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As I stood in the long line at the commissary, I saw her again. This time she wore short shorts, and a plain white tee shirt, I’m not sure if she realized everyone could see her black bra through the shirt. She had her medium length dark brown hair pulled up into a pony tail, and no makeup on her face. The first time I saw her was a week ago. On that particular day she was with a man, whom I assumed to be husband. She had on a pretty sun dress with her beautiful hair down and her face made up, but for some reason she was just as stunning today. She was wrestling with a sack of dog food, when finally a nearby airman helped her get it out of her cart. She smiled at him; she had beautiful teeth. She appeared to be in a hurry. I quickly put my items on the conveyer belt. As I was watching the bagger put my bread in with the milk, I missed her leaving. I cursed myself because I wanted to check out her ass. I stood watching the bagger put stuff into my cart, when I noticed something lying under the lane next to me, I walked over to take a closer look, and it was a bank card. I picked it up. “Jayme Shipman” was the name on the card. I stuck it in my pocket. I followed the bagger out to my car, and watched him unload my groceries, and tipped him four dollars. Climbed into my car, and drove home. On the drive home, I thought about her black bra showing through her shirt. Jayme, what a pretty name. I couldn’t help but wonder if my husband worked with her’s.
Arriving home I quickly carried the groceries in and put them away. I then parked myself in front of the computer, found a name look up site, and typed in “Jayme Shipman”. Thousands of Shipmans. No luck. I had just started to cook dinner, when my cell phone rang; it was my husband, “Hey baby!” I said.
“Hey I hope you had a good day, I’m so sorry, but I have to work over tonight” Chris said.
“Ugghhhh, well figures, I just started cooking!”
“I’m so sorry darling I’ll be home as soon as I can” he said.
“Well ok be careful, I love you”
“I love you too darling bye”
I sat down once again, to a lonely meal. We had just moved to Elmendorf a mere three weeks ago. I was very homesick, and was very tired of eating dinner alone. After eating dinner I washed the dishes, and vacuumed. I climbed into the shower, where again Jayme popped into my head, I thought of her shapely body in her sun dress, how pretty her smile was, and of how her black bra showed through her shirt. I began to rub my breast thinking of Jayme’s perky breast. My nipples became erect and my pussy grew wet, I ran my hands to my pussy and began rubbing my clit, imagining Jayme’s mouth on my pussy, licking and sucking my clit. I slowly brought myself to orgasm. I quickly wrapped up my shower, and went to the bedroom and began reading a book, and then fell asleep.
I was awoken suddenly by the sound of a four A.M devil. My husband’s alarm clock rang out through our unfurnished bedroom. He, of course, did not move an inch. I climbed over him turning his alarm clock off. “Baby, wake up, it’s time for you to wake up” I said softly while gently shaking him. “I’m up” he said in a muffled sleepy voice. I ran my hands down his bare back, kissed his ribs. I saw him smile. I flipped the covers off of his body, he quickly covered back up. “Baby it’s cold in here” he said.
“You are just a baby, come here, I’ll warm you up!”
His eyes popped open at the thought of me wanting sex. I hadn’t wanted sex since we arrived to Elmendorf, due to me being homesick. He got up, went to the bathroom, and peed, brushed his teeth, shaved, and washed his face. I fell asleep waiting on him. He smiled, as he crawled under the covers, and found a naked pussy waiting. Gently he spread my legs, and began to lick my pussy. I squirmed slightly. He slid a finger into my wet pussy. He wanted to fuck me . He sat up and threw the covers onto the floor, I opened my eyes, and my nipples were hard and were begging for a mouth on each to warm them up. He went for my left nipple, and sucked hard swirling his tongue around it. I moaned, I wanted his cock in me badly. He slid his cock into my warm wet pussy, and began thrusting into me hard and fast. I moaned, I loved the times where he was in a hurry and fucked me like crazy. He draped my legs over his shoulder fucking my tight cunt, and soon exploded into my warm pussy. He kissed me.
