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I haven’t seen my dad in 7 years. After my parents divorced, my mom was so mad, we moved to the West Coast. Last month my mom past away. I stayed with an aunt for the last month to finish school, but now I have to move in with my dad.

I, Natasha, am 16, a petite build, standing 5’1, brown hair and blue eyes. I have a fairly large chest, that drives all the guys crazy at school. It’s annoying most times, but if I’m in the right mood, I love it! After all, I have a huge sex drive that needs to be satisfied often.

My dad, Andre, is tall, skinny, graying hair that makes him look even sexier – like Harrison Ford. He picked me up at the airport and gave the same look most guys give. Since my mom helped me out sexually, I figured it would be no different if he helped me out. Once I saw that he would probably be game with a look like that, I was determined to have him.

When we got back to his place, which I would now call home, I was unpacking my toys when he walked into the room. He just stared at them and walked out. I just smiled to myself and pretended if nothing was wrong. It only drove me to an unbelievable orgasm that night. Thinking of fucking my dad was irresistible; I had to play with myself.

The next morning he was in the kitchen fixing a sandwich. I went to the kitchen to grab a drink box. I “accidentally” dropped it. I bent over to show as much of my chest as possible, but as I came back up, I went slowly and caught his gaze with my eyes. He had been checking me out since I arrived and whenever I caught him, he just looked away so I wouldn’t figure it out. I knew this time would be no different. Sure enough, he was staring at my breasts with awe. When he noticed I was staring at him, he looked away quickly and resumed making his sandwich.

I walked over to him, looked up at him and said “Do you like my tits?”

“What…what are you talking about…you’re my daughter…”

“Don’t play dumb, I know you wanna touch ‘em. Here, touch him” I pulled my shirt down to reveal my 36 D cupped breasts, pink nipples hard and ready to be sucked.

“Natasha…we shouldn’t…we couldn’t…” He wasn’t moving. This was going to be harder than I thought…good. Watching him fight with himself was turning me on.

I was going to have to push harder. I grabbed his hand and placed his finger to my lips. I slowly sucked on his finger as if it were a miniature cock. I slowly brought his hand down to my chest and let out a moan to show him I wanted him. He was in shock, but I knew he was game, there was a bulge in his pants that could not be missed.

I continued to move his hand over my boobs. I felt he was moving them around more by himself so I let his hand go. Sure enough he kept feeling me.

Suddenly he stopped. “I can’t…we can’t…it’s not right…” This was going to be even harder.

“Yes we can. Nobody has to know, besides, if you’re worried I’m a virgin, stop worrying, I haven’t been for a couple years now. Now come on, I’m wet and horny and I wanna fuck you!!”

I pulled him by the hand and walked to his room. I started peeling off my clothes. He was standing in front of the door, looking up and down my body focusing on my trimmed pussy and full chest. It was only making me wetter. He walked over to me and I quickly pulled off his clothes. I was so impatient by then. As I pulled off his boxers, I was amazed by the size of his cock! It was so thick, thicker than I’ve ever seen. Not extremely long, 8 inches, but it looked so good. I had to suck it, I just had to.

I stuck it into my mouth, just the head at first. Inch by inch, it went into my mouth. I could hear him groaning. I played with his balls while I tried to stick his whole cock in my mouth. I wanted all of it! I sucked his cock until I thought he had had enough.

I stood up and lied on the bed. He knew what I wanted, and he gave it to me. He moved on top of me, kissed me hard. “Fuck, I never thought I would, but shit…You’ve got me so hard.”

“Stop talking.” I really didn’t want to hear talking.

He started kissing me again, moving his lips further down. When he got to my nipples I moaned so loud. He took the cue and stayed on my nipples for a couple minutes. After which I had to stop him. I pushed his head lower. “Suck my clit!” He wasn’t about to object.

He moved his head to my thighs, kissing them. He lips moved to my pussy and teased me a bit by avoiding my clit. “I said suck my clit!!” He plunged his tongue over my clit, moving it over my clit hard and fast. I was pushing his head down on my pussy hard. I didn’t care if he stopped breathing, I just had to cum. He brought his hand up to my pussy and slid a finger inside me. That was just too much for me and I came all over his face.

After I stopped shaking, he lifted is head moved up to my level. “You know, your not suppose to boss your father around.” He smiled but I just told him to shut up and rolled him over. I moved my head back down to his cock. I sucked it with such vigor. It was making me horny and turned on yet again. I sucked it for a couple minutes, listening to him moan and tell me how great of a cock sucker I was.

I stopped sucking his cock and positioned myself over his cock. I was gonna ride him home and have yet another orgasm. He held onto my hips as I placed his cock inside me. It was a tight fit, but it felt so good. Inch by inch I slid down onto him. I moved back and forth for a bit, then I brought myself off of him and brought myself down again. I fucked him faster and faster. My pussy loved his big cock and I wasn’t about to hide it. I was moaning louder and louder the quicker I rode him. He let out a groan and came inside me. I could feel his hot cum spill inside me. Knowing my daddy’s cum was inside drove me to the edge and I came hard, spilling my juices onto his cock.

After we had caught our breaths, I turned to him “you know, mom used to fuck me too.”

“Really? Do you like licking pussy too?”

“Yeah, not as great as a cock, but I love it.”

“Well, I know just who you need to meet then.”

We both smiled at the thought of what was to cum.

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