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Reality Jump Chapter 1 – New faces. New Rules.

Waking up today I thought things were going to look up. I already lost my job, my girlfriend and my car but I had an interview. It never crossed my mind that I would be booking from dragons, griffons, giant fire breathing salamanders and the like to a portal that so far my only experience with is putting me into the situation I was in. But hell, why not take another plunge down a random rabbit hole that’s already inside another rabbit hole I say.

As I jump through the portal I feel the warm breeze that only comes around on nice days. I feel the warmth of the sun on my face along with the feeling of nothing below me. I look down in time to see a girl in black robes and a pointy hat looking up at me. I hit the ground and roll like my training has taught me and took off running. As I look around I see 17 other people dressed like the girl I first saw. I keep running only to have my path blocked by a bear, nearly shitting myself upon the new development I take my feet off the ground and take a slide under it upon the grass. Once I’m past its leg’s I dig my heels into the grass slowing me down and getting to my feet. I keep running the way I was pointed when I start look around. I see a giant stone wall ahead of me, but a bit to the left I see what looks like a drawbridge. I put on another burst of speed trying to get to the gate before anything else happens. I then lose my footing and shoot 20 feet into the air upside down, as I’m hanging I see the 18 people walking over to me, and the bear was the least of my worries.

“Hey Lily, it looks like your new familiar already doesn’t like you!” I looked around and saw a boy with light blonde hair pointing up at me and laughing.

“Shut up Alex, at least I don’t have a giant mole following me around.”

“That’s enough. Madison, release Lily’s pet.” I see a girl wave a wand at me and not so gently come crashing to the ground. Dazed I see the first girl I saw walking over to me. All the other people around me I saw had beastly things like bears, centaurs and even a couple of dragons. “Okay student’s, that’s enough. This concludes our lesson in summoning. Please spend the rest of the day getting to know your own familiar.”

After getting my head to stop spinning I watch as the girl named Lily starts walking up to me. A plan started forming in my head immediately. As she stood over me I swiped her legs out from under her, I then get to my feet and put her into a choke hold. Lily screams at this getting everyone’s attention. She starts screaming at me to let her go but I just start to back away from the crowd of others. I look around and see guard running at us with swords and halberds. I reach into the sleeve on my overcoat and take out a Blackhawk Tatang and put it to Lily’s throat. She screams even louder put stops struggling as much in my arms.

“Let her go you stupid animal!” Alex yelled pointing a wand at me.

“If I’m so stupid then how come I have an exit strategy?” I yell back at the kid. Funny enough though the moment I opened my mouth his face went white. Along with every other person around him and Lily went silent and stopped moving altogether. “Now if someone could please tell me what the FUCK is going on.”

“Holy shit, it talks!” Says a boy looking over at me, not 2 seconds later every person pulls their wands on me.

“Let her go!” Yells a guard behind me, I look over my shoulder and see 6 guards, 2 with halberds, 3 with sword and shields and one guy with a claymore. (A claymore is a long two handed sword, can stretch to be 5-6 feet long)

“Tell me how I got here first!” I yell back. “Or I kill her.” With that I press the knife closer to Lilly’s throat so she can feel the edge against her skin.

“Put your wand’s down and do what he wants!” Lilly yells at the others. Everyone put down their wands and the guards backed away. Alex however still had his wand raised at me.

“How about we settle this with a dual, if you win we answer your question. But when you lose, you die.” Alex stands on the underside of 6 feet and couldn’t weigh more than 160.

“Okay fine.” I answer releasing Lilly.

Just as soon as I release her she turns around and slaps me saying “I forbid you from fighting him pet, I am your new master and you shall do as I say!” This being the first time I get a good look at her I see she is a rather attractive girl. She stood to be about 5’7” to my 6’0”. She had long black hair and a rack in maybe the B category.

“To late Lilly, he has already accepted, he has to fight to the death.”

Lilly turns around and walks right up to Alex and says to him “But you’ll kill him in no time flat. You have magic, he only has a knife!”

“How about I only get to use summon magic than? That way we all get a show before we feed him to the hogs.”

“I’ll be fine” I say clipping a wire to the handle of my knife.

“No! You are mine and I have to care for you!” Lilly says again walking up to me.

“Shut up and get out of the way or you might get hurt.” I say starting to swing my knife in a circle to my side.

Lilly looked at me for a few seconds before throwing her hands in the air in frustration and walking over to the crowd of people.

“At least let us know your name, that way we have something to make fun of after this.”

“It’s Charles. Now pray to god if you feel like it.”

Alex raised his wand and started to say an enchantment when Charles threw his knife at him. The knife hit the wand shattering it in Alex’s hand, but not before he could summon one goblin. Charles grabbed the wire and pulled sending the knife flying backwards and cutting Alex’s right arm and severing the throat of the goblin he summoned. Charles grabbed the knife in a reverse grip and walked up to Alex who was clutching his arm in pain.

“Who are you?” Alex said looking up at Charles.

“No one you should have crossed.” With that Charles looked like he was about to kill Alex when he was lifted off his feet again by someone.

