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Chapter 3

Jason slipped into Nancy’s garage and put his night bag on the floor before turning to get a good look at the volcano model sitting in the old ping-pong table. By putting in a half-hour a night for the past month he and Liz had managed to make a pretty accurate replica of Mt. St. Helens. Jason knew that he and Liz would never win the science fair with something as common as a working volcano, but at least it would look impressive and no one - not even his mother or sister - would ever suspect that they didn’t put that much effort into the project.

He still had no idea how this last night before the science fair had worked out so well. First he and Liz had managed to convince his mother that they needed to work the whole night to put the finishing touches on the model. On top of that, his mother had left right after dinner for an overnight business trip and she’d taken Beth to a friend’s house for a sleep over. Jason thought it would be a lot harder to talk her into letting him spend the night at the Carter’s but she’d agreed to the idea without arguing. Everything had happened so fast after that that his mother and sister had left by the time he packed for the night and exited his room.

Over the past month Jason had learned a lot about fucking from Nancy and Liz but in spite of all the positions they’d used tonight would be the first time he actually managed to sleep with them. Jason wondered if tonight he’d finally get up the nerve to ask them if they’d be willing to let him knock them up. But with a frustrated sigh he realized that he’d probably chicken out tonight just like he had every night for the last month and he’d be left with his daydreams of watching them proudly displaying their swollen bellies and milk filled tits.

Just thinking about seeing Liz and Nancy with his babies growing in their wombs was enough to give Jason an erection that only grew harder when the images of Nancy and Liz were replaced with his mother and sister. It wasn’t the first time that the images had switched in the past month. Even though he spent every evening fucking Nancy and Liz something always seemed to happen when he got home to make him horny again by the time he crawled into his bed. His family had never been kind of clothing optional around the house, not exactly nudists, but it wasn’t that strange for one of them to run down the hall in their underwear - or nothing at all - on the way to or from their shower. But this past month he’d seen his mother and sister naked more often than any time in his life. If he didn’t know better he’d think the two of them were trying to seduce him. Somehow he’d managed to hide his almost constant erection from the rest of his little family but even after fucking Nancy and Liz twice every night he usually ended the night jacking off in bed.

“There you are,” Liz said, opening the door between the kitchen and the garage, she gave Jason a broad smile and turned to give him a side view so he could get a good look at her naked breasts and erect nipples. “We were beginning to wonder what happened to you.”

“Sorry Liz, I decided to stop and admire our handy work,” Jason said, turning his back on the model and giving Liz an appreciative grin as he enjoyed the view.

“Sure you’re not getting tired of us already?” Liz said with a soft laugh, shifting off to the side so Jason could slide past her into the kitchen, running one hand across her flat belly while he gave her tits an affectionate squeeze on the way.

“Never,” Jason said. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of your pussies. If I ever do I’m sure you and Nancy will come up with something new and interesting to keep us all entertained.”

“I’m glad you think so,” Liz said, leaning in closer to the hand Jason rested on her left tit, “because mom and I have a new game we think you’re going to enjoy.”

“Really?” Jason asked, looking around the kitchen and realizing that Nancy was no where in sight.

“Really,” Liz confirmed. “In fact mom’s waiting for us down in her room right now getting things ready. So why don’t you get out of those clothes and we can go join her.”

“Good idea,” Jason said excitedly, rushing to get his pants, shirt, and shoes off so fast that everything went flying through the whole room until he was just as naked as Liz.

“This way lover boy,” Liz giggled, skipping away from Jason’s reach and heading down the hall past the Living Room and on down to the master bed room.

Jason let Liz get a few feet ahead of him before he turned to follow, enjoying the rise and fall of her naked butt and the sway of her hips as she walked past the closed door of her own room before entering her mother’s room. In the bedroom Nancy was standing next to the queen size bed that the three of them had used almost every night for the past month. He was looking forward to using the bed to actually sleep in for once, it was wide enough for the three of them to sleep comfortably, especially if they spooned together between fucks.

“So what is this game you have in mind, Nancy?” Jason asked, stepping up to Liz’s mother and sucking her tit into his mouth so he could tease her erect nipple with his tongue.

“Oh that’s good,” Nancy said, closing her eyes in pleasure before she reluctantly reached down to push Jason away from her breast, “but we’ll have plenty of time for that later. Right now Liz and I have a game we’d like to play with you.”

