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Melody's Mom shows her how to live as a naughty slut
Melody’s New Life
by BrettJ © 2010

Ariel Prince woke up bright and early on the most special of mornings. Yes, today was the day. Eric had already gone to work, leaving her lots of time to get things ready and prepare for the big day.

She got up, threw on her robe and walked into her daughter’s room. Melody was still sleeping soundly; she sat on the edge of the bed and shook her daughter awake gently. The sun was just beginning to rise and shine into the room.

“Melody darling, wake up baby,” Ariel said in her melodic voice, the voice that had seduced Eric into becoming her husband 17 years earlier. Ariel was nearing her 33rd birthday, but Eric always told her his princess never seemed to age, she was a timeless beauty, he told her. Ariel considered their daughter HER Princess and she was the most special thing in the world to the sensual redhead, now it was time to prove it.

“Happy Birthday, baby,” Ariel said to her daughter as she sat up in bed. “Today’s the big day, if you want it to be.”

“You know I do Mom,” Melody said, looking at her mother with her dark, almost ebony eyes, so much like Eric’s. Melody had the best of both of them, Eric’s beautiful dark hair and eyes, but Ariel’s gorgeous skin and timeless beauty and was developing a lovely body. Today was the girl’s 16th birthday and Ariel and Eric had promised to make it special for her.

“Then here you go,” Ariel said, handing her daughter one of the hugest boxes she’d ever seen, even bigger than her wealthy father had lavished upon her at Christmas. “Open this and I’ll be back in a minute.” She kissed her daughter on the cheek and left the room, leaving Melody to open her parcel with a girlish squeal. Ariel was fairly sure Melody knew the kind of things she could expect to find in the large package.

Ariel came back a few minutes later and Melody saw her mother in a whole new light. Statuesque Ariel was wearing light blue lingerie and stockings, high heels and had her red hair loose and wavy. Her face and neck had a light dusting of glitter and she looked sensual, alluring and exotic.

“You’re positive you want this Princess, there’s no turning back if we go on from this point,” Ariel cooed, hoping what she most desired was mirrored in her daughter as well.

“More than anything, Mother,” Melody smiled and let the covers fall away from her body. She was wearing one of the four pieces of lingerie Ariel had picked out for her, a slinky black number that showed the beautiful, slender curves of her young body. She had also chosen to wear the black silk stockings and high heels and against her pale, milky flesh, Melody looked like the hottest thing in existence. Ariel sat down on the bed and drew her daughter close.

“You want it, baby?” Ariel said in her lovely, soft voice.

“I want it so much, Mom,” Melody said, her voice becoming husky and low. “I want to be your lover.”

Ariel nodded and kissed her daughter, their lips and tongues met and for a while, time seemed to stand still as they crossed the incestuous threshold. When they pulled apart, Ariel was panting and Melody had an expression on her face that told her mother that she was in another world.

“Oh God Mom, that was so … it was wonderful, like something out of a Fairy Tale,” Melody sighed. “I’ve never been kissed like that!”

“I should hope not, you naughty girl,” Ariel teased as she stroked her daughter’s cheek. “I’m so glad you wanted me to be your first lover, I’m going to teach you all sorts of naughty things. Girls can have lots of fun together; your Aunt Belle showed me that.”

“Daddy’s sister?”

Ariel nodded. “Once I’ve taught you some of my own tricks, we’ll invite her over. I think your Daddy’s been missing having his cock in that tight cunt of hers.” Melody blushed; she wasn’t used to hearing her mother speak in so frank a manner.

“Get used to it Melody darling, you’ve been a Princess all of your life, but today, Mama’s going to teach you to be a slut-whore!” Ariel said, pushing her daughter back on the bed and pressing her lips to the young teen’s. Melody kissed back, she already had good instincts, Ariel’s horny, fiery pussy was dripping and she wanted to have her daughter suck the juices from it, but everything in due time.

“Oh Mom, I can’t wait to be a slut-whore for you. Daddy too?”

