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Author’s Note: This story is purely fantasy, and not one I as author condone or would wish to live out. It’s a style I find both challenging and interesting – which I understand does make me disturbed in some ways, but that’s not something that I feel I can really help/nurture at this early stage in my life, and frankly don’t so much see the need to .......... When two nasty officers pull a mother and her young daughter over, they have things in mind. And they seem to think the girls may just enjoy their wicked ways.
“SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU STUPID BITCH!” the officer barked my way. I was handcuffed to my steering wheel as two burley police officers stripped my daughter naked in the back seat.

Olivia cried, screamed and moaned, in absolute terror as I was. What started out as a routine breathalyser test had turned into the LAPD being degrading, despicable assholes! This was my seven year old daughter they were abusing, for God sake! Olivia was held down on knees, parallel to the backrest. The black officer directly behind me on the left side, pinning Olivia’s legs down with one hand and squeezing her backside with his other.

“Mmm. I’ma enjoy this,” he smiled. What a fucking sicko.
“Get... off... her...” I began calmly. “You useless... disgusting.... pieces of SHIIIIIT!” Right when I blew up, I was thudded backward, hitting the steering wheel. The white ‘pig’ had slapped me.
“Shut up!” he ordered. I slowly recovered and watched back in hopelessness, tugging at my handcuffs as I had been all along, hoping – praying – to get free. It was utter chaos in this car. The two sons-of-bitches were chuckling and groaning as they felt up my little girl, Olivia still wailing. But that was short-lived. The white copper grabbed my baby by the jaw, forced her mouth open and jammed his baton in there.

“You fucking son-of-a-bitch,” I muttered. “Grow up and look at people your own age – not little girls, you SICK FUCKS!”
“If you don’t stop your goddamn shouting, I’m gonna put a bullet in your head.”
I fell dead quiet as the threat floored me. “Don’t think the jury wouldn’t believe we were just doing our job, either.” These bastards were the lowest of the low. They were beyond corrupt.
“So you guys just rape and kill whoever you like?” I replied with what little strength I could get together, trying not to be intimidated.

“It’s not rape if your little princess enjoys it,” the black officer said with a big dumb-ass green on his face. “But yes.” His face quickly changed to that of a madman. “Out in these roads, we can do whatever we want.” I felt like vomiting. No person should have to experience this. He stared me down for quite some time as a tear streamed down my cheek.
“Please... please don’t hurt her,” I whimpered, pleading.

“Relax, bitch. What did we say. Huh? Your little doll here; she’s gonna love this,” the white prick kept his eyes fixed on my daughter as he spoke. “Now Olivia, I’m going to take this out and put something else in, okay,” he tapped on his baton, still stuffed in her tiny mouth. I dry-reached a little at the thought of what was coming. Sure enough, he unzipped his fly and his dick sprung out, hardened. “Don’t buy on this, you hear me? No biting,” he looked Olivia in her tear-filled eyes, drawing his baton out and gently guiding his cock in.

I winced and had to look away. I wept openly now, unable to hold back how angry and terrified I was. I wanted to say something. Something that could degrade them, or by some miracle, make them feel human emotions and sympathy as they so clearly didn’t. I wanted to scream, or shout, or something. But that threat hung over my head. Cold-blooded murder. Surely they couldn’t just do that and get away with it so simply. My thoughts were the gun was used as a scare tactic for me to keep my mouth shut. But dare I test that theory?

“Now, Olivia, Officer Denney’s going to put something in your private area, okay?” the white bastard spoke to my Olivia again. He spoke so calm and nurturing toward her – so father-like and gentle. “And it’s gonna hurt for a bit, but you have to be a strong girl, all right?... All right?” Unable to talk with that fucker’s dick down her throat, I watched as Olivia nodded her head. She seemed surprisingly calm now, and at least that was one good thing to develop. The better it was on my baby, the better it was on me too. “Jeremiah, my friend... do the honors,” he smiled like a real pathetic piece of shit.

The black officer – Jeremiah Denney, as it had been pieced together – dropped let his dick free now and eased himself toward Olivia. As much as I wanted to look away – and could’ve – I didn’t. I told myself it was because whatever Olivia went through, I went through as well, and therefore she wasn’t alone in what would be the most confusing, horrific period of her young life.

