No family of my own, but when i meet Gabby i want her for my own Grandaughter
First I need to tell you a little about me.
I am a 57 yr old man; I have never married, so I don’t have a family of my own, although now at my age I wish I had children and grand children.
I own my house which is quite large, too large for just me.
I have worked for the local council for many years, which I enjoy. I have never been interested in young girls, only from 16 upwards, but that was to change 2 years ago.

I was told to meet a guy at the local kiddies play park on Monday morning, his name was Ben I didn’t know him, but of course he would be in the local council clothes so he would be easy to spot. I introduced myself and chatted. The supervisor arrived.
He detailed the work he wanted doing, which was to paint all of the fencing green. We took the materials from his van. Later that day a small shed arrived for us to have our breaks and store the materials.

During the day we chatted as we worked, I found out he had been married but his wife had left him and he had to look after his young daughter of 9 years, while he was at work his Mum would look after her. He lived in a flat and had been out of work for a long time and money was short. He was about 35, average build and height, and seemed to be nice friendly guy, and I enjoyed the day with him.

The second day was the start of the school summer holidays of course Ben knew this, having a young child himself, but I didn’t, and the play park was soon full of children. He was watching the kids as they entered the park, and soon drew my attention to a pair of girls that you could see where sisters. Both had blonde hair and aged about 8 and 10, both wearing similar summer dresses. Ben asked “do you think they are pretty?”
I replied I thought they were, and continued painting. But I noticed he kept looking over to where they were playing, which I found odd.

The third day was much the same and the two sisters arrived again, but this time they were closer to us as we had moved to another part of the park. We were working beside the swings and parallel bars. It wasn’t long before one was upside down and swinging to and throw, her skirt had fallen over her chest, and Ben drew my attention to her by saying “ wow, look at her, we can see her panties”
I glanced over and looked for a short while watching her swing, “lovely pair of bum cheeks” he added
And much to my amazement I did look at her bum cheeks, and found it quite arousing.

“Chris” Ben said “I’m moving closer for a better view, you coming?”
I don’t know why, but I nodded, and together we moved nearer. From where we were now we could plainly see there panties. I stood and watched them swing; I glanced at Ben who never took his eyes off them. As I watched, he moved nearer, and beckoned me to his side. I followed and he whispered “Can you see the slit where her pussy is?” I looked at her and yes it was possible to see the slit, and I found myself staring at it. Soon after, they both left to go to another part of the park.

Ben mentioned them several times during the afternoon, and he was getting more explicate with the things he was saying, such has how it would make his day if the girls mum had forgotten to put there panties on them, and they swung upside down in front of us. And I have to admit the thought was quite arousing to me also.

The following day I found myself looking forward to seeing the sisters again. Mid morning and they were back again, but this time with several boys, and it wasn’t long before they were play fighting on the grass, Ben watched, and I also found I couldn’t concentrate on my work and watched them fighting. Their skirts over there bums once more, and this time both had pale blue panties on. Ben sat on the grass to watch, and I joined him.” God” he said “if I could play with them knowing what I know now, they are lovely, and don’t you think so Chris” I had to agree they were, and made several comments myself, about how the boys were touching them. We watched for what seemed ages, and my eyes were drawn to there bare flesh each time part of them was exposed to our gaze.
At the end of the day after packing things away, I took Ben home in the works van, him living so far away, and to save him catching the bus.

On arriving outside Bens flat, he turned to me and asked “do you want to come in for a coffee, as a thank you for going out of my way”. And together we went into his flat. We were greeted by his mother, and Ben introduced me to her as his foreman. She told Ben, Gabby, his daughter was over the road at her friends and would be back soon. With that she said goodbye to us both and left. Ben filled the kettle and got the cups out
Were sitting drinking the coffee when the door bust open and his daughter rushed in shouting “Daddy, Daddy” holding out her hands we could see she had a frog in her palms “I found it in the road and brought it to show you”
Gabby was a slim fair haired girl, her skirt well above her knees showing off her slim tanned legs, very similar to the sisters in the park.
“Well, you can’t keep it we don’t have a pond” she looked disappointed
“Ill take it home with me if you like” I told her “I have a pond in my garden”
“I wish we had a garden and a pond, Id have it full with frogs”
Ben said “Gabby this is Chris I work with him” she walked over and shook my hand which I found pleasing, a girl of such good manners.
“Then what can we do with the frog until he takes him home?” she asked
Ben replied “Ill get a bowl of water and he can go in there”.

