In the aftermath of a violent rape Denise gets a guard dog
In "Denise's Nightmare" Denise Stricker was violently raped. This is the aftermath.


The police arrived en masse; there were the patrolmen that were first on the scene, crime scene technicians, detectives and a lady officer from the sex crime unit. The technicians had taken control of her bedroom and were attempting to locate any trace evidence. They’d gathered up her sheets, pillow, even her panties for further testing. The lady from sex crimes directed Denise to the kitchen where they could talk.

“Denise, I’m Luz Martinez, with the sex crime unit. If you don’t mind I’d like to ask you a few questions.”

Denise was clad in only a robe and slippers. Drawing the robe tightly around herself she answered, “Ask anything you like, anything to help catch this monster.”

“Denise, can you give me a physical description of your assailant?”

“Well Officer Martinez..”

“Luz, please.”

“Well Luz, I’m 5’6” tall and he was maybe 2 inches taller; I’d put him at 5’8”. He wasn’t heavyset; I’m guessing around 150-160 pounds. But that’s really all I can say; he was completely covered by his clothes and he wore gloves and a mask. I didn’t even see whether he was black or white but, based on his voice I’d say he’s probable white.”

“Did you notice any particular characteristics about him; you know, scars, that sort of thing?”

“Luz, I’m not sure how to put this, yes, he had one very noticeable characteristic, as you put it. His penis was huge. Luz, I mean it was at least a foot long and as big around as a soda can; my God I’d never seen anything like it.”

“Well, we can’t go around asking men to drop their drawers to check but I’ll check to see if any other rapes have been reported by a man like that.”

“Luz, I don’t think you’re going to go anywhere with that. I think he targeted me, Denise Stricker, personally, not just any woman. He wanted me and he took me.”

After some additional questions Luz asked Denise to accompany her to the hospital for testing and additional evidence gathering.

“Let me get showered and dressed, Luz.”

“Denise, I’d like you to go just as you are. We don’t want to take the chance of destroying and evidence that he may have left.”

Reluctantly, Denise agreed to go.

The hospital was worse than she had imagined. After sitting in the waiting room for over an hour in just her robe she was finally taken to an examination room where she was probed and prodded. Her pubic hair was combed, her vagina and rectum were swabbed and the doctor inserted speculums in both for internal exams. Aside from torn tissue and severe bruising and abrasions nothing was found. No semen, no pubic hairs, nothing. Denise felt like she’d been put through a humiliating and embarrassing ordeal for nothing. She asked Luz to take her home.

Several days went by and Denise had heard nothing from the police. She called Luz Martinez only to learn that there were absolutely no leads. The crime scene investigators found nothing, nada, bupkus. Her case was going nowhere.

Denise was frustrated and she was scared. She was afraid to leave her house. Paranoid, she refused to answer the door. Friends had called but she let her answering machine take the calls and did not return them. Her fear ruled her; she decided she couldn’t continue to live like this.

Putting her fear aside she employed tradesmen to replace the locks on all of her doors with deadbolts. She added locks to all of her windows and had a state of the art security system installed. On the exterior she had motion detector lighting hung on each corner of the house and above all of the entryways. She had an eight foot chain link fence erected around her property and she still didn’t feel safe. She decided to get a guard dog.

Denise was not one to make snap decisions; she researched various breeds of dogs. While reading a novel she came upon the name of a breed she’d never heard of and the traits mentioned were exactly what she was looking for. The breed was large, the males getting to 150 pounds or larger. They were pretty much a one person dog, protective of it’s master and everything else it identified as it’s pack be it other dogs, cats or children. It seemed ideal. After researching the breed and checking Google she found a breeder in The Russian Federation who had just the dog for her. It was a white male Caucasian Ovcharka puppy. She paid for him and had him shipped to her. She named him Ivan.

Denise immediately employed a trainer help; she hadn’t had a dog before and Ivan was going to he a handful. She knew she’d need help. Together they trained him to walk on a leash, to heel and to respond to commands. She still had Morna of course but with Ivan she began to feel safer. She even violated the security of her home by having a doggie door installed in her back entrance; she assumed that anyone foolish enough to try to get in that way would be eaten.

Denise did start to feel more secure. She had no problem going to the supermarket or other shops; she simply took her dogs with her. She still was unable to date or go places where she couldn’t bring Ivan but, she felt that was a small price to pay to feel safe and secure.