“Didn’t I promise you that Daddy would fuck your body if you wanted it?” Melody nodded, her body already betraying how hot she was. “Have I ever broken a promise?” Melody shook her head; Ariel was a creature of her word. She kissed her mother again, showing just how eager she was to have grown-up sex.

“I want to be a slut-whore for both of you, I know how happy you make Daddy, I can hear you,” Melody teased as her mother’s hands traveled up her long, slender legs. “You’re a screamer, Mom.”

“Your father has a wonderful, big cock and he got lots of experience before I came along, I think he was screwing half the girls in the city,” Ariel purred as her daughter’s lips nuzzled her neck. “I had to be something he’d never had before, so I saved myself for your Daddy, he was my first man.” Ariel didn’t mention that she and her own sisters had shared many illicit romps while living with their single father. “After we fucked, I did my best to become a hot little whore for him; I always tried anything he wanted. I didn’t like it all, but by the time we’d done lots of nasty things, your Daddy was hooked on my hot, red cunt.”

“I love hearing you talk like that Mom, it’s so fucking sexy,” Melody said, rubbing her body against Ariel’s and trying to get into the spirit of things. She loved the feeling of the sexy lingerie against her skin and she loved how hot and wild her Mom looked, so different from the demure, soft-spoken wife she normally was. It was only last year, by accident, that she found out about her parent’s secret life, from her friend Leilani. Leilani’s mother, Jasmine, was an ex-girlfriend of her Daddy’s, before Ariel. Leilani told her younger friend that her mother wasn’t quite so “ex”, as she had seen Eric fucking her mother just a few nights previously. It got naughtier when Leilani saw Ariel walk into the room and straddle Leilani’s face and beg for the sensual, dusky Jasmine to eat her cunt. Leilani told her friend that she’d made it go one step hotter by joining the threesome and making it a foursome.

Leilani’s lurid tale put all sorts of thoughts into Melody’s head, but she also supposed they could be absolute lies. She went home and asked Ariel, who confirmed the entire story. She and Eric were very open sexually; they sat down with their daughter that night and answered any question she posed. When Melody asked them both if she could join them in bed, Ariel told her daughter firmly that while she was not against having sex with her daughter, Melody would have to wait until her 16th birthday and make an adult decision. She had been only 16 when she married Eric and not quite 17 when she gave birth to Melody, so she thought it sensible that Melody have time to think things over. Only then would she allow herself and Eric partake of their daughter’s body, although she was so tempted by Melody’s beauty that she found herself coming close to reneging on her vow.

Melody didn’t think sixteen would ever come, but now it was here. She looked down to see Ariel between her legs, removing the tiny black thong she’d put on just a while ago. She really liked the new lingerie, she hoped she could get some more with her birthday money. Melody nodded, lifted her legs so her mother could slide the thong away and braced herself …

… and then Ariel’s tongue was between her legs, licking her sweet spot, tasting all of the honey that now flowed from her daughter’s pussy. Ariel wanted all she could get, her daughter had the sweetest flow she had ever tasted and over the years, Ariel had developed quite a taste for pussy. Ariel had girl-fucked most of Eric’s exes and even some of their daughters, Eric loved seeing his pretty redheaded bride debauch herself with another girl. Ariel couldn’t wait to see how he reacted to seeing her with their daughter.

“Oh Mom, oh lord, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, eat me, eat MMMEEEEE, eat my fucking CUNT, oh, you redheaded lezzie BITCH!” Melody shrieked, her voice reverberating off the bedroom walls. At this moment, her voice was off-key, but filled with lust and passion, Ariel thought her daughter’s voice was the sweetest sound she’d ever heard. She pushed her tongue deeper into the girl’s cunt and sought more cream.

Melody’s hands dug deep into her mother’s wavy red locks, holding her in place, she just got off on the semi-naked woman giving her such pleasure. If cock felt anywhere near this good, if Daddy was as good as her mother … and Leilani … said her was, Melody wasn’t going to school tomorrow. She was sure her mother would write her an excuse note; no one would question it, as her father contributed a lot of money to the Athletic Fund of the school.