Ben arrived back with a bowl and Gabby put the frog gently into the water, but all it wanted to do was to jump out. Each time she grabbed it but on one occasion she didn’t and went under the chair. I found myself looking at the panties as she knelt tying to retrieve it. I glanced at Ben who was watching me, “she’s lovely too isn’t she” I felt my face redden as I said “yes”
“Perhaps I should have left her pants off, like the sisters mum” and smiled. We then both watched Gabby trying to retrieve the frog for several moments, taking in the beauty of her young round cheeks straining against the material.
“Time I was gone “I told Ben, “Ill pick you up in the morning if you like now I know where you live”, taking the bowl from Gabby with the frog I got up.
“Ok” said Ben “thanks”. Ill let myself out; as I got to the door I couldn’t help but look back at Gabby for one last glimpse of her bum. As she lay watching the T.V

On the way home I couldn’t get the sight of Gabby out of my mine and as I bathed the more I thought of her the more my modest cock got Gabby hadn’t got hers on last night”
I felt myself go red again and didn’t answer.
“Perhaps you should come round for lunch tonight she may have forgotten to put them on” and laughed. I smiled back and again didn’t answer. But secretly I would have like to have found out.

Work over, we got in the van to go home, “Well? Have you decided if you want lunch at mine tonight, I could rustle up something quick if you have to get back?”
I decided to take the bull by the horns “yes I will come round, I’ve no reason to rush home I live alone”
“ahh, so you are curious to see if Gabby has her pants on?”
Again I didn’t answer but in my mind I was thinking YES.
When we got to his, Gabby was watching the T.V and his mother was just leaving, “I’m going to cook Chris some dinner”
“Be sure not to poison him then” she said as she shut the door.

When Gabby heard my voice she jumped up and wanted to know how the frog was doing, I told her he was with a lot of friends and doing ok. Ben got me a beer and told me to watch the tele while he cooked something. So I followed Gabby into the lounge. She lay on the floor, I sat on the sofa, and although her skirt had ridden up. I couldn’t see her panties. Dinner was soon cooked and we all sat to eat it in front of the tele. Ben did not having a dining room. At 6.30 he turned to Gabby and said “turn off the tele bath time, then bed”
Off she went with out an argument, and I commented to Ben how well behaved she was.

He followed her out and run the bath for her, he was soon back, “she’s in the bath want to come and watch?”
I said “wont Gabby mind a stranger seeing her naked”
“Not at all, come through”. I followed him and stood by the bath room door.
She was covered in foam, but I could still see her bare back.
He knelt by the bath, “stand up babe and let me wash you” she stood, and now I could see through the foam, a glimpse of her round curvy bum cheeks. Ben got some soap and poured it on his hands and began to wash her. I thought it strange he didn’t use a flannel, but in those circumstances I would have used my bare hands .I watched as her soaped her front and then did her back, washing away the foam, her bum was in view, and I drank in the view. It was plain to see she always wore her pants, as there was distinct tan mark, where her tan ended and her pants began. Her little bum moved gently as he washed her and so did my cock in my trousers as I watched.

“Sit down” he told her as he began to wash the foam and soap from her body. How lucky he was to be able to touch her daily, and she thought it quite normal. I went back to the lounge sporting a hard cock once again, and sat down waiting for them to arrive. Ben brought her in wrapped in a towel, and began to dry her off. Her back was toward me so once again I had a perfect view of that cute tight bum. I tried not to make it obvious that I was hard, but I’m sure Ben noticed, as I saw a wry smile appear on his lips. The drying done, next, out came the baby lotion; once again her back was toward me, as he filled his hands and massaged the lotion into her back. I was watching every move as he moved slowly up and down her back. He came to her bum and seemed to linger there, running the oil deep into her cheeks, and between her legs. I’m sure it was for my benefit. My cock was almost bursting, but unknown to me more was to come. For in the next minute he told her to turn round.
Now she stood facing me, the young pert nipples just beginning to grow from her chest, Ben watched as my gaze, as my eyes dropped to the smooth skin around her pussy, I looked at Gabby she just smiled as if it was a normal event a stranger watching her naked and being oiled.

His hands began at her neck, and slowly moved downward towards her tiny pert nipples, lingering slightly. Then over her small belly to the “V” about her pussy. From there he moved over her pussy, and was massaging the oil into her skin. She opened her legs a little as if it’s a thing that happens very night. He was then able to put his fingers on her pussy and massage those tiny lips that would one day pleasure a man. I watched, secretly running myself through my trousers. Ben watching my every move over her shoulder. He finished and told Gabby to get her nightie on and go to her bed. He would be in to her in a moment.

“Well Chris she is the light of my life, you may think it strange, but since her mum left I’ve had to take care of her, and since the age of three I have done this each night. She doesn’t think it odd but quite normal, and I have to admit I love doing it. I don’t need another woman in my life all the time I have my lovely Gabby”
“But when she gets older” I began
“When she gets older, and with her agreement I will make her my lover as well, I hope it doesn’t shock you, and I’d rather you keep it a secret between us, if anything were to happen and we were parted I couldn’t live with out her”
I assured him I wouldn’t say anything, as I too enjoyed watching him massage her young lovely body, and I was probably as bad as he was.

