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1 Girl with many, many dogs.
This was originally from but since they are deleting my and other's posts I am putting this here to "save" it from deletion.

Susan had almost everything. When it came to money her parents allowed her to have anything she wanted. Money was no object in her life. She even had two cars and was looking at a third one. She had a red Mustang convertible, a black Trans-Am and now she wanted a midnight blue Corvette. She loved sports cars and she had a feeling that her father was going to get the Corvette for her as a graduation present; and the party was tomorrow.

When it came to looks, she had it all there also. She was a beautiful, petite, one hundred and five pound, blue eyed blonde that had a c+cup rack on her with pink nipples. Where ever she went almost all eyes were on her. Some looked at her jealously while the others stared at her with un-veiled lust. And to top that off she was still a virgin. She wasn’t about to let just anyone take that from her. They would have to pay dearly to possess what she had. She was actually setting her sights on being the next American Princess for some Foreign Prince.

Being what she was did not keep her from being invited anywhere there was a posh party. She was on the A list and she usually had some hunky stud at her beck and call; but picking her up and dropping her off at the door was all the closer they ever got to her bedroom. She would tease them unmercifully but chance glances of her magnificent breasts were their only reward they ever got. And she would never use one of her cars; she was the only one who would ever drive them.

Tonight she was going to Jenifer’s party. Her parents were considered millionaires but Susan was sure that they were not liquid assets like her father had. The party had been spur of the moment and Susan, with all her connections, ended up taking herself. There was no way she was going to miss a bash like this though; even if it was a hasty one.

Susan drove her Trans-Am that evening and wore a designer outfit that had cost her five hundred dollars. It took her an hour to drive to Jenifer’s place due to traffic and by the time she arrived there she was in a foul mood and once she was upset all bets were off as to how she was going to treat anyone who crossed her path.

When Jenifer saw Susan walk in she swore under her breath. She had been hoping that the rich bitch wouldn’t show up that night. That was the reason she had asked her so late; while pretending that it was an impromptu gathering. She wanted the notoriety of inviting Suzan but she was hoping she’d be turned down.

Jenifer kept an eye on her rival but attempted to look as though she hadn’t witnessed her arrival. She nearly laughed though when Carl, a newbie to the social circle greeted the blonde. She easily overheard the entire exchange

“Hey Sue,” called out the young man. “How are you doing tonight?”

Suzan’s looks should have been warning enough that he would be wise to run the other way but he didn’t recognize it in time. “My name is Suzan, not Sue. You don’t know me well enough to use a pet name for me. But… I have an idea. How about if I call you Jackass, or Asshole? One of those will be the name I use for you the next time I see you… Okay.” She said while smiling at his discomfort. It was the first time she smiled since getting pissed off about the traffic jam she had been forced to endure.

If one thing could be said at all in Susan’s favor it was that only those who were within twenty feet of the incident were able to hear what had transpired.

Jenifer was eventually forced to acknowledge Susan’s presence. She gave her a fashionable kiss and hug and then began the usual verbal sparring that took place whenever they were together. The whole ordeal went on for the better part of thirty minutes and even when she went to the food table to get something to eat her nemesis followed her. Whenever they were together there was always something no quite right. The food was warm when it should have been hot. Or it was too spicy; or not spicy enough. Nothing was ever just right. The young brunette was glad when she was informed that there was an important call for her and she had to excuse herself.

When Jenifer walked into the house, Susan went looking for her next victim to put down and annoy; she was good at it while making herself, her home, her way as the perfect example of how things should be done.

Jenifer was disgusted because she knew of at least three friends that left her party early because of Susan’s antics. Unfortunately she didn’t have the fortitude to face the rich bitch and tell her to leave. She only hoped that she would have the guts to not invite her in the first place to her next party. She looked around and didn’t spot the obnoxious blonde and breathed a sigh of relief; maybe she had gone home.

What Jenifer didn’t know was that Susan had spotted someone she hadn’t harassed yet but when she went to corner her prey the girl had gone deeper into the shadows of the back yard and managed to slip away.