We both went to the bathroom. He was washing his cock off, and I was using the bathroom.
“You know, Alaska is beautiful.” I said smiling. He glanced at me.
“Yes, it is. Wait till the winter.” He replied.
“Baby, staying at home all the time isn’t helping me adjust, you know?” I said slightly irritated.
He smiled at me. “Well, tonight they won’t ask me to work over.”
“How do you know?” I said.
“Because, I have worked over the last 3 weeks, I get a week off” I smiled.
“Well, well, well, Airman Smith, what are we going to do when you get off work?”
“Why don’t you meet me at Polar bar. After work the guys and I were going to grab a drink, I’d like you to meet them” he said.
“Polar bar?”I laughed. “Sure baby, I’d love to meet your buds or co-workers whatever they are”
“Shit!, I got to go!”
he darted from the bathroom. I brushed my teeth while watching him dress in his ABU’s quickly. I loved how my airman looked in them. He ran over to me ,kissed me, and ran out of the house.
I thought about Jayme on and off all day. I could not figure out why I kept thinking about her! I was driving to Polar bar. I giggled at the name. I wasn’t sure what I should wear. I didn’t want to dress too sexy, as this was the first time meeting his friends, and I wanted to make a good impression. So I settled on shorts, a loose fitting beaded top, and a pair of flat sandals. Casual, yet flirty. I held my I.D. In my hand as I walked to the door of the bar. Still not 21, I would be required to get a big ugly “x” on my hands, which took a lot of scrubbing to get off. I wondered why they did that. The ones that were old enough to drink had a band on their wrist. Where the employees too dumb to remember wrist band drink, no wrist band no drink? I watched as the man attempted to calculate my age. He took longer than what pleased me and I decided that the employees were indeed stupid. I watched as he scribbled two big “x’s”, one on the top of each hand. I turned to walk deeper into the bar, I felt nervous. I spotted my husband, and a group of airman. I confidently strolled over to the table, and they stood to meet “Smith’s wife” as they referred to me . I shook their hands, as my husband introduced each of them to me.
“Shipman” my heart stopped.
I looked at his face, I wasn’t sure if he was the guy I had seen with Jayme. I sat beside my husband, listening to his co-workers tell stories. Suddenly there was beautiful Jayme, standing near the table. Shipman, stood as did the other men to meet this incredible creature.
Shipman turned to me and said “and this is Smith’s wife”.
I stood and shook hands with Jayme, “I’m Stacy.”
I managed to say with a smile. She smiled her beautiful smile and said “I’m Jayme.”
“It’s nice to meet you Jayme”.
I sat back down next to my husband, and watched as every man in the room had their eyes on Jayme.
She had her hair down and face made up perfectly. She had on a skirt, a semi-low cut top, and heels! I noticed my husband checking Jayme out. I couldn’t blame him, hell even I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I listened as Jayme demanded the table’s attention with her stories; she was a great story teller, unlike me. I tend to ramble on with useless details. She lined up every story with the punch line at the right time, to ensure laughter.
She turned toward me, “How long have you been in Alaska?”
“Only three weeks, how about you guys?”
She replied “Two years in December.”
“Oh, wow, do you like it here?” I asked
“Yes! It’s breathtaking in the winter!”
“That’s what I have been told.” She smiled at me.
“You are from the south?”
I laughed “Yes, Tennessee.
” She smirked “where are you from?” I asked Jayme.
“I always wanted to go to Arizona!” She laughed and said “No you don’t! It’s hot!”
Just like you, I thought to myself. I noticed the X’s on her hands, she was about my age. “Do you have any kids?” I asked.
She quickly replied “No not yet, some day, what about you?”
“Nope, no kids yet, but you have a dog?”
She looked at me puzzled, “How do you know that I have a dog?” She asked.
