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Master Shawn listens as the woman he feels is his submissive dream tells him how she earned the title of town slut.

When he saw it in his in-basket he was not surprised. Even without opening it he knew exactly what it was, and had a fairly good idea already of what it said. The truth was that it was something he had been waiting for, and expecting, for a little over three weeks. Shawn Spencer considered himself to be a reasonably intelligent man, and many times he could see how things would turn out, just by expecting things to happen in their natural order. The fact it had taken so long was the only thing that had really surprised him, but either way he knew that it would come, given time. He sat looking at the screen for a couple of minutes before finally scrolling down to the e-mail he had been expecting, the 21st Century version of the “Dear John” letter.

SENDER: lisa b. SUBJECT: sorry Sir

Shawn opened the e-mail and scanned the contents. Again it read pretty much as he had expected it to. He shed a couple of tears of frustration, finally. He could admit that, now that the letter was finally here, that it was over. Of course he had hoped that he would be wrong, at least for once. He had hoped it was an explanation that she had been having some second thoughts but then had come to the realization that she wanted to continue on, but no such luck.

Lisa was so perfect, he thought. Shawn had been sure almost from the beginning, when she started telling him about her life, that she was the one.

The content of the letter, however, made it plain that she wasn’t though.

Master Shawn,
I’m sorry it has taken me so long to write to you. I guess I haven’t had the courage to tell you, so I’m going to now. When I stopped calling you a few weeks ago and started avoiding you online a few weeks ago it was because I met someone else. His name is Tom and we went to school together. We saw each other at the store and got to talking, and then went to lunch the next day and talked some more, it was about 2 weeks after I met with you. Anyway I told him about all the stuff I told you, and we got close, and finally I went to see him. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. It got more serious.

Right after I stopped calling I moved in with him. I’m getting divorced from Randy. Tom is really good to me and the kids and he doesn’t care they’re not his. He’s not into the lifestyle, and I don’t think that I am either. I thought I was, but I think I was wrong.

I’m really sorry, but I hope someday you will still be my friend. When things settle down more I will give you my new number and we can talk. I probably won’t be online again until after then. I’m really sorry. I hope you forgive me.

Shawn sighed. In a way she was still being a coward. But he had known all along that calling and telling him would not be her style. He supposed that she did not realize that almost four weeks of silence tended to take away the surprise of a break up.

Closing the letter he brought up his Friend’s List. He looked at her screen name for a moment. Then he went further down on the list and highlighted her best friend’s screen name to send her a message. It was a little ironic, he noted. He had actually met Lisa while trying to pick up her best friend, Maggie. He wrote her a quick message, letting her know that he had gotten Lisa’s e-mail and asking her to call him later. He watched as the automated reply came up, wondering why they even had it on the messenger considering that people knew when they were leaving their friends an offline message.

Your friend mifflin_pa_sub appears to be offline. Your message will be left and your friend will receive it the next time they log in.

“Duh,” Shawn whispered to himself.

He closed the PM box. Then he closed the e-mail window. After spending a few more minutes at the computer he finally closed everything down and went to his bedroom. On the stand beside the bed were pictures of Lisa he had taken when they had met three months earlier. Had it really been three months? Beside the pictures was a micro-cassette recorder.

Shawn picked up the pictures and flipped through them. There was Lisa, smiling to the camera when they first met. The wind had been blowing and her hair, which had been dyed to the point it had turned a garish orange, framed her face. There were several more of her, sitting on the motel room bed and in the chair. Her handcuffed. Her feet bound to the chair. One of her in the chair with her eyes blindfolded as she had talked, telling him her story. She was his ideal of beauty, 250 plus with large and natural breasts as well as a nice round and wide ass.

There were other pictures in the stack, ones of the local sights, which she had taken as they had driven through town, and she pointed them out. Graffiti under a railway bridge and along a buffer wall. Downtown Mifflin. Farms and farm houses. The lake she used to go to when she was younger. Parking lots shaded by trees. The seedy motel they had went to. The Superior Hypermart where she worked. The water tower in the center of town. Of course there were several of the water tower.

With a sigh Shawn sat the stack of pictures down and picked up the tape recorder. He pulled his legs up onto the bed and adjusted himself, getting comfortable. As he eased himself back he pressed rewind on the micro-recorder. There was a split second whiz as the tape wound back. Once it reached the end he readjusted his thumb and pressed play.

“First, where are we?,” his voice came from the little speaker.

“The Roadside Motel,” Lisa replied. Her voice was small and restrained, yet even on the tape it came out at a loud and even level.

“Have you ever been here before?,” he asked.

“A few times.”

“With other men?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“How many?”

There was the slight pause, filled with the sound of dead air and the wheels of the tape going around. “I don’t really know.”

“A lot?”

“Yes, Sir.”


Taking a cue from his own instruction Shawn closed his eyes as he listened.

“Yes, Sir,” she breathed. The recorder picked up the sound of her trying to moisten her throat.

“What is your name?”

“Lisa Marie Brenner.”

“Maiden name?”


“How old are you?”


“You have children?”

“Yes, Sir. My son is nine and my daughter is three.”

“What is your occupation?”

“I work at the customer service desk at the Superior Hypermart, Sir.”

“And everyone knows you work there? All the people you know, they know that is your job?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What about your other occupation? The one that everyone in town really knows you for. The one you said that people you never even met know you for. The job that you have as someone living in your town. The role that your community has always felt you filled.”

She answered in a whisper, only audible on the tape because Shawn had known what she said.

“I’m sorry, Lisa. I couldn’t hear that. A little louder.”

“I’m the town slut, Sir.”


“I’m the town slut, Sir,” Lisa said a second time. She drew a breath, her large breasts heaving. She was blindfolded and naked, bound in the cheap ten dollar desk chair that came with the room. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, and her feet had been loosely tied to the pillar of the chair with a slim length of cord. “Everyone still says I’m the town slut, even if it’s been a long time.”

“How long have you been married?” Shawn walked around the chair in the cramped space of the motel room. The carpet was brown and thin, and should probably have been replaced several years ago. Matching curtains cut out the light from the outside. The single bed in the room had a sagging mattress, covered by a set of dull green sheets. He took a hand and lightly ran it down her back, noting to himself that her nipples were hard from over her shoulder. Down at her crotch, barely visible due to her thighs and the way she was bound, he could still tell that her pussy had been cleanly shaved.

“Six years, Sir.” There was a slight shiver in her voice at his touch.

“And how many of those years have you been monogamous?”

“The last four, Sir.” A slight smile touched her lips. “Until today.”

Shawn walked around her again. “Yes, you mentioned that some friends lived with you for a while. You shared a house with them after you were engaged to your husband, up until four years ago?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Male friends.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What did you do with them?”

Lisa wet her lips. “We messed around. Sometimes one at a time. Or with one for part of the day and the other the other part of the day. Sometimes we would have a threesome.”

“But your husband never joined in?”

“No, Sir.”

“And he never knew that you did anything with them?”

“No, Sir.”

He walked around her once again, letting his fingers trail lightly over her shoulder. “Your daughter, Catlin, is three.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And she is definitely your husband’s child?”

Lisa nodded. “Yes, Sir. I haven’t been with anyone else since those guys since they moved out. And they were the only guys I messed with once I started going out with Randy. I tried to be a good girl.”

“I know,” he said. He placed his hands on her shoulder and rubbed. She tensed for a moment, but then let herself relax. “Learning to be a good girl is what this is all about.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“And your son, Mark’s father. Who was he?” It was a question he already knew the answer to. It was something they had discussed at length over the past six months.

“I do not know, Sir.” She slumped slightly.

Shawn ran a hand through her hair, giving it a slight tug. “Why not?”

“I had sex with five different guys around the time I got pregnant. I don’t know who his father is, Sir. I thought I used to. But I was wrong.”

The month before, Shawn knew, the State of Pennsylvania had had the suspected father take a paternity test, which revealed that he indeed was not the father. He had done his best to give her some encouragement, but at least for now Lisa had given up on finding out who her son’s father was.

“You became sexually active early?”

“When I was 13, Sir.”

“And you never had a steady boyfriend?”

“Not really, Sir. Not until Randy.”

“Why not?”

Lisa shook her head. Her chest heaved. “None of the guys I messed with liked me. They only liked me to be easy.”

Shawn stopped in front of her and cupped her left breast in his hand, raising it gently. He just as gently let go as a small sigh escaped her throat. “Why so many?”

“I wanted-” Lisa took a breath. “I thought that maybe one would fuck me and then want to be with me. To love me. I kept trying.”

“With more than one guy in the same day sometimes?” This was another fact that he knew fairly well. “Just in case?”

She nodded silently. “Yes, Sir.”

“How did you end up with Randy?”

“Because he said he loved me. It was different than with the others.”

“How so?” He sat down on the bed, looking to her, exposed and helpless, bound to the chair.

“He wasn’t interested in sex with me. He never has been, Sir.”

“Why is that?,” he questioned. “Do you think that he thinks you’re ugly?”

“No, Sir. I think he might be gay.”

Shawn untucked his shirt and sat back on the bed slightly. He then unzipped his pants and eased them down a little, just enough to take his cock halfway out. He was only a little hard. He wet the end of his thumb and then slowly made circles around the pink head. “What makes you think that?”

“Several things, Sir,” she replied. “One time, right after we got engaged, I had to go into his wallet to get money for a pizza we ordered, and there was this paper from a magazine classified. It was about gay sex and hooking up. I asked him about it, but he just gave me this lame excuse.”

“What else?”

“Whenever we go to the town he came from, we always meet his father at the mall,” Lisa went on. “As soon as we get together he says he has to go to the bathroom. He’s always gone for a long time. A couple of times it was more than an hour. One of the last times we went, when he came back, his zipper was still down. I said something about it, even said he must have been having sex with another guy in the bathroom. He got real mad, and denied it.”

