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Author’s Note: This story is purely fantasy, and not one I as author condone or would wish to live out. It’s a style I find both challenging and interesting – which I understand does make me disturbed in some ways, but that’s not something that I feel I can really help/nurture at this early stage in my life, and frankly don’t so much see the need to .......... Elly is a developing pre-teen. Eric is a horny, chronic masturbator with a few secrets up his sleeve. Their mother is cooking downstairs. Is it time for the siblings to talk some stuff out?
*fap fap fap*
“Arrghhhhhh.” I sucked my gut in, knowing my cock was about to erupt.
*fap fap fap* I jerked my cock into my mother’s panties. She was downstairs cooking dinner, which meant I could spend a couple minutes in her bedroom. “Oohhhh, mooooom,” I groaned softly. “Ughhhhh... ughh, yeah,” I was a thought away from shooting my whole load into her used red panties. “Faaaark yeeeaaaah,” I gritted my teeth. My cock exploded – and in that millisecond;

“Shit!” I quipped, springing to my feet, my younger sister Elly standing at the door.
“That gross, Eric!” Elly scowled.
“Get out! What are you doing in here? Get out!” I demanded.
“I’m telling mom,” she said, and I reacted.
“NO, WAIT. Don’t!” I could see her shadow in the door frame. She’d stopped. And the next second she was back at that doorway.

“I know what you did, Eric. I’m not stupid.”
‘--Anymore,’ I felt like adding, but didn’t at risk of her racing down them steps to mom.
“You’re sick.”

I had to say something. I had to defend myself – somehow – or she was going to be a little bitch about it and scream to the high hills about this whole thing.
“You do it too. You play with yourself too,” I softened the terminology for her to understand.
“No... no I don’t.” Elly lied. It was all over her face.
Everyone does, Elly,” I reasoned.
I don’t,” she folded her arms, staying true. I knew for a fact she was lying, though. Me and mom rotate doing the washing around the house, and there’s not a time goes by that at least one of Elly’s undies is wet or stained with cum and pungent of it. “And you shouldn’t be doing that to mom’s stuff. That’s like incest.”

Intrigue struck me. “Incest”. She knew that word. Elly was only ten years old and she could use it logically like that. Something was awry.
“Where did you hear that word, Elly?”
“What word?”
“Incest. How do you know what it means?”
“I don’t know... I read about it.”
“You read about it? Where?” I had a rough idea of where I was going with this. My computer was loaded with incestual material, and I’d bet my bottom dollar this little brat had had a ‘sticky beak.’
“On your compu--... on my school computer.” Nice try, but she’d slipped up. Big time.
“Why were you on my computer?”
“I wasn--”
“--Elly... I know you were. You just started to say it.” A look of hopelessness downed her face. “So why were you on it?” I asked quite rhetorically, but she didn’t click onto that. “Were you looking at my pictures? Those incest pictures.”
“And videos,” she dropped her head down some margin, feeling embarrassed, ashamed was my best guess. Call me what you will, but when she said that, my dick flickered a touch. Then hardened. And it wasn’t the first time Elly had caused such a thing. In fact, this was nothing in comparison to what I’d done with her ‘laid out in front of me’, so to speak.

“How many?” I asked, so thoroughly intrigued and deciding to ask the questions when she was vulnerable and willing. One could see it as quite surprising how quickly she caved in and ‘told the goss’, but that was the kind of girl Elly had always been.
“I don’t know...”
“A lot?” She nodded her head ‘yes’.
“Did you like them?”
“I don’t know.” That meant ‘yes’.
“And did you see the one with you in it?”

My heart yearned for this answer or reaction. I had self-recorded myself jerking off to pictures – Polaroid photos, my own digital print-offs, photocopies of family portraits – of her. My little pre-teen sister, whose wet panties I’d sucked dry on the wonderful laundry days. Elly looked up now, right into my eyes, blushing like mad.
“Yes,” she answered softly.
“And the ones with your clothes?”

My cock was pitched at peak height now. My secret was out to her. And I could see by the look in Elly’s eyes that she saw little wrong with what I done to pictures of her and what I done to her little outfits that would mysteriously go missing and end up neatly folded on her bed after I’d done my business and put them to wash. Two minutes ago she called me ‘gross’ and ‘sick’, yet now – for some reason far beyond me – she was smiling, and near-on giggling, at the thought of those videos. At the thought of me spewing my cum all over her pretty face or Hello Kitty undies.

