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As written by SensuelKink
Author's Note: Credit for this really goes to Jim Davis.
Without his brilliant original, this would not have
been possible. I've been a fan of the series for a long
time. I hope no one minds me trying to pick up the
thread. I would welcome any feedback or ideas. Enjoy.

My mind was reeling as Maggie headed up the street toward
the road to our house. I was sprinkled with drying milk,
sperm and who knew what else. I was filthy and searching
my mind for how I could get into the house and get cleaned
up before anyone saw me. I was also terribly worried about
what was wrong.

Had the Feds showed up asking questions? Was something wrong
with one of the kids? My tortured mind dreamed up all kinds
of disasters and my anxious heart was racing.

It was hard to think though, with Trudy sitting up next to
me, swirling my ball cream around in her cup and dribbling
it slowly onto her tongue, moaning and smacking her lips. I
actually felt stirrings again, but I knew (at least for the
time being) I was too spent to get it up again.

Maggie was chattering incessantly about how hot our most
recent exploit had been. "Oh, Billy! That was so hot!!
Right there in the middle of the street!" Her free hand
was between her thighs, rubbing her pussy. "Next time I
want you to fuck me like a dog in front of the whole town!"

"Just get me home, Maggie," I replied, the worry obvious
in my voice.

She turned to look at me and immediately sympathized. "It'll
be ok honey. I'm sure it's nothing serious."

I didn't answer, just stared out the window, frantic to get
home and find out what was going on. Maggie left me to my
thoughts, but one hand kept smoothing sperm remnants around
her huge tits and long nipples. Trudy's hand found my crotch
and she whimpered, insatiable, fondling my genitals. She
sipped my cum, and made wet noises in my ear as she played
with it and swallowed it down.

She put her sweet lips right next to my ear and whispered,
"Billy, you can always come to my place. I want you to meet
my friend Linda. I can't wait to introduce her to your
big cock. And she has the swe-e-e-e-etest ass you've
ever seen. I promise." That induced all kinds of thoughts
that Trudy could feel stirring me. She groaned and redoubled
her efforts to fondle me to arousal.

Fortunately, with Maggie's driving, we were soon whizzing down
the road out of town, nearing my house. As we approached the
gravel drive hidden in the trees, I asked Maggie to pull over.
The truck came to a stop off the road, in the shade, the drive
winding out of sight. "I'll walk from here," I said, opening
the door. Trudy had hold of my arm and I turned to see a look
of unabashed love in her liquid eyes. This could get ugly.

"You sure you don't want some company?" Maggie asked, all
sympathy. I glanced down at her huge, cum-covered tits and
soaked uniform and grimaced.

"I better go alone, but thanks." Maggie glanced down as well
and blushed.

"Call me if you need me," she said.

"Thanks," I replied, trying to exit the truck without pulling
Trudy out with me. "I have to go Trudy. I'll see you both

Trudy pouted but let me go. The longing in her eyes told me
everything. She thought she was in love with me. I closed
the door and tried to smile, but I was so worried. I waved
as Maggie put the truck in gear and pulled back onto the road.
She kicked up dust as she pulled away and I turned to head to
the house.

And Meagan was standing there.

She emerged from the trees like some embodiment of primitive lust.
Her blonde pigtails were soaking wet and her angelic face was
flush with youth. Her crystal blue eyes were curious, questioning.
Her firm, massive tits perched and jiggled at her chest as she
walked, barely contained by a soaked red T-shirt. Her huge nipples
preceded her, stretching the wet material, and the tiny garment
didn't even completely cover the delicious curves that were the
bottom of her tits. Her soft tummy was bare and her belly button
jutted at me like an accusing finger. Beneath, she wore a bikini
bottom and my heart thumped at the camel toe the soaked material
revealed. Her youthful thighs were brown with summer tan and
every inch of skin made my mouth water.

"Daddy, who were those ladies...?" she asked with mock innocence.

I was suddenly very nervous, quite sure this mere child knew
much more than she pretended.

"Uh...just some people from work, sweetheart," I stammered. "What
are you doing out here by yourself?" I asked. The house and yard
were a good 50 yards through the trees.

She stopped in front of me, looking me up and down in a very
critical, very un-childlike way. She put her hands behind her back
and her beautiful tits seemed to explode outward at me. She turned
at the waist, idly twisting back and forth. "We were playing hide
and seek." My eyes followed her nipples back and forth like a
hypnotist's watch.

I was physically shaking with lust, even though my cock wasn't able
to respond. I swallowed hard and said, "Well, let's go back to the
house baby. Mommy called and was very upset. Do you know what's

A sly grin almost broke her look of innocence. As I tried to turn her
toward the house by her shoulder, she refused to turn and instead
pressed her magnificent tits against my legs. She looked up at me
and I shivered at the power her eyes had over me. "I think Mommy's
just fine." She knew something, and it was obvious she thought it
was amusing. "Daddy, did you fuck with those two women?" Her big,
firm wet tits were rubbing all over my legs.

I firmly turned her toward the house and used my best Daddy-voice.
"Meagan, you shouldn't say such things." I couldn't help but eye
her tight little ass in the wet bathing suit bottom as I pushed
her ahead of me.

She glanced back at me mischievously. "I don't mind Daddy. If you
fucked them. You're home now and you can fuck me."

"Meagan, please," I said, wanting nothing more than to throw her
down in the dirt and fuck her sweet little pussy.

As we neared the house, I could hear screams and giggling. The
normal sounds of my other girls playing. It was a reassuring
sound. Meagan seemed to become nervous as we approached though.
She suddenly stopped and turned toward me. She whipped her
soaked shirt up, leaving her fantastic tits bobbling before my
hungry eyes. Her nipples were huge and hard. "Daddy, look how
big my tits are now." Her little fingers pinched and pulled at
her nipples. "Don't they make your dick hard? Don't they make
you want to fuck me? Can I suck on it now and make you squirt
stuff all over my boobies?"

