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Mistress and i are in our hotel room and have been enjoying the view of the city lights when she decided to take a shower. We had ordered room service for dinner so i sat on the bed to await the bell hop. Shortly there was a quiet knock on the door and i stood up and walked across the plush carpeting to the double door entry and opened the door expecting to find the bell hop. Instead there was a tall man who appeared to be in his late 40's or very early 50's holding a pistol in his hand. He put his index finger to his lips telling me to be quiet and motioned with the pistol for me to back away from him into the room. I did as he instructed and backed away from him and the door. As he walked into the room he put the Do Not Disturb sign on the outside door handle then closed and locked the door behind him.

I noticed he was carrying a large sized shoulder pack which he swung off and put on the end of the bed. He glanced towards the bathroom when he heard the water running and quietly asked me who was in the shower. I told him it was my friend and he asked for a name and i told him it was Leslie. He smiled a wicked smile then asked me if anyone else was here or were we expecting anyone. I told the stranger we had ordered room service and he told me to call them and say we changed our minds. When i had the phone in my hand he told me not to try anything or it will be the last thing i ever did. My hands were trembling when i punched in the numbers for room service then as calmly as i could i said we had changed our minds and have decided to go out for dinner. Hanging up the phone i looked back at this intruder and he told me to sit down in the wooden chair next to the small table with the lamp on it which was across the room from the king sized bed.

The stranger reached into his bag and took out several pieces of rope and tied me tightly to the chair then placed a ball gag between my lips and shoved it in until it was well seated and tightened it behind my head. He then dropped the bag on the floor out of sight and walked towards the bathroom glancing in then strode behind the door and waited for you to come out. Finally the water turned off and i could hear the shower door open then close a few seconds later and you calling out to me asking if dinner was here yet. I tried to reply but nothing came out of my gagged mouth. As you walked into the room wrapped in a large towel you see me in the chair restrained and a look of surprise washed over your face then that of fear as you looked around to see if we was alone.

The stranger stepped out from behind the door and aimed his pistol at you and again he had the same wicked smile on his lips as his eyes roamed over your body from head to toe. With his left hand he reached out and snatched the towel from your naked and still wet body and let it drop to the floor. As it dropped he licked his lips in anticipation of what was to come. You start to ask what is going on and to let me go now or you will call the police and the intruder tells you to shut the hell up and do as you are told or your friend will not like what happens. This is not what you had expected the night to be like. It was supposed to be fun and a delightful dinner with the lights of the city far below and your slave catering to your every whim and desire....not to be like this room with this person you are starting to feel very afraid of. The stranger knows he can do as he wishes to you and no one will or can stop him and he reaches out with the hand that removed the towel and grabs a handful of your hair and drags you towards the bed then throws you onto it. You almost roll off the other side but he still is gripping your hair and you freeze your movements and whimper in pain.

Still holding the pistol aimed at you he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of handcuffs and lays them on your stomach as he commands you to put them on your wrists. You do as he has commanded and you pick them up and close each steel cuff on each wrist loosely. The intruder laughs and says that will never do and holds onto each wrist and we can hear the ratchets clicking several more times. When he is satisfied you will not get loose he turns you onto your stomach and pulls a piece of rope from his bag and ties it to the chain in the middle of the steel cuffs and pulls it upwards to the head board and ties the other end tightly to it.

For now he leaves your legs untied as he wants to see you trying to escape from what he is doing to you at the time. He now puts his gun into the bag to free his hands to use on you. The stranger sits on the bed next to you and reaches his right hand out and touches your legs and slowly moves it up to cup each cheek of your ass....then slides it over your back to your neck.

For the 1st time the intruder speaks to you and it is a short sentence which is "You are to call me Master Wolf and nothing else nor speak unless asked a question". You try to find your voice but you mouth is dry and it is hard to want to ask what is going on...but deep inside you already know the answer to this question. He grabs your hair again and pulls your head up and sideways so you are looking at him and asks you "Who am i"? Your voice seems far away when you reply "Master Wolf you are my Master" and once again the wicked smile appears on his lips. Master lets go of your hair then leans over and starts to bite you on each ass cheek...hard enough to make you squeal and try to move away from his teeth....biting and sucking the skin...making you moan in pain. Master tires of this game and rolls you over on your back and grabs some rope from his bag and ties a piece to each ankle then to the the bed frame so you are in an inverted Y position. Your butt is sore from the many bites but lying here spread open for him you can do nothing to ease the discomfort you feel.

