Alice twirled her hair absently with one hand, her other hand cradling her phone against her ear. "You know you want to," she teased into the phone. "My dad won't find out, I promise, just come over here now." She giggled, happy with her control over the voice on the other end of the line.

She was only 16, but had already mastered the art of seduction and getting just what she wanted from whoever she wanted it from. Her legs lay across her bed, long and smooth, freshly shaven and pale white against her dark blue sheets. Her red painted toenails dug into the sheets as she pleaded with the voice.

"Josh I'm telling you, if you don't come over in the next fifteen minutes, I'm going to fuck someone else," she giggled again. "I left the back door unlocked, my dad is asleep in his room and my mom is at work, so don't worry about it, just get your ass over here." She flipped over on her stomach and leaned on her elbows, holding the phone close.

"Fifteen minutes Josh, I'm warning you." She hung up, put the phone in the cradle and stood up, smiling to herself. Her fingers fell to the tie of her softie shorts and slowly worked them open, letting them drop to the floor next to her bed.

Behind her, just barely hidden from view, her father stood against her bedroom door. His face was directly up against the crack of light which framed his daughter's body perfectly. He'd heard her step from the shower twenty minutes before and had come to her room with the intention of telling her lights out. But her phone call with her boyfriend had stopped him in his tracks, his curiosity getting the better of him. Alice's 'boyfriend' was 23. Her father had spoken with the man once before, warning him that bad things happen to men who play with girls. He thought that had been enough, but apparently, he would have to try once more.

After Alice had ended the conversation, her father had taken a step away. When she stood up, he stopped, afraid she had heard him. He moved softly back to the door and watched as she stepped delicately from her shorts. Moving towards her full length mirror to admire herself, she pulled her loose damp blonde hair back behind her. Her bra covered her size 32b breasts nicely and her matching white and blue panties left little to the imagination. She posed in front of the mirror, trying out her best sexy pouts as she waited. Her father had not seen her in so much as a bathing suit lately, and his brain shut off almost entirely.

His wife worked late, not coming home until after midnight most nights. They hadn't had a sexual relationship in months. As a result, he'd spent every night lately searching for porn and masturbating furiously, his daughter just a few rooms away. Until this moment though, he'd never seen her in such light.

A sudden tightening of his jeans brought him back to earth. Ashamed, he stepped back, instinctively covering his hard-on with his hand. Shaking his head, he retreated down the hallway.

The back door was unlocked, just as Alice had said. Josh stepped up to it, looking cautiously through the window nearby. All the lights in the house were off. His hand grasped the doorknob just as a voice interrupted the silence.

"Josh, what's going on?"

Josh gasped, almost tripping over his feet as he stepped backwards away from the door. He brought his hand quickly to his face to ward off the bright flashlight shining suddenly into his eyes. Alice's father was holding the flashlight about ten feet away.

"Sir, uh, I just-"

"No, Josh, stop. I know what you came here to do, and I know that you remember what I told you last time."

"Sir, really, I'm so-"

"Go now and if I see you around here again, I promise you it'll be blue lights that blind you next time."

Alice's dad sat heavily in his computer chair, his browser already open to his favorite porn site. In the search bar, he typed in "jailbait" and spent the next several minutes browsing pictures of teenaged girls. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get the image of his daughter out of his head. His brain argued with his body extensively and he knew he needed to cum hard. Why look at these pictures of young girls when he could move back to his daughter's doorway and get a real peek?

Softly, he tiptoed down the hallway in his boxers. Alice's room was dark, the lights all off. Fortunately, the door was still cracked. He pushed his face against the crack and dropped his boxers to the floor at his ankles, freeing his raging cock into the darkness.

It was a moonless night and the room was dark, too dark. Alice's father could not see a thing. Crestfallen, he waited a moment, willing his eyes to adjust to the scant light. All he could make out was the shape of his daughter's bed and the form of her body lying on it. He moved back, reluctantly giving up on seeing anything good. As he did, his toe brushed against the bedroom door, causing it to creak very softly in the deep quiet of the house.


Alice's father stopped completely, afraid to breathe.

"Josh, is that you?" She said again. She stood quickly and made a move for the door.

Her father's mind was racing. He was standing outside of his sixteen year old daughter's bedroom with his boxers down around his ankles. His cock was standing straight out in front of him and his daughter was seconds away from getting the biggest shock of her life, just as he was seconds away from a divorce.

He did the only thing that made sense to him in that moment.

The door opened wide, the darkness still all but absolute. Alice stopped, a smile spreading across her face.


you're late."

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2011-11-02 06:12:06
My home has a granny flat which we use to accommodate visitors and my brother who is divorced regularly came and stayed with us. The flat is self contained and is equipped with covert surveillance which we had used to keep an eye on my mother when she was with us and suffering from dementia. My wife saw my brother showering with my niece in a most intimate manner, called me and then we saw them in a 69 position and soon he was fucking her, She was certainly enjoying it and no novice at opening her legs. We never invited them again and told my brother why, he said that my neice had been sexually active since she was about nine and had shown many of her schoolfriends how to masturbate successfully but he was the very first one to have fucked her when she was 12 and it was at her insistence.
I still think that he is a dirty pervert and should be castrated


2010-06-20 13:59:00
Please Daddy, do here good she won't be mad, she really wants you more then him anyways, my daddy got me drunk before he made his move, it was and is great, but I would have let him anyways.

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