"Oh, honey..." I groaned. My poor cock was actually threatening
to stir again. But my addled mind sensed that she was trying to
keep me here, and that brought back all my concern and worry.
I stroked her beautiful face and let my hands trail over the
taut flesh of her huge tits. "Later, ok? Daddy needs to speak
to Mommy."

She looked very unhappy as I left her standing there and walked
the rest of the way through the trees and into the yard at the
front of our house.

The scene that awaited me was surreal. The kids had the hose
running in the front yard and the sun was shining brightly. The
grass was littered with empty water bottles and my heart began
racing. Dee was standing with her back to me, holding the hose.
She wore a red bathing suit and her tits were so big I could see
the curves her top was smashing against her rib cage spilling to
either side around her back.

Julie and Jenny were both sitting on the stairs to the big porch
with their legs splayed. Julie was topless and her tits had grown
to the size of cantaloupes, topped with beautiful eraser-like
nipples. Jenny had on a soaked white T-shirt and I could see she
was sporting an identical pair of tits. They both held their
knees up and apart, pulling their bottoms to the side to reveal
their lightly-furred, succulent pink pussies. Peter stood on the
stairs above them naked, just downing a bottle of water. His huge
prick was flaccid and he hefted it in his hand.

Debbie's compact little form was at the bottom of the stairs. She
was naked, wet skin gleaming in the sun. She sat back on her hands
facing the stairs, legs spread wide. She was giggling and her huge
tits were bouncing all over the place.

Adam was sitting in the shade on a camp chair, Gameboy in hand. But
this time he was intently watching what his siblings were doing.
Not only that, I could see a few inches of a cock every bit as long
as Peter's but much thinner, sticking obscenely from the bottom of
his swimming trunks. Beautiful Melissa as lounging peacefully on
the ground, watching the events as well. But, her precious little
8-year old lips were gently kissing Adam's turgid cock. Fluid was
copiously leaking from the end of Adam's penis and Melissa's lips
were quickly becoming messy. If my mind hadn't been so overwhelmed,
I might have noticed that Adam's primary interest was his brother's

Julie and Jenny saw me and waved excitedly. Dee turned to me and
squealed, "Hi Daddy! Watch this! On your mark, get set, GO!!"

There was a brief pause, then golden, shimmering streams of piss
erupted from Julie and Jenny's pussies. Golden arcs sparkled in
the sun and splattered loudly onto Debbie's beautiful body. She
smoothed it over her soft skin and giggled as Julie and Jenny
lifted their asses to aim their streams and completely soak her
from head to toe.

Meagan took the opportunity to sidle up beside me and begin gently
massaging my prick. I was frozen speechless as Peter threw the
empty bottle away and moved down a couple of steps, framed by the
thick, arcing streams of his sisters. With complete nonchalance
he pulled his enormous cock up and unleashed a thick, white
torrent of piss at Debbie. He grinned knowingly when he saw the
look of shock on my face. Then he expertly directed his thick
warm stream at Debbie's forehead.

Part of me deep inside was astonished and a little disgusted, but
the larger part of me was mesmerized by the beauty of Debbie's
lithe body and oversized tits gleaming wetly in the sun, with
halos forming from the shimmering mist of piss that wreathed her.
Peter's thick stream remained centered on Debbie's face and I
inexplicably felt my cock stirring as my little girl opened her
mouth and my ears heard the hollow sound of her little mouth
filling with her brother's piss.

Meagan had discreetly gotten her little hand inside my zipper and
was earnestly milking my flaccid cock. Debbie spit fountains of
piss into the air and giggled as her brother splattered her cute
face and eyes continuously. Julie and Jenny's streams subsided
and they giggled together, reaching out the play in the other's
piss. Peter quickly turned his massive cock downward and began
to completely soak the twins' faces. To my disbelief, they
each took turns holding their faces up to him willingly and even
opening their mouths.

I watched in disbelief as they took bulging cheekfuls of hot urine
and swallowed them down with visible effort, smiling proudly and
waiting with closed eyes for another mouthful as Peter took turns
over and over. Dee squealed in excitement and began to spray
Debbie's body clean, her little hand rubbing her camel toe

Peter's firehose finally began to ebb and the twins converged on
it with hungry moans. Julie and Jenny's thin, pretty faces were
dripping with piss as they giggled and played in his subsiding
flow of piss. They played in the stream with their pretty lips
and tongues, ending with a French kiss that Peter christened
with the last of his piss. Then he rubbed his fat cock all over
their faces as they kissed. My cock began to pulse and awaken
as their thin lips converged on his huge head, mewling and
moaning, slurping and tickling his piss-hole with their tongues.
Their little fingers were frantically rubbing their pretty
pink pussies in circles.

I glanced down at Meagan and she had managed to extract my
floppy penis from my pants. She looked up at me with innocent
blue eyes and said, "Do you have to pee Daddy?" I jumped back
in shock, my penis flopping around in front of me. I quickly
stuffed it back in my pants and stuttered, "You kids clean
this mess up. Or, stop doing this. Or, just get cleaned up.
I have to talk to your mother."

The words came out feebly and my voice cracked a few times.
I felt like I must be losing my sanity, seeing all this.
They all looked at me with something bordering on amusement.
My last sight before I ran into the safety of the house was
Melissa eyeing me suggestively as she bobbed her head on the
end of Adam's cock, lips gripping him tightly. He looked
down at her impassively, as if he had just noticed an
interesting bug crawling through the grass. Melissa yanked
her top down and her delicious boobs flopped out. She came
off her brother's cock with an audible pop and held his
throbbing cock over her huge tits. A steady stream of clear
pre-cum dribbled out and she smiled brightly at me, letting
it spatter all over her perfect skin and turgid nipples.