Master stands and grabs the bag on the floor and looks inside and pulls out a riding crop.. He lays the flat wide leather on your left thigh and slowly rubs it back and forth along your skin which trembles slightly. Without warning Master raises his arm and brings the crop down hard with a stinging slap on your left thigh and watches as the skin reacts and turns slightly red. He uses the crop on the same thigh until you cry out to him begging him to stop and your thigh is an angry red color.

Master Wolf looks at you and says "girl if i stop here i will have to crop a new place. You understand this right"? You try to be brave and when you do reply your voice is trembling..."I know you will but my thigh hurts Master Wolf...."Please do not use it on me again". Master once again slides the crop along your skin over your pussy..stomach...sides...titties...nipples before sliding it downwards towards your womanhood and stops with the crop resting on top of it.... You cry out in fear and beg Master not to crop you there...PLEASE oh god PLEASE not there Master..i will do ANYTHING you want but just not there PLEASE MASTER......

Master slowly starts to tap the end on top of your pussy and speeds the tapping up until it is almost a can feel a warmness spreading through your pussy and you start to turn red in your face as you realize the warm feeling is your pussy becoming very wet...and knowing Master can see this wetness. The crop continues to play upon your pussy as your wetness spreads and the moisture can clearly be seen on your lips and you are moaning in pleasure.... Master leans down and takes a pussy lip into his mouth and bites it hard and holds it trapped between his teeth as he chews on the tender lip and tastes your wetness.....Letting loose of this lip he starts to lick your pussy...tasting the slime oozing from within you. Master alternates between licking and biting...and you feel as if your pussy is going to explode.

He pulls your lips apart and starts looking for your clit hidden deep inside of silently pray it stays hidden but you soon feel his teeth nipping at the hood hiding the tender morsel....still nibbling Master can feel the clit come to life and become erect. Master takes his tongue and flicks it over your hard clit and sucks it from it's hiding spot as he licks and sucks it and when you least expect it he bites it hard enough to make your scream...then licks it tenderly again... Slowly Master Wolf raises his wet face from your gushing pussy and moves up to your face and commands you to lick your juices from his face and you stick your tongue out and lick him clean savoring the taste of your womanhood.

He turns his attention to your massive tits and reaching out he grabs both nipples with his fingers and tightens his grip on them as he pulls and twists them cruelly watching your body trying to move to avoid the pain he is causing have never felt anything like this before now. Twisting and pulling the nipples grow hard between his fingers...he releases them and mauls at your tits grabbing the fullness of each one and squeezes them..he leans down and bites first one trapped tit then the next one...biting hard enough to leave teeth marks on you.

Once again you scream out but this scream is different...this scream is one of a deeply hidden desire...of raw animal lust...of the pain of being is much more then is knowing that Master Wolf is your true is the freedom your body feels...the pain of surrendering yourself to another.

Master Wolf steps away from the bed and watches as your body trembles and your breathing appears to be ragged and he sees what you can not...he sees your body covered in bites marks...your left thigh still an angry red....and he sees the wide wet spot on the bed below your sopping wet pussy and he wants you...wants to take make him yours. He reaches several fingers into the slime and coats his fingers with it and walks towards me. With his free hand he pulls the gag from my mouth and commands me to lick his taste the nectar of my Master tells me "this is as close to having her pussy you will have" "Never to be able to fuck it but only to lick her clean when i am done with her".

He pulls the gag back up and into my mouth as i savor the taste he has given me. Master checks my bonds to make sure they are still tight and then turns and walks back to where you lie...waiting for him....yearning for him.

Reaching down Master removed his boots and socks..then standing up he peels off his shirt and tosses it onto another chair in the room and kicks his boots and socks close to it...he undoes the clasp holding his pants together and slowly slides the zipper down then lets the pants fall to just below his knees and reaching down he removes each leg and tosses his pants onto the chair to join his shirt.

You have been watching Master as he undressed and your eyes are now riveted on the huge bulge in the front of his underwear. Placing a hand onto the bulge Master asks you "girl is this what you want?"... "Yes Master may i please feel you deep inside me...oh Master i need you so badly" you strain against the ropes holding you to the bed wanting to be able to hold Master and to touch him. Your Master removes his underwear letting his cock spring into view and you gasp from seeing it for the 1st time and the intense feelings coursing through your body.

He leans his head down to meet yours and starts to kiss your is a gentle kiss...very sensual...quite arousing...he allows his face to leave your lips and you feel his tongue tracing down the sides of your neck. You can feel him nipping at your neck and sucking the skin until it turns red almost like a bruise...the nipping becomes rougher and you can feel him sinking his teeth deep into your neck and biting causing you to cry out in pain...and Master knows what he is doing to you and bites again and again covering both sides in nasty looking bites. As he kneels beside you and places his cock head upon your lips and orders you to lick reach out with your tongue and lick the head....teasing it's pee slit...tasting something that is good to you and you feel another gushing of cum from your pussy as you do as your Master said.

