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As written by SensuelKink
Author's Note: Credit for this really goes to Jim Davis. Without his
brilliant original, this would not have been possible. I've been a fan of
the series for a long time. I hope no one minds me trying to pick up the
thread. I would welcome any feedback or ideas. Enjoy.


Chapter 16

We were sitting in the front seat of Maggie's truck considering our next
move and eating snacks like a trio of starving rescuees. The prodigious
loads of cum I had been ejaculating were taking their toll on me. I felt
woozy, like my blood sugar was low. I had already made two return trips
into the little roadside gas station and the three of us were just
finishing up a round of cold sandwiches. We were parked as far away from
the store as we could be in the small parking lot. It was a sunny day but
not uncomfortably hot, due to a nice breeze.

Maggie made sexually charged moaning sounds with each bite, her large
nipples distended enough to tent the thick bra material and sheer fabric of
her blouse. Trudy sat beside me with her skirt hiked up and her right leg
thrown over mine. She had finally discarded her sopping panties and was
rubbing my half-eaten sub in her creamy pussy lips. My enormous cock
throbbed with each succulent bite she fed me. Then Maggie would hand her
sandwich over and Trudy would rub the bitten portion around in her pink,
pouting labia until a fresh sheen of her juices coated it.

I had my monster cock freed and it stood up in my lap, pulsing in the
cool air. Trudy had made a habit now of washing down a mouthful of food
with cold soda and bending to suck on the end third of my dick. Each time
she stopped, she managed to squeeze a significant dribble of pre-cum out of
my aching head. She smiled like a naughty child while directing the fluid
onto her sandwich then bit off the seasoned portion proudly.

I was currently trying to formulate a plan before we all descended into
animal lust again. Trudy was displaying some alarming signs of being in
love with me. Or thinking she was in love. She was very excited at the
proposition of carrying my child. I was beginning to fear her emotional
attachments could turn out to be my biggest problem of all. I felt bad for
her, but that concern was clouded by the fiery lust I felt for her. She
wasn't helping matters either; she never missed an opportunity to express
her desire for more of my cum.

She squeezed out warm precum onto a potato chip this time and tossed it
into her tiny mouth. "Mmmmmmm! I can't wait to take you home to Cindy!
She loves to cook and your cum will make a nice topping." She stroked my
cock with tender affection and mused, "I want so much for you to make her
pregnant too, Bill. Once she tries this fabulous cock of yours, she'll
love it as much as I do!"

I smiled weakly and Maggie gave me a knowing grimace as she finished off
her sandwich and took a long swig of soda. Every cell in my body was
screaming at me to rip Trudy's clothes off and bang her on all fours again.
But I was facing a huge problem that took precedence over my lust. How to
sneak into Fertile Valley Farms and gather the evidence I'd need to
convince the feds?

Maggie was arguing to go with me, but I thought that unwise in her
impregnated state. Trudy wouldn't even consider NOT going with me but I
was working hard to convince her. I didn't want their safety on my
conscience. This Reverend Daniels had a huge operation going. It was only
now hitting me how much profit he must be enjoying, what with sales of
water, milk, food and fertility drugs and creams. I had no doubt it was a
huge operation and that harm could come to anyone foolish enough to go
snooping around. My hard thinking about what argument to make next was
interrupted by my cell phone.

I pulled it out of my pocket and saw that it was a call from our new
home number. I was instantly panicked and guilty, but I knew I had to


"Bill? It's Peggy..."

"Hey, what's up?" I tried to sound nonchalant as Trudy chose that moment
to slip her lips and warm mouth over my cock. She began doing very
pleasant and distracting things with her tongue.

"Bill, honey, you have to come home. Right now."

"Why, honey? What's wrong?"

She hesitated. "I'd...I'd rather not talk about it on the phone, honey.
I know you're busy but I need you!"

I knew her well enough to know that something was really wrong. I could
hear it in her voice. "Ok, Peg. I'll be there as soon as I can."

Trudy was giggling at the difficulty she caused me during the call. She
was rubbing a half-melted candy bar all over my cock and slurping up the
chocolate loudly. I turned to look at Maggie. "I have to get home.
Something's wrong."

Maggie could hear the concern in my voice and immediately cranked up the
engine and pulled away. "Sneaking into that farm was a nutty idea anyway,"
Maggie said.

I was very worried now. What could be going on at home? Had the feds
showed up? Did she know one (or all) of the girls was pregnant? Was one
of the kids hurt or missing? Why wouldn't she tell me over the phone? My
pulse quickened each time I imagined what the emergency might be. But even
dire concerns could not flag the boner I was sporting, and Trudy was giving
her best faith effort to deep throat me now. This was a concern because
now I needed to get rid of my boner before Maggie got me home. I thought
that letting Trudy suck me to completion might be quickest, but I was
afraid of the kind of mess it could make.

