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Luke frames Kevin in order to get him to suck his cock.

This story is told from the perspective of thirteen year old Kevin Hardwood. His seventeen year old brother frames him which causes his father to spank him. Kevin gives into Luke's demand to suck his cock so that he won't continue to get him into trouble.

It was a hot summer day in the middle of July. I was cooling off in the backyard in the family pool. I had the entire pool to myself with my father away at work and my mother and sister visiting the neighbors. I lazily swam backstrokes around the pool enjoying the time that I had to myself.

My solitude was interrupted when I heard the patio door slide open. I glanced over and saw it was my big brother Luke in his bathing suit as well. He has been moping around the house lately ever since his girlfriend broke up with him. I was glad to see him finally getting out of the house. Well, mostly glad, he can be somewhat of a pain at times.

"Come on in, Luke," I said calling out to him hoping to get him in one of his better moods. "The water is just perfect." Luke jumped into the pool. "I'm glad to see you finally out of the house and enjoying the summer. I'm sorry about the break up."

"Well, at least I had a girlfriend," he shot back. "You've never even kissed a girl."

"I have too!" I lied to him.

"Oh, yeah, like who?" Luke asked with a smug look on his face.

"Well ..." I said fumbling for a name. Luke laughed at my uneasiness. "Well, fuck you!" I yelled at him. "Just because you're not getting your dick sucked any more doesn't mean you have to be such a fucking prick!"

"I can get my cock sucked any time I want to," Luke said evenly.

"No girl would want to suck your dirty cock."

"I wasn't talking about any girl," Luke said. "I was talking about I could get you to suck it for me any time I wanted."

"I don't suck cock. And I'm certainly not going to suck yours!"

"I bet I could make you suck it," he said as he swam closer to me.

"Get away from me," I screamed as I splashed water at him. I started to swim to the deck, but he was a stronger swimmer then I was. He grabbed me as I was screaming.

"Oh, come on, stop that now," Luke said to me. "If you don't suck it for me, I'll make sure that dad gives you the spanking of a life time." He let me go and got out of the pool. He stood in front of me with his wet swimming trunks clinging to his hardened cock. It was much bigger then mine and I couldn't help but look at it.

"I'm going to my room," he announced. "If you don't come up there and suck me off you're going to have one hot red bottom this weekend." I watched as he went off, still slightly in shock. Part of me wanted to follow him and see what that cock looked like. Part of me just didn't want to give in so easily to his demands.

As soon as he went into the house I got out of the pool and slowly made my way to the patio door. I opened it and went inside and up the stairs to our bedrooms. I stopped in the middle of the hall, if I went one way down the hall it would take me to his room. The other way would take me to my own room. I quickly decided to go to my own room and I slammed the door shut.

It wasn't until just then that I noticed that I was hard myself. I slipped out of my wet trunks and slowly stroked my five inch cock. I was mad with myself that I was so turned on by him. Yet, the thought of his cock inside of his wet swimming trunks just wouldn't go away. I laid on top of bed, still stocking myself. I closed my eyes imagining me actually sucking his cock. I picked up the pace and started to jack myself a bit faster. My cheeks were getting flush with excitement. My breathing started to grow more rapid and then I came. Hot, white semen gushed out of my cock and landed on my stomach. I laid there for a bit, panting as my cock began to soften up. I cursed myself again for being so turned on as I grabbed some tissue to clean up the mess I made.


The next day was a Saturday. I so disliked Saturdays. Every Saturday right before bed, me and Luke get our deterrent spankings. Spankings that we get to stop us from doing bad things before they happen. If we are bad we get more spankings on top of the deterrent spankings, which are two swats with a paddle for each year you are old. I'm thirteen, so I get twenty-six of them, but Luke is seventeen, so he gets thirty-four. The deterrent spankings are always done in the spanking room downstairs, but discipline spankings can be done any where at any time.

It was early in the afternoon and my father, mother and sister were all out in the backyard. Luke was working at the ice cream shop, his current summer job. I wasn't sure what my brother had planned to try to get me in trouble with our father, especially since he was going to be at work most of the day today. I thought it would be best if I wasn't at home myself.

I went out outside and saw my mother in the garden weeding with my father. "Mom," I called out getting her attention. "Is it okay if I go to the park?"