Denney spat on his index finger and immediately alarm bells rang. He was lubing it up. His dick was already painfully thick and long for my little girl and now he was going to add his finger in the mix.
“Be gentle... be gentle,” I told him softly, but screaming on the inside. “You’re too big.”
“No shit, Sherlock,” the still unnamed white officer quipped. “Make the bitch suck it, Jeri.” Wait, what? Denney stood up hunched over in the car, coming toward me. We eye-balled one another the whole time as I braced for the inevitable. In one jolt, he thrust his dick against my cheek and made one hell of a slap. I’d given many-a blowjobs in my time. Never to a man this pathetic, and never to a cock this big. How was my poor Olivia going to cope. Consenting, I popped his dick in my mouth.
“Get it real deep in there. Gag on it, you skank-ass.” I did so to keep him happy, but there was a sense of something more. A sense of enjoyment in the back of my mind. It had come from nowhere, and I tried my best to push it away, but desires got the best of me and soon I found myself willingly sucking up and down his shaft. It was a complete loss of character for me. Here we were, with two utterly disgusting middle-aged men, and I had this glimmer of lust for his cock. I snapped myself out of that strange moment – my emotions mixed – and popped the dick free, immediately getting a light tap on my cheek. “You liked that, you dirty slut,” he grinned. I felt like crying again, but didn’t. There was no denying some part of me liked that and I felt so excruciatingly guilty for it.

“We’re gonna fuck Olivia’s pussy AND her ass now,” the white officer smiled smugly. “With me at front.”
“No... NO,” I felt royally pissed off. “It’s bad enough you’re taking her virginity, you don’t have to do that too.” Her ass hole was so tiny. It couldn’t bear whatever disturbing thing they had in mind.
“Sorry, Mrs. Cooper... us coppers love nothing more than tearing a fresh hole right open.”
“You smart-ass son-of-a-bitch. Shut your fucking mouth, you freak!” I knew I was pushing my buttons, but I didn’t much care. My heartbeat picked up as I watched Denney slide his dick up Olivia’s pussy. Then he spat on that same index finger again before swiftly digging it into my poor little girl’s butt. That’s when Olivia’s cries started back up, muffled by the white ‘pig’s’ dick. My heart broke a little once more as I spotted the red trickling down Olivia’s leg as Denney buried himself deeper inside her. All of a sudden, the floodgates seemed to open, and blood rushed freely from my darling’s vagina.
“It’s okay, Olivia. It’s gonna be okay,” I let my daughter know I was with her.
“No it won’t.”

As if in a set play, the white officer pulled his cock from Olivia’s mouth, and for a glimmer her cries filled the car before he slapped his hand over her mouth and drowned them out again. Denney thrust himself forward with an almighty grunt and my eyes almost popped out of my head as I saw my girl’s vagina swallow his cock, right up to his balls. What a dog act! Retaliating as best I physically could, I vigorously spat on Denney, then... blank.

Black. Knocked out. Denney’s pissy little partner struck me and I was down.

Blinking my eyes open, I had blurred and double vision for a good few seconds as I lay over the steering wheel. It came to me then what had happened – that they’d punched me cold out like a couple of pathetic bastards. And the next thing to hit me? Olivia’s laughs. Her innocent little giggles. The creeps must’ve left!
“It’s okay... it’s okay, baby,” I said groggily, shifting my body so I could turn and face her. “They’re gone now.”
“No we’re not,” I heard Denney’s menacing voice, startling me. “Told you she’d enjoy it.”

Oh my God. My little Olivia. My poor little Olivia was giggling and giddy as she rode the white ‘pig’s’ dick and licked the tip of Denney’s. They had her in the reverse cowgirl style – her hair lathered with cum and her legs stained with the blood from her broken hymen. What had these two sick fuckers done to my girl to have her smiling and happy?
“Did you drug her? Did you give her happy gas or something you fuckin’ losers?”
“No, mam. That’s all her,” the white bastard chuckled again.
“She’s a tough slut, I’ll give her that,” Denney spoke of Olivia.
“We’re almost done. Just let... let me do... this,” the other officer grunted and grimaced, on the verge of orgasm and reaching it. I could only imagine the amount of cum they’d shot into my little girl. “Good girl,” he lifted Olivia off his dick and onto his knees. “Olivia: did you have something to ask mommy before we go?” My little princess nodded – her smile going nowhere.
“Mommy... can you put your fingers up my bum?” she asked.

