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A Girl, 2 guys, and a dog.
This was originally from but since they are deleting their posts I am putting this here to "save" it from deletion.

Jeri laid in the sun in her bright red bikini working on her tan. She thought this summer was going to be the finest summer of her life. Jeri had just graduated from high school last Thursday, plus last week she received a scholarship to the college she wanted to go to. Her parents told that they were so proud of her for all her hard work that this summer was hers to do as she liked. No job, no choirs, just have fun and get ready for college. Jeri was smiling as she fell asleep planning her summer.
Awhile later Jeri woke to noises outside the fence. She lived in an older neighborhood that had an alley going through the middle of the block. As she looked back she saw who was making the noises. It was Billy and Jake who lived just down the block. Billy was 16 and Jake was 15. When they were younger they played a lot together. Then the summer of her sophomore year her body matured and went from a 30a to a 34c bra. After that they were mean to her and tried to tell her tits all the time. She finally told them to get lost and stopped being around them.
Jeri heard them giggle and knew they were looking at her body. She yelled go away and leave me alone you little perverts. Then she heard them yell bombs away. Instantly a water balloon hit to the right of her splashing water on her body. As she rolled away from the first balloon another came down. Jeri rolled right into the balloon as it hit her very flat stomach exploding drenching her from her thighs to her breast. Jeri screamed from the shock of the cold water. Then as she heard the boys laugh she got mad and yelled DAMN YOU. Instantly and without thinking she jumped up and went running after Billy and Jake. Once out the gate and down the alley she watch the boys run into an old building that was used for storing equipment. She didn't give it a thought as she hit the door and went in as she was determined to get back at Billy and Jake. Once inside she walked slowly as she adjusted to the dim light. Jeri, turning, looking from the two boys heard a popping noise. Then as quick as she her the noise she felt the pain in her ass. Billy had shot her with a paint ball pistol. Jeri was squealing and dancing as she grabbed her butt from the pain. Jake came from nowhere and quickly grabbed her hands tying them behind her back. Jeri now wished she had never ran after the boys.
As Jeri was rubbing her butt she yelled at Billy as he came closer. You'll be buying me a new suit if this stains. The boys now were laughing and dancing around her when instantly they froze in place. Jeri seen the look of fear in their face then turned around to see what it was that they were scared of. With all the yelling and shouting they didn't see the guard dog come up on them. Without even a growl he had their attention. He was dark gray, up to 3 feet at the shoulder. As he approached his head was down but his shoulders were up. All 3 of them were froze as they could tell that one wrong move and this dog would tear them up bad. Once the dog spotted the gun in Billy's hand he turn toward Billy growling. Jeri could tell he didn't like that gun so she told Billy to drop the gun fast. Billy dropped the gun and moved slowly back away from the gun. The dog then turned and started to walk by Jeri toward Jake. As his head came in front of Jeri he stopped as his head turn toward her. His started to sniff the air and soon followed his nose right to Jeri's crotch. Jeri had lots of lotion on her from suntanning plus she was sweaty from running after the boys in the hot sun. As the dog got within inches of her pussy she took a step back. Instantly he growled her freezing her in place. Jeri now scared watched as the dog made contact with her bikini bottoms. She whispered "nice doggy" but did nothing as he started to lick her thighs. Jeri started to squirm around as he pushed his nose in between her legs. Soon she was whimpering for the dog to stop as the dog was pushing her slowly backwards as he continued to lick her bikini bottoms. The boys were glued to the dog watching him when the dog nipped Jeri's pussy mound. Jeri squealed loudly as she jumped up and backwards. In doing so she lost her balance and fell backwards landing on her ass. The dog's nose followed her pussy to the ground still going after her pussy. Then as she started to crawl backwards he nipped her thigh. Again she squealed loudly plus she open her legs wide in reaction to the bite. The boys came up on each side of her as they watched the dog go after her pussy. Her bikini bottoms were soaked plus they were pushed up between her swollen pussy lips as the dog pushed harder trying to get more of her. Jeri with tears in her eyes called out to the boys begging them to help her. Stop him....I've never done thiss... help mmeee... As Billy looked at Jake with a big smile on his face as he spoke to Jeri. "Are you a virgin Jeri". Jeri whimper again "ssttoopp hhimm", which Billy firmly asked "answer me Jeri are you a VIRGIN". Jeri was sqirming and breathing rapidly, then biting down her lower lip she grunted and nodded her head telling Billy YES. Okay Jeri we'll help you Billy said. One look to Jake told Jake what to do. The boys grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her legs straight up and then pushed them together. This caused the dog to jump back. They then reached down and grabbed her bikini bottoms instantly pulling them off her hips. Jeri cried out NOO as she felt the boys pull her bottoms completely up and off. The boys then pulled her legs wide open which the dog quickly took advantage of. Jeri was now helpless thanks to the boys.