Morna had always been Denise’s bed mate. They’d slept together as long as Denise had had her, Ivan wanted the same privilege. He’d made himself right at home from the start and now it was the three of them in the bed which was fine when Ivan was a puppy but he was a growing boy, already over one hundred pounds and he took a lot of space.
He was getting a little too fresh, too. He liked to nuzzle under the covers and sniff Denise’s crotch. She would just push him away, telling him no. He didn’t always obey, he’d found a scent he liked. On one particular night after Denise had gone to sleep she was having a sensual dream; she was with Mal and he had stimulated her, aroused her. As she slowly awakened the nice sensations didn’t stop; Ivan was licking her through her panties. Whether it was the nice feeling or her dreamy arousal she couldn’t answer but she didn’t stop him, she just spread her legs. Ivan’s large, powerful tongue was stimulating her and she liked it. It had been so long since she’d been with a man, she let him lick away. Denise was surprised at herself, she’d always been such a fastidious person and here she was letting her dog lick her. She knew she should stop it; instead she pulled her panty aside allowing Ivan to lap her slit. It felt marvelous; it was just moments before a series of small orgasms rocked her. She reached down, scratched Ivan behind the ears and pushed him away; she’d had her satisfaction. But she’d made a big mistake. A Caucasian Ovcharka needs to be dominated by his master and Denise had just allowed him to gain a superior position.

Even during her acute paranoia Denise had retained her Peruvian housekeeper, Pilar, but Denise was going to have to do her own cleaning for the next month. Pilar had returned to Peru for a month’s vacation.

Doing the laundry, dusting, vacuuming and the other mundane tasks were no problem; there was only one thing that she absolutely abhorred; cleaning the bathroom. Denise was working in just a pair of white cotton panties and a white t-shirt. She saw no sense in getting her other clothing soaked when she scrubbed the tub. She’d already brushed the commode and cleaned the sink and counters; only the tub was left. She ran some warm water and dusted in some scouring powder then, on her knees she leaned into the tub and started to scrub.

Ivan was sitting on his haunches in the bedroom watching and he liked what he saw, his sensitive nose had picked up Denise’s scent; he walked into the bathroom, sniffed her bottom and gave her a big lick.

Surprised, Denise shoved him away saying, “No Ivan, no, bad dog.”

Ivan backed away as Denise went back to her task. Again, Ivan approached, again he licked. She tried to swat him with her scrub rag but he quickly backed out of range. Denise should have given up on the tub or, at the very least, closed the door, she didn’t, instead she went back to work.

Ivan approached quickly this time, nosing her bottom and pushing her forward. Denise tried to turn toward him to chastise him but, when she’d swung the cleaning rag at him she’d splashed water on the floor. Her knee hit the wet spot and she fell forward over the edge of the tub. There she lay, half in the tub, her hips over the edge and her legs splayed. She felt a tremendous tug on her panties then she heard them rip. Ivan had bitten down on them and pulled them away. Still with hopes of escaping Denise tried to stand. A crushing weight on her back pushed her down, Ivan had mounted her. She continued to fight him but when she felt his dew claws bite into her hips she knew she was in real trouble, she felt him jabbing at her with his cock, seeking her pussy.

Denise screamed and thought, this can’t be happening but then she knew it was, Ivan had found his mark. There was nothing slow nor gentle in his taking of her, he thrust into her and he was a big boy, he hit her cervix then fucked her like a dog fucks; hard, rapid, pounding thrusts, she felt like a rape victim all over again.

Ivan fucked her for over five minutes, she’d never been pounded like this before then she felt his hot cum being spurted into her, she thought her ordeal was nearly over but he began to swell, filling her completely, stretching her further than any man ever had. It hurt and she started to cry; she’d forgotten about a male dog’s knot, a plug in her pussy to hold his sperm in until it could do its work. Fortunately Ivan didn’t attempt to wander off, dragging Denise with him; he just stayed mounted on her until his knot shrunk then he walked into the bedroom, lay down and licked himself.

Denise didn’t go anywhere for several minutes, she remained bent over the tub, absorbing what had happened. She knew it was her fault; she’d encouraged his licking of her, inviting his attention. Finally, painfully she stood and teetered to her bed. She flopped down atop the bedspread.

When Ivan saw her get on the bed he jumped up with her. She was curled up on her side; Ivan nosed her and pushed her over onto her back then licked her vagina, cleaning her. She didn’t fight him; she simply rolled over on her belly. In a moment she realized she’d make another mistake, he was trying to mount her bottom. She didn’t want that, she tried to shoo him away. When she hit him he nipped her, he wasn’t going to let her go.

Denise realized what would happen if she stayed in this position, he’d stab at her until he got into her and it would be her bottom that he got. She was afraid so she took what, to her seemed the safest course; she slowly rose to her knees and opened her legs, in invitation. Ivan accepted.

