Harlan was a viscous man. He beat and abused his wife but when he raped his 11 yr old daughter Loretta had had enough
Eleven year Emma Lou Pritchett was listening to music on the radio when her father, Harlan got up from his easy chair and turned off the TV. She knew he’d be heading out to the Dew Drop Inn, his favorite tavern. He wouldn’t get home ‘til after midnight and he’d be drunk as a skunk. The Pritchetts lived in a ramshackle rented farmhouse about five miles outside of town, they oughta been able to live better, Harlan made pretty good money at the mill but he drank up most of it, tonight wasn’t going to be an exception.

“Where in the hells my goddam black shirt?” he screamed from his bedroom.

Uh oh, Emmy knew she’d screwed up. The laundry was her job and she hadn’t done it yet. She called to him, “I’m sorry Daddy, I ain’t done the washin’ yet. I’ll do it right now if you want.” She knew an explosion was coming and she’d probably get spanked.

“God damn girl you got chores and you ain’t doin’ them; I’m gonna blister yer ass. Get in your room and get them jeans offen yer ass, you got a whippin’ cummin.”

Emmy went to her room, she’d take her spanking then get the washing done. She took off her jeans and waited.

Harlan was already jerking his belt out of his pants when he stormed into Emmy’s room. “Bend over that damned bed girl,” he ranted.

Emmy was really scared now. He’d spanked her a lotta times but he ain’t never whipped her with the belt. “Please Daddy, don’t strap me. Just go ahead and spank me but don’t strap me,” she cried out.

Harlan grabbed her arm and bent her over the bed then grabbed her panties and pulled them to her knees. “Girl yer gonna remember thisen, you ain’t gonna sit down for a week. Bet you’ll ‘member yer chores next time.”

Harlan swept the belt back and brought in down with a wicked sounding swish; the strap welted Emmy’s bottom and the tip bit into her hip; Emmy screamed out in pain. Harlan drew the belt back for a second blow when, from behind him he heard, “Harlan what the hell are you doin? Don’t be strappin’ her, she’s still a little girl.”

Harlan’s wife, Loretta, Emmy’s mother stood behind him. He answered, “Loretta, I’m teachin’ this girl a lesson. She’s got chores and they ain’t done, now she’s gonna get a strappin.”

“No Harlan, you ain’t gonna strap her. She done wrong not doin’ her chores and maybe she earned a spankin’ but you ain’t gonna strap her.”

“You gonna stop me? What you gonna do Loretta? Fight me over it?”

“Iffen I have to Harlan. You ain’t gonna strap her.”

Loretta was a tough old gal but she was no physical match for Harlan, but she was going to fight if she had to to keep him from using the belt on Emmy. Turned out she didn’t have to.

Harlan hissed at Emmy, “Get offen the bed and stand over thar and watch what you done caused.”

Emmy pulled her panties up and walked to stand against the wall.

“You happy now Loretta, she ain’t gonna get it; you are,”as he grabbed Loretta and pushed her face down on the bed.

Loretta was wearing a faded floral print house dress; Harlan just flipped it up over her back and asked, “You wanta take them panties off or you want me too?”

“I’ll do it Harlan,” she answered as she tugged her panties down to her knees.

“All the way off with em woman.”

Loretta lifted her knees, pulled her panties over her feet and tossed them aside.

Emmy was looking at her mother’s bottom. It was striped and bruised from previous whippings. The walls of the house were thin and she’d heard her mother screaming and crying when Harlan was in the room with her and the door was shut. Now she knew why. Emmy began to cry.

“Shut up girl,” Harlan screamed. “Yer the reason she’s getting’ a licking, she’s protectin’ your young ass. Next time though, it’ll be you bent over here.”

Harlan laid the leather to Loretta. She cried out with the first blow, ooo, ooo, ooo. The second brought tears. Loretta tried to hold them back but the pain tore through her as he struck her again and again, raising fresh welts across her ass and tearing the flesh where the tip of the belt bit into her hips. Finally she just collapsed; she wasn’t able to hold herself up. Harlan quit then. He stalked out of the house and headed for the bar.