Shuddering with lust, I ran into the house, feeling like I
would go insane if I couldn't find Peg and restore some
order to the universe.


The house was dark, cool and unkempt even for Peg. I called
her name, trying to ignore the moans of Julie and Jenny
behind me as they slurped Peter's cock. Debbie had obviously
turned the cold hose water on them and I headed upstairs
amid a chorus of squeals and giggles. I called Peg's name

I reached the top of the stairs and paused. The bedroom doors
were all open except ours at the end of the hall. I called
her name and headed down the hall. At the door, I paused and
knocked, realizing it was ridiculous. This was my own
bedroom. But something made me fear what I would find inside.

I turned the antique glass knob and opened the door. The sun
was shining brightly through the windows illuminating our
large bed. The sheets and bedspread were a tanlged mess and
Peg's naked body lay in the middle of them. She was on her
side, hugging her arms to herself framing her huge breasts.

As I approached her, I noticed several things. The first was
that drops of fresh milk were dripping from her enormous paps.
She was breathing deeply, sleeping. As I reached the bed and
sat beside her, my heart raced as I recognized the smell and
sight of semen. It was everywhere. Her blonde hair was matted
with it and a cracked mask of it covered her face. Her entire
body was littered with streaks and puddles of thick jism.

"Peg?" I said, softly. I couldn't touch her. Here was my wife
completely soaked in cum. I had to assume it was my sons' but
there was so much, even for them. Anger and jealousy were
quickly replaced by guilt as I remembered standing in the
street feeding 3 women and little girl my own hot cum.

"Peg?" She stirred, rolling on her back and stretching like a
feline. Thick patches of cum cracked and flaked or dripped
down her like icing. Her body was so full and curvy and
beautiful. I felt lust rise up in me as her huge, veiny
tits squashed under their own weight at her chest and little
dribbles of thin, white milk leaked from her long, dark
nipples, coating her breasts like hot icing.

"Billy," she croaked, cracking dried cum to open her eyes
and smile over at me. Then realization hit her and she
sat up quickly. She looked around and pulled the sheets
over her naked body quickly. One hand went to her hair
and she felt the stiff mats of dried cum there. She wiped
dried semen from her eyes, breath now coming in panicky
gasps. "Oh Billy!" she moaned, tears streaking through
the bukakke mask on her face.

Sobs came from deep inside her and she buried her face in
her hands. She dropped the sheet and her huge tits shook
and bobbed as she sobbed, milk still dripping from them.
"Oh Billy I'm so sorry! Can you ever forgive me?"

"Peg, what's going on? Why did you call me and scare me
like that?" Her anguish was breaking my heart. I had a
pretty good idea what had happened, and I couldn't bring
myself to condemn her given what I'd recently been through.

She wiped a gooey mixture of tears and spunk from her cheeks
and look at me miserably. "Oh Bill! Look!" she cried,
holding up her hands to take in the whole incriminating
scene. "I can't believe what I've done!"

Without warning, a devious thought began to form in my mind.
I stood up and looked down at her. She was so distraught
she didn't even notice my own stained and dissheveled state.
I tried to say sternly, "Peg, what did you do?"

She looked up at me, moving to crawl toward me over the bed.
When she got her knees under her and her legs parted, there
was a loud farting sound and a huge plug of thick sperm exploded
from her pussy. She shuddered and whimpered as long streamers
of pearlescent goo dripped from her pouty lips and I felt my
cock beginning to stir at the obscenity of it all. She looked
down at the huge puddle of goo that had splatted on the
bedspread, then turned her aching eyes back to me.

I crossed my arms, pretending to be angry. "Peg, what exactly
have you been up to? You're covered CUM. Whose cum is
it Peg? It sure as hell isn't mine."

She was blubbering again and I backed away. She slid off the
side of the bed and clutched my pant legs on her knees. "Oh
Billy, I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me. Peter
and his friends came in here while I was getting dressed.
I should have locked the door but I never expected..."

A smile was threatening to break my stern act, but I kept my
arms crossed and regarded her dubiously. So Peg had taken
part in a gangbang with a bunch of young boys. I could only
imagine what that had been like. Rather than being jealous,
I found my cock beginning to stiffen with excitement.

"Billy ple-e-ease. I don't know what came over me..."

"It looks like the whole neighborhood 'came' over you Peg."

She sobbed again, hanging on my pant legs. "Can you ever
forgive me Bill? I just couldn't stop myself. They all
had their cocks out and they came in and surrounded me.
And the next thing I knew..."

"So what did you do Peg?" I was getting really turned on
and I wanted to hear her say what she'd done. Sucking
and fucking all that young cock. She didn't notice the
hard-on that was beginning to snake down my leg.

"Please, Bill," she said miserably, lip quivering, looking
up at me with tears flowing in rivers through the thick
cum on her face. "Don't make me tell you..." I pried her
hands away and stepped back. She remained on her knees,
her eyes begging me to forgive her. This was going to
be fun.

I undid my pants and let them fall. Peg's drug-induced
gaze went immediately to the lengthening cock that was
hanging out of my briefs and down my leg. She actually
licked her lips, lust glimmering in her eyes behind
her guilt and shame. I kicked my shoes off, stepped out
of my pants and quickly lost my underwear. My cock
was quickly filling with blood under Peg's hungry gaze
and it began to lift up away from my body. I was getting
really excited at the idea of 'punishing' her for what
she'd done. I was also VERY relieved that Peg's
impropriety was the only emergency I needed to address.

"You know what I think, Peg?" I said, taking my cock in
hand and stroking it firmly until it was at its full
hard length. "I think you can't resist a big, hard cock.
That's what I think." My balls felt like electricity
was running through them. "I think you sucked and
fucked all those little boys with their big cocks. I
think you let them use you and fill you with cum. And I
think you liked it, Peg."

