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Apparently it really was no big deal.
Fbailey story number 546

It’s No Big Deal

“It’s no big deal?” My older sister Bernadette said. She continued “It’s no big deal! If it’s no big deal, then why don’t you do it?”

Mom replied, “Because I have too much to reveal.”

My older sister got right in her face and said, “Just because my tits are smaller than yours doesn’t mean that I am any less embarrassed to let him see mine.” Then she stormed off to her room slamming the door behind her.

My younger sister Stacey just laughed about the whole thing and said, “You can see mine if you want too. They are just little knobs but I like them. In fact I’m just happy to have some. All the girls in my class have been wearing bras for a year.”

Mom cuddled her and said, “Stacey, you are just a late bloomer honey, don’t let it bother you.”

Stacey smiled and said, “It doesn’t bother me anymore, now that I actually have some that is.” She turned to me and asked, “Want to see them?” Then before I could answer my pretty little sister lifted her T-shirt up over her head and held it behind herself thrusting her chest out for me. She had the most adorable little mounds with tiny pink nipples that were standing out from them.

Her small breasts couldn’t have been any bigger than a half lemon each and her nipples were a lot smaller than a pencil eraser.

Stacey turned to Mom and said, “Show him yours, you’ve got nice ones. Remember, It’s no big deal.”

Then from the doorway Bernadette repeated, “Yeah Mom, remember it’s no big deal.”

Mom scowled at Bernadette but then started to unbutton her blouse. It seemed to take forever for her to undo the six buttons and pull the material out from her skirt waistband. She then removed it and placed it very neatly across the back of the couch. She then reached behind to unhook her pretty white bra. She held the cups in place over her breasts as she slipped an arm out of each strap. When she finally released the cups they stayed on her breasts covering them. When my eyes finally traveled up to her face she was smiling at me. Then she let the bra fall down into her hands where she tossed it on top of her blouse. Mom stood there smiling at me. Her breasts were 36-D because I had been checking bras lately. Bernadette wore a 32-B and Stacey was wearing a 30-A or just one of her training bras still. Mom had very large and very dark areolas surrounding two very nice nipples. Her nipples were almost the size of a dime and stuck out just as far as a dime too. I saw crinkles and bumps in her areolas. They covered the whole ends of her breasts and were a good three-inches in diameter. Her breasts sagged quite a bit from their sheer weight and her cleavage was amazing.

Bernadette said, “I dare you to stay that way all weekend for him.”

Mom looked at her and said, “I will, if you will.”

Bernadette had finally made a challenge that came around and bit her in the ass. My older sister was the queen of getting other people to do things that they might not normally do, just by daring them to do it. This time the ball was in her court.

I watched as her mind thought out several scenarios of how she could get out of it and still save face. Finally she countered with, “Why stop there, how about we go for it all and stay fully nude for him all weekend.”

You should have seen her jaw drop and her face turn white as Mom said, “Okay” and dropped her skirt to the floor. Then without taking her eyes off from Bernadette she lowered her panties and held them up hooked on her index finger. Mom said, “You’re next, unless you’re chicken.”

Bernadette blushed as she lifted her blouse up over her head, removed her bra, and then slid her jeans down her legs. The best part was when she bent over to remove to her panties and came up with them hooked on her index finger too. Mom burst out laughing.

Stacey just removed her jeans and panties all in one motion. Then she decided to pick up her panties and hold them on her index finger too.

Bernadette looked at me then said to Mom, “What about him?”

Mom laughed and said, “You never mentioned him getting nude for the weekend, just us.”

Bernadette cursed under her breath. She had not thought that out very well. Mom had one-upped her and she knew it.

Bernadette continued to negotiate, “The whole weekend means forty-eight hours. So Sunday at five o’clock we can get dressed.”

Mom laughed and said, “No! The whole weekend means until seven-thirty Monday morning when you need to be dressed to go to school.”

Again Bernadette cursed under her breath.

Mom said, “Just for that young lady, you are not allowed to close any doors in the house.”

Bernadette said, “What!”

Mom said, “You heard me, no doors. If you pee, take a bath, or brush your teeth you will leave the door open. So will Stacey and I. If you brother is to be able to view us for the entire weekend then view us he will.”

Stacey giggled.

I had been so preoccupied with seeing their tits that I hardly noticed that none of them had any pubic hair. Stacey just hadn’t grown any and Bernadette and Mom must have shaved their pubic hair off. Stacey’s puss was mostly flat with a nice smooth slit running down between her legs. Bernadette had a slightly puffy pussy with fatter outer lips that showed just a hint of pink inside. Mom on the other hand had a really puffy pussy, a large prominent mound above, and a pretty moist slit below. Her clit was swollen and protruding slightly at the top of her slit. There was a droplet of moisture forming on her lower pussy that was just about to drip to the floor. Instead it hit her inner thigh.

Bernadette saw it too and said, “For Christ’s sake Mom! You’re getting so excited that you’re dripping.”

Mom smiled and said, “So are you, so are you.”

It was true Bernadette also had a droplet fall onto her inner thigh.

Mom said, “Why don’t we show your brother how girls get themselves off.”

Bernadette said, What!”