“Thank you” he said “for understanding, now time to put that young lady to bed”
Instinctively I followed as he entered her bedroom. She was laying face down reading a book, her bum once again on view as I looked at her. “Come on gorgeous time for bed” and gently smacked her bum, causing them to quiver. She laughed out loud. Then he quickly put his mouth to her cheeks and blew hard making a farting sound “that you Gabby?” what will Chris think?” laughing. He did it once more on the other cheek, and she was laughing out loud now. “Come on give Chris a goodnight kiss” I was surprised but welcomed such an invitation and bent down to kiss her forehead, but she quickly moved, and the kiss landed on her lips. A little taken back I looked down, as she then grabbed my neck and pulled me closer “thank you for looking after froggy” and I again received a kiss on the lips but this time I didn’t move, and kissed her back.
“She likes you Chris, not many men get that from my Gabby”

Gabby turned over and lay flat on her back, her nightie up on her waist once more and again I gazed with delight on that smooth pussy. Ben leaned down to kiss her but instead blew again on her belly, again making a farting sound “Gabby!”
Again she laughed out loud. Then she stopped and looked at her dad “eat me” she said. I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly or if she had said something different, but she looked up at him and again repeated “eat me daddy”
He kissed her lips fully, not at all like a father. He moved to the end of the bed. Kneeling down, he pulled her body to the edge, as I watched he moved his mouth close to her pussy, I sat in the chair to watch what would happen. Ben looked at me again, and closed his mouth over her pussy. I strained to watch and could see his tongue darting in and out of her young virgin vagina, licking the full length of it, and munching on her tiny lips.
I looked at Gabby; she lay with her head on one side, eyes closed and her tongue licking her lips. Her face had taken on a reddish colour. Again I looked down at Ben lapping her pussy lips. I’m sure I could see Gabby`s body moving slightly, as if she was trying to get more of her pussy in his mouth. Her legs fully open he lapped her; her fingers were now on her tiny nipples pulling and pinching them. To me she was acting like a young woman wanting to reach an orgasm, but it eluded her, which only added to her frustration.

I watched for 20 minutes as he licked and sucked her, till he himself must have been exhausted. He stood up looked at me then at Gabby. “Chris will carry on Im tired”
He beckoned me over, and I looked down at her young now open lips. The pink inside, plainly visible, her tiny clitty perking from its hood. I knelt down, and began to savour the smell of this young girl. Then I tasted her, her taste was sweet, not sour like some other older women I’ve been with. My tongue moving in and out of her. Licking the full length of her smooth slit. It tasted so wonderful. I could understand why Ben did this every night for her.
And I was right in thinking, her body was moving, she was pushing her pussy harder on my mouth. As if she wanted all her pussy in my mouth.
My cock was straining fit to burst, I stopped and looked at Ben, he was openly wanking as he watched me, and so I undid my zip and wanked myself as I sucked once again on her beautiful pussy, chewing on her tiny clitty. I didn’t last long, I cum all over her bed clothes and carpet. And when I looked at Ben he was spurting his cum on the carpet.

I stood up Gabby remained motionless, as we stood looking down at her. Her eyes opened and smiled at us both “that was so lovely, I’m going to go to sleep now”
Ben kissed her again, followed by myself, and we left the angel to go to sleep.
Closing her door Ben said to me “that’s the first time I’ve watched a man eat Gabby and it was amazing”

This continued over the next few weeks, and at work one day, I said to Ben “it seems I’m almost living round at your flat”
“And I love having you there, don’t worry about it. In fact Gabby refers to you has the granddad she has never had.”
I was so glad to hear that, as I had fallen in love with Gabby, probably just as strongly has the love that Ben had for her.
“Look,” I said “your flats too small for you two and Gabby needs a garden and I need someone to look after my frogs. Why don’t you both move in with me. It will save you money on the rent, and you will be the family I never had”
“I need to ask Gabby first” he replied “but Id welcome it, Id love Gabby to have a garden like the other kids, but there’s no way I can ever afford one”

When we got to Bens again Gabby greeted us with the usual wonderful kiss that she gives. Ben told her of my plan, but on one condition, she had to look after the frogs.
She jumped for joy shouting at the top of her voice and skipping around the flat.
“I think she’s pleased with that idea”
The next day she told her grandmother she was moving in with me to look after my frogs. I added “that of course you will have to look after Gabby during the day as usual”
She also thought it a wonderful idea, and at last Gabby will have a garden to play in.
The following weekend I hired a van and we moved all of there belongings to my home. Of course Gabby still has to have her “eat me” sessions, and who knows one day she may reach her goal, and have her first orgasm. Secretly, I’m hoping its me that fore fills her dream; we take it in turns now eating Gabby.

To be continued…

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