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No sexual romance in this one but tht e next one's will enjoy! This is my first post so don't judge so harshly :) Thank you!
It was my last semester for this school year; Before I go any further my name is Melody... Melody Stewart, I am 13 years old I am In the 8th grade, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I am a bit taller than average but not the tallest in 8th grade, and I have tan skin and a very slim yet curvy figure. So back to were I was, I was sitting in class most likely day-dreaming. I was in my teacher Mrs.Erickson's class when the bell finally rang for dismissal, I quickly gathered my books and ran to the door. While I was walking out the door I saw one of my favorite teachers Mr.Oberlin ( Mr.O for short) patrolling the hall way. So I got with my friend Jessie in the hall way, She is also very slim and curvy but has dirty-blonde hair and green eyes.

We were on our way to the buses to get home but we were to late and the buses were gone. "Ugh Jess see this is what we get for talking so much" I laughed. Jessie took out her cell phone to call her mom to pick us up since we lived down the street from each other. "Hey mom um, can you pick me and Melody up... we missed the bus". "Okay, Okay calm down we'll find some other way home god!" Jessie yelled. "What the hell Jessie! You know my mom and dad are away they can't pick up, their in fucking Japan!".

"Girls" I heard coming from behind us. "Oh Mr.Oberlin" I said. "Some strong language you have there, huh?" I blushed while Jessie giggled. "Yeah, It's just that Jessie and I can't find a ride home and-" I was cut off " Don't worry about it Melody how about I drop you girls off." I quickly responded "Yeah, Yeah, That will be great!". He laughed " I love your voice is so girly. Anyways I'll be right back I'll go get my laptop and papers." I smiled and said "Okay." Jessie turned to me "Okay what was the smile all about?" "I'm just being nice, I mean like he is taking us home!" "Oh yeah!" I Iaughed at her.

After about 5 minutes he was back "Okay I'm back" announced Mr.Oberlin. "Cool let's go" I said. We got in the car. I was a very nice sports car. The drive home was very silent a very, very ackward silence. We got to my house "Thank you so much Mr.O!" "No problem girls anytime." "Cool" I said and walked towards my house. I hugged Jess good bye and I went in my house and locked the door. I took a long shower and ate dinner. I was feeling a bit lonely without my parents nagging me all day. I Went to my bed room which was very girly with pink almost everywhere. I got to the bed and pulled the sheets over my head.

Once I decided I could not fall asleep I was going to call Jessie. 'ring,ring,ring' "Hello?" "Hey Jess I can't go to sleep so you wanna talk" "Yeah sure! I can't sleep either." "Hm" I said. "Jess I was thinking about...-" I was cut off "You were thinking about Mr.O?" Dead Silence. "Yeah" I finally said. "How did you know?" I asked curiously. "I see the way you look at him Mel." She said. I lay in shock not realizing that it was obvious that I had a thing for Mr.Oberlin. I blushed. "Um Jess-" I was cut of once again. "Melo, Mel, Melody" She Laughed. "Just don't pull anything with him he is way to old and he will hurt you." This time very serious. " Jess no he won't your wrong-". "No Mel your wrong!" She hung up. I sat in silence for a while then was finally able to fall asleep.

The next day I decided to go to my parents liquor cabinet since they never drank anyways. I drank almost everything in there. When I was done I decided I would go to Mr.Oberlin's house. He lived a few blocks down. I walked very strange on the way to his house. 'knock,knock' after about 30 seconds he came to the door. "Melody? What, What are you doing here?" I smiled. "What's wrong not happy to see me?" I made and evil grin. "Mel- Are you drunk?!" I laughed. " I guess so Mr.O" "Ha that fucking rhymes." I walked into his house without permission. "Melody I know your parents are out of town so just calm down a bit and I am bringing you home. Okay? He said. "Sure, now come here." I said In a flirty tone. He sat next to me on his couch. " Yes Melody?" He said. "I've never been kissed before." I lied. "That's so sad Melody now do you wanna go home now." "No, I was wondering maybe you could be my first kiss?" I look of shock came over his face. "No melody I don't think that such a good Idea." He said. "But your only 25, I mean like you have blue eyes, black hair, tanned, and very sexy. An 12 year age difference is no big deal." I said. "Melody go." "Kiss me and I will" I teases. He looked angry but he knew there would be no other way to get rid of me. "Okay." He finally agreed. I pushed towards him and Had our fore-heads touching. "I love you and I've always have." I met my lips to his and explored his mouth with my tongue.

After about a minute he stopped and gently pushed me off. "I think were done and you can go now Melody" "Call me Mel" I said. "Well "Mel" I think it's time to go." "Okay" I frowned. I walked towards the door and turned around to say good bye, but I noticed a buldge he had in his pants. I smiled not saying good bye and left knowing I had made that buldge appear. That whole night I was thinking about my amazing kiss with the man I loved.

I work with a very bad headache. "Shit!" I yelled. Once I realized what I did the day before I was in mental shock. "Oh my fucking god I have to tell him sorry! Does he even want to see me after I forced him to kiss me? Did he like it? Does he like me? Of course he liked it he had a huge boner when I left." I said to my self relived at the last thing I said. I still had to tell him sorry. I didn't eat anything in the morning because I was to nervous about what I was going to tell him. So finally I put on my jacket and walked out the door.

As I was walking down the street I saw Jessie sitting on her front steps looking down. I walked up to her in silence not sure what to say. "Jessie... I'm really sorry but there is something I need to get off my chest." She looked up. "What?" "Jess I-I-I" "You what Melody?" "I kissed Mr.O yesterday" I burst out in tears. She said nothing. After a moment in silence she talked. "Why?" I opened my eyes. "I was drunk and I was stupid." I admitted. "What the fuck Melody you were drunk?!" She yelled. "Not the point Jess...the thing is that it actually...felt right." She got up and walked to her door and turned around.

"Melody sweetie I think you need some serous fucking help and when your ready come talk to me cause' this is bullshit." She left. I wiped my eyes and continued to Mr.Oberlin's house.

I knocked. One minute later he opened the door. "Oh god Melody, are you drunk again?" "No... I'm here to say sorry." He listened. "Can I come in?" I asked. He opened the door wider so I could come in. I sat on the couch as did he. "I'm very, very sorry about yesterday." A moment of silence. "You know what they say? When your drunk the truth comes out." I blushed at his remark. "Yeah I guess so." He reached for my hand which i willingly offered. "I love you too." He said. I smiled. We hugged and moved slowly to each others face and kissed for what seemed like for ever, but I didn't care I was in heaven.

To be continued...

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