My lonely niece wins my body and heart

“Uncle Donnie!” Robbie squealed, “what are you doing here?” She flew off her porch, ran to my outstretched arms, and literally jumped onto me, wrapping her slim legs around my hips and her freckled arms around my neck.
She kissed me on the cheeks, over and over. When she dropped her feet to the ground, she looked up at me and said, “I just can’t believe this. I was just thinking about you this morning. I was looking through some old pictures, and there you were,” she took my hand and started leading me to the house, “you were in that white sport coat, at my wedding. You looked sooooo handsome… well, you still do.” She gave me another peck on the cheek. “So, what are you doing in Iowa?”

“Honey,” I squeezed her little hand and told her, “there’s only one reason for me to come to a little, Podunk, place like Blairstown, Iowa, to see my favorite niece.”

Robbie is my brother’s daughter, his only child. She was always close to me, as her only uncle, with no aunts. She was always a small girl, the smallest in her school classes. But her brilliant mind and determination, made her popular with her classmates.
The all-star jock, Jason, wooed her, screwed her, and knocked her up, just before they graduated. They married, she had her little boy, and the little guy died six weeks later. His lungs just wouldn’t develop. She remained barren after that.
My own son, my only child, had been killed in Vietnam.
Jason and Robbie remained married for fifteen years, when he left her for a former girlfriend. They had re-connected at a class reunion. That was two years ago.

This was the another common ground Robbie and I had. My wife, Carol, had left me, about five years before, for our next door neighbor. As it turned out, she’d been fucking him for over two years.

My brother, and Robbie’s mother, had been killed in a traffic accident, several years ago, so Robbie was the only kin I had left, and I, hers.

“Gosh,” she bubbled, “I can’t believe it, here you are, in my kitchen.” She gave me another hug, “How long can you stay? I have plenty of room. We need to do lots of catching up. Let’s see…I guess the last time I saw you was…at the funeral. That was hard, Uncle Donnie, really hard.”
Speaking of hard, watching my 35 year-old niece, babbling and bouncing around the kitchen, in very short shorts, was putting some life into my manhood. I slid my chair closer to the table, so she wouldn’t notice. At the ripe old age of fifty one, I may have slowed down, but I wasn’t dead, yet.

The next nine hours was filled with memories, pleasant ones. When one of the unpleasant ones would crop up, we’d change the subject. Sometimes Robbie would sit on my lap, while we looked at pictures. That didn’t help my cock, at all. I was beginning to think she was giving me a hard-on, purposely. Naw….surely not.

It had been a couple of weeks since I had jacked off, but the shower time provided adequate relief…..until an hour later.
I was in the kitchen, getting a drink of sherry, when Robbie walked in. She was dressed in a sheer nightie, and was still wet from her shower. It seemed like the nipples on her 34 C tits pointed at my eyes, no matter where I was, in the room. Shame on those nipples..those fuckin’, perky nipples.
With my light flannel pajama bottoms on, and no underwear beneath, my dick began to point back at them. Again, I tried to avoid any position where Robbie might notice, although I don’t think she was making the same effort.

We talked for a while longer, then decided to go to bed. My room was right next to hers, and when we parted company, Robbie stood on her toes, put her hand behind my neck, pulled my head down and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue parted my lips, entwined with mine, and she held me there. When she broke the kiss, she looked up at me and said, ever so softly, “I love you, Uncle Donnie, more than anyone, or anything, good night.”
I stood, stunned, as I watched her tight ass sway, until it disappeared into her room. I took note that she didn’t close her door, so I didn’t close mine, either.

I lay awake for a while, thinking of unthinkable thoughts. ‘Damn! She’s my niece. I changed her diapers. I watched her kindergarten play. I saw her graduation and her wedding. She’s my own flesh and blood, but God, I’d love to put a good, hard, fuck into that pretty little shit. Dammit, Don, get that crap out of your mind. Hell, you’re almost old enough to be her daddy.’

Then I heard the crying. After a few minutes, I eased out of my bed, tip-toed to her door, and peered in. There was a small night light in the room, giving off enough soft light that I could see her nightie, lying on the floor. She was completely naked on the bed, knees in the air, spread apart, with her hands working hard, between them. ‘My God‘, I thought, ‘what a gorgeous woman‘.
The crying turned to gasps of pleasure, then moans of ecstasy. I had witnessed my beautiful niece giving herself an orgasm.

Coming back to reality, she noticed me in the doorway, gently stroking my cock. “Please, Uncle Donnie,” she pleaded, “please come here.” she never stopped rubbing her cunt, “Please, come make love to me. Please, please. I don’t want anyone but you. God, I want you, bad.”
My pants were off in a flash. I landed between her legs, and entered her wet, hot pussy, all in one push. I was so fucking excited, I spilled globs of cum into my niece’s guts within seconds. I stayed in her, but only partially softened, as I laid on top, kissing her and nibbling on her ears.
Within a few minutes, I was rocking back and forth, again. This time, it lasted about thirty minutes. Robbie had four orgasms before I finally came, again. When I thought about it, I couldn’t remember the last time I dumped cum three times, in less than three hours. We slept.