"Trudy, please..." I said, trying to push her off my cock. She grumbled
something around her full mouth and tried to force her head even further
down my rod. "Trudy, listen. I have to go home, something's wrong. I
can't show up with a raging hard-on."

Maggie smiled at Trudy's determination and joked, "Yeah, honey. It's
not like he can hide the damned thing!"

"Mmmm! Mmmm!" Trudy groaned, rubbing her pussy and twisting her head
around on my cock. "Then hurry up and give me a hot load right in my
mouth!" she moaned, returning to my cock and bobbing her head on it madly.

"I can't!" I protested. "It will make too big a mess!" This just made
Trudy groan deeper with lust and suck me HARD. She was determined to make
me cum. And I was turned on like crazy by her insistence and obvious
desire to EAT my load. This hunger for my ball cream was about the hottest
thing I'd ever seen. Especially from a shy, conservative woman who was
only this morning a fucking lesbian! What man could resist?

Trudy came off my cock with a loud pop. Strings of saliva connected her
petulant lips to my glistening cock. She reached over and grabbed her
nearly empty soda cup. "Pour this out the window for me." I dutifully
popped the lid off and poured the ice and small amount of liquid out the
window. I thought maybe I had convinced her to let me be. She took back
the cup and looked up at me. "I can jerk you off in this. Then your
hard-on will go away and I can enjoy your cum at my leisure." Having
settled the matter to her satisfaction, she returned her lips to my cock.

I looked helplessly at Maggie. She just shrugged and said, "You're
gonna share that you little lesbo!" Trudy giggled and wiggled her tight ass
at Maggie, who smacked it playfully. I frowned at Maggie's complicity in
the scheme and she smiled, "If I were you, I'd concentrate on shooting your
load. We're running out of road." Then she giggled like a schoolgirl.

"I'm glad you think this is so funny," I muttered. So, I gave in and
used my hand to coax Trudy's head deeper and deeper onto my cock. We were
waiting at a stoplight and I turned to see an attractive, middle-aged
brunette in the car next to us [** see Footnote]. She could see what was
going on and smiled knowingly. She had three young kids in the car with
her and I tried to nod a greeting like everything was normal.

Trudy chose that moment to raise up and begin stroking my cock
furiously. "C'mon Billy! Give me that sweet, hot cum of yours! Fill this
fucking cup with it so I can drink it on the way home!"

My face reddened and I grimaced in embarrassment at the woman next to
me. She merely licked her lips and pulled her blouse top forward so I could
see a good portion of one of her lovely breasts.

This was unreal! Like the kind of invitation you daydreamed about, or
saw in a porno movie. Trudy saw the woman and giggled, panting and sweaty
from her cocksucking efforts. "C'mon Billy! She wants to see you cum too!
Don't you?"

The woman checked her rearview mirror and then nodded at Trudy. She
threw the car into park and yelled something at her noisy kids. Then she
opened the door and stepped out of her car. She wore a modest summer
dress, but it couldn't hide the tight curves of her figure and the soft,
full boobs she sported. She reminded me of Peggy. After having kids, her
figure had some meat on it, but it was still magnificent. She had the
dress and appearance of a conservative mom, but the look on her face was a
grin of pure naughtiness.

Trudy was ramming her throat down 7 or 8 inces of me again and this
woman approached the truck. Maggie giggled as she leaned against the side
and looked in on us. "Oh my!" she breathed. "It looks like you've got
enough cock in here to satisfy us all don't you hon?" She undid more
buttons then popped the clasp in the center of her bra to reveal the large
but taut skin of her perfect breasts. The woman introduced herself as
Shelly and slid her hand into the window. She grabbed the base of my cock
and began jerking me firmly in time with Trudy's plunges down my meat
shaft. "I hope you don't mind if I help, hon. You look like you're going
to burst." She flicked her dress aside in front and revealed a set of
enormous perfect tits. The nipples were soft pink and silky looking. She
hefted them over the window edge so they jutted right out in front of me.
They were delectable, with upturned nipples and smooth, tanned skin. She
slid her hand down my shaft and yanked my briefs over my scrotum. Her
delicate hand slid around my nut sack and she groaned, "Oooh! That's a big
pair of nuts, mister! Something tells me you could fill all three of our

"You got that right, sister!" laughed Maggie.

I groaned with lust and took one of her pulsing nipples in my lips. She
cooed and mewled, writhing around and playing with my balls. "Oooh, honey!
I think you should get out of there and give us all a good soaking right
here in the middle of the street!" Trudy was starting to get me close, so
the woman's words didn't register. But Maggie obviously liked the idea.
She said, "C'mon Billy! All three of us can kneel in the road and you can
squirt hot cum all over us!" She threw the truck in park and jumped out. I
snapped out of my reverie and looked around. I couldn't see any
pedestrians and there were no cars behind us at this light. In the car
next to us, the woman's two young boys were wrestling with each other and
her young daughter was kneeling at the window watching her mother with keen
interest from the open window.

