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Sequel to my other story
Jens smiled at Presea as he carried her up the stairs towards the bathroom. The two were still sweating from their previous exercise.

Presea smiled at him “Looking forward to our shower?” She asked suddenly

Jens gave her an odd look “How could you tell?”

“Well, I can already feel you getting hard again.” She said with a laugh before lightly kissing Jens on the lips, who kissed back. Once the kiss ended, Jens put Presea back on her feet, leading her into the bathroom.

The bathroom was massive, featuring a massive shower and with quite a bit of room. More then enough to fuck in whatever way they wanted to.. Jens walked over to the shower and turned it on. Nice warm water beginning to rush out of the shower head.

After a moment Jens announced “It's ready.” He turned to look at Presea, smiling.

She was sitting on the counter, her legs spread slightly revealing her still moist pussy, her large breasts out on display, the nipples still erect, her hair dishevelled from the previous fucking. She smiled at her boyfriend, her eyes briefly drifting down to his 7 inch hard on that was slowly growing more erect.

“Perfect, I was starting to feel pretty nasty.” She hopped off the counter and headed towards the shower, her hips and breasts swaying as she moved. She gently pushed Jens aside, opened the shower door and stepped in, unleashed a gout of steam as she did. She closed the door behind her.

“Ohhhhhh...” She moaned “The water is so nice and hot...” She added as she stepped under the facet. A moment later, she heard the door open behind her and saw Jens about to step in.

“Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?” She asked him.

“Uh...getting into the shower...?” Jens said slowly.

“I'm going first Jens, afraid you'll have to wait your turn.” She said, gently pushing him away from the shower. She then closed the door and locked it. Jens stood there, completely stunned. He let out a sigh and went and sat where Presea had been sitting a few moments ago. Even if he wasn't in there with her, at least he got to watch her body through the glass, even if it did obscure some things.

“Oh yeah, its all nice and hot, really great feeling...” Presea said, apparently to herself. “Feels really great against my skin, so warm...”

Jens looked at Presea's outline, his cock twitching slightly. He watched intently as Presea's figure grabbed for some sort of bottle. She held it lovingly, almost like she was stroking it, playing with it. After a few moments a stream of some liquid shot from the long thin bottle onto her breasts. Jens' breathing was already picking up, his cock getting hard very quickly.

Presea's hands began to smear the liquid on her breasts. She ran her hands over her breasts, turning the liquid to soap. She continued to touch her breasts for a while longer, before grabbing the bottle again. This time she shook it violently, before a massive gout of the liquid poured from it, smearing all over her body.

“Oh, that feels so nice on my skin...” Presea moaned. Jens' eyes widened, his cock now rock hard.

Presea began to run her hands all over her body. Over her breasts, up and down her legs, across her belly, over her neck, over her ass, even some on her face. Jens' breathing was growing more ragged every second as he watched the motions of Presea's figure.

After a few minutes Presea stepped directly under the shower head, the water droplets soaking her body. Her long hair hung down her back, looking far better then it had moments ago. She leaned back, the water splaying on her breasts, making the large mounds even more attractive.

“This is just so....pleasurable...” Presea moaned loudly over the pounding of the water. Jens licked his lips, his hand now gripping his cock, slowly jerking himself as he watched his lover.

A moment later Presea's hands were on the move, heading right for her pussy. Jens' eyes widened, his hand started to move over his cock faster. He could see her fingers go sink between her legs, her hand moving up and down as her fingers rubbed against her slit. Jens began to jerk himself faster and faster.

He grunted when he heard Presea moan loudly. His hand moved faster over his cock as he saw Presea slid two fingers deep into her pussy. Jens was jerking himself hard and fast now, watching Presea's every motion intently. Jens closed his eyes, ready to send himself over the edge when he heard the shower door open.

He opened his eyes to see Presea's head sticking out of the shower, looking right at him, a dirty smile on her face.

“I thought you had a bit more self restraint, babe.” Presea laughed. Her skin was shinning with the water, drops dripping off her body. Jens didn't know what to say, his hand still on his cock.

“I'm honestly surprised you didn't try to take the door off the hinges to get in after I fake played with myself...” Presea continued. Jens' jaw dropped.

