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A black guy finds himself in a Japanese Bathhouse
Jamal stood outside the Japanese soapland or bathhouse imagining what treasures awaited him inside. He took a glance at the myriad of Japanese people walking by him, taking a second look at the slight figured women who looked back with a mixed expression of fear and curiosity.

Jamal had just graduated from college and had enjoyed a good four years in at a private New England university where he had a full football ball scholarship and was one of the only black males around. Standing 6’2’’, 200lbs Jamal had enjoyed his time up north, being the big black man on campus and now it had all come to an end unfortunately.

However, a benefactor at the school had taken a liking to him and given him a month long all expense paid trip to Japan, to expand his cultural horizon. Little did the benefactor know that that wasn’t the only thing soon to be expanded.

Jamal had heard about the famous bathhouses of Japan; the crazy fantasies that were fulfilled, and the freakiest Japanese girls that resided inside. With those thoughts in his mind Jamal stepped through the doors.
The light was very low making Jamal have to squint. The room was quite plush with couches lining the walls and thick carpet on the floors. He could see a hallway on the other side leading to a more lighted area. Before he could make his way towards it a soft hand came to rest on his shoulder making him turn to see and flawless, oval faced Japanese girl. She seemed the same age as him, looking up at him wearing an extremely tight fitting kimono that went from her neck down to her ankles with a long deep slit that ran up her leg to just above her hip bone.

Not sure what to do Jamal stood still and watch as her hand ran down his arm and took his hand in her hand all the while keeping her eyes locked with his. Jamal could tell she had done this many times before and knew exactly what she was doing.

“My name is Azura, I will be preparing you for your visit at our bathhouse today”

“Ah, so what does that entail?”

With a smile she said, “Follow me”, and walked away pulling him along with her.

They walked to the back of the room, through the hallway, Jamal’s eye’s never leaving the slight sway of Azura’s ass wondering what was about to happen. He kind of blurted out, “I want to choose you to be with me for tonight..”

With a giggle and not even a glance back Azura shakes her head and says, “I am not one of the girls for that, you will meet them soon but first we have to prepare you.”

That kind of took the wind out of Jamal but deciding he didn’t have a choice he continued just to follow her. They turned into a large empty room that looked like a communal shower, tile floors and walls, stone benches, and soft light was coming from somewhere on the ceiling though he couldn’t figure out where. Azura took him to one of the shower heads and told him to strip and that she would be back. Left alone Jamal wondered when he’d see the other girls. He took off his shirt and pants, and stood there in his boxers not sure if he should go completely naked. He was pretty built from years of football, with broad shoulders and chest.

Azura came back wearing only a short silk robe that hung on her loosely, deep cleavage of her supple full B cup breast showing constantly. She giggled at seeing Jamal still in his boxers.

“It is my job to clean you,” she stated, “Hold on one moment.” She went to the wall and turned on the shower, already hot warming began streaming out in front of Jamal. She then went over to him and crouched down in front of him, taking his boxer band in her hands and pulled them down to the floor. Jamal heard a sharp gasp from her as she stared at the largest cock she had ever seen. A thick black cock already 8in long and he wasn’t even fully hard yet. Azura had seen many many cocks before of varying sizes but this monster in front of her was by far the most mesmerizing and largest.

Her pussy ached slightly at the thought of taking him and his member for herself, but that would be breaking the rules. Catching her breath again she pulled off the robe and tossed it to the side revealing her smooth skin and clearly hard nipples. She picked up the wash cloth next to her and proceeded to wipe down his feet, moving her way up his legs, all the while stealing glances at the thick black cock hanging only a few inches from her face.
Jamal couldn’t believe this was happening; this small asian girl was washing him down. He got the feeling she wasn’t allowed to do anything with him but who knows maybe he’d push his luck. Purposely rocking his hips forward slightly his cock moved a few inches toward Azura.

