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I had stopped at the mall on my way home from work on a Friday night to
buy _Half Life 5._ After I parked in the garage under the apartment
building where I lived, there were a few people waiting for the elevators.
I'd seen them in the building before, but I didn't pay much attention to
them; I just couldn't wait to start slaughtering alien invaders again. As
it was, I had a boner fantasizing about _Gordon Freeman,_ the hero of the
game, getting it on with _Alyx Vance,_ his female sidekick. I was sure
glad that I was wearing baggy jeans!

My guy friends tell me that I'm never going to meet a girl hiding out in
my apartment playing video games, but I'm such a dweeb when it comes to
women. I'd already wasted too much of my life trying to meet women in
clubs; after the umpteenth put-down from asking a woman to dance or
something, I said, "Never more!" And even reputable dating services are
more interested in bleeding you for every last cent than in helping you
find a perfect match.

The elevator in front of me opened, so I was the first one in. Three
short Chinese women and a married couple followed me in. As the door
started to close, someone out in the lobby called out, "Hold it!"

Someone grabbed the door to make it open again. An elderly couple
started dragging some kind of upright chest of drawers in. I backed up
against the wall, as did one of the Chinese women.

Another of the Chinese women backed up, pressing her body against the
one backed against the wall, to let the old folks in with their dresser.
Then, as the old folks squeezed in, the Chinese woman standing in front of
me backed into me and pressed her back snugly against me. She didn't look
at me or say a word. Oh man! I could feel my boner pressing into her ass

The elevator started to rise. I prayed that the Chinese girls and the
old folks lived on an upper floor. The elevator stopped on the 13th floor
and the couple squeezed past the old folks to get out, and I figured that
the thrill was over. Yet, it was still a tight squeeze with the old folks
and their chest; the girl leaning against me didn't move off me.

Then the old folks got off on the 19th floor and struggled their chest
out of the elevator. The two other Chinese girls separated, but the one
leaning against me didn't move. Hey, maybe she was into leaning against

We rode up to the 23rd floor. As the other two girls started to leave
the elevator, the one leaning against me said something to them in Chinese.
The three of them talked back and forth a few times in Chinese. Then one
of the other Chinese women looked at me and said, "Do you need glove?"

_Huh?_ Then, while I was wondering what she meant, the other reached
into her purse and handed the girl leaning against me some small items
wrapped in foil. I gasped when I saw the brand. She had handed her some
rubbers. _Holy shit!_

That one Chinese girl and I rode alone up to my floor, her still leaning
up against me snugly. In the quiet, I could feel her heart beating and I
could feel her back flexing as she breathed in and out.

When the door opened at my floor, she got off me and walked to the door
and waited. I followed her out of the elevator, and said, "Hi!"

She said something in Chinese and waited again.

I thought I knew where this was going, what with the rubbers and all,
but now I wasn't sure. How could anything happen if she didn't speak

I started to walk down the hallway toward my apartment, then she stepped
in front of me and looked up at me, neither smiling nor frowning.

"I don't know what you want," I said.

She said something in Chinese and waited, watching me intently.

This was getting too freaky. I walked around her, toward my door, and
she followed me into my apartment.

I dropped the plastic _GameGo_ bag containing the game on my coffee
table and said, "My name is Gary. What's yours? Would you like something
to eat or drink? Sit and talk? Watch a movie, maybe?"

She grabbed my wrist and slapped the packets of rubbers into my hand,
then stared up at me with a blank expression. So, okay, I can take a hint
after it's been pounded into me by a 20-ton steam hammer.

I looked at her closely for the first time. She looked to be about my
age, or maybe a couple of years younger; she had short black straight hair
with bangs over her face in what I assume was the traditional Chinese
style; and had the most beautiful brown eyes. But she had the figure of a
pencil; I could hardly see a chest on her. Still, she was really, really

I took her hand and led her into my bedroom. Frankly, though, I was
terrified; I was about to fuck a girl who I had just met less than 10
minutes ago, and I didn't even know her name. We couldn't even communicate
with each other, for sakes!

We stared at each other, her with her blank expression. What, exactly,
did she expect me to do to get things started? She pointed at my hand
holding the rubbers and said something in Chinese.