“What, you thought I'd actually masturbate with your massive cock only a few feet from me?” She asked devilishly. “I'd much rather have your massive shaft then my small fingers. Now get over here, or, should I come over there?” She asked. Jens was on his feet a moment later, his cock standing at rapt attention. He hurried into the shower, closing the door behind himself.

Presea backed up under the hot water, she beckoned Jens closer. Jens was on Presea in a second. His hands gripped her hips, pulling her against his chest, her breasts pressing against him. He forced his lips on Presea's, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Presea gripped Jens' arms tightly, kissing him back with equal force. The intense kiss continued as the hot water poured down on both of them. After a moment, Jens pushed Presea up against the wall, definitively taking control, one of the rare times he did.

He continued the kiss, but moved one hand to one of Presea's huge breasts while moving one knee between Presea's legs. She gasped instantly. She started to moan as Jens slowly ground his knee against her pussy.

“Ohhhhh Jens...” Presea moaned. She moaned again as Jens' lips moved on to her neck, sucking and biting the skin teasingly. Presea groaned, Jens' knee grinding a bit harder into her pussy, her wetness spreading over Jens' knee.

“You're soaked Presea, and I don't think its the shower water...” Jens whispered in his lovers ear. Presea groaned again as Jens pinched her nipple.

“Well...its obvious why...” She panted “You in a nice treat...every once in a while....” She gasped as Jens pressed his knee into Presea's pussy, pinning her to the wall. This earned a mixed yelp and moan from the girl.

“Well thanks for the compliment.” Jens said. A moment later, Jens pressed his whole weight against Presea, sandwiching her between his body and the wall.

“Hope you're ready!” Jens growled in a low voice. Presea moaned just from the thoughts that coursed through her mind. Though she was a very dominant person when it came to sex, there was something she really enjoyed about being taken by Jens, when he had the bestial drive he had at that moment. It was so rare, it made the times it happened all the better.

Jens grabbed his cock, which was throbbing, and lined it up with Presea's pussy. He thrust in a moment later. Presea yelped as the 7 inches of flesh filled her once again. Jens grabbed Presea's legs, pulling them around his waist. Presea took the message and interlocked her ankles, wrapping her legs tightly around Jens' waist. Jens smiled.

“Hold on tight!” He growled. His hands firmly gripping Presea's thighs and ass, holding her against the wall, he began to thrust into her violently, pushing her into the wall, then pulling her off and repeating the motion. Presea gasped each time, her nails digging into Jens' back as she held on for dear life as she was slammed into the wall every few seconds.

“Holy shit Jens!” Presea yelled as he buried himself in her to the hilt, but this time he kept her pinned to the wall, keeping himself buried deep inside her cunt.

“You're so fucking hot Presea. Your great ass, huge breasts, perfect ass, magnificent pussy, your great eyes, even your crazy pink hair. God you're perfect!” Jens whispered to Presea, his voice laced with lust.

“You ain't half bad either Jens!” Presea whispered back, her voice tinged with desperation and need. Jens smiled before resuming his thrusting. Presea began to moan constantly, her pussy dripping her juices all over Jens' bulging shaft.

“Wanna switch things up a bit? Or you happy with this?” Jens asked, never breaking his heavy pounding rhythm.

“ in...mind?” Presea asked between heavy breaths, growing closer and closer to the edge.

“Well, what haven't we done tonight? Doggy style, anal, you could tit fuck me, I could eat that hot pussy of yours, or hell, if you don't mind a repeat, I wouldn't mind you riding me again. Who could mind you riding them?” Jens laughed, still keeping up his pace,

“God damn Jens, so many choices, so little...time...AHH!” Presea screeched as Jens buried himself to the hilt again.

“We got all night babe, don't worry about that.” Jens hissed in Presea's ear.

“Oh god Jens!” Presea moaned as Jens did another quick, to the hilt thrust. “Fuck, I wanna make you cum so hard you wouldn't believe it!” She yelled as Jens thrust into her a few more times.

“Oh yeah, why's that?” Jens asked, burying himself to the hilt once again.

“Because I love watching your face contort in ecstasy, love watching your cock bulge and twitch, love hearing you moan and groan, love it when you cum, and all your cum explodes out of you in untold pleasure!” Presea hissed, breathing faster and faster, right on the doorstop of orgasm.