Azura’s hands stopped as Jamal’s cock got a little closer to her. Her pussy was so wet and she could barely control her breathing. The only thing on her mind was the huge black cock hanging in front of her. Her bosses’ rules echoed in her head but she quickly dismissed them and decided she would suffer the consequences later. The wash cloth dropped to floor as her hands ran up Jamal’s legs until they were finally grasping his cock, surprising her that he fingers couldn’t meet together around his girth. Her instincts taking over she began stroking him up and down, twisting her hands as she ran them to the tip and back down to the base. Her mouth followed swallowing Jamal’s head, trying to lick around the tip.

“God Azura that feels incredible” moaned Jamal.

“mmmhmmm” agreed Azura.

Azura really started going at, the smell of the black man in front of her spurring her on to bob her head up and down faster, trying to push as much of the thick black cock down her throat as she could, squeezing and pumping the rest that wouldn’t fit. Jamal couldn’t stand it anymore and exploded inside her small asian mouth filling it quickly with cum forcing her to swallow over and over as she continued to pump her hands squeezing out every last drop.

Azura finally stopped, taking her mouth off Jamal’s cock breathing heavily not understanding how this foreigner and his massive cock had such an effect on her. She looked up and her eyes went wide as she saw a still rock hard black cock only inches from her face. How can he still be this hard she thought to herself?
Jamal wasn’t finished and bent down to pick Azura up in his arms wrapping each arm under her legs pressing her back against the wall of the shower so that she was pinned helplessly. He slowly aimed the head of his cock at her entrance.

“Please, we can’t do this,” said Azura weakly as she looked down at the black cock pressed against her pussy thinking there was no way it could fit.

Holding her firmly Jamal pushed his very wet cock slowly inside, feeling Azura’s tight pussy squeeze around him until he stopped with about 6 inches inside. He held it there letting her adjust to his size, then sunk the last 4 inches inside her in one long thrust.

“uuuuunnnnggghhhhhhh” moaned Azura her voice echoing off the walls. “It’s too big, uungggh aaaahhhh”
Jamal pulled all the way out to the tip of his cock then pushed back in to the hilt, thrusting a little harder.
“Aaaaaahhhhhhh, oooh my good” The feeling of this massive black cock inside her was too much and she had already came all over it, her body shaking against the wall.

Ignoring her orgasm, Jamal proceeded to pull out to the tip again thrust back in, then out and back in slowly picking up speed as every inch of his black cock filled Azura’s body over and over, pushing her back against the wall as she was held up helplessly taking everything.

“Yyyeess, yes, yes, fuck me, oh mmyy god, you’re so big”

Jamal’s cock was slamming into Azura full force now, his hands tightly grabbing her ass pulling her to him with every thrust. With his speed picking up the sounds of skin on skin filled the room along with the constant moans and screams coming from Azura.

“I’m going to cum inside you,” said Jamal.

This made Azura go quite, her head buried in Jamal’s neck, only the sounds of their heavy breathing and thrusting in the room.

Quietly, almost ashamedly Azura answer, “I’m not protected”

There was no reason for Azura to use birth control since she was not allowed to have sex with customers anyway, yet here was this black man telling her he was going to cum inside her.

Jamal heard her and knew he was going to impregnate this girl. He slammed his cock into her faster until that familiar feeling boiled up inside him and thrust one last time holding his black cock deep inside Azura, gallons of cum spurting over and over inside her.

So many things were wrong with this and it only heighted how erotic what was happening, making Azura cum again as she felt Jamal empty himself inside her.

After holding himself inside Azura for a while he slowly pulled out, and let Azura down who slumped to her knees. She couldn’t believe what she had done, what would her bosses think? What would they do with him? Then she looked up and saw that pulsing thick black cock in front of her again and couldn’t help but wrap her lips around the head and suck and lick his and her juices off him, cleaning his cock for whatever was next.

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U asshole. U racist mothafucka. Shut ur goddamn face. Cuz u dnt kne wht ur tlking about.

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if Japanese hate blacks why do they have ganguro and B-style cult going on? you are obviously trying to be a troll here you fucking racist inbred prick!

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