Liz's husband refuses to have sex with her after she gets pregnant but not Max, her Giant Schnauzer
Liz Sheffield was rolling around on her living room floor playing with the puppy her husband Rob had brought home last week. Rob had just gotten a promotion that would mean quite a bit of travel and he thought the dog could be both a protector and a companion for Liz when he was away. Liz loved her puppy. He was a four month old coal black Giant Schnauzer she’d named Max.

The Sheffield’s lived several miles outside of town in a lovely two story home set on five acres; ideal for a large breed dog, with plenty of room to run and play.
Liz would be taking Max outside for a romp a little later. She exercised him both morning and evening; he loved to run. They’d had to fence their pool though; the dog would dive right in with no hesitation.

Liz had contacted a trainer to work with her in teaching Max. It was imperative that he be trained obedience early and become accustomed to being around other people and other dogs. Giant Schnauzers can become aggressive if not given adequate exercise and proper training. They are a large breed, the males sometimes reaching 100 pounds; not a dog to be trifled with.

Liz and her trainer worked with Max five days a week. Liz exercised him every day, twice a day. Max bonded with her. Max accepted Rob, of course, but he was only home evenings and weekends when he wasn’t traveling so, in Max’s hierarchy Liz was number one.

Rob and Liz had a pleasant life; they could afford to go to the theatre for openings and dined at the finest restaurants in the area. They were members at the local country club. Rob was an avid golfer. Liz was just a beginner but she was taking lessons, it gave her the chance to spend more time with Rob. The rarely argued but when they did it was always about the same thing. Liz, at 28 was ready to start a family, Rob, at 32 was not. Even Rob realized that maybe, just maybe he was being a bit selfish but he wasn’t quite ready to share Liz with a baby. He liked their comfortable life and simply didn’t see a child fitting in. As a concept Rob wanted children some day; just not right now.

Rob had had an ulterior motive in getting Max; he hoped that it would distract Liz from the talk about babies. It hadn’t.

It had started at dinner a few evenings later; Liz had brought up her ticking clock again. Rob had tried to deflect her saying, “Liz sweetheart, you’re hardly getting too old. You’re still as youthful and beautiful as the day I met you. In fact, I think you’re even more beautiful today than you were that day six years ago when we met.”

“Rob, I appreciate the compliments but my womb is crying out to be filled. I want a baby so badly, please.”

“Liz, we’ve talked about this time and time again. I’m just not ready yet and besides, it wouldn’t be fair to you to leave you alone with a newborn while I’m on the road. I’ll have my next promotion within two years and won’t have to travel. I’d like to wait ‘til then.”

Rob and Liz had an active and varied sex life. Both of them enjoyed the act itself and the intimacy that they could share both before and after. They liked to take long walks in the evenings, now of course, with Max as company. Then they often had a candlelight meal and a bottle of wine before showering or bathing together in preparation for a wonderful shared sexual experience. It was getting a little more difficult though. Liz felt that Rob was denying her the baby she wanted and Rob felt pressured, a small fracture was starting in their relationship.

It was six months later and Rob had just returned from a business trip to San Francisco. Liz met him at the door with hugs and kisses. She almost glowed with her dazzling smile.

“Rob, come, I’ve got wonderful news. Lets sit down and have a glass of wine; just drop your bags and get them later, this can’t wait.”

Liz had really been a little fearful of sharing her news but she was trying for the most positive approach. When the wine was poured and they were seated she broke the news.

“Rob, I’m pregnant, isn’t that wonderful?”

Rob’s face fell. He tried, saying, “Of course it’s wonderful but how did it happen? You’re on the pill aren’t you?”

“Yes, I was on the pill but, when I was late with my period I got one of those test kits from the drug store. I tested positive but I wanted to be sure before I talked to you so I made an appointment with my doctor. It was for this morning and she confirmed it; I’m pregnant.”

Rob got up and stalked upstairs saying, “Let me get changed, I’ve been traveling in this suit all day.”

