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Older brothers' rites of passage

Incest, true story, brothers, anal

This is a true story. I’m male, married and have grown children. You might say I’ve had somewhat of a checkered childhood which affected my conscious and sub-conscious sexual attitudes throughout my life. When I retired my wife was not longer interested in sex, and that is when I clandestinely started meeting men to full fill lifetime cravings I was introduced to when I was a young boy. This is how begin, with my older brothers’ rites of passage into manhood …in me.

There were six of us kids: two (alpha-male) older brothers and one younger than me, plus two older sisters. I became aware of the differences between boy’s and girl’s wee-wees very early, mostly because of hormone-driven older brothers and ‘Nudest Colony’ magazines under our parent’s bed. Living in a small house we four boys paired up in two beds while our sisters shared one in another bedroom. Unbeknown to them I had a secret perversion …since an enema when I was five I stuck things in my butt for the intense sexual sensation, something more sensual than just fondling my little boner.
The oldest brother dropped out of school and went in the service when he turned seventeen. When I was about twelve, at the beginning of summer, the other older brother came home late, horny after ‘making out’ during a passionate but sexless date. He caught me jacking off under my blanket. I can’t say I remember all of what he said, but initially, sitting on the edge of my bunk-bed he poked fun at me, although not loudly so not to wake our younger brother sleeping above me.
Now a teenager, he normally shunned us two younger brothers so I relished the attention, that is until he propositioned me with “I’ll ‘let’ you if you let me.” Or something similar. I didn’t have to be a genius to know what he wanted …while I may not have fucked a girl I wasn’t technically a virgin. Two years earlier our oldest brother forcefully held me face down on the bed and ‘corn-holed’ me to sow his ‘wild oats’. I remember that it had hurt dreadfully, more so, humiliating, knowing the other brothers were awake and aware of what was happening to me. I was glad when it was over, yet secretly enthralled by the taboo sex act and hoped he would do it again.. I didn’t resist as much the next time.
Although remembering how much it hurt those first few time I readily capitulated to the “I’ll ‘let’ you if you let me.” proposition. He rolled me onto my side, pushed my underwear down and curled up semi-naked spoon-fashion behind me and slid his boner between my buttock cheeks. With only spit it still hurt dreadfully as he worked his cock-head through my sphincters and into me. Although at the time I didn’t know what a prostate or sphincters were I knew I loved the sensuous sensation I was feeling in my butt, definitely much more stimulating than any candle or pop bottle I used as a make-shift dildo. His earlier dilly-dallying with a girl made him really horny; he forced my upper leg higher with his knee and begin to hump me like a panting junk-yard dog on a bitch-in-heat, me being the bitch.
My butt-hole was burning from the friction, yet, maybe because of this different angle of attack I felt a totally new sexual sensation as he jacked his hard boner up into my rectum, and I arched myself back against him as I felt a sexual euphoria sweeping over me. My fantasy was to fuck a girl, and here I was in a surrogate sex act with my brother grunting heavily in my ear as his loin slapped up against my buttocks. Man, I definitely could feel his cock thrusting up into my rectum, giving me a totally new sexual thrill, a wondrous new sexual sensation I hadn’t gotten from the oldest brother. Taboo or not, and with my anus still burning, I coveted it.
I had a some no-mutual-touching circle-jerks with neighborhood buddies where I ejaculated, but WHOA, I grabbed myself as I felt a totally new mind-boggling sexual sensation sweeping over me. This, I realized later, was my first real climax and the bed sheet immediately became wet under me.
I didn’t know what a prostate did, but he definitely massaged it and got me off. Copious amounts of semen over-flowed my clutched fingers, much more than when I jacked off. What a heady sensation I was having while the boner thrusting into me was still aching to spew its load and relieve that ache in his gonads. And yes, his grunting and vigorous fucking did rock the boat …in this case, the bunk bed. Our younger brother kicked the end of the bed, likely embarrassed by what he knew was happening below him, what he silently endured before …me being fucked in the ass!.