“You know that I’m bisexual, correct?”

Lisa nodded. “Yes, Sir, I know. You told me.”

“And you know I would love to share you with other men, and that I would love to play with them. Suck them hard and make them wet so they can get into you easily.” Just saying it, even though his tone was calm and even, made his cock grow harder.

“Yes, Sir. I know.”

“And that doesn’t bother you, even though you think that Randy is secretly gay?”

“No, Sir.” She turned her head toward the bed. The blindfold prevented her from seeing him, but she had followed his voice to find the correct direction. “You are open and honest about that, and what you want. It doesn’t bother me because you love me.”

“Does it excite you, Lisa?”

“To think about it with you, Sir? Yes.”

Shawn worked his pants and underwear down a little further. His cock was almost fully erect now. He slowly stroked it, leaning back on the sagging motel mattress. “You know what I want to make you do?”

“You want me to be a slut for you,” she answered without hesitation.

“Yes,” he sighed.

“I want to be your slut, Sir. It’s more important than being the town slut. I want you to give me a purpose.”

Closing his eyes Shawn worked his hand all the way down his shaft to his balls, and then, just as slowly, all the way back to the head. It was painfully hard now.

“Have you ever been with a black man before?” This was something he had never asked, or even skirted before. He had been so sure for so long that they were going to meet that he had waited until he could see her reaction in person. He was sure that she had not expected the question, just as he had no idea what her answer was going to be.

Lisa took a breath and shifted slightly in her bounds. “No, Sir. Everyone around here is white. All the guys I have been with were white.”

“Have you thought about it?”

“I have-, fantasized, about it.”

Shawn stroked himself again, long and slow. “Would you like to?”

“Yes, Sir.” Her lips quivered and she let out a little sigh. She rubbed her ample thighs and knees together, enough to make the chair turn just slightly. “I think it would be hot, Sir.”

“I want to see you stuffed, Lisa,” he sighed, slowly stroking his hard cock. “I want you to mount a big black stud, squat down until every inch is buried in your wet pussy.”

“Yes?,” she sighed, anticipation in her voice.

“And once he is all the way in another one is going to spread you ass cheeks and bury his long black cock in your tight ass.”

“Oh, God,” she whispered. She was squirming slightly against her bonds.

“And I am going to sit and watch you get fucked by them.” He quickened his pace just a little. “And I’m going to take pictures of you getting fucked by them, my sweet faced slut.”


“And when they’re finished I will have them leave, and fuck you like the dirty slut you are. And after you have all that cum in you I’m going to rub it on your pussy and tits.” He sighed, slowing down and releasing his cock. He was going to go way too soon if he kept touching himself. “And then I’m going to mark my territory. I’m going to pee all over your tits and stomach.”

“Oh, God,” Lisa gasped again. “Sir, my pussy is getting wet.”


Shawn eased up slightly. He knew at the rate they were going that they would get carried away a lot sooner than he wanted to. Lisa was definitely ready, so he hoped when they reached the end that she would be begging him to fuck her.

“Are you going to do that to me today, Sir?,” she asked after a moment. “Give me a golden shower?”

This was something else they had talked about at length. Lisa had never heard of golden showers until he had mentioned them. But in time she had become more curious and more turned on by the idea. She had told him that she had been trying to watch herself pee, and peeing in the bath tub so she could get some idea of what it felt like to have the warm liquid running down her legs.

“I told you I was going to,” he said.

“Yes, Sir. Fuck me and pee on me.” She rolled her head a little where she sat bound to the chair. “In my mouth.” Her voice was husky.

Shawn had gotten back off the bed. He took his pants off, but pulled his underwear back up. His cock made a painful bulge against the fabric, and he couldn’t help but rub himself through it. He walked over to the tiny bathroom and turned the water on. It started to get hot after a moment. He filled the bottom of a small cup with it and turned the water off.

“I would like you to share yours with me sometime,” he said, coming back into the room.

“Yes, Sir,” she sighed, sounding a little breathless.

Shawn took the cup and splashed the warm water on her exposed breasts. She sighed and squirmed against her bonds. He watched it drip down her nipples. Then he grabbed the right nipple with his free hand and gave it a slight twist, making her moan and draw a ragged breath through her teeth.

“Tell me about your first time.”

“Not much happened, Sir,” she said. “The first guy I was with was a guy in a couple of my classes in middle school. We used to hang out and mess around. Necking. Heavy petting. One day we were at his house and no one else was there. We just kept going, daring each other to go further, until we finally just ended up going all the way.

“We kept on messing around on and off after that. We never said we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

“He was the first guy that ever said I was a slut.”

“And why was that?,” Shawn asked.

“Because I did it with someone else. I think he wanted it to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but he never said it, so I thought it was okay to mess with other people. He didn’t do anything else with me after that.

“I told him all about it. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I though it was like talking to him about anything else. He got mad. We weren’t friends after that.”

“What about the second guy?”

A slight smile touched her lips. “I only did it with him once, but he thought I was good.”

“What made you think that?,” Shawn questioned.

“When I went to his house to mess with him, he wouldn’t mess with me,” Lisa replied. “His younger brother was there. He told him I was too young for him, but he would let him have me if he wanted to.” She paused, wetting her lips. “So we went to his bedroom and he fucked me.”

“Why did the second guy think you were good enough the first time?”

Lisa did her best to give a shrug. “I don’t know. I think he was just too horny. I was walking home from school and he offered me a ride. We went and parked at one of the parking lots I showed you earlier. We talked a little bit, and kissed. Then things just kept going further.”

“How much older was he?”

“About eight years. I didn’t know any better, Sir.”

“Were you with many older men after that, Lisa?”

She nodded. “A few, Sir. A couple who were a lot older.”

“Was it fun? Fucking in a car?”

“Yes. I didn’t think about what would happen if we got caught. I knew I would get in trouble. I didn’t really know until later that he could have went to jail if we got caught.”

Shawn ran a hand between her breasts. They were moist and sticky from a combination of the water he had splashed on her and her sweat. “That wasn’t the only time you did it in a car.”

Lisa shook her head, heaving her chest up a little to encourage him to feel her more. “No, Sir. I got fucked by a lot of different guys in different cars. Sucked them off when they drove. Fucked in the backseat while someone else was driving. I even fucked this one guy while he was driving his jeep down the road one night. I was a lot smaller then.”

“You’re very slutty.”

She smiled. “Thank you, Master Shawn.”


“When did everyone start to call you the town slut, Lisa?”

She gave a shrug and he pulled hard on her nipple before letting go. “I think it was as soon as the first guy told some of our other friends about me doing it with the second guy. And then that guy’s brother told everyone that he fucked me too, so I think it started then.”

“So as soon as you became sexually active?”

She nodded. “Yes, Sir. Well, maybe not the town slut right off, but almost as soon as I started messing around. Boys wanted to be with me. So I let them.”

“So they would love you?”

She nodded again. “Yes, Sir.”

“But they didn’t really.”

“No, Sir. Most of the guys I had sex with from when I was 14 to probably 19 only had sex with me three or four times.”

Shawn walked around the chair, lightly trailing his fingers along her bare skin. He stood behind her for a moment, envisioning her in the backseat of a car, fumbling around with some awkward Pennsylvania small town townie’s cock. Again he rubbed himself through his underwear, wrapping his fingers around his cock through the fabric and giving himself a loose stroke. “What happened when you were 19 that was different?”

“I started messing around with Gerry.”

“And who was he?”

“A guy I went to school with,” she replied. “I worked with him after school was over at Schooner’s Department Store. We used to go into the back room and kiss, and he would rub my tits through my clothes. He seemed kind of interested in me on and off. I started messing with him on and off outside of work.”

Shawn gave himself another stroke through his underwear. “But you still saw other guys, didn’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” A slight smile touched her lips and her cheeks reddened a little. “He had a big cock. I really started to love to suck cock after we started messing around.”

Shawn flipped his hard cock out of his underwear and gave it a single slow stroke from the base to the head. “You’re going to have a chance to suck a lot of cock when we’re together.”

Lisa let out a sigh, arching her back slightly. “I loved swallowing him.”

“Yes?” He rubbed the head of his cock against her arm, making her shiver a little. She obviously knew what it was.

“He took me to the lake one day,” she continued. “It was after spring break, so all the kids were back in school, and pretty much everyone else was working or stuff. We had the whole lake to ourselves, so we skinny dipped in the daylight. Then he started fingering me in the water. It got me so hot. We fucked on the sand by the lake. That was the first time I did anything outside.”

“But not the last time?” He rubbed his cock up her arm, grinding his balls over her elbow.

“No, Sir. There was one time that I got fucked outside, behind Schooner’s, leaning against the wall. I did it twice the same day. In the early evening with one guy and late that night with a different guy.”

Shawn ground his cock and balls up and down her fleshy arm. “Slut,” he hissed.


Shawn once again decided to let things cool just a little. He told Lisa to be a good girl and keep quiet, and that he would be back in a few minutes. It would be good, he knew, to let her stew for a little bit in anticipation. He put his pants and shoes back on. Then he slipped on his denim jacket, lighting a Marlboro before he stepped outside.

It was early afternoon, but there was a chilly breeze in the air. It was the tail end of March, and the weather was slightly cooler than it had been when he had left Nebraska the previous evening. He glanced at the rental car, parked in front of the door of Room 502. Then he gave the rest of the parking lot a sweep as he took a drag off of his cigarette. There were a few cars there. A couple had out of state plates, but most, he noted, were local. It made his wonder how local.