Rob really needed a bit of time to compose himself; to say that Liz’s announcement had come as a shock was a gross understatement. He immediately wondered if she’d deliberately gone off the pill in spite of how she knew he felt. He sat down on the bed in a daze, he couldn’t believe she’d do that but he could come up with no other explanation.

Liz was heartbroken. She was so excited about being pregnant; she was sure that, once Rob heard he’d join in her joy. It was evident that that was not the case. He’d looked like he was in shock. She sat hoping he’d rejoin her but, after twenty minutes he hadn’t reappeared. Tears were running down her face as she curled into a ball on the sofa.

When Rob returned from his various business trips they were both so happy to be together again. They would enjoy a romantic evening then engage in passionate sex until the wee hours; not tonight, though. Rob had not come back down after two hours so Liz went upstairs. Rob was sitting on the side on the bed in just his boxer shorts. He looked at Liz but didn’t speak; he just got under the covers and rolled over with his back to her. She was devastated; where was the love?

The relationship between Rob and Liz had grown, to say the very least, tense. Conversations were limited to household problems; intimate conversations were a thing of the past. Liz shopped for the items to set up a nursery, Rob didn’t join her. Sex was infrequent and perfunctory; a release rather a sharing of passions, missionary style and quick. In the fifth month, when she began to show, the sex stopped altogether. Rob was put off by her swelling body; it reminded him of her deception, of her going off the pill in spite of his wishes.

Liz had completed the decoration of the nursery, it was done in blue. Her sonogram had indicated that she was carrying a little boy. Her days were lonely, Rob seemed to be on the road more that ever but then that really didn’t matter. It was even lonelier when he was at home. He rarely spoke to her and when he did it was like a business discussion. She still exercised Max twice daily but even that was getting more difficult. Her expanding body slowed her down, she wasn’t able to run with him any more so, often, she just watched as he romped over their acreage.

Liz had decided on natural child birth so she’d signed up for a Lamaze class being held at the local hospital. She enjoyed socializing with the other expectant mothers but, in one way she felt like a third wheel, she didn’t have a partner to work with her. Most of the other women in the class had their husbands helping, Liz had no one. Occasionally the instructor would work with her but for the most part she was on her own.

It was a Wednesday evening, Liz was in her seventh month and she was feeling sorry for herself, alone, lonely, sad and sexually frustrated she sat. She couldn’t even have a glass of wine to help her relax; she’d sworn off all alcohol for the duration of her pregnancy. She decided to practice her Lamaze breathing exercises.

Liz went upstairs and stripped to just her panties then she put on a t-shirt, picked up a pillow and went back downstairs. She placed the pillow against the sofa and sat down with her back against it, pulled up and spread her legs and began her practice.

Max lay on the floor across the room. When Liz began to pant he looked over at her quizzically. He got up and walked to her. He lay down in front of her, between her spread legs and watched her pant. In his doggie mind he wondered if she was going into heat; he sniffed. There was a scent, unfamiliar and, at the same time familiar, the scent of a female. Max edged forward drawn by the aroma emanating from Liz. He licked her crotch through her panties. Liz stopped her breathing exercise and looked down at Max. With a sad, sad smile she thought, well at least one of my guys likes what I’ve got to offer. Max licked again; Liz didn’t stop him.

When Max licked her it felt nice; she only wished it was Rob. She’d enjoyed her active sex life; she liked sex and her enforced celibacy was frustrating the hell out of her. If Max wanted to check her out, she’d let him. He did seem to like what he’d found; he licked her faster and faster and Liz’s body started to react. Shortly she was panting again but it had nothing to do with Lamaze, Max’s tongue was enflaming her pussy and she was getting wet from within. She rolled her panties off and let him lave her with his huge tongue, parting her lips and tasting her nectar. It didn’t take long, her pent up longings took her over the edge and she was rocked by a series of orgasms, her fluids flowed from her as Max continued to lick.

After she’d recovered she put her panties back on, scratched Max’s ears and got him a doggie treat. She wondered about what she’d allowed Max to do but then thought what the hell, no one got hurt and I feel a lot better. She might even let him do it again it had felt so good.