“And what’s the game?” Jason asked with a sigh, stepping back far enough from Nancy to see the blindfold that she held out to him.

“We call it, who am I fucking now?” Nancy said with a chuckle as she held the blindfold out to Jason. “All you have to do is put this blindfold on and climb into the bed. Once you’re ready one of us will climb into bed with you and fuck you. Then you guess which one of us is fucking you. The rules say that you can’t use your hands for anything - especially not to touch our hips or tits - but we can touch you in any way we want.”

“It doesn’t sound like much of a game - since there’s only two of you it won’t be that hard for me to guess who I’m fucking,” Jason said with a thoughtful frown that slowly turned into a lust filled grin. “But it still sounds like fun.”

“Ok, then let me put this blindfold on and get started,” Nancy said with a impish grin of her own.

“The game may not be as easy as you expect, Jason,” Liz said with one of those conspiratorial looks she often exchanged with her mother when they didn’t think he would notice.

“We’ll see,” Jason said with a grin of his own as Nancy adjusted his blindfold and satisfied herself that he couldn’t see anything before she guided him to the center of the bed. After waiting through a couple minutes of silence Jason spoke up, waving his stiff cock around in the air. “I’m ready and waiting ladies, when are we going to start the game?”

“Hold on just a few more seconds Jason,” Nancy said with a chuckle, “we’re just deciding who goes first.”

Jason tried to listen to the whispered conversation for a few seconds but he couldn’t follow a word Liz and Nancy were saying that he gave up before they finished. Once Nancy and Liz finished their conversation he heard them approach the wide bed and then he felt the mattress shift under the weight of one of the girls. From the way the bed shifted Jason was sure it was Nancy straddling his hips, there was no way Liz could make the bed move like that, she didn’t weigh enough.

Even though he was sure he knew who was in the bed with him he decided not to spoil the game yet, besides, he was looking forward to getting his cock into Nancy’s wet hot pussy.

Nancy rested one hand on Jason’s stomach for balance while she guided the head of his cock to her drooling slit. She wedged the head of his cock between her pussy lips and he shuddered with pleasure when he felt a drop of her pussy juice rolling down his shaft until it was lost in the pubic hair at the base of his prick.

Once Jason’s cock was coated with her pussy juice Nancy slid her cunt down his shaft until he could feel her pussy hair tickling his balls. Once Jason’s cock was set deep in her slit Nancy leaned forward and Jason felt something bouncing against his pelvis just above his prick. For a second Jason couldn’t figure out what was skidding across his skin, but then he realized that it had to be Nancy’s erect clit - which surprised him since he’d never noticed before that Nancy’s clit was that big. Maybe it was just because of the blindfold, since he wasn’t actually seeing anything he was noticing things he’d never noticed before.

With Jason’s cock still wedged firmly in her pussy Nancy leaned forward until her hard nipples brushed across Jason’s hairless chest sending a jolt of sexual energy down his spine to make his prick quiver in Nancy’s tight wet cunt. “You’ve been holding out on me Nancy,” Jason said as the woman on top of him ran her nipples up and down his chest. “I know it’s you Nancy, Liz doesn’t weigh enough to make the bed move like this.”

Nancy’s only response was a muffled giggle while she started riding his cock, sliding up and down his body with every stroke so that her nipples skidded across Jason’s hairless chest while her oversized clit bounced through his pubic hair. The feel of Nancy’s hard nipples and erect clit sliding across his skin was so erotic that Jason thought he was going to cum the first time Nancy slid her pussy to the head of his cock and then slid back, but somehow he managed to hold on in spite of everything.

“You really have been holding out on me Nancy,” groaned when Nancy picked up the pace of her fuck. From the way Nancy’s pussy was quivering around his shaft he didn’t think either one of them would hold out for much longer. “I don’t think you’ve ever been this fucking hot before. I love it.”

Nancy still refused to speak in spite of the fact that he knew who she was, but she also picked up the pace of her strokes with her own approaching orgasm. With her last stroke Nancy sat up straight and slammed her pussy down on Jason’s cock, forcing it as deep as it would go in her belly as her cunt clamped tight around his shaft just as he shot his load.