“Thank you Madison. Now what the hell is going on out here?” asked a teach looking around at everyone. “I said to try and get to know your familiars better, not try and kill each other with them!” the teacher looked down at Alex who was still bleeding from his arm. “Someone get the nurse. And Lilly, control your familiar better or you will fail the class.”

“Yes madam. It won’t happen again.” Lilly said walking forward with her head down.

“Alright, Madison, please help Lilly take her familiar to her room, it seems we can’t let this one run loose.”

Up in Lilly’s room Madison let Charles fall to the floor in the middle of her room. “Sorry for troubling you like this Mandy.” Lilly said dropping into a comfy overstuffed chair.

“It’s no problem Lil, not your fault you got a difficult one.” Madison replied also sitting down in a chair.

“Would someone mind-” Charles started to speak rubbing his but from falling onto stone.

“Yes! Now shut up and stay right there!” Lilly said rubbing her head.

“Want a drink?” Madison said holding up a crystal container with brown liquid in it.

“Yeah, just a small one though.” Lilly said slumping further into her chair.

“So what do you think you got?” Madison asked handing a sniffer to Lilly.

“I don’t know, I was thinking elf the first time I saw him, but his ears are all wrong.”

“So maybe he’s just a human.” Madison said looking over where Charles was standing looking at a painting of hills and mountains.

“If so that’s not very interesting. I was really hoping for something a little bit more exotic then a peasant.”

“Hey now-” Charles started before Lilly flicked her wand at him sending him flying against the wall.

“At the very least you can hope he can, well you now.” Madison said looking at Charles slowly picking himself up.

“What?” Lilly said looking at her friend.

“You know, bow chika-“

“Ugh! Madison, why would I want to do that with something like him? For all we know he has some kind of disease that makes you itch like crazy!”

“You mean crabs?” Charles says sitting down on the floor.

“See! It already has it!”


“Shut up!” Lilly shouts at Charles.

“Well fine, I’m just saying that it looks like he could do some things with you that would result in a rather pleasurable time.” Madison says holding her sniffer up.

“And I’m thinking that you’ve had enough of my booze if you’re already talking like this.” Lilly says chuckling to herself while taking a sip from hers.

As the girls sat there sipping their drinks Charles looked around the room. It was bigger than his old apartment and it looked like it had still had a bathroom and a walk in closet to further expand the size. The floor was hardwood with a dark stain over it. There were rugs under all of the furniture which included a couple of overstuffed chairs the girls were in and a love seat all put around a round stone coffee table that looked like a mushroom with the top cut in half. There was a king sized four poster bed near a bay window. At the foot of the bed a chest, more of an over sized foot locker, but securing the lid to the body was a huge lock made of metal. The walls were painted a deep red, almost crimson with paintings of various fields and mountain plains.

“So tell me Lilly’s familiar, were you really going to kill Alex?” Madison asked looking over at Charles who was currently examining one of the several paintings adorning the walls. Charles turned and looked at them for a few seconds then went back to the painting. “Cheeky little bastard isn’t he.”

“Oi, when she asks you something you answer her.” Lilly said standing up putting her hands on her hips.

“But every time I talk you just flick me across the room with your little stick.” Charles said walking around the room to a different painting. Madison broke out in laughter at this comment. “He’s right!” she said pointing at Lilly. “You do that every time.”

“Oh shut up Mandy, and just answer the damn question or else I’ll flick you out of the window.” Lilly pulled out her wand and pointed it at Charles.

“No, I don’t feel like it.” Charles said poking the picture frame.

“You little shit!” Lilly flicked her wand from Charles to the window. Charles was lifted off the ground and flung through the windows out into midair. As he was falling he saw a patio coming at him fast, he quickly drew his knife still attached to the wire and threw it towards the patio. Charles grabbed onto the wire and prayed to god that it would hold as he fell past the patio.

The wire became taught and jarred Charles as he went flying through a window into a room and landed on a bed. Charles was looking up at the ceiling happy to still be alive without any broken bones when he heard a door open. He instantly sat up and saw a girl walk out of her bathroom drying herself with a towel. The girl was 5’6 and looked to be 17. All she had to cover up was her towel which she clung to her body looking at Charles on her bed.

“Who are you and what the fuck are you doing on my bed?” She asked looking at Charles laying there.

“Oh uh, hi there, my names Charles and as for the bed, well let’s say it made my landing very nice.” Charles said looking the girl up and down. She had black hair and emerald green eyes, as his eyes went down he saw that she was hiding quite the pair under the towel which barely went down to her crotch. She had long legs that went on forever which were still dripping wet. Looking at her made almost nude body made Charles start to get an erection which thankfully was hidden under his coat.

“Well would you mind telling me what you’re doing in my room then Charles?”

“I was kind of tossed out of a window for pissing someone off.”


“A girl named Lilly.”

“Oh you must be the guy who kicked Alex’s ass in a fight earlier. Funny how he can’t even take on one of her summons out of all things.”

“May I ask what you mean by that?” Charles asked getting off the bed and standing next to the girl.