You can feel more of his cock as he enters your mouth and you start sucking on this popsicle of desire...bathing your tongue over it as you suck as much into your open and willing mouth as you can.
You can feel his cock against the back of your throat and you do your best to relax the muscles and to not gag as it slides further down your throat. As he starts to fuck your mouth as you continue to suck and lick his shaft and the panic a little as he holds himself deep in your throat..panic because you can not breathe...panic of dying...your eyes pleading with him to let your breathe...things are getting black around you and you feel dizzy and struggle to take in a breathe of air.

When you think you will pass out he removes his cock and you gulp in several breaths of air and the world around you begins to look normal again. Master once again shoves himself deep into your throat and the process is repeated...he knows when to remove himself from you...just in time before you pass out from lack of air. As you grow accustomed to his way of cock sucking he pulls himself from you once again. He moves down to where he is kneeling between your spread legs and can clearly see the mess you
have made on the bed and the slime still oozing from inside you.

Taking his cock in 1 hand he places it against your pussy and slides forward burying himself deep inside of you. Master has his own fire that has built to the boiling stage and he fucks your pussy violently and leans forward biting your tits and using his hands to maul them. Forcing himself on you...taking what is his to take...feeling your body responding to this violent assault....forcing you to accept HIS desires...leaving the tit he is biting he moves his head upwards and takes your lips and tongues them and bites the lower then upper one and kisses you deeply...roughly. Master feels your body responding....feels you meeting the thrusts of his cock fucking you..hears you crying out in passion. And he knows he will not be able to hold his cum much longer.

Back to your neck..his teeth biting again and again...thrusting in and out of you faster and faster....biting your tongue...your ear lobes...using his hands to pinch and torment your titties and nipples. You laying on the bed soaked in your juices...crying from the bites......begging for more.....wanting to cum with him...sensations you have never felt before running rampart throughout your quivering body.

Lost in a world of never ending pleasure...of desires never felt before...not wanting the sensations to ever stop..yearning for the touch of him.....feeling his hardness deep inside of you...feeling him hurting you and not caring...moving your body to meet his. Master holds himself deep inside for a moment as he feels his cum boiling out of his balls and traveling up his cock and squirting inside of you then starts fucking you again mixing his cum with your slime. When you feel his cock erupting deep inside you arch your back upwards to meet the cum shooting from his cock and feeling each muscle in your body tensing as your pussy explodes around him...your inner lips grabbing his cock and holding it tightly as if it had been placed inside a vise.

As your orgasm slams into you you toss your head from side to hear a scream erupting from your open mouth feel every fiber of your body like you have never scream a long and purely animal scream out to Master Wolf....your pussy still exploding around his cock...milking it dry. Crying from desires long hidden....wanting to be able to hold your Master and to feel his know you are give to him what he has taken from is not the word you are looking for...awakened is the right word. Master Wolf looks down at you and this time when he smiles it is not the wicked one from before but more of a kind smile..of knowing the paths he has unlocked in you.....of knowing you are his.

With his cock starting to go limp he reluctantly pulls himself from you and looks down at the mess you have both made...once again he smiles but this one is different and Master turns to look at me still tied tightly in the chair. As he gets off the bed and comes to stand in front of me and roughly removes the gag from my he does so he asked me if i liked what he had done to my
Mistress. I looked at Mistress still trying to recover on the bed and tried to look Master in the eyes but i could not....nor could i find the words to reply to him. Master then slapped my right cheek and then the left and again asks "slave did you enjoy watching your Master abusing and fucking your Mistress?". I looked into his eyes as best as i could and i replied "Yes Master your slave enjoyed watching you arousing and fucking my Mistress"...and i glanced towards my Mistress after saying this...hoping i had not lost her...wanting to go to her and hold her while she came back to reality. I could still see the cum on Masters cock and i could smell my Mistress on him as well.

When he next spoke i was not sure i had heard him correctly and started to ask him if i heard it right when i felt the head of his cock upon my lips and i knew what i was to do. I reached my tongue out and slowly licked the end tasting his scent and my Mistress on it and i wanted more...i opened my mouth and drew his cock into my eager mouth and licked and sucked until he was clean and only the slight smell of passion remained on it. Master pulled out and glancing at you still tied to the bed he reached out and untied me from the chair.