I got the feeling this lusty minx would have liked to get her finger up
my ass if she could. The way she was playing with my balls coupled with
Trudy's improving deepthroat skills were quickly bringing me to yet another
orgasm. Under normal circumstances, I would have assumed that only a
feeble dribble of cum would issue. But, with my latest enhancements and
the amount of precum I could literally feel oozing from my urethra, I knew
these ladies were in for yet another prodigious fountain of the warm sticky

Shelly's filthy mouth was also doing much toward bringing me to another
climax. She toyed with my balls and moved her shoulders so I could slaver
and slurp one huge nipple then the other. "Oooh, you like those big tits
don't you? Wouldn't you like to feel them snuggling your big cock? Why
don't you get out of this truck and we can all kneel on the road with our
big tits out. Then you can fill our mouths with hot cum, baby. Oooh!
Surprised you there didn't I? You like my warm milk? See how it sprays
out on its own now that you've got me all excited lover?"

Her paps were indeed pulsing and spraying milk. She must be recently
pregnant, perhaps nursing a child. No surprise in this town! When my
mouth was over one, a steady stream of her mother's milk was filling my
hungry mouth when I sucked. It was also beginning to make a mess of my
shirt, so I knew I had to do something. This was getting out of control.

"Ok, ok, I'll do it. Otherwise you're going to soak my shirt with these
things." Shelly grinned with satisfaction and wasted no time yanking the
door open.

She got on her knees and began to slurp the part of my shaft that wasn't
buried in Trudy's throat. And there was plenty. She mewled and whimpered
like a starving kitten, lifting my egg-sized balls to her pretty lips,
kissing and suckling them, saying things like, "Make momma a big load of
tasty cum, little boys. Momma's gonna have all that ball juice for dinner
today. Right here in the street on her dirty knees."

"You dirty little slut! Your daughter is watching!" I groaned,
supremely turned on now.

My cock began to pulse wildly as she voiced her cum-lust.
"Mmmm...slurp...mmmm... let's show her how a real man satisfies a woman. can give her a big mouthful too. She loves
hot cum, just like her momma. Mmmm... suck.... slurp... I can't wait to
taste it! Cum for me baby!"

Maggie had lifted Trudy's left leg high and was quickly frigging her,
but now she dropped it and jumped out on her side. Seconds later she was
squeezing in beside Shelly. "Oooh, Billy! Isn't this nasty? Mabye you
could fuck all of us right here in the street first?"

I sat in amazement, watching all three of them hungrily slurp, suck,
kiss and lick all over my huge, wet cock. Maggie had managed to free her
tits. She and Shelly were fondling and sucking each other almost as much
as my cock. Shelly kept squeezing her paps and spraying hot milk all over
my shining meat and their faces. They all squealed in delight and licked
it up as fast as they could.

It was becoming very difficult to believe I would escape this without
being soaked in something. There was no one in sight on the street. Maybe
it would be safe to quickly exit and give them what they wanted. "Girls,
girls. Let's take this outside, please." Shelly and Maggie immediately
slid to their knees between the two vehicles. The pretty little brunette
girl with the big eyes was right there, hanging out the window, watching

Maggie and Shelly immediately lifted up their tits and opened their
mouths like baby birds. Thin sprays of milk pulsed from Shelly's nipples
and Maggie had that naughty grin on her face. Trudy crawled up to the end
of the seat, reached around me and grabbed cock with one hand. "Don't
worry girls, I've got the situation well in hand," Trudy giggled. She held
the empty cup under my bloated head with her other hand. "A lot of it just
dribbles out so I'll catch it in this," she exclaimed proudly.

My knees shook at the pure lust the situation evoked. It was so fucking
dirty and nasty. Every man's dream. Hot sluts kneeling in the street
practically begging for my cum in their mouths. It seemed so right. I got
caught up in the moment. "Oh yeah, I'm gonna drown you both. I'm going to
fill both your mouths right up to the brim with hot cream." They both cooed
and pinched their nipples. Trudy jerked me hard and fast, anxious to make
me squirt.

I looked up and was jolted by a lust even more intense - if such a thing
were possible. The cute dark-haired little girl was now leaning out the
window, her frilly dress lifted up to her neck. Beneath it I could see the
small, tight mounds of tits forming on a child that couldn't be more than 6
or 7. It was such a turn on when she opened her mouth just like her mommy
that my orgasm began to surface and there was no stopping it.