The boys now had control of Jeri. Her hands were tied behind her back. Her bikini bottoms were off and in the hands of Billy. Her hips were tilted upwards and her legs were completely open thanks to the boys holding her by her ankles. The dog was now licking her from asshole to her clit. Jeri was groaning and gasping as the dogs tongue was doing more than just licking that pussy. His tongue was now pushing into her virgin pussy. After a good minute or two she slowly stopped fighting as she was almost ready to have her first orgasm. With all the strength she had left she yelled out BBIILLYY hheelp mee.... The dog now moved up between her legs and started to hump her. Jake looked at Billy and said " shit the dogs trying to f*** her Billy". Billy watching the seen spoke "ya but she to low for him". Lets help him then said Jake. Both boys already had her ankles so they quickly grabbed a foot and twisted it hard to the right. Once Jeri's body started to twist in reaction to the boys the dog jumped off and started to bark. The boys kept twisting and as they did Billy told the dog to hang on she be ready for you in a second. Jeri had no choice but to roll with the twisting of her feet. Even though she was begging for help the boys had her on her stomach. Once on her stomach the boys pushed hard to the back of her knees forcing them to bend. The boys had one hand on the inside of her knee and the other hand still held onto her ankle. Billy and Jake then pulled her knees forward while pulling her ankle farther apart. Jeri now had her face on the floor, her hips were now up and her hands were still tied behind her back. The dog quickly moved in and started to lick her again from clit to asshole. As the dog licked her hard and long Jeri moved her hips up higher thinking she could somehow get away from that tongue. Little did she know she put herself in the bitch position. With the boys keeping her legs locked down and her feet wide apart the dog mounted her. When she felt the dogs weight on her back she cried out NNOO help mmee. Then as she felt his cock probing for her pussy she again begged the boys, Please NO I'm a VIRGIN I CAN"TTTTT. was all she got out as the dogs cock found her opening. When the dog felt that warm moist pussy he pushed into her shoving his cock up against her Hyman. The boys still hung on to legs tightly as the dog pushed hard again. Jeri screamed as the dogs cock ripped through her hymen and continued to go deep into her pussy. Jeri not only screamed at getting her cherry popped but as the cock went deep into her pussy she yelled "it’s too big, it hurts". Jeri tried to cry for help but couldn't form words as the dogs cock was now growing stretching her virgin pussy even more. As the dog started to hump her she rolled her head onto her forehead. The dog was soon humping her faster than any man could. The boys now let go of her legs and stood back in amazement. Jeri was on her knees with her feet kicked out wide. Hands tied behind her back with her head face down using her forehead to brace herself. The dog had her gripped around her waist firmly. He was pounding her pussy hard as his cock grew making Jeri grunt and cry out all at the same time. Jake moved to the front and looked at Jeri's face. Her head was rocking from the pounding the dog was giving her. Her eyes were open and her mouth was open with drool dripping off her lips. Jake was worried as he told Billy that the dog was fucking her to hard. Billy was at her butt watching the dogs cock pounding her pussy. Billy heard Jake and told him to get down here as there is a ball growing on the dogs cock. Jake quickly moved down and said." shit he'll never get that thing in her pussy". Jake then saw Jeri's pussy leaking juices from the both of them. Billy her pussy's bleeding, he's tearing her pussy up. Billy didn't answer as the dog slowed his humping. As he thought the show was over the dog lunged hard into Jeri trying to set the knot into his new bitch. With only her head as a brace when the dog lunged he pushed her a few inches forward. Billy then told Jake to go hold her shoulders so she would slide anymore. As Jake moved to the front the dog lunged hard not only forcing her body to slide forward again but also made Jeri cry out from the knot banging into her pussy. As Jake grabbed her shoulders he told Billy he'll rip her open if he forces that ball into her. As Jake looked down at Jeri she looked back with pleading eyes. As Jake looked into her eyes the dog slammed into her lifting her knees off the floor. As her knees came back down to the floor Jeri closed her eyes and screamed out louder than when the dog popped her cherry. Jake already knew the instant Billy yelled to him that the dog got the ball into her pussy. The dog had knot