“What, you told her to say that?!” I looked at either men fiercely.
“Hey, she’s just telling you what she wants,” the white officer puts his hands up in defence, gesturing he had little part in it.
“No, baby... No. You don’t want that.”
“Yes I DO!” she squealed. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My seven-year-old had apparently made up her mind that she wanted me to continue that forced anal-raping she’d just experienced?
“Girls like what they like,” Denney said. “Just like you enjoyed throat-fucking the cock of a black forty-year-old man who had you and your daughter in tears.” He picked up Olivia and turned her around. My daughter’s ass staring me in the face now.
“Pleeease, mommy.”
“Okay,” I gave in. “Okay, sweetie.”

Denney put her on the passenger seat and the other ‘pig’ reached over to the front, key-in-hand. He unlocked the handcuffs and swiped them away, tucking them into the allocated spot on their uniform.
“Now spread her cheeks,” Denney instructed. Olivia’s backside was up in the air, which hid her face. Parting her little butt cheeks, I noticed how much wider that once tiny little whole was. I could fit a finger in there quite easily. In the moment, this didn’t really strike me as that much of a weird thing to do. I was essentially going to finger-fuck my own flesh and blood’s ass but it didn’t sicken me because I was doing it for her. It’s what she wanted.

Truth be told, I had always wanted to finger an ass hole, other than my own. Of course, my husband being a straight man, it was never his sort of thing. It wasn’t really any man’s thing, except for the gays, and I could never imagine sleeping with them. Anyway, I was slightly thrilled to get my finger in there. I’d practically zoned out the two ‘pigs’ beside me (who didn’t seem that bad anymore – think how you will of me) as I wriggled my finger into Olivia’s opening. Pushing it through, I felt a slushy fluid. It was cum. Their seed lay in the rectum of my little princess. Not caring what the officers thought of me, I dug around her walls for a bit, picking up as much cum as I could. Drawing my finger out, I popped it in my mouth and savoured the flavour. That spunk seemed to flick a switch in my body, and I turned crazy horny. Feeling myself juice up between the legs, I proceeded to gently ease my finger in and out of Olivia’s ass. Then I added a second finger, and shortly after that picked up quite a pace. Before I really knew it, I had my free hand down my jeans and my daughter was moaning with ecstasy as I drilled her petite little frame.

“Our work’s done here,” Officer Denney said, and I looked up to see both officers standing outside my car door with smiles on their faces. Still, I pumped my fingers in and out of Olivia’s butt and rubbed myself. “Bye, Olivia. Bye, miss.”
“Bye-bye,” Olivia called out, and I just gave the men a nod and a smile. Looking back down at Olivia, I admired her wobbling ass and felt my climax build.
“You like that, baby girl? Hmm? Do you like mommy’s fingers up your butt?” God, I turned myself on saying that.
“Yes, mommy.”

I didn’t even hear the police car take off – everything else was out of my mind. Something had clicked and made the most horrific experience a joyous one. Was it all part of the coppers’ plan; to have me enjoy fucking my daughter? ‘Our work’s done here’ sure made it seem that way.

Harder and faster I banged my own cunt and Olivia’s ass. She wasn’t old enough to have an orgasm yet, but that didn’t mean her moans didn’t build up to something. When I got more vocal from the self-pleasure, Olivia picked up her levels too, and I timed it perfectly so that we shared our peak ecstasy simultaneously.

I breathed heavily, re-cooperating as my thighs shook and twirling my fingers in my little girl’s hole.
“You’re so beautiful Olivia,” I squeezed her ass, giving it a little spank, before sucking my fingers dry of my juices. “Let’s go home, ‘kay?”
“Okay, mommy.” I gave her a cheek on the cheek and started up the car as she put her seatbelt on.

I don’t know how I became this mother who all of a sudden practices incest with her daughter, but I did. Those officers had taken Olivia’s virginity like pigs, but they’d managed to have to her thoroughly enjoy it. And I enjoy making the people I love happy. If that means fucking her ass for her pleasure and mine, so be it.

I definitely wasn’t prepared for that to be the first and last time it would happen. I wasn’t keen on it being some one-off experiment, and I wasn’t keen on keeping it an absolute secret. I would have to see what my husband’s state of mind about it would be by testing the waters...

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