While Susan searched the area with her eyes Jenifer’s female dog, Kiki, came up to her and sniffed at her. When the young blonde saw the animal she kicked out at her. “Get out of here you flea bag.” She hissed as her foot struck the animal’s flank. She continued looking for the girl that got away for a few moments more when she felt wetness on her feet.

Susan looked down just in time to see the dog rise from its squatting position. She hadn’t even felt it at first but the animal had managed to pee on her shoes enough to get her feet wet. “You bitch!” she hissed and then tried to kick Kiki again but the vengeful canine managed to escape under a bush and get away.

“Ugh… god. I have to get out of these things.” She had said aloud, but decided that she didn’t want anyone to know that a dog had peed on her so she stayed in the shadows and made her way to the front of the house. Once she was sure that no-one would see her she slipped out of her shoes and threw them into the neatly trimmed shrubbery. “You owe me two hundred dollars for those shoes Jenifer.” She decreed as though saying it aloud made it a debt that the brunette had to pay.

Shoeless, she walked to where she had parked her car. She was surprised at how far she had been forced to park away from the house but didn’t let it concern her until she heard an unfriendly growl; a growl that sent chills down her spine.

Susan turned and was barely able to make out the shape of a huge dog and he was getting closer by the moment. The young blonde had everything but the door opener locked in the car and she reached for it as she began running for her Trans-Am.

Knowing that the dog was so close to her she tried to outsmart the animal. She hit the opener twice and ran for the passenger side door. She hoped that she would be more agile than the beast and reach the far door before it could recover from coming around the end of the car so sharply. She thought wrong; even before her hand touched the door handle she was being pulled to the ground as the dog snagged her dress. The door opener went flying also.

By the time Susan recovered from her tumble she found herself on her ass about six feet from her car. Her dress was ripped and the dog was still holding it between his teeth and shaking it like a bullyrag. “Stop that you Asshole, this dress cost more than four hundred dollars.” She yelled.

The dog let go of her dress, and for a moment she breathed a sigh of relief; it was short lived. The huge beast moved closer and gripped the outfit at the low cut cleavage. Right between her breasts. He began shaking her again and he was strong enough to rip the dress even more while shaking her hard enough to make her teeth chatter.

When the dog ceased his actions this time she had the distinct feeling that he didn’t like her dress and that was why he was acting the way he was. “Okay, let go of me and you can have the damn dress if you like it so much.”

The huge animal let go of her but his warning growls never ceased. Hesitantly she began stripping out of her dress and was tempted to throw it in his face but she tossed it to the side; several feet away. “There, are you happy now?” She groused as she sat in the grass on her butt, clad only in her panties and bra.”

The animal continued to growl. “I gave you the dress.” She hissed. “Now go play with it and leave me alone. When I find out who owns you I’m going to sue them.”

The only response she got for her effort was the huge beast lunging at her and making a perfect grab at her bra. His head shot perfectly into the valley that her breasts made and when he pulled back he had his prize. The expensive bra ripped easily and in the blink of an eye her pink nipples were exposed to the night air. She began to react angrily but the bra disappeared from his mouth almost as fast as it had gotten there and his teeth were quickly within mere inches of her throat. Very gently Susan lay back, propped on her elbows; and the intensity of his growl diminished but didn’t cease.

Once the girl lay back the animal was now poised over her flat stomach. The panties that lay below were every bit as fine as the bra had been and they didn’t last a second longer than the upper body coverings had. “God damn you son of a bitch.”

Susan was totally nude now and when the huge mongrel moved in he dove at what he had been after all along. His tongue caught the young blonde perfectly and the first stab of his oral digit caught her virgin slit and swept over her clitoris perfectly.

“Ohhh god.” She hissed disgustedly. “How gross!” She tried to back away but she was instantly stopped in her tracks as the beast’s teeth were suddenly open and touching her neck. If the teeth closed she would definitely be hurt.