“Oh, yesterday I saw you at the commissary. You had a big bag of dog food in your cart.”
She smiled.
“Oh”, I said excitedly,” You dropped your bank card yesterday too, I have it in my car”
she interrupted me with “OH MY GOD!!! I didn’t even know I dropped it!!!!”
I smiled. “I’ll give it to you when we leave.”
After three hours at the Polar bar we finally left, I was halfway home when I realized Jayme and I both had forgotten to get the bank card out of my car. I pulled in beside my husband.
“Baby, do you know Shipman’s number?”
He laughed “Why do you want to fuck Shipman?”
“ha ha, No, I found his wife’s bank card yesterday at the Commissary, she was going to get it out of my car, but we both forgot, and if you had his number, Jayme and I could meet somewhere and I could give her the card.”
Chris looked at me, “Why not just give me the card, and I’ll give it to Shipman tomorrow? It will save you and Jayme some gas?”
“That’s ok, I can meet her, and I’m tired of being home anyways.”
Chris took out his cell phone and called Shipman, and mumbled a few sentences, and laughed a few times and then Chris hung up the phone, “Jayme said she would meet you at the commissary at eleven A.M.”
I woke around nine AM. I had no idea what to wear to meet Jayme. What if I showed up in heels and she showed up looking like shit or what if I showed up looking like shit and she showed up in heels! I showered quickly. Blow dried my hair, put on makeup. I dressed in a skirt and a blue top, and low heels. I jumped in my car and got to the commissary about fifteen minutes early. I saw a nice shiny new Tahoe, pull in a few rows over, sure enough it was Jayme, who got out in jeans heels and a cute black top, her hair was pulled up in a messy bun. I got out with her card in my hand, and tried to casually stroll over to her.
I called out “Jayme!” she turned, saw me and had a look of relief on her face.
“Hey you look amazing” she said.
“Aww you are too sweet, so do you” I said back, handing her the card.
“Have you had lunch yet?” she asked.
“No I haven’t.”
She smiled and said “Then let’s go eat some lunch, we will take my vehicle”
I smiled at her and said “ok I’ll go grab my purse”
As I was walking back to my car, I wondered if she was checking me out. I snatched my purse out of the seat and locked the door. She pulled near my car. I climbed in the passenger side of Jayme’s new vehicle. “Nice Tahoe” I said, trying to make small talk.
“Thank you, Tim bought it for me about a month ago, I really like it.”
“I assume Tim is your husband?” I asked
“of course, I know why you would ask though, the guys don’t know each other’s first names, so you know Tim as Shipman, and I know your husband as Smith”
I smiled at her and said “Chris is his first name, he bought me a new car before we left to come to Alaska.”
She giggled and said “Sounds like we got us some good men.”
We pulled into Chili’s parking lot, and we both got out. She grabbed my hand and held it as we walked through the parking lot. Is she bi-sexual? Or is this what a lot of girl-friends do? God let her be bi-sexual I said in my head. We sat in a booth, she ordered water, and I ordered a coke.
“I sure do miss sweet tea.”
She laughed and said, “Yea me too, we make it at our house though.”
“So do we.” I replied.
She ordered some chips and salsa.
“So, have you met a lot of girls up here.” she asked.
I looked at her slightly confused as to what her question meant. “No, the other night at the Polar bar was the first time I had met anyone here.”
She smiled “ I have had a few girlfriends here, but they have all moved away, I was starting to get lonely, I think we can be good friends, I feel a deep connection to you for some reason.”
I smiled and said “Yea, I think you are a lot of fun to be around.”
She smiled. We ordered the same thing for lunch. She talked of boyfriends past, and she gawked at the thought that my husband was my first boyfriend, and my first and only sexual partner. We talked about our sex lives and how great each of our husbands are. We split the bill, and walked to her vehicle , again holding hands. We got in she looked at me and said,
“I feel like I have known you my whole life!”
I laughed “Yea I know! It really does feel like we have known each other a long time.”