"That should be fine," she answered. "Just as long as you are home by six."

"Thanks, mom," I shouted as I rushed to the garage to get my bike.

I biked down to the park and found some of my friends were there playing basketball. Even though I was very good at the game they allowed me to joined in with them. After a few games I decided to get back home. It was five thirty and I didn't want to get home late and get myself in trouble.

As soon as I got into the front door I saw my mother standing there waiting for me. "Just where have you been all afternoon," my mother asked.

"I went to the park," I said with some confusion. "Don't you remember I asked you if I could go?"

"I do remember. And you have been there all afternoon?" I nodded. "Are you sure?" My mother asked. That's usually the line she uses to figure out if she should spank me herself and not just my father. I paused not knowing what to say until finally I just muttered, "maybe."

"Maybe, huh?" she said. "Well, maybe you could explain this?" She held open her hand showing me five crushed cigarette butts. "I went up to your room because it smelled of smoke. I find these hidden in your trash can. You could have started a fire, young man! Not to mention you shouldn't be smoking!"

"It was Luke, not me!" I blurted out.

"Don't lie to me, Kevin. Luke has been at work all day today and he doesn't get off until six." She looked over at the clock, "and it is ten till six right now."

I was even more confused now. I'm not sure how he did it, but he did. I should have just stayed here instead of going out. I didn't know how to explain to her that it wasn't me and that it was Luke. I didn't want to tell her what happened yesterday because I was too embarrassed by it. I just couldn't think of how he could have done it.

"But it was Luke," I said meekly.

"Kevin Hardwood! You stop trying to blame someone else for what you've done!"

"Alright," I cried. "It was me. I'm sorry, okay."

My mother sighed, "you don't sound very sorry, but you will be. Go to the dining room. Remove your pants and underwear and lay over the table, you know the drill. I'm going to spank you myself for you lying and trying to blame Luke. Then I'm going to tell your father."

I know that complaining about it would only make it worse, so I just headed off to the dining room. I took off my pants and underwear, leaving them on the floor. I went over to the table, facing it and leaned over with my stomach and face against the table. I was thinking how I could get even with Luke while I waited for my mother to come to me. I wasn't as good at lying and getting others in trouble like he was. If only mom and dad could see the way he acts towards me when they are not around.

"So," my mother said. "How many slipperings do you think you deserve?"

Her favorite means of discipline has always been the slipper. I was hoping she would just use her hand. She also always gives me more then what I say, so I always give her a lower number then I think I deserve. "ten, ma'am," I replied.

"I think that fifteen would be a better number," she stated. "I'm very disappointed in you, Kevin." She put the slipper against my exposed ass. I could feel the coolness of the leather. Then, without any warning, she pulled back and slapped me with her slipper squarely in the center of my ass. "One, ma'am!" I cried out.

She then brought it back again and slapped me left ass cheek and then quickly slapped my right ass cheek. "Two, ma'am! Three, ma'am!" She paused briefly and then repeated the same two strokes. "Four, ma'am! Five ma'am!" Again another pause and then a slap on the left cheek and one on the right cheek. "Six ma'am! Seven ma'am!" She didn't pause this time and just continued to slipper away at my reddened ass. "Eight, ma'am! Nine, ma'am!" Tears were forming in my eyes. I had to control myself from moving around too much. "Ten, ma'am! Eleven, ma'am!" I was beginning to hop around on each foot. My ass felt like it was on fire. Mother placed her hand against the small of my back to hold me in place. "Twelve, ma'am! Thirteen, ma'am!" She paused this time and placed the slipper against my left check. Then she slapped it with a loud whack that caused me to yelp. "Fourteen, ma'am!" She paused again and did the same with my right cheek. That caused me to cry out and the tears started to stream down my face. "Fifteen, ma'am!"

"Okay, I think you had enough," my mother said. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

It is always the family ritual to give thanks for the spanking and to state why you received it. "Thank you for spanking me, ma'am," I said between sobs. "I'm sorry I lied to you and tried to blame Luke. I'm also sorry for smoking."