Susan held still and the teeth retreated. She tried to close her legs next but for her efforts she received a sharp nip that actually caused her to widen the vee pattern that her legs formed and allow him even greater access to her honey pot. “Bastard.” She hissed. “I’m going to get the dog catchers to trap you and then I’ll have you gassed… or whatever they do to get rid of your kind.”

The huge mutt was staring right at her as he began licking her pussy lips again. It was as though he knew he was upsetting this female and he couldn’t have cared less. He remained vigilant as he thrust his tongue into her and it took a whole but he eventually felt the girl beginning to respond.

Susan had closed her eyes, trying to shut out what was happening to her and not even wanting to see it for fear that what she was experiencing would play back like a movie if she watched it. She decided to simply let the bastard get his kicks and be done with it. What she hadn’t planned on was her body betraying her and responding to the ecstasy that she was beginning to feel. She was a virgin but that didn’t mean that she hadn’t cumm before. Unfortunately for her, this was building to the biggest cumm she had ever experienced before. And it was already leaving her breathless.

“Ohhh god that feels good… Damn dog, why does it have to be some fucking mongrel that’s giving it to me?” She hissed as she involuntarily shoved her pussy forward so that the dog’s tongue could reach into her depths even better. Barely thirty seconds passed after that and the most blissful orgasm she had ever witnessed washed over her and left her in an ecstatic stupor. She barely remembered where she was.

Susan felt the beast back away from her and thought it was over. “I’m still going to sue your owners and somehow have you exterminated. “She hissed as she rolled to her side and then on to her knees. She knew she couldn’t tell anyone exactly what had happened but she was sure she could make up a convincing story as to why the creep should die. She was just reaching for the door handle of her car in an effort to get to her feet when she was suddenly mounted and her handhold failed. She felt the fur of the animal all along her back and rump and it was so warm compared to the cool grass she had been lying in.

“God damn it. Get off me you son of a bitch. I’m through playing around with you.” She hissed, but the dog’s teeth found the back of her neck this time and convinced her to hold still. She was sure that he was only fractions of an inch from drawing blood and she wasn’t too far off on her estimation. The dog shuffled forward a bit and within moments a heated probe lined up with her virgin vagina and began to sink into her.

“No…” She whimpered as his cock sank into her and violated her. “You can’t do that, I’m a virgin…”

The mutt didn’t care that it was her first time. His nose had told him that she was a female in heat. He had followed her tracks as they had emerged from the bushes and he wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity like this if he could help it. As he thrust into her the fact that there had been a protective barrier barely registered on the battering ram that he wielded. In three strokes he was so deep in her that his forming knot had only an inch or two before it too was within her also and then the fun would really begin. He released her neck and the pace of his thrusting began to increase.

Susan had been on her hands and knees as the dog’s cock sank into her but it wasn’t long before she was pushed to her elbows; her arms couldn’t support the animal’s rapid thrusting and weight. When she collapsed her breasts continued to jiggle but now the grass began to play a part. The end of the stalks barely touched her nipples but it was enough to add to what she already felt imbedded so deeply within her. “This can’t be happening.” She sobbed, but there was no getting around the fact that a huge dog was fucking the shit out of her and there was nothing that she could do about it.

A noise caught her attention; there was a car coming. She considered seriously about screaming and getting their attention… but then the thought of being found on her knees with a dog’s cock stuck in her once virgin pussy made her remain silent. She would never be able to live this shame down if all her school friends found about it; she had to endure it, there was no other way.

The car passed and she breathed a sigh of relief even as she sobbed at her plight. Minutes passed and the dynamics of the situation remained, but the fact that her body was beginning to respond to the stimulation she was feeling began to sink in almost as deep as the hot shaft that was within her. “This can’t be happening.” She cried, and then beast’s knot sank into her. “Oh… SHIT, that hurts…”

Susan could barely make heads or tails of what was happening to her. That her body was betraying her was all that she did know. The animal’s thrusting had slowed, but now she was thrusting back at him as though her body wanted what he had to offer. In moments she stopped, she didn’t have to do anything more. Heated bursts of sperm shot into her and she knew what she was feeling. The fucking dog had done what no one had ever done before. Besides taking her virginity he was emptying his balls into her and trying to impregnate her. “Uhg… god, I’ll probably never get his shit out of me.” She sobbed anew.

