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Part 3
Chapter 3: Two Boys and a Bed

"Guys, remember, your mom won't be back for another two hours," Maddie turned and said to the twins as she opened the door to their suite, "no misbehaving."

"We won't," the two boys said together.

"Alright, then," Maddie replied, "I'll see you tomorrow. Night!"

Maddie closed the door. Zack went over and locked it. Then, he turned around with a devilish smile on. Cody smiled back. They both knew that they had a lot of talking to do. Especially, since they had just confessed their love for each other a few hours ago.

"Zack, I can't believe you love, love me," started Cody.

"And I can't believe you love, love me, either," said Zack, "well, actually, I can. You always seemed to go for the boys."

"Hey," Cody said, "I've kept my cover for this past year just as well as you have."

"Right," said Zack, slyly.

Cody walked over to Zack, a little angry, ready to punch him, but then, when he saw his brother's hot, rounded face, which of course looked exactly like his, he stopped. The blonde twin brothers stared at each other for a few seconds and then, it happened. Zack leaned towards Cody and their lips touched. Both of them felt their hearts leap out of their chests and into the others' body. After smooching for a minute, Cody let his tongue into Zack's mouth and wrapped it around his tongue. They shared saliva. Both of them had this weird, but nice, feeling of euphoria all throughout their bodies that made them feel like they were in heaven.

Finally, Cody broke the kiss.

"Hey, why'd you do that?" Zack asked, pissed that the best feeling he ever had in his life had just stopped.

"Because, before we go too far into this, I want to set down a few rules, so my dream from last night can never come true," Cody explained.

"What dream?" Zack asked.

Cody told his brother, and lover, all about his nightmare from the previous night. Cody said it was his worst dream ever and that he never wanted to be split from his brother, especially now that they were a couple.

"Oh, Cody," said Zack, now understanding why he woke up in the middle of the night, feeling like Cody needed him, and then hugged him.

Cody hugged back and felt his brother's warmth and how nice it felt. The two went into their bedroom and set down a few ground rules so that this relationship could work out and never be disturbed. Once Cody was satisfied with them, he hid them somewhere his mom wouldn't find them.

"Coco, I want you so badly," whined Zack, with the cutest face Cody ever saw.

"Zacky, I want you too," Cody said and headed towards his brother. The brothers locked their lips and tongues again and Cody guided them towards Zack's bed. That was where he planned for them to "have fun". He liked Zack's bed better because he felt like Zack was his fortress of warmth and comfort that would protect him from the scary outside world. So, Cody was lying on top of Zack, on Zack's bed, with them making out. Some moans were heard in between until Cody once again broke the embrace.

"Zack, you haven't called me Coco since we were seven," Cody said, as he pulled off his pajama top.

"And you haven't called me Zacky since we were seven," added Zack, as he watched what his brother did and copied.

"Why'd we call each other those names?" Cody asked, as he pulled off his pants, leaving just his white briefs on.

"I don't know," Zack replied, as he too, pulled of his pants revealing his briefs, "maybe we felt like kids again when we got into this whole making out thing."

Cody, now totally naked, replied, "I want your big dick in my mouth right now, Zacky."

Zack pulled down his briefs and let Cody get his cock. Even though they were identical twins, Zack's penis was about ¼ inch bigger than Cody's and they didn't know why. When the two had first found out about masturbation, they did it together and one day wanted to see how big their cocks were. So, they took out a ruler and measured.

Cody finished giving his brother a blow job and stood up.

"It's my turn now, big boy," Cody said.

Zack agreed and got down on his knees. He put his brother's penis in his mouth and even fit in one of his balls. Zack sucked and licked, savoring every second. He had wanted to do this for over a year now and his fantasy was finally coming true. The euphoric feeling came back in both of them just as Cody ejaculated in Zack's mouth.

"That tasted so good," said Zack as he stood back up.

"Yours tasted good too, Zacky," Cody said.

"Hey, Coco, do you want to try anal?" asked Zack.

"Sure, why not?" replied Cody.

"Okay, then bend over and lay on my bed," commanded Zack, "and spread your legs a little."

Cody did as he was told and braced himself for his brother's dick. Zack pushed himself in, waited for Cody's butt to get used to it, and then started humping. He humped for a good ten minutes before he blew another load. He did a lot of moaning during this time and was lucky his mom wasn't home or she would have surely heard him. He took his dick out and exchanged places with Cody.

"It doesn't hurt that much," said Cody when he saw his brother get really tense. Then, he pushed himself into his brother's rectum, waited, and then started his rhythm. About fifteen minutes later, he came but didn't want to stop, it just felt so good. But then, he heard the door slam shut.

"Uh oh, Mom's home," said Cody scared.

The two boys hurriedly put their pajamas back on, turned off the lights and rushed into Zack's bed. Even though they had wanted to go longer, they knew they could not because their mom was now home and they didn't want to risk the chance of her intruding and finding out about their newly formed relationship. About fifteen minutes later, Carey silently opened the door to the boys' bedroom. She looked over to Zack's bed and saw her two handsome sons sleeping away with smiles on their faces. She would never know why the two were so very happy.

A/N: Well, I fixed a sentence in chapter 2 just to make the story flow better. For those of you wondering, the boys are 13 and the first chapter of this story takes place a few days after the episode "Twins at the Tipton." Also, sorry for the short sex scene, but it's late and I'm tired. I promise future ones will be longer and better. Finally, I know Dylan and Cole Sprouse where boxers but to me, briefs are hotter and make Zack and Cody look hotter in them. Thanks for all the good reviews and I hope you like the rest of the story. A feeling of darkness will be added in the next chapter

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Ugh stop ruining my childhood! Loljk

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describe what they felt while they were having sex, anal and oral. how do you know that the Sprouse twins wear boxers and not briefs?

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I really enjoyed that story. It reminded me of my cousins since I have no brother. We would do the same damn thing.

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