“Would you like to come back to my house, I have a bunch of photos of Alaska in the winter, I think you would really enjoy seeing them.” she smiled.
“Yea, that sounds great! It will be nice to see what a furnished base housing looks like.”
We shared a laugh. “I remember what that was like.” she said.
I was pleasantly surprised when she turned onto the road I lived on, and then turned into a driveway four houses down.
“I live four houses down from you!” I said.
“Wow really?”
She unlocked the front door, and we stepped into her living room. I sat down on the couch, while she bent down in the cabinet looking for a photo album.
“It should be in here somewhere” she said.
I stared at her long legs and smooth round ass bent over less than three feet from me. She found it and sat beside me with the album.
“Girl, get comfortable, take them shoes off. ”
I unfasten the straps while she took off her shoes as well. She turned toward me sitting Indian style; I could see her solid black thong under her skirt clear as day. It appeared as if she was shaven. I began flipping through the pages, she smiled as there were pictures of her in a bikini.
“Sorry those are from Arizona. ”,She said
“I don’t mind, you look amazing!”
She looked at me, and I smiled. Upon finishing the book, she showed me their bedroom. Silk sheets, and cherry wood furniture, made the room sparkle.
“Have you ever kissed a girl, Jayme?” I asked. She looked at me.
“Have you?” she shot back.
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked it’s none of my business.” I said.
“You want to kiss me?” she smiled.
I laughed nervously. She took my hand and sat me down on the bed.
“I have kissed other women, and I have been with other women. If this is a problem for you, I understand.”
I smiled “No it’s not a problem.”
She smiled at me. She looked into my eyes, and slowly touched my face, then kissed me softly, in a way I have never been kissed, she ran her fingers through my hair, and slowly ran her tongue over my lips. She pulled away .
“How was that for a first kiss from a girl?”
My face flushed, my panties were soaked, my loins burned. I wanted her, I wanted her pussy on my mouth, I wanted to lick her nipples, and I wanted to touch her pussy. I smiled at her.
“Very nice.” she laughed.
“Well I need to make dinner.” Jayme said.
I glanced at the clock, “So do I.”
We slowly walked back to her vehicle. She pointed out a few flowers she had planted. She drove me back to the commissary and She stopped in front of my car, and leaned over, and I kissed her. I got out of her vehicle and watched as she drove off.
The next day drug by, I thought of Jayme’s soft sweet lips, and how great they felt pressed against mine. I spent most of the day in bed catching up on some reading, and checking my cell phone to be sure Jayme or my husband hadn’t called. Around noon I finally took a shower, and straightened up the house. I put a whole chicken in the oven, with some potatoes and carrots, and decided that I wanted to have sex with my husband as soon as he came in the door. I put on a red see through lingerie that I had bought just a week ago, and slipped on my heels. The heavy aroma of roasted chicken floated through the air. I stood next to the counter when I heard the sound of the car door slamming. Chris opened the door, and started bitching.
“Do you know that son of a bitch told me……FUCK” he stood at the door gazing at me.
I smiled, “you were saying?” I giggled.
“Fuck baby!” he managed to get out.He dropped his stuff, and walked over to me, and kissed me with a lot of tongue, and he ran his hands over my warm body, reaching behind me grabbing my ass. He kissed my neck and chest; he picked me up and sat me on the counter. He kissed my soft tan legs,all the way up to my thighs.
“Mmmmm something smells delicious.” he said smirking. He pulled my panties aside and stuck his tongue in my pussy.
“Damn baby you’re like a waterfall, you have been waiting for me huh?”
