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John's back from Texas, and Mary spills the beans

Arriving home from Texas after an exhausting three-week business trip, John missed his wife. She met him as he came in. “I’ve missed you,” he said. She replied, “And I’ve missed parts of you.” A Thursday night, which meant she fixed dinner for their once-a-week shared “special” meal.
“Got a plan, baby,” she said. “Let’s just eat, then we’ll decide what’s next, okay?”
“Okay by me. I’m tired. It’s not easy to sit in a plane for several hours and basically do nothing. It’s like sitting at a desk all day.”
She’d debated with herself whether to actually keep the secret of last weekend, or just go ahead and spill the beans. Spill, she thought, ‘cause we’re probably going to be with that woman again. And he IS my husband. She’s hot, and my-god-kinky. Whether her stories are true or not, she’s certainly a wild woman just to think these up.

The couple ate amid sandalwood incense and candles, while Carole King sang softly in the background.

“So far away … doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore …. it would be so nice to see your face at my door …”

John had missed the fun he was having lately with his wife of 30 years…this kinky sexual adventurism thing. He’d been stuck in a round of business day and night, barely a chance to enjoy the nightlife of the city made for enjoyment. The Christmas lights of RiverWalk in San Antonio had seen his company only once. Ridiculous. Walking along the river with his colleagues, he watched hundreds of couples go by, laughing and enjoying the food and musica of the mariachi. He’d thought, Mary should be here. Oh what fun we could all have dining on the cruising boats and then spending the night together in the hotel overlooking the River. And shopping the next day in the 200-shop-mall at the end.

He’d come in the door with a hard-on, despite his tiredness. After three weeks absence, Mary was there with a yellow orchid in her hair, in her brightly-colored, off-the-shoulder Mexican dress and boy, did he want to get a taste of that!

“We were so busy getting this contrat, hardly had any time to enjoy the city. Several times we ate on the RiverWalk, and every time those girls walked by, I thought of you. Those Latino girls amaze me. So hot!”

Mary said, “Maybe we can get you one of those sometime….” And grinned. She thought hard for a moment, then decided she wanted to tell him everything. Why not? “Baby, while you were gone, that Slave we visited? Kelly brought her over and we played around a little. She wanted to be The Boss this time. You couldn’t believe! She told us this story about her and a bunch of rich Japanese guys in a sex club, they came to her place. They had a German Shepard. It was just the story I told, sort of. She blew him, and then all of those Japs just jacked off on her. And then even weirder than that, we started screwing around on the floor and then she JUST QUIT ON US! Said if we wanted any more of her, we’d have suck off the dog like she did! And then she just got dressed and left!”

“Are you kidding me?” John said incredulously. “For real, babe.”

“You always know how to turn me on lately…” he said.

“I think it’s your willingness to go beyond just the old occasional Missionary Position.”

“Well, darlin’, you’ve certainly gone in the cosmos! Getting a blowjob or fucking you isn’t so simple anymore. Sex with us is a lot more than that. It’s a toy to play with, and that makes the whole thing more exciting every time.”
“Isn’t that what Sex is supposed to be about?”

They finished the light meal. “Meet me in the shower, okay?” she teased.
“I can do that.”

John entered the shower naked, met his wife’s back. She leaned hard against him. “Baby, nice to have you here again,” as she cuddled back against his warmth and arms.
His arms surrounded her, hands pressing into her firm breasts. She recalled the first time Kelly came to her and John, the girl reached around and squeezed her tits. What a thrill! First time a woman did that! Never imagined anything like that would be “her thing”. Mary had felt Kelly’s pubic hair brushing against her butt, and breasts poking her shoulder blades. That, and her squeezing, enticed Mary to do something “kinky” back. She had licked her when the girl bent over to blow John.
Mary bent forward now, feeling the water cascade over her back. John sat on the plastic seat behind them. He spread Mary’s cheeks, his tongue dancing over the skin. Kisses turned into licking the cleft. His tongue found an entrance – knew that was what she wanted. She turned her head back to look at him “Do I taste good?” He pulled away just for a second to grin…”Best I ever ate, hon.” His wife promptly pushed her butt back into his face for a second helping. “Oh god, put your dick in me, baby!”

He stood, drove inside her slick pussy again and again. He liked her “dirty” talk and was ready and willing to accommodate it.
She pushed into him. It was an accommodation both enjoyed. He shot hard and she felt his length, and the warmth of his come hit her as she melted onto him.
“You’re my angel baby,” she said.
“And you’re my beautiful fucking whore,” he told her in reply. “I love you.”

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