Rob got back Friday afternoon and Liz tried. She mixed him a cocktail while she served his favorite meal. Rob seemed to enjoy the dinner and they were even able to enjoin in a little small talk. Liz thought there might be a chance; she wanted him and she wanted him to want her. She leaned to kiss him but he avoided her lips saying, “Liz, I’m tired from the travel, I’m going up to bed.”

She hoped that was an invitation, she went up with him but he simply undressed and got under the covers, turning away from her. She went back downstairs to the sofa and cried. Max came over and nuzzled her, almost seeming to ask what was the matter and what could he do to help. She wrapped her arms around his substantial neck and hugged him, crying into his shiny ebony coat.

Liz slept the night on the sofa. The weekend was terrible for her. Rob was there but he might just as well have been gone. There was only emptiness and despair. She was almost happy to see Monday come as he left for a trip to Portland. She sleepwalked through the day, devastated that Rob could simply ignore her and her needs and feelings.

After she’d exercised Max that evening Liz sat on the sofa and tried to watch TV; it couldn’t hold her interest so she switched it off. She felt like her head was going to burst. She wanted to cry, she wanted to scream, but most of all she wanted sex. She took off her jeans and panties and called Max over. It had worked once, why not again.

Liz sat with her butt on the edge of the sofa, her crotch exposed and bare. Max ambled over and gave her a sniff then started licking. Liz loved the feeling; she could feel the tension of the day leaving her as her sexual tension built. Max had a knack for finding her slit. He was tonguing along it when he found her clit; Liz howled, thrusting her hips hard against Max’s probing tongue, climaxing explosively.

Liz blissfully lay back on the sofa. Max jumped up on her and she hugged him saying, “Yeah, Maxie’s a good boy, he loves his Mama.” Then she felt him thrusting against her pelvis.

She looked under him and thought, my God as she saw over four inches of his pink cock sticking from his sheath. It wasn’t like a man’s, it didn’t have a distinct head, it was tapered, more like a torpedo; and he was trying to use it on her. Liz had never considered sex with an animal, no fantasies, no dreams, no nightmares, nothing, ever. She was considering it now. She knew it was wanton, sluttish and she didn’t care; she wanted a cock in her and Max wanted to give her one. Now how to do it? She’d of course seen dogs breeding, she knew the position they assumed and that seemed to be the simplest solution. She pushed Max aside and slid off the couch coming to rest on her knees. Turning so that her bottom was toward him Liz leaned forward and rested her head on the floor, elevating her back side and opening her legs, calling, “Come on Max.”

Max came to her and licked her. She was still wet from her earlier orgasm and she was lubricating again in anticipation of what was to come. Liz’s stomach was turning somersaults; she was nervous and she was excited and she was anxious, anxious for Max to take her. She wiggled her bottom and then he was upon her. He mounted her from behind and she felt him probing, seeking her entrance then he found it and powered in. It took Liz’s breath away; Max was a whole lot bigger than the four inches she’d seen. He punched into her so deeply that she felt him against her cervix, pushing hard against it, causing some pain. Liz gasped and moaned as he started to pump her hard and fast. He took her like a dog takes a bitch with rapid, pounding thrusts and she panted like a bitch, moaning, “Ooo, ooo, ooo.” Max was panting just as hard as he continued to plumb her depths. She’d never been fucked like this before, it was primal. The sounds and the fury of it, Max had her screaming in an exquisite agony. A tremor shook her body and her vagina contracted as she wailed out, her climax the most powerful of her life then Max filled her with his scalding sperm. She felt his massive cock begin to swell and her vagina was stretched painfully as his knot plugged her. Liz was exhausted and started to sink her stomach. Max held her in place with his front legs. She felt a painful clawing in her sides as his dew claws bit into her. She held her position until his knot finally began to shrink.

