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This is a follow up to The Nervouse Game (sorry about the misspelling in the original title). You should probably read part 1 first if you haven't already. Otherwise, enjoy ;-).
It had been almost a week since Alanna and I had hooked up in her basement, and all I could think about was how much I wanted to fuck her. We had texted and called each other, even sending nude pictures to each other, but we were both busy and had yet to find time to "hang out" again. The Friday afternoon almost 2 weeks after I got a picture of her with her finger inside her glistening pussy with the message, "This is what your missing if you don't come over tonight. My parent's are out of town. ;-)" It was going to be a fun night.

As I walked up to to Alanna's front door for only the second time, I didn't attempt to hide my growing cock as I thought what awaited me through that door. Ringing the doorbell, I started to imagine what we might do tonight, thinking about where this night might lead. Alanna opened the door and gave and immediately gave me a passionate kiss, her arms around my neck. As she pulled away I took a moment to look at her. She was wearing an extremely short skirt that showed all of her long tan legs, and a tank top that barely covered her breasts. Leading me by the hand to the basement, she told me to cover my eyes and follow her directions. Her surprises had been great so far, so I decided to see where this would end up. "Take a seat," she said. Only seconds after taking a seat, I felt a blindfold tied around my eyes, my belt undone, and my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped. As Alanna started to move her hand up and down my already rock hard cock, something felt different, but I couldn't pinpoint it. It felt so good that I didn't care what was different, just as long as she kept doing it. After a few minutes her hand was replaced by her mouth, and once again there was something different I couldn't pinpoint. Curious to see what Alanna was doing differently from last time, I removed the blindfold and was surprise to see not Alanna, but one of her best friends Emma sucking my cock. Seeing this, I immediately got up and started zipping up, looking around for Alanna who was no where to be found.

As I started to go up the stairs to find her, Alanna came down the stairs laughing and told me to take a seat, saying that she would explain everything. Still angry and confused, I stayed standing, waiting for an explanation. "Emma has had a crush on you since the beginning of freshman year, and when I told her about what you and I had done, she asked me I could try to hook her up with you. I thought this would be fun for both of you," said Alanna. As I looked over at Emma, and saw the blood rushing to her face, I knew that it was true. Although seeing Emma going down on my dick was unexpected, it was not unwelcome. Emma was a tall blond, tall enough to be an champion volleyball player, and extremely beautiful. Although she was gorgeous having 34 c tits and long legs, she was extremely shy. This explained why she was still a virgin and had yet to have a boyfriend. Looking down at Alanna, who was waiting for my answer, and Emma, who's face was beet red, I decided that this could end extremely well. I gave my answer by walking up to Emma, lifting her chin, and passionately kissing her. As I slowly pulled away, I took a look at what Emma was wearing. She was wearing some short shorts that barely constituted shorts, and an orange tube top that made her 34 c tits look amazing.

"Wow", we both said. Whether it be beginners luck or practiced skill, Emma was an amazing kisser. Laughing, Alana said, "I think that's a yes Emma."
Moving back to kiss her, I started moving my hands from her hips to her breasts. Taking her quickening breathing as a sign to continue, I kept going, moving my hand underneath her shirt and onto her flat stomach. Not sure if she was ready, I pulled away and asked her, "Are you sure you're OK with this?" Her response was clear as she stood up and pulled off her tube top, revealing that she was not wearing a bra. As her large breasts sprung out, only dropping an inch, my cock instantly responded. As she crawled on top of me, I started to move my hand under her skirt, and instead of feeling a thong I felt her shaved pussy. She wasn't wearing a bra and thong. What had Alanna and Emma been up to before I'd arrived?