“Nothing to do with you not being in control for once?” Jens asked.

“Everything to do with that!” Presea said.

“Well you can be in control again in a few seconds, after I make you cream!” Jens snarled, picking up the pace of his brutal thrusting. Presea gasped every time Jens thrust and pinned her against the wall. She was breathing very heavily, her orgasm a few mere seconds away. Jens thrust himself to the hilt inside Presea one more time, forcing her roughly against the wall, and holding himself in as deep as possible. That last thrust forced Presea over the edge.

She screamed in ecstasy, every muscle tightening. Her legs nearly crushed Jens' hips, her nails digging deeply into Jens' back, her pussy clamping down like a vice. Jens smiled against Presea, gently thrusting to help her ride out her orgasm. Once Presea had come down from her orgasm, she unhooked her ankles and leaned against the wall, catching her breath, a stream of her juices running out of her pussy and down her long, smooth legs. Jens took a few steps back, licking his lips as he looked at Presea, still recovering from her orgasm.

After a few minutes, Presea took a large, deep breath. She lifted her hanging head and stared at Jens intensely. She licked her lips as she observed his bulging 7 inch cock, covered in her cum.

The two stared at each other from across the large shower for a moment, then Presea was on Jens like a feral animal. Her lips crashing against his, her tongue stabbing down his throat, one hand on his cock, jerking it up and down wildly and roughly. Jens groaned loudly, completely out of control of the situation. A few moments later Presea sank too her knees. She grinned up at Jens and said.

“Enjoy this babe, you're gonna get this all night!” A moment later she shoved Jens' cock into her cleavage. Jens groaned as Presea pressed her breasts together, smothering Jens' cock in the soft flesh.

“Oh fuck...” Jens moaned as Presea began to grind her large breasts against his cock. The feeling was amazing, the soft, plush flesh jerking his cock to and fro, bringing him ever closer to a monstrous orgasm.

Presea never looked away from Jens. She only felt happier when Jens moaned, his knees shaking slightly, his hands resting on Presea's shoulders to keep himself steady.

“Cum whenever you need to honey, your gonna get this treatment all. Night. Long!” Presea said to him, her voice laced in a sultry, enticing tone. Jens moaned again, his breathing getting far more laboured. Presea began to grind and bounce her breasts as fast and as hard as she could, determined to make Jens cum as hard as possible.

“Oh fuck..oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck...” Jens groaned, his knees shaking again, his cock twitching and shaking with anticipation of the coming flood.

Presea looked at Jens, a sultry, devilish smile on her face as she leaned her head down, her tongue running across the head of Jens' cock. The young man nearly came then, only barely able to hold himself from rapture. Presea smirked, Jens always liked to hold out his orgasms, delay it and make it as strong as possible.

She adjusted herself, positioning her breasts so they held Jens' cock from the hilt, his head sticking out from the top of her cleavage. She lowered her head again, this time her mouth enveloped the entirety of Jens' cock head. She began to lick and suck on the glands. Jens' eyes snapped shut, and he sucked in a sharp breath of air. He was only a few moments from orgasm. Presea kept her mouth on Jens' cock head, still grinding her breasts into his shaft, her eyes titled upward to keep her eyes on him. He was moaning every few seconds, his eyes snapping shut and fluttering open in the same span of time. He was mere moments from orgasm.

Presea smiled against his cock head before pulling her mouth off his cock, her tongue slowly licking his cock head before Presea, still grinding her breasts into Jens' cock vigorously, looked at him and said.


Jens grunted violently, tightly gripping Presea's shoulders as an orgasm coursed through his body. His cock shuddered, his cum spewing out, splattering all over Presea's beautiful tits. Jens gasped for air as the last few jets of cum spewed from his cock and dropped on Presea's water and cum soaked breasts.

Presea released her breasts and Jens cock. She smiled down at her cum covered tits, running her hands over Jens' cum, rubbing it into her breasts and scooping it into her hands before lapping it up.

Jens was still breathing heavily, his knees growing weaker. A few moments later he lay down, still gasping for air, his body shuddering in the aftermaths of his orgasm. A few seconds later Presea lay down besides Jens in the massive shower and whispered in his ear.

