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Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 09:24:15 -0000
From: Riain
Subject: The New England Army Sex Club -- Part Two

The following Adult Erotic story is fictional. However it is based on actual
true events as told to me and dictated at the bottom of this story. The
characters deions have been changed to protect their real identities,
due to the sensitive nature of the actual events, their families, and their
military careers.

(M/MMMMMM, Outdoors, Oral, Anal, NC, BD, SM, WS, kidnapping, Military)

The New England Army Sex Club
Part Two

Based on an actual true account that happened to
"Darn Right"

Cast of Characters:

UVM Frat Boy -- 6'2" (188cm) 170lbs (77kg) Brown Hair (flat-top) Brown Eyes,
age 21, Semi-Hairy, 7" cut cock -- `claims' to be straight, but has had sex
with several frat bothers at Sigma-Phi.

1st Soldier -- 6'1" (185cm) 166lbs (75kg) Brown Hair (crew-cut) Green Eyes,
age 29, Semi-Hairy, 8" cut cock -- Bisexual -- Married, 2 children.

2nd Soldier -- 6'3" (191cm) 202lbs (91.6kg) Black Hair (crew-cut) Brown
Eyes, age 36, Very Hairy, 9.3" uncut cock -- Straight (except for club
participation) --Married, 6 children.

3rd Soldier -- 5'10" (178cm) 154lbs (70kg) Red Hair (crew-cut) Blue Eyes,
age 30, Smooth Body (except for pubic bush, legs, & arm-pits), 7" uncut
cock --
Bisexual -- divorced, 1 child.

4th Soldier -- 5'11" (180cm) 161lbs (73kg) Brown Hair (crew-cut) Hazel Eyes,
age 35, Semi-Hairy, 7.5" cut cock -- Bisexual -- Married, 3 children.

5th Soldier -- 6'4" (193cm) 210lbs (95kg) Blond Hair (flat-top) Blue Eyes,
age 30, Very Hairy, 10" uncut cock -- Bisexual -- (friends suspect he is
secretly gay) Unmarried, no children.

6th Soldier -- 5'8" (173cm) 140lbs (63.5kg) Light-Brown Hair (crew-cut) Blue
Eyes, age 28, Extremely Hairy, 8" uncut cock -- Straight (except for club
participation) -- Unmarried, no children.

... -- I didn't know if I was going to pass out or throw-up. That's when he
let go of my head, but before I could say anything or see anything;
everything went dark, some sort of hood was put completely over my head. The
only openings seemed to be for my nose, I could not see, I could not speak,
I could not hear. Now, I was really frightened. I was confused, I had so
many emotions going on, I did not know what to feel, what to think, what to
do. I couldn't do anything that was the reality, because now they had tied
my hands behind my back, whoever they were! Oh god what if they were some
sort of weird satanic cult and now they were going to kill me? I was
thinking so many things at one time, I soon couldn't think of anything at
all, except I just had my mouth raped by a stranger with a uniform and a
gun, and now his friends were there. This is when they started marching up

[FIN -- Part One]

Part Two

Here, I was being marched through the woods by armed uniformed men with my
hands bound behind me and completely nude, except for my socks and shoes and
some sort of hood that completely left me without any of my senses except
for smell and being able to breathe through my nose. I was sweating heavily
and it was not just from the heat of the day of from just being raped. I was
raped wasn't I? Oh God, but I had an erection and I had been leaking pre-cum
like crazy -- and worse of all I had wanted to cum so very badly. The sweat
continued to pour off of me like I was in a steam room -- I was scared, I was
not in control, I was with strangers, I was raped, I was being kidnapped,
and I also had strange feelings that I could not allow myself to have.

I do not know how long we marched it seemed like hours, but I had lost all
sense of time and direction. What I did know was it was a long hike up and
down and then across a large stream as the water went almost to my knees,
but the water felt so good, I wanted to fall down in it and cool off and
drink and drink, I was becoming dehydrated. It was not far from where we had
crossed the stream that we stopped. The next thing I know I was roughly
pushed down onto the ground. I started to worry again and think about what
they might do next. Then someone touched my face near my mouth, and then I
realized that there was a zipper across my mouth and it was being unzipped.
Now it was open and I could breath through my mouth and now I could actually
hear again. All of sudden I felt something rub up against my lips; I couldn'
t tell what it was. I smelled the musky smell of a man's crotch, but it did
not feel like a penis. Whoever it was rubbed harder and I felt some liquid
and knew it was pre-cum, but what else was being put again my mouth? Then I
heard the command, "Open your mouth and stick that slut tongue of yours out
bitch, and earn yourself some water." It was not the voice of the soldier I
met originally, it was a different one. I stuck my tongue out and then I
felt what had been rubbed against my lips encircle my tongue and then the
tip of my tongue felt something very soft and moist and I knew it was a
cock... that's when it hit me, it was an uncircumcised cock! I had never even
seen one before other than in some porno magazines and videos and web sites.
Now here I was touching one with my tongue and licking up pre-cum.

