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Just a little something, I though would be interesting to try, as I've never come across doctor who sex fic, so here's to hoping it goes well Maybe part of a trilogy?
It was bound to happen eventually. Really.

You didn't go travelling through time and space without bumping into the odd flora or fauna that stimulated a being's more amorous tendencies.

Luckily, the Doctor knew most of them and could take great care in avoiding such potentially uncomfortable and well, sexual situations.

So, only one problem truly remained:

It was a really, really, really big universe.


Sarvos XI was a beautiful planet. Truly, mind-bogglingly beautiful.

Amy stood on the top of the hill just outside the doors of the TARDIS and stared. She smiled happily. The fields stretched out before her were a range of colors from the deepest purple to lightest gold with strange patches of scarlet. The forest in the distance had every imaginable shade of green and small birds drifted in and out of the tops of the trees. She turned her face to meet the oncoming breeze and closed her eyes as the cool air moved over her skin and stirred her hair.

"Does this meet with madam's approval?" the Doctor asked right next to her ear. Amy grinned at his continuous lack of personal space.

"It does indeed, good sir," she said. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. "How sure are you that we won't end up running on this planet?"

"Oh, very sure," he said, locking the doors. "Well, mostly sure. Practically sure. Mostly definitely possibly sure."

Amy shook her head and followed him as they headed down the hill to the fields below.

Just as they reached the foot of the hill, the Doctor turned to her, gave her a quick grin and tapped her shoulder. "You're it!"

Then he took off running. Amy shouted and took off after him. "You said no running!"

"I said 'mostly, practically, possibly' no running! Do keep up, Pond!"

She finally caught up with him at the edge of the forest and leaned against a tree to get her breath back. He just raised his eyebrows at her and grinned madly.

"What was the point of that, precisely?" she asked breathlessly.

"To keep you in good cardiovascular shape, of course," he said. "Keep those legs of yours all slim and strong."

Amy looked down at her bare legs where they emerged from her skirt and groaned at the sight of grass and grains stuck to her skin and her boots.

"Chin up," he said, turning to walk into the woods. "Could have been mud!"

With a roll of her eyes, Amy half-heartedly brushed at her legs and followed him deeper into the woods.

From the top of the hill, the forest had appeared to be thick and dense, but as they ventured further inside, Amy realised that there were large open spaces where the soft sunlight shone through and illuminated a multitude of flowers.

As they rounded one particularly large oak-type tree, the Doctor stopped and said, "Now, there's a spot Monet would have appreciated."

Amy stopped next to him and nodded silently.

A small crystal blue pond glittered in the sunlight and small flowers very much like lily pads floated on the surface. Tiny insects darted in and out of each bright pink flower perfectly centred on the pads. Tall, deep green stalks with white flowers surrounded the pond.

The Doctor suddenly snickered.

"What?" Amy asked, still gazing at the water.

"Nothing, just, you know," he said, gesturing to the scene. "Pond."

She gave him her best withering stare. "Wow. I've never heard that one before. Thanks."

He grinned and nudged her shoulder with his. She elbowed his stomach.

They walked the perimeter of the pond and Amy walked to get a look at one of the stalky flowers. The flowers were such a startling white. Upon closer examination, she discovered that the flower was actually even smaller flowers clustered together. She leaned forward and breathed in. She smiled as the unexpected smell of cinnamon filled her nose.

"Well, what do they smell like?" the Doctor asked, coming to stand behind her.

"Christmas," Amy said.

"Oh, they do not." He leaned over her shoulder and smelled them. "Well, what do you know? They do smell like Christmas."

Amy smirked and reached out to touch the petals. Her finger was less than a millimetre away when the flower exploded in a burst of white petals.

"Oh!" Amy said pulling her face away as the smell of cinnamon became overpowering and made her eyes water.

"Oooh, yeah," the Doctor said with a small cough. "Must be a self-defense mechanism. Get too close and boom! Christmas up your nose."