Loretta lay sobbing on the bed. The beating was terrible but she knew it would get worse when he came home drunk. He’d want to fuck her and he would. He’d take her whether she wanted it or not.

As Harlan drove to the bar he was seething. Give that damn girl some little jobs to do and she ain’t done em, and his damned wife, what the hell did she think she was doin’ getten’ in the way when he was gonna teach that girl a lesson. He damned sure did wanta whip Emmy but when he’d pulled her panties down he saw something else he wanted. She’d growed a cute little bubble of an ass; Harlan sure was lookin’ forward to a little taste. Just thinkin’ about it got him stiff as a board.

At home Emmy had helped Loretta to her bed. “Can I do anything to help Mama?” Emmy asked.

“Just bring my panties in here and get me a cool wash rag, ok, honey?”

Emmy did as she was asked.

Loretta was lying on her tummy. She asked Emmy to put the cool wash rag on her bottom.

“That’ll help take some o the sting out.”

“Mama, he’s beat you before ain’t he?” Emmy asked.

“Yeah baby he beats me sometimes. You try to be good so you don’t get it.”

Emmy asked, “Mama can I lay down with you for a while?”

“Sure baby, climb on up here,” she answered as she rolled onto her side making room.

Loretta’s gown had ridden up and Emmy was able to see most of her body. Loretta was only twenty-eight but she looked much older. Her breasts were desiccated like an older woman’s, there were dark smudges under her eyes and her long brown hair hung lank and lifeless. A hard life and Harlan’s harsh treatment were taking their toll.

Emmy crawled in beside her, kissed her tummy and snuggled against her breasts, whispering, “Thank you Mama.”

With her head resting between Loretta’s breasts Emmy was looking at a nipple about an inch in front of her. Loretta’s nipples were long and reddish brown; Emmy took one into her mouth.

“Emmy what in the hell are you doin’.”

“I’m suckin’ yer tittie Mama.”

“Why you doin’ that?”

“I did when I was little and I feel kinda little now; let me Mama, will you?”

“I guess so, why not,” Loretta answered. It did feel kinda nice.

So Emmy sucked like a baby sucks. She went from one breast to the other and, as she did, Loretta felt a little tingle between her legs. She’d forgotten how nice it could feel to get a little aroused. Harlan hadn’t got her worked up in years. All he wanted to do was fuck her and hurt her. She lay back and took a simple pleasure.

Loretta hadn’t realized how much time had passed; she was even rubbing herself a little while Emmy sucked her breasts when she heard a car door slam.

“Emmy honey, get outta here, yer Daddy’s home, go now run.”

Emmy ran to her room and dived under the covers as she heard her father come through the front door.

“Where you at Loretta,” he slurred.

“I’m back here in the bedroom, Harlan.”

“Good, now get yerself ready.”

When Harlan walked into the bedroom the light was turned down low but he could see Loretta under the covers, cringing toward the far side of the bed.

Throwing the covers off he said, “You don’t look ready to me. Get that nightgown off.”

“Harlan, please, not tonight. I’m so sore from that whippin’ you gave me.”

“Iffen you don’t want another you’ll get that goddam gown off; right now.”

Loretta sure didn’t want another whipping. Her body couldn’t take anymore abuse tonight. She pulled her gown over her head and tossed it on the floor.

Harlan immediately saw that she had no panties on. He exclaimed, “Well maybe you be part way ready, I can see that pussy. Just lay down.”

Loretta sadly lay back on the mattress and opened her legs. There was no need to try to fight with him; he’d just take her hard if she did.

Harlan shed his clothes and climbed onto the bed between her legs. He was already hard, he felt Loretta’s pussy; it was dry. He spit on his hand, stroked his cock and shoved into her. She moaned, she wasn’t lubricated and it hurt.

