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It is Thursday evening and Mistress and i were still at the hotel playing the games we have found so pleasurable when the phone started ringing. I arose from between Mistress's legs and went to answer this interruption in
our playing. I picked up the phone and said "Hello?" I knew the voice on the other end and as he spoke i replied with a simple
"Yes Master i understand and we will be there". I returned to my Mistress and sank again to my knees and informed her we are to meet Master at his dungeon on Friday at 7 PM.

I looked at her face when i told her this and she was smiling and i thought i heard a quiet moan escape from her lips. Mistress told me to kneel closer and grabbing my head in her hands she pulled me hard into her pussy commanding me to "lick pet" and my tongue darted out into the folds of her womanhood..Mistress moved my head back and forth forcing me to service her. I had a feeling Mistress was thinking of something else instead of what i was doing but it was not my place to ask so i continued to suck and lick where she moved my head and face to.

She directed me to lick her clitty and i found the hood protecting it and licked it slowly with my tongue flattened to cover the entire hood at once...i felt her clit emerging and soon i was licking the erect sensitive flesh and i felt her hands pulling harder on my head forcing my face harder onto her clit. I sucked and licked for what seemed forever when Mistress once again changed the position of my mouth back to her hot tunnel...i drove my tongue deep into her making the end of it a point...licking the spot that drives her crazy with passion each time.

I can feel her as she tenses...her pussy muscles clamping hard around my face...i can feel her wetness increasing and the movements of her pelvis so face buried deep in her and as she cums Mistress cries out "Master Wolf eat me PLEASE". I now know why she had seemed so distant. Our play continued until the wee hours of the morning...i knew tonight was was not me with her but you Master......but this really made no difference to me as i have came to realize it is not always about job is to do as i am told. Mistress was finally sated...she had came so many times i have lost face is covered in her mess and juices has even found it's way into my nose.

Mistress pushes me away from her with her foot hard enough i fall backwards onto the floor and stands up moving towards the bed we have shared so often...i start to arise to join her when she quietly tells me "tonight you will sleep on the floor where you belong" and throws down a light blanket to me. I am confused and upset for she has never before denied me to lie with her and i wrack my brain trying to think of what i have done to displease her this badly.....i fall asleep but it is not a comfortable one...i sleep fitfully... tossing and turning....again and again seeing the look on her face when she had cried out to her Master.

Morning finally arrives...bright sunshine is flooding into the room chasing away the lingering shadows. I sat up and looked around me and seen that Mistress was still sleeping...i arose and quietly walked to the bathroom door and stepping past it i reached behind me closing it softly as to not awaken her. I think back to what happened last night and i think about the hold our Master has on Mistress and i realize then i had done nothing wrong last night.I do my morning routine of using the toilet, showering, washing my hair...i want to allow my hands to play...but i know Mistress will be very unhappy with this so i finish what i am doing as quickly as i can and step out of the shower after turning it off...i dry myself off.

I open the door and again step back into the room and i notice Mistress is starting to stir and i quietly walk to the bed standing beside her and sink to my knees...head bowed...hands on my thighs...and i wait....It seems an eternity for me kneeling in front of the person i will do anything for when i hear her voice saying "pet" and i raise my head to look into her eyes and watch as she pats the bed next to her and tells me "to come lie with me".

I rise and move unto the bed snuggling close to her warmth...yearning to touch and kiss her...but i just lay there feeling our bodies so close hearing her breathing and smelling the scent of arousal still strong from last night. We lie in bed for hours...just snuggling together...feeling the safety and comfort we are giving to each other.

Mistress speaks finally and says "about last night"......but i speak up to tell her "Mistress please.... you do not have to explain to me...i know the effect Master has on you" and i reached my finger out to her lips to quiet her. Looking at me she smiles knowing her pet is not upset at her and that all is as it should be.