I took one last look around and might have seen some faces on the
street, but I was too far gone now. Growling deep in my throat, I yanked
hold of my mighty cock and turned it first on Shelly. She deserved the
first blast. Trudy fell out of the truck behind me, struggling to keep the
cup poised under my head. The sound of splatterings falling into the cup
heralded my first gush of cum. "Here it comes, slut!" I groaned, setting
my oozing head on the woman's quivering lip.

A huge, forceful blast of thick, white jism exploded as waves of
pleasure wracked my frame. One...two...three...explosions of thick goo and
Shelly's mouth was full. I quickly turned to Maggie. Again, three long
ropes of pearlescent cream were all it took to nearly fill her mouth.
Trudy wasn't expecting it when I turned to her and unleashed 3 more gouts
at her cute face. Most of it splashed and went up her nose but I forced my
head between her surprised lips and gave her plenty to chew on. I turned
now and gave Shelly and Maggie both a couple of good blasts right to the
face, loving they way they held my swirling goo in their open mouths and
let me completely soak their pretty faces with a thick layer of stark,
white creaminess.

I felt the force beginning to subside, calling out madly with pleasure
at each convulsion that launched my sperm. A flash of lust caused me to
turn toward the little girl and douse her tiny tits with a coating of
chunky, white goo. Then I milked out the rest of my load into her precious
little mouth. Before my cum volcano ceased, thick streams of creamy goo
were sliding out of the sides of her little mouth and spilling over onto
her neck and pert little boobs. Raging with lust I spent my last few
squirts plastering her face and hair with my thick goo. Coughing at the
load I had surprised her with, Trudy still managed to force the cup under
my subsiding cock and collect the final drippings and burblings. It was
easily 5 times what used to be a normal load for me. I wrung the last few
drops from the end into Trudy's cup and stood back to survey my handiwork.

Maggie and Shelly both looked up at me and I could swear I detected
gratefulness in their gazes. Their pretty mouths were filled with thick,
white semen. Shelly's nipples pulsed and sprayed milk. Trudy held the cup
before her and giggled at the rivers of cum running down her face. She had
already swallowed what I gave her and was clearing her eyes, scooping thick
gobs of warm cream into her pert little mouth. The little girl hefted her
apple-sized tits, now donned with streamers of spermy icing. They looked
grotesquely large on her small frame and her tiny nipples were rock hard.
She kept glancing at her mother and held her mouth open in the same way
mommy was doing. It was the most degenerate thing I'd ever seen. And I
realized then that I believed deep in my soul that it was proper and right.

Shelly first, then Maggie, began to gargle my thick cream. I stepped up
and swirled my aching head in the hot, bubbling goo. I instructed each of
them softly to swallow my gift and I felt weak with lust at they way their
throats had to work to force the enormous amount of cum down. Shelly
smacked her lips and smiled. I pet her cummy hair affectionately and
rubbed my head all over her messy face. Maggie giggled and began lapping
sperm from Shelly's face. I fed them each a few inches of cock as they
giggled, kissed and licked each other's faces.

Movement made me look over at the little girl. Trudy was carefully
catching thick streamers of cum from the little girl's chin and boobs in
her cup. I walked over and found the child was still holding her mouthful
of goo. I wiped cum out of her precious eyes and whispered, "Swallow that
hot cum down sweetie. It's good for you." Straining, she did so and I held
the back of her head rubbing my spongey head all over her panting lips.
Her big brown eyes regarded me openly as I rubbed my cock all over her
messy face and watched her obediently try to suck on a cock-head that was
too big for her little mouth. Trudy had begun to slurp and suck the girl's
firm little tits clean and she made soft whimpering sounds each time
Trudy's hot mouth found a nipple.

My mind finally cleared and I began to think about getting home again. I
wanted nothing more than to stand here in the sun and feed this little doll
my fat balls. To watch her suckle them until I was ready to ram my big
cock into her tight, virgin pussy. But Peggy's urgency returned and I
broke off, began trying to force my huge dick into my pants again. I
looked up and saw that a few people were watching the whole thing. A
heavyset, older woman outside a fabric store with a broom. She was smiling
sweetly like she'd just witnessed something wholesom that restored her
faith in people. Two old men sat in rocking chairs in front of the dime
store, huge penises in their hands. They both winked and waved at me.

After what seemed an eternity of sucking, licking and cum sharing, I
finally got Maggie and Trudy up and ready to leave. The little girl was
now laying in the back seat, legs spread showing me her overdeveloped
pussy. She was frigging her little clit and looking at me with clear
desire. It was all I could do to turn away. Shelly gave me a long, cummy
kiss and pushed my head down to wash it down with a moutful of warm milk
from each breast. Then she thanked me and was gone.

"Alright, now get me home. Please." Maggie licked each of her fingers
with exaggerated slowness and giggled. Then she climbed into the truck and
we were off.

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