"Yeah," Amy said rubbing her nose trying to get rid of the slight burning sensation. "Ugh."

"You okay?" he asked.

"Mmm hmm," she said, blinking furiously. "It'll pass."

"Well, let's move on," he said. "More to see!"

"Sure, okay," she said, wiping at her eyes but moving to follow him.

They walked away from the pond and completely missed seeing the little white petals slowly drift back to re-form themselves as the bigger flower.

As they walked past the large oak-like tree, an odd feeling tore through Amy making her stumble and fall against the trunk.

"Amy?" the Doctor said coming to stand beside her. "What's wrong?"

"Not sure," she said holding her hand up to her forehead. "My head's swimming. And I'm so warm."

He pulled out the sonic screwdriver and quickly scanned her. His eyes widened as he read the results. "Oh dear."

"What? What is it?" she asked.

"Ah, nothing," he said, turning the screwdriver on his own head and scanning himself. "Nothing at all." He read those results and said, "Oh, dear."

"What?" she asked. "Why the 'oh, dear's? You never 'oh, dear' unless there's something to 'oh, dear' about."

"It's nothing," he said. "It's going to be fine."

Amy's jaw dropped and she swayed as her stomach fell and swooped. "Oh, God. What. Is. It?"

"Well, I don't think those flowers were just flowers," he said. "Anyway, we need to get you back to the TARDIS."

He took her hand and a shock of pure, raw, desire jolted up her arm and made her gasp sharply and grip his hand. The Doctor met her eyes and they just stared at each other for a moment while Amy breathed heavily.

"Right, that's, uh, normal," he said. "Let's go."

He pulled her away from the tree trunk and helped her as she stumbled over the uneven forest floor.

"How is that normal?" Amy asked. "I've got the urge to..." Her mind swirled and sifted through exactly what she had the urge to do; all involving the Doctor and her mouth and distinct lack of clothing. "Oh, God." Amy tripped over a root and the Doctor caught her right before she hit the ground. The feel of both his hands on her caused her to close her eyes and lean closer to him.

"No, no, none of that, Pond," he said. "Keep up, will you. Left, right, left right."

The Doctor got her moving again.

"But, Doctor, I want," she started to say.

"I know! I know!" he said quickly. "But, it's the pollen from the flowers. It's not actually you."

Amy wasn't too sure about that, but the pace he'd set was taking all her attention, so she held her tongue. They emerged from the forest and headed back through the fields towards the hill and the TARDIS.

"Why do I always park her on a bloody hill?" the Doctor said under his breath. His hand tightened on her and he kept pulling her.

"Wait," she gasped out. "I've got to rest for a minute."

"No, no, you don't," he said. "You need to keep moving, come on."

"No!" she said loudly and stopped walking completely. Her hold on the Doctor's hand caused him to be jerked back and he ended up smacking bodily into her.

The full body contact made Amy shiver and flush simultaneously. She let out a soft "Oh," at the sensation of his body next to hers and she instinctively pressed against him. She met his eyes, fully expecting to see surprise or amusement or exasperation. She did not expect to see an answering look of lust. Another "Oh," escaped. "You... You feel it..."

"You really, really have to keep moving," he said quietly. "It will run through my system quickly, but it will linger in yours. I don't know if the air on this planet will exacerbate the problem or not. You must keep moving, Amy."

"Okay," she whispered.

"Good girl," he said and he started to turn away.

"But," she said.


She closed her eyes and breathed. "You just smell really amazing."

He made a strange noise in his throat that was somewhere between a laugh and a groan and said, "I'm going to remind you of that someday. Now, stop making this so, so..."

"Hard?" she supplied opening her eyes just in time to see him squeeze his shut and grind his jaw.

"Difficult," he said. "Move it, Pond."

The Doctor wrenched himself away from her and still holding her hand pulled her across the field and up the hill.

After some more stumbling and swaying, they reached the TARDIS. The Doctor let go of her hand to get out his key. Amy pressed herself against his back and rubbed her face on his coat.

