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I can not believe it has been 16 months since i met Mistress at the dungeon in Seattle. We knew we were right for each other the 1st time we played and i moved in with her a few days later. We live in a large 2 bedroom town house. Our living area and kitchen is downstairs and the bedrooms upstairs. We have converted 1 bedroom into a small dungeon. It is not the ideal place to play as we do have neighbors 6 inches away from us separated by just a wall.

Mistress and i share her bedroom and i sleep with her most of the time. Sometimes she makes me sleep on the floor if i have been very naughty. However this does not happen much because Mistress loves to torture me every chance she gets including in the middle of the night.

We both sleep in the nude and i love to feel her nakedness upon mine. However i can not touch her as i am in strict bondage which includes a 2 inch wide leather dog collar cinched tight against my throat. My wrists are enclosed with wide leather restraints which are padlocked shut and then locked to each side of my collar. My ankles are also placed in the same leather restraints and padlocked together then a rope is brought from them and connected to my collar. I also wear a thin leather harness around my waist with a leather strap coming from the front of the harness then on each side of my penis and through the crack of my butt and padlocked to the back of the harness. The purpose of this is to hold the 8 inch long and 2-4 inch wide dildo or butt plug deep inside me all night long. Sometimes it is a vibrating one and some times it is used to send electricity into my rectum with the machine she has programmed before hand.

Mistress loves sex. And she cums all the time. I love when she gets all excited because then she squirts her cum and it's almost like she is peeing but she is not. Yes Mistress does get plenty of sex. Now me on the other hand is a little different. I seldom get to cum and if i do without permission i am severely hurt. Mistress is an expert at CBT and knows how to punish my penis and balls leaving me screaming in my gag or if i am not wearing one then i can only cry out quietly and endure what she is doing. Mistress loves to ride my hard erection as she forces me to fuck her. Well force is probably not the right word to use as i love what she does during intercourse. I am almost always on my back on the floor or the bed and totally unable to move anything but my hips. She is straddling my hardness and is facing me. As she rocks back and forth on my erection she is twisting and pulling or pinching my swollen nipples. Sometimes she leans forward and licks them sucking them into her warm wet mouth. I can feel her large breasts upon my chest with her erect nipples brushing my skin.

Licking and sucking while making the sexiest slurping sounds and my penis so hard and deep inside of her. I thrust my hips up to meet her down stroke as she continues to excite my sore nipples. Her licking slows down and i feel the sudden sharp pain as she bites my poor nipple and chews on it like she would a piece of meat. I cry out in pain time and time again fueling her cruelness to even greater heights. Locking my nipple in her teeth she pulls upwards dragging it with her. My cries of pain increasing as i once again feel her chewing the tender morsel. I can smell her arousal...her desire. She looks at me with my nipple still trapped in her mouth and bites down very hard drawing a scream from deep inside of me. I can see blood oozing out from her mouth and drip onto my chest and i thrust harder and deeper into her.

Mistress releases my nipple and reaches to the table next to the bed and picks up the dildo gag. This is a unique gag because it has a 3 inch penis on the inside which fits into my mouth and on the outside is a 6 inch dildo. Mistress places the gag in my mouth then locks it shut behind my head. I know when i am gagged the abuse Mistress will inflict on me will be very bad. She seldom blindfolds me as she feeds off of the pain she sees in my eyes.

Once again she attacks my nipple with her teeth biting and chewing as i scream repeatedly into the gag as she continues to ride my erection. My other nipple has not been left alone during this time as she has continued to pinch and twist it. After what seems an eternity she releases my bloody nipple and then attacks the other one with her mouth. This time though there is no tenderness. As soon as her mouth descends upon my nipple she is biting hard while ripping at my swollen and bloody nipple with her fingers. I scream and try to squirm away from her but am unable to. Soon both nipples are shredded and bleeding but i am still erect in her. I want so badly to cum when she does but i can not ask for permission to do so. I hold back...barely as i feel her shudder against me and can feel her cum dripping onto my groin. Mistress rides me harder and faster twisting and ripping at my injured nipples forcing me to respond to the pain and thrust as hard as i can into her gushing pussy. Time seems to stand still and i am only aware of her need...her desire...her wetness.

