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This is a story of how me and my little buddy became better then friends
First off i would like to say sorry about any spelling, grammar, or other mistakes i made. I'm normally a very good writer i just lack some grammaral abilities. Second off this is true but it happened back when i was a teen. Also for obvious reasons i have changed the names in this story Hope you enjoy please leave me feedback on what i did right or wrong and without further a due, Enjoy.

Hello my name is Kyle, and this is my story. I was 15 years old when i had my very first sexual experience and boy was it great. You see I've never really been able to tell what i am as far as sexuality because as far as sex goes I get turned on by both guys and girls, but when it comes to romance and love and all that well I'm happily married today to the beautiful women of my dreams so i think you can figure that one out.

I think my gay side started out when i was like 5 when me and my friend Kye, would play "Doctor" in the corner of my room beside my bunk bed. this went on till i was about 8 when i moved out of my old neighbor hood into the new one. In middle school i met my best friend and we've since jerked off together and in college we expirimented a bit but all of this is beside the point ( guess im just trying to get this started out ok) the point is when i was 15 i helped another little boy discover his wild side.

My parents had been divorced for about 2-3 years at the time and both were happily dating both my moms boyfriend and my dads girlfriend had children. My mothers boy friend had 2 children ages 10, and 12. My dads girlfriend had 2 children ages 8 and 16. It was my dads girlfriends son , Colin, that I had the wonderful chance of getting to know.

I always like children and in return children always liked me I would volunteer at a daycare center during the summer, and of course children like to idolize those older then them. Colin was no exception since the first time i met him he always loved to tag along and be near me, when i played video games he was content to drape himself over me on the couch and just watch, when i cut the grass he would follow me around asking questoins, and so forth. Anyways it wasnt until our second year of knowing each other that i started to realize he was a little interested in me. For example one time i was watching T.V with him and I dont know how it got to this point but my hand was rested on his crotch and i remember feeling his little semi hard on under my hand. Sometimes he would like to sit on my lap and i could feel him move a little back and forth. Or at other times without him noticing it he would put his hand down his pants gripping his little hard on.

Well of course being the oldest in my family and only a year younger then my dads girlfriends daughter i was often the designated baby sitter. These occasions usually where quiet and spent relaxing. Well on this particular day it was my first day back from a week long christian summer camp with my best friend. Now as a teenager, like most teenage boys, i was addicted to jerking off. Well when you go to a week long christian sleep away camp your life is completley void of this luxary you have gotten so used to. So when i got back i was horny as could be which probably was part of the reason the events that occured happened. Anyways my dad and his girlfriend and her daughter were off to see a play and i opted to stay back and watch Colin. They agreed and left not much later. So it was me and Colin alone in the house.

Now as I've said i was really horny and had to jerk off and so about 20 minutes after they left i told Colin i would be in my room and i went up and immediatly started surfing through the porn. Now my dad was getting ready to move in with his girlfriend so our current house was in the process of taken apart and i think my lock must have broke or not worked well so it was removed along with my door knob until they could get a replacment. So as my pants where down and my dick was in my hand i looked up and noticed in the hole where the knob was supposed to be was a little eye. Now you have to remember how horny i was and i couldnt really think.

"What are you doing" Colin asked opening the door.

"Well.... ummm..... wanna see? maybe i can show you how its really fun" i told him pretty much now out of my mind in horny ness.

He nodded and walked across the room to me the entire time eyeing my dick.

I could see a little bulge beggining to form in his pants and this got me hornier and hornier.

He looked at the screen and back at me.

"Whats this?" He asked.

"Well thats porn and im jerking off, it feels really good wanna watch?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Ok how about you take off your clothes and just lie on my chest and ill get back to what i was doing." I told him.

Now the normal child would ask why should i take off my clothes? But not colin he eagerly removed all his clothing showing his 3-4 inch boner. He got up on the bed and lie on my chest i hit play and the video started again and i moved my hand back to my boner "accidently" touching his dick as i went down. He gasped a little and smiled. So with my other hand i fondled his little balls and played with his tip a little. He kept moaning.

"Want me to show you how to do it?" I asked

He nodded eagerly, so i moved him so he was sitting up right on my bed and i spit in my hand so it was lubricated and grabbed his little boner and started to go up and down playing with his little dick lovingn the wonderful feeling. He continued to moan and groan his face in a look of pure ecstasy. I got down and put his little penis in my mouth sucking and licking flicking my tounge against the tip. He kept moaning and groaning until at last he had his first dry cum. I had been rubbing my own dick with my other hand and i got up off the floor and shot my load all over his belly........

To be continued..........

(ill continue it if enough of you like it please be honest :) )

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From HarryHoudini_ this is the story I told you about and I know you won't ever talk to me again but...just know that I think I fell for you and I will remember you forever <3

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