"Soft," she murmured. "Soft Doctor."

"Not at this precise moment," he said finally getting the doors open and turning to pull her inside. He tucked her under one arm and closed the doors, and Amy took the opportunity to sneak her hand inside his jacket and pressed her hand on his chest.

"Oooh, so fast," she said, feeling his hearts beat.

"Oh, blimey," he said. He dragged her up to the TARDIS console and propped her up next to the rail. "Stay put."

Amy nodded and frowned when he turned away. She closed her eyes and listened to him throw switches and pull levers. Another wave of heat swept over her and she moaned. "So hot."

"I know, just give me a sec," he said.

Amy struggled her way out of her leather jacket and then pulled her jumper over her head, leaving her in a thin camisole. She sighed in relief as the air hit her bare arms. She made a movement to take her camisole off, but the Doctor appeared in front of her.

"Whoa, slow down," he said. "That's enough, right there."

"But," she said. "I need..."

"Right, yes, need." The Doctor seemed to hesitate and Amy leaned into him and pressed her face to his neck. "Oh. Amy?"

"Hmm," she said into his skin. She darted her tongue out for a quick taste and the Doctor jumped.

"Ah! No!" he said. He pulled away and said, "Med-bay! Now!"

He grabbed her hand and once again, pulled her after him.

They were halfway down one of the numerous halls, when Amy felt a wave of pure desire race through her abdomen. She cried out and doubled over. The Doctor stopped and placed his hand on her bare shoulder. "It's okay, it's okay. Not too much further, come on, Amy."

"No," she whispered. "I can't, Doctor. I need..."

She looked up at him and something like resignation flashed over the Doctor's face. "Oh, heck."

"Doctor..." Amy stood up and pressed herself against him, her breasts flattened against his chest. He held himself absolutely still, but the muscles in his jaw twitched and tightened. She placed open-mouthed kisses to the skin of his neck. His skin was cool, cooler than hers. She ran her tongue along the muscle of his throat. The hand not still held by his, clasped his waist. She dragged her lips along his jaw and rocked her hips into his. Another wave swept through her and she tightened her grip on his hand and waist. She glanced at his face.

The Doctor continued to remain completely still and had closed his eyes tightly. She licked her lips and then pressed them to his. Her tongue slid over his top lip and then slowly over the bottom one, followed by a quick, sharp nip to the fleshiest part.

A groan rumbled up from his chest and out his mouth, which opened to her.

Result, her mind shouted before it was swept away with the sensation of the Doctor kissing her back. He let go of her hand to cup her face, adjusting the angle to cover her mouth with his. His tongue brushed against hers softly and then with great fervor. She met him move for move and moved her now free hand up to cup the back of his neck.

Amy was so focused on the feel of his mouth, she didn't notice him guiding her until the wall of the TARDIS hit the heated skin of her back. She gasped and let her head fall to thud on the wall. The Doctor trailed his mouth down the column of her throat and she pulled at his shirt to find the skin of his hip. Once she'd untucked enough to reach his waist, her hand immediately sought out his hipbone. Once found, Amy dragged a fingernail down the length of the bone to the top of his trousers.

The Doctor shuddered and his hips jerked into hers. "Oh," he said into her mouth. "That's a new one." Amy found enough concentration to grin and dragged her nail against him again, thoroughly enjoying the ensuing shudder and press against her pelvis.

She raised one leg to hook on the Doctor's hip and started to roll her hips into his in earnest. "Doctor," she said. "Doctor, please."

The desire building in her made her movements erratic and she could have wept from the frustration of not quite getting what her body needed.

"Easy, easy," the Doctor said. He smoothed a hand down her side and over her skirt. Amy bit her lip when his hand finally reached her skin and trailed to touch her inner thigh. He felt along the edge of her knickers with his finger and then he brushed directly over the front of her.

She gasped and jumped. "Yes, yes, there."