He licked my pussy. He kissed my lips hard and full of passion, while taking his clothes off. He walked to the couch in his ABU pants, and combat boots. He removed his boots. I hopped off the counter and slowly walked to the couch. He took his pants off, and his hard cock flopped out of his boxers as he pulled them down. I kneeled in front of him and took his hard cock into my mouth and sucked the tip hard, while rubbing his balls. I climbed up on top of him, and slid his cock into my pussy; they both let out a sigh. I began fucking his cock, bouncing up and down, he pulled my tits from the red flowing lingerie, and sucked my tit hard. I bounced hard on his dick. He told me to get up and bend over the counter. I walked to the counter and bent over it, he stood behind me and lined his cock up with my pussy and slammed it in. He grabbed my long hair and fucked me hard and steady until he filled my pussy with his cum. He panted laying his head on my back. He jumped into the shower. I fixed his plate; we sat at the dinner table and began eating.
“Shipman said his wife said you two went out for lunch yesterday.” Chris said.
“Yea, we did, it was really nice of her to invite me out.”
“I’m glad you have made a friend so quickly.” he said
“She kissed me.”
He coughed “Bullshit! She did not!” he said
“Yes she did, with tongue!”
“You are a bad liar!”
“I swear to you baby, I am NOT lying to you!” I said
“Well, where did she kiss you?”
“She kissed me in their bedroom.”
He smiled “That’s hot!”
“Yea it was, I was so wet when she dropped me off!”
“I wonder if Shipman knows.”
“haha I don’t know if he does or not.” I replied
“If she kisses you again, take a picture of you two kissing!”
“No way you pervert!”
We climbed into bed and fell asleep after a quickie. The idea of me kissing a woman had turned him on.
It had been two weeks since Jayme kissed me. I hadn’t heard from her since. Was I supposed to call Jayme? I picked up my phone, and called Jayme. No answer. A few minutes after one PM Jayme called me back.
“Hello?” I answered.
“Hey girl, what are you up to?” she said.
“Nothing much, sort of wondered if I made you upset?” I asked
“No girl not at all, I was nervous to call you, you know being that I kissed you, I thought maybe I scared you away.”
“No you are too beautiful to run from” I told her.
“Why don’t you come over? I really hate talking on the phone.”
“Okay, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
“Okay bye.”
I got to her front door, knocked Jayme answered the door, and we embraced for a hug. I could feel her breast against mine. She smiled at me.
“Well aren’t you going to kiss me?” I asked. She smiled even bigger. We kissed each other gently with just a little bit of tongue. We lay down in her bed and talked about the past two weeks. We admitted to each other that we missed one another, and the kiss we had shared. We began kissing each other again. She glided her fingers over my body lightly.
“I miss having a woman to play with.” she said.
“You can play with me if you want to.” I said, feeling embarrassed.
She kissed me hard, and pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me; she kissed my neck and my chest. She pulled my shirt off , reveling my pink bra , and straddled me, and pulled her shirt off. She stood up and took off her pants, and took my skirt off, both of us in our bra an thongs, I felt a little embarrassed that my black thong did not match my bra, but she didn’t seem to notice. I loved the way her red bra and thong glowed off of her skin. She climbed on top of me, and gently grinded her pussy onto mine, I moaned slightly. She undid her bra allowing her firm round breast to fall out. I grabbed her tits, then sat up and sucked her nipples. She leaned back in pleasure. She then unsnapped my bra and began sucking my tits. She kissed down my body, and got to my thong, and noticed it was wet.
“I really turn you on huh?”
I smiled and said “yea, you do you are very sexy.”
She pulled my panties off my bare pussy, and slid a finger around my pussy lips. She licked and sucked on my pussy lips. I grabbed my tits and moaned at the feel of her warm wet tongue on my pussy then she slid her fingers into it. I gasped in pleasure. I pulled her up and took her thong off. I was correct she was indeed shaven. We got in the sixty- nine position, her on top. I licked her pussy and fingered it, she moaned wiggling around. I felt tension in my pussy, and could feel it in hers, I licked harder and fingered her harder, and she did the same. She came first she trembled on top of me as pleasure overwhelmed her sexy body. I came quickly after she did; the way she sounded when she came pushed me over the edge. We laid in bed for quite some time just enjoying each other’s bodies. She walked me to the door, and kissed me, and I kissed her back. She promised to call the next day.