This thought took him back to Lisa, bound, naked and blindfolded in the room behind him. She had been to the Roadside Motel several times, by her own admission, with an unknown number of men. He wondered if she had been to the room they were in now. He she been in that same, well used, bed before? With different men each time. He could imagine her twisting, moaning and sweating under some horny bastard who needed to get his fill of slut fucking.

He though of her in the back seat of a car again, with one anonymous sex partner or another. She was on her knees, taking it from behind. The day was cold, like this one. Her nipples were rock hard. Her fleshy skin was no doubt cool to the touch, and with each pant and gasp the rear window fogged even further.

Shaking his head he took another drag off his cigarette. He had to clear his mind a little further. He was stone hard, standing there in the breeze, and the bulge in the front of his jeans was overly obvious. He closed his eyes and let his mind go blank, willing himself to see only black.

Once his erection had begun to go down he turned and headed toward the office, and attached “LOUNGE”. He pitched his cigarette before opening the door and walking past the woman at the counter who was watching The Guiding Light on a little TV, and through the door marked Motel Bar.

The bar room was fairly empty. There was an old man sitting at one of the tables, smoking a cigar. At another table there were a couple of burly looking men with beards in ball caps, truckers no doubt. The bar itself was vacant except for the bar tender, another burly looking and bearded fellow. Shawn lit another cigarette and walked up to the bar.

“What can I getcha?,” the bar tender asked.

“A Lite”, Shawn told him.

As the bar tender pulled the bottle out of the cooler and twisted off the cap Shawn turned and surveyed the bar once more. It was dark and smelled of smoke and beer, and it looked pretty much the way any seedy honky tonk had looked in every B movie from the 1970’s. There was one lonely pool table in the far corner of the bar room.

Shawn smiled to himself. He couldn’t imagine that Lisa had earned the title of town slut without at least once in her life being fucked on top of a pool table. Probably not this one, he knew. She had never admitted to doing anything in public, where the would be an audience. But somewhere down the line he felt certain there must have been a pool table involved.

He took his beer and took a small sip. He did imagine, looking to the other occupants in the room, that if she had done anything in a bar it would have been in the bathroom. And in places like this they were always dirty, stinking of male musk and stale urine. He had a vision of Lisa, bent over with her skirt hiked over her ass, grabbing a dusty and dirty condom machine mounted to the wall as she was fucked from behind, her partner keeping an elbow against a door to which the lock was broken to keep anyone else from walking in on them.

He coughed and took another sip of his beer, and then another drag off his cigarette. Again he was aware that he was rock hard, and that he needed to clear his mind. There would still be plenty time to be hot, hard and bothered when he got back to the room. Thinking this made him decide that he would have another beer before heading back to Room 502. He wanted Lisa to have plenty of time to become more wet and nervous as she awaited his return.


Just a little over half an hour passed before Shawn returned to Room 502. He went inside, but said nothing. He watched as Lisa stiffened slightly, partly from nervous anticipation and partly from the rush of cold air he allowed into the room. Shawn closed the door and took off his jacket. Then he slipped off his shoes and sat down on the bed, picking up the recorder where he had left it sitting on the mattress. He thumbed down the record button and looked at Lisa. “I’m back.”

“Did you go far, Sir?,” she asked.

“Just down to the bar. Have you ever been?”

“No, Sir. Not to the one here.” She turned her head toward the sound of his voice again. “Did you enjoy it?”

“I had a couple of beers. It was okay.”

Lisa nodded. Her cheeks were flushed and full. “I didn’t think you drank beer.”

“I usually don’t, but I wanted to sample the local flavor.” He slid off the bed and stepped to her. Then he reached out and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them. He put his knee to her crotch and leaned over her, placing his lips near her ear. “I hope to have a real good taste of the local flavor a little bit later, town slut.” He kissed her, pressing his lips to hers and forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. It only took her a second to open up to it and give him her own tongue. Her chest was heaving as he released her breasts and backed off.

“I want you to take all of it you want, Sir,” she gasped. Her voice had a pleading tone to it.

Shawn raised a hand and held it close to her face. Then he lightly slapped her left cheek. “I know, my sweet faced slut. I know.” He gave her a second light slap, a little harder than the first, dead on her lips. Taking a step back, and then around, he placed a hand on the back of the chair and slowly turned it. Once it was facing the bathroom he stopped and remained standing behind her. “I was thinking-”

“Yes, Sir?,” she questioned, sensing that he wanted her to prompt him to continue.

Shawn drew a breath. “I was thinking it would be fun if I found someone while I was in the bar. Then brought them here and let them fuck you.”

“Really, Sir?” Again her tone was breathless.


“Oh, God,” she sighed, almost a whisper.

“But,” he continued, in an offhand tone, “there wasn’t too much of a selection.” He turned her chair slightly to one side, and then to the other, and finally back to rest facing the bathroom. “There’s not too much to choose from in this town is there?”

“No, Sir. Not really.”

“All a bunch of good old boys and redneck wannabe head-bangers with mullets.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“But you didn’t mind letting them fuck you, did you?”

Lisa lowered her head slightly. “No, Sir.”

“In fact you really loved it.”

“Yes, Sir. I did.”

Shawn put his hands on her bare shoulders and began to massage them. “You probably, deep down, hoped that the search for someone to love you would never end.”

“Kind of.”

“You’re a filthy slut.”

“Yes.” She took a breath and her breasts heaved.

“You’ve missed being a filthy slut. You’ve missed being the town slut.”

“Yes.” Her voice was a hungry sigh.

He moved his hands down her arms, and then skipped down to her breasts. He raised them up and squeezed them together, massaging them. Lowering his head down he brushed her hair aside with his chin and started kissing and sucking on her neck. When she moaned he sucked harder and squeezed her breasts together with even more force. “You’re going to be my slut,” he whispered to her.

“Yes, Sir.” She struggled in the chair slightly, as if she wished she could reach behind herself to put a hand on his shoulder.

“You won’t be the town slut anymore, but my slut.”


“You’ll be my city slut, Lisa. And in the city there are many more kinds of men. Doctors. Lawyers. Businessmen. Artist. Writers. Hispanics. Blacks. All kinds of men that you’ve never been with before, because you’ve always just been the town slut in this little town.”

“Oh, God,” she sighed again.

He massaged her breasts as her breathing increased. She jerked against him and her bonds, making the chair creak and rock forward slightly.

“Master Shawn,” she gasped, her breath ragged.

“What is it, Lisa?”

“I just came,” she panted. “Oh, my God. I just came and nothing was touching my pussy.”

“It’s been aching for a good long time,” Shawn told her, stepping away from the chair. “Randy has never been enough to satisfy you. So you haven’t had a good fucking in about, say, four years.”

“God damn it yes,” Lisa gasped. Her cheeks were dark red.

“And right now your pussy is begging to get fucked.”

“Oh, please.”

Shawn walked further away, toward the door. He picked up his jacket and dug out his cigarettes. “Not yet,” he said. As he shook one out and stuck it in his mouth and watched as she squirmed in anticipation and frustration. He lit the Marlboro, took a drag and exhaled. “Did you know there’s a pool table in the bar room?”

“No, Sir. I didn’t know.” Her voice was calming a little. She was forcing herself to be calmer and more patient. “Do you like to play pool?”

“Now and then. What about you?”

“Maggie and I go play every once and a while, down at the pool hall in town. It’s been a long time since we went though. Probably since September.”

“I see.” He walked to the other side of the room and picked up the ashtray sitting beside Lisa on the desk. “Have you ever gotten fucked on a pool table before, my sweet faced slut?”

Lisa shook her head. “No, Sir.” She then got a smile that totally stretched across her face. “Maggie did one time, with this guy she used to go out with. He had one at his house.”

“I kind of imagined that you had done it on one at least once.”

“No, Sir.”

“I just imagined you, laying naked on it. Getting fucked hard by some good old boy. A couple of friends behind him waiting to take their turns.”

“No, I’ve never done anything like that, Sir. Other than the two guys that used to live with us the only time I ever did anything with more than-”

“Shhhhhh. No,” he told her, cutting her off. “You mustn’t talk about that. Not yet.”

“Okay,” she said quickly. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

And that was something he didn’t want her to talk about yet. Not too soon. Hopefully not until right at the end. Or at least very close to it.

Switching gears he said, “You mentioned that after you had been with the second guy you had sex with you were with more guys who were older than you.”


“And a couple who were a lot older?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Tell me about one of them.”

“Yes, Sir. Any one?”

He thumped out the ashes into the ashtray and took another drag off his cigarette. He exhaled and run his hand over his chin. Then he took another drag. He noted to himself that even though this was her first real experience in the lifestyle that she was so perfect. She said there in silent anticipation, doing nothing but breathing and waiting for his reply. “How about the oldest man you were ever with? How old was he?”

“He was 63 then.”

“And how old were you?”

“Just 18.”

He sat his cigarette down in the ashtray and unbuttoned his jeans. “How did you end up getting together with him?” He pulled his zipper down as quietly as possible, reaching in and giving his cock a rub through his underwear before picking up his cigarette.

“His name was Charlie,” she said, a slight smile of remembrance on her face. “Everyone called him Grandpa Charlie. He owned the Dollar Store in town, and was friendly to everyone. Whenever he came into Schooner’s he would come through my line if I was working a register and flirt with me.”

Shawn put his cigarette out. Then he reached into his pants and brought his cock out, slowly stroking it a couple of times. “How did it go from flirty to fucking?”

She gave a shrug in her restraints. “Right place, right time, Sir. He happened to come in when I was getting ready to leave work one day, and I couldn’t get ahold of my brother to pick me up and give me a ride home. So, he overheard and offered to take me home.”

“But he didn’t take you home?” He gave himself another slow stroke. Again he was starting to grow harder.