Jeri's virgin pussy claiming her as his bitch. The dog’s feet were still pushing into Jeri as his knot was swelling locking Jeri's pussy onto the dogs cock. Jeri was squealing as she not only felt the knot swelling but now she was feeling the dogs cock push its way into her womb. Both boys were now looking on from her butt side as they could see her very flat tummy now had a swelling bulge. Jeri was now making strange noises plus her body was shaking uncontrollable. The dog was pushing into Jeri when he jerked hard into her. Then the dog howled as Billy told Jake he's cumming in her. Jeri started to groan and moan as the dog pumped his cum into her. Jake looking at her pussy now notice that nothing was leaking out of her pussy. Her pussy was not only locked onto the dogs cock but it sealed tight. Both boys moved to the front where Jeri was moaning and groaning loudly. Her face was up off the floor; her eyes were wide open as well as her mouth being open. Jake spoke to Billy; look at her she's in another world. Billy said "I'll be damn, he's breeding her and she can't help but breed back to the dog". Then as Billy turn and ran to the door he yelled to Jake " wait here I'll be right back". A minute or two later the dog turn on her putting them ass to ass. Jeri came back to reality as she screamed as that knot and huge cock turn around while inside her pussy. Billy came running in and stopped as the boys looked on as she was still locked onto the dogs cock. Billy then took a couple of pictures. Next he had Jake untie her hands, then place her hands and forearms flat on the ground. This changed the angle of her hips and as Billy took more pictures Jeri was soon moaning. A few moments later the dogs cock went smaller allowing him to pull out of his new bitch. When the cock came out it made a suction type popping sound. Jeri groaned and quickly collapsed onto the floor with her legs still spread open. Billy was taking pictures again as he was walking completely around her. When he got between her legs with the camera he stopped and told Jake to look at her pussy. Jake looked down at her pussy which was leaking lots of dog cum and it also had blood mixed with it. Jake then yelled at Billy, she told you the dog was tearing up her pussy when she yelled it’s too big. I told you he would rip her pussy if he got that ball in her. Billy then yelled back stop it Jake. She was a virgin and all virgins bleed the first time they get f*****. I heard my sister and her friend talk about it when they got banged their first time. She'll be just fine come tomorrow. But since the dog popped her 1st cherry there is only one cherry left for the taking.
Jeri was laying on the floor still breathing heavy after losing her virginity and being knotted for 20 minutes with the guard dog. Jake knew what Billy meant when he said there was one cherry left to be popped. Billy now had his pants down to his ankles and was on his knees. Billy grabbed Jeri by the hips jerking her hips up putting Jeri back into the bitch position. As he moved in with his hard cock Billy moved his thumbs down to the middle of her ass cheeks. Then as he opened her ass checks his cock slide into her pussy. Jake spoke to Billy firmly," no Billy you'll get her pregnant". Billy told Jake "shut up I'm just getting my cock lube up". As he was pulling his cock out of Jeri's pussy she whimpers "NO MORE". Billy's cock now coated with dog cum and Jeri's juices was at the entrance to her virgin ass. Billy pushed forward as he pulled her hips back onto his cock. At first the pressure was there even though Billy couldn't get his cock into her ass. Billy pushed harder thinking he was going to break his cock when suddenly her tight ass ring opened up letting Billy's cock in. His cock went in a good 3 inches before Jeri's ass clapped down hard stopping the penetration. At the same time Jeri's head came flying up as she again screamed at losing her cherry. Billy now grabbed her by the hair as he leaned over her slowly pushing every inch of cock into her ass. Billy froze now as he was feeling her ass stretch out but yet gripped his cock hard. Jeri was whimpering loudly as Billy gasped out to Jake," Damn, her ass is so tight Jake". Billy then slowly started to pump her round ass as he was enjoying his first butt f***. Jake was watching as Billy was pumping her faster and harder. Jeri was grunting and still whimpering as she was getting her first ass f***. Billy grunted out as he was ready to cum. He slammed his cock into her ass stuffing every inch of cock he had up her ass. Billy grunted loudly as he came in her tight ass while Jeri whimpered loudly from the invasion of Billy's cock. Both could feel Billy pump his cum into her ass. Once out Billy kept Jeri in position as he