"Yeah, these are rubbers," I said absently.

She walked up and snuggled against me, resting her head against my
chest. So I put my arms around her and held her tightly. My boner, still
hard, was pressing into her crotch.

I reached up and started stroking her soft black hair behind her head.

"Mmmmmm," she cooed and put her arms around me too.

We stood like that for nearly a minute before she looked up at me. I
leaned down and kissed her. She welcomed my kiss with open mouth.

While we kissed, I ran my fingertips up and down her spine, outside her
colorful blouse, feeling the bump of her bra between her shoulder blades.

We broke the kiss, both of us panting. I looked down at her, and she
unbuttoned the top button of her blouse and waited. I dropped the rubbers
on my lamp table next to my bed and reached up and fingered the next button
of her blouse for a moment before I unbuttoned it, then I paused. She
unbuttoned the next button and waited. I unbuttoned the fourth button. We
alternated like that until her blouse was hanging loosely on her shoulders.
I hesitated, then pulled the collar of her blouse loose. She raised her
arms up as if expecting me to remove it from her, so I did. Then I tossed
it on the bed.

Then she unhooked one hook from her bra, the kind that hooks in the
front. I almost knew she wanted me to unhook the other one, but I was so
nervous. After waiting for a few moments, she unhooked the second hook

I reached up to her shoulder and touched the strap. She spread her arms
out, inviting me to remove it. I picked up both straps on my hands and
slowly slid them out over her shoulders and let her bra fall to the floor.

I stared at her tiny breasts. Her nipples wee but little red pimples.

She cupped one of her breasts in her hand and said something in Chinese.

"You're so beautiful," I said. "I wish I knew your name."

She reached up behind my head and pulled my face down to her chest. I
had to lean down quite far since she was so much shorter. I licked one of
her nipples, drawing an immediate "Ohhhhh!" from her.

I sat on the bed and pulled her to me. With her standing up to the bed
straddling my knees, her chest was right in my face. I resumed sucking
that nipple until it grew a quarter inch inside my mouth. She pulled away
and pressed the other nipple to my lips.

With her nipples moistened and hardened, she reached down and tugged on
my shirt. I guess it was my turn next. I started to pull my tee shirt up
over my head, then she grabbed it and yanked it up and off.

I was panting so hard, and my cock was aching for release. I pulled her
onto my lap and kissed her again while I fondled her enlarged nipples.

As we kissed, I fell backward, pulling her on top of me. She broke the
kiss, climbed higher on me, and pressed her nipples, one at a time, to my
mouth for more sucking.

After a few minutes, she sat up on my lap, crushing my boner under her
ass. Then she just looked at me.

I put my hands on her thighs, rubbing outside her tight faded jeans.
She took my hands and placed them on the top edge of her jeans above the

I paused, unbuttoned the button, then cautiously unzipped her jeans.

She crawled off me and stood, and let her jeans fall. Then she pulled
her panties down, revealing a cute little back muff between her legs.

Then, completely naked, she crawled back onto me and sat on my chest
with her back to me. _What's that?_ She had a small tattoo of a dragon in
the small of her back just above her ass crack.

With her cute little ass on my chest, she began to fuss with my zipper.
I heard the zipper open, then she shoved my jeans and BVDs down to my knees
and to my ankles. "Ohhhh!" she cooed as my cock sprang up in the open air.
I kicked my shoes off and let my jeans and BVDs drop to the floor under my

I gasped when she grabbed my cock in her hand and held it there,
squeezing it firmly, but not so tight that it hurt. Then she started to
slide backward. Her ass crawled back until she was directly over my face
with me staring into her asshole and pussy. A split second later, her full
weight was resting on my face. For a small girl, the pain was incredible.

She continued to hold my cock in her hand. She didn't stroke it or
anything, just held it tightly. The feeling was not unpleasant.

I needed to take a breath, and tapped against her thigh to suggest that
she lift up. Instead, she grabbed my wrist with her free hand and said
something in Chinese.

She squirmed a little, twisting my face, and dripping pussy juice into
my mouth. I hoped I guessed right what she wanted, for I slid my tongue up
into her soaking pussy and began licking. I fucked the hole with my tongue
a few times, then sucked her clit into my mouth.

