A lonly girl in a world of fantasy meets a dragon
10 year old Carina walked down the streets of the kingdom. She sighed as she saw all the boys. She had had sex with many of them, but they just didn't seem...right. She was running an errand for her mother. She had to go and get her father from the forest. He always managed to get lost he was so scatterbrained. As she exited the city, she did not notice the eyes that were watching her. She found her father and told him he needed to get home. Pointing him in the right direction she stayed,watching him go. She never told her father what a harlot she was.

And she never would. She sat down on a stump and sighed, thinking of how when she had time for herself, she was the only one who could fill her pussy. None of the boys had a long or thick enough cock. Then she noticed a shadow treading through the bush.

"Who's there?" She asked, and a large black dragon came out. She gasped at how beautiful the thing looked, the scales catching the light and glinting. The blue eyes staring at her with intelligence. She felt a pressure on her mind.

I have been watching you girl. it said, the voice rough and, somehow, sexy. I know your desires. You have mated with many of the males in your village, but they don't satisfy you. Carina was panting. She knew what the dragon was offering. She could see the pink of its large thick cock.

I can offer you pleasure that you have never known. The dragon whispered in her mind. Carina was beyond reason when she saw the dragon rear up and saw his cock in it's full splendor. She stripped off her clothes and walked to the dragon. She was about to raise her leg to push it into her, when the dragon grabbed her head.

I want you to try something different. It said, and brought her head slowly towards it. She was confused. What was it going to do?

Open your mouth. It said. She did and felt the head slid into her mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise. The cock tasted good! She felt her head getting pumped. She got the idea and began to to it on her own, but there was so much cock, she couldn't bring all of it into her mouth. The dragon moved a claw and began to jerk on it's cock. She didn't know what that would do, but kept pumping, wanting to please her lover. Suddenly she felt a hot sticky substance flood her mouth. She choked and moved her head back. The dragon's cum splashed onto her, covering her developing breasts and sliding down her stomach. The dragon sighed.

Now lie down on the stump. It said. Carina did as told, spreading her legs as far as she could. The dragon loomed over her, his cock pressing against her. She looked at him, her eyes demanding that he stop teasing and shove it in already. The dragon continued to tease, barely going in her. Then suddenly he lunged, sticking his cock one third way in. Carina's mouth opened wide in a silent scream. The dragon was not all the way in and he was filling her like no human did. She grunted as he pumped, going deeper with every two thrusts. She did scream when it came almost full in. He had to be maybe 18 inches long and bigger than her fist. Her eyes rolled, lost in pleasure. The dragon himself was lost. He had mated with many females, but none were tight enough nor hot enough. He knew he had to try a human whore. He kept fucking, slamming in all the way. Carina felt something she only felt when she was masturbating. The tingle of an orgasm. But this one was different. It was strong, Powerful! She nearly fainted it was so great. The dragon felt the tingle as well.

I've got to hold it. He thought. It's too good to seed her just yet. But try as he could he couldn't hold back, his cum slammed into the little girl, filling what little space she had in her womb, and spilled out of her. Carina couldn't do anything. Her back was arched, pussy clamped hard on the cock, mouth, the delicious cum tucked away in her cheeks, opened in a silent scream yet again. Carina then collapsed onto the stump, her breath ragged. The dragon was still hard and continued to fuck her. She stayed limp through the entire thing thinking nothing, too long gone into the pleasure. Finally, two cum loads later, a puddle of cum beneath Carina. The dragon stopped, satisfied.

Go home. It said. But take this with you so I can come to you again. It tucked a stone into her dress pocket. Carina lost consciousness. She awoke an hour later, cum gluing her to the stump. She sat up, the cum crackling and falling off. she grabbed some of the bigger pieces and nibbled on them. They tasted as stale as the cum that was stuck in her cheeks. She looked around, wanting the dragon again, but it was gone. She looked into her pocket. There was the stone. She grabbed it.

Come back! She thought. She waited, nothing. She sighed and was ready to put the rock away when the dragon appeared. She ran to him and hugged him.

"Take me with you." She pleaded. "Only you can do what I need." The dragon chuckled.

Very well, I shall. But you must first give me something. She looked at him curious. The dragon grabbed her head again. She grinned. After giving the dragon a blowjob again, and once again choking on the load and covering herself with the rest that flew from the dragons cock, the dragon picked her up, and flew her to his cave.

I might continue the story, but anyway read and comment on this please!

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2016-11-23 04:39:23
This is so hot. I don't know why, and I've sinned by reading this, but hey, fuck it! (Literally)

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2015-01-17 10:25:58
not too bad little short though. could have potential if you take your time for another chapter

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2014-12-20 21:54:49
make more me and my gf role paly shes an angel and im a black dragon i would like to see more of this :)

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2013-06-12 21:59:20
or let it rain hellfire

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2013-03-16 19:41:54
Great story plz continue

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