After I returned home I sat on the couch waiting for my husband to come home. I was so confused as to what had happened. Did I just cheat on my husband? Is it cheating when it’s with another woman? I went to the shower, and climbed in washing my body, I heard Chris’s voice. I’m not ready to tell him, but I need to I thought to myself . He was in the bedroom when I was stepping out of the shower; I walked into the bedroom, with my hair wrapped in a towel, and towel wrapped around my body. He grabbed my waist and pulled me to him. I smiled. He undid my towel and let it drop to the floor. He began sucking my tits. I pulled away.
“What’s a matter baby?” he asked.
“I just don’t want to have sex tonight.”
“Fine.” he said.
He got up and went into the kitchen. “Baby I’m sorry, I just had a bad day.” I said.
“Its fine.” he managed a smile.
I watched him make a sandwich. I laid down in bed and quickly fell asleep.
I woke up to the phone ringing, I answered it was Jayme; she had bad news, and wanted to come see me. I heard a knock on the door, I opened the door, it was Jayme and she was obviously upset. I hugged her tight.
“What’s wrong Jayme?”
“We are being reassigned.” she said.
“Oh, wow where?”
“Florida, at Elgin.”
“Dang, figures I find a friend, sleep with her and she’s leaving.”
We both laughed awkwardly.
“Are you excited about the warm weather?” I asked her to ease the tension.
“Yes and no.” I smiled at her then kissed her on the lips. She smiled. She quickly took off her shirt, and I followed in suit taking of my shorts right after her, we began making out on the couch. Feeling each other’s bodies. We moved to the floor, both completely naked now. She lay on top of me kissing my mouth, darting her tongue in and out of mouth. She made me sit up, I followed her orders. She sat in front of me, placing her right leg over my left leg, and slides her left leg under my right leg. We began rubbing our pussies together, moaning. She came quickly, but continued to trib with me. Right when I was getting close to cumming the front door opened.
My husband and Shipmen came in, Jayme and I both scrambled to cover ourselves up. Both men stood at the door mouths open in disbelief of what they had just witnessed. Shipman spoke first.
“Well, why did you guys stop?” he smiled.
My husband smiled, and quickly agreed with Shipman. We looked at one another, and began kissing each other. My husband and Shipman sat on the couch, watching Jayme and I kiss each other, we slowly began tribbing once again. As Jayme and I were rubbing our soaking wet pussies together, I noticed the hard cocks growing in Shipman’s and my husbands pants. I smiled at both of them, and sucked Jayme’s nipples hard, with her mouth open wide moaning loudly, I stuck my tongue in her mouth. I kissed her hard with a lot of tongue. We fondled each other’s breast. Finally Shipman couldn’t handle the heat anymore. He stood up and unbuttoned his pants and walked over to Jayme and shoved his cock into her waiting mouth. I watched as he abused her pretty face with his massive cock. Chris soon followed behind Shipman, I opened my mouth as my husband pushed his cock into my mouth. Jayme and I continued rubbing our pussies together, as our husbands fucked our mouths. I heard Shipman begin to moan as he came in Jayme’s mouth, I watched as cum dipped off of her chin. Chris then came into my mouth, Jayme and I immediately began kissing, and swapping the cum back and forth between us. We swallowed both , Chris and Shipman’s cum.

Jayme and I fucked each other every day for the next two weeks. Sometimes the guys would join in, sometimes, just us sucking their dicks, then swapping cum, and sometimes I would suck my husband’s cock, while Jayme ate my pussy, and Shipman fucked his wife. Other times, Jayme would suck Shipman’s cock, while I ate her pussy, and Chris fucked me. The day they left, Jayme and I cried, and promised we would go on vacation together to do it all again.


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