When I awoke, Robbie had her right leg thrown over my waist, gently humping her pussy into my rib cage. I turned my head toward her, just in time to see her smile, “Where were we?” she asked, as she reached the head of my soft dick, “Oh, yes, I remember.”
She slid down, took my cock in her lips and started performing like a two hundred dollar whore. Evidently Jason had enjoyed blow jobs frequently. Robbie was plenty experienced. She lick, jacked, sucked, scraped her teeth, slightly, and drove my ass crazy. When my nuts started churning, I told her I was about to cum.
Stream after stream shot between her lips, then down her slender throat. Not a drop escaped. She continued to suck my limp dick, until I was completely dry.

Robbie turned, placing her pussy in front of my eyes…and my mouth. She didn’t need to ask, her unspoken desire was winking at me.
She must have slipped out of bed, at some point during the night. The smell of the freshly washed cunt was beckoning me. I had, probably, eaten around a dozen pussies in my lifetime, but Robbie’s was the most attractive I had ever seen.

My hands went to her buttocks, forcing her fur covered mound into my mouth, my nose into her slit. God, she smelled good. Maybe it was some kind of flavored douche, maybe it was her natural juices, I don’t know, I just started kissing and licking everything I could reach.
At one point, my chin was rubbing her clit, my nose in her asshole.
She must have taken an enema with the same fragrance as her douche.
When I returned my tongue to her pussy, I quickly licked my finger and inserted it into her ass. The sensation must have driven her over the edge. Her hips drove into my face with a force that was overpowering her senses.
Suddenly, and happily, she started screaming in pleasure. Nothing intelligible was passing through her larynx, but the noises indicated pure ecstasy. It took half an hour for both of us to regain our composure.
Finally, Robbie kissed my lips. There was a faint taste of my cum on hers. She smiled at me and said, ever so sweetly, “I’m so hungry. I love the taste of your sperm, but it’s not very filling.”

Robbie fixed us a great breakfast. Dry cured ham, (which is hard to find these days,) hash browns (grated from a leftover baked potato), eggs (basted with real butter) and home made biscuits.
“Your mother would be proud, sweetheart.” I told her, “She was a good cook, and it looks like it rubbed off on you.”
She walked around the table, before seating herself, gave me a long, warm, loving kiss, and said, “Thank you, kind sir. I’d do anything for my wonderful Uncle Donnie.” Her hand wandered to my groin and she added, “Anything.”

As we ate, I told her that we needed to have a serious talk.
“No time like the present”, she said. “I know what you’re going to say. ‘what we did last night and this morning is wrong. I’m your niece, it’s incest. It’s illegal. It’s immoral. We can’t do it anymore.’
“Well, before you say it, let me tell you this. I love you, Uncle. You’re the only person in this whole world who loves me, unconditionally. You’ve loved me since the day I was born, and will still love me until I die, no matter what.
“And I love you the same way. If you went on a killing spree, I’d still love you. I thought a lot about it last night, and when I first woke up this morning.”

She put down her fork, got out of her chair, and dropped her light robe on the floor, presenting her naked body to me. My dick jumped to attention, immediately.
Then she walked back around the table, and forced her way onto my lap. After looking into my eyes for a minute, she leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Fuck me, lover. Make love to me here, in this chair. Stay with me for the rest of our lives. I want you, Uncle Donnie, I want you in my arms, in my pussy, in my mouth, and if you wish, even in my ass. Let me be your wife, in every way, from now on.”
While she was whispering, her hand had worked my cock out, through the fly in my pj’s. She mounted the throbbing shaft, and the world started spinning. I was totally in love with Robbie. I was hers, from now on.

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2014-06-06 16:54:29
A Great short story well written with both a story line and good sex action, could easily be continued as a number of additional parts.

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2013-11-04 01:18:56
this story stoped at a horrible time. I felt that I was only half way into the story!

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2013-10-28 18:50:31
Don, your stories are fab but way too short, they are not long enough to get my pussy really wet, cum on make them longer please, get us in to the lives of these people. Xxx luvsalik


2013-10-06 01:26:51
Very good... Next story?

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2012-06-05 15:02:38
My niece had fucked about everybody in the State except for me before she found out from somebody that I have a ten inch cock. When she started cozying up to me, I laughed at her and told her to keep peddling her pussy on the street, that I didn't want it because I'd always treated her like a lady and she'd been a rude, disrespectful little cunt to me.
She was so pissed when she found out, a few weeks later, that I'd been fucking her younger sister for almost two years and she didn't know about it. She threatened to tell her mother, my sister. I laughed and told her to go ahead because I took her mother's cherry when she was eleven. She didn't believe me and told her everything, including what I'd said. My sister laughed at her and told her that it was true. Then she reminded her of all the times when she'd tried to tell her to be respectful because someday she might want or need something from the person that she was being rude to.

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