Alice's dad stepped through the doorway, closing it softly behind him. Alice's hand went to the light switch and her father's heart jumped. He moved his hand to intercept hers and stopped her just short of the light.

"No lights? Josh, you-"

Her father moved his finger to her soft lips, "Shhhh". Cutting her off from further talk, he moved his hands to her hips and guided her to turn around, facing away from him. Quickly, before she could resist, he pulled her back against his body, his hands gripping her hips and his face bending down towards her smooth neck.

"I can't see you, Josh, let me turn on the lights," she asked, her hands moving down to his. As her hands moved, they brushed against her father's thick cock. "Ohh, I see," she giggled, "Is this turning you on, baby?"

Her dad bent over her, his mouth moving across her neck. He kissed her gently, moving up to her ear. Lightly, he whispered in her ear,"Shhhh." Then he nibbled on her earlobe, his hands caressing her bare hips. His mind raced. His fingers were brushing against her white panties with each pass and his cock was growing harder with each passing moment. He closed his eyes with his cock resting between the cheeks of her ass. He couldnt believe he was touching his own daughter in this way, but the darkness helped. With nothing to see, her whispering voice could be any sixteen year old girl. Her little hand gripped his cock and he almost lost it right there. "Hmm, you're cock is so big, Josh."

She moaned against his kisses, her face passing against his. "Josh," she whispered in between moans, "I thought I told you to shave."

"Shhhh," her father whispered again, pushing her gently in the direction of her bed. Alice opened her neck to him as she stumbled forwards, letting her father guide her towards her single bed. When she reached the bed, Alice lifted her knees onto it and crawled forwards, her panty clad ass raised teasingly towards her boyfriend as she went. She giggled as she felt his hands on her hips. His hands felt strong, stronger than normal. That was why she loved older guys. Their tough callused hands were so rough on her bare skin. They knew just how to touch a girl, much better than the boys at school. His cock had felt much bigger than the last time they'd fucked. Twice as big, it seemed. It had been a while though. Maybe absence affected not only the heart, but the cock as well. She giggled again as his hands gripped the hem of her panties roughly and started to tug them down over her ass.

"Josh, you're moving pretty fast tonight, aren't you?" She turned back and smiled at him, though she could see nothing but a dark figure leaning over her. Inside, she was glad he was moving faster this time. She was tired of having to suck his dick everytime. Sometimes a girl just wanted to be fucked.

She'd already been fantasizing about this before he'd come in, but now her pussy was almost dripping with anticipation. She could feel the wetness between her legs as she'd moved across the bed, showing him her ass. Her panties were wet with her sex and she hoped he could smell her scent filling the room.

Alice's father breathed in deep, his cock jumping in the cool air. He could smell his daughter's scent. She was obviously horny. His own daughter was incredibly horny and his cock was only inches away from her. For a moment, he almost forgot that he was pretending to be her boyfriend. His cock jumped again with the idea that she would be turned on so much by his 40 year old frame.

He found her panties in the darkness and roughly pulled them down over her ass. He couldn't see anything, but he could feel the heat coming from between her thin legs. He couldn't wait any longer, he knew he would explode any moment. Her panties fell down to her knees and he moved against her, bringing his own knees onto her bed and positioning himself right behind her. His cock bounced forwards, resting between her slightly spread legs just below her hot little cunt. Everything was completely smooth, not a hair to be felt.

He leaned over her, one hand at her side, balancing his body over hers. With the other, he quickly began to undo the clasp of her B-cup bra. Alice moaned when her father's cock came to rest against her pussy. It really did feel huge. She could feel it pulsing against her, and moved back against it, sliding it along her tiny wet slit. He groaned behind her, bucking his own crotch against hers.

"Hmm, do you like that Josh?" she teased, eyes closed in the darkness. "Do you like my little pussy?" Alice's bra fell to the bed beneath her, freeing her breasts. Almost as suddenly, she felt strong hands reach around her body and moaned again. She loved when her nipples were played with.

Alice's father moaned in primal satisfaction as his hands moved under his daughter's breasts. Her nipples were standing out and he pinched them lightly, sending moans out from his daughter's mouth. His cock was wet from her tiny pink pussy and he knew it was now or never. Leaving one hand on her breast, he put his other hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her down against the bed, leaving her ass open to his thrusts. She moved with him, scooting back against him with her thighs right against his.

He reached down towards her pussy, his mind filled with arguments against what he was about to do. He knew it was wrong, he knew it was sick, and he knew he could go to jail if anyone ever found out, but he also knew that as far as his daughter was concerned, it was her boyfriend who's cock was on the verge of penetration, not her fathers. So long as those lights stayed off, she would never know. And besides, how can anyone blame a guy with a sexy sixteen year old daughter who fucked older men?

Almost as soon as this last point was driven home in his mind as justifiable, his hand was on his daughter's cunt. The heat made his cock press harder against her clit and she moaned. His finger slid down, moving her wet lips to each side as he explored her slit. He could feel her little clit at the bottom, aroused and swollen against his finger. Pressing against it, she moaned louder, her face right against the sheets of her bed. He brought his finger back up, and then rubbed down again, his finger sliding easily along his daughter's cunt.