As I started rubbing Emma's pussy, I could feel that her tight pussy was already starting to get wet. After sliding the first finger in, I started rubbing her clit, which elicited even more moans from her. Taking this as a sign to continue, I slid a second finger into her dripping wet pussy. As I kept moving my fingers in and out, her pussy kept dripping more and more of her juices. After only a couple minutes, I felt her pussy clench around my two fingers and a loud moan escaped her lips as she came all over my hand, as well as my jeans. As emma rolled off of me, Emma started apologizing profusely about getting my Jeans whet, but Alanna, seeing this as an opportunity, decided this would be a good time to get me to take off my pants. As Alanna began unzipping my jeans and taking off my boxers, which were also wet, my cock instantly hardened as Emma stripped out of her shorts, leaving Alanna as the only one of us. Taking this as a chance to get her naked as well, I moved over to her and slipped my hand up underneath her skirt, only to find she wasn't wearing a thong. As I pulled her skirt off and her shirt off, I realized that both Emma and Alanna had been doing something.

Emma, wanting to finish the job she started when I was blindfolded, jokingly pushed me down on the couch and took my cock into her mouth. Although she could only go down a few inches, what she lacked in experience she made up for in her desire to return the favor. As she moved her mouth up and down my rock hard 8" cock, sucking and licking, it took every ounce of willpower I had not to fill her mouth with my hot cum. Alanna, feeling left out of the fun, decided it was her turn to join in on the fun. As she moved her already wet pussy over my mouth, I started kissing and licking around her lips and clit, torturing her for tricking me into this admittedly amazing threesome. Eventually getting too horny to take my torture anymore, she pushed her pussy onto my face. As I decided that that was enough torture for one day, I moved grabbed her firm ass and pushed her up so to have better access to her gorgeous pussy. As I started licking at her clit, even more of her juices spilled onto my face. As I slowly slid two fingers into her dripping cunt, she came instantly, squirting her juices into my mouth and on my face. As I continued licking her pussy and sliding my fingers in and out of her dripping pussy, as soon as my tongue hit her clit, she jumped off of me. Seeing that Emma was still busy sucking my cock, Alanna moved next to her and started helping, taking one of my balls into her mouth. The sensation of Alanna sucking my balls and Emma moving her mouth up and down my cock caused me to cum explosively, filling her mouth with my cum. Instead of swallowing, however, Alanna moved up and began kissing Emma, takin some of my cum and swallowing it.

As my soft cock laid against my stomach, Alanna decided to get a taste of Emma's pussy. As she licked and sucked on Emma's pussy, Emma's moans combined with the sight of Alanna eating out another girl caused my dick to instantly jump to attention. Moving behind Alanna, I slowly slid my cock into her dripping cunt, which in turn caused her to moan into Emma's pussy. As I slowly slid my cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy, her moans and tongue pushed Emma close and closer to her second orgasm of the night. After only a few minutes of fucking, Alanna came violently, screaming into Emma's cunt, in turn causing her to squirt her juices all over Alanna's face. Seeing that I had yet to come, Emma sat on the couch with her legs spread, and seductively beckoned me towards her. As I started moving my rock hard 8" cock into her tight pussy, Alanna moved to stand above Emma's face, lowering pussy pussy within an inch of her mouth. Emma, taking this as a sign to return the favor, started first by licking and sucking on Alanna's clit and eventually moving down to fuck Alanna's dripping wet cunt with her tongue. As I neared cumming, I started moving in and out of Emma's pussy. After only 30 seconds of fucking her harder, she came, her juices seeping past my cock. As the screams eminating from her lips moved into Alanna's already soaking wet cunt, Alanna came, shooting her juices all over Emma's face. While Emma was cumming, her cunt clenched my cock, pushing my past the edge and causing me to come, with barely enough time to pull out. As I pulled out, I shot my load all over her stomach. After cumming, I slowly kissed Emma, causing Alanna to laugh, saying "Are you guys a couple now?".

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2013-10-24 11:55:31
J8LsL1 Appreciate you sharing, great blog.Thanks Again.

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2010-07-15 01:43:05
great story, got my pussy dripping wet , I'm fingering myself right now. mmmmmm it feels so good. make a part 3 please!!

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2010-07-02 16:10:18
don't beat yourself up sac. this shit is amazing writing! Aside from the few typos in this it was just as good as your first piece, and the ending leaves room for a part 3.

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2010-06-25 19:57:47
wait...Sac,why give your own story a bad comment?

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2010-06-25 19:56:12
Sac stfu. if the 1st was so bad why bother reading or even commenting on this one? as for advice n whatever, I think it coulld do with a bit more detail maybe?

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