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“Hey get up!” call Jennifer from the bottom of the stairs.
“Don’t make me come up there and get you up myself” she called again.

John didn’t want to get up. Out all last night drinking, made it real hard for him to even lift his head off the pillow. Why did he have to make that bet anyway? You see, Jennifer was real good friends with Ms. Edwards across and the street and she needed help this morning cleaning out her basement. Bruce (John’s twin brother) was the one grounded for hitting a ball through her attic window and was the one who would be helping her clean. John was pissed for making that bet, Bruce even knew John always like a good bet. Why did those fucking Colts have to lose? Now he was the one who had to get up at 5am to go over to Ms. Edwards.

“John!” call Jennifer one last time.
“I’m up, I’m up” “just give me a moment”

So, John got up and headed to the bathroom to get ready, but not before he punched Bruce in the arm as he slept in the bed next to him. Only to pissed John off even more, Bruce just rolled over and told his brother to have a get time cleaning and went back to sleep.

“What a fucker” he thought to himself as he walk into the bathroom and hit the light.
John looked across the room the mirror above the sink. There he saw himself 6’and in good shape, nothing extreme, he was average for an 18 year old with shaggy brown hair. He had his share of girlfriends, but he just ended with the last one about two months ago. As he looked down he could see his 9” hard cock poking through his boxers just wanted to be jerked. As he was about to rub one out he mother open the door to the bathroom.

“John?” “are you…”
“Mom?!” John yelled. “What are you doing in here?”

Jennifer froze, not being able to move or speak. All the blood running from her face turning it white. Again John tried to ask what his mother was thinking, coming into the bathroom.

“I’m so-rr-y” was all she could get out before she turned and walked out to her bedroom.

John looked down to see that his cock was even harder than it was before his mother walked in. Did he get turned on by being caught; even more that it was his mom that caught him. John looked at his watch and saw that it was ten to five. “This is going to have to wait till later” and he finished getting dress and headed to Ms. Edwards’ house.

“Hi, John” answer Ms. Edwards as she opened the door. “Why are you here and not your bother Bruce?”
“Long story short, Ms. Edwards” “I lost a bet and now I have to help you” John answered.
“Well lets get started, we don’t have all day, and call me Mary” replied Ms. Edwards.
So, John followed Mary to the basement start cleaning. As the morning went, John moved boxes and swept the floor and moved the boxes back. Mary unpacked some to see if there was anything that she could get rid of or give to the local school. As she would bent down to pick up a box John would look down her low cut shirt or look at her ass in her tight pair of work-out pairs. Mary caught him here and there but didn’t make it know that she saw him looking. Unknown to John, Mary was not your normal women nor was the singled woman she seemed to be, but was in a relationship for quite some time with someone John knew very well, but didn’t like to have other people knowing that because most people in that town did not see it as being right. This special someone was the only one in town that really knew Ms. Edwards, but that was going to changed after today.

“Well, John, we have been at this for four hours now” “why don’t you take a break as I get us some drinks” said Mary.
“Thanks” replied John.
Mary headed up the stairs to make the drinks. As she walked up the stairs all John could do was look at that ass as it moved from side to side. John’s cock was at full attention when Mary reached the top. He had to jerk his cock bad now. After his mother this morning and now Ms. Edwards, he needed to rub this one out. John headed up the stairs to find the bathroom. As headed down the hall as he walked down the hall he heard faint sounds and could see a light coming from a room that the door wasn’t closed all the way. He slowly creped up to the door as he heard low moans coming from behind the door, John look into the room only to find Mary sitting on the edge of the toilet rubbing a thick cock and biting down on her lower lip. Never has a man done this to her, never as a man made her so horny and she needed jack off so badly. She was getting harder and harder, as her balls started to twitch. John couldn’t believe it. Ms. Edwards had and cock as big as his but had to be two inches thicker. He only had seen a shemale on line and never believed them to be real. Now there was one just on the other side of this door jerking her cock. This made John even hornier, he couldn’t explain it but she was turning he on. John slowly dropped is pants and started to stroke his dick. Mary was going at it hard now, licking her fingers of one hand as she stroked the shaft of her cock. John’s cock was rock hard as he pumped away at it. Never had he seen a sight like the one in his short life. Her cock was so thick and her balls so clean, not one hair was there. Mary kept her area very well clean all the way back to her sexy asshole. Mary was going at it for some time now with her eyes close and moaning load. Stroking her cock and pulling at her balls, she never noticed John outside of her bathroom jerking his cock.
John could feel his cock grow as he was about the shoot his load all over the door frame.

“What do you think you are doing” came a voice from behind.

John could feel a hand now on his shoulder and turn to see who it was. For the second time today John was caught by his mother with his cock in his hand. Now this time Jennifer was not feeling sorry for her son being caught jerking off.

“What are you doing” she repeated herself.
“Uhuhuh uhm” was all John could say.
Looking Jennifer still doesn’t know what came over her, but she couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed hold for John’s cock and dropped to her knees. She looked up at our son, licked her lips and drove her mouth onto his cock. She was so horny that nothing could have stopped her. She needed his cock; it was the only thing she was thinking about all day, since she saw it first this morning. Jennifer started to go deep on his cock, sending it all the way down her throat. John was in heaven now totally forgetting about Mary on the toilet stroking her own cock.

Back in the bathroom Mary was stroking her dick like never before. She was on the edge of cumming when she heard sucking noises and opened her eyes. She stopped jerking cock and just looked out the door to see her lover sucking the boy, that cause her to become so turned on, big cock. This was the hottest thing Mary had every seen, she got up and walked to them.