“Elly: do you know why I did the things I did in those videos?” She nodded swiftly.
“Because it makes you happy?” she afflicted the final word, turning the statement into an unsure question.
“Yep. That’s basically it,” I extended my smile for her. “Do you know how you get all tingly when you play with yourself?” She nodded, contradicting her earlier conviction, but we were past that I’d of course let it slide. “Well that’s how you make me feel every time I see you with your towel on after you have a shower.”

Elly started to giggle now, catching on these sorts of compliments and having enough sense to be flattered. “I guess you know that’s my pee-pee on those videos?” I had to ensure we were on the same page here, and accordingly so, she nodded. “Did you like it?” Damn right I said that. I was going for this – going down that road. Elly broke into more succinct little giggles now... it was so fucking cute. And it meant another emphatic ‘yes’. “Do you wanna touch it?” Her eyes lit up. Her whole face lit up. I tell ya, an ice-cream van with The Wiggle serving and performing their show inside couldn’t have beat how quickly Elly sprung to me. She was in front of me, her tiny hands wrapped around my cock before I knew it. Her beautiful green eyes were honed in on the tip of my cock, and as she circled and gripped my dick in search of grip, I felt that awesome sensation once more build. Cum from that previous load richly lathered my dick, after all, I had come with mom’s panties wrapped around it.

I watched Elly with eagle eyes, soaking up every moment of this. Of my thick, sticky, man-juice feeding into every little innocent pore on the palm of Elly’s hands. “Suck your fingers, Elly. Lick your hands a bit,” I encouraged her. As she released her grasp and done so, I could feel the twitches in my dick intense. Not even on my instruction, she looked up at me with her wide eyes as finger by finger my cum was sucked down her throat like a vacuum.
“Fuck meeeee,” I said under my breath – as the expression, not literally. It was the most amazing thing to witness my barely four-foot tall sister looking me in the eyes as she drunk down my seed.

“Arggh-ohaghhh,” I groaned, my hormones and impatience to come getting the better of me. “Open your mouth again, Elly,” I said in probably what sounded like agony to her as I thrust my cock through her open lips. It didn’t take any “fapping” to explode this time, and just as I felt the head of my dick brush her gums, I came. I came like a rocket and little Elly kept still like the perfect little trooper as I held onto the top of her head with one hand and closed my eyes. Five thick strings of my seed shot into her and straight down Elly’s throat. I could feel her head bob and hear her gag with each fire, but she had no dramas. No rebuttals.

“Mmmmm-MMM!” she let out exuberantly as I drew my weary cock free from her breathing space. I danced my foreskin around Elly’s lips for a quick bit as cum still oozed from the tip, and managed to get some of her red lipstick smeared on it. Again, like a girl on a mission, Elly pounced – this time to mom’s panties, before stuffing her face in my plentiful depository of cum. Her messiness was the topping on the cake, with her uncalculated “head-dive” leaving not an inch of her face cum-free.

“Let’s go get you cleaned up,” I put my hand on Elly’s shoulder. The coast was certainly clear – no mom in the halls to spot us as we made our way into the bathroom. And as I shut the door behind the both of us and turned around to face my gorgeous sister again, my heart skipped a beat. Her skirt and panties were done around her ankles and her pussy in clear view. This was my first time seeing it, besides in her infant years.
“Can we do what those other brothers and sisters do on your videos?”

I knew exactly what she meant. Dare I take the virginity of a girl four years my junior? Dare I take the virginity of my sister?...

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My sister loves to suck my cock...i wanna fuck her

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Vary good. Vary nice. Vary HOT. Loved it. Keep it CUMING...

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2012-07-01 18:19:08
Hot story! I love good young brother & sister and father daughter stories. My 6-8 y.o. sister and I used to sexually play with each other when I was baby sitting her whenever the parents were away. Using Vaseline, I would mostly rub my cock in between her pussy lips and then try to push my cock into her pussy hole to fully fuck her, but her pussy hole wasn't quite big enough and it was too uncomfortable for her, so I only got the head inside. Thinking back now, if I could have convinced her to let me push a just a little bit harder I'm sure it would have popped all the way inside her because it felt like it was right on the verge, especially after her pussy hole had been stretched out after a year or so of doing it.

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very nice flow to it. i applaude you on that. the story itself was not bad. nice cliffhanger. keep at it and you will get even better. but you should really write a rough draft before you post your next story. this story gets a 8 out of 10. great job.

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ahhh this is amazing!

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