told Jake it was his turn. Jake cock was aching and even though he really like Jeri his cock was leading the way as he quickly got behind her and line his cock up with her asshole. As Jake grabbed her hips he looked down to see Jeri's ass was leaking cum from Billy's cock. Then as the head of his cock made contact with her ass he pushed hard stuffing her with his cock. Jeri cried out at the invasion of yet another cock. Jake slowly pushed his cock to the hilt then as he lean over her he started to f*** her ass for the second time. Jeri could tell he was gentler as the pain was going away. Now Jake reaches under and grabbed her tits. Jake started to gently twist her nipples as he was enjoying her ass. Jeri was now breathing hard again but Jake couldn't last any longer as he slammed his cock into her and grunted loudly as he came in her ass. Jake then waited as long as he could before he let his cock come out of her ass. Billy grabbed Jake helping him up saying I told you it was great didn't I. The two boys were standing looking down at Jeri when Jake said "we need to get her cleaned up and home". Billy said the dogs the one that made a mess of her pussy so he should clean her up. Then Billy smiled and walked back to the dog saying “come here boy I got a job for you".
Billy grabbed Jeri's bikini bottoms and starting at her pussy wipe up and over her ass. With the dogs cum, Jeri's pussy juices and the boys cum all mixed together he went to the dog pushing the bottoms toward his nose. The dog's head came up as his nose smelled her bottoms. When the dog tried to lick Jeri's bottoms Billy's pulled them away. The guard dog now rose so he could get closer to the bikini bottoms that Billy was holding. Billy now slowly walked back towards the place that Jeri was laying. The dog was following the bikini bottoms as Billy lead him right up between Jeri's legs. Now that Billy had leaded the dog to her pussy the dog smelled and started to lick her ass and thighs. Jeri now started to protest as she felt that tongue trying to worm its way to her sore and stretched out pussy. Billy motioned to Jake as the two boys grabbed her hips pulling them up. With her hips up, the boys jerked her legs open. The dog now started to lick her from her clit up and over her ass hole. Jeri jerked her body in an effort to get away from that tongue. She also cried out “NO MORE PLEASE ". Billy grabbed a hand full of her hair jerking her head back shouting" relax damn it the dogs only cleaning up your pussy. Once your pussy is clean we'll take you home." Jeri was whimpering as the dog was licking harder and faster. Jake looked down at her tits and told Billy "look her nipples are hard again". The boys each reached down and grabbed a tit. The boys were twisting her nipples and feeling her tits not paying attention to the dog. Jeri was groaning and then cried out as the boys felt the dog mound Jeri for the second time. Now with his legs locked around her hips the dogs cock quickly found her pussy. Billy speaking to Jeri as the dogs cock slide into her pussy. Looks like he wants seconds Jeri so hang on as he's going to breed you again. The dog was now humping her as Jeri could feel the cock go deep into her sore pussy. Tears filled her eyes as she squealed and grunted as Jeri could feel the dogs cock grow in length and thickness. Jake moved in front of her gentling grabbing her face with both hands. He then leaned toward her kissing her. Jake could feel the pounding she was now getting as he kissed her. Along with him kissing her he reached under and played gently with her tits. Jake would break the kiss only to lick her neck and ears while he continued to twister her nipples. Jake then whispered in her ear," you are so beautiful, it’s okay Jeri, don't fight it any more". Jake kissed her again as the dog was breeding her hard. Jeri was moaning and groaning, she was losing the battle thanks to Jake's effort of getting her to climax. Billy watching now caught on to what Jake was doing. With that big grin he dropped down to her side, then reached under and found her clit. With the dogs cock pounding and stretching her pussy Jeri's clit was fully exposed. Normally the rough and hard Billy now placed his finger on her clit and gently started to rub it in a circle. The boys were working her body as the dog was pounding her pussy. Jeri between kisses was panting and groaning loudly. Soon the boy’s efforts paid off as Jeri's body started to shake. Then her head shot up breaking the kiss as she screamed as she had her first hard orgasm. The boys sat back grinning at each other watching the breeding and Jeri's orgasm. Jeri was groaning, panting when all of sudden she screamed out. The dog had just feed her his big knot locking his new bitch onto his cock.