He entered her with a single mighty thrust but, this time she knew what to expect. She wasn’t trying to fight him off and he slipped into her easily. Her position was more comfortable, not bent over a hard tub but in her bed, her bottom raised in acceptance and her head resting on her pillow although his dew claws were again biting into her hips, holding her in place. When he probed in, again slamming into her cervix she moaned. When he began his hard, rapid thrusting she grunted each time he slammed forward, ugh, ugh, ugh.

Suddenly, Ivan’s hot cum filled her, and it was hot, hotter than any man’s. She still had most of his first load in her; he overflowed her when he came. She felt his fluids running down the insides of her thighs before his knot again plugged her closed.

As she lay, head on her pillow and ass in the air, her pussy filled by her dog, a renegade thought came to her. In spite of the pain and humiliation she’d experienced, she liked the feeling she was getting; she started working her hips back against Ivan bringing herself to a climax, enjoying the stuffed sensation his big cock was giving her; she was appalled with herself but she knew she’d do it again. She started to wonder how it would feel to take him in her bottom, only her rapist had taken her that way, no other man. The thought was so indecently decadent she was certain she’d try that, too. Ivan’s knot finally shrunk, he gave her a laving and jumped off the bed.

Several weeks had passed. Ivan had taken his position as the alpha of the pack and he used Denise at will. At once and usually two or three times he’d push her from behind with his muzzle, directing her toward the bedroom. She never attempted to deny him; honestly, she’d come to look forward to getting filled; he was pushing her now. Every time he’d had her it was from behind, doggie style. She decided to try something different this time.

Removing her shorts, blouse, bra and panties she sat on the edge of the bed and laid back. She planted her feet on the bed and let her legs splay open and called Ivan to her. He paused to sniff and lick her vagina then placed his big paws on each side of her. She urged him forward until she could feel him against her pussy then she reached down and guided him in.

The sensations were completely different with him atop her. Not necessarily better but different. He still pounded her with the same violence, thrusting hard, deep and fast but now bringing her to orgasm after orgasm as she moaned and wailed his name, “Oh Ivan my Russian fucker, fuck me, fuck me fuck mee,” she groaned as he flooded her pussy with his doggie cum. Then his knot, Denise had come to look forward by being stretched by his knot.

A month into what Denise had come to think of as her relationship with Ivan she’d decided she didn’t want a man in her life. She felt safe and secure and her sexual needs were certainly being met, she hadn’t had her pussy filled so frequently ever before in her life; she’d even taken Ivan in her mouth, but now for the real test. She wanted him in her ass tonight.

It didn’t take anything to get Ivan prepared for sex, he was always ready, but that wasn’t the case with Denise tonight. She was pretty sure Ivan would hurt her, she couldn’t imagine what it would feel like when his knot filled and stretched her but she was anxious to find out.

Almost like preparing for a date, Denise bathed and applied a little perfume. She put on a nice pair of French cut bikini panties and a dressing robe then she poured herself a glass of Zinfandel. Three glasses later she’d put some of the butterflies fluttering in her tummy to rest. She called Ivan over and opened her thighs. Even she could smell the aroma of her arousal; Ivan tugged at her robe leading her to the bedroom.

Denise removed her robe and let Ivan nuzzle her crotch before rolling her panties off. She’d decided tonight she would be taken in the doggie position and she’d already lubricated her anus. She was as ready as she’d ever be. She climbed onto the bed and got in position.

Ivan came up behind her and mounted her. Now came the tricky part, blocking him from pushing into her vagina while guiding him to and through her rose bud. She reached between her legs and took his cock in hand. He was already thrusting at her, now it was just a matter of directing him. She rubbed his cock over her puckered hole as he plunged forward and she was impaled on his doggie dick He drove deeply into her as she screamed out with an agony so severe it brought tears to her eyes. Then he started pumping her with his hard, fast and deep thrusts. The initial pain of his entry had quickly faded to a dull ache and his rapid pounding of her bottom was inflaming cunt and her passion. She forced her hips back against Ivan’s powerful strokes, forcing him deeper yet into her body.

Ivan pumped his cum into her, scorching her bowels with his heat as Denise exploded in a screaming climax, but then came the real test. Ivan began to swell. Denise could feel her bottom being stretched, there was some pain but not nearly so sharp as when she was entered, it was more a fullness, she almost enjoyed it. She knew with practice this would become part of their normal routine.

Ivan’s knot shrunk and they both sank to the bed. Morna leapt up and joined then as they all dozed off for the night.

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