The huge mutt turned to his side and stood butt to butt with his latest bitch. He was as pleased as any animal could be as he felt his balls continue to shoot his sperm into the female. He was sure that he’d be seeing several of his progeny walking about within the months to come. The dog held himself inside the bitch for several minutes before he shrank enough to pull free and then he trotted away. He had done his job and that was all that mattered to him.

Susan grunted again as the dog finally pulled his massive cock out of her. She saw his shadow as he disappeared into the night but she never did get a good look at him. She also missed seeing the nine inch plus hunk of meat that had been embedded in her. But, she did renew her vow that if she ever found him again that she would be the cause of his demise.

The young blonde was a total mess. It took her several minutes to gather her wits about her and get into her car. She was careful so as not to draw any attention to herself; that was the last thing she wanted. She looked around her car for anything she could put on but found nothing and the fluid that was leaking from her vagina just wouldn’t stop. She was finally forced to leave the car and grab her torn dress. She slid into it, found her torn bra and panties and re-entered the safety of her vehicle.

Susan felt more of the dog’s sperm seep from her abused pussy and even though it grossed her out totally she carefully stuffed her torn underwear into her slit in an effort to keep her car clean. She wanted the animal’s fluids out of her but not at the cost of ruining her vehicle.

In a rage, Susan managed to drive and yet keep her speed within acceptable limits. She didn’t need some stupid cop stopping her now. She got home with no further incidents and even managed to get into her room without being accosted by her parents or any else. She threw her ruined garments in the trash and then made her way to the shower. She scrubbed herself for over forty-five minutes with the hottest water she could stand before the system ran out and she was forced to shut it off.

She dressed, putting on her silkiest undergarments and nightgown but even as she slipped the gown over her head she felt more fluid seeping from her vagina and it disgusted her anew. She pulled her panties down and the wet stain she found there mocked her efforts to cleanse herself of her ordeal. She knew about douches but she didn’t have any at the moment and she didn’t want to go to her mother with this. She opted to put a pad in her panties but it still left her feeling soiled. She knew that the damn dog’s sperm was still draining from her and she hated the thought of it.

She finally managed to go to bed but even there she didn’t find real rest. Every time she began to drift off to sleep she was jerked awake by a nightmare. If she wasn’t being licked between her legs she was being forced to her hands and knees and mounted. It wasn’t until the wee hours of the morning that she was finally exhausted and slept.
Susan slept late; it wasn’t until noon before she made it down the stairs and into the kitchen. She was clad in a heavy white robe because it felt good against her skin. Under it she wore a lacy pair of panties and a matching bra; it was all she had. She managed to get breakfast but even as she ate she truly felt like simply going back up stairs and going back to bed. While she ate she warmed up and felt something as she sat at the table; she stood to investigate. When she opened her robe she noticed scratches along her ribs and the previous night’s activities resurfaced like a bad dream. She was just reaching to touch the weal gingerly when she heard someone approaching and quickly re-closed her robe. She managed to cover herself just before her father entered the room.

“Hey, there’s the new graduate.” He said as he hugged her. Susan winced and her actions were not missed by her father. “Are you okay, Princess?”

“Yeah.” Responded Susan as cheerfully as possible. “I… uh pulled a muscle playing tennis the other day and it’s still a bit sore.”

“Okay, but if it persists let me know and we’ll get one of my sports medicine doctor friends to take a look at it.”

“I’ll let you know, Dad.” She said before quickly eating the last of her food and throwing the dishes in the sink for the maid to clean up.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay, Honey?” Asked her father again with greater concern in his voice. “I just noticed that you’re eating… breakfast. And you do look a little peaked.”