"Oh, Bill..." she whispered, walking toward me on her
knees, eyeing my cock like a starving woman eyes food.
"It's SO big..."

I held my huge cock at the base and waved it up and down
in front of her. "Tell me what you did Peg."

She glanced up at me unsurely and the hurt returned to her
eyes. Her lip began to quiver again and I almost felt bad
for teasing her like this. Tears began to flow again, her
face was a mess. But she was somehow so beautiful caked
and coated in semen, aching to suck my cock even as she
was wracked with guilt. "Bill, please forgive me. I
didn't mean to..."

Peg's latest attempt at forgiveness was interrupted and
the touch of a wet hand on my thigh made me jump and
almost cry out. I looked down to find Meagan hugging
my leg and biting her lip as she regarded her mother.
Peg was open-mouthed and speechless at the sight of our
8-year-old, breasts threatening to burst the wet Tshirt
she wore, her little arm hooked around my leg and her
little hand slipping expertly to cup my large balls
and fondle them. Her sparkling blue eyes looked Peg's
soiled body over then flew to the sight of my stiff

She looked up at me innocently. "Daddy? Mommy just had
a whole BUNCH of cocks. I think it should be MY turn
again. But we have to hurry. Julie and Jenny want you
to be their first, and they're gettin pretty horny.
Debbie and Dee are licking their pussies and suckin
on Peter's cock is making them REALLY want to fuck."

I think my heart stopped beating at that point. I still
couldn't get used to my little girl talking like that.
And the thought of fucking my oldest, most-womanly twins
had my cock visibly throbbing. Meagan noticed it and
giggled, her little hand sliding up to replace mine and
stroke me gently at my base.

"Again..." Peg breathed, confusion on her face slowly
giving way to anger. She reddened and looked up at me
murderously. "Again? AGAIN!! What do you mean again?!"

Meagan's glimmering eyes turned to her mother and she
gushed, "Daddy filled me with his cum, Mommy." She patted
her tanned tummy. "I think I have his baby growing inside me."

"You did WHAT?!?!?!" Peg cried, getting to her feet, fists
clenched beside her. "Bill I can't BELIEVE you!!" Tears
began to roll down her cheeks again and she beat on my
chest in fury. I reached up to catch her flailing fists
and ended up catching my wife by her elbows as sobs
overcame her. "You...let me bastard!"

I took her in my arms and held her as she shook. My still
rigid cock slid up her soft belly and was pressed between
us. "I'm sorry Peg," I soothed. "I don't know what's
wrong with me. I can't seem to think straight anymore."

"You and me both," she moaned, curling her arms to her chest
and letting me hold her tight. "Bill, what have we done?"

I sighed deeply and held her close. "It's this place, Peg.
The water, the food. It's changed us. It's changed
everyone." Meagan went to sit on the edge of the bed as I
held Peg close. She lifted her shirt and began playing
with the long, cone-shaped nipples at the ends of her
giant breasts. "Why is mommy sad, Daddy? She gets your
cock all the time. Plus she had Peter, Adam and those
other boys. All at ONCE."

Suddenly, Peg's shaking changed character and I realized
her sobbing had turned to laughter. Puzzled, I took her
shoulders and pushed her back so I could look at her.
She was laughing so hard, she was making no sound and
I began to fear that maybe her mind had snapped. "Peg?
What's funny??"

When she was able to compose a sentence, she said,
"Here we are, worrying about the fact that we've both
had sex with our children. And all Meagan can think
about is that I'VE had more 'cock' than her lately."

Meagan smiled brightly, pleased she had made her mother
laugh. She pulled her feet up onto the bed, tugged her
bikini bottoms to the side and said, "Daddy, are you
going to put your thing in my pussy again? I really
want you to."

Peg's laughter was subsiding, and she turned to our
8-year-old daughter. I held her close from behind,
enjoying the feeling of my long penis nestled between
the cheeks of her ample ass. Peg clung to my embracing
arms and regarded Meagan. "she IS beautiful Bill. I
just KNEW something was going on with you two."

"Peg, I..." I stammered, searching for words to explain.

"It's ok, honey," she shushed me. "To be honest with you,
it really turned me on. Thinking about our sweet little
girl sucking your big cock. Or riding on it. I got so
horny thinking about it the other day that I practically
raped Peter. He's been fucking me silly every chance
we get since." Just hearing her say it was like a relief.
My cock was throbbing insistently along her crack and
lower back. She wiggled her butt against me. "You like
that don't you Bill?"

She turned in my arms and looked up at me with love again.
"It turns you on to think about me and Peter doesn't it?"

"Yes..." I croaked, so turned on and exhausted from the
day's events that my knees were shaking. "But Peg..." I
needed to tell her everything.

She shushed me and pressed her dirty fingers to my lips.
"It doesn't matter. I'm sure we've both done things we'd
normally be ashamed of. But things are different now.
What I want right now is to take a shower and then make
love to my husband."

Meagan made a disappointed noise on the bed. Peg smiled
and looked over her shoulder. "Ok, honey," she gave in.
"We will BOTH make love to Daddy." Meagan smiled brightly
and rubbed her cute, pink pussy vigorously. "Yippee!!"

We all chuckled at Meagan's outburst and I admitted that
I could use a shower myself. "I already HAD a shower,"
Meagan annouced.

"Yeah, I'll just bet you did," I responded wryly.

Peg looked curiously at me and I told her I would fill
her in later. "Well, Daddy and I need to get cleaned
up sweetie, then we'll both have a real good time
with Daddy's BIG, JUICY COCK." Peg punctuated each
word by flexing her ass so her cheeks squeezed my
aching prick. Meagan clapped her hands excitedly
and her delicious tits flounced all over the place.

