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Hey thanks for the support and encouragement, I’m sorry for the delay, I wanted to start back working on it when summer began, well here's part 2. I hope you enjoy.

As you might have guessed, my parents were kinda ticked off that it took us a while to get back. "What in the sam hill took you so long to get that ice cream Ryan," my Dad asked with a deadly tone in his voice, with my Mom next to him, her hands on her hips. What kind of answer could I had to this, oh me and Gabriel fucked each other's brains out in a restroom, huh yeah right.
I took a deep breath before answering, "Well, the store had ran out of the kind Mom wanted, so Gabriel and I waited for them to restock."
With that, I was able to get off scott free, although I think it's just that they wanted to eat the cake. While we ate I kept noticing Gabriel's older sister, Monica a sexy 20 year old babe steal glances at me. Gabriel didn't help cause she would give me a quick look and smile. Finally after the last slice was finish, we said our temporary farewell.
"Thank you Mary, it was so delightful to meet you again with your," Mrs. Esqueza said giving sideway glances at me and Dad.
"The same here Janet," Mom said giving Mrs. Esqueza a final hug. When the Esqueza's left it was up to me to clean the entire house up as "punishment". A week later Dad and I were watching Avatar eating a bowl of chips when the phone rang.
"Hello," Dad said as he picked up the phone, "Oh hey Carl." pause "Yeah, sure. Yep no problem," he said, "Alright Ryan and I’ll be there in fifteen minutes." As soon as he hung up he turned to me and said, "Ryan go get dressed."
"Huh wat fore," I asked my mouth full of Doritos, but Dad merely pointed upstairs his face sour, so I'd had to oblige. On the way there Dad was telling me that Mr. Esqueza was moving new furnitures into the house and he wanted our help. When we got there, I was in for a shock. Their house was a freakin mansion, I did not know that the Esqueza's were rich, I mean Mom told me they had a big house, but not a mansion. As Dad drove up to the front gate, I saw Mr. Esqueza waiting for us. Introductions took place then we got to work moving the furniture. It took longer than I expected, that was because Mr. Esqueza had like a truck load of high class furnitures, sofas, chairs, you name it. Finally when we just finishing arranging a exotic coffee table with three chairs, Gabriel and Monica came through the back door, they were both wearing white t-shirts and blue shorts. Monica’s huge breast seemed ready to burst forth.
“Dad, we’d finish cleaning the pool,” Monica informed Mr. Esqueza.
“Alright thanks pumpkin,” Mr. Esqueza said pulling on a jacket, “Say John, since Mary and Janet are out together, how about me and you go check the preparations.”
“Sure.” Dad replied
“What preparations?” I questioned, “and where did Mom went anyway.”
“Sorry Ryan, that’s a surprise,” Dad said rubbing my head before turning to Mr. Esqueza, “Do you mind if he stays with the girls?”
Then they left just like that, not before Mr. Esqueza asked them to give me a tour around the house to which Gabriel gladly accepted while Monica left mumbling about being in a house with a geek.
“This is the bathroom,” Gabriel said pointing at a marble tile room with a tub big enough for at least 3 cars. She continued to lead me down their hallway which very walls had loads of paintings and pictures. “That’s my parent’s room,” she said as we passed by a huge room with a king size bed and a whole bunch of other exotic items. “Finally,” She said 6 minutes later after showing me probably the 15th room which was a game room. “That’s Monica’s room,” she said quite dully, tilting her head towards a closed room that had rock n’ roll music blazing out.
“Oh, but who’s room is that next to it,” I asked smiling already knowing the answer.
Gabriel giggled as she took my hand and led me into her room closing her door behind us. I was quite surprise at what her room contained, stuff animals were heaped in piles. She had a computer desk with a laptop, a queen size bed with 2 fluffy pink pillows, a couple of matching thick sheets to go with it. On her walls she had posters of Final Fantasy’s heroines Yuna, Yuffie, Aerith, Tifa, Vanilla, and Lightning.
“Lightning huh?” I grinned at her. (Don’t get me wrong, I mean I know most girls are into that, but I’m just getting to know Gabriel. Back at school, I had always thought she would have a plain room, not very decorative.)
“She’s my hero just like the rest of them,” she admitted pushing me gently on the edge of her bed. Sitting next to me, she began rubbing her hands against my body from my face down smoothing my nipples through my shirt proceeding down towards the bulge I was developing.
"Oooh somebody's getting hard," she cooed.