We spent the day shopping in the mall and just looking at all the nice things the stores have...anyone looking at us seen only a couple walking hand in hand and sometime giving each other quick kisses and thought nothing else about us as they went on with what they were doing. We went back to the hotel at 4 pm to prepare to meet with Master at 7 pm. We ate a light dinner and spoke quietly about tonight...about what might happen.At 5 pm we went to our room and i helped Mistress remove her clothing then removed mine...i took her hand and we walked to the bathroom to take our shower and to prepare to meet you. In the shower Mistress places her hands on my shoulders and pushes me to my knees in front of her and said "lick me pet". Mistress cums fast this time and i know she is excited about our meeting in a few hours...after she cums i am given the sponge and told to bathe her...i wet the large fluffy sponge then lather soap onto it and clean every inch of her. I wait as Mistress lets the water wash the soap away from her body and stand in front of her i play the water over her head and using the creamy shampoo i work it in with my fingers gathering the lather and covering her hair as i wash it then rinse the soap out. When i am finished i quickly lather soap and shampoo on myself and hurry to finish as we still have things to do before we can leave.

Turning the water off i open the shower door and step out grabbing the blue fluffy towel off it's rack and holding it open for Mistress to wrap herself into it's comfort. Taking another towel i dry her hair and her legs where the towel around her does not reach. When Mistress is completely dry i take the towel from her and lead her back into the bedroom and ask her to lay on her back on the bed...i kneel beside her and allow my fingers to gently rub each pussy lip and i can feel the stubble of her pubic hair growing back. I reach into the night stand drawer and remove the shaving gel and the disposable shavers.

Taking the can in my hands i give it a vigorous shaking for several seconds then press the valve releasing the foamy gel onto my fingers...i lather the gel onto her pussy making sure i cover all of it..then taking a shaver i gently start shaving the stubble from her. I shave carefully around her lips...pulling them slightly apart to reach the stubble found there....taking a moist towel i wipe her clean of gel and hair...making sure there is not a hint of either left behind. I reach my tongue out and lick her and do not feel anything i have missed. Taking another bottle from the night stand i squeeze a small amount on my fingers and work the lotion into and upon her pussy to keep it soft and inviting for Master.

Glancing at the small clock on the night stand i see it is now 6:05 pm. Mistress has also seen the time and rises from the bed and goes to the closet holding our clothes...She selects 1 outfit after another looking for the right one. Mistress finally decides on what to wear and puts it on as i in turn get dressed....when we are both dressed i take her hairbrush and start brushing her hair and feeling the brush tugging on the snarls the shower made and brushing through them until her hair is smooth and silky. I looked at the woman standing before me and i felt overcome with desire to rip her clothes off and ravish her on the floor below me but i resisted and instead i gave Mistress a long and lingering kiss before breaking it off and telling her "we must go so we will not be late".

We rode quietly down in the elevator to the lobby and walking hand in hand out the door to a fleet of waiting cabs...I held the door open on the 1st cab and waited for Mistress to enter the cab then i slid in beside her closing the door behind us. The cabbie said "where to buddy?" and i told him the address and we started off. We drove in words needing to be said...each of us lost in our own thoughts of what this night would bring.

Twenty minutes later the cab pulls into the driveway of our Master. The cabbie repeats the address to us and says "that will be $35 bud..i pull out a $50 and tell him to keep the change and opening the door i climb out and offer my hand to Mistress as she takes it and steps from the cab i close the door and the cab moves away from us into the darkness where it had came from.

We glance nervously towards each other and walk up onto the lit porch and ring the doorbell...after a few moments the door opens and a woman's voice tells us to enter and then the door closes behind us. Turning to us she says "please follow me" and turns and walks down the long hallway. She stops at a massive wooden door slightly ajar and tells us "Master is waiting for you inside" and then walks away leaving us alone.

We push open the door and walk into a huge room with candles flickering in many places throughout the room...what we see before us sends shivers through our bodies...there are many kinds of strange objects in this room..some we can guess at the use others bewilder us. From the darkness of the room across from us i hear your voice "pet close the door behind you and stand next to girl again".

Doing as you commanded i was soon standing next to girl...licking my lips nervously and i glance at Mistress quickly and see a strange look on her face and as quickly i looked away from her. Standing side by side for many minutes...nothing being said.

"girl come to me" I watch as my Mistress walks towards the voice of her Master. I can now see Master as he arises from the chair upon which he was sitting in and walks a few paces to stand in front of girl.... I see him putting his hand under her chin and raising her head as he leans down and kisses her very gently on the lips. I can hear Master talking to girl but it is hard to make out what is being said until girl says "yes Master i am ready". "pet come stand beside girl" I walk forward and soon am next to girl and Master says "undress girl for me".