But that didn’t stop the brother from fucking me; he must have felt his pending climax and he assaulted me all the more vigorously ….then from his loud grunting and the way he jacked his loin up against me I knew he was cumming. I couldn’t say I actually felt his cum spewing up into me when he finally climaxed, but I definitely knew he was ejaculating in me from the way he arched up against me and his loin squirmed against me. Was this what I had been secretly craving since that first enema? I just knew I loved the intensity of his lust, and the consummation of the sex act.
Again I felt the bed being kicked from above, but, whoa, what an euphoric feeling I was experiencing, almost feeling faint from the sexual experience. Was this what a girl felt when a guy climaxed in her? My brother clung to me a little longer, relishing his last few squirts up into my bowels as he ground his loin against me. Whoa, even though I was spent and my butt-hole was sore, I baste in the glow of this new sensation in my ass.
But he was spent, too, and after finally relieving his aching gonads I felt him ease his sweaty belly away from my back and slip his manhood out of me. “Want to do me now?” he whispered.
I didn’t want to let him know I loved being fucked, and mostly not to lose this wondrous sexual sensation. “No …its okay, “ I muttered.
I don’t know if he was relieved or he didn’t give a shit since he got the sexual relief he needed. He slipped out of bed and pulled his jeans up enough to hobble over to his own bed while I slipped my underwear fully off so I could swap up the wet sheet under me. Needless to say, I did not fall asleep immediately, and as my anus puckered I baste in a whole new simmering sexual euphoria.
Thankfully nothing was mentioned the next morning and as if nothing happened. After breakfast it was play time and we two younger brothers head to a nearby quarry with our toy rifles and pistols in tow to win a mock war. Coincidentally, we met a kid from my sixth grade class and a neighbor boy, and they joined into our mock game of war …soon arguing over who shot who first.
It wasn’t too long before I felt a stirring in my belly and knew I had to take a crap. Finding what I thought was a secluded spot behind some large rocks and in some tall weeds I drop my pants and squat down.. What I wasn’t expecting were the unmistakable tattletell white semen mixed in with my stool. The sixth grader, tall and lanky, definitely wasn’t the sharpest spoon in the drawer, but when he spotted it he knew what happened and laughed. “Someone got corn-holed, heh?”
Degraded and embarrassed I tried to deny it to no avail as my younger brother quickly confirmed the taboo sexual act of the night before, that I had indeed been fucked by our brother. Man, I remember that my face was burning.
But apparently this wasn’t such a dastardly act after all and that I wasn’t a ‘queer’ because the incident, and after a few comments was quickly relegated to ‘this is what older brothers did to their siblings’, i.e.. their rites-of-passage to manhood.
That older brother left home shortly afterwards, and thank goodness, the younger one never brought the incident up or threat to tell anyone about it. But then too, he didn’t know I was secretly using some sort of dildo while masturbating, and that I really loved being fucked in the ass. Or that while in Junior High School I had one more perverted sexual episode, and it with our brother-in-law. I got stuck baby-sitting at his house while our sister gave birth to her second child. With no sex for three months he was extremely horny, and after he got home late from the hospital I (willingly) let the horny bastard ‘coerce’ me, and while lying face down on his bed with my legs spread, let him vigorously relieved his sexual angst in my butt hole. But that is another story for another time.

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2012-12-01 19:22:12
‘this is what older brothers did to their siblings’, i.e.. their rites-of-passage to manhood.
That older brother left home shortly afterwards, and thank goodness, the younger one never brought the incident up or threat to tell anyone about it.
you make it a part of this culture's accepted behavior- so why would he be worried his brother would tell on him? i'm kinda surprised the younger brother didn't also use his brother to get off on/in- it wasn't horrible

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2010-06-23 20:37:45
Next time tell its a gay story

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