I know she has came...again. How many times was it tonight? I can not remember. My nipples are burning and stinging so badly. I want to touch them but am unable too. Mistress looks at me with the fire in her eyes...the same fire i have seen hundreds of times before and i know the night has only begun.

Far into the early morning hours she used my body to fuel her orgasims. Time and time again she came. There was no part of my body she did not hurt in order to cum. Tonight was no different then any other night. I was there for her pleasure not mine. I screamed so much i was hoarse. When my penis would no longer remain erect for her she rode my face with the dildo gag in her pussy or rectum and tortured my genitals.

Some will read this and think i must be crazy to stay with her but i must tell you this.....I feed off of Mistress as much as she does off of me. We both NEED what each other gives.

During the time i have spent with Mistress i have became her "pet". I am not a slave but i do not have any rights other then what she grants me. I have to ask her permission for everything. This includes eating, showering, using the bathroom, brushing my teeth. Everything. If she tells me "no" i can not ask again for 1 hour. Ever had to pee so badly and was not able to for hours but you knew if you made a mess you would really get it?

We share the chores. She is a better cook then i am so she cooks and i help prepare the meal. I set the table and do the dishes after the meal. We both vacuum and dust and i clean the bathroom. It is my job to make sure all of our toys are put away in their right place and are clean. Mistress has a motto and it is "Everything in it's place and a place for everything".

I also do the grocery shopping every 2 weeks and i am allowed to keep the money that is left over. I always buy something for Mistress with part of it. This week i only had $6 left over and well it does not buy much. As i was leaving the store a poster in customer service caught my eye. It was for the multi state lottery our state was part of. The jackpot was at a record of $350 million dollars. I decided to buy a $5 ticket and then headed home.

As i was bringing in the groceries i noticed Mistress seemed angry. I was told to come to the playroom when i was done putting away the groceries. After putting them away i head upstairs and find Mistress sitting in the only chair there. Mistress looked at me for several minutes without speaking and i knew i had done something wrong but was puzzled at what it could have been. Finally she spoke and asked me if i had put all the toys away in their right places. I replied "yes i did Mistress". She replied "are you sure pet"?

I quickly glanced around the room and almost said yes when i spotted the box of needles on the bondage horse and i had a sick feeling inside. "Mistress pet forgot to put away the needles". Yes pet you did but we are going to be sure this does not happen again.

Now most people have no problems with needle play but these needles are night quite what you would play with. Mistress has made sure they do not have sharp points on them like normal needles do. Instead these are duller and it takes some effort to get them inserted into my body. And of course she wiggles them back and forth as she pushes them deep into me. One of her favorite things is to stick them in and push them against my bones then scrape them up and down on the bone. It makes me scream every time it hurts so bad.

Mistress commands me to strip and then to stand next to the homemade X cross in the room where she secures my wrists and ankles wide apart then a wide leather belt across my chest and another across my stomach. She adds 2 more around my upper thighs so i can not much at all.

She picks up the box of needles and moves her chair in front of me then sits in it. I am told i am not to scream at all and if anything more then cries or quiet yelps comes from me she will remove the needles and start again. She grabs a hold of my soft penis and taking a needle she places it against my penis head and slowly pushes the dull needle inside. I yelp in pain wanting to scream it hurt so badly. She continues to twist and scrape the inside of my penis before shoving it though the other side. I am crying now and i know there are 49 more needles left and praying she will not use all of them on me.

Taking another needle she places it near the 1st one and pushes it inside and out the other side in 1 motion. Another needle enters the pee slit and i can not help it but a small scream erupts from me. Mistress does not take pity on me...she does not allow for mistakes. Instead she slowly removes the other 2 needles and we start all over again. Somehow i am able to not scream again and she has now placed 29 needles into the length of my penis. All have been shoved through both sides.