Harlan fucked her hard for about ten minutes but, because of the alcohol, he wasn’t able to cum. His dick stayed hard and he kept pounding away at her but he wasn’t getting off.

Loretta’s pussy was getting torn up. No lube and over ten minutes of pounding had enflamed her pelvic area, she just moaned as he pounded at her. “Harlan, honey, let me help you with my mouth. Let me suck on you, please.”

Harlan thought about that. It sounded pretty good but then, he decided, no, not her mouth; he wanted her ass. He pulled out of her; his turgid cock was red from the pounding he’d given her.

“No, don’t think so, roll over on yer belly.”

“Please Harlan don’t do that to me. You tore me up pretty bad that last time; it still hurts to take a crap.”

“Just roll over dammit, don’t give me no sass.”

When she didn’t immediately comply Harlan just flipped her over and mounted her from behind.

“Spread yer damn ass woman,” he hissed in her ear. “Spread yer damn ass.”

Loretta shifted her hips and spread her thighs making herself available to him. Harlan spit on his hand, wet his cock and rammed it into her.

She screamed, “Oh damn Harlan yer splitten me open. Stop, take it out, take it out.”

She continued to shriek as he forced himself deeper into her.

Emmy hadn’t gone to sleep. She was cowering in her bed hoping that her father would stay away but her mother’s agonized wails spurred her to do something.
She ran to her parent’s room and opened the door. Her mother was on her belly on the bed screaming and her father was sitting on her mother’s ass.

“What are you doin’ to her Daddy?” Emmy cried out.

Harlan spun around and looked at her, saying, “You get the hell outta here, get back to yer room.”

“Daddy yer hurtin’ her, let her go,” Emmy yelled.

“Girl you best get the hell outta here or you’re gonna be next.”

Loretta said, “Just go back to your room honey and stay there, it’ll be alright.”

When Emmy had left Loretta said, “Harlan, you go ahead and finish up. But I don’t never wanta hear you talkin’ bout Emmy bein’ next, you hurt that girl and I swear I’ll get you. Now go ahead and fuck my in the ass.”

Finally he came, messy as always then he simply fell off her and was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

Loretta got up, washed herself off and went to Emmy’s room to check on her; she was still awake.

“Emmy honey, it’s ok. He’s sleepin’ now, he won’t hurt us.”

“Mama he was hurtin’ you what was he doin’? You was screamin’ so bad.”

Loretta thought before answering. Emmy was growing up; she’d already started her womanly monthlies, she oughta know.

“Emmy he was fuckin’ me. He fucked me in my pussy then, when you come in he was fuckin’ me up the ass. He likes to do that to me ‘cause he knows it hurts me. Now I’m scared for you, I think he’s startin’ to look at you. You be careful around him. Try not to let him catch you alone ‘cause I think he’ll hurt you, too.”

Things went along as normally as things went in the Pritchett household for the next couple of months. Emmy had been spanked twice but they were just normal spankings although Harlan had rubbed her bottom while he spanked, something he’d not done before. Emmy could still hear bad things going on in her Mama’s bedroom some nights, maybe ‘bout once a week but other than that things were pretty normal.

Loretta worked as a waitress at the truck stop out on the main highway. She usually got off at six and was home by six-ten but today she wasn’t feeling real good and the restaurant wasn’t very busy. She left at a little after four. Harlan’s shift at the mill was seven ‘til three-thirty. He was usually home when she got there. It wasn’t ‘til later that he hit the bar.

Emmy’s school bus dropped her at her house at 3:45 so he was home when she arrived. Today as usual Harlan was there when she came home.

As she walked in the door Harlan started yelling at her, “Goddam it girl, I done talked to ya, I done spanked ya fer not doin’ yer chores. They ain’t done again and now yer gonna get it.”

“What ain’t done Daddy?”

“Them dishes out in the sink.”

Harlan had fixed a sandwich and a drink as soon as he got home; the dishes were his but they created his excuse.

“Git in yer room, yer gonna get a lickin.”