Ariel licked and slurped at the tender, pink walls of her daughter’s pussy. She would have been content to stay there all day, but there were lessons that needed to be taught and it was time for her to impart them. She told Melody to sit up and she helped her remove the lingerie, setting it aside for other adventures. Ariel began to suck her daughter’s tits gently. “Some girls like to have them bitten darling, your Daddy does that sometimes, but I don’t really like it. We’ll keep that our little secret, okay?” Ariel chuckled. “I don’t really mind and it makes him happy.”

“Oh Mom, you’re such a whore,” Melody sighed as her mother kissed her face and their lips met again.

“Yes I am, which is why your father and I have been happy for so long,” Ariel told her daughter. “A lady in public, a slut in the bedroom.” Ariel wagged a finger at her daughter. “The things we’re doing, not everyone would understand, so you be cautious, all right?”

“Oh yes Mom, certainly. Is it time for me to learn how to please you, is it, Mommy?” Melody said with eagerness, her eyes dancing.

“Yes baby, now I’m going to lie on my back. Kiss me baby, that’s it, remove my top … you like it? Good. Now, suck Mommy’s tits, lick them, ooh baby, you’re better than your Daddy at that … we won’t tell him that either … kiss down Mommy’s belly, sorry, I’m a little ticklish. Use your hands to stroke my legs, they’ve always been very sensitive and I love having long, sexy legs, I think they’re my best feature.”

“I love your legs Mom, I think you have great legs,” Melody sighed.

“That’s why I wear stockings and heels nearly all the time, baby, they make me feel very feminine. How do you like yours?”

“Very much, Mom. I think I’ll get some more.”

Ariel nodded. “Now baby, kiss up my legs … yes, just like that … see Mommy’s little thong, isn’t it sexy? Take it off baby and see how wet my patch is? That’s because of YOU darling, you made Mommy feel so horny. Get close baby, spread the lips apart with your fingers and begin licking me. Ahhh yesssss, right there, that’s good, oh you little slut, you’re a natural!”

Melody loved hearing the praise from her mother, it spurred her on to commit more lewd deeds. She ate her Mom’s pussy diligently, trying to hear all of Ariel’s instructions of where to lick, how to suck the clit and then, knowing how much she enjoyed fingering her own cunt, her fingers moved in and out of Ariel’s. Her mother howled in pleasure and her body shook all over the bed.

“Fucking NASTY little bitch, you made Mommy cum, you perfect little cunt!” Ariel grinned, pulling Melody close and fondling her perky, young tits.

“Goody!” Melody chuckled. “Want me to do it again?”

“As often as you like baby, but I’m going to show you some more naughty tricks first,” Ariel told her. She got into position and began to rub her fiery patch against Melody’s darker pubes.

“This is flat-fucking baby, or grinding, the French – like Daddy’s family – call it frottage. It can be very arousing if done right,” Ariel told her, proving her point rather nicely as Melody experienced her very first orgasm.

Melody’s next lesson involved side-by-side sex, and how to take your time, showing her daughter how she could clench her pussy muscles tight and promising to teach Melody the exercises needed to accomplish that feat, much as some of her girlfriends had taught her. Melody loved the tightness of her mother’s cunt, it was hot and sticky.

The final lesson of the afternoon was sixty-nine, what Daddy’s countrymen called soixante-neuf. Melody thought she liked that one best, her mother on top of her, her mouth on Melody’s still-horny cunt while Melody’s swabbed all over Ariel’s. This time, the two women came together and were clutching each other when they did.

Ariel insisted she and her daughter have a shower together, teaching Melody the benefits of shower sex. There was much she had yet to teach the girl, about oils, massage, sex toys … she’d given Melody her own vibe … about “Lipstick Lesbians” as all of Ariel’s girlfriends were … about anal sex, which Ariel also didn’t care for, but Eric loved … she was sure her daughter would turn out to be just as hedonistic slut as she was and looked forward to watching the journey.

She and Melody had changed back to their normal clothes by the time Eric got home from work, ready to take his best girls to Gaston’s for dinner. Little did he know that while their outer clothing was very respectable, the items they wore underneath most certainly weren’t. He’d find that out in a very short while.

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