“Not to my home, Sir,” Lisa smiled. “He had a really nice house. Probably the nicest one in town.”

“You know it seems to me that every time someone give you a ride you end up getting fucked by them, my sweet faced slut.”

She blushed, moving her head slightly. “Yes, Sir.”

“So, what justified you going the long way home the first time?”

“It happened really quickly,” she admitted. “I took him by surprise. I guess it was because I was such a slut.”

You still are.”

She nodded again. “Yes, Sir.”

“Go on,” he prodded, working his jeans down past his waist.

“Well we got into his car, talking and joking, flirting a little as usual,” she said. “He asked me the things you would ask a girl, how my day was, who was I seeing. I told him I didn’t have a boyfriend, and he thought that was a shame. He assured me I would find someone someday, like he and his wife had found each other.

“And then he got all sad, which I had never seen him sad before. Grandpa Charlie’s wife had died a few years before, and I guess it was the first time that he had really said anything about her to anyone in a while.” She paused, her lips pouting a little. “So his lips quivered a little bit and his eyes got all teary. I felt bad seeing him that way.”

Shawn let go of his cock and then slowly ran his fingers over the top of the shaft. “So what happened?”

“I wanted to make him feel better.”

“And how did you do that?” Of course a baited question.

Lisa turned her head slightly as if to shrug with the motion. “I told him I knew somewhere we could sit and talk. We were near where I had done it with the second guy I had sex with, so I told him to go there and park by the shade three.

“I told him I wanted to make him feel better.”

“And did you?” He put his hand around his cock and slowly gave it a balls to head stroke, anticipating her reply.

A mischievous smile touched her lips. “Yes, Sir.”

Shawn couldn’t help but smile himself. “And how did he take it?,” he asked, suppressing a laugh. She was so perfect. Nearly everything that he had ever wanted in a sub, and she had no idea.

“He was a little scared at first,” she replied, still grinning from ear to ear. “I really didn’t think about what I was doing, Sir. I just did it. I leaned over as soon as he shut the engine off and grabbed the front of his pants and unzipped them before he could say anything.

“He said, Lisa, what are you doing?

“And I said, I want to make you feel better. I reached in and pulled his cock out. It wasn’t that long, but it was fat, with a big pink head. It was warm and really soft. I worked to get his balls out and they were just as soft as his cock. He got really stiff in his seat and moaned a little when I took it in my mouth.

“You shouldn’t do that, he said.

“I didn’t pay any attention. I started sucking him, making him hard,” she paused, letting out a sigh. “He started to get harder while I sucked him. And the harder he got the more relaxed he got.”

“Yeah?,” Shawn sighed. He leaned back slightly on the bed, still slowly stroking his cock.

“I went to town, working his cock, and playing with his balls. I thought that I would get him off, swallow his cum and he would feel better.”

“But you did more than that?”

She nodded. “He put his hand on the back of my head and ran his fingers through my hair.” She paused and let out another sigh. “He massaged the back of my head and my neck. He said I was so good. It made me hotter, so I sucked him harder. My panties were getting wet, and my nipples were hard.

“Finally he pulled my head up off of him. I looked him in the eyes, and we leaned close to each other and kissed. Then he told me we couldn’t stay there anymore. He wanted to make love with me.

“So I told him to take me to his house.”

Shawn leaned all the way back in the bed, and then worked his jeans and underwear down past his buttocks until they were almost to his knees. He looked to Lisa to see she had turned her head toward him, no doubt wondering what he was doing. He stroked his cock a little faster, looking up to the water stained ceiling of the motel room. “Go on,” he breathed.

“He had a nice house,” Lisa said. “It was kind of funny. We were kissing and feeling each other as soon as we got through the door. That first time we didn’t even make it to the bedroom. He was pulling my clothes off, and he had me down to nothing but my panties before I thought to help him get undressed. I tried to suck his cock some more, but he only let me do it enough to get him up again.

“When he was hard he asked me to turn around. He pulled my panties down and bent me over the coffee table. He took me from behind the first time, me holding on to the table. Then I sucked him hard again and we did it on the floor with me on my back for a little bit. We took a break for a minute, he didn’t cum. Then we got on the couch and I got on him and rode him until he came again. It was really hot, Sir.”

Shawn sighed. “Yes, My sweet faced slut.” He slowed down, realizing that he was getting too close once again. “You liked getting fucked by an old man.”

“Yes, Sir,” she breathed. “It was different.”

“How long did you see him?”

“On and off for about three years,” she replied.

“Did he know you were the town slut?”

Lisa nodded. “Yes, Sir. He knew I messed with other guys, but it didn’t matter to him. I think it excited him a little bit. The way it excites you, Sir.”

“Yes. I think you are probably right.” He let go of his cock, and it slowly began to shrink without the warmth of his hand around it. “Why did you stop seeing each other?”

Again she gave a slight shrug in her bonds. “I am not sure, Sir. I think we drifted apart after a while, found less time to be with each other. And that was about the time I started messing with Gerry.”

“Did you want him to love you?”

A solemn look spread across her face as she gave a nod. “Yes, Sir. I’m sure I did. He was always so nice. I used to have fantasies.”


She smiled slightly. “I used to dream that he would ask me to marry him. That I would be his wife and we could be happy together.”

“Why do you think that never happed?” Shawn sat up and worked his pants back up.

Again she gave a shrug. “It was nothing that we ever talked about. I think that maybe he thought he was too old for me, and that I wouldn’t be interested in marrying him.”

“Or maybe he thought marriage would change your relationship.”

“How so, Sir?”

“If you got married you would have stopped looking for men to love you,” he offered. “You would have settled down and been a faithful wife.”

Lisa nodded. “Yes I would have back then, Sir. That was the one thing I wanted.”

“But perhaps, he liked things as they were between you. Knowing that you were free, that you were with a lot of other men. Maybe he didn’t want you as a faithful wife that he knew you would be if you married. If he married you, maybe he would have still wanted you to be the town slut.”

Lisa let out a gasp and a sigh. It was obvious that this was something that she had never considered before. And Shawn was sure as she looked back on it in hindsight it just helped to further arouse her.


After Lisa had finished telling him of her relationship with Grandpa Charlie Shawn had decided to take another break to let things cool off a little. Once again he went to the motel bar, and to the corner of the room where a dimly lit cigarette machine sat. He fed it quarters and gave the tight handle a pull so it would drop a fresh pack of Marlboro. Then he went back outside and packed them down, lighting one as the cool breeze blew.

Off in the distance he could see a water tower, just visible through the trees that lined the road. Of course it was just a water tower, and not the water tower, the one that had been visible from her parents’ house. He took a drag off his cigarette, hoping that the pictures he had taken earlier of that particular water tower turned out.

Shawn closed his eyes and imagined it. When she was free, and he brought her home he would have a picture of the water tower blown up and hung across from their bed, so that every day the first thing she would see was a reminder of who and what she was.

Of course it would be different than it had been when she lived across from the water tower. The familiar words and images had been erased, pained over, replaced with others, and painted over again, but Shawn knew they were burned into her mind.

He pitched his cigarette into the muddy parking lot and turned to head back to Room 502. It was just about time, he decided.


“When did everyone start to give you trouble?,” Shawn asked, placing the recorder on the desk beside her. “When were you really branded the town slut?”

“When I was about 22,” Lisa replied. “A few months after-. You know.”


“You don’t want me to talk about that yet, right, Sir?”

Shawn reached out and placed a palm over her right breasts. “No, not quite yet.” He put his thumb and forefinger around her nipple. He gave it a light squeeze, then a pinch and a twist, enough to make her cry out slightly. “Tell me what happened when people really started calling you the town slut in public.”

Lisa sighed and quivered as he let go of her nipple. She let out a little gasp as he lightly slapped her on the lips. “It has to do with what happened, Sir.”

“But you can talk around it?” He picked up his new pack of cigarettes from beside the recorder and opened it up.

“Yes, Sir.”

Shawn lit a cigarette and exhaled. He closed the top of the lighter, and it made a loud snap in the otherwise quiet room. “Very well.”

“This one guy’s girlfriend, she was a few years younger than me, she found out what happened,” Lisa began. “It kind of got around. We were all at this party and she got in my face and went off. She was telling me I needed to stay away from guys that were taken, and that I needed to get lost, and that I was nothing but the town slut. She punched me. Slapped me in the face.”

“And how did that make you feel?”

Lisa gave a slight nod. “Really humiliated.”

“Did you leave the party?” He exhaled, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“No, Sir,” she replied. “Not right off. My friends thought I should stay, but that girl and her friends kept following me around, saying stuff. A lot of other people at the party were laughing at me. So I ended up only staying for another hour.

“My friend Candace, her brother Tommy, felt bad for me, so he offered to take me home.”

“Home, home?,” Shawn questioned.

A slight smile touched Lisa’s lips and her cheeks darkened slightly. “No, Sir. His home.”

Shawn took another drag off his cigarette. “I see. And what happened then? Nothing innocent I am sure.”

Again her smile turned mischievous. “No, Sir. Nothing innocent.”

“Tommy wanted to try out the town slut for himself?”

Still smiling, she nodded. “Yes, Sir.” She squeezed her knees together and rubbed them tightly. “He had a long horse cock.” She wet her lips with her tongue. “And we fucked really hard too.”

Shawn took a breath and then took a long drag off his Marlboro to finish it. His cock was painfully hard and throbbing against the fabric of his underwear. He put his cigarette butt into the nearly overflowing motel room ashtray and immediately lit another. “What happened after you left?,” he asked as he sat the pack back down on the end table.

“That girl and her friends had followed us there,” Lisa replied. “One of them had taken some paint and wrote on the hood of his car.”

“What did they write?”