"Uh...Peg," I said hesitantly. "If I don't get something
to eat, I'm going to pass out." Peg turned in my arms
and smiled up at me mischievously. She took my huge cock
in both hands and pulled up and down firmly. I groaned.
"Well," she grinned. "Then we better get Billy something
to eat." Milk began to leak onto my chest and I felt
animal lust rising up in me. "Meagan, honey. Can you
run downstairs and make Daddy some sandwiches while I
get him nice and clean for us?"

"Sure, mommy," Meagan beamed. She jumped up and ran out
of the room, firm breasts bouncing up and down. She
paused at the door. "And DON'T start without me." She said
it so seriously that Peg and I cracked up as soon as she was

Peggy pulled me into the shower by my foot-long cock and
we had a nice time touching and getting each other clean.
Peggy was a little heavier and softer than before she'd
had the kids, but she still had a gorgeous body. And her
newly-enlarged tits were succulent to the point of making
my mouth water. We played in the water and soaped each
other up, giggling like school-kids again. All the cares
of recent events were forgotten.

Peg looked so beautiful with her blonde hair slicked back
and soap suds covering her wet skin. She took my soapy
cock in both hands and began to tease me in her knowing
way, enjoying how well she knew me. "Ooooh, Bill! I bet
you can't wait to slide this big cock in Meagan's tight
little pussy again can you? I bet you pumped her so full
of cum it was oozing out the sides wasn't it baby?" She
was exciting herself and tiny fountains of warm milk were
coating her huge tits, running down my chest.

I lifted both of them in my hands. They were so heavy and
full of milk, and I could see her belly was already getting
a little pudgy. She felt me throbbing in her slick hands
and squealed with delight. "You like my big tits don't you
Billy? See how much bigger they are than before? See how
big my nipples are? Your big cock is turning me on, making
me squirt milk."

Overcome with lust, I bent my head and took one of her
enormous nipples in my lips. I sucked hard and felt warm
milk spray into my mouth, coating my tongue. It was
heavenly and Peg groaned, squeezing my cock hard. She
pet my wet hair and cradled my head, directing me from
one nipple to the other. "Yessss, love. It feels so good
to feed you my milk. Drink it, Billy. Mmmmmmmmmm. All
mommy's other babies have been drinking their fill.
Pretty soon Daddy's little girls will be able to feed
you milk too. While your big cock is deep inside their
little pussies, making babies for them."

"Oh Peg..." I whimpered, more turned on than at any time
in my whole life. Hearing her say such nasty things. If
she kept this up, I was going to cum. I didn't think I
had much left to shoot, but Peg could always induce me
to cum harder than anyone else.

As if she were reading my mind, she let go of me and
began to rinse me off. "We better get you some fuel,"
she said, slipping to her knees to gently rinse my
balls and legs off. "I know how hard it is on you to
shoot all that cum. Peter has been eating about 10
times a day to keep from passing out. The poor baby
has been doing A LOT of fucking lately."

My cock began to throb wildly again and Peg looked up
at me knowingly. She held my balls in both hands and
rubbed her face all over my stiff cock, water raining
down. She was so beautiful. "Would you like to watch
your little boy stick his big dick in me, hon? Watch
him pump me full of his hot cum while Meagan rides
your big cock?"

I moaned deeply. Peg's filthy mouth always got me so
excited. She was going to keep me right at the edge
now that she had me. Water cascaded over her face as
she licked up and down on the sensitive underside of
my huge cock. "I bet her little pussy is SO tight,
isn't it Daddy?"

I shuddered, pre-cum beginning to leak out of my
head and immediately being licked up by my wife.
Just then the shower curtain was pulled aside. And
there was Meagan. She stood naked before us, a plate
of hastily made sandwiches held in front of her
huge breasts. She had a sparkle in her baby blue
eyes as she surveyed her parents, naked in the
shower. Her nipples were huge and visibly pulsing
as her 8-year-old eyes fixed on my cock and she
said quietly, "Is he all clean Mommy?" She actually
licked her lips.

Peggy stood and rinsed her own voluptuous body off,
smiling down at Meagan proudly. "Yes, baby, he's
nice and clean. Let's get some food in him so Daddy
can fuck us with that big cock of his and give us
big loads of his 'white stuff'. What do you say?"
Meagan bounced excitedly, her huge, firm tits
making me throb as they traced sine curves in the
moist air.

Peggy pulled me out of the shower by my 'handle' and
stood me in front of my 8-year-old daughter. "I
locked the door, Mommy." Meagan's eyes were alight,
looking at my cock like it was a piece of candy.
"We don't have to share with the others!" Peggy
ruffled Meagan's hair and brought my long, hard
cock toward her cherubic face. My balls brushed
the plate of sandwiches and Peggy rubbed my leaky
head all over Meagan's tanned skin. My baby girl
looked up at me with a grin and her little tongue
snaked out and lashed my cock.

I moaned deep in my throat and Peggy picked up a
sandwich. I was famished and she fed me, pausing
while I chewed to sprinkle the sandwich halves with
warm milk. "Daddy needs to build up his strength so
he can make us some big loads of hot cum, honey,"
Peggy smiled, cupping my aching balls in her warm,
wet hand. Meagan was busy licking all over the
sensitive underside of my cock, my copious pre-cum
leaking ont her forehead. She answered her mother
with "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Meagan had also brought cold Coke, and Peggy popped
the top so I could wash the food down. I immediately
felt my strength returning and I felt so good to be
clean. But that was nothing next to the sight and
sensation of my little 8-year-old taking my throbbing
cock in both hands and showering my veiny shaft with
soft kisses and licks. By my fourth sandwich, I was
getting full. I was still weak though and my knees
were getting shaky under Meagan's ministrations.