“I’m fine,” Said Susan trying to sound perky. “I’m just resting up for this evening’s festivities.”

“That’s my girl.” Encouraged her father before he left the room.

Susan breathed a sigh of relief as her father walked through the door. She then ran upstairs to have a better look at the scratches. “Shit.” She swore as she saw the marks. She had put her underwear on after her shower late last night and hadn’t noticed them then. She wouldn’t be able to wear her bikini tonight at her party. She tried to think of ways to cover them up but nothing except using a one piece swim suit would work. “That fucking dog.” She swore under her breath. “After the party tonight I’m going to go cruising in my new car; and if I see that mutt… he’s history.”

Susan rested until just a few minutes before her party was to begin. For as nasty a bitch as she could be a free social gathering was still too tempting for most people to turn down. Fifty of what were considered her closest friend arrived right on time. The funny part of it all was that most of the invited guests actually enjoyed themselves at the party this night.

Seeing her guests only reminded her of the evening before and Susan became very self conscious of the fact that she had been raped by a dog. Some of these people had been only a hundred yards away when it all happened. What if one of them had seen her kneeling beneath that horrible animal? She talked with some of the people but most of the time she spent eying them; trying to see if anyone in particular was making the rounds and talking about her.

Two hours into the party, Susan’s father made a big to-do about presenting her with the keys to a new, midnight blue, Corvette. For a moment she forgot about her shame and reveled in the event.

By the time four hours had passed, Susan abandoned her party; no one really missed her. She changed out of her one piece swimsuit, which she had never used that night, and into her regular underwear. She put on some nice shorts and a tube top blouse mix that covered the scratches and then set out to enjoy her new car.

Susan motored out of her parent’s driveway aimed for the roads that she knew she’d be able to hit the peddle and let her new Vette fly. For the next hour she sped around her chosen paths and managed to evade radar traps by shear dumb luck. It was just as she was ready to slow down a bit that she noticed where she was. Only a mile away was where she had been raped the previous night.

She drove slowly through the neighborhood, looking for the mutt that had violated her. She didn’t care what it took if she saw the dog she was going to run him down. Five minutes passed before Susan saw the animal in question. It was dark, but she was sure that it was him. She was crafty and she sped up slowly because she didn’t want the squeal of her tires to startle the animal. He was walking across the road at the moment and she soon realized that she wasn’t going to reach him before he slipped through an opening in a fence that she couldn’t get her car through.

“Damn.” She swore under her breath but then saw a gate that could be opened and allow her to continue her pursuit. She thought she saw the animal several yards ahead of her and still in the open so she hit her brakes and stopped her car. She ran for the gate and opened it and then raced back. She came up short when her eyes fell on the shape of a large dog sitting near her open car door.

“Oh SHIT.” Hissed Susan as the huge dog began growling. He moved in her direction and she slowly backed away. She heard the animal bark and didn’t pay much attention to it. She decided to try and outsmart the beast and it seemed to be working; he was keeping pace with her. She stayed near her car in hopes of getting to the driver’s door from the other direction. Her plan might have worked except for one thing; by the time she made a dash for the door she found another dog blocking her path.

Even as she came to a halt, the first dog was on her. She shrieked, but it wasn’t loud enough to get anyone’s attention that late at night; the other homes were too far away from this new neighborhoods undeveloped area. Before she knew it the huge animal had her on the ground and was once again bullyragging her clothes so hard that they were beginning to rip.

It wasn’t long before Susan lost track of who was attacking her. All she did realize was that they were tearing her garments to shreds. She was sure that by the time they were done that she would be a bloody mess. Several minutes passed and then her senses began to clear. When she was able to take stock of her situation she realized that they had her on her back and only her tank top remained in one piece. There were a few smears of blood but the wounds she had suffered were barely scratches compared to what she had expected.

She watched as one of the shadows drew closer to her and pushed his way between