Liz just lay on the floor as Max licked her then himself clean. She couldn’t move, she was totally spent but she was sated, satisfied, she’d found an outlet for her needs. Max would get more of her of that she was sure. When she could finally move she stumbled up the stairs and into the shower. As she was drying she saw the deep scratches just above her hips that Max had inflicted with his dew claws. She decided a trip to the vet was in order, she’d have them removed; tomorrow.

After the early appointment with the vet Liz did a little shopping for baby clothes and stopped for lunch at a downtown restaurant. Then she was anxious to get home. Even though she’d had sex just last night she wanted it again. She was squeezing herself with her thighs, masturbating herself as she drove home; her panties were moist with her leakage. Opening the door she laid her purchases on the table and ran up the stairs calling out for Max to follow. She stripped off her slacks and panties and assumed the position.

Max was as ready as Liz. He mounted her and slammed into her, finding her opening with the first thrust. Liz was rocked forward as he again struck her cervix, she moaned from the pain and the pleasure. Max held her fast with his front paws as he pounded her deep and hard. Liz couldn’t contain herself she wailed, screaming, “Fuck me Max, fuck me, fuck mee, oh yesss, oh, oh, oh.” She was panting and grunting, animal sounds as she mated with an animal and she couldn’t help herself, she loved it and wanted it. Her climax overtook her as violently as the day before. She screamed as her love juices flooded from her and flowed down her thighs. Max pumped into her filling her with his hot cum then he swelled, stretching her inner walls.

When Max had withdrawn Liz got up and pulled her panties and a pair of shorts on; she didn’t even wash off, she wanted to feel his cum in her. Then she took him out for his exercise.

Later that evening Liz got the urge again. Sex with Max was just so damned hot; her pussy was getting moist in anticipation. She called him over. After just the two sessions Max was learning, from her tone, what she wanted, his cock was already coming out as he walked to her.

Liz led him upstairs and slipped out of her clothes. She got into position in front of her full length mirror; she wanted to watch as he took her. As it turned out it wasn’t a pleasant sight. Liz was more concerned about watching herself than getting in position; her back wasn’t arched, exposing her cunt when Max mounted her. He thrust into her hard and missed high. He hit her anus and sank himself to the hilt. Liz was looking at the mirror. She’d wanted to see her expression when he entered her. She did. She saw her eyes fly open and she saw her mouth scream out in pain then she couldn’t see anything, tears had flooded her eyes as she wailed in an agony worse than she’d ever experienced. She wanted Max out but there was no stopping him. He pounded into her just as hard and just as fast as before and she could feel him way up in her guts. After he was in her the pain wasn’t quite as intense, the initial penetration was what had been so painful, now it was a dull aching fullness; she was able to resume watching.

Max’s face showed an intense concentration as he plunged time and again into her bowels. Each time he plowed into her Liz grunted from the impact. She was watching herself as she went, “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” each time he bottomed out. And then, strangely, she started to enjoy the full feeling he was giving her. She felt her sphincter tighten around Max’s huge cock then her tummy quivered as her vagina spewed her love juices. Max was right behind, she could feel his scalding jizz flooding her bowels; then came the real test. His knot began to swell. Liz watched as her face became a rictus of agony, it felt like he’d shoved a bowling ball up her ass but there was nothing she could do but wait. Slowly, her rose bud expanded, stretching to accommodate her intruder and she made it through the pain. Would she do this again? That remained to be seen, but now she knew she could take him. Max fell out and Liz lay on the floor, his cum oozing from her stretched and distended bottom.

Max remained her lover for the remaining two months of her pregnancy. She wouldn’t let him have her in the week she was due to deliver. She didn’t really want her obstetrician to find her with a snatch full of doggie cum but she did promise herself that she and Max would continue after she’d given birth.

She was pleasantly surprised; Rob had taken time off to be with her when she went to the hospital. Maybe there was hope. After the baby came she was returned to her room and a nurse brought the baby. Rob came into the room and she asked if he’d like to hold his son. With glistening eyes he said, “Yes.”

With Rob Junior in his arms and tears in his eyes he looked at her and smiled saying, “I’m a Daddy, thank you Liz, thank you

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