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Ordered to serve as a gloryhole for a bunch of guys at a party.
My Ma’am sent me an email this afternoon with some instructions to complete before I go see her this evening. She told me to clean myself out completely, shower, and that I was supposed to wear my ankle and wrist cuffs when I showed up at her house. She also sent me instructions on a piece of “furniture” she wanted me to build and bring with me.

“I want you to build a box out of wood that is 4 feet completely square with a lid that is hinged and can be secured with a padlock on the outside when its closed. About 3 feet from the ground, I want you to cut a 3” hole in it and make sure that the hole is smooth.”

I had told my ma’am that the only time I had ever sucked a cock before it was at a local gloryhole before the moral police closed them all up. I told her that I sucked it only because no one knew it was me on the other side.


I arrived at my Ma’am’s house and she told me to move the box into her garage and place it off to the side of the room with the hole facing the open area. The garage is set up as a party room with a fridge full of beer, a ping pong table, large screen tv with all sorts of game consoles and very nice sound system.

My Ma’am ordered me to strip naked and kneel before her. She grabbed her makeup kit from a table and told me to hold still as she put all sorts of pinks and purples on my face and then bright red lipstick. Then she grabbed her eye liner and wrote something on my forehead and when she sat back I saw her smile. She told me to go to the mirror and see how pretty I looked. As I looked at my reflection, I saw a face painted like a whore with raccoon eyes and there above my eyebrows was the word “CUMSLUT”. I blushed immediately!

My Ma’am ordered me to get into the box where she tossed a cushion. After I got in the box, she closed it and I heard a padlock being locked. She told me that she had invited some friends over to hang out and that it was my job to make sure that they were all happy… or else!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a 32 year old who used to coach basketball and track at the local high school. I met my Ma’am when I was working there. She was a student and used to flirt with me all the time and I think that she just knew there was something about me… I think she could tell that deep down inside, I was a submissive just waiting for someone to take control of me.

Living in a fairly small town, everyone knew just about everyone and where they all lived. My Ma’am decided to stop by and see me one evening and instead of knocking on the front door, she walked around and when she looked through my bedroom window, she saw me dressed in a sexy pair of panties and bra and working a vibrator in my ass. She took out her cell phone and took a few pics and then emailed them to her home account before she came around and knocked on the door.

I was hesitant at first, but after she showed me the pics and told me she had already emailed them to herself and threatened to email them to everyone at the school, I gave in. That was the best decision that I could ever have made. I don’t think that I have ever been happier in my life. That was a year ago and my Ma’am is now 19 and graduated.

So here there I was, kneeling behind the gloryhole box that I had built and my Ma’am told me that I was to take care of her friends. When the door opened a bit later, I saw them as they came into the garage. I recognized all of these guys from the school. I had even coached a few of them. My Ma’am explained that if anyone got tired of the drinking games later on, they were more than welcome to “use” the hole.

A couple of the guys weren’t real sure what she was talking about so she explained “well you see, there is a real cumslut inside the box who is a bit on the shy side. If you want to get your dick sucked, just stick it in the hole and it will be sucked and your cum swallowed.” I could already see how eager the guys were.

Several more people showed up and now there were 9 guys and 3 girls at the party plus my Ma’am. As the night wore on, they played beer pong, several played Halo and once most everyone had a good buzz going on, one of the guys that I had coached walked up to the box and put his dick in the hole. I was nervous at first, but I calmed myself by the fact that he had no way of knowing who was sucking his dick and that with the lid locked, it was safe. I sucked his dick until I felt him cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and as he walked away, he told the other guys that they had better try the hole for themselves.

After they had been drinking for a bit, my Ma’am said that the hole is more than just for getting their dicks sucked. “The Cumslut also loves to drink piss so if you guys need to go to the bathroom, feel free to piss in her mouth.” I can’t believe what she had just said to them! One of the guys decided to see if she was telling the truth and he walked over and put his cock in the whole and as I put my lips around it, I felt his stream begin. I had to swallow quickly and a bunch spilled as I tried to drink as fast as I can.

Over the next 3-4 hours, all of the guys had used the hole, and my mouth, at least once and two of them had me suck their dicks twice. I ended up drinking the piss of every guy at the party. Everyone had a real good buzz by this time and they were all excited about the box and telling my Ma’am what a great idea she had. A couple of them told her that they would love to know who had sucked their cocks. I saw my Ma’am get an evil grin on her face and reach for the key that was on a chain around her neck.

My Ma’am walked over to the box and asked if they really wanted to know who it was that had sucked their dicks so good. They all gathered around and told her to open it. I heard the lock on the hasp and then the “pop” as the padlock opened. I got incredibly lightheaded and felt myself blushing bright red. My Ma’am lifted the lid and they all got to see who it was that had been sucking their cocks and drinking their piss all night long.

I had never been so embarrassed in my life. Here I was, a well respected coach and mentor, naked with whore makeup on, grossly smeared lipstick and piss down the front of me. It was completely silent for about 10 seconds before one of the guys said “Oh Shit!” I could have died right there. They all knew that I had been sucking their dicks and drinking their piss. The proof was kneeling right in front of them and there in big bold letters was the word “CUMSLUT”.

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love this story, nice party favorite


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Haha really great story would love a third!!!!!

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Sweet story, keep writing!

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