"The slippering I gave you was for lying to me and trying to blame Luke for your misbehavior," my mother informed me. "Your father will discipline you for smoking." I just nodded, knowing it was pointless to argue. "Pick up your clothes and get washed up. Dinner will be ready soon."

I grabbed my pants and underwear and raced upstairs. I went to the bath room and showered up. As soon as I got out I saw Luke in the hall.

"I don't know how you do it," I said to Luke.

"Did what?" he said his voice clearly saying he knew what I was talking about.

"The cigarettes that you put in my room."

He laughed, "well, it wouldn't be there if you just sucked me off. If you don't want something to happen to you next week I suggest you wrap those lips around my cock."

I marched off to my room without answering him, even though the thought of doing that did really turn me on.


It was Saturday night, right before our bed time. Me and Luke were downstairs in the basement in the spanking room. It was a small square room with a dresser against the wall opposite the door and a wooden chair sitting in the middle. Above the dresser hanging on the wall were three paddles with the names Kevin, Luke and Rosamund engraved on them. (Rosamund was my mother's name. She must get spanked by dad too, but I've never seen it.) Luke and I were facing the wall stark naked waiting for father to come down to spank us.

"Just remember," Luke whispered to me. "You know how to stop the punishment ass whoppings from happening again next week."

I was about ready to answer him, but stopped when I heard the door open up. He doesn't like it if we were in here talking to each other. With my face still to the wall, as we have been instructed to do, I could hear the scrapping of the wooden chair against the concrete floor as he sat down.

"Your mother told me what happened, Kevin," my father said. "You are going to get some punishment spankings on top of your deterrent spankings tonight. Go over and get your paddle and bring it to me."

I went over to the dresser, took down my paddle and handed it to my father. Without needing to be told so I laid over my father's knee in the traditional spanking position.

"Right," my father said approvingly. "You will get twenty-six licks as you always do. After I'm done you are to go back against the wall and wait until I'm done with Luke. After that you'll get fifteen swats for you unacceptable behavior. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," I replied.

Without another word, he swatted my backside with the paddle. Usually the first two my father gives me are not very hard at all. It was no exception this time. Yet, I know from experience the punishment spankings I was in for won't be as gentle.

"One, sir. Two, sir."

The next few that made contact come down with the same amount of force. I could feel them but there didn't cause me any real discomfort. Except for the embarrassing position that I was in.

"Three, sir. Four, sir. Five, sir. Six, sir."

He started to pick up the pace a little bit now, but he didn't strike me any harder.

"Seven, sir. Eight, sir. Nine, sir. Ten, sir. Eleven, sir. Twelve, sir." The slippering I got just a few hours ago on top of this was already causing my ass to feel very hot, even though he wasn't hitting me very hard. "Thirteen, sir. Fourteen, sir. Fifteen, sir. Sixteen, sir."

Now he started to use more force with his swings. Again, nothing unusual, he always strikes me harder during deterrent spankings about half way through. "Seventeen, sir! Eighteen, sir! Nineteen, sir! Twenty, sir!"

I was kicking each time the paddle feel down on my red ass. I was growing very nervous for the punishment spankings I was going to get, since I usually never felt this bad when I got my deterrent spankings.

He began to slow down as he finished the last six licks. I was silently sobbing. "Twenty-one, sir! Twenty-two, sir! Twenty-three, sir. Twenty-four, sir. Twenty-five, sir. Twenty-six, sir."

He finally stopped. I slowing raised to my feet as he handed me my paddle to put back on the wall. "Thank you for spanking me, sir," I said repeating the ritual after every deterrent spanking. "I promise that I will be better."

"Put your paddle back, Kevin," he ordered me. "Luke, get yours and get over my lap. Kevin, get back over there and face the wall."

With my sobbing died down I went over to the wall, rubbing my sore back side. I closed my eyes as I heard Luke get his deterrent spanking and counting off each lick as it feel down. Hearing someone getting theirs when you knew that your had it coming too was worse then actually getting it. It seemed to last forever, but in actually it was only a few minutes.

"You're done, Luke," my father said. "Get your clothes on and go to bed." I heard the dresser open as Luke got his clothes out. After a few moments Luke made his exit from the spanking room. I was still facing the wall.

"Alright, then, Kevin" my father said as I felt my knees shake. "Give me your paddle and get over my knee." I did as he said, wishing it was over with already.

