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My First Mastrabation - Part 2

Read the first part of the story if you haven't already!

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!" I was in deep shit. I was laying on her bed, covered in cum, her panties covered in cum, and Laura herself butt naked, except for the thin, wet, transparent sheet wrapped around her. She was beyond mortified. I guarantee that she, the pastor's daughter, had never seen any real cock before. Hell, her dad wouldn't even let her go swimming with boys unless there was at least two girls there and everybody wore shirts and shorts. Her whole face changed from completely red, to pale white. For a second I thought she was going to faint! We both just looked at each other for what seemed to be an eternity, but was only a few brief seconds.

"GET OUT!!!" She screamed. I sat for a second, still stunned, and without a word, I got up and walked out the door, my new boner pointing me in my direction. Damn, what a hot girl! I rushed to my room and shut the door. No one was there yet, thank God. However, I was still dripping wet with cum and needed to clean up.

I cracked open the bathroom door. The lights were off. Good, Laura didn't go back in there. I locked the door to her side and my side, and turned the shower on. Hang on, I just jacked off to Laura's panties, and saw her naked, why not shower in the same stall she just used? I stepped out of the boys shower and into the girls. Yep, the shower stall was still wet. I switched her water on. It felt so good! Then, I grabbed the washrag she just used, and massaged my hard cock with it. It was really sensitive, even more so than before. The cum came off fairly quickly in the water. The washrag was getting just a little rough, so I dropped the rag, and picked up her conditioner. I squirted a generous amount in my hand, and spread it all over my dick. All I could think of was ramming Laura's pussy, and with each stoke, it brought even more pleasure. It didn't take long before my load burst out. I cleaned everything up and got out. It only took a couple minutes before my breathing returned to normal and my mind came back to reality. I was in huge trouble. Laura had probably found her dad and already told him everything. I didn't know what I was going to do, but this campground was huge. No parent really cared what their kids did, so kids were hanging out all over the place, while the adults were in prayer meetings, or conferences or whatever they did. If I went somewhere away from the dorm, it would at least give them time to cool down before they came after me. As i was walking out of the dorm, I sneaked back to Laura's room and listened through the door to see if she was there. Yes she was, and she was crying pretty hard. I walked out to find some of the other kids. When I eventually found them, they were playing a game of basketball. We played for a while, and by the time we were done I wasn't so nervous. We all left to go eat dinner. When we got back to the dining hall, we were faced with a huge line. We found our way to the back, and they all graciously let me in front for winning the game. I didn't notice at first, because I was talking with my friends, but when I turned around, guess who just so happened to be in front of me? Laura! The person in charge announced that it was finally time to start, and we bowed our heads in prayer. When we finished, Laura glanced behind at me. I guess that was the first time she noticed me standing there, because she quickly looked the other way and was already red.

Dinner and church passed, and to my surprise, no one said anything to me. Her dad was still civil and friendly. I guess she hadn't told yet...

At these camps, all the kids straggled into bed between 3 and 4 in the morning. I really did try to sleep, but couldn't. I kept fantasizing about Laura. After an hour of not being able to sleep, I got dressed and went for a walk. It wasn't completely dark. There were many outdoor lights on, so I didn't hard too hard of a time seeing. I walked for I don't know how long, and that's when I saw the pool. The pool is a little over a mile away from the dorms, so I must have walked a longer way that I thought.

"That's what I need." I thought. The pool is 50 ft long, 5ft deep, and is mostly secluded by shrubs and brick walls. Perfect. I was about to get in, and realized I had a problem. I had no towel, and no swim trunks. Well, everyone was in bed, and the pool was secluded anyway, so I had no problem stripping off all of my clothes. I'd never gone skinny dipping before, but there's a first time for everything. I threw my clothes off into the shrubs and jumped in. It felt awesome! I jumped off of the high dive for a while, then just floated. About 30 minutes later, as luck would have it, I heard a voice behind me.

"How does it feel?"

Dammit! I wasn't paying attention and never heard anyone walk up. It was still a little dark, so maybe they hadn't seen me naked. I crept deeper into the water as I turned around. To my astonishment, it was Laura!

"What are you doing here?" I asked
"I wanted to swim, and, umm... I was kind of hoping no one would be here"
"Why's that"
"I didn't bring my swimsuit or a shirt."

Don't do it! I told myself, don't do it. Don't be a dumb-ass!

"Well, after what we both saw today, I think i can tell you. I forgot my swim stuff too, and I just decided to go skinny dipping. Uh, if you want to too, it wouldn't be a problem with me."

She just stood there.

"You know, no one's ever seen me naked before. I was really embarrassed. But after you left, in a strange way, it felt good. A weird good, but still good."

She paused, and then took off her shirt, and pulled down her skirt. Oh my god! Here is the girl of my dreams standing right in front of me in her underwear! And SHE wanted to!!! She took off her bra, and showed off her little boobies! They were just beginning to blossom,and to me, perfect in every way. She then paused, looked around, and in one swift motion, stripped her panties off and threw them aside. Her pussy was even more beautiful than before. It was completely shaven, with a little bit of juice already starting to drip out. I swam to the side, and got out of the pool. She came up to me, this time, with a cute, playful, innocent smile on her face and leaned in. I leaned in too, and in an instant, we were kissing. We were feeling each other all over. Her firm breasts, and small, desirable butt were calling me, and I couldn't resist. I kissed and licked her in every spot imaginable. That small spot of juice on her pussy had turned into a puddle. My dick was begging for it, and I knew she was too. I paused, "Laura,..."

"I feel good down there. Please, please, make me feel better."
"You know that we can never go back, are you sure you want to do this?" I already knew the answer.
"My friends all have done it before, and keep telling me how great it feels. I want to feel that!"

I laid her down, opened her legs, and stared at my first pussy. I put my cock in between her pussy lips rubbed, and they just came right open. I stuck it in, and in one move, tore her virginity from her. She was extremely tight, but I kept on. After a couple seconds she got the pleasure back, and a short while later she had her very first orgasm. Shaking all over, she moaned deeply, and her cum on my cock instantly made mine go wild. I released my cum in her, and it was the best feeling I've ever felt in my life, even to this day. We collapsed on each other for a while, then, once we were able, we got up, both of us very messy.

"Hey Laura, now's the fun part. Lets clean up!"

I grabbed her, and we both jumped into the pool...

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2013-10-22 01:49:41
That insgiht would have saved us a lot of effort early on.

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2011-11-03 17:37:18
"Hey Laura. Now is the fun part. You are pregnant and catholic and going to burn in hell. Trolololololol"

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2010-06-26 09:24:07
Awesome story. Keep going.


2010-06-22 00:58:52
Good keep going. Need more detail

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