The boys were happy with themselves as they listened to Jeri moan and pant loudly. She had her hips arched back toward that big cock as her body was shaking from her first hard orgasm. When Jeri screamed at the big knot forcing its way into her sore pussy the boys were caught off guard. Billy had his finger on Jeri's clit rubbing it helping her to climax when the dog knocked his finger off her clit as he feed his new bitch his big knot. Billy quickly had his hand back on her pussy trying to find her clit again. Billy could feel the knot lodged just inside her pussy as his finger was once again rubbing her clit. As he was rubbing her clit he could feel the knot growing locking her pussy onto his cock. Billy told Jake "I can feel the dogs cock growing inside her pussy Jake". Damn this cock is huge said Billy. Jeri was moaning and whimpering as she was feeling pain but also was feeling a pleasure she had never felt before. Jake was back playing with her tits, kissing her neck as he whispered in her ear," keep coming Jeri, it feels so good doesn't it". Jeri was still panting as Jake again whispered “god you are so sexy". The dog jerked his hips into her as he pumped his first of many loads of hot dog cum into her womb. When Jeri felt the hot dog cum explode into her womb she couldn't help but moan loudly. Jake kissed Jeri on the month only to feel little response. Jake looked into her eyes seeing she was in heat whispered to her "you're the dogs bitch now sweetheart". That dog’s big cock belongs in your pussy Jeri. Now be a good little bitch and breed him well. Jeri was moaning and groaning loudly now as she was again pushing her hips back toward the dog. Both the dog and Jeri were panting hard and both were coming as they bred each other. The boys watched intensely now as the dog was breeding Jeri for the second time today. With a smile on his face Billy told Jake this is going to be the best summer ever. We are going to breed her with this guard dog every day we can. Plus we are going to get as much ass and pussy as we want. Jake told Billy you make sure she doesn't get pregnant Billy. Before Billy could answer Jeri squealed loudly as the dog turn on her putting them ass to ass. Look at her Billy said, still locked up like any young bitch should be. She's going to do what we want when we want because we got the pictures to make her comply. Yes indeed Billy said this guard dog is going to get more pussy than any dog in history.
After Jeri's parent left for work Billy and Jake went into the house. As they went into Jeri's bedroom they found that Jeri was still in bed. When Jeri saw the boys enter her room she quickly sat up. Jeri had on a short T-shirt and her panties only. Jeri yelled at the boys to get out of her bedroom. Billy told Jeri that before they left her room she needed to see something first. As Jake went to her computer and slide in a CD Billy told her that after seeing the CD if she still wanted them to leave they would. Jeri's eye grew wide and filled with tears. There on the screen were herself and the guard dog. Jeri was on all fours with the dog on her back. The dog was humping her hard and fast. Jeri could hear herself grunting and groaning as the dog pounded her pussy. As tears ran down her face Billy spoke to her. This video would really hurt your Dads political career if it were to get out. Plus what do you think your friends and family would think seeing you enjoying the dog fucking your brains out. Jeri turned to Billy and yelled you bastard I was raped. Billy looking at the video said well it doesn't look like rape to me or Jake. Jeri then as she looked away from the video asked what you two want. Billy now sitting on the bed replied “Jake and I want breeding rights". Jeri looked at Jake with a confused looked then as she turned back to Billy her face went blank. You want me to have sex with that dog again? Billy smiling said yes but don't forget Jake and myself also. I...II can’t...please. That's the deal said Billy or we sell this video to a porn site on-line. Jeri looked at Jake "please not the dog". Billy grabbed her T-shirt and started to pull it off. Jeri grabbed her shirt begging one more time to Billy. Smiling at her Billy nodded to the video. Jeri looked to the video where she saw herself and the dog locked together ass to ass. Jeri slowly let go of her shirt.
Billy knew he had her as he pulled off her shirt. He then grabbed a hand full of her hair pulling her down onto her back. His mouth instantly went to her nipple as he was sucking and licking her tits. Billy had dreamed of these tits and now they were his for the taking.