"I'm extremely disappointed in you, Kevin," my father stated with me over his knee with my already red ass sticking out. "Smoking is a very bad habit. Not to mention that throwing them away in the trash can could have started a fire. You don't want to experience what will happen to you if this type of behavior continues after I'm done here tonight."

The first swat landed with a smack on my left cheek, causing me to kick in the air. "One, sir!" God, it hurt and this was on the first one. There was another smack on my right cheek. "Two, sir!" Without any hesitation he repeated it again, first left then right cheek. "Three, sir! Four, sir!" He let them down with more force now causing me loss my balance on his knee. "Five, sir! Six, sir!" He placed his arm around the small of my back holding me in place. "Seven, sir! Eight, sir!"

I was crying, tears rushing down my face. "I'll be good! I'll be good!" I protested, not really knowing why I was saying it since I really didn't do anything wrong. "Please!"

"Oh, you'll be good," my father said crossly. "But, you still have seven more coming."

The next two fell down with a loud smack. "Nine, sir! Ten, sir!"

I began to hopelessly try to cover my blistering ass with my hand, but my father was pinning my arm to my side. "Eleven, sir! Twelve, sir!"

"I'm sorry, sir! Please no more," I sobbed in hopes to stop it now.

"I'm sorry too, son," my father replied. "Just three more to go to get the message across."

The next two came down causing me to wail. "Thirteen, sir!" I sobbed loudly before getting the next number out, "Fourteen, sir!"

"Okay," my father informed me. "This is the last one to get my message through to you. There will be no more smoking in my house or outside of my house." He pulled back and hit my backside with the wooden paddle. I let out a shriek as I kicked both of my feet up in the air. "Fifteen, sir!"

"Get up," my father ordered me. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Thank you ..." I paused sobbing trying to get the words out, "for ... spanking me .... sir." I stopped and sobbed some more. "I'm sorry ... for smoking. I'll ... I'll never ... never do ... it again."

"I hope so," my father said to me. "Now get your clothes on and get to bed."


The afternoon of the following day I went into Luke's room. He was laying on his bed listening to his stereo. He looked over at me, smiling coyly. "Well," he asked. "Did you finally come to your senses and realize that I could make you do anything I want?"

I nodded my head, not giving him the satisfaction to hear me actually say that he could.

"And you came in here to suck my dick?"

I nodded again. I could feel my own dick getting hard with the thought. He could see my face flush with embarrassment as a smile played across his lips. He sat up on the side of the bed as I closed the door behind me. Then he unzipped his pants and took out his already harden cock. I got down on my knees in front of him and wrapped my hand around it, slowly stoking it up and down.

"Don't jack me off," he ordered me. "I want you to suck me until I cum down your throat."

I have secretly always wanted to suck off a guy, but never did I think that the first time I would do it would that person be my own brother. I closed my eyes, stuck out my tongue and licked the entire length of his cock starting at the base and going about half way up. I then went back down to the base with my tongue and this time went up to the very tip of his cock. I could taste his pre cum.

"Oh, fuck, yeah," he exclaimed. "You like that, don't you?" I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, not answering him. "Open up your mouth for me."

I did as he told me and he slapped the head of his cock against my tongue. Then he pushed his cock inside of my mouth. Just a little bit at first, but with each thrust he went further and further down my throat.

"Go ahead, suck it," he said.

I began to bob my head up and down on his cock. I was enjoying sucking a cock, even if it was my brother. After a few minutes of doing this he grabbed the back of my head and was fucking my mouth. "Fuck, yeah," he said. "Get ready for it! I'm about to cum!"

With his hands still holding my head in place over his cock, he pushed it deeply down my throat. With a grunt he shot his load of semen right down my throat. I started to gag, tasting his seed. I felt really dirty and used, but it was turning me on.

After he was done he took his dick out. "Thanks, little bro," he said rustling my hair with his hand. "Now get out of her and go to your room and jack off." He laughed as I went out the door.

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2015-07-07 21:09:51
The whole part about the retention spankings and the punishing spankings was a little too much tbh.

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Great start to the tale not much different than my own. Keep the story going, please. I miss my brother's cock... and my dad's!

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