His orgasm was so strong Jason thought he was going to pass out from the pleasure of shooting four wads of cum deep in Nancy’s womb, but somehow he managed to hold on to consciousness while Nancy shivered through her own orgasm with his cock deep in her womb. Nancy took a few seconds to catch her breath and then she rolled off Jason to drop to the bed on his left. Jason listened as Nancy panting to catch her breath before she rolled off the side of the bed so the bed springs squeaked as she slid off.

“So,” Jason said after a deep breath, “since I guessed it was Nancy does that mean I win the game? After all, you’re the only one left to fuck Liz.”

“Keep that blindfold on Jason, the games not over until we say it’s over,” Liz said with an obvious laugh in her voice. “Now hold on while we get you ready for round two.”

Jason didn’t have time to wonder what Liz meant before he felt a slim hand on his limp cock. A second later the first hand was joined by a second one and then a pair of lips sucked the head into a wet hot mouth where an experienced tongue cleaned the cum and pussy juice off his shaft.

Wearing the blindfold and not being able to actually see what was happening to his own body was so erotic that Jason felt life returning to his cock faster than ever and it wasn’t long before Jason was ready for the second round. As soon as Nancy and Liz realized he was ready they stopped sucking his prick and a few seconds later Jason felt the bed moving under his ass when Liz climbed into bed with him.

“Still playing the game, Liz,” Jason asked with a chuckle when his best friend straddled his hips without saying a word. “It that’s the way you want to play it then I’ll go along, at least for now.”

Liz’s only response was to run her slick pussy back and forth along Jason’s hard cock, coating the shaft with her juices until it was slick enough to slide into her tight cunt. As Liz was lifting her hips up Jason couldn’t help but notice that her pussy seemed to have less hair than it use to. Liz grasped Jason’s cock in one hand and guided it to the mouth of her cunt. Once the head was set firmly against her pussy lips Liz took her hand away and placed them on Jason’s stomach for balance as she put pressure on his prick.

For several seconds Liz’s pussy lips refused to open and let Jason’s cock in, but just as Jason began to wonder what was happening they split open and the head of his cock popped into her tight wet cunt.

“My God Liz,” Jason said with a grunt of pleasure, “your pussy hasn’t been this tight since I popped your cherry last month.”

Liz’s only response was a muffled giggle before she started putting pressure on Jason’s cock again so that her pussy started to slide down it. Jason was enjoying the feel of Liz’s tight cunt muscles as they ate their way down his shaft, but he didn’t get very deep before something stretched across the tip of his shaft.

“What the hell,” Jason screamed when he realized that whoever was fucking him was a virgin with her hymen intact.

“He’s onto us,” came a female voice on Jason’s left as someone grabbed his arm before he had a chance to use it. “Grab his other arm Nancy. Liz, grab his legs before he can buck her off.”

“I’m on it,” Liz said as a weight dropped across his knees and someone else grabbed his right arm.

In spite of Liz’s weight on his legs Jason thought it sounded like a good idea to try and buck the unknown girl off his cock so he tried to bounce her off his hips but he didn’t have the leverage to buck very hard. All Jason managed to do was slam his cock through the virgin’s cherry with one thrust when she dropped her hips down just as he bounced his naked ass off the mattress.

The girl impaled on Jason’s cock let out a mingled scream of pain and pleasure and Jason recognized her voice. “Beth?” he asked uncertainly. “Beth, is that you?”

If it was his sister her only response was a soft giggle while she rotated her pussy around his firmly imbedded cock.

“I guess we don’t need the blindfold anymore,” the woman on Jason’s left said, he was beginning to think her voice sounded familiar now that he was actually listening to it. “Why don’t you take it off and let him see what he’s been missing Nancy.”

Jason blinked at the sudden light when the blindfold was removed and as soon as he could see he turned to look at the woman on his left. “Mom?” he asked in surprise.

“Hello Jason,” Jason’s mother said with a warm horny smile.

“I was fucking you when I thought I was fucking Nancy, right?” Jason asked.

“That’s right,” Jason’s mother said, her smile growing even broader as she spoke. “I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, I’ve been waiting twelve years for this day.”

“I did enjoy it,” Jason admitted, looking down his mother naked body until he could see his mother’s pussy with it’s oversize clit and a drop of his own cum slowly leaking out from between her cunt lips.

“But it’s one thing to fuck my own mother, and something else to fuck your own sister,” Jason said, turning to look down his body to where his sister Beth straddled his hips with his cock buried deep in her hairless twelve year old pussy. In spite of the tears rolling down her cheeks from the recent loss of her virginity Beth smiled down at her brother with a mixture of pride and joy that she was actually fucking her own brother.

