs. Rosen, I loved the taste of you and the feel when you came.”

“Come up here and let me hold you while we talk.”

I crawled up beside her and embraced her and she talked to me.

“Zack, not every woman is as anal sensitive as I am, some won’t like to be touched there so, take things slowly and be sensitive to her wants. If she says no, take her at her word, never force things. Remember what I told you are most important; be loving, caring and respectful.”

“I won’t forget that Mrs. Rosen.”

“Good. Zack, now that you’ve to me all hot and excited there’s one more thing you need to learn. In my medicine cabinet is a tube of KY Jelly, would you get it please?”

I got the KY and returned to the bed.

“Zack, come sit on the bed please.”

I sat on the bed as she directed; she lay face down across my lap.

“Not every woman will like this position when you prepare her for anal sex but I do. Rub my bottom and let your hand slip between my legs. Yes, that’s right, now massage my bottom and finger my hole.”

I rubbed her back passage, circling her pucker and pressing inward ‘til the tip of my finger penetrated her.

“Zack, start adding some of the lubrication, work it deeply into me with first, one finger then add a second. Oh, just like that, now pump me a little.”

I followed her instructions and, as I was pumping her, her breathing changed, her voice was raspy as she told me to add more lube and to put some on myself. I did just that.

“Now Zack, kneel between my legs and lift my hips, pull me up on my knees.”

I lifted Mrs. Rosen to her knees as she lay her head on the pillow. I was enjoying the view when she said, “Zack enter me, my bottom. Take it slowly, just the head first then more as I adjust to the feeling.

I guided my cock to her opening and pressed the head in; she gave a little gasp then told me to push further in. As I slid into her she moaned, “Ooo, ooo, ooo,” until I was completely buried in her.

“Ok Zack, now pump me.”

I started pumping into her slowly and gently. I continued at that slow pace for several minutes before she asked me to pump her harder and faster, I did.

“Oh Zack, ooo Zack, yesss, that’s the way, that’s the way, oh, oh, oh, yesss, Zack I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, pump me hard, oh yes.”

Mrs. Rosen had never been so vocal; I pumped her as hard and fast as my little dick would go when she grunted unintelligibly several times and climaxed; her body quivered as she drenched us both with her copious love juices. I followed soon behind, cumming harder than I’d ever cum before and washing her bowels with my hot fluids. We both collapsed to the bed, me still mounted on her. I softened and fell out.

“Come hug me Zack.”

We hugged, caressed and kissed one another then dozed off for a short nap.

This happened ten years ago. Mrs. Rosen and I had been lovers all that time. Until I left for college we met at least once and often twice or three times weekly for not only sex but life lessons. Oh, certainly I’ve dated a lot of girls since then and have had sex with a number of them but I’ve always remembered Mrs. Rosen’s admonitions about loving, caring and respect and I practice them.

I’d gone to Arizona State on a baseball scholarship and I’d done ok. I was a pitcher with a winning record and had been a low round draft choice by Cleveland but I wasn’t going to sign; my fast ball topped out at 96, good enough to get most college hitters but not the best and my curve was adequate but I couldn’t sneak it by better hitters. In other words I was a good college player but the hitters at the pro level would kill me. I’d decided to get a post grad degree in business and had been accepted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School; I’d be attending the San Francisco campus.

I graduated ten days ago. I was glad my Mom and Dad had come out and brought Mrs. Rosen with then, I hadn’t seen any of them since the Christmas holidays. Mrs. Rosen was seventy-two now and I couldn’t believe how much she’d aged in just the last six months. She looked frail. After the commencement ceremony we all went out to dinner. Then Mrs. Rosen mentioned that she was feeling tired and asked to back to their hotel; she whispered to me, “Zack, come to my room when you get free please.”

At the hotel I walked Mrs. Rosen to her room; Mom, Dad and I were going to have a nightcap in the hotel bar. I told her I’d come after that.

We finished our drinks and Mom and Dad again congratulated me then they retired for the night. I went to Mrs. Rosen’s room and knocked lightly. She was in her robe when she answered the door.

“Come in Zack, I want to talk to you,” she said.

I walked her to the bed and we lay down together.

“Zack I’m ill. I’ve been diagnosed with a virulent, aggressive form of cancer and I’m not long for this world. I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to spend just one more night with you.”

My eyes were tearing as I helped her from her robe and removed her brassiere. Her full breasts were desiccated, even her body seemed shrunken. It didn’t matter, I kissed her sweet, loving lips then took a nipple in my mouth and sucked; one then the other.

“Zack please just make gentle love to me,” she asked.

I rolled her panties off and entered her with slow languid strokes. I continued to kiss her and tell her how very much I loved her. She cooed in my ear. Our love making was slow, sensual, almost sorrowful; we both knew it was probably the last time. I didn’t want it to end and neither did she. Our climax wasn’t spectacular, just a gentle giving of each to the other. Mrs. Rosen dozed off in my arms.

I received the call I was both dreading and expecting one week later. My Mom called, Mrs. Rosen had died in her sleep.

I flew home and attended the funeral in a daze. After the service and interment Mrs. Rosen’s attorney asked to speak to me. He told me that the reading of her will would be the following Tuesday and that I was named but, handing me an envelope he said, “Edith gave me instructions to give you this letter.”

After I returned to my car I just sat reminiscing then I opened the envelope. There was a short note and a small key.

I drove to Mrs. Rosen’s house, I still had a key. The note directed me to a box she kept under her bed. I pulled it out; the small key opened the lock.

The box contained every and all the e-mails, letters and cards I’d sent her over the years. There was a card addressed to me. It pictured a flower garden like Mrs. Rosen’s, inside was written, “Goodbye my Love, I’ll see you above.”

As I read it, my tears flowed, falling on the pair of red panties she’d left there for me.

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2013-03-01 06:58:31
Dan I like the ideas you used for this one, but I don't think you really sowhed everything that this type of app could do. You sowhed the buttons for it, but do you really need to show the login page? its on your app! you should be logged in already through the device your using. I want to see more of how the app functions, You started to show me in the last iteration, but its like a teaser, I really don't get the feel for all the possibilities this app could hold.Also I understand why showing this for a different campus could be useful, but you only changed the color and NC state logo. Why waste an iteration on that then?I want to see different types of organization with in this app. What out being able to see that I can not really give you good feedback.Saying that, the 3rd design is the one that helps me understand what is going on best. The design is really clean and easy to figure out, the icons are working as a whole and I really enjoy those. I like the search options you are giv

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2012-12-07 15:02:38
A pleasant and tender story. The training that a mature, even much older, woman can give a youthful boy/young man will provide invaluable lessons for later relationships. I really liked this story. About a twenty year age difference is fine and more is OK, too. Thank you for writing.

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2012-10-18 13:12:35
this is the best i have ever red full of love and tenderness that makes life feel good with tender sex that is so good

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2012-03-30 06:49:58
Age gaps in relationships have been a subject of controversy for eons. This should put them all to rest. This love story of a senior citizen and her teenage toy boy proves why an older woman makes an ideal partner, not only for the physical aspects of love, but for the life lessons to be learned. This is like a pornographic homage to the relationship shared by Marty McFly and Doc Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy.

Wirepaladin, you disgusting old man, I congratulate you on the success of this work. - doctorrrrrpunk

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2012-03-06 01:36:22
damn this is an excellent story, well written and very tender..... the ending made me cry even

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