Whoever it was kept rubbing his foreskin all around on my tongue and lips
and then stopped. He told me to keep my tongue out and then he put his hairy
musky balls on my tongue and told me to lick them clean and be gentle. I
completed my task and all I could think about was getting that water. Then
he mashed all his pubic hair into my mouth and nose as he grabbed my head
and held my head into his very hairy bush, until I could not breathe and all
I could smell was MAN. Just as I thought I would pass out he let go, I
gasped for breath and coughed and heard all the others laughing. I heard him
walk away and then someone came up to me and put a canteen to my mouth and I
had my fill of nice cold refreshing water.

Someone was about to zip my mouth closed again, when I realized I had to
piss -- I spoke up and said, "Sorry, Sir, but I really do need to take a piss
now." I thought the military tone and using Sir would be to my benefit. Then
next thing I know I got a slap to the side of my head. "Did anyone give you
permission to speak, pussy-boy?" "Well, answer me, faggot!" I answered, "No
Sir." Then the guy said to his buddies, "The boy has to piss." And they all
laughed. He told me to open my mouth and I did immediately -- Then he spit a
huge wad of spit into my mouth and grabbed me and put me down on my knees
then on all fours, and made me swallow his spit. Then he told me to go ahead
and piss. He told me you are now our bitch so piss like a bitch on all fours
squatting on the ground. I guess I should have been thankful that I had to
piss really badly, because otherwise I am not sure I could have actually
pissed like that. But, within seconds, I let go and started pissing, I could
feel the hot liquid splash up on me from hitting the ground, I don't think I
had ever pissed without actually holding onto my cock before. When I had
finished they grabbed me to my feet and again we started marching.

I could tell this time we were hiking exclusively uphill. We were going up a
mountain. Finally, after what seemed like hours again, we came to a halt.
They unzipped the opening to my mouth again and gave me water -- not only did
it quench my thirst, nut it also kept my stress down, as why would they give
me water if they were going to kill me?

As I sat there drinking water I could here them moving around and from the
noise I certainly felt this place was their camp, whether it was just a
temporary or permanent camp, I did not know. Now the questions for me was
how long were they going to keep me here and what were they planning on
doing to me? Certainly, if one had used me for sex, wouldn't they all use
me? They seemed to have already indicated that I was their property, their
`bitch' to do with whatever they wanted! Who were these guys? Were they real
soldiers? Were they gay or gay bashers? My mind just kept racing even though
I was completely exhausted. Eventually, exhaustion won out and I fell

The next thing I know I am being carried and placed into some sort of
hammock and then my hands were unbound from behind me, only to be stretched
out and each tied to something. They took off my shows and socks and did the
same thing to my legs, bounding them high above me, so that I was now spread
eagle with my virgin ass exposed. I was completely strapped to this thing
and could not move. My head was actually lower than the rest of my body; at
the time I did not know why.

The mood of the men seemed more festive now. I heard chuckles and chatter,
but I could not hear anything specific, as the hood still limited my
hearing. It was long before they came to me again and one of them removed
the hood and now I could finally see. It took a few moments for my eyes to
adjust to the light, as surprisingly it was still daylight. Although, I
could tell it was late and the sun was setting. The first thing I really saw
was a very large hairy man, with the largest cock I had ever seen, and the
hairiest crotch as well. He was also uncut and from his stature and smirk I
knew it had been the one who had teased me earlier with his foreskin for
water. He had a can of beer in his left hand and occasionally took gulps. He
was all man, muscles, hairy, tall, dark, handsome, and seemed to be a lot
older than the first soldier I met, and certainly much older than myself.

The next thing I know he stares into my eyes and says, "Ya all awake now
queer boy?" He then took his right hand and grabbed his huge flaccid man
meat and shook it at me saying, "I bet you been dreaming about tasting this
big Italian sausage again." They all then started laughing. Because of the
position of my head, I could not really see all of them. From what I could
tell they were all now naked, except for their boots and dog tags, and they
all were drinking beer. This had to be a nightmare -- This could not really
be happening to me?

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