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I had worked on farm basicly my whole life. I just about to ture 19. When it all happend I can't say I regret it I'm quite glad it happend. It was just another typical day on the farm helping Mr. And Mrs. Brown. Mr. Brown did nothing all day he sat on the porch and smoked or was putting down Mrs. Brown. Mr. Brown was quite older than Mrs. Brown. He was 45, she was 25. She was and still is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. She is 5'5 with long curly light brown hair And cristal blue eyes and 34c. She is the sweetest woman on earth. Well I was out putting up a new barbwire fence when I heard nothing out of the ordinary Mr. Brown was yelling at Mrs. Brown. But what got me pissed off was I heard somthing smash into pieces. I thought that son of a bitch through somthing at her. So I ran back to the house and flung the door open to check on her. By the time I got there that jackass was at the barn. I ran over to her to see if she's ok. She was just sitting on the floor crying. I went over to her and sat by her and put an arm around her, she layed her head on my shoulder.

"You deserve better than some old man yelling at you".

" I know I do".

" Then why do you stay with him"?!!

" Because if I stay with him I get to see you". She said right as she kissed me.
We kissed passonitly for a little then I pulled back.

"Why did you stop"?

I smiled at her then swept her off her feet and carried her to the bedroom.

" Jason I don't know if we can go this far Joe is only I. The barn"!

" Mrs. Brown don't worry he's probily smoking or the about to go to the bar".

Just as I finish what I was saying we heard the car start.

" See Mrs. Brown there is nothing to worry about and it didn't matter if came in and saw us you belong to me and if he has a problem with that or tries to hurt you I would just beat the shit out of him"! 

" Ok your right but if you want to be my lover you have to start calling me Amy". 

I just baisicly ignored what she said and started taking off her clothes. As soon as I got her shirt off I started sucking her tits.

She let out a "OHHH...UH"!

I slowly sliped down to her pussy and I stated sucking her pussy.

"Ohhh ohh god that feels Soooo GOOD ohh, god don't stop oh baby DON'T STOP sucking my pussy ohhh  God YESSSS"! 

" Oh please give me your big cock please I want to suck it"!

So I to off my pants and let her suck my cock.

"Oh my goodness how big is your cock"?

" I proudly told her 9" cock". 

" Please put you huge cock in me please Fuck Me"!

So I did I put my cock onto her wet pussy. 

"Oh shit your so tight"!

"I've been ...saving... it for... you, 
do like it"? She said with ever other breath she could catch.

"Hell ya it's so tight and warm"! 

"Ohh god I can feel you cock in me it's so deep ohh god it feels so good"! 

" Amy i'm about to cum ohhh"!

"Oh yes baby yes cum inside me I want to bear your child"!
So I came in her and she came to we both did at the same time. We both layed there for a little then we got up and took a shower. I gave her a kiss and when back to work. 

All day I wondered if I did get her pregnet, if I did I know my babies would be well feed by her nice big tits. It was about 8:45 when Amy called me to come eat. Joe's fat ass was sitting down wait for the food.

" Damn it woman I work all day just to wait for Jason's ass to come eat"! Joe said with a pissed off look.
Amy gave Joe his plate and was about to give me mine but then took off to the bedroom.

" i'll be right back just give me a sec."!

A little later she came back wearing tight short shorts and a size to small white shirt. She got my plate and her plate and sat down. Joe got up and went outside.  

" Woman how the HELL do you expect me to not get a hard on with you dressed like that"!

" Why want ever do you mean"? She had a devilish smile on her face.

" Sweetheart you lucky you husbands out there or you'd be getting fucked on this table right now"!

" Oh my bad I thought you were a MAN I thought you said you could beat his ass, and that I belonged to you not him my bad , I mean what type of man are you"?

Just as she finished saying that I got up through our plates off the table picked her up and put her on there. 

" i'll show you what type of MAN I am"!! I said as I pulled my pants off. 

" Jason I was kiddy Joe's right outside he'll fire you and i'll never see you or be with you again"! 

" Yes you will as soon as my child is in you were leaving, and you will live with me".!

I pull my pants up and left her house. As I was pulling way I saw her at the frount door crying. She must have thought I was leaving for good, she didn't know I couldn't leave her. When I arived the next day she ran out and said she loves and that she has the best news to give me. She brought me inside and sat me down and told me that she thinks she pregnet because she is late. I was so happy I told her that tomorrow I would take her to a doctor out of town to see if she really was pregnet!


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2012-07-22 23:58:47
Yes you need to get a life, you can't tell if you get pregant over night, shit bird.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-22 07:48:15
اعوز اتعرف


2010-07-21 01:48:09
This story sucks big time it needs a lot of work if I was you I would start all over and do a rewrite because the way this story is right now it is a low class story written by a uneducated person trying to pass them self off as a female better luck next time bud.


2010-06-28 17:23:51
your ages don't make sense any more then does your story--try again getting facts of ages correct!

the observerReport

2010-06-28 16:59:08
i liked it but get your facts straight eh

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