“Your cock and cum taste a lot better when its laced with my cum...” Her voice was so sultry and sexy Jens' cock stopped deflating, and slowly but surely began to harden again. Presea's hand lightly wrapped around Jens cock. He groaned.

“Presea....not sure I can go another time...” Jens said between breaths.

“That's just what you think...I know for sure I can make you cum more then one more time tonight” Presea whispered in his ear, her hand running up and down Jens' cock. He moaned loudly.

“Well feel free, just don't count on me helping the matter...” Jens said, groaning as Presea speed up her motion.

“I've never needed your help to make YOU cum.” Presea laughed, speeding up her movements again. Jens moaned again. By now, he was completely hard. Presea looked at Jens' cock intently for a moment and smiled.

“What do you wanna have happen though Jens? Ride it, jerk it off, blow it, anything you want...” She let her words hang in the air as she continued to jerk Jens off.

“You've done one of all those things tonight, so you pick what you have to repeat.” Jens said, his eyes fluttering, clearly not in the market to last long a fourth time.

“Well then...” Presea said before she straddled Jens. She slithered herself around, lining up her pussy and Jens' cock. A moment later she dropped down on to it. She took in a long breath, but Jens gasped.

Presea began to wiggle slightly, getting comfortable before placing her hands on Jens' chest. She looked down at him with a smile. She began to ride him like a bronco immediately. She was going as fast and as hard as she could, the water from the shower raining down on the couple as Presea brought Jens ever close to a fourth orgasm.

“Oh fucking hell!” Jens yelled as Presea rode him. His rock hard cock was already close to exploding for a fourth time that evening. Presea looked down at Jens and smiled, the look on his face a mix of desperation and a twinge of pain.

“Cum Jens, just Cum, I want to feel you cum inside me again!” Presea said. She was still bouncing rapidly on top of Jens, but she had one hand rubbing her clit violently and vigorously, bringing herself closer and closer to another orgasm of her own very, very quickly.

“Ah fuck! You are just so hot and tight right now, its like a fucking vice!” Jens yelled, his cock twitching and bulging with another dose of cum waiting to burst out.

“Damn right it is!” Presea yelled, still rubbing her clit fast and hard. At the same time she was intentionally clenching her pussy muscles against Jens cock. She was determined to give them both massive orgasms.

Jens let out a low gutteral growl. His fingers and toes curled and uncurled as he came within moments of cumming. Presea smiled down at her lover, even as she vigorously played with herself, bringing herself right to the edge. She forced herself down to the hilt of Jens' cock, eveloping his whole 7 inches. Jens bucked upward as he came.

Presea continued to rub her clit as Jens' orgasm slammed into him. He gasped and panted and shuddered as his cum gushed from his cock. Moments later his sperm washed into Presea.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Presea gasped as she felt the fluid wash around her insides. She and Jens were both panting, but Presea still hadn't cum. She still had Jens' cock buried in her to the hilt, the last of his cum dripping into her, and her fingers were abusing her clit. She was moaning constantly, her eyes shut as she focused on her impending orgasm.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” She screamed as her orgasm smashed through her body. Her muscles locked up as the ecstasy slashed through her body. She collapsed forward on top of Jens as the final throes of orgasm coursed through her.

Jens smiled up at Presea, his hand running through her hair as she tried desperately to get her breath back. After a few minutes of the only noise being their breathing and the sound of the running water, Jens spoke.

“I think we should actually get cleaned up now, and head to bed.”

“Yeah...” Presea agreed, finally forcing herself off her boyfriend. The two smiled at each other as they stood up. The couple quickly washed themselves. They hopped out of the shower, dried themselves off, and headed to the bedroom, walking hand in hand, more then ready for the nights rest.


2010-06-21 04:54:42
Omg babe! this got me soo wet! i came twice while reading this, but its made me so horny my lil' pussy needs more!! Jens, i'f you're real, i'll be your Presea, just find me and take me! ^.^

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-21 04:50:35
Dude? - That was FUCKING EPIC!!! it was like i was right there. I'd kill to be that Jens guy though, Presea sounds like my dream-girl! haha - great story, i really hope you write a sequel.

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