Jake went and grabbed her panties pulling them softly down and off her long legs. He then went to opposite side of the bed that Billy was on. As he pulled her leg open his mouth and tongue went to her belly button. Starting at her belly button Jake licked his way down to her pussy. As he got to her pussy he pried her legs further apart licking her thighs first then licking up her pussy lips. As his tongue got between her pussy lips he found her clit. Jeri whimpered as she did not like the fact that her body was slowly responding to the treatment the boys were giving her. Once Jake found her clit her body started squirming. Jake feeling her body respond to his mouth went wild. He jerked her legs as far apart as he could. His head was buried in between her legs and Jake was licking and sucking every part of Jeri's pussy.
Billy moved off the bed and pulled his shorts off revealing his rock hard cock. Billy had to pry Jake away from Jeri's pussy and then remind him to stick to the plan. Billy quickly mounted Jeri before she could gain control of her body. As his cock slide into her very wet pussy (thanks to Jake's efforts) Jeri tried to block him but was unsuccessful. Then as he started to pump her Billy grab her ass check with one hand and her shoulder with the other hand. As Billy was slowly pumping his cock into her Jake was pulling off his shorts revealing his rock hard cock. Both boys were packing a good 6in cock but Jake's was thicker. Jake then started to rub his cock with K Y Jelly. With Jake's help Billy rolled Jeri over on top of him. As Billy grabbed her shoulders with both hands he pushed his cock up into her as deep as he could. Billy now had his ass off the bed as Jake climb up in between Jeri's legs. With K Y Jelly Jake worked one finger into her butt hole. Then once he had one finger buried he soon worked two fingers into her butt hole. Soon he was pumping his fingers in and out enjoying her smooth tight butt. Billy told Jake to hurry up. Jake then pulled his fingers out and mounted Jeri guiding his cock to her well lubed ass.
Jeri now realizing what the boys were going to do to her scream out" NNOOO please ...” As Jake's weight came down on her body his cock pushed its way into her ass. Jeri again screamed out but Jake again pushed hard stuffing more cock into her tight ass. Billy grunted as he could feel Jake's cock going in and her pussy gripping his cock harder as her ass was being stretch wide open. Then with one last push Jake buried his cock as deep as it would go into her sweet ass. Jeri's Head shot up as she cried out “you’re splitting me open". Both boys just held still as they could not only feel each other cocks but the feelings of Jeri's pussy and ass gripping and re gripping their cocks was amazing.
As the boys felt her body loosen it grips on their cocks they both started to slowly pump their cocks in and out. Jeri grunted out "you’re splitting in half" as she felt both cocks pump in and out at the same time. With the grip of her body on their cocks the boys were losing control fast. They were pumping her ass and pussy with full hard strokes. Jeri was grunting and groaning loudly at her first double fucking. The pain was still there but as the boys kept fucking her the pain was fading and a little pleasure was coming to her. Billy now was slamming into her pussy when he grunted and pushed into her with all his strength. Jeri was so tightly stretched around both cocks she could feel Billy's cock swell and then come into her pussy. Jake feeling and hearing Billy climax was about to cum also. Jake pushed his cock into her ass as deep as he could. Then his whole body froze as he grunted loudly as he pumped his cum into her ass. Jeri could also feel Jake's cock swell and feel his cum being pumped into her ass. They stayed frozen together for a few second when Jake whispered into Jeri's ear. I have dreamed of fucking your sweet ass for weeks and it was better than I had ever dreamed of. Jeri now knew it wasn't going to be the last time that Jake would be banging her ass. Once the boys got off her Billy looked at Jake and said" we'll give her a couple hours to recoup then we'll take her and breed her A couple of hours had come and gone as Jeri laid in her bed. She was hoping that the boys would forget her now that they had enjoyed her body earlier. She got up and walked to the bathroom. The soreness in her ass and pussy reminder her of the double fuck the boys had given her. As she came out of the bathroom Billy was standing next to her bed holding a short skirt and a t-shirt. Here put these on said Billy and let’s get going.