I reach out and unbutton the buttons holding her blouse closed and help her slip her arms from the garment and i fold it neatly and set it beside me as i reach up to unclasp her bra again helping as girl slides her arms from it...i place it on top of the blouse. Reaching to her skirt i wiggle it downwards across her hips and allowing girl to hold on to me as i remove it from her legs and fold it placing it on the pile. I can smell Mistress's arousal as i tug at her panties and pulling them down to the floor for her to step from them...i can not help but to bring the panties to my nose and inhale the scent of arousal and then i place them to join the others.

girl/Mistress standing before her Master and pet slightly trembling with
unseen emotions waits for what is to come.

Master takes girl by the hand and walks over to a large X shaped apparatus standing alone near the far right corner and stops under it. He takes girl's right wrist and raises it above her and shackles it to a waiting cuff...then repeats this action with her left wrist cuffing it in place. Bending down he attaches the leather cuffs to each ankle and pulls each one closer to the bottom of the X and clips each ankle onto the waiting rings. Girl is now spread eagled while standing up in full view of Master and pet.

Walking back to where i am Master tells me to undress and stand behind girl but not to touch her. He then walks in front of girl and slowly removes his clothes...until he is as naked as we are. Taking girl's chin in his hand he raises her face to meet his stare then lowered his mouth to hers and begins to kiss her...quickly at first then long lingering kisses.

Breaking the kissing Master instructs pet to kiss and lick girl's backside and not to miss any i stand closer to my Mistress i can smell her scent...strong and starts kissing the back of her neck..slow lingering kisses then licks the spot where the kiss was and moves off to explore her body...i hear Master doing the same as i am....licking and kissing girl's front. Girl is trembling now i can see and feel it when i am licking. I can sense Master is nibbling on girl's titties as i feel her pushing forward to offer him more or her flesh....i can hear a wet sloppy sound and i know he is fingering girl. When girl is very wet Master has me stand beside him and reach my fingers into her pussy and then to rub the juices on my cock and tells me to go behind girl and work my way into her asshole.

I spread Mistress's globes with 1 hand as i position my cock next to the tight ring and slowly push forward forcing the ring to accept my cock...suddenly the ring opens and swallows the head of my cock and i feel Mistress's body tense. I stop my movements to allow Mistress to get used to the feeling of me inside of her...Master has stepped closer to girl and places the head of his cock into her hot wet pussy and thrusts deep inside and begins to fuck girl. Feeling this i start to fuck Mistress in her ass pushing more and more cock into her until i am firmly seated in her hot tunnel which is so tight on my cock.

Master and i start to set up a rhythm where when he pushes forward into girl's pussy i push forward into her ass and we both pull out together...repeating this process over and over again. I find my Mistress's neck and very gently start to nibble on each side barely using my teeth and i can see Master kissing girl's lips again...sometimes nibbling on her tongue. The scene is so arousing it is hard not to cum inside girl's ass but i hold off waiting for Master to squirt his cum deep into girl. Placing his hands on girl's hips he begins to thrust deeply and much faster...i find it is hard to keep the rhythm going and try my best to keep up.

Master growls from his lust as he presses into girl and holding her hips begins his jism is pumping from his cock spewing into girl as i start to come inside her cum is strong and coats the inside of her nether tunnel making my movements easier with the wetness. Each of us filling girl with cum and girl does not know which sensation is the best and is moving to meet our thrusts.....finally spent each of us pulls out and looking down i can see my cum leaking from girl's ass.

Knowing my duty is to clean girl i start to get on my knees but Master stops me with this "not this time pet i have a better idea" and smiles at girl. I am commanded to release girl's ankles from the X but to leave the cuffs in place.

Master releases girl's wrists leaving those cuffs in place and taking her by the hand walks to the large bed on the other side of the room. Turning girl so her back is to the bed he tells her to lie down on her girl complies Master tells pet to cuff her ankles to the straps at the sides of the foot board while he does the same to girl's wrists. Girl once again finds herself spread eagled and wide open with cum leaking from both holes....wanting to feel a tongue in her to give her the cum her body aches...yearns for.

Master looks at me and motions me to follow him...walking from the dungeon back into the hallway i am instructed as to what i am to do...i walk off into the direction Master he walked back into the dungeon. Going to a small cabinet he opens it and looks at several items before choosing a leather blindfold with velvet covering where the eyes are and walks back to girl. Girl's eyes are wide open but not in fear but extreme arousal and accepts when her head is turned away from him and he slips the blindfold onto her eyes and reaching behind her head he buckles it tightly. Girl trembles and starts at every sound she hears not being able to tell what it is as her gift of sight has been taken from her. She feels Master's hands touching her...caressing the skin...lightly trailing over her breasts....down towards her leaking pussy...and moaning loudly in frustration when he does not touch her there.