“If fucking your little sister actually bothers you that much just think of it this way, Jason,” Jason’s mother said with a proud smile at the way her daughter had managed to take her brother’s cock all the way into her cunt, “you’ve already fucked one and a half sisters. So what is one more whole sister?”

“What do you mean I’ve fucked one and a half sisters?” Jason asked, watching Beth push the sweaty blond curls out of her face before she started sliding her pussy up and down her brother’s slick cock. Beth’s cunt was so tight around his prick that Jason thought he’d explode any second especially when his sister’s cunt muscles started massaging his whole shaft. But Jason managed to get a grip on his will power and hold back, he may be fucking his own sister, but that didn’t mean that he was going to cum in his sister and take a chance at knocking her up. Just because he had to deal with the guilt of popping his sister’s cherry and fucking the preteen’s pussy didn’t mean he had to add the guilt of knocking her up as well.

“Haven’t you figured it out yet Jason?” Nancy chuckled. “Take a good look at your mother and me, can’t you see how much we look alike?”

“Huh?” Jason said, turning his eyes away from his little sister and turning to look at his mother and Nancy. He couldn’t figure out how he’d missed how much the two women looked like each other. They had the same color hair, the same eyes, they even had the same mouth, but somehow he’d never noticed it before now.

“That’s right son,” Jason’s mother said with an encouraging smile, “I’m Nancy’s older sister.”

“Last month when I left you and Liz alone to start your affair I spent the night at your house, watching for the signal from your living room,” Nancy told her half brother.

“And your sister and I have been trying to seduce you since that night,” Jason’s mother chuckled.

“But you were too stupid and uptight to realize what we were doing,” Beth said between gasps for breath while she rode her brother’s cock. “So we set up this whole night with Liz and her mother so we could trick you into fucking us. Don’t feel guilty about this Jason, I’ve wanted to fuck you since I was nine, and now I’m finally doing it. Not only that, if I’m really lucky you might actually knock me up too.”

“You mean you’re not on the pill like Nancy and Liz are?” Jason asked, looking from his sister to his mother, he could almost see their bellies growing larger with his babies as he looked at them.

“About that,” Liz said sheepishly, leaning close to Jason’s right ear with her mother. Jason suddenly realized that no one was holding his legs or arms but he no longer had a desire to push his sister off his cock, in fact he reached up to tweak the erect nipples topping his sister’s mosquito bite tits at the same time that he bounced his ass off the bed to shoot his cock as deep as it could go into Beth’s drooling slit. “I never actually said that I was on the pill, you assumed I was on the pill when I told you that my mom made sure I was prepared to start fucking.”

“But if you’re not on the pill,” Jason said slowly, “how are you prepared?”

“We’re prepared by having a room full of baby furniture and supplies,” Nancy said with a grin, “We’re all set for when we have our first babies.”

“In fact,” Liz said, exchanging looks with her mother before they both leaned close to Jason’s ear and whispered, “I’m pregnant Jason.”

Between the unexpected news and the grip of Beth’s pussy on his cock Jason couldn’t hold back any longer and he slammed his cock into his sister’s belly with all his strength just as his balls shot his full load of cum deep into his sister’s fertile womb. As soon as his baby hit the back of his sister’s cunt Beth’s whole body went wild with her own orgasm and Jason had to grab her hips to hold her steady before she shook herself off his cock. He was running his thumbs across Beth’s flat belly and dreaming of the day - perhaps soon - when it would be growing with his baby.

Jason was so caught up with his dream of Beth’s pregnant belly that he almost missed what his mom was saying, “If we’re really lucky I could be pregnant too, but I think we better make sure by adding as much of your cum as I my pussy can hold.”

“And Beth?” Jason asked, looking at the dreamy look of contentment on Beth’s face.

“We’re not sure about Beth,” Liz admitted. “She hasn’t started her period yet. But she should start anytime now, and since a girl’s first fertile period comes before her first period there’s a chance - a slim chance - that you could be knocking her up right now. But considering how much you seem to enjoy fucking each other I’m sure you’ll both enjoy trying again and again until you succeed.”

“Mom, what’s going to happen now?” Jason asked before he pulled Beth down on top of him to give her a kiss.