"Yeah, hard over you," I said as I began to grope her body. I started by rubbing from her thighs up to her ass with my left hand as my right traveled towards her tits. She moaned when my right hand began caressing her breast. Before I could continue though, she pushed herself off me, and walked over to a sterio with a pink Ipod in it and pushed a few buttons. Immediatley a soft beat song began to engulf the room.
“I hope you’re ready,” She said as she took of her skirt revealing her soaked panties and getting on all four. I watched her crawl towards me, and unzipped my pants revealing my erected seven inch cock.
“Wow,” she said, “It’s always great seeing your seven inch staff.”
I smiled down at her, “Well you know seven’s a lucky number.”
She smiled back as her moved her hand toward it brushing her fingers gently on it emitting a tingling feeling inside my body. “Good,” she said as she began pumping it with her hands, “cause I’ve been pretty unlucky and I need your luck cock in me.” After this she gave my cock a quick kiss before putting the entire thing in her mouth.
"Oh shit," I moaned feeling her warm mouth wrapped around my cock with her tongue ran itself along the shaft moistening it. Occasionally she would take it out of her mouth to spit on it rubbing her saliva all over it before putting it back in. I gasped when I felt her fingers touching my balls.
"Ooh, he likes it," Gabriel said giggling. My balls began to tighten as that familiar pleasurable feeling began to wash over me. Not wanting to cum yet, I pushed her off and proceeded to take off her shirt revealing her beautiful tits. I'd began licking her stiff nipples while my fingers twirled them. "Oh my gosh," Gabriel moaned when I retrieved my hands and pushed my fingers towards her pussy. I rubbed her clit for a good minute listening and enjoying the moans I was receiving from Gabriel. Eventually I had to slow my pace because she was getting so wet that her panties were starting to stick to her. However I wasn’t done yet, so I removed her sticky under garments, and lowered my head close to her clit.
My tongue lashed forward striking her clit several times, with each strike released moans of pleasure. I felt Gabriel hands pulled my head in even closer, her body shaking, and her moans became louder and frequent. My hands once again grabbed onto her tits, spinning and squeezing her rock hard nipples. I knew it was only a matter a time before she cums, my hunch was right when she tried to push me off her, but I stood my ground and picked up the pace, my hands squeezed faster and tighter, my tongue licked more of her wet pussy.
“UH Ryan stop, o..or you’ll make me cum,” she pleaded. But I took no heed and worked even faster and rougher, tired of just licking her pussy, I moved my hands and started licking her nipples while my fingers plunged into her pussy. Her body started to shake uncontrollably, her attempts to push me off became more desperate, and sloppy. “RYAN I SAID ST-UGGHH,” I had bit down on her nipple and plunge my fingers as far as I could into her pussy causing her to scream and cum. A flood erupted from her pussy covering my entire hand soaking it. Pulling out my wet hand, I licked off her juice savoring her taste.
“Wow I haven’t seen you in such ecstasy before,” I joked looking at her flushed face. Before she could say anything in retaliation, there was a loud knock on her door.
“Hey Gabriel can you please shut the hell up,” yelled Monica as she opened the door. Luckily I had crawled under Gabriel’s bed.
“OH, finally out of your stupid room,” Gabriel retaliated back angrily, but I could hear she was still having some difficulty breathing.
“I wouldn’t have to be with your fucking screaming,” Monica raged, she must looked around the room cause she added, “where’s your stupid geek, taking a dump or something.”
“Shut up whore,” Gabriel shouted, “he’s a lot better than your boyfriends like Bill, Mike, Terry, oh am I missing anyone else, oh yeah and Steven.”
“Shut up you little tramp, “Monica screamed, “Maybe you should just get laid instead of masturbating off your geeky friend’s one inch cock,” and with that the door open and closed violently. Hoping it was safe, I crawled out from under the bed. Gabriel was sitting silently with her back to me, her shoulders trembling slightly. Thinking she was crying I sat down next to her and said, “Gabriel I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t had made you cum like that.”
But to my surprise, she wasn’t crying but laughing hysterically.
“Oh my god, thank you Ryan,” Gabriel exclaim pushing me on my back and sitting in a position with her pussy hovering over my cock. “It’s all thanks to you Ryan.”
“How it’s all thanks to me,” I asked confused, because all I understood was that they just had an argument because of me.