As he focused more and more on her clit, she moaned louder and louder, her breath becoming ragged. With his thumb still on her button, he gently slid his middle finger into the the hot depths of her pussy. She gripped the sheets on either side of her body and pressed back against him. He pushed forwards deeper, his hand wet with his daughter's hot juices as she arched her back more and more.

"Fuck me Josh, fuck me now," she moaned, raising her ass seductively and spreading her knees further on the bed.

Her father almost lost control when he heard his daughter's voice begging to be fucked. He quickly pulled his finger from her cunt and gripped his shaft. He leaned back just enough to give room for it to straighten itself right at the entrance to her pussy. Closing his eyes and not even trying to argue against the temptation anymore, he grasped his daughter's creamy white hips and pressed forwards.

Alice's fingers fought for grip against the smooth blue sheets. The dark figure behind her pressing his cock deeper and deeper into her, pushing her harder against her bed. She could feel his legs holding hers in place. She could feel his hands holding her hips. She was completely powerless, her mind given over entirely to pleasure. That was okay with her though; as far as she knew, it was her boyfriend leaning over her, slowly penetrating her pussy.

Alice's father groaned as his cock slid deeper into his daughter's hot cunt. He could feel her warm lips gripping either side of his thick shaft, pulling him deeper inside. He shifted his hands to her ass, one on either side. With more leverage he raised up a bit, making it easier for him to penetrate deeper into her pussy. He kept pressing forwards, mindless of what he was doing to his own flesh and blood. Her pussy was so tight, so tight. He was in paradise, pleasure filling his brain as his cock thrusted inside the sweet sixteen year old girl laid out invitingly in front of him. His cock was almost entirely hidden from view now, filling his daughter's pussy to the hilt. Her moans filled the room as her father's balls finally rested heavily against her dripping clit.

Her father pulled out, leaving his daughter's pussy empty for just a moment before he thrusted forwards again, harder this time. She screamed out in pleasure and surprise as his cock filled her again. His balls slapped against her clit this time, sending waves of pleasure through her.

"Oh Josh, not too- Jesus- not too much. My dad will hear," she pleaded in between moans. Her father smiled to himself, thrusting again into her pussy.

"Shhh," he said, leaning back to appreciate his daughter's sweet cunt opened to him in the darkness.

The room was hot and filled with the smell of sex. Alice's moans were echoing down the hallway as she was fucked relentless by her father, who's groans grew louder with each passing minute. He shifted behind her, feeling around beside her for one of her pillows. Finding one, he lifted her hips and shoved the pillow underneath her crotch. He pushed her down on the bed until her stomach rested on the sheets, leaving just her ass in the air now, resting on the pillow. In this position, she was helpless,her ass just high enough to allow his cock open access to her sweet wet slit. Alice's father moved his hands to her shoulders, holding her in place as he pushed forwards, his cock penetrating her pussy once again.

Alice was beside herself with pleasure. Josh had never shown this kind of domination before and she couldn't believe how turned on she was. She could feel her hot juices dripping down her thighs and pooling on the sheets. His cock fucked her in and out, again and again, deeper with each thrust. She'd never been fucked like this before.

She could feel her pussy tightening around her father's cock and new she was ready to cum hard. She moved her arm around underneath her stomach, searching for her hot little clit with her fingers. She rubbed her clit easily in the wetness of her juices, pressing harder into it as her climax grew.

Her father lost control, his dick sliding in and out faster and faster, his balls ready to burst. He leaned over her, his sweat dripping onto her back as he pounded her pussy like a piston, her smooth creamy ass against his stomach as he thrusted. He'd had nothing but his hand in months and he hadn't had a fuck like this in years and he was taking full advantage of it.

"Oh fuck, fuck, god fuck. Fuck me," Alice moaned, loud enough to echo around the house. She didn't care anymore, she wasn't even aware of the house around her. Her mind was entirely focused on the figure behind her, fucking her like she'd never been fucked before, and the orgasms starting to wrack through her young body. She came again and again, digging her fingers into the mattress and trying to catch her breath in the hot air of her bedroom. Her fingers were a blur on her clit.

Her father moaned loudly, feeling the growing tension in his balls as he thrusted again and again. He was ready to pull out and unload all over his daughter's ass, but he couldn't. He wanted so badly for this never to end. He couldn't pull himself from the tight teen pussy milking his cock for every drop.

With one last deep thrust, his cock exploded into his daughter's cunt, filling her with his seed. He fell exhausted against her back, his cock still spurting into her pussy as she giggled, too tired to speak.

Behind them, the light in the hallway turned on.

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you should have the daughter get pregnant with her fathers baby

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Well said! The one that’s the worst for me is the jaw ache one.. Not hpleed by the fact that the joints in my jaw have medical issues meaning it hurts to open my mouth wide… Needless to say, it has to be on a good day for me to give head. Which sucks (accidental pun, I assure you) as I often really WANT to give him head… LF x

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I had to give it a negative rating because of the shaved pussy.


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A good story of sexual hunger. Would enjoy knowing what his daughter's reaction will be when she learns the best sex of her life was with her father. Will she willingly enjoy those pleasures again?


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