“The town slut was here,” Lisa replied.

“How did that make you feel?”

“I was mad. Tommy was really pissed off.” She let out a sigh. “Needless to say that was the only time that he ever did anything with me. I paid the money to have his hood painted, but he never wanted to have anything to do with me after that. Candace stopped hanging around with me after that too.”

Shawn thumped his ashes into the ashtray and then took another drag. “That wasn’t the only time that happened?”

Lisa shook her head. “No, Sir. A couple of weeks later someone spray painted the car I shared with my brother. They wrote whore on the doors and the hood and the trunk, and they wrote ‘HA HA’ all over it with silver spray paint. I had to pay for that too.”

“And were you embarrassed to drive the car until it was fixed?”

“Yes, Sir. We both were,” Lisa nodded. “My brother painted over it with white paint, since it was a white car, until I could get it done. It just made it show up worse because you could see where they had painted everything underneath it.”

“I see. But that wasn’t all.”

“No, Sir.” Lisa shifted slightly in her bonds. “After that stuff started to show up on the water tower and under the overpasses, and some of the bridges.”

“What sort of stuff?”

“Stuff like: Lisa Chapman is a little cunt. L.C. is a whore. Lisa Chapman is the town slut. Lisa the cunt. Stuff like that.”

“And they loved to do the water tower the most?”

“Yes, Sir,” Lisa nodded. “It was always the side that faced my room, so I would see it when I looked out the window. They would write stuff and draw pictures that were supposed to be of me naked, or sucking someone’s cock. It would get repainted, and then something else would be up there again in a week or two. The police wouldn’t do anything about it. They didn’t keep an eye out for anyone going up there. No one in town seemed to care that they were having to keep repainting the water tower to get the graffiti off of it. It was like no one cared. Like they all wanted was everyone else to know that I was the town slut.”

Shawn took another long drag off of his cigarette. “How long did they keep putting things about you on the water tower, My sweet faced slut?”

“All the way up until the time that I got married.”



“Yes, Sir.”

“I think that it’s time for you to tell me about what happened again,” Shawn said. “I want you to tell me about the thing that made that girl so mad at you. I want you to tell me what you did to be publicly humiliated and branded the town slut. Go ahead and tell me everything that happened.”

“Okay, Sir.”

“That’s a good girl.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Shawn knew that that incident was no doubt fresh in her mind again now. He knew that she had been waiting all day to retell him the story, just as he had been waiting all day for her to repeat it to him. She had told him months before, over the phone. And every day since then he had replayed the story over and over in his mind. Every day he got himself off, imagining it. He wished he could have seen it. He wished he could have been, and fantasized about being, a part of it. And he would be, he knew, once she was free and they were together he would recreate the moment. But right now he was going to do the next best thing, something else he had fantasized about. He was going to listen to her retell the tale face to face.

Lisa took a breath, and Shawn felt certain her eyes were searching somewhere behind the blindfold. “It was a Friday night.”

Shawn was already rock hard. He had waited for this for months. As she began to relate her story he slowly shimmied out of his jeans and underwear, and then he removed his shirt. Rolling onto his stomach he lit a cigarette and lay facing her where she was bound in the cheap Superior Hypermart chair, his throbbing cock pressed against the cold comforter covering the worn mattress.

“I was being a good girl that day, pretty much,” she said. “I had to work, and after I was done I went out to the bar and had two drinks with Maggie and Candace. They were going to a party, but I didn’t feel like going because I was going to go back and open at work the next day. So I went home. It was about nine when I got there.

“My parents were out of town that weekend, so my brother had went to a party, but he left early with three of his friends. They still had some beers they had gotten ahold of at the party. My brother and his friends were all younger than me, 18 and 19, so they couldn’t buy stuff themselves.”

She paused, taking a breath. “Anyway, my brother offered me a beer so I took it and hung out with them for a little bit. He was pretty wasted, and he passed out after a little while, so I had another beer and excused myself to go to bed since I had to work and was already up later than I should have been.”

“So what happened?,” Shawn asked, his voice low. He ground himself slightly against the comforter making his cock ache a little more.

“I went to bed and went to sleep, Sir,” Lisa replied. “I was only sleeping lightly because I knew I wasn’t in bed too long, and then I felt like someone was watching me. I opened my eyes and saw someone standing at the door looking at me. It was my brother’s friend, Skip.

“What is it?, I asked him.

“He said he was looking for the bathroom.

“I told him it was down the hall. I wasn’t even thinking it was a little strange that he didn’t go looking for the bathroom downstairs first.

“He kind of looked down the hall, and then back behind him. Then he came into my room and sat down on the bed beside me. I remember rolling over to face him and sighing a little. I really did just wanted to get to sleep.

“What are you doing?, I finally asked him after he sat there a couple of minutes. Don’t you have to go to the bathroom?

“Yeah, he said. Just not as much as I did.

“So? I was getting a little ticked. I really wanted to just go to sleep, Sir.”

“Yes, I know.”

Lisa shifted in her bonds again, and then she went on. “Anyway, he keeps sitting there and he finally says, You’re hot.

“I said, Thanks, Skip. I know I was smiling, a little embarrassed that one of Kyle’s friends thought I was hot.

“I really want to do it with you, he said.

“I kind of laughed. I said, Oh, no. No. No. You’ve had too much to drink.

“No I ain’t, he said.

“You’re too young for me.

“No I ain’t, he said.

“Look I really have to get some sleep. Besides, I said, What if my brother wakes up?

“He won’t, Skip said. He’s passed out.

“I was about to say something else when I felt him reach under the covers. He was rubbing my tits through my nightshirt.

“What are you doing?, I said, and now I know I really sounded ticked.

“I want to get it with you, was his reply to that.

“No, no, no, I told him again. If Kyle gets up-.

“He won’t.

“Then he bent down and kissed me. It was funny. It was on the lips, soft and sweet, so I kissed him back on his lips. I did it a couple of times, and each time he pecked me back.

“Let’s do it, he whispered.

“We can’t, I told him again.

“But he kept giving me those little kisses on my lips and cheeks, and I kept giving them back as he rubbed my titties through my shirt.

“Come on.


“The next time he kissed me he let his lips touch mine real soft for over a minute.

“You know you want to, he whispered.

“No, Skip. I want to go to sleep.

“And then we started French kissing. He stretched out beside me, slipping under the covers, and we kissed long and deep. It started to get my blood rushing, and then it really started to get rushing when he put his hands under my shirt and started playing with my tits again . He was pinching my nipples, making them hard, and I thought, okay after he does this a few minutes he’ll give up and I will be able to get some sleep.

“But we kept kissing and he kept feeling me for a little while. And then I felt him move one of his hands off me, and he started squirming around a little bit.

“Skip, I whispered. What are you doing?

“I’m getting my cock out.

“No, you can’t, I told him.

“Then how are we gonna do it?

“We’re not, I told him. I have to go to sleep.

“You’ll sleep better after we have sex.

“Skip, I groaned.

“Then the next thing I knew he stopped fumbling with his pants and put his hand between my legs. My gut reaction was to squeeze my legs together. At least it should have been. Instead, once I realized his hand was coming toward me I opened my legs right up. He slipped a finger right in. I was really wet. I closed my eyes and moaned when he started Frenching me again while he fingered me.

“See, he whispered. You want it.

“We can’t do anything else, I whispered back. Kyle might wake up. I opened my legs a little wider and turned toward him. You can finger me some more. Okay? Then I need to go to sleep.

“His response was to roll on top of me and start grinding himself against me. He took his finger out and put his hand back up my shirt and rubbed my pussy juice on my nipple. I was getting hotter as he kissed me, his jeans were rubbing my pussy, and it was driving me nuts. I could feel that he was rock hard inside.

“I tried to think straight, to clear my mind. I turned my head to stop kissing and get Skip’s tongue out of my mouth. I was just about to tell him he had to stop when I heard this voice-,

“What are you doing?

“Jerking up I saw another shadow at my door. It was Kyle’s other friend Randal.

“Nothing, Skip said.

“I got to go to the bathroom, Randal said.

“I kind of rolled my eyes in my head. I was getting tired of this shit. You know, I felt like, well obviously there’s a bathroom downstairs. Why was everyone coming up and bothering me?

“And then I kind of felt like, well this will get rid of Skip and I can get to sleep. And another part was a little pissed off because it was getting interrupted.

“Is that weird, Sir?”
“Not at all, my sweet faced slut,” Shawn replied, grinding his cock across the comforter again.

Turning her head toward him a little more she smiled before going on. “It’s just down the hall, man, Skip said over his shoulder.

“Cool, Randal said. But he kept standing there, making no effort to leave. What are you doing anyway?

“Nothing, Skip told him. He rolled off me and sat up. Just talking.

“I straightened my night shirt out and sat up as well, throwing the covers back.

“Instead of heading away Randal just kept standing around. Just talking?

“Yes, I told him. Anyway, I really need to get to bed.

“Randal just stood there. Skip didn’t make any effort to get up and leave.

“You guys were messing around, Randal said.

“No, I said.

“Nope, Skip agreed.

“Bull, Randal said. You were messing around.

“I remember sighing in frustration. We were just talking.

“Laying down?, Randal questioned, kind of sarcastic. Under the covers?

“Soooooo, Skip said. You don’t have to talk sitting up, man.


“Just go to the bathroom, I told him, not hiding the fact that I was getting pissed off.

“Well I really don’t have to go that bad anymore, Randal announced. I want to talk with you guys too.

“Jesus, I moaned. I just want to go to sleep.

“Skip put a hand on my knee and rubbed it. Just let him stay. He’ll get lost.