Mistress lets go of my penis but then grabs my sack and squeezes it hard bringing a new yelp from me. She then takes my left nut and holds it tight while picking up another needle. I beg her to gag pet as pet knows he can not refrain from screaming for this. Mistress thinks about it for a moment then states "if i am to wear a gag then all 50 of the needles will be used which means each testicle will have 10 in them and the last 1 will be put into my pee slit again". Why does she make it so difficult on me to choose? I finally agree to her rules and feel the gag being placed in my mouth and secured behind my head.

This is the 1st time Mistress has ever used these needles on his testicles and pet dreads the pain he knows is coming. Those in his penis are bad enough but not his testicles. There is no way for pet to brace himself for the agony of that 1st needle being cruelly shoved into his nut. pet screamed loud and continued to scream as she pushed and wiggled the needle inside of his testicle. Unlike his penis she did not push it out the other side though. Taking another needle she did the same as the last one again hearing my scream and my attempts to move away from her. I thought i was going to pass out by the time the 8th needle was inserted. My body is not my friend. It craves the abuse more then my mind does. My mind cries for it to stop yet my body does what it can to have it continue. Since the 1st needle entered my testicle to the last one i had not stopped screaming. My genitals are in agony and my blood was dripping from them. I have seen so many others pierced by needles and they seldom bleed but not in my case.

Mistress stands in front of me and removes my gag. I am crying and slobbering at the same time. Mistress grabs my chin and forces me to look at her. As she does this she asks me if i will miss any toys in the future and i reply "No Mistress pet has learned his lesson". Mistress replies that is good pet but your punishment is not over yet. She does release me from the cross and tells me i am not to touch my genitals at all and i am to clean the bare floors with the toothbrush i have for it. I am told it had best be clean enough to eat off of. I set off to do as i am told and on my hands and knees with the brush. It is nearly impossible to keep the floor clean as i am still dripping blood from the needles. After working for 2 hours on the floor Mistress came to inspect it and sees that pet has done a good job on it.

The bleeding has stopped except for a couple of spots that still seeped out. pet was told too put away the toothbrush and to join her in the living room. I crawled into the living room to the love couch Mistress is sitting on and she commands me to kneel in front of her and place my hands behind my neck clasped together. As i do this Mistress leans forward and kisses pet while using her tongue to wiggle inside pets mouth playing with my tongue. Mistress reaches down with her hand and squeezes my balls as i scream into her mouth as i feel the needles push further into them. There is no way i can describe to you what that felt like. I screamed time and time again and she continued to squeeze and twist the pincushion my testicles had become. Blood once again was flowing and i was in agony unlike any i had ever been in before. The needles being pushed into them was bad so i thought but this was far worse.

After several minutes of this Mistress released her grip on me and broke off the kiss. "pet have you learned your lesson yet"? pet stutters when he replies saying "yes pet has learned to put ALL of the toys away". Mistress tells pet that he must remove the needles by himself and as he removes each one he is to say out loud the motto. pet does not want to do this to himself and wants to beg Mistress to remove them but she has read his mind and quietly says pet this is up to you.

pet does not know where to begin but seeing as his testicles hurt so badly after being squeezed he decides that is the best place to start. pet takes a needle and gives it a quick tug but the needle does not budge and pet cries out in pain. During the almost 3 hours the needles have been in him they have became stuck as the blood had dried inside. pet begs Mistress to remove them but Mistress just smiles at pet and sits back on the sofa to watch. pet once again grabs a hold of the needle with 1 hand and the testicle with his other and slowly works the needle out sobbing the whole time. This hurts pet so much yet pet is feeling something else. Arousal? How can that possibly be? His genitals hurt like they never have before yet his body wants the pain. pet removes the last needle 46 minutes after he started and cum drips from his penis. Mistress sees this and tells pet it is ok as it is a response from his body and not an actual cum.

Mistress holds a cool wet cloth against my groin until the bleeding has stopped then kisses pet again....quite passionate....loving....caring. She pats the sofa next to her and pet crawls up and places his head upon her lap and quietly cries as she strokes pets hair. I love this part with Mistress..of being comforted while try to return to normal.