I informed my wife and daughter so they led me into
the adjoining bedroom and Meagan lay on the bed,
spreading her legs. She rubbed her little pink pussy.
Her lips were puffy and mature, I could see tasty
liquid between her succulent labia. Peggy stood close
by me and stroked my cock. She pressed her lips to my
ear and whispered, "We better give you time to get
your strength back. How about if you lay down and we'll
both suck your big cock. Mommy and daughter together."

"Peg, I love you," I said in earnest. She squeezed me
hard and smiled. "Lay down and I'll show you how much
I love you."

A few minutes later, I was propped against pillows on the
headboard watching my wife and youngest twin lay to
either side of me, licking my huge cock and balls. They
were both mewling and writhing around, taking turns
licking up warm pre-cum as it oozed down my length. I
was in heaven watching them both. Peg winked at me as
she slid her hand between Meagan's legs. Meagan returned
the favor and they both clamped their lips on the side
of my cock and slid up and down me, mother and daughter
fingering each other's pussies.

Just when I thought I couldn't get any more turned on,
Meagan took her lips away from my veiny length and looked
over at her mother, trails of spit still connecting her
to my cock. "Mommy? Can I lick you again? That was fun!"
My cock started throbbing and Peg held my cock at its
base grinning at me wickedly. "Why of course baby, you
can lick mommy's pussy any time you want."

Meagan beamed like she'd been praised for good behavior.
She turned her angelic face to me and bragged, "Mommy
says I lick real good, Daddy. Wanna see?"

Peg turned her devious eyes to me and gently kissed my
cock, like she was daring me to answer. I swallowed
hard with lust and stammered, "I would love to see you
lick mommy's pussy sweetheart." Peg grinned and gave me
a firm lick all the way up the underside of my cock. She
gripped me firmly and stroked me, making me moan, as
our 8-year-old excitedly got on all fours and crawled
between Peg's long legs.

Peg lifted one knee and I throbbed as Meagan nestled in
and brought her face close to Peg's freshly shaved cunt,
her little tan butt up in the air. "There's mommy's pussy
baby," Peg cooed, rubbing her outturned lips and moving
her hips around excitedly. Meagan beamed and extended her
little tongue. "Ooooooh! Lick mommy's pussy Meagan. C'mon,
you know how!" They had obviously done this before and I
groaned at how erotic it was to hear Peg say these things
and to watch my daughter eagerly move her mouth to the
pussy that had given birth to her.

Peg's hand squeezed me hard as Meagan's little tongue
gently wagged drawing near and making contact with Peg's
succulent pussy lips. Peg almost hurt me and her whole body
tensed. Milk was dribbling from her pulsing nipples, coating
her massive tits like icing. Her eyelids fluttered as Meagan's
tongue began to lap and tickle her labia. "Oooooh, Bill!
Your baby is licking her mommy's pussy. Isn't that hot?"

"Fuck yes," I groaned, cock throbbing in Peg's fist. I
began to pet Peg's hair, frantic to touch something. She
lay back, almost forgetting my cock, arched her back and
spread her legs wide as Meagan went to work. I turned on
my side, playfully rubbing my long cock over Peg's
fountaining tits. "Oh Bill, her tongue feels so good!"

I was getting so turned on now, I knew I was going to have
to fuck one of them. Peg used her hands to pull up on her
tits and squeeze them. Showers of warm milk spattered my
hairy belly and coated my aching cock. I looked down to
see Meagan's innocent face eagerly kissing and licking
Peg's pussy lips, rubbing her face all over and getting
her 8-year-old face messy. It was the hottest fucking
thing I'd ever seen.

Meagan looked so erotic, only 8 years old, blonde hair
hanging wet around her cute babyface. Her massive tits
squashed beneath her and oozing out to each side of her
rib cage. Her nubile skin was tan with summer and flawless.
I followed the arc of her little back up to the heart-
shaped curve of her precious little butt. It was sticking
obscenely up in the air and my cock began to throb wildly.

Peg began to emit little staccato coos, squeezing her fat
tits hard and launching sprays of milk into the air. "Oh,
Bill!" she squealed. "She's licking my clit! Mmmmmmmmmmmm.
She's gonna make me cum!!" I took my milk-soaked cock in
hand, already fighting the urge to explode, and played it
through the streams of milk Peg was giving me. I rubbed
my aching cock over her huge nipples and the flesh of her
wobbly tits, then I scootched up so I could rub my dripping
shaft over her whimpering face. She reacted with moans and did
her best to kiss and lick my huge cock as she approached

I rolled back and got on my knees, watching Meagan pull
her mommy's pussy open so she could flick her tongue over
her clit. Peggy was having a serious orgasm. She arched
her back and began to pant and moan. I was throbbing
visibly watching Meagan smile and use her lips and tongue
expertly on her mommy's clitoris.

I could actually see Peg's hot juices ooze from her pussy
as Meagan brought her to a shattering orgasm. Then my
8-year-old daughter began to gently lap and slurp Peg's
juices loudly. I couldn't take any more. I slid off the
end of the bed and stood behind Meagan's upturned ass.

As before, my cock looked too big to ever fit inside her.
But she was gyrating her sweet, soft butt around and I
saw her pause from licking up her mother's hot cum to
turn her sticky face to me. She smiled sweetly and said
"Daddy, are you gonna stick your big cock in me now?"

"Yes I am, baby," I moaned, walking to her and rubbing
my sensitive head and underside all over the perfect,
taut skin of her little girl's butt.

Peg was running her milky hands all over her voluptuous
body, swiveling her hips and rubbing her messy cunt all
over Meagan's eager face. "Oh, Bill! Stick your big cock
in out little girl! I wanna watch you fuck our baby!"