“Do you mean tonight? Or after tonight?” Jason’s mother asked.

“Both,” Jason said after a second’s thought, running his hands along Beth’s back until he patted her bare ass affectionately.

“Well tonight you’re going to sleep with me and Beth so we’ll have a chance to make up for the past month when you’ve been fucking Liz and Nancy instead of us,” Jason’s mother said with a slow smile. “After tonight we thought you’d like to take turns, sleeping with Liz and Nancy one night, and Beth and me the next night.”

“I can live with that,” Jason said with a broad smile, taking in all four of his lovers one after another. Suddenly he stopped and looked back and forth between Liz and Beth, “I just realized something, Liz and Beth are half sisters, but they actually have the same first name.”

“That’s right,” Nancy said, “Karen and I both wanted to name our daughters after our mother Elizabeth. Daddy was the one who suggested we do it, but refer to them by different nicknames, Liz for the oldest, and Beth for the youngest. And of course the shortened versions stuck over time.”

“So just how long have the four of you had this planed out?”

“Nancy and I started making plans right after dad died,” Jason’s mother said. “Once it sank in that we’d never be able to fuck him and have his babies again we both realized that the only cock we had any interest in was yours. If daddy had survived you would have grown up in a family full of family fucking and you would have fit right in.”

“But after dad died,” Nancy continued for her sister while Karen gave her son an affectionate kiss on his cock head after she pulled her daughter’s greedy pussy off her brother’s wilted shaft, “we realized that without daddy as an example of what you could - or should - be doing with your sisters you might be too shy to actually fuck us. So we made plans on just how we were going to seduce you when you were ready, and when Liz and Beth turned out to be just as horny and slutty as we were at their age we decided to include them in our seduction plans.”

“Well it worked,” Jason said with grin as he massaged his mother’s tits, “you four sluts had me so horny I would have fucked you if you asked. You didn’t need to seduce me the way you did.”

“Maybe not,” Beth told her brother, “but it was still fun and I’m glad we did.”

“So am I,” Jason said, imagining what it would feel like to have four pregnant bellies pressed against his body. “But what are we going to do when your bellies start showing in a few months?”

“We’ve had that worked out for years,” Nancy chuckled. “When Liz’s belly gets large enough to be noticed we’ll make sure that it gets noticed and people start talking about it - of course we won’t tell them who the father is and I’ll be hiding my pregnancy at the same time. Once word gets around I’ll make a very impassioned speech about the dangers for a poor innocent girl like my daughter and announce that I’m pulling her out of the school and home schooling her from now on in order to protect her.”

“And in a show of solidarity for my best friend I’ll pull you and Beth out of school at the same time,” Karen told her son. “After that it will turn into a full time fuck-fest - at least it will be when you and the girls aren’t studying because you will have home school. And eventually you will have to find some way to make money, after all our inheritance won’t last forever.”

“Actually I already have a great way to make money already, and we won’t even have to do anything we aren’t doing already,” Jason said, looking at all four of his sisters one after another.

“And what’s that?” Jason’s mother asked, sharing her son’s blood covered cock with Beth and the other girls.

“It’s simple enough,” Jason said with a soft sigh as his prick started reacting to the four-way blow job. “All we have to do is record what we’re already doing and sell it on the web. I’ll have to put some work into editing the videos and make sure that we have plenty of security on our site so we don’t end up selling things to the wrong people and end up getting charged for kiddie porn. But I’m sure I can make a better movie than the ones George loaned me, we’re sure to make a mint.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind putting things out on the web like that?” Liz asked. “I mean you seemed pretty worried about knocking me up when you popped my cherry, that’s why I let you think I was on the pill.”

“I guess it’s my turn to make a confession now,” Jason said. “I was worried about getting you pregnant when I popped your cherry, but I thought you would be worried about having my baby. Ever since that night I’ve been dreaming about knocking you up, and trying to find the nerve to ask you to let me do it.”

“I can’t tell you how happy that makes us,” Nancy told her half-brother, “because I plan to have as many babies with you as I can. And I think selling our videos on the net is sure to make us all the money we’ll ever need while our little family grows into a much bigger one.”

“So, I guess we have a plan?” Jason asked the rest of his family.

“We have a great plan big brother,” Beth said, giving Jason a big smile before she took her turn licking his slowly stiffening cock.

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