We do not watch the news on tv nor do we have the local paper delivered so we did not know about the buzz going around town. I had to do shopping a week earlier then normal so i drove to the market got the items we needed then went to pay for them. That is when i found the lottery ticket from my last visit here. After paying for the groceries i stopped at the service desk and asked the clerk to check my ticket. She asked me if i had heard that someone from our town had won it and was the only winner? I told her this was the 1st time i had heard of it. She punched in some numbers on the lottery machine then slid the ticket through and waited. About 15 seconds later she squealed out loud and said you won. "I what"? She said you are the winner of $350 million dollars and i said sure i am. She gave me back the ticket and told me to check it myself and i did and i checked it again and again and it still came up with my winning it. HOLY COW i shouted filled with a sudden happiness. I drove home as quickly as i could and told Mistress what had happened and she like pet thought i was teasing her. She called the lottery headquarters and found out we indeed did have the winning numbers and was the only ones to have them.

We talked all night long about what to do with the money. We decided to take the lump sum offer which was almost 200 million dollars. We decided to invest 125 million of it and to spend the rest. Our 1st purchase was a small house with no close neighbors and then we went and bought a ranch with 6345 acres and had the house on it torn down and a new one built. This home was to have 10 bedrooms each with it's own bath and gas fireplace and done in a different bondage theme, a formal dining room, huge kitchen, large gathering room with all the latest electronics and a 96 inch plasma TV with full surround sound. The best part of the house though was the room at the end. It was 100 feet wide, 150 feet long, 10 feet high. This would become our new dungeon.

It took nearly 10 months for our house to be completed and fully furnished. We hired a special company to outfit the dungeon to our specifications. We spent nearly $300,000 to furnish this room with toys,bondage apparatus's, whips, torture devices, etc.

When the home was done we invited a small group of our best friends from the Seattle dungeon to stay a few days with us and break the house in right. Those we invited were into the more extreme play like we are.

We were now able to afford to take trips and vacations anywhere we want to which we had not been able to before. Flying became a hassle to get through security with the toys Mistress had pet wear and pet would get so embarrassed when taken to the strip room when the metal detectors went off like crazy. pet would have to remove his clothes and show the police the clamps, dildos, plugs he was wearing. pet hated that and Mistress could not blame him because well sometimes it made us late for our flight.

After the last trip we decided to check into a private jet. We looked at dozens of them until we found one we liked. We went to the factory and had it custom built. As you entered the jet to the left was the cockpit and to the right the passenger area. There was 10 rows of wide leather seats with 1 seat on each side which was able to swivel 360 degrees. The next area was a small dungeon with a bondage horse, cage, large metal X. Moving past this was the complete bathroom with a working shower. There was a small warming kitchen next to this bathroom with a microwave and a fridge and a sink. Beyond that was our bedroom with a king sized bed and private bath. We also had an airstrip built near the house and a nice hangar for the jet. We hired a pilot and co pilot and had a place built for them on the property. They were free to do as they wished but had to be ready to fly with a notice of 3 hours.

pet had known for many months that Mistress wanted to find another pet to join him and pet knew it would be a female and was quite happy with that. We decided to take in a hard core s&m convention in New York City. The hotel was a 5 star one and was closed to the general public for the convention. We had a full suite on the 34th floor with 2 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, living room, huge windows from floor to ceiling on 3 sides looking out upon the city far below us. It was a breathtaking view.

We already knew the dress attire was optional and fetish wear was fine. Mistress had pet strip and placed his wrist restraints locked and secured behind his back. She then placed my penis in a strange device i had not seen before. It stretched my soft penis straight out in a open tube affair and then was held in place just behind the head using a ring with 6 sharp steel pins thingies which she screwed into my penis using a special wrench. It felt like they were being screwed into the flesh of my penis and i cried out from the agony it caused. She then placed each testicle in a small vice device which was 2 metal plates 2 inches long and 2 inches wide with sharp metal teeth on both inner sections. She then turned the wing nut tightening the plates and squeezing my testicle until i thought it would pop. Mistress did the same to the other one. When she was satisfied i was in as much agony as possible she put the locking leather collar around my neck and attached a lead to it which was 5 feet long.

