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Ray and Leah, and Ashleigh again.
As soon as the door clicked shut, Ray attacked her. Well, not attacked, as that would suggest he hit her. No, instead, he grabbed her by the waist from behind and carried her into his bathroom. The whole way she shrieked and cussed him out.

“Let me go, you fucking pervert! What the hell do you think you’re doing!?”

Ray did put Leah down, in the bathtub. Ray closed the door and turned to her. “Take your clothes off,” he ordered her. She looked at him like he was crazy.

“No way!”

“You better just listen to me or you’ll end up like Ashleigh.”

That stopped her cold as she stared at him with blank eyes. “Ashleigh?”

“She’s fine now, but I had to show her who was boss. Kasey was a little antsy too, but Karah was an angel. Now, take your clothes off. Unless you’d like me to do it, of course.”

Leah gave Ray a dirty look before she slowly began to slide of out her beach clothes, piling them on the tile next to the tub. “Now what?” she grunted, crossing her arms over her chest. Ray licked his lips and stepped forward, dropping his pants.

“Now bend over,” he instructed.


“Because I’m going to fuck you,” he said, matter-of-factly. Her eyes widened.

“You really are a sick pervert, aren’t you?”

“Do it.”

Leah took her time as she leaned over and placed her hands on the wall, thrusting her ass out. Ray stepped out of his jeans and stepped over the ledge to join her. He gripped her tiny hips and ran his hands over them and down to her ass. He squeezed it, eliciting a high-pitched noise of protest from Leah before he dipped his hand lower to prod at her pussy. She jerked her hips away from his touch but Ray grabbed her waist and tugged it back in front of him.

“Are you a virgin?” He asked her calmly.

“No,” she replied softly.

“Oh-ho, another little slut,” Ray grinned. “Well, then. I don’t have to be too careful, now do, I?” Leah made a
small noise but other than that, did not respond. Her hip in one hand and his cock in another, he positioned himself best he could before he thrust forward deep inside her tight cunt. The heat engulfed him instantly and he moaned. He just could not get enough of this feeling. With each girl it was different, yet still somehow the same.

Ray thrusted in and out, spreading her ass cheeks to watch her pussy stretch and her asshole pucker at each stroke. He slammed her forward again and again, waiting to hear a squawk of protest, a cry of pain, anything. But Leah remained silent the whole time, her head down and palms flat on the off-white tiles.

“You like that, don’t you?” Ray panted, trying to get some sort of response from her. She just grunted noncommittally and Ray frowned. His thrusts became harder as he caused her to lurch, almost throwing her off balance. She had to be in pain; the others definitely had.

His dick was starting to soften inside of her from her lack of participation. With an irritated sigh, he pulled out of her. She looked back a few seconds later, confusion on her face.

“I’ve got something else planned,” Ray said casually. He picked her up suddenly and carried her out of the bathroom and into his living room, where he plopped her on his sofa. She stared at him warily. “Spread your legs,” he told her. She obeyed him.

Then, Ray leaned forward and began to eat her out. Surprised, Leah let out a small moan and then suppressed it. Ray smiled to himself as he licked and sucked her clit. Soon, against her will, she was dripping wet and flushed, her eyes glassy as she glared at him.

He pressed inside of her again. This time, she threw her head back and moaned loudly. Ray sighed happily and continued the thrusting pace he’d set in the bathroom, fast, hard, and deep. The whole time Leah thrashed wildly, not in pain but in ecstasy. It was amazing to see the change in the young teen and Ray lost it, coming with a shocked grunt. Leah panted, obviously still horny but realizing what had just happened, she pulled away and looked like she was about to cry. He grinned at her.

“I know you liked it,” he said smugly. “You try and act all innocent but I know that you’re just a horny little girl.” Leah pulled her legs to her chest as she sat on the couch, tears streaming down her pale cheeks. Ray wiped one away with his thumb. “Don’t cry, princess. There’s more where that came from, but for now, I’m going to have to put you with Karah and Kasey.” At this, she looked a little happier and he roughly grabbed her arm. She cried out in a surprise and pain as he dragged her out the front door and to the shed. He unlocked it and threw her inside. She fell to the dirt ground hard, catching herself with her hands.

Kasey was lying on the cot, still crying, and Karah was trying to comfort her. At Ray and Leah’s arrival, Karah jumped up and stood in front of Kasey, eyeing Ray warily. He noticed and laughed.

“Don’t worry pretty lady, you’ll get another turn. Take care of this one too, yeah?” With that said, he locked the shed back up and went to see if Ashleigh was awake.

She was, and looking mighty antsy too, from being tied up so long. He was willing to bet she was miserable; restrained, hungry, tired, horny. . .

“Hey baby,” he purred as he came into the room. Ashleigh froze up at the sound of his voice. “How’re we doin’?” She swallowed hard.



“A little.”

“I’ve got just the thing for you,” he said sensually as he went over and sat next to her head. His dick was
already hardening.

“Please,” she pleaded and closed her eyes.

“Come on,” he pushed, moving closer to the tip of his cock was touching the corner of her mouth. Reluctantly, she turned her head and lightly licked the tip. Ray groaned. “Yeah, just like that. . .” She whimpered as he pressed it further into her mouth, climbing on top of her chest to get a better angle. “You like sucking my cock?”

“Mmm,” she replied softly. She didn’t know what else to say. She learned last time that it was no use fighting him. He moaned and grabbed the back of her head as he stuffed his dick down her throat, making sure he didn’t gag or choke her, fucking her throat steadily. He didn’t take long to cum and when he did, he pulled back and shot gobs of white all over her face, streaks of it on her forehead, nose, a dab by her mouth and he even got a little in her hair.

“You look beautiful like that,” he told her as he rolled off her and reached a hand down to brush her clit. She jerked, gasping. He smirked. “Want me to fuck you?”

“Nooo. . .” she pleaded.

“Well, I think you do, sweetie.”

“Ray, please, please. . .It’s sore.”

“Oh, is it baby? That’s okay, it gets better the more sex you have. Trust me.”

“Please don’t, please. . .”

“I promise it won’t hurt this time. I’ll be gentle. Now relax. . .” Ray got into place, cock in hand. “Ashleigh, sweetie, I love you. I want to make you cum.” He slid his cock inside slowly, sinking in all the way to the hilt before he gently stroked out and back in. She gasped a little but didn’t cry. He let one hand drop to her clit, where he rubbed it lightly.

Soon enough, he felt her pussy soaking his pubic hair and the bed sheets beneath them and her breathing picked up in pace. She was actually turned on!

He fucked her steadily, gently, never slamming in too hard or too deep and constantly stimulating her clit. “You are amazing,” he breathed, watching her body glisten with sweat as he got her off. “So beautiful.”

A few more angled strokes later, Ashleigh’s body convulsed and she was sobbing dryly. He felt the walls of her pussy contracting around his dick and in surprise, he came as well, grunting and struggling to hold himself up as he shot load after load inside of her, shaking.

By the time he pulled out, she was still sobbing. “What is it?” He asked her, annoyed. “I went slow.”

“I-. . .I liked it,” she said, barely a whisper.

“Of course you liked it,” he beamed. “You’re a little slut, just like I said. Now, for such an amazing performance, you deserve a reward.” He smiled and walked out the door, leaving her still tied up with cum on her face and leaking out of her wet pussy.

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