That drew a gasp from her.

I licked her clit, drawn into my mouth with the suction of my breath. I
flicked it and played with it with my tongue while she "Oooh'ed!" and

My lungs were screaming in pain for breath when she started quaking and
quivering on my face. Every lick of my tongue against her clit evoked a
shiver in her body.

I was certain that I was about to pass out when she finally fell forward
onto me, giving me a view of her anus and spit-soaked pussy.

She squeezed my head between her thighs as I stared past her ass crack
up to the ceiling. Then she took my cock into her mouth. I had been hard
and horny ever since I left the mall, and I was on a hair trigger.

No sooner had her lips slid over the head of my cock that I exploded
into her mouth. "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" I moaned and quivered with every wad
of cum that shot out the end of my cock into her throat.

My shots came farther and farther apart until I was drained.

She then crawled around and lay on top of me and snuggled her head onto
my shoulder next to mine. I wrapped my arms around her back, squeezing her
tightly as I lay there in a post orgasmic haze.

I turned to face her and kissed her, and we kissed for the next few
minutes as she lay on top of me.

When we broke the kiss, I said, "That was wonderful! Even the part
where you sat on my face was exciting! None of my old girlfriends would
ever think to do something so erotic!"

She just whispered something in Chinese and rested her chin on my
shoulder again.

I didn't know what to do next, so I just lay there feeling her warmth.
It felt so good, and neither of us moved, and we eventually fell asleep in
each other's arms.

Sometime during the night, I woke. She was squirming around and I
relaxed my grasp on her. She whispered something in Chinese then got out
of bed. Cest la vie, I thought. But then she got back into bed, holding
something in her hand. She was ripping that pouch with the rubber open.

"But I'm not hard right now, girl!" I said.

She gave me a knowing smile, as if she understood what I said. With
rubber in hand, she leaned onto me and put my limp member into her mouth
while straddling my head with her legs again. Once again, I was staring
into her pussy and ass between her thighs while she worked my cock with her
lips and tongue. Of course, I got hard pretty quickly, but the she sat up
on my face again, once again resting her full weight on my head.

I felt her slide the rubber onto my hard member with her nimble fingers
while I held my breath under her ass.

A moment later she lifted her ass off my face and crawled down to my
hips. Her deft fingers steered my cock in while she impaled herself on me.

Her little smile was so beautiful looking down at me while she bounced
up and down on my cock. It was so incredibly enjoyable to just lay there
while the girl did all the work fucking herself on me. I wished I knew her

Her effort paid off, and I exploded into her tight pussy. We quaked in
rhythm as I shot wad after wad into her, and then as I wound down, she fell
forward onto me for a long wet mouth kiss.

We fell asleep together once again, this time with her on top of me.
That felt so good.

I don't know how she did it without waking me, but I woke alone the next
morning. Figuring that she had just gone to use the bathroom, I left
looked in, but she wasn't there. My heart sank as I wandered through my
small apartment, all alone.

Months passed, and I eventually got over her. I still thought about her
every now and again, but why should I get all mushy over some slut I did
during a one-night-stand? I thought nothing of it when my doorbell rang
just then. I still didn't know my neighbors very well, and it was usually
some just some salesman selling cable TV. I don't watch much TV; a cheap
pair of "rabbit ears" were good enough for me.

I was all set to tell the salesman where he could plug his cable
when--holy shit!--it was those three Chinese girls, including _my_ Chinese
girl. She was carrying a small suitcase. What the fuck? Counting back,
it hadn't been nine months yet, and her belly was as petite as when I
fucked her.

One of the others said in broken "Engrish," "We leave on airplane
tonight for Beijing. Not return. Chin want to stay. She like you. Want
to stay with you. She say you good fuck. Okay?"

I smiled at Chin. "Yes! I like Chin too! She can stay with me."

Chin seemed to understand without the others translating, because she
dropped her suitcase and jumped into my arms and gave me a sloppy wet kiss.

That was five years ago. We got married a year later and she got her
permanent visa. And she plans to get a job when her "Engrish" gets good
enough. We still have trouble communicating, but we love each other, and
maybe even start a family some day.

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