“The girl Lilly, who I would guess is your master now, she can’t do magic for shit. She’s the kind of person in this school who can only come here due to her parents alone and not her skill.” The girl continued to go on about Lilly as she walked over to her dresser and dropped her towel. “Oh you don’t mind if I get dressed while we talk right?”

“No, I’m rather enjoying it to be blunt.” Charles said looking at the girl’s ass.

“So what was it you wanted to know?”

“Hmm? Sorry, could you specify on that?” Charles said continuing to get hard from the site of this now fully naked girl.

“I’m talking about what you said when you had Lilly in a death grip with that knife. What did you want to know?”

“Oh that!” Charles walked up behind the girl and looked at her different pairs of undergarments. “I was just trying to figure out what the hell was going on. You would probably think I was crazy if you heard what happened to me.” Charles started to caress the girls round ass as she looked for clothes.

“Well it seems to me that you’re not quite accustomed to our times, let alone magic the way you talked to Alex.” Charles dipped his index finger into her moistening snatch making her push back onto him. “It also seems that you know how to please a girl!”

“I try my best. And yes, this whole witches and wizards thing with magic wands and the like is very new to me.” Charles started to rub her clit while stroking her insides. “And I don’t think I even belong in this reality to say the truth.”

“Mmmm, do that again!” The girl now disregarded her search for panties and leaned back into Charles enjoying his hand working over her pussy. “Would you mind telling me how you got here? Maybe I can shed some light on things for you.” Charles other hand wandered it’s way up her body and started to play with one of her tit’s making her squirm even more in his hands.

“Ok, well to start things off, where I was taken from it was already winter, the reason for my attire.” Charles started backing up pulling her along with him towards her bed. “I was walking to a job interview when I was sucked into a portal type thing.” Charles turned her around so she was facing him and lay down on the bed with her on top.

“So you got picked up by a wandering vortex.” The girl started to unbutton Charles overcoat as he told her his story of falling through the portal and meeting the other strange animals.

“What is your name real quick?” Charles asked as she started to undo his pants.

“It’s Ellen, Ellen Quinsy.” Ellen said stopping midway with his zipper giving Charles a curios look. “Why?”

“I always like to know the name of the girl I’m about to make love to.” Charles leaned down and took her face in his hands and kissed her on the lips. Their tongues started to dance into and out of each other’s mouths when Ellen’s door crashed open. Both looked over and saw Lilly and Madison standing in the doorway, Lilly had the look of a madwoman who wanted blood while Madison had the look of a woman wanting some love.

“This will teach you better then to talk back to me!” Lilly screamed as she pointed her wand at the Charles and Ellen. Ellen hit fell to the ground barely missing the gust of wind that Lilly sent at Charles who was once again blown out the window. Charles looked back and heard Ellen start shouting at Lilly how she was a cock blocker and a dumb bitch who couldn’t cast worth a damn when he noticed that the wire he had was no longer with him but hanging outside of Ellen’s window.

Charles looked down and noticed that instead of being on the 18 story like Lilly’s room Ellen’s was only on the second. As the ground came at him Charles put his feet out in front of him, when he hit the ground he let his legs act as a coil as he went into a roll across the lawn. When he stopped rolling and stood up he looked back towards Ellen’s room in time to see a ball of fire coming right at him. Charles dived to his left as the fire ball exploded where his feet used to be. He looked back and saw 6 more fire balls being casted at him from Lilly standing in Ellen’s window. Charles started running towards the castle that served as their dorms he guessed so that he got out of Lilly’s line of sight.

Charles was almost at the stone walls of the towers when Lilly jumped from the patio and floated down to the ground with her wand pointed at his head. “You are dead!” She screamed at him as she stepped closer to him. As she drew her wand back Charles rushed her and smacked it out of her hand and knocked her to the ground. He had his right hand over her throat while his left hand had her right arm pushed to the ground. “Get off of me! Get off right now! I command you!” Lilly started to scream at him.

“No, not until you stop trying to kill me!” Lilly looked into Charles face, they stayed that way for a good minuet.

A teacher walked up to them with two boys on either side of her. “Get them off each other.” The two boys grabbed Charles from behind and forced him to his knees as they held his arms behind his back. “Now Lilly, would you mind telling me what’s going on here?” the teacher asked helping Lilly to her feet.

“Yes miss. I found my familiar trying to have sex with another student here so I chased him out here where he over powered me and was about to rape me.” Lilly said smoothing her skirt.

“That’s not true!” Charles said only to be kicked by one of the boys. “Shut up, only speak when spoken to!”

“Well then it seems that you can’t be around your familiar until it learns its place!” said the teacher looking over at the two boys holding Charles down. “Take and throw him into dungeon, we’ll deal with him later.”

“Yes ma’am!” Said the two boy’s at the same time.

The teacher looked back at Lilly and said “Now then Lilly, let’s get you calmed down with a bit of tea, shall we?”

“That sounds good miss.”

And that’s Chapter one. If you have any comments of suggestions about the story just put them in the comments box or send them to me via a PM.

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This is a copy of a Japanese anime called zero no tsukima and the character called lilly is also known as louise nice rip off mr author


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