Mom laughed and said, “Come on we both know that you Jill off at night.”

With Mom’s encouragement the three of them sat on the front edge of the couch, leaned back, and put that index finger that had been holding their panties into their moist slits. I sat on the chair across from them and watched.

Mom had a really good orgasm but didn’t stop. Bernadette had one next but because Mom hadn’t stopped she wasn’t going too either.

I decided to stand up and push my jeans and underwear to my ankles. Then I sat back down, spread my knees, and started stroking my cock like I do every night. We were having a family jerk-off party. I was the only one with pubic hair. The girls were staring at my cock and rubbing their clits. Mom opened her legs really wide to give me something to look at as I jerked-off. Soon my cum was flying out of my cock and shooting onto the coffee table. After that each shot fell shorter and shorter until I was dribbling all over myself.

Mom got up, came over to me, and knelt down beside me. Then she started to suck up the cum that had gotten on my hand, my belly, and my legs. My sisters just watched as Mom licked the coffee table and then sucked my deflated cock into her mouth. She gave it a tongue bath.

Mom saw the confused expression on my sister’s faces and said, “A man’s cum was meant to be inside a woman. If he doesn’t shoot it into one of your holes then you have to do it yourself just like I just did.”

Stacey asked, “Can I do that the next time?”

Mom said, “Sure honey, unless he shoots it inside one of us.”

Shocked Bernadette said, “You can’t be serious. You expect us to let him fuck us.”

Mom replied, “No honey, I was hoping he would fuck me. It has been a long time since I had a man in my bed and I miss having a good hard cock in me once in a while.”

Stacey said, “He can fuck me if he wants too, Jenny said that it was fun to do. She has an older brother too.”

Mom laughed and said, “Okay as long as you really want him too.” She turned to Bernadette and asked, “What about you honey, want to give your virginity to your brother too. I did when I was your age.”

Bernadette got a very stern look on her face and said, “You’re kidding, right. You can’t expect me to let my little brother fuck me.”

Mom giggled and said, “Honey, by the looks of that thing he’s not anybody’s little brother. He is at least the size of your father, if not bigger. I know he is bigger than my brother is.”

Stacey started singing, “Uncle Buddy has a tiny cock, a tiny cock, a tiny cock. Uncle Buddy has a…”

Mom covered her mouth with her hand and said, “That’s not polite. Men are very sensitive about the size of their cocks.”

My cock was hard so Mom asked, “Who wants to be first?”

I looked at Bernadette, she looked at me, and then she asked, “Can I at least close my bedroom door if he is fucking me?”

Mom smiled and said, “Sure honey as long as we are in the room with you.” Then she quickly added, “Just kidding. Go ahead, close your door, and enjoy yourself.”

So I stepped out of my jeans and underwear and then I tossed my shirt and followed Bernadette out of the living room. She had a fine ass as I followed her to her bedroom. She closed the door and then she got into her bed. I climbed in with her. Then she said, “If you every tell anyone about this, I’ll kill you.”

Then my sister kissed me and played with my hard cock. When she was ready she threw a leg over me and inserted my cock up into her very moist pussy. It slid right in and then she put a nipple in my mouth saying, “Suck it. I like my nipples sucked when I’m getting fucked. Mom isn’t the only one, it has been a long time since I had a man in my bed and I miss having a good hard cock in me once in a while too.”

Stunned I asked, “You’re not a virgin.”

Bernadette laughed and said, “No. I lost that when I was eleven. Freddie Stevens took my cherry but he left the box that it came in.”

I said, “I’m glad that he did.”

Bernadette was good and she knew exactly what she was doing…she was pleasing herself. I was just along for the ride. And what a ride it was. Bernadette could do things with her pussy that my hand had never thought of, nor could it do.

Thanks to jerking off a while before, Bernadette enjoyed my hard cock for a good ten minutes before she let me cum in her.

She kissed me and then leaned down close to my ear and said, “Thank you. I really needed that. Now as far as Mom and Stacey are concerned, I was a virgin. Got that?” I nodded. She continued, “And as far as the rest of the world, this never happened. Got that?” Again I nodded. She continued, “Now, that was the best fuck that I have ever had and I want a lot more of it too. Don’t you be giving it all away to Mom and Stacey. Speaking of Mom, I would like to be in a three-way with her. I’d like to have her lick my cunt.”

I said, “I bet Stacey would be more energetic in a three-way.”

Bernadette said, “Yeah, but I still want Mom to lick my snatch.”

I told her to wait right there while I fetched Mom and Stacey. Then I asked, “Mom will you lick Bernadette’s pussy. Some of my cum is going to waste and I know how you feel about that.”

Mom smiled, Bernadette smiled, and then Mom buried her face in Bernadette’s pussy.

Bernadette entwined all of her fingers into Mom’s hair and held her tighter as she said, “God, you’re good Mom, don’t stop.”

That weekend came and went but we never did dress if it was just the four of us and we never closed any doors within the house. I just traveled from bed to bed at night giving pleasure to my mother and my sisters. Even when Bernadette got married she came home frequently for visits…and sex of course. Whenever Mom would question her long trips home, Bernadette would just reply, “It’s no big deal.”

The End
It’s No Big Deal
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