Mistress left pet like this while she changed into a long flowing satin dress with each side split up to almost her hips. With this dress she seldom wears a bra preferring to have her breasts free. Normally when we went to the Seattle dungeon she took her toys with us but tonight they stayed in the room. Mistress seldom had to use makeup and was so pretty all the time and tonight was no different. She looked stunning there in our suite.

We did not want to be late for the opening ceremonies of the convention so Mistress took the end of my leash and led me from our suite to the bank of elevators and pressed the down button. We only had to wait a minute until a car arrived at our floor. When the doors slid open we seen it was not empty and stepped inside and waited for the doors to close. pet was the only naked one and felt excited as he loves to be paraded among others. Mistress seen pet and the glow on his skin and reached down and gave the testicle clamps another turn as pet moaned in agony and blushed deep red when he heard the others laugh at him.

pet was not really prepared for what he seen in the huge convention hall. There was several dozen booths with vendors selling various extreme toys, whips of all types and sizes, hundreds of canes, clamps, sex toys galore. And of course Mistress stopped at each booth and tried different toys on him in front of everyone walking past. She made many purchases and had the items sent to our suite and we continued to the demonstration areas. pet had not expected to see any children here but there was probably at least 50 on opening night. They ranged from age of maybe 4 to 18 he had guessed. Mistress seen the puzzled look on pets face and told him these children are here because they serve their parents as submissive's or slaves. pet could not see how a parent could do that to their own children.

We had been in the hall for maybe 3 hours when almost at the same time we both seen the girl. She appeared to be 16 or 17 with dark brown hair tied in the back in a pony tail and hung to her mid back. She had the deepest blue eyes i had seen. She was wearing a skirt split on the left side clear to her waist and held in place by a button. When she walked we could see she did not have any panties on. She wore a see through blouse and no bra either. We could clearly see her teenage breasts about the size of small melons so firm with dime sized nipples poking the material of her blouse as they were quite erect.

She walked to the left of her parents and 3 feet behind them at all times. pet could not see any fetish gear on her but pet knew she was a slave. We made our way to where the 3 of them was standing watching a young male being whipped and caned by 2 men. I have never had that done to me at the same time and stood and watched this wonderful show in front of me. I was not aware Mistress was talking to the girls parents for quite some time. Mistress and the girls parents chatted freely almost like they were old friends. I kept glancing at the girl and wanted to speak to her but she acted like i was not there. After a short time we were told the girls name was Tasha and she was 17. She was their sex slave and had been since she was 2. I was introduced as pet and nothing more. Mistress invited the 3 of them to come to our suite so we could get to know each other better and they agreed to it.

When we entered our suite i was told to ring room service and have a bottle of champagne delivered and then to kneel beside Mistress and to be quiet. I glanced at Tasha and seen she was now naked and also on her knees directly in front of her parents facing them and was leaned backwards with her hands on the floor behind her showing them her body. Her knees were spread apart so they had a clear view of her cleanly shaved pussy. Her nipples were still erect and looked so yummy.

As i knelt beside Mistress she reached down to my trapped genitals and turned the clamps even tighter as i cried out. Mistress told me to hush and accept this and turned them even tighter. pet felt like he was going to throw up but somehow held it in and whimpered in pain. OWIEEEEE it hurt so bad. Maybe even more then when he was stuck with the needles. Tasha never looked my way to see what happened but i could have sworn her breathing changed to a deeper breath. When Mistress was satisfied pet was in sheer agony she continued to chat with Tasha's parents who was Jim and Karen.