As usual, Peg's words fueled my lust and I took my huge
cock, running it up and down Meagan's crack, between her
smooth, taut butt cheeks. I was throbbing wildly, amazed
at how turned on I was, sure now that a huge load was
building up in my swinging balls.

Meagan, arched her back obscenely, wiggling her little butt.
She looked back at me, sticky juices all over her cute
face. "Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me good! Please!"

I groaned deeply and slid my head down to her bald pussy.
Her little body tensed and she hung her head. I pushed
forward, and watched my aching head spread her soft lips
apart. Meagan let out a high-pitched coo and my head
popped inside her. She was so snug and warm. Her little
body was writhing now, begging me to give it to her. I
placed my large hands on her succulent cheeks and pushed

Meagan's head came up and she moaned. My cock slowly began
to disappear inside her. Peg got her hands under her and
sat up, milk dribbling from her huge nipples. She took
Meagan's face in her hands, then glanced back at the sight
of my cock lancing her baby girl. She kissed Meagan's
forehead. "Does Daddy's cock feel good in your pussy, baby?"

"Oh yes, Mommy!! I love Daddy's cock best of all!!" I
groaned at this admission from my little girl. My hands
looked huge as I squeezed her baby soft butt and stroked the
first few inches of my huge cock inside her. Her little
pussy was so tight but she overflowed with warm juices.

Peg held Meagan to her chest and soothed her as I worked
my cock deeper inside her. Peg's huge tits framed Meagan's
face and dribbled milk incessantly. She smoothed our
baby's wet hair and cooed, "Daddy's fucking my little
girl isn't he? He's fucking you so good now. Pretty soon
he's going to feel so good he'll have to cum. And there
will be enough for both of us won't there?"

I was gripping Meagan's ass tight, loving the way her face
was locked in a mask of ecstacy. She was cooing and
moaning loudly as I stroked my cock smoothly, deeply inside
her tight cunt. Every inch of my long dick was on fire
with pleasure. It was so obscene to watch it disappearing
inside her baby pussy. Meagan sounded almost like she was
sobbing when she came. And she came over and over, her
succulent flesh jiggling as she shivered.

I wasn't ready to cum yet, so I pulled my cock out. For a
moment, I had an intense urge to press my sticky head
against her beautiful puckered asshole. But instead I
walked up to them both on my knees and slid my cock into
Meagan's sweet mouth. She sucked eagerly but could only
take a few inches before her gag reflex kicked in.

"Oh Bill," Peg cooed. "She looks so beautiful sucking her
daddy's cock." I pulled my cock out and presented it to
Peg. She smiled and began to meticulously lick Meagan's
cum from every inch of my aching, veiny shaft. I rubbed
my hard cock all over my wife's face, feeling so powerful
with that long, rock-hard cock in my fist. I dipped my
head in the dribbles of milk oozing from Peg's huge
nipples and she giggled as I turned it vertical to let
streams of whiteness trickle over my length. Then she
eagerly licked them off and I playfully smacked her full
lips with my cock.

Meagan looked worn out, perhaps in need of a nap as she
nuzzled at her mother's bosom. My wife and I looked down
at her the way we used to when we checked on her in bed
at night. Forget that at this moment, her smooth little
ass was jutting into the air and her pussy had just been
wrapped around my cock. I rubbed my head softly over
Meagan's cheek and observed, "She's wiped out babe."

Peg took my cock and kissed it tenderly on the head.
"Then I guess I'll have to take care of this for you.
Although I was really looking forward to watching you
pump her full of cum. It's so naughty!!"

"Well, as long as she keeps her ass in the air, I may
still do just that."

Peg giggled and slid out from under Meagan. Our baby
slumped to the bed with a satisfied moan, eyeing us
both lethargically, her little butt still up in the
air. Peg slid back and spread her legs wide. She rubbed
her fingers in circles over her beautiful pussy.
I advanced on her, my throbbing cock preceding me.

Peg squeezed her tits, sending fountains of milk into
the air as I fell on her and sank my cock deep inside
her. We fucked like teenagers, rocking the bed and
making it squeak. It felt so good to be inside my
wife. She showered me with warm milk and came over
and over, hoarsely crying my name. I had already cum
so much today that I was finding it easy to resist
cumming now. So I fucked Peg like she'd never been
fucked before.

At some point, an insistent knocking began at the door.
"Daddy! Daddy!" It was Julie and Jenny. They began to
whine and beg to be let in. "Daddy please!! Please fuck
US!! We've been waiting for YOU!! We want you to fill
us with your white stuff and make us pregnant!"

At first Peg and I were giggling about it. But at that
last announcement, Peg felt my cock begin to twitch
and she grabbed my hips to stop my uncontrollable
stroking. "Bill! Let them in! I know you want to fuck
them and pump their tight little pussies with cum.
Make them pregnant!" She began to cum harder than I'd
ever seen her cum before. I had to grit my teeth to
keep from exploding.

"Daddy, I want you to cum in my mouth," Meagan whined,
crawling up to lay her head on her mommy's belly. She
looked up at me with those bewitchingly innocent blue
eyes. She gave me puppy-dog eyes and pouted slightly,
saying "Please Daddy! Please! I want you to squirt all
your cum just for me! I can swallow it all, I promise!
I love to eat your cum Daddy! I want to eat it all the
time!" I throbbed wildly inside Peg as Meagan said this.
My baby opened her pouty, pink lips and her liquid eyes
begged me.

Peg's pussy was pulsing now, Meagan's words had turned
her on so much. She smoothed Meagan's hair lovingly and
agreed, "Do it honey! I want to watch your little girl
take a load of hot cum right in her mouth! It will be
so beautiful!"

