Hey, this is sort of a true story. I did suck Dj and his brother but it didnt happen like this. i got fucked by them to but only fucked DJ
“And leave your door unlocked your bother is coming home in a little.”
“Okay goodnight mom.” Dj shut his door and plopped down on his brother’s bed. “So whatta you wanna do.”
“Let’s play Mortal Kombat.” I said.
“Can’t. Well not until my mom goes to sleep or else she will freak out if she sees us down stairs.”
“Ummm. I don’t know then. What do you have to do here?”
“I have a couple of board games in the closet.”
“Okay. Do you have Battle Ship?”
“Yea but is super boring.”
“Fine let’s bet then.”
“Shut up. You don’t have any money.”
“So. We could use Yugioh cards.” I suggested going into my book bag to get them out.
“No. how bout we play with clothes cause I sleep naked anyway.”
“What if your mom comes in?”
“Ehhh she never does.”
“Okay” I said. I didn’t mind him seeing me naked we’ve seen eachother naked pleanty of times before. He got up and took the game out of the closet. We sat on the bottom bunk and set up the game. Ten minutes later I was in my boxers and he was in his shorts.
“A-10.” He said not taking his eyes from mine.
“Damn it.” I stood up and slowly pushed my boxers down and went to sit on the bed.
“Awwww. Look at the baby’s wittle peepee.”
“Ha. Ha.” I was about to climb on the bed when Dj’s 16 year old brother opened the door.
“What the fuck?” he closed the door and stood there looking at me and his bro. I had no problem with Dj seeing me naked he was only 3 years older than me and we were similar in size down there. Plus we’ve seen each other naked before. But Joe was 5 years older than me. My hands quickly covered my dick and I blushed.
“Dude your ass is bright red.” Dj could barely stop laughing.
“Were you about to sit on my bed balls ass naked?”
“Yea” I wanted to get my boxers was too embarrassed to move.
“Look. You guys could be fucking your brains out and I would care as long as you’re not doing on my bed. So stop blushing. And you know I don’t like you on my bed so get the fuck off.” His bro walked passed me with a slight smile on his face and sat down on his bed. Dj cleaned up our game and put it away.
“Joe we’re bored.” Dj said. He reached down and scratched his balls. His brother untied his shoes and slid his pants off with them. His legs had a thin covering of hair on them. He took his shirt off and his abs showed and than his Pecs. He wasn’t overly bulky but in shape and you could see his muscles move under his mocha colored skin.
Dj took of his shorts and sat down on the floor. I grabbed my boxers, pulled them on and sat next to him.
“Okay play something.”
“We don’t know what to play.” I said rocking back and forth on my ass.
“Just play truth or dare.” Joe took out his cell and started texting.
“Okay. Bob truth or dare.” He turned around and looked at me.
“Stay naked until we go to bed.” I sighed and slid my boxers off and put them on his head.
“I dare you to get naked too.” Dj got up and ripped his clothes off and threw them at me. His poofy hair kept my boxers on during this. He had a thin layer of hair above his cock. He looked a lot like his brother but Dj’s hair was brown and Joe’s was black. Also Dj’s skin was lighter then Joe’s but darker then my pale white skin.
Joe kept texting and pulled the covers over him. After about a half an hour of truth or dare we began to get bored again. “I dare you to go check if Joe is naked.” Dj said.
“I am.” He said not looking up from his phone.
“Well, I don’t believe you.” Dj looked at me. “Well. I dared you go.” I got up and lifted Joe’s blanket. We had the lights on low and his blanket was black so I had to reach in to find out. My hand found his leg and moved up until my hand hit his soft cock. I could feel his pubes and everything. I drew my hand back and sat down.
“Yea he’s naked.” I said.
“How do you know? Did you grab his dick? You jacked Joe off. You jacked my brother off.”
“I triple dog dare you to go kiss his dick.” Joe finally looked up from his phone. He looked completely stunned and Dj stood up surprised and went to Joe’s bed and took the covers off his brother. He leaned down and kissed his brothers soft dick.
“I triple dog dare you to lick it until I say stop.”
I got up and walked over to Joe. “I don’t think you shoul” Joe stopped short when my tongue touched his dick. I licked his dick again and again. It slowly started to grow and get hard. I kept licking and licking until it was rock solid.
“Okay you can stop.”
“I dare you to keep going.”
“What.” Me and Dj said in unison.
“You too, Dj. I dare both of you to lick my dick until I say stop.
Me and Dj looked at each other and shrugged. We leaned down and began licking his cock up and down. Our tongues kept touching and we laughed. My tongue went to the tip of his dick and Dj’s was at the bottom. We slowly licked towards the other and our tongues met in between we tried to lick each other’s tongues around his hard dick.
“Ohhhh god.” Joe said. His dick jerked and steams of white shot out. Some of it landed on our faces. I looked on in amazement but Dj just started lick it up. I just watched as Dj licked up all of the white stuff and then licked it off my face.
“What was that?” I was dumb founded.
“It’s cum. It tastes so fucking good. Joe makes it for me all the time. I can make it now too.”
“Yea you wanna see?”

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