Girl can feel a weight on the bed and can feel movement near her pussy. Girl thinks it must be the woman that let us in earlier. She feels a tongue start to lick her soaking wet pussy. Girl is moaning loudly...trying to get this tongue deep into her...wanting to hold this "woman" to her further ignite the fires of passion. The tongue stops lapping and she can feel the bed moving again as the weight shifts and then girl feels sharp nails scratching on her breasts and moans from the discomfort. There is another feeling in her pussy as something long and slimy enters her steaming is not at all uncomfortable continues to go deeper inside in short but violent thrusts seeming to get thicker with the movement. More scratching is felt upon girl's titties and this stings a little. Girl feels the wet tongue lapping at her titties and swiping at her mouth...she could smell an odor she recognizes and cries out "NO STOP PLEASE STOP" and tries to move away but the bonds hold her tightly in place.

Master reaches down and removes the blindfold and girl shrieks out at the sight of the huge Great Dane that is on top of her licking....fucking her snatch. Girl wants this to stop...this is not right......animals are not meant to mate with humans. But she realizes the terrible arousal this beast has caused her body to feel and knows deep inside she does not want it to stop. Girl feels the dog taking her...raping....forcing itself upon her. She knows this is the nastiest thing Master has done to her...yet her body is responding to the animals urges...she is thrusting against this strange cock...feeling as it is still getting thicker and longer. This is not the dog's first pussy and he eagerly consumes it....building an intense fire within it's walls....slobbering his tongue over it's helpless victim ...fucking so fast it is almost a blur. Girl is feeling something different in her snatch...something is growing.....small at 1st then larger and larger until her pussy is stretched so far and still the dog fucks her. As the Dane is fucking her she can feel his knot swelling inside of her...bigger and bigger it grows and it's cock so hard and long in her.

Mistress can sense the dog is nearing the time it will spill it's seed inside of her and she dreads this yet at the same time yearns for the Dane's seed. The Dane starts growling low at first then louder and it's paws on girl's titties are scratching them more and deeper...streaking them with angry red marks. The dog plunges into girl spilling it's seed so deep inside and at the same time it's knot has become so big and tight in girl it can not break free...the Dane is yipping at girl trying to get off of her. Girl feels a huge pressure in her pussy as the knot attaches itself to her and cries out in pain....arousal....yearning....Dog
and girl stuck together each feeling the other trying to get loose. But there is another feeling as girl accepts the knot and grinds her pussy against it..feeling the dog mauling her chest in an attempt to free itself.

Wave after wave of pleasure slams her body forcing it to respond to this most taboo thing...but girl does not seem to care she feels yet another orgasm explode inside of her. As the orgasm hits she leans her head back and cries out to know one and to everyone...her body shaking and humping against the knot.. feeling the dog licking her face...crying out her cum. Her cum lasts for several beautiful and arousing to watch...i glance at Master and he is smiling down at HIS girl as he sees the change the Dane has caused in her...Girl is covered in her sweat and the saliva of the Dane...vivid red scratch marks covering her chest...breasts and sides from the Dane's claws....slowly feeling the knot getting smaller until with a loud bark the Dane pulls away from girl. It's seed spilling from within to dribble onto the bed under her.

Master motions for me to take the Dane back to the kennel from where i got it...i attached the leash to it's collar and walked out of the dungeon once again. As he stands there looking down at you he reaches 2 fingers into the goo dribbling from your pussy and brings his fingers to your do not want to lick the dog's seed but at the same time you know it is what Master wants and you do not want to disappoint him...

Slowly you open your mouth fearful of what you are being forced to do. This is such a nasty thing....but yet you are getting hot and even wetter in your pussy. You reach your tongue out to Masters fingertips and lick at them tasting the dog's cum...your cum....Master's cum...your head is swimming with what you are doing. Doing this is so nasty...... so naughty.... so very arousing. Lost in desires and feelings never felt before you continue to lick Master's fingers until there is no more cum to be found...yet you do not stop licking his fingers....

The End
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