I was going to cum now. A man can only take so much. I
could feel myself teetering right no the edge of orgasm.
I grunted in response, "I'll tell you what I'm going to
do." I pulled my cock out of Peg's sloppy pussy and
slimed Meagan's soft face with her mother's sticky
juices. "I'm going to fuck my baby girl again and then
I'm going to fill BOTH your mouths with hot cum. And
I want to see you swallow EVERY drop."

Meagan moaned hungrily as I flipped her tiny body onto
her back. I made her back up so her head was level with
her mother's and I instructed them to keep their faces
close together. Then I lay over my 8 year old daughter
and direct my foot-long cock into her succulent little
pussy again. Peg began to kiss Meagan obscenely, driving
me wild with lust as I started fucking Meagan's tight
pussy again. Meagan closed her eyes, moaning constantly
as I fucked her hard. They sucked each other's tongues
like little cocks and kissed deeply over and over.

I lifted Meagan's little legs so her ass left the bed
and I drove into her fiercely. "Oooooooooooooooooh!!"
she squealed. "Mommy! Mommy! He's fucking me better
than anyone!! Oh Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Julie and Jenny sounded like they were actually crying
and they shrilled their jealousy and outrage, beating
on the bedroom door. Peg had turned on her side and was
frantically rubbing Meagan's clit and showering her
shrieking face with kisses. I felt Meagan's tight pussy
begin to clench on me as she had a shattering orgasm.

It was too much for me. I felt my cock begin to jump
as orgasm hit me. I pulled my huge, dripping cock out
of achingly tight cunt and held it in one hand. A
feeble whimper escaped me at the beauty of my big
cock, dripping copious juices to spatter on Meagan's
beautiful body. Quickly, I climbed up her body,
nestling my electrified balls between her fat tits.

Still in the throes of her orgasm, Meagan turned to me
panting and holding her mouth open. Peg too had her
jaw extended and I looked into her inviting mouth. She
held her tongue out obscenely and made "aaaahhhh"
sounds. The first surge of orgasm rocked through me
and a moan was ripped from me unbidden.

My whole body shaking, I directed my dripping cock
head at my wife. She smiled broadly but kept her
lips parted as I rest my enormous, blood-filled
head on her lower lip just as the first rope of
thick, white cream erupted from my cock.

"Oh yeah," I moaned, shivering as each stroke of my
hand preceded a long, thick torrent of cream that
splashed into Peg's mouth and pooled quickly. I
gave her 5 squirts like that and the pearly goo
reached my head. Gritting my teeth I managed to force
my muscles to work, moving my spewing cock to
Meagan's pretty, 8 year old lips. She was able to
breath now and gargled through the ropes of thick
semen I splurted into her little mouth. She only
needed three of my long gushes to fill her mouth.

The miracle of the changes that had been induced in my
body were known to me, and I realized that 8 blasts
was not the entirety of my orgasm. I was in the throes
of a blistering orgasm and I couldn't think clearly.
My next shot hit Meagan right between the eyes and
immediately spread out to puddle in her eyes. I jerked
my cock to the side and Peg moaned with pleasure as
I milked the last 3 squirts of my gooey cum across
her face. My thick cream plastered her nostrils and
her breathing caused cum-snot bubbles to form. One of
her eyes was also plastered shut and my ball cream laced
her forehead and cheek. Jerking back to Meagan I let
the less feeble squirts rain down all over her beautiful,
tanned 8 year old face. One of my more feeble squirts
was a normal man's entire load, and I completely
coated her cute face with at least 8 of them.

Finally my orgasm subsided and I slung the last drops at
both their faces. I ached to ram my aching cock into
a throat or pussy, but I stroked myself firmly until
the throes of ecstacy faded.

My wife and my 8 year old daughter both lay before me.
Their mouths were filled to the brim with my thick
jism and Meagan's face was a sticky mass of creamy
globs and puddles of cum. "You both look so beautiful,"
I moaned, dipping my swollen head into Peg's cum-filled
mouth until it oozed out the sides. I took my cum
covered head and rubbed it all over the clean parts of
her face. I repeated this until her entire face was
covered with globs and a slime of semen.

Peg began gargling my thick cream and Meagan followed
suit. I rubbed my cock all over Meagan's cummy face
and whispered, "Swallow Daddy's cum baby." She obediently
bulged her cheeks so she could get her lips closed and
then forced the huge mouthful of goo down her little
throat. She smacked her lips and panted, totally
blinded by my cum in her eyes. I continued to lovingly
push gobs of sperm all over her face, loving the feeling
of my piss-hole being scratched by her eye-lashes.

I tenderly pushed the pearly goo from her eyes and she
squinted up at me with such a look of grateful love
that I felt my heart melt. I used my head to clear her
nostrils as well. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Meagan moaned
happily. "Thank you Daddy! Your cum is SO yummy!"

Peg was making noises, so I turned to her. I winked at
Meagan and asked, "Should I let Mommy swallow my cum
now?" Meagan cooed, "Oooh wait!" She wriggled under me
to get turned on her side. Then she stretched up so
her lips were poised right over her mothers. I pet her
hair lovingly as she slurped up gobs of white cream
from Peg's face, slurping it up loudly and smacking
her lips each time she collected enough to swallow.

I was moved as she licked her mother's lips and chin
clean then began to dip her tongue into her mother's
mouth and lap my ball cream like a dog. "Ok, let her
swallow it now," Meagan smiled playfully.

I instructed her and Peg worked my huge half-load
down her throat, panting once she could breathe
through her mouth again. She wiped the cum out of
her eyes and saw Meagan poised above her. A moan
of lust escaped her lips and they began to kiss
passionately. I sat back and watched as Peggy
tenderly cleaned Meagan's face, both of them
professing their love of each other, then sharing
their excitement over both being able to eat so
much of my cum.

I found myself thinking: you could only think this
was wrong if you hadn't experienced it for yourself.


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