The Doctor edged one finger under the fabric of her knickers and slowly traced along her flesh. Amy's hips rocked impatiently and he slid his finger into her. He quickly found her clit and slowly and gently massaged it.

Amy gave a sigh and blindly pressed kisses along his neck as her hips rocked in time to his movements. She found his mouth again and messily kissed him where he met her clumsy enthusiasm with his own. He gently added another finger and Amy sucked hard on his tongue.

The desire was still building, building in her and she tried to hurry the Doctor along by moving her hips faster. But he wouldn't alter his pace and Amy cried out in frustration.

"Please! Faster, I need, I need..." she said.

"Shhh," he said. "You're letting the pollen take over. You don't want fast, you want slow. Slower is better." He dragged his thumb achingly slow over her and she moaned. He leaned in closer and murmured into her ear, "Slow down, Pond. I'll get you there. I promise."

She moaned again. Her hips picked up his rhythm and she let the feel of his fingers deep inside of her and his mouth on her neck take over.

His fingers never stopped and she felt the desire inside her continue to build and the sheer, utter immensity overwhelmed her.

"I don't..." she tried to say. "It's too much..."

"Too much?" he asked. He pressed his thumb hard against her. "Or just... right?"

Her body arched as her orgasm tore through her. Starbursts of sensation exploded in her spine and raced along every single nerve in her body.

"Oh, Amelia," the Doctor whispered into her ear.

Amy gasped for air and dug her nails into the skin of his neck and hip as the aftershocks traveled through her.

When she came back down, she opened her eyes and met the darkened gaze of the Doctor. She took in the sight of his lips all swollen and the slight movement of his fingers still inside of her. Then Amy did something she'd never done in her entire life.

She passed out.


When Amy woke up, she was in the med-bay. She was still in her clothes from earlier sans her boots, which were neatly placed on the floor next to her bed. She stretched languidly and took stock of her current situation.


The muscles in her abdomen were pleasantly sore in that just-had-a-spectacular-orgasm kind of way and the driving urge to have said orgasm appeared to be gone. She felt astonishingly awake, truth be told. Most of the details of how she'd ended up feeling this way were a little hazy, but she could take a few guesses.

Amy sat up and looked around. Her jumper was on a chair nearby and the Doctor was no where in sight. Amy was alternatively relieved and disappointed by his absence.

The cool floor of the med-bay felt good under her bare feet. She picked up her jumper and her boots and walked to her room. While she was reluctant to take a shower and wash away the smell of, well, him, she really wanted a clean pair of knickers.

After a quick shower and throwing on a pair of jeans and a new jumper, Amy headed to the bridge. She heard him moving about before she entered and wasn't surprised to see only his legs sticking out from underneath the main console.

"She hasn't hurt herself, has she?" Amy asked, coming to stand next to his legs.

"Nope," the Doctor said, his voice muffled. "Just standard repairs. Although, now that you're up," he pulled himself out from under and bounced to his feet, "we can be on our way."

He spun away and threw a lever and twisted a dial.

"O-kay," Amy said. "So, we're not going to, you know..."

He gave her a look from under his fringe. "'You know'... what?"

"Well, what happened," she said. "We're not going to talk about it?"

"Do we need to?" he asked. "I would have thought you wouldn't remember much."

"Well, it is a little on the hazy side," she admitted. "But..."

"That's it then," he said, looking away. "Over and done with, a big, flashing warning sign has been stuck on Sarvos XI and we're on to the next adventure!"

"Oh, okay," she said with a frown. "As long as you're sure."

"I'm sure," he said. "Absolutely, positively sure."

He came to stand next to her and smiled as he reached to flip a switch next to her hand. As he brushed up against her skin, a familiar flash of desire swept through her and the Doctor's eyes widened. They blinked at each other dazedly.

The Doctor cleared his throat and said, "Well, maybe mostly, possibly sure."

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Excellent story. Well written. I could actually see this happening. Very hot!

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