“Don’t you get it.” Gabriel started excitedly, “Monica always made fun of me, she acts like she fucks guys that got 10 or 12 inches cock. But I already knew that every boyfriend she has barely lasts a minute or even have anything close to eight inches. Steven only has a skinny 4 inch dick.” After saying this Gabriel started to laugh again, I wanted to ask how she knows all this, but decided not to.
“I would like to thank you Ryan,” Gabriel said as she adjusted my cock towards her pussy and hopped on it, engulfing my cock into her warm pussy.
“Oh god,” I mumbled in joy as Gabriel bounced on my cock.
“Come on, earn your share Ryan,” moaned Gabriel.
“At your command Mistress,” I groaned countering her rhythm with my own by thrusting in and out of her.
“Oooh, yeah just like that,” she cooed. I looked at her bouncing tits up to her face. Her usual blank face transformed into an angel like princess. Her eyes were close, gentle moans were escaping from her soft lips which was slowly forming a small smile, she looked like she was in total peace. Wanting nothing but to bring more pleasure and happiness to her at the moment, I picked up my pace bringing more pleasure to each other. We continued this for a while, both of us about to cum.
Reaching up I grabbed onto her tits squeezing them as tight as possible, in retaliation Gabriel leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. We continued to share this passionate moment for awhile until the feeling of orgasm began to consume us again.
“Gabriel, I’m about to cum,” I said trying to hold on.
“Me too,” Gabriel responded and as she said these words she came all over my cock.
“OH MY GOD,” She shouted
“GABRIEL I’M CUM-,” I yelled
Gabriel quickly hopped off, and started sucking my cock, not able to hold it any longer, I came in her mouth, I must had came a lot, because some of my cum was dribbling out from her mouth back onto my cock. While Gabriel was savoring my taste, I laid there sweaty and exhausted.
After finally swallowing my load, Gabriel stared at me in amazement, “Ryan that’s more than last time,” After seeing me relaxed she flick the head of my cock with her tongue causing me to moan. “But don’t even think we’re done yet,” she said giggling. After saying this, she crawled off me and gestured me to sit up. After doing that I saw that she was on her knees, her ass in front of me, with her fingers in her ass, “this time fuck my ass silly.”
Too horny to disobey, I positioned my fully awaken cock at the entrance of her asshole. Not waiting for her to tell me she was ready, I started to push my way in. Although it was difficult, her asshole was really tight. Even after furious struggles, I only got like 4 inches in, finally after a few more tries I was able to get all my cock in.
“Good,” moaned Gabriel, “Now fuck that dirty hole.” I proceeded to thrust in and out of her asshole, at the same time I started to finger her pussy relentlessly.
“Uh yeah, mmm….yes, oh baby your so fucking big inside,” Gabriel cried in ecstasy.
After a while her ass hole was starting to loosen, which allowed me to go as fast as I could. Not wanting to miss that opportunity, I thrusted in as far as I could, while fingering her, and smacking her ass once in a while just to watch her ass cheeks jiggle. The orgasmic feeling was wrapping me as my hips smacked against her pussy.
“Gab-Gab,” I was in so much pleasure that I couldn’t form any words.
“D-o it Ry-ya-n, cum inside me,” she pleaded as her ass pushed against me.
Now with the permission I needed, I thrust my cock inside Gabriel’s ass as deep as I was able to in one mighty thrust. The force was so great, that it caused Gabriel to squirt all over my cock, as well as my entire lap, parts of her sheets, and once again my entire hand. Unable to withstand that pressure, I came inside her. The amount was great, even more than when I came in her mouth. When I had finally finish depositing my seeds in her ass, I withdrew my cock and saw some of my cum flow out of her asshole down her buttocks. Gabriel was entirely breathless, her face red and flushed from total pleasure. When she finally regain her breath, she stared at me and leaned forward to give me another kiss.
“That was incredible,” she said softly in my ears.
“No arguments here,” I said kissing her back.

Part 3 coming soon.


2010-07-23 07:49:24
Hey reader, when your writing a story, it's easy to make small errors. Great story, can't wait for part 3.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-27 00:15:39
Awesome story. I still don't understand how the authors on thi site can have great stories and mess up on 4th grade level material. Sneaked is not a word. Your better than most though and the story was awesome. 9.3 out of 10


2010-06-24 09:50:36
I love this story. Can't wait for the next part!!


2010-06-24 01:39:40
Soo hott, a few spelling and grammatical errors but otherwise great! Sure made me cum. ;]

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