“Daddy that ain’t fair, them dishes wasn’t in the sink when I went to school this mornin’.”

“You sassin’ me?” I said git in that room.”

Emmy walked to her room and sat on her bed. Harlan was right behind her.

“Git outta them jeans and get over that bed.”

Emmy just knew she was going to get the belt. Her mother wasn’t here to protect her. She knew it would hurt her and she was scared. She was trembling as she pulled her jeans off and leaned over the bed. She heard her father undo his belt then he pulled her panties off.

“Lift yer feet so I can git these damn panties down,” he said as he tugged her panties completely off. But he didn’t hit her right away; he rubbed her bottom like when he’d spanked her and spread her legs a bit. Emmy was frightened and embarrassed. She knew he could look right at her asshole and pussy. Behind her she heard his pants hit the floor and she heard him spit.

Oh no she thought, he wasn’t going to belt her, he was going to fuck her. The thought was still passing through her mind when he pressed down on her back with one hand, pinning her to the bed while she felt the other open her little pussy lips. His cock felt huge as he ran it up and down her slit then he found her tiny hole and pushed into her.

“Aaaaggghhh,” Emmy screamed as he ripped through her hymen. “Nooo Daddy you’re hurtin’ me, stop, stop,” she sobbed loudly.

Harlan was just getting a good rhythm going; God, how he loved this tight young pussy he thought, as he plowed into her with stroke after stroke. He never heard the front door open but Loretta heard Emmy and she heard him. They kept a baseball bat for protection behind the front door and she grabbed it. She rushed to Emmy’s room. The sight sickened and enraged her. Harlan had Emmy face down on the bed and was hammering her young cunt like he was a wild animal.

Loretta screamed, “You bastard, you miserable fucking bastard,” as she flew across the room and hit him in back with the bat.

He turned toward her and she smashed his ribs, she took aim at his head but he got an arm up and deflected the blow. It did break his arm, though.

Harlan ran for the door, he never even got his pants, with Loretta chasing him and beating him ‘til he was out the door. She slammed the door then a moment or two opened it. She threw his pants at him and said, “Don’t you never come back to this house you sonofabitch, you do, I’ll shoot you, you hear.”

Emmy was curled up on her bed in the fetal position, holding herself and sobbing. Loretta went to her saying, “Lay still baby, let me take a look.”

Emmy rolled over on her back and Loretta inspected the damage.

“Well honey he ripped up yer cherry and you look right sore down there but at least he didn’t cum in you. You ain’t gonna get knocked up; guess that’s the good news.

“Mama, why’d he do this to me?”

“Well Emmy, men like pussy, simple as that. Good daddies, good men don’t do things like this to their little girls but Harlan ain’t a good man.”

She got a rag and wiped the blood away saying, “Emmy let’s get something to eat then you can come to bed with me tonight. I want to hold you, ok?”

“Sure Mama; when we go to bed can I suck on yer titties again?”

“Honey, I’d like that, I’d like that real good.”

It was still early when they finished dinner but both of them wanted to feel the comforting arms of the other, they dressed for bed, Loretta in her long nightgown and Emmy in just a tee-shirt; she was sore and didn’t want panties tonight. They lay together, just each holding the other.

Eventually Emmy said, “Mama I’m real sore down there, is there anything you can do?”

“Emmy I ain’t sure it’ll help but I can maybe put a little Vaseline down there if you want.”

“Wouldya Mama, that may could help a little.”

Loretta got the Vaseline out of the bathroom cupboard and spread Emmy’s legs. The damage Harlan had done was evident. Although there was no additional bleeding Emmy was swollen and bruised; Loretta gently rubbed her with the Vaseline.

Emmy found her mother’s touch soothing, she lay back and began to relax; then she started to feel a little tingle in her belly.

“Mama, that feels real nice but it’s given’ me a funny feeling; a nice funny feelin’; whatcha doin’?”

“Jist puttin’ this on you baby, that’s all.”

Loretta knew what was happening, she was exciting her daughter. She thought, I better stop doing this so she did.