Before I could say anything one way or the other he had his mouth on mine Then he was trying to French me. I resisted at first, but I gave in. I quickly decided that, yeah, Skip was right. If we started messing around again Randal would get the message and leave. I also pretty much decided I couldn’t take it anymore. Skip was getting me real hot, even though he was younger than me and one of Kyle’s friends. I knew I would never get to sleep if I didn’t let him fuck me.

“So I kind of started to get into it. You know? We were kissing and getting a little closer as we sat there. I did my best to ignore it when I felt Randal sit down on the bed beside us. I had my hand on Skip’s crotch, rubbing him through his jeans. He rubbed my tits for a little bit. Then he reached down and started to rub the outside of my pussy under the bottom of my night shirt.

“And then, the next thing I knew, Randal put his arms around me and cupped my tits through my shirt.

“I stopped kissing Skip and looked over my shoulder. What the fuck are you doing?

“I want to mess around too.

“No way, I said. I tried to get up, to shake them both off, but Skip wouldn’t let me up, and Randal just held my tits tighter.

“Man, get lost, Skip told him.

“No, man, Randal complained back. It’s not fair that you get to mess around. I want to mess around too.

“Hello, I called.

“I just want to feel your tits while Skip messes with you, Lisa.

“Fuck it, Skip groaned. Just let him.

“God damn it!, I said. Fine! I kind of didn’t want to. It was distracting. I was torn because by then I really wanted to have sex with Skip, but I was also getting sick of all this crazy shit, and I just wanted to make them both go.

“Anyway, Skip and me started kissing again, feeling each other. After a few minutes Randal reached up under my shirt and started to play with my tits with his bare hands. The more he rubbed my nipples and made them hard, the less it bothered me that he was there in the way.

“Skip stopped rubbing me and shifted around, finally getting his jeans undone and getting his cock out. I took it and started stroking it. He was long and thick, which surprised me. I guess I had it in my head somehow that just because he was a little younger that he wouldn’t have a big cock. But he did, and I started jacking him.”

Lisa shifted in her bonds and sighed. “We kissed. Then he put his mouth to my ear and breathed in it and nibbled on it. That made me a little hotter. I opened my legs up and he reached between them and put some fingers in.

“Oh yeah, he whispered.

“Then Randal leaned closer to me and started kissing and sucking on my neck. I was so surprised that it didn’t bother me. In fact it was getting me hotter. They were each on a different side of my head, kissing and nibbling. I arched my back a little to get closer to Randal. He took a hand off one of my tits and felt his way down. When he got to my pussy he started rubbing into the top part of my slit while Skip kept fingering me. My pussy was so fucking wet.”

With a low moan she shifted in her bonds again. “My pussy is so fucking wet right now, Master.”

“I know.”

“I can’t wait for you to use me.”

“I know,” Shawn sighed. He could hardly wait himself. He was very aware that he was dribbling precum onto the comforter as he rubbed himself against it. “Go on, my sweet faced town slut. When you finish I will give it to you.”

“God yes, Sir.”


“Yes, Sir.”

Lisa shuddered a little as she went on. “At some point all three of us decided that it was time for me to loose my shirt. I kind of sat up straighter, and when I did they both stopped messing with me, and they each took the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up until I helped them get it over my head.

“And then they were right on me. Skip started sucking my right tit while Randal started sucking the left. Skip was grinding his cock against my leg, making me even more hotter. Then Randal started fingering me with a couple of fingers. He was pounding them in hard and deep, making me really moan.

“Come on, baby, Skip said after a little bit. Get on down.

“I understood that he wanted me to get on the floor. I got off the bed and got on my knees between his legs. I stroked his cock, still surprised at how big and hard he was. It had a big knob of a head, and I almost couldn’t wait to feel it in my pussy.

“That’s it, baby, go on and suck it.

“And I went right down on him. I was so good at it by then that I had no problem taking him all the way. I just let the back of my throat open up and took it all the way down until his balls were against my lips.

“God damn!, he hissed and groaned.

“Man, look at her suck your dick, man, Randal said.

“Fuckin’ back off, Skip told him.

“Dude, alright.

“If they said anything else to each other I didn’t hear them. I was totally focused for the next couple of minutes on sucking Skip’s cock. He tasted hot and sweaty, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do more, suck him off or let him fuck me.

“I worked him really good. I bobbed up and down on him and stroked it while I sucked him. I remember that his balls were huge, and the sack was really hot where ever my hand touched it.

“Finally I felt his hand in my hair. He ran his fingers through it and pulled me up off of him. It was the first time that a guy ever yanked my hair, and it made me feel so hot that I came a little bit.

“Come on back up here, baby, Skip said. I want to give it to you.

“I fuckin’ want it, too, I moaned back. And I was ready for it too. I knew as soon as he got on me I would forget all about Randal being there.”

She paused and smiled in Shawn’s direction. “At least that’s what I thought.

“I got back into bed, barely aware that Randal was moving out of the way, taking up a seat at the head of the bed. I put my head down on the pillow on the opposite side of him and opened my legs. Skip was kneeling between them, pulling his shirt off. Then he worked his pants down and threw them down on the floor.

“You ready for this baby?, he sighed.

I closed my eyes. God, fuckin’ give it to me, Skip.

“He got up to me and took his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down my slit before he popped it in. He pushed it all the way in with one thrust and just ground himself against me, barely moving. I put my legs around him and put my heels against his ass, trying to urge him on.

“Yeah, that’s it, he whispered. You know you wanted me to do it to you, baby.

“Yes, I sighed.

“He gave me a couple of thrust, grabbing my arms just below the elbows, holding tight as he pumped me.

“Yeah. Oh, yeah, he was groaning.

“I worked my hips a little to meet him.

“Fuck her pussy is good.

“Yeah?, I heard Randal whisper. That’s it, man. Fuck her, man. Give her that dick.

“I was still trying not to pay any attention that Randal was there. But hearing him say that was really hot. Instead of being a distraction him being there was turning in to a turn on. It was hot that he was watching us. And it was hot, the stuff he was saying, telling Skip to fuck me harder, and then faster.

“Dude, it’s so cool. You got a big dick. Dude, fuckin’, you’re getting it all in.

“Yeah, Skip groaned. I was moaning and panting under him, bucking my hips a little more. He moved his hands down and took hold of my hips, pounding himself in harder. You been rounded out real good, ain’t’cha, Lisa.

“Nmmmmah, yeah, I moaned. I could feel my tits bouncing hard against my chest as he pounded me.

“You can probably get your balls in her too, dude, Randal was saying. You can just-

“Man, shut the fuck up!, Skip growled. God damn it, just let me fuck this bitch! Find something to do.

“Jeez, alright, Randal complained.

“I was barely paying any attention to him. Skip’s big and thick cock was rubbing my insides in all the right places. I just wanted him to pound me harder. And hearing him call me a bitch made me want him to talk a lot more dirty to me. Thinking it made me hot enough to cum really good as he pounded me. For a couple of minutes I was lost, you know, I was in a world all my own. The only things I was aware of was that I was coming and that Skip was slamming me full of cock. I didn’t come out of it until I felt something brush against my cheek.

“The daze I was in cleared up, and in the dim light I could see that Randal was kneeling by my head with nothing but his shirt on. He wobbled over me a little stroking his cock in my face.

“Fuck, damn it, I moaned.

“Skip slammed me harder three or four times, making me cry out and cum a little more. Just suck his cock, he told me. Just fuckin’ suck it so we can get it on.

“A shiver went through me, and my mouth just seemed to open up by itself. Randal leaned closer, sticking it in. He was already hard, and without even really getting a good look I could tell he was a lot smaller than Skip was. He ground into my face a little and I started to suck him, trying to match the rhythm Skip was using to slam my pussy.

“Yeah, suck his cock, baby, Skip hissed.

“Randal gasped and sputtered a little as I started to go to town. God, fuckin’ Jesus. She sucks dick real good. He humped my face as his friend humped my pussy. I bet she can suck us both at once.

“God, will you just shut the fuck up!, Skip growled. She’s mine, man. Just be glad I’m letting you do anything with her.

“I felt a flutter in my stomach. I had never been so excited. I never knew I could suck a cock and get fucked by another one at the same time. I never knew I could get excited with a guy talking that way about me, like he was laying claim.

“Who say’s she’s yours?, Randal gasped. You were just messing around, and you got a girlfriend. He paused to catch his breath as I sucked him harder. I want to fuck her when you get done.

“Skip gave me several violent thrust. It was enough to make me have to spit Randal out and catch a strained breath. I almost felt like he punched me in the stomach.

“Just shut the fuck up and enjoy the blow job, man, Skip growled. After you get off you better get lost.

I raised my head like a hungry little baby bird and sucked Randal’s cock back down.

“Asshole, Randal gasped.

“I tried to ignore their bickering. The fucking Skip was giving me was just too good. I closed my eyes as I sucked Randal deeper, trying to shut everything else out. I was able to do it for a few minutes, just thinking about nothing but fucking and sucking cock at the same time. I was almost there again. I was just about to cum again.

“And then it happened. Something else to break my concentration.

“Whatcha’ doin’?, a voice asked. Barry, Kyle’s other friend that had come home with them from the party, had finally made his way upstairs.

“Nothing, Skip told him, not missing a beat.

“Talking, Randal added, leaning back far enough to draw his cock out of my mouth.

“I found myself gasping for breath. Holy shit.

“Where’s the bathroom at?, Barry asked. I got to piss.

“Down the hall, me, Skip and Randal all said at once.”

Lisa frowned and shook her head. Then she raised it and laughed. “Oh, God, Sir. I never realized how fucking funny that was before. We all told him where the bathroom was at the same time.”

Shawn laughed. “Yes, that is funny.”

