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Interracial fucking
* This isn't really just a story, its me talking about how I want black dicks to fuck me up my liliy white baby boy bottom! Followed by a true story underneath, but first I want to say HI to EVERYONE here on xnxx, and make some freinds!!! *

For the story just scroll down to where it says "STORY" but, please read my lil' intro first please!!!


* I'm here because I'm going CRAZY!!! I can't stop watching interracial sex videos where big black guys take lil' white boys like me and fuck us SO GOOD!!! And, they inseminate us too!!! Yay!!! Where can I get some of THAT??? *

I'm a super cute blonde hottie! ; )

Check my xnxx profile, I'm sure you'll agree, Most people think I look like a girl, in fact MOST people make that mistake, and they also usually think I'm WAY under age.

BOTH are untrue I am 18 years old regaurdless of how young I look


I am a BOY, no matter how female you think I look! I'm NO shemale, I'm just a really really pretty boy!

Go to my profile and check my photos, tell me what you think, I'm sure you'll like it!!!

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I've never taken a cock, but I want to SO BAD, sure I've gotten TONS of offers, but I wanna lose my virginity to a big, strong, black man, with a big black cock that get ROCK HARD just for lil' ol' me!!!

Where DOES a whiteboy find a man like that??? Does ANYONE KNOW???

Unfortunately, I don't know or meet, many black people

I have a freind named Angel and he's a cute lil whiteboy like me, and he wants to get fucked too, but we don't know where to look!

We wouldn't mind doing porn with some black studs fucking us, and getting paid too!!! Win-Win!!!

How do you get into doing interracial black male on white boy porn???

I'd love to fuck, rather, GET FUCKED on camera! That would be SO HOT!!!

What would I have to do??? If only I had a majic gene!!!

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See, ever since I heard this story, where a straight friend of mine had sex with a black guy, I've been craving serious chocolate cock!!!

My friend Jason was at work, doing the grave shift, stocking some warehouse, and this BIG older black guy, named Otis... approached him right away, and let him know right off the start that he wanted to fuck him!

He would grab his little white butt, and tell him how he was going to fill it up!

He would make sexual induendos

and, try to drive him home, of course he meant HIS HOME

He was sexually harassing the shit of of him!!!

He kept trying to tell the Black guy, that he was straight, and to please stop, but the black dude just kept at it. cornering everywhere he went pressuring him for sex.

When he would say that he wasn't gay, the black guy just said,..."I can fix THAT!!!"

This went on for weeks, and the black guy wouldn't back off!!!

Eventually, fate took its course... My friend Jason's car wouldn't start, so he couldn't drive home, and NO ONE had ANY jumper cables!

He tried calling his mom, but no one was picking up, and the Black guy that had been trying to fuck him Otis, was in the right place at the right time.

See Jason is like me, and like most white people, were kinda scared of black people. And, we are very socially submissive, so when Otis insisted that he drive him home, Jason just agreed, despite knowing, that SOMETHING had to be up!

I was always straight, and I even had a girlfriend, but ever since listening to this story, I've been craving black dicks. Jason is so lucky!!!

So when Otis drove Jason home, it of course was Otis's home, NOT Jason's!!!

Jason protested, but they fell of deaf ears, Otis had ONE thing on his mind, and it was Jason's white ass!!!

He pressured him into the house promising that he had jumper cables inside, and pressured him into his room, then he locked the door

He was so aggressive, big, and strong that Jason's little white ass couldn't do shit!!!

He made Jason take all his clothes off, and then Otis's big black hands were ALL OVER Jason's naked, lily white skin.

He spanked Jason, made fun of his little white penis, and told him how he was going to fuck him, and have him suck his big black cock.

He told him he was going to make him a cocksucker and a little white faggot for black dick

Jason tried and, even attempted to cry his way out of an interracial ass pounding, but Otis was determined to get what he wanted,...young white ass!!!

Otis was all over Jason's naked white body, tasting white flesh, pink nipples, and pink lips...

He told Jason what a little bitch he was, and how he was gunna get fucked like the bitch he is...

He told Jason that he was a girl, because if it looks like a girl, walks and talks like a girl....then IT IS A GIRL, and gets fucked, and sucks cock like one too!

He pinned Jasons naked body of his bed, and with baby oil he pushed his LONG BLACK fingers, in and out of Jasons little chery red butt hole, just figer fucking him, and slapping his plush white ass for almost an hour!

Then, after he'd been thouroughly, interracially finger fucked

He made Jason get on his lily white knees, and suck cock, BLACK COCK!!!

He made him suck his big black dick, like a whore, and he did it, because he was too scared not to!

Just lilke Otis said, Jason became a cock sucker!

Then, he pulled Jason back into his bed, and made him get on all fours, and he fucked him!!!

Brutally, Jason was fucked like a savage!!! Without mercy!!! For HOURS!!!

When, Jason begged him to stop, he just kept fucking him, and fucking him, with what Jason called a giant monster black cock! And, Otis just wouln't stop drilling him, he even went "balls deep"

He kept Jason there for the next two days, like a prisoner, not letting him leave, tieing him up, and even hand cuffing him in the bed,... until Jason accepted his female role, and began actively participating, by getting good a giving head, learning to like the taste of black dick in his mouth, being inseminated by a black man SO MANY TIMES, in both his mouth and white ass, that there was NO GOING BACK, and by ridding cock, like a little white "cow girl" as Otis called it.

When he told me about it, I started thinking more and more about it,... Jasom didn't think he would EVER like, or DO something like that, but he said that "it came natural"

And, I know that would be the case for me too! Probably MOST white boys!!!

I've been going crazy with internet porn, and what not since then, and Jason moved away and lives with Otis!

Now its all I can think about!

I'd REALLY appreciate your Comments, profile views, freind requests, and Messages!!!


2016-10-14 13:19:11
Damn I may not be gay but know I want a Big Black Cock

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2015-01-25 03:19:41
Any south australian guys wanna fuck me and m mount gambier

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2012-12-03 16:47:01
I was 15 when I had my first big black cock. My dad was working in Nigeria and we went there on holiday to see him. On day two I got chatted up by a black guy of about 40 and agreed to go back to his place which was a grotty shed. I had been fucked before but only by other slightly older boys. The black guy Abi soon sorted that out by fucking the living daylights out of me with his big thick 9" uncut dick. When he spunked in me he came so much I thought he was pissing in me. We were in Nigeria for a month and every day I went to Abi's to get his big black cock up my boy pussy. He introduced me to lots of other black guys and one day I got shagged by him and 5 others. The biggest I had up me was 11" and it was like getting a big pole up my pussy. At one the guy was standing and holding me and kept ramming me up and down his monster pole until he shot his heavy load up me. I am going back again in 3 months time and can't some more black cock in me!!!

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2012-09-29 11:53:00
i love that story,i wish it would happen to me


2012-08-08 12:51:28
makes my lil white pussy sooo wet

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