As they headed down the alley Jeri whimpered and begged them not to breed her with the dog. Once inside the building Billy grabbed a piece of carpet he had hidden away earlier. After laying down the carpet he told Jeri to get down on the carpet. Jake started to whistle for the dog but as he turned he saw the dog watching them as he hide behind a large box. Billy just now seeing the dog again told Jeri to get down on the carpet. Jeri whimpered NO please not with the dog. So the boys both grabbed Jeri and pushed her down onto her hands and knees. While the boys were on each side of her holding her down Billy reach around and pulled her skirt up over her hips. Jake then reached around and started to gently rub her pussy. Once he had her juices on his fingers he reached out to the dog and said here boy, here boy. Jeri continued to whimper telling them not to do this as the dog approached Jakes fingers. After sniffing his fingers the dog started to lick the juice off Jakes fingers. With the dog licking his fingers Jake slowly moved his fingers to Jeri's pussy. Once the dog was close he got Jeri's scent and pushed his nose into her pussy. The boys holding her legs pulled them wide open as the dog started to lick his new bitch’s pussy. At the first lick Jeri grunted NO and tried to move away. The boys held her in place as the dog licked her again. The dog remembered the taste of this bitch and was now licking her hard and fast. Jeri was grunting and trying to squirm away from that tongue but the boys held her in place. Soon Jeri was also fighting the feelings that the dogs tongue was causing. Jake and Billy watched the dog lick her from her cilt up between her pussy lips and over her butt hole. As the dog continued to work Jeri's pussy over she slowly stopped squirming and her head dropped to the floor. Now as her hips started to go up and down with the tongue the boys let go of her legs. Jeri was losing the battle to the feeling that tongue was giving her. Jeri's breathing was almost at a panting as well as she was groaning loudly. The boys thought she would climax any second when the dog stopped licking her. With her hips up, legs spread wide open and her head down she was in perfect mating position. The dog mounted Jeri and his cock quickly found Jeri's pussy. The dog pushed his cock into her pussy before Jeri could regain her composer long enough to even think of stopping it. Once the dog felt his cock in her warm wet pussy he gripped her hips and started to pump her pussy hard. All Jeri could whimper out was one long NNOO as her head shot up from the dog burning his cock into her pussy. The dog was pounding her harder than any man could and in return Jeri was grunting and moaning louder. Jake told Billy as he watched she still fighting the breeding. Billy replied yea but give the dog time he'll turn her into his bitch just watch. Jeri was feeling the pain of the dogs cock stretching her pussy out as her body was rocking from the breeding she was getting. Slowly you could see Jeri was now feeling pleasure as the dog was slowly turning Jeri into his bitch. Jeri now with her head down, her mouth open, her eyes open but yet with a glazed look was groaning and was close to coming. Jeri started to shake her head no as she was fighting off the orgasm, fighting not be satisfied by a dog. With the dog still pounding her pussy, her efforts to fight off the orgasm was about to backfire. Her efforts not to be satisfied by this dog was going to make her orgasm that much more intense. Jeri's head came back up as her body started to shake. Jeri's body suddenly tensed up with her pussy gripping the dogs cock hard. Jeri cried out as her orgasm exploded through her entire body as she pushed her pussy back toward the dogs cock. She stayed frozen long enough to not notice the dog stop humping and regroup her hips. Jeri in the middle of her orgasm started to fuck back onto the dog cock wanting more. As Jeri pushed back the dog lunged hard trying to knot his new bitch. Jeri was still climaxing as the dog pushed his knot into her pussy locking his bitch onto his cock. Jeri screamed but could do nothing as the knot swelled and the cock grew pushing deeper, stretching her out even more. Jeri felt the pain of knot and swelling cock yet was still feeling some pleasure from her first hard orgasm. Jeri's body was frozen in place as the dog continued to push into her pussy. The dog began to howl as he started to pump her pussy full of puppy juice. Jeri eyes widen as she felt the hot dog cum being pumped into her pussy. The boys stood there watching in amazement as Jeri and the guard dog mated. It seem like minutes as the two were locked together breeding when the dog turned on her putting them ass to ass. Jeri screamed as she felt that huge knot turn and pull on her pussy as the dog turned on her. Jeri and the dog were still panting as Jeri could still feel the dog pumping puppy juice into her full pussy. Slowly her head went down to the floor as well as her arms. Jeri was exhausted from the hard breeding the dog had given her. The only reason her hips were still up was because her pussy was still locked onto the dogs cock.
Billy and Jake looked at each other knowing this was going to be the best summer ever.
with the Guard dog.


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Un- Fucking-Believably HOT! !!

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God will punish u billy and u jake, ure such a bastard

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