“Was I really so stupid?,” she asked. “All three of them came up stairs to look for the bathroom.” Shaking her head she laughed again. “It really didn’t cross my mind that it all had to have been planned out until sometime the next day.” Lisa shrugged. “Anyway-

“You guys are messing around, Barry said, as if he was just suddenly realizing what was going on.

“Nothing’s going on, Skip said, his voice was low.

“You guys are fucking Lisa, Barry said. What’cha think, I’m fuckin’ blind or somethin’?

“Go fuckin’ piss, Skip told him. He immediately started to pound my pussy once again. As he did Randal leaned over my face and I took him back in my mouth.

“Fuck that, Skip, Barry said. I’m going to fuck her too if you guys are fucking her.

“I came. God, I came. I tried to yell out around Randal’s cock. Between the fucking, the sucking, and the sudden thought that there was another guy there wanting his piece of the action too, it was almost too much for me to take.

“As the orgasm faded I sensed that Barry was standing on the other side of the bed. I let Randal slide out of my mouth, and turned to take him, just knowing that he would be there with his cock out ready for me to suck. I was right. Barry was nice and long too, but not thick like Skip. He wasn’t circumcised. I could tell when I got him in my mouth. So I spit him back out and took in my hand so I could pull the skin back before I really sucked him.

“Damn, man, Randal said. You got a big dick too, Barry. Shit, Skip, look at her suck that thing.

“Skip wrapped his arms around my legs and lifted my ass a little. He started pounding my pussy with a vengeance. Stop looking at everyone’s cock, you fuckin’ fag. He was doing it fast and hard, and I knew he was going to cum soon because he broke out into a sudden sweat. I wasn’t the only one that knew he was close.

“Don’t cum in her, Skip, Barry told him.

“Fuck you, Skip groaned. She’s mine. Just be glad you can use the mouth.

“It made me cum a little more, hearing him talk about me like I was just a piece of meat that belonged to him.

“Jack off!, Barry spat back. He was breathing through his teeth as I sucked him. You’re a fuckin’ asshole, Skip.

“Shut up!, Skip yelled.

“He somehow found the strength to pound me even harder. I came again and had to let Barry’s cock slide out of my mouth, because I had to yell out this time. That’ it! Yes! Yes! I’m coming! I’m fuckin’ coming!

“Yeah, yeah!, Skip gasped. I’m gonna go too. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum right in your cunt, you fuckin’ slutty bitch!

“When he said, I’m gonna cum right in your cunt, you fuckin’ slutty bitch, I came even harder, twisting under him. I was gasping, sweating and shaking as he rode me even faster.

“Skip yelled out this loud groan, and somehow picked up his pace just a little bit more. I could feel his balls pumping me full of cum. It was so God damn good, Sir. I almost passed out.

“After a minute he rolled off me, and we laid next to each other, sweating, gasping and panting. I threw an arm across his chest, only vaguely aware that Randal and Barry were in the room with us. Skip rolled to face me and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Then we started giving each other little kisses again.

“That was so good, I gasped. That was so fuckin’ good.

“Yeah, baby, he agreed. You’re one good fuck, Lisa. You’re one good fuck.”


“I kind of dozed with my head on Skip’s chest for a little bit,” Lisa continued, once she caught her breath. “I was feeling warm where I touched him and cold on everything else that was uncovered.

“He woke me all the way up and said I needed to move, because he needed to go to the bathroom. I got to take a dump, he said. You guys need to get out of here.

“I raised up on an arm long enough for him to slip out of bed, and then laid right back down. As soon as my head hit the pillow it was like the lights were out, but I think I could hear whispering voices, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. I remember smiling to myself because I had the feeling that when Skip got back he was going to want to mess around some more.

“Then next thing I remember was feeling my lower half being moved around a little. Without opening my eyes I raised my knees up and opened my legs. My body was ready for more. I moaned and sighed a little bit as I felt his weight on top of me, and his hard cock slip in my pussy. I let out a little gasp, thrusting my hips up, but I was still pretty much asleep.

“Yeah, yeah, I heard. Like a far off whisper.

“That’s it man, another voice. Fuck that bitch.

“I twisted and moaned. I was getting a light and slow ride instead of the hard pounding my body was already screaming for more of. I moaned again, raising my hips up to encourage him on.

“God damn it, I heard Skip moan. I told you she was mine.

“That was enough to make me open my eyes. I looked up above me to see that Randal was on top of me, slowly working his cock in and out of me. Man, fuck you, Randal whispered back. I told you I was going to have my turn with her.

“I turned my head and could see that Barry was standing at the head of the bed, naked and facing away from me. His ass cheeks seemed to glow in the light coming through the curtains of my bedroom. Standing in the door I could see Skip, glaring in with a pissed off look on his face.

“Snooze you loose, Barry said.

“At that moment I made up my mind that I would at least be a somewhat willing participant in the rest of whatever was going to happen. The other two weren’t going to let Skip dictate what they were going to do, so why should I?

“All I knew was that it felt good to have Randal’s cock in me, even though he was going slow and I wanted to get slammed hard. I was so hot and horny. I had already went pretty far, so why not go for it all? I wanted Randal to fuck me. And then I wanted Barry to fuck me. And Skip could fuck me again after that if he wanted to. I wanted to do it all with them, everything I could imagine to do with three cocks at once. I think I was pretty sure that this was something that I would never ever have the chance to do again.”

Lisa paused, turning her head toward the bed. “I had no idea you would come into my life, Sir.”

Shawn rolled onto his back and took his cock in hand, slowly stroking himself. A thin trickle of precum rubbed off on the side of his palm.

“Yeah, I whispered. Fuck me, Randal. Give me your cock.

“When I said that he had no problem picking up his pace.

“Shit, Skip spat. You fuckin’ slut.

“I leaned up and put my hands on Randal’s shoulders. Roll over, I told him. I wanna get on top.

“Yeah, he gasped. Okay.

“We separated long enough to roll over. I eased myself up over him and then squatted down on his cock, making him gasp. Arms up I rode him up and down several times, then turned to see that Skip and Barry were both watching us, both of them slowly stroking their cocks. You want to fuck my ass, Barry?

“Oh, fuck yeah!

“Barry quickly got into bed with us and positioned himself behind me. I leaned down on top of Randal as he spread my ass cheeks wide. It took him a minute of rubbing his cock against my filled pussy slit to get himself a little wet, and then looking for the right angle to slip himself into my asshole.

“Fucking, God, Master,” Lisa panted, squirming in her bonds. “It felt so good. I never felt so fucking filled until that moment, with Barry’s cock up my ass and Randal’s in my pussy.

“I pivoted between them, trying to work up a good rhythm. Once I got going I told Skip I wanted to suck his cock.

“It went on that way for almost the rest of the night. They would each take turns fucking my holes. Barry in my pussy, Randal in my mouth, Skip in my ass. Randal in my pussy, Skip in my mouth, Barry in my ass. Skip in my pussy, Barry in my mouth, Randal in my ass. Barry in my pussy, Skip in my mouth, Randal in my ass.

“They took turns at my holes over and over. Every time they would all get off, rest a little bit, and then switch holes. I’ve never swallowed so much cum before. It was all over me, and all over my sheets and pillows. I had it in my pussy, and on it, on my tits and ass, on my face, in my hair. I was so fuckin’ dirty.

“I think it was an hour before sun up when Randal and Barry finally gave out. I woke up just before my alarm was supposed to go off to find that Skip was fucking me in my sleep. I let him fill me up with his cum one more time before I got out of bed and went to take a shower.

“I was so fucking sore that I thought about calling in to work that day. When I came downstairs after I got dressed they were all gone. The only one left in my house was my brother, Kyle, still passed out on the living room floor.”


“Lisa,” Shawn whispered.

“Yes, Master Shawn?”

“It’s time.”

“Oh, thank God.”

Shawn rolled over and slid off the bed. His cock was jutting up in the air, painfully hard. He knew she couldn’t wait anymore. He had reached the point that he couldn’t take much more either. Stepping to the chair he knelt down and began to unknot the rope that bound her feet to the pillar of the chair. “I’m going to give it to you good, my sweet faced town slut.” He put a hand to her ear and then gently raised the blindfold.

Lisa smiled to him, opening her eyes, squinting slightly as she adjusted to the dim light of the cheap room. “Yes, Sir. Please, Sir.” She relaxed her legs once Shawn had them undone and rubbed her bare feet across the worn carpet on the motel room floor.

Rising up he slipped an arm under her right arm. “I’m going to leave you handcuffed, so I am going to help you up.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Your legs are going to be a little numb, so be careful. I am going to guide you to the bed.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He helped Lisa get to her feet, pulling her up so that her arms slid up and around from the back of the chair. She stood stooped for a moment, shaking, her legs wobbling. Shawn gave her a slight nudge in the direction that he wanted her to go. She stumbled on her second step, but he held her up, because with the fourth step her legs were touching the mattress. “Get up onto the bed.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Lisa raised her leg up until it was on the mattress. With him still holding her other arm for balance she raised her other leg up and was kneeling on the bed. She then knee walked until she was in the center of the bed and let Shawn guide her by the arm until she was in a good girl position, face down on the mattress, ass up in the air, her knees opened widely, hands cuffed behind her back.

Shawn admired her as she lay there, running a hand over her bare ass. Her shaved pussy was opened and inviting, so he gave it a light rub and listened to her sigh. Between her legs he looked down to see her stomach hanging low, touching the mattress, stretched from child bearing and years of dietary abuse.

“You loved it didn’t you?,” he questioned, pressing his palm firmly against her labia. He rubbed harder. “You loved them fucking you, my sweet faced slut. You loved taking their cocks in all your holes.”

Lisa let out a ragged breath, her body heaving on the bed. “Yes, Sir.”