We found out it was Karen who 1st started playing with Tasha at age 2 while bathing her. It was not long after that Jim also helped her molest Tasha. When Tasha was 5 she was licking them both and having things inserted in her tiny cunnie. When Tasha turned 12 Jim had intercourse with her for the 1st time while Karen used a dildo in her rectum. All during her childhood she was never abused other then a occasional spanking for being bad. And she never seen what her parents did to her as being a bad thing either. In fact she really liked being with them in bed and taking showers together.

They asked about me and Mistress told them the story of how we met and our life after. Until now they had never seen anyone really hurt and was intrigued by what they saw. Mistress invited them to spend the night with us and they agreed. After the champagne arrived and we had a glass to celebrate new friendships Mistress showed them our new toys and demonstrated how they are used on me. Jim and Karen were given the chance to hurt pet as they wished that night and Tasha was given to Mistress to enjoy her ministrations.

Jim and Karen had fun playing with pet...hurting him. Even though they were new to this pet told them they did great and even gave them pointers on how to use a certain item better to hurt pet more with it. Mistress and Tasha was on the floor in front of us naked and touching each other. I heard Mistress moan and glanced to her to see Tasha between her legs licking her pussy and Mistress was holding her hair tightly guiding her mouth and tongue to her favorite spots.

We had been playing for many hours and Mistress invited them to spend the rest of the weekend with us here in our suite. They gladly accepted the offer as they only had a standard room with 1 bed and no view. Jim asked Mistress if there was anything pet was not allowed to do and Mistress told him no. As long as pets bones were not broken nor did he need a trip to the emergency room after. Jim laughed and said nothing like that would happen but he did want to see what it was like to have a guy suck his cock.

Now Mistress had never done this with pet and thought it was a great idea. She sat up on the floor and leaned against the couch and had Tasha straddle her with her back against Mistress's breasts so she could watch pet too and Mistress could still touch Tasha. I had never seen another mans penis that close before and Jim was not small. It was about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide erect. Having never done this before i did not know exactly what to do but Jim and Karen guided me. Karen knelt beside me and showed pet how to lick and suck the penis the way Jim liked it. At 1st both of us performed oral sex on Jim but soon it was just pet. pet really liked the way the hard cock felt in his mouth...the taste of it. pet continued to give Jim pleasure and could taste now and again a salty taste. Not unpleasant but different. Jim was thrusting himself deep into pets mouth and throat and holding himself inside for a short while before slowly withdrawing in and sliding it back in. pet felt Jim's hands on the back of his head and heard Jim panting and saying he was close. Jim held me onto his shaft and thrust several times deep and fast in him and pet could feel the cum in his cock just before it erupted into pets throat and coming back into his mouth with some cum dripping outside. pet swallowed as fast as he could while sucking and licking the shaft. pet finally felt the shaft begin to soften and with a plop it was pulled free from pets mouth.

pet really hoped this would not be the last time he was allowed to perform oral sex on another man. pet was not bi or was he? It did not matter as it felt right...and good. We played into the wee hours of the morning until we fell asleep on the floor entwined in each others bodies. We continued to play all the time we were not in the convention hall.

Mistress and i did get some private time to chat and we spoke about Tasha. Neither of us had to say that we wanted her as the new pet as we both knew it. Tasha would be 18 in 7 months but in the state we lived in she was considered to be at the age of consent at 16 with her parents consent.

Mistress invited them to fly home with us and spend a couple of weeks at the ranch. They agreed but told us they did not have the funds for a ticket. We both laughed and said we will take care of that. Sunday night we checked out of the hotel and walked out to the door leading to the outside where the limo was waiting to take us to the airport. Before we left Mistress showed them the metal butt plug and the metal clamps that would bite cruelly into my nipples and asked them to place them on me. They each took a clamp and placed my nipples in them and tightened. They were still not sure what was acceptable and stopped before the clamps were very tight. Mistress gave them a stern look and told them to tighten them until i screamed in pain. These clamps were brand new and had sharp metal teeth that bit into my ever so sore nipples. When the clamps were in place i was told to bend over and then Tasha was called to stand beside us. Mistress gave her the thick and long metal plug and told her to shove it into my ass. This was also a new toy from the convention and it did not have a bit of lube on it. Tasha really had to work to shove it inside of pet but she was able to finally get it to seat itself and we all knew it would not come out on its own. Mistress then showed us a remote control device and switched it on. She pressed a few buttons and it felt like i had been kicked in my rectum by a bull. pet yelped in pain and it had not died down before another jolt was felt as strong as the 1st one. Jim and Karen looked at Mistress and asked what was special about the plug and she replied it was sending shocks into my body. Mistress then gave the control to Karen.

