This story is ficiton, if you have a problem with that then dont read.
It was a dark night out; there was no moon in the sky. I was walking home, never expected that what happened would have happened to me, and it did. I was on my way home from school when I got a call from my uncle asking me where I was, so that way he could pick me up. I told him a shivered a little bit; it was starting to get cold.
I didn’t mind the ride a lot of people offered me rides; I just guess that is because of the way that I look. I stand about five feet three inches; I have shoulder length brown hair that is streaked with blue and blonde. I have deep green eyes, that I am told look like the color of a shiny emerald. I have a 34DD chest, which I love to show off.
I was not really happy today, my boyfriend of two years had just broken it off with me because he said he found someone a little younger, dear god I was only 15. What kind of 18 year old boy would like to go out with someone younger? Oh wait I guess that was my ex.
It started to rain, I just stopped walking and went and sat on the curb. Not long after that that my uncle pulled up to the side. He swung open the door and yelled at me to get in. Not long after I got in that lightning struck not far from where I had been sitting. I yelped and grabbed my uncle’s arm. I was amazed at what I had grabbed, he was pure muscle!
He put his other arm around me and whispered that it would be alright that I was safe with him. With this comfort I did the only thing I could do. I started crying and telling him everything that had happened, with my boyfriend and being his sex slave, and how he left me for a 13 year old. He just held me in his arms and comforted me. He waited until my sobs quieted down, before he put the car in drive and pulled away.
It started to rain harder, so hard that it was difficult to see where we were going. Soon we saw a sign on the side of the road for a hotel. He pulled off stating that there was no way that we were going to make it home tonight, we would bunk down here and then leave in the morning. I waited in the car when he went to secure our rooms, I called my mom and explained our situation, and she said that that was fine that they would see us in the morning.
My uncle raced back to the car telling me that there was good news and bad news. I said lay it on me man, give me the bad news. He said that the bad news was that there was only one room and that we would have to share it. I said that that was fine with me and what was the good news. He said that the good news is that they had a hot tub in our room enough for us to relax in. I sent him a relieved smile and said lets go.
We went up to our room; I was surprised to find out that it was the penthouse suite. I looked at my uncle in wonder. He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me. He went over to the Jacuzzi and started it up. I started to shiver I never realized how cold I was until then.
“Come on, let us get you out of those wet clothes,” My uncle Robert said.
“I just can’t stop shaking, will you help me?”
“Thank you for coming to get me, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had gotten caught out in this storm alone.”
“Aw, don’t worry about it Hilary. Everything is going to be fine.” He said this as he started to strip me of all my clothes. I was shocked when he quickly got rid of all my clothes.
My nipples hardened in the sudden change of temperature. He motioned for me to get into the hot tub. I was quick to get in to hide myself from the heat of my uncle’s gaze. I could feel that his eyes followed my every move; I also noticed that he had a nice size bulge in the front of his pants.
Let me describe my uncle to you, he stands six feet five inches and is pure muscle, not like that of a body builder but enough to where he wasn’t fat, but nor was he skinny. And he had black hair and blue eyes, a rare combination. But put it all together on him and it was beautiful.
I watched in awe as he began to strip, like he was going to join me. I asked him what he was doing; he replied that he was going to enjoy the nice hot bath along with me. I just sighed and leaned my head back against the rim of the tub, that way I wouldn’t have to see him naked. I didn’t want to long for something that I could never have.
I felt the water rise a little bit. I was shocked when he pulled my left foot into his hands and began to massage my feet. I about purred in delight, it felt so good. He gave me a quick tug and it pulled my head underwater. I sputtered up, breasts heaving, gasping for air, and asked what the hell he thought he was doing. He pulled me forward by my hair and told me, “You are going to like what I do to you and you are not going to tell a single person about it, do you understand me?”
“What are you going to do to me,” I sputtered.
“Oh only the things that you have been begging me to do to you. You are nothing but a tease like your mother was when we were growing up. She learned not to question me. And you will soon learn the same thing.”
I started to whimper as he pulled my hair tighter, “Now you are going to agree to my terms or I am going to make you extremely sorry. Do you understand me?”
I nodded my head as the tears streaked down my face. He pulled me fully into his lap and began to massage my breasts pinching the nipples between his fingers. I moan as he moved one of my nipples up to his mouth and began to suckle on it. I jumped in fright as he bit down on my nipple, pain washed through my body. I cried out loud and pleaded with him to stop.