When i was free he told me to strip.I tore off my clothes and tossed them into a pile in the corner. Master slapped my face hard and told me "to neatly fold your clothes and place them in a pile" face smarted from that slap and i hurriedly did as he had ordered me to. When i had done them as i was told to i came to stand before him with my head bowed and looking towards the face still stinging from being slapped.

Master had me turn around so my back is to him and i feel him grabbing my wrists and can feel what seems to be rope being wound around them tightly...then i feel more rope just above my elbows and it being cinched tightly pulling my elbows closer and closer together until they just about touch and he ties a knot keeping it in place. Being tied like this makes my chest push out and my nipples to become hard and erect. Master stands in front of me and grabs each nipple and pulls them hard as he twists them back and forth....i try not to cry out as he hurts nipples seem to grow more and its like they want Master to hurt them.I watch with dread as i see him lower his head and take my right nipple into his mouth and when he bites it i can not help myself and i cry out in the sudden pain he has caused....and at the same time i feel my sub side coming alive....wanting to be used by Master as i had seen him doing to my Mistress. Secretly wishing it was me on the bed and tied as Mistress is...of being forced to accept what Master had done.

But Master has other plans for me though and he takes me by my tied wrists and leads me over to the bed where i can see what has happened to my Mistress and i start to cry when i see the ugly bite marks...the bruises angry looking....but so arousing at the same time. I want so desperately to touch the ease the hurt...i look into Mistress's eyes and i see a fire still burning inside of her and i stop crying for her as i know she is happy where she is now at.

I feel as Master helps me get onto the bed and into a kneeling position in front of your pussy still leaking Master's cum and yours. Reaching back into his bag he removes a four foot spreader bar and 2 large black leather ankle cuffs and puts them on the bed behind me...he attaches each cuff tightly to my ankles then pulls my legs apart a couple of feet and attaches them to the bar...then tying the bar to the foot board so it can not move. He reaches back into the bag and removes the last item....a large wooden paddle with several holes drilled through the wood and i shudder at the sight of it and knowing how much i hate paddles. Master helps me kneel forward with my face in Mistress's pussy and my butt sticking up in the air a very inviting target for the paddle...i start to lick up the cum from the bedspread where it has pooled.....shivers are running though my body as i wait for the paddle.

I reach my tongue out to meet the bottom of her ass crack licking the cum that has found it's way there when i hear the whoosh of the paddle coming down and landing with a loud SPLAT on my ass and i want to move to get away from it but the spreader bar and cuffs keep me in place and my tongue darts back to take my mind off of the paddle. Again i hear the paddle as it approaches my naked and upturned ass and dreading the pain it will cause and knowing i can not stop Master from using it on me. As the paddle hits again i raise my head from my Mistress's pussy and a groan escapes my lips and i hear Mistress moaning.

As i continue to lick his cum from her pussy Master continues to paddle ass is on fire..i want so badly to reach out and rub it but can not the way Master has tied me. Mistress is grinding her pussy unto my mouth and her nectar pours out of her into my mouth as she hears the paddle and feels my reactions to it. Mistress knows when i have been hit harder then usual and it excites her so much. I do not know how long it has been since Master started paddling me or how many times the paddle has visited my this point i no longer care.

As i continue to lick and suck Mistress the world around me seems far away....but at the same time enveloping me forcing me to stay here with them both..... I am not aware even the paddling has stopped several minutes ago....nor am i aware Master has removed the ropes holding Mistress to the bed....the 1st actual awareness i have is Mistress holding my head with her hands forcing my face deep into her gushing pussy...holding me on the spots that cause her the greatest arousal.

It is hard to breathe at times as she holds me tightly to her...mashing her pelvis against my nose...forcing my tongue deep inside of her....i feel a hand on my red hot ass..feeling it rubbing and tracing the many welts left from the paddle. I know the decision i made to serve both my Mistress and now our new Master was the right one. Finally my crying becomes a soft moan and then body still fragile.

I weakly raise my head and stare into nothingness for several minutes before turning to look at my Mistress and telling her thank you for allowing herself to be taken and used by Master and then turning to Master and thanking him for giving Mistress what she needed the most and allowing me to be a part of it.

I feel you both removing the bonds that hold me and helping me to my feet and holding me steady while i adjust to the blood returning to my legs from kneeling so long. When i am once again
able to stand on my own i turn to Mistress and gently kiss her on the lips and looking deep into her eyes i reach out with my hand and place it in hers and we both turn to face Master Wolf and drop to our knees still holding each others hand...looking up to meet your eyes and thanking you our new Master.

The End
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