“Hey Jenny, what do I have here?”
Jennifer looked up to see her lover standing behind John rubbing his chest. John didn’t know what to do; this was too much for him. Jennifer on the other hand knew that this may be the only time she could have this naughty experience with one of her sons and her lover. Jennifer reached out and grabbed hold of Mary’s cock and stuck it in her mouth. She stroked John’s dick as she bobbed up and down on Mary’s. Then she would switch and suck John’s dick and jerk Mary’s cock.

John stopped thinking and just let his cock do all the work. He turned to Mary and kissed her on the lips. She returned the kiss and pushed her tongue pass is lips and into his mouth. With one hand John reached around and squeezed her ass that was so firm. Mary broke the kiss and whisper in his ear if he wanted to take this to a level of exotic high. With his mother’s lips wrapped around the base of his cock, he moaned out a yessss! Mary put a hand on Jennifer’s arm and bought her to her feet. She than lead both on them to her bedroom and pushed John on his back to the bed. Jennifer resumed sucking her son’s cock and Mary crawled her way up John’s body. She looked down at John and said that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Just say the word and we will stop, we both want to make is enjoyable for you. “Are you ready” With and nod from John Mary lowered her cock to his mouth. Now John had never sucked or thought about sucking a cock before. He knew he was straight, but the high he was on at the moment made him open his mouth and welcome her cock into it. John’s mouth was not used to the thickness of her cock and he could feel his mouth being stretched from the size. He started to gag on the cock as Mary pushed her dick slowly into his mouth. After a couple of minutes John started to get the hang of it and started to work on her cock like any good cocksucker. As John sucked Mary’s dick, she turned and lower her mouth onto his and now they were in a 69 position sucking each other cocks. John never saw his mother leave the room and return, but as he was sucking Mary’s cock; Jennifer lifted his legs and put some cold liquid on and around his ass. John was too into the moment to know that Jennifer was about drive a pink strap-on into her son’s ass. Mary pulled her cock from his mouth and got off him but without removing her mouth from his cock. John looked up just in time to his mother enter his asshole with the dildo. Jennifer very slowly eased the pink dick into her son’s ass until it was three quarters of the way in. The pain was hardly as great to the feeling of his own mom fucking him in the ass. This was all new to John and he loved every moment of it.
Jennifer pulled the strap-on from his as and moved to the side so Mary could replace her cock in his ass. Before she put her dick in him, she had him roll over onto his hands and knees and get on the bottom of the bed. Mary now standing at the foot of the bed lined her thick cock up to his newly sherry popped asshole and slowly pushed inch by inch of her cock into it. After she was all the way and held it there for a bit for his ass to relax and take the size of her cock. She removed about half of it and slammed the whole thing back into his ass. Now picking up pace Mary want full on John’s ass, fucking it hard and deep.

“You like being a naughty boy, don’t you” said his mother as she position her ass in front of John’s face.
“Now be a good little boy and lick you dearest mother’s asshole.” “Lick it good and you will be rewarded nicely”

John drove into his mother’s ass licking away. It was a lot sweeter than he thought it would be. He licked and licked and pushed his tongue in her rose bud. He could feel her fingers hitting his chin as she fingered herself and he worked her asshole with his tongue, all the wild being fucked from behind by Mary.

“I want you to suck mommy’s cock now son as I suck yours” Jennifer told her son as she reposition herself under John.

Jennifer grabbed hold of John’s dick and pulled it into her mouth as John lowered his mouth to her pick cock standing upward to him. As Jennifer was sucking her son’s cock, she would from time to time stop and lick Mary’s cock as is slide in and out of John’s asshole. John knew he was going to cum soon and tried to hold off for a little longer. Mary was close too and knew were she was going to blow this load. She had John turn and rest is face next to his mother’s as Mary jerk and last to pumps on her cock and exploded all over John’s and Jennifer’s faces. John took some of his first cum into his mouth and licked some more off his mother’s face, it was salty but very good. When Mary was done she told John to cum in her ass, so John got behind her and pushed his cock in. He only got one good fuck and he emptied his balls deep into Mary’s ass. After Jennifer told him to lie back down on the bed and Mary crawled on top. Mary got her ass right above John’s mouth and told him to open. John did and Mary pushed all his cum out of her ass and into his mouth. Next Jennifer told John to come over and give some of the cum to her. John crawled to his mother and kissed her passing the cum from his mouth to hers.

“Wow!!!” John moaned out after finishing the kiss to his mother. “You too are the hottest chicks I have ever been with.” “I need to come over here and help you clean more often Ms. Edwards.
Mary sat on the edge of the bed rubbing John’s cock as it slowly went limp. Jennifer looked at Mary and told her that we need to get together like this again and if Bruce is packing what John is than there will be enough meat for everyone. Mary agreed with Jennifer let out a little moan as John was sucking the last bit of cum from here softening cock. With a pop John looked up at Mary and said that he could easily take Bruce into coming over for some hard labor…

To be continued.

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2010-11-20 22:54:05
pretty hot! can't wait for more

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2010-11-20 22:53:59
pretty hot! can't wait for more

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2010-06-25 18:16:28 would be a good story, but the horrible grammar and choppy flow made it nearly impossible to read. It seemed like both women had cocks, then only Mary did...just keeps switching names and all.

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Potentially a good story. Too bad you lack any writing talent.

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ignore him the reader below it was amazing

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