He just giggled and moved to the other one and did the same treatment to that one. I cried out again, I could feel him rising against my belly; he was getting off on this!
He was nibbling hard enough on my nipples, but not so hard as to break the skin.
“There is nothing more I like than a girl pleading with me to make her mine and then driving her to the edge only to deny her that final pleasure. And my favorite girls are young ones like you. I had your mother when she was your age. She looked almost exactly as you do now.”
I whimpered as I heard him say this, my poor mom. I wonder if she knew that this was going to happen. Robert began to pull my hips into him he began to grind his cock up and down against my pussy. But he didn’t penetrate me. He brought me to the edge of release and then he stopped twisting my nipple in my mouth. I cried out in agony, it hurt so badly.
He laughed and in turn did it to the other one, my pleasure disappeared at once. He then moved me up and slowly slid me down onto his cock. I groaned as he was no little cock, I swear he had to be about as round as my fist and about 8 inches long. I moaned in pain when he bottomed out against my cervix. He laughed softly and said it was just beginning.
He began to pound my aching stretched pussy so hard that I thought he was going to break through my cervix and go into my womb. I was shocked to find myself getting wet again. He must have known that I was close to Cumming cause all of the sudden he stopped. And bit down on my nipple again, only instead of stopping my passion, it sent me into a deep orgasm to where I must have passed out.
I woke to find myself laid out on the edge of the tub lying on my belly. Robert was behind me and was working his cock in and out of my pussy.
“Ah I see you are finally awake, now comes the real fun. You are going to get punished for Cumming before me. That is something that we cannot have. That is in violation of the rules.”
“Rules what rules?! You explained none of them to me.”
“Rule one, you cannot cum before me.” He said all these as he pounded faster and faster into my torn pussy. “Rule two, what I say goes. Rule three, if you break these rules punishment will be merciless.”
With this last statement he quickly pulled out of my pussy and slammed balls deep into my ass, I screamed at the top of my lungs. He pulled my head back and started to choke me from behind and he stopped all movement in my ass. He whispered in my ear.
“Oh and rule four, there will be no screaming.”
He began to move faster and faster, I was slowly losing conscience. When I was almost out he let go, I couldn’t have screamed if I wanted to my throat was so sore from lack of oxygen. He began to quickly pound my ass; I felt the tears running down my face. He pulled me up and sunk fully into my ass. He turned with me in his arms and sat down with me in his arms.
In this position my pussy was exposed and I saw for the first time that we were not alone. I was shocked to see my dad standing in front of me in the tub, with his cock in his hand waiting. My uncle whispered in my ear.
“Why do you think my best friend married you mother, because I told him of all the fun we could have with her outside my parent’s house.”
For the first time of the night I felt fear. My dad’s cock was the same size as my uncle’s. I groaned when my uncle stopped all my movements and motioned for my dad to come and partake in my waiting pussy. He grinned at me and moved in between my legs.
I cried out loud as my dad shoved his cock into my already torn pussy. I pleaded with him to stop. He just laughed right along with my uncle. I was crying in earnest now.
I had two cocks buried deep in me, one in my ass the other in my cunt. Both men hammered into my holes, actually sending me closer and closer to the edge. I remembered rule one and tried to hold it off but I couldn’t, I came around my dad’s huge cock.
All movement stopped as I rode out my orgasm.
“Mm, John, you know what that means don’t you?”
“Oh I sure do.” My dad replied as he pulled his cock from my pussy. Robert angled me up a little more and I had no idea what they had planned until I felt the head of my dad’s cock go right up against my uncles, as it was buried in my ass.
“No, NO NO, you can’t put it in there together it will never fit.” I pleaded with them.
Of course they didn’t listen. My dad rammed his cock deep into my ass right along with my uncles. I held back the scream of agony. I had two large cocks buried deep inside my ass. And it hurt like hell. Both men began to pound away, grunting and groaning the whole time. I no longer cared what they did, I felt like I wanted to die. But to my surprise I felt myself building up another orgasm.
Oh no.
But thankfully I felt both men stiffen as they shot their loads deep up into me. I rode out my orgasm then.
The last words I remember hearing, was my dad’s, telling my uncle he knew that I was going to be an awesome lay. And one they could enjoy over and over again.

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