On the ride to the airport Karen kept playing with the control and laughing when she heard my squeals and yelps. As we approached the airport they expressed concern over the toys pet had on and how would we get through security. Mistress said it would not be a problem. We drove past the main terminal to another smaller one. The limo stopped and the driver opened the door for us. As we walked towards the terminal we were met by our co-pilot who led us to the jet. After we were on board the jet taxied to the runway and we were soon airborne. Jim and Karen seemed shocked at the inside of the jet and i am sure they had never seen one with a dungeon in it.

We did not play on the flight to the ranch nor did they know what to expect when we arrived there as we had not told them much about it. When we landed the jet pulled up near the mansion and we got off and went inside. It was good to be home. We gave a tour of our home and told them to choose the bedroom they wanted and helped them get settled in. We have a full staff here at this home which includes a cook, 2 maids, gardener. They were all hand picked and hired with a decent salary and a free home to live in not far from the main house. In return they kept to themselves what they seen or heard on the ranch. They had all at 1 time or another been a witness to the torture Mistress inflicted on pet.

We spent the first week at the ranch all of us playing with each other including Tasha and pet. Tasha was introduced to the whip and various clamps, she was paddled while being restrained, butt plugs of various sizes forced into her cute butt. Each day with us Tasha was introduced to a new type of pain and for a longer period of time. At 1st Tasha hated it or at least she acted that way. It did not take long at all though for her to experience her 1st orgasm while being hurt. That seemed to be the turning point and she gave her body willingly to be abused. Jim and Karen also started to spank her or use the canes on her.

At the end of the 2nd week we all went to the living room to talk. Mistress asked each of them about their experience and listened to their stories. When it was Tasha's turn Mistress asked her more personal questions and Tasha answered even though she turned deep red many times. Mistress told them we wanted Tasha to stay with us and gave a proposal to them. Tasha would remain here at the ranch or with us on vacations until she turned 19. At that time she would be given the choice to leave and return to her parents or stay with us forever. Mistress told Jim and Karen that we will provide the very best for Tasha and we would provide the jet to bring them to the ranch to see her once a month. If Tasha remains with us after the age of 19 we will give them $2 million dollars and they would sign their parental rights to Mistress. Mistress told them not to give her their answer tonight but to talk it over and give us their decision tomorrow.

We said our good nights and retired to our bedroom and they went off to theirs. I wish i could have heard their conversation that night but instead i heard Mistress's pussy talking as i licked and sucked her sweet nectar for hours.

It was late morning before we heard them coming down the hall. For the 1st time since we had met, Tasha walked between her mom and dad and they held each of her hands. They walked to where we were sitting and then released her hands and each gave her a kiss on her cheek and they went and sat together on the sofa.

Tasha looked at Mistress and glanced towards me and gave a shy smile then turned back to Mistress again. She reached up and started to slowly unbutton her blouse never looking away from Mistress. When the buttons were undone she slipped it from her shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor behind her. Next Tasha reached down and undid the buttons holding her skirt on her waist and also dropped it to the ground. Standing before Mistress totally naked Tasha dropped to her knees never looking away from Mistress and told her this "Mistress... Tasha would like to become your new pet and agrees that you shall own her and do with her as you wish".

The End


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Did anyone on this site pass English? Ever? The idea behind the story is great. The way you switch from third to first person in the middle of paragraphs is not.

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Awesome, but at certain points it was like a monkey was writing


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Your Mistress must be very proud to have a pet who can write such good stories. I enjoyed this one very much.

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