“Baby that oughta help,” she said as she lay back and held Emmy to her breasts.

Emmy kissed her chest through her gown then lifted it, exposing Loretta’s tits; she started sucking one.

“This makes me feel good Mama,” Emmy said, “I feel like I’m your baby again.”

Loretta let her suck for fifteen or twenty minutes; Emmy would suck on one breast then the other. It felt too good, so pleasurable to Loretta, she’d not felt such a nice feeling in years; then she felt a clenching in her womb that reminded her of when Emmy was a baby and nursing. The feeling was pleasant, it was arousing and Loretta’s breathing became raspy as the feeling escalated.

Emmy noticed the change. She asked, “You ok Mama?”

“Oh baby I’m bettern ok, that feels right nice.”

Loretta was afraid to ask for what she wanted. Emmy was her eleven year old daughter and she knew what she wanted wasn’t right but she was feeling so good she went ahead.

“Emmy honey, you suckin’ that feels great but would you do somethin’ for me?”

“Sure Mama, what do you want me to do?”

Loretta was lying on her back. She said, “Honey could you lay on my belly, between my legs while you suck on me?”

Emmy climbed atop her mother. They lay mound to mound, Emmy’s shorter stature allowing her to continue to nurse.

Loretta was having feelings she hadn’t experienced since the early years with Harlan when he still acted like he loved her and wanted her to feel good, too. Her panties were getting wet. The sucking on her breasts, the weight of a body on her tummy, the feel of pressure against her mound was inflaming her. She began wriggling her hips.

Emmy could tell something was happening with her mother, the ragged breathing, and the gyration of her lower body told Emmy she was giving her Mama good feelings; she pressed her pelvis into her mother’s dampening crotch and sucked her breasts all the harder.

Loretta was beyond caring that what she was doing might be wrong. She was on the verge of a sexual release. She wrapped her long legs around Emmy’s slim body and pumped against her. When her climax came she writhed and screamed out, ‘Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, yesss.”

Emmy could tell that her Mama had soaked her panties when she screamed, she asked, rather breathlessly, “Mama, are you ok?”

“Oh yeah baby, I’m ok, you made me cum. I cummed like I ain’t in forever, yeah baby, I’m ok.”

“Mama, yer panties are wet, how come?”

“Emmy when a woman cums she gets real wet.”

“Can I see mama, can I look?”

Loretta had to think about that one. Did she want her child checking out her vagina? Why not? “Ok Baby, you can look.”

“Mama, I gotta take yer panties off to see.”

“Go ‘head sugar,” Loretta said as she lifted her hips to allow Emmy to take her panties off.

As Emmy rolled Loretta’s panties down the first thing she noticed was scent; she’d never smelled anything quite like it. There was a headiness to it that made catch her breath. The second thing she noticed was her mother’s bush. She had a full, wild pelt of dark brown hair; now matted from the moisture that had flowed from her.

“Honey you can open me up; go ahead.”

Emmy tentatively parted her mother’s lips. She’d looked at herself, of course, but her mother’s core was much darker. Emmy was pink inside, Loretta was reddish and Emmy could see her hole. Her mother was wet and still leaking fluid; Emmy ran her finger along her slit feeling the slick, stickiness; she put the finger to her lips and tasted it.

“Mama, you’re kinda salty; did you know that?”

“No Baby, I ain’t never tasted me. I didn’t know.”

“Well you do; it’s kinda good.”

“Come on up here and let me hold you. We might can do a little checkin’ out of each other tomorrow, ok?”

In Loretta’s arms Emmy drifted off to sleep but Loretta was kept awake by conflicting thoughts. She’d really felt good when Emmy had helped her cum and she’d like to get that feeling again but she wondered if she was any better than Harlan; taking sexual advantage of her young daughter. She rationalized that she was sharing love and Harlan was only giving pain. She finally fell into a fitful sleep.

Loretta was awakened early the next morning by someone trying to get in the front door. She’d locked it last night but she’d also put a chair under the door knob, blocking entrance; she jumped out of bed and got the shotgun. The gun was an old 12 gauge Stevens, full choke and a 36” barrel loaded with 3 ¼ magnum number 4 shot, a goose gun.
She pulled the chair away and jerked the door open. Harlan was in the doorway. He said, “Jist come for my clothes.”

“Harlan, I told you never to come ‘round her no more. I meant it. Now you listen up. First off, I’m gonna divorce you and you gonna pay $100 a week support. You don’t pay I’m gonna call the sheriff about what you done to Emmy, and second, don’t you never come to this door agin. Yer clothes will be in a box out by the mail box at 6:00 tonight, you can git them then.” She slammed the door.

When Emmy and Loretta went to bed that night, with an unspoken understanding, neither was wearing panties though both had on their gowns. There was a tension in the air as they climbed into bed. Emmy had asked to sleep with her mother but, truth be told, if she hadn’t Loretta would have asked. They both wanted the hinted at exploration of each other that the previous night had promised.

“Emmy honey, you said I’m salty. Wonder if you are?”

“I don’t know Mama, you wanta find out?”

“Iffen you want me to.”

Emmy flopped onto her back and raised her gown saying, “Yeah Mama, see if I’m salty.”

Loretta surveyed her daughter. She had sparse brown hair on her mons but after Harlan’s assault she was still a little swollen and red. Loretta though, it’s now or never as she dipped her head and licked along Emmy’s slit, tasting pussy for the first time. Emmy’s scent was light and mild; her taste mellow. Loretta ran her tongue along first one lip then the other, enjoying her fragrance. She licked upward, seeking Emmy’s clitoris. She found the small, pearl tipped jewel and hungrily took it between her lips, sucking and teasing it with her tongue.

Emmy was feeling her very first arousal when Loretta was licking her but when her mother found her clit she thought she’d gotten an electrical shock. She moaned loudly, “Oh Mama, oh, oh, oooh, yesss Mama.”

Emmy thrust her hips against her mother’s probing lips and exploded with her first ever orgasm. Her pussy pulsed four, five, six times exuding small amounts of her sweet love juices. Loretta gently licked her, cleaning her and bringing her back down.”

“Oh my God Mama, what did you do to me?”

“Did it feel good Baby?”

“Yes Mama, I ain’t never felt so good.”

“Baby you jist cum for the first time.”

“Like you did last night?”

“Yeah Baby, jist like that.”

Bashfully Emmy asked, “Mama can I do what you jist done. Can I do it to you?”

“Iffen you want to,” Loretta grinned.

Loretta crawled up beside Emmy and hugged and kissed her. Not a motherly peck but a deep passionate tongue probing French one as she lifted Emmy’s body between her legs.

Emmy slid down her mother’s torso, pausing at her mons and raking her fingers through her thick sable pelt. She opened her lips, once again taking in her mother’s distinctive aroma then, dipping her head; she ran her tongue along her mother’s inviting labia, reveling in her mild salty tang. She found her vagina and probed it with her tongue then, remembering what her Mama had done she licked upward. Loretta’s clitoris was much larger than Emmy’s, at least ¾ inches and was ruby tipped. Finding it Emmy started sucking it like it was a nipple, tugging with her lips as she sucked.

Loretta felt like she was on fire, her cunt was burning with desire, pulsing, squeezing upon itself. Her tummy was in a tumult, the muscles clenching and she couldn’t restrain herself. She was writhing, tossing her head wildly from side to side as she screamed out her pleasure, “Yesss, yesss, yesss, ooo, ooo, ooo,” as gush after gush of her woman cum soaked Emmy. Slowly, she fell back to the bed, drained.

“Come up here Baby, I want to kiss you and hold you,” Loretta asked as Emmy folded into her arms.

Emmy was exhausted and almost immediately fell into slumber but Loretta just lay smiling. Screw Harlan her and Emmy didn’t need no man in their lives were her last thoughts before she also drifted off.

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