“You loved waking up the next morning to find out you were still getting fucked, like you were some owned piece of meat.” His cock was throbbing. He could almost feel the pulse of his heart beat pumping through it.

“Yes, Sir.” She let out a moan as he pulled his hand back and then slipped the tips of two of his fingers up and down, just on the inside of her slit. “I loved being dirty. I loved having their sticky cum all over me.” She slightly ground her ass against his hand.

Shawn ran his fingers up and down her slit once more, stopping at her vaginal opening. Then he slowly sank them in to the last knuckle, causing Lisa to take a deep breath and moan lowly as he began to slide them in and out. “Fucking dirty slut.”

“Yes, Sir,” she cried. “Oh, thank You, Sir.”

“You think about it every day, don’t you? Just like I’ve had to think about it every day since you first told me.”

“Yes,” she cried. “Yes, Sir. I do. I do.”

Shawn plunged his fingers in and out, and he was rewarded by feeling her pussy moisten on them and the tops of his knuckles. “You thought about it and always wanted more.”

Lisa drew a shuddering breath. “Yes, Sir. I wanted to do it again. I wanted to and loved it every time I messed with the guys that lived with me and Randy. I wanted to do it with him too, wished I had enough guts to tell Randy and have him join us too. I wanted to do it with four guys. Five guys.” Pausing she gasped and shook as she had a small orgasm around his fingers. “A whole room full. So many I would loose count of how many.” She bucked her ass slowly against his two intruding fingers. “I wanted them to give me a cum bath. I just wanted to be completely covered with it. All sticky.”

Drawing his arm back Shawn drove his fingers into her harder, pounding his fist against her labia. “You wanted them to pee all over you too?”

“Yes!,” she cried.

“You wish they did it that night, don’t you?,” he questioned. “Skip, Barry, Randal. They all said they had to do to the bathroom. You wished they did. You wished they used you as their toilet after they were done fucking you.”

Lisa raised her head off the bed and moaned as she came again. Her pussy tightened around Shawn’s fingers, and a small trickle of fluid dripped along the side of his hand. “God, yes, Sir!,” she confessed. “I dream and think about it all the time. I wanted them to piss all over me. I think about laying on my back with their sticky cum all over me and feeling them piss all over my pussy and my tits. In my face.”

In your mouth?”

“Oh, please,” Lisa cried. “Please pee on me, Sir!”

He slipped his fingers out and gave her a hard slap across the ass, making her buttocks jiggle and making her cry out. “You want that?”

“Yes, Sir!”

He slapped the other cheek of her ass. “You want to by My toilet, you dirty slut?” He slapped her there a second time, the red imprint of his hand quickly materializing on top of the first.

“Oh, yes, Sir!”

Shawn could feel sweat break out on his upper lip as he spanked her harder, several more times. His cock was painfully hard and throbbing. His hand left its red imprint all over her bare ass, thighs and pussy. “Are you, ready?,” he growled. “Ready to be an adulteress again? Ready to be the town slut again? Ready to be my slut?”

“Yes, Sir,” Lisa cried. “Yes! Yes!”

Now Shawn got onto the mattress behind her and positioned himself between her legs. He could feel his heart pounding as she gasped when he took his cock and slipped it into her sopping pussy. Hands on her waist he gave her several quick thrusts.

“Oh, God,” Lisa cried. “God.” She gasped. “Master, Sir-! You’re so much bigger than Randy. It’s been so long since I’ve had a big cock.”

“Yessssss,” Shawn hissed. He slipped his cock out of her and rubbed it up between her ass cheeks, watching as the head bobbed out from between them. He raised himself up and took it in hand pressing the slick hear against the tight bud of her ass. “Take it.”

As Shawn gave his cock a push, forcing her hole to open, Lisa let out a little yelp. He pushed himself further with his hand, then brought his weight down to bury himself in her steamy ass. He let it rest there a moment, savoring the feel of his balls against her pouty pussy lips. Then he started working himself in and out of her.

“God! Oh, God!” Her cries became louder and more frenzied as he started spanking her ass. Each time he would catch her too high, landing a hard and stinging slap across her lower back Lisa called out and begged for more. “I’m coming! Master, I’m coming.”

Lisa slumped slightly after a little bit, her back and lower half becoming sweaty. When she did Shawn stopped thrusting her and slipped his cock out of her ass. He gave her a few breaths before repositioning himself again and slipped his cock back in her pussy. He was instantly rewarded by feeling her insides spasm around him and grow even wetter. “You’re coming again?”

“Yes, Sir,” she panted.

Shawn again began to spank her as he thrust himself into her. This time he deliberately hit her across the small of the back, and even a little bit higher. Each time he caught her there he could feel her pussy juice just a little more.

“Oh, God,” she groaned.

It was too exciting, and Shawn felt as if he had been teasing her and himself for too long. It was hard to hold back, especially with the way that she was coming. He knew he was right. She was perfect. So perfect.

“I’m going to cum!,” he finally yelled, pounding her harder.

“Yes, God,” she panted. “Please make me full. Cum in my pussy, Sir!”

He reached down, raising himself up and little, and grabbed her hair. Lisa yelped and moaned as he pulled her up, making her bend slightly back, as far as he could with her hands still cuffed behind her back. He was sweating all over as he held her hair with one hand and did his best to keep balanced with his knees, while at the same time picking up the pace and rhythm he was using to fuck her and spank her with his free hand.

“Ah. Ah. Ahhhhhhahhha!,” Lisa cried, shuddering as she came again, forced up and held closer to him.

“Here is comes, girl,” Shawn panted. “Here it comes, my sweet faced town slut!”

“Yessssssssss! Ah!”

Shawn closed his eyes, arching his back and he pounded her with several short and hard thrust. His chest was cold, a result of his sweat running down it. He groaned loudly, animalisticly, as he felt his balls creeping in his scrotum. His chest heaved and tingled as he felt the tightening knot in the head of his cock, and the first tickle of a spasm run up and down the shaft. And then he felt the squeezing pulse as he jetted the first part of his load inside her. It happened again. Then again. Then again several times. He slowed his pace slightly as the pulse of his orgasm subsided and the friction of his cock against his sperm and her vaginal discharge became a tickle that was too much for him to take.

Gasping Shawn pulled out, feeling his cum dribble down the underside of his cock. He watched as she slumped back down, also gasping, his cum leaking down her labia. He caught his breath and leaned in, licking her slit once from the bottom to the top, catching as much of his own cum as he could, and swallowing it. After he did this and backed away Lisa eased herself off her knees.

Shawn crawled from the foot to the head of the bed and positioned himself up over her. Lisa’s hair was a sweaty tangle, plastered to her face and forehead. She had a pleading look in her eyes as she panted and looked up to him. Kneeling over her he took his cock and stroked it. Then lowering himself and bending down slightly he stroked it and rubbed it against her sweaty face, squeezing out the last bit of his cum.

In response to having his cum rubbed on her cheeks Lisa closed her eyes and leaned forward. She opened her mouth and slipped it over Shawn’s cock, running her tongue over the shaft in her mouth and licking him clean.

“Lay down,” Shawn said in a whisper.

Lisa obeyed, letting him slip out of her mouth. She looked up at him as he moved around on his knees and repositioned himself over her.

“You want it?” The look in her eyes told him that she knew exactly what it was.

“Yes,” she gasped. “I’ve been dreaming about this, Sir.”

“Open your mouth.”

Looking up at him, with the right side of her pressed into the comforter, Lisa opened her mouth and rolled out her tongue.

Shawn closed his eyes and sighed. Then he let out a breath and looked back down on her. The look on her face was of pure bliss as he gave a moan and forced out the contents of his bladder. She raised her head to catch what she could, tongue out, the stream soaking the side of her face. Shawn guided his cock and squeezed harder, causing the final arc to rise higher and land on her back and side.

“Thank you, Sir,” Lisa sighed. “Thank you.”


“Thank you, Sir. Thank you. I love you, Master Shawn.”

“I love you, Lisa. My sweet faced slut.” Those were the last words on the tape. There was the sound of sucking, and a groan. Then the sound of him slapping her lightly on the face. Followed by the sound of rustling, and the click as he had pressed the stop button.

Shawn pressed the stop button and sat the recorded on his lap. They had been pressed for time by then. It was almost time for her to pick up her kids from the baby sitter’s. She had showered quickly and shown herself to him before getting dressed, asking if there were any marks on her heavy ass.

Once she was ready he had placed the room key on the desk with a hundred dollar bill under it, for extra cleaning. Although he had doubted that anything would be done other than the sheets being laundered before the next guests checked into Room 502.

Shawn drove to the back parking lot of the Superior Hypermart and pulled under the old oak tree where Lisa had hidden her car. The fact that they were in a parking lot under a shady tree was not lost on him. He told Lisa to suck him, and even though she was already now 10 minutes late she did, expertly sucking him to an orgasm and swallowing down every drop of his load.

After she was done they had parted, each saying they would be together again really soon. But that was the last time he had seen her. And communication between them slowed down and ceased not long after.

With a sigh Shawn slipped off his bed and went back to his computer. Maggie was not in his Friend’s List, and there were no messages for him. He pulled out the desk chair and sat down, thumbing the record button on the tape recorder. He sighed to himself again and spoke once he had his thoughts together.

“Lisa it turns out is not the one after all. Though she seemed so perfect. After several weeks with no communication she sent an e-mail informing me that she has moved in with another man, and that she believes the lifestyle is not for her.”

Turning off the recorder he opened it and took the cassette out. There was a shoe box sitting on the corner of the desk, and he opened the lid, tossing the tape in with about a dozen others. It was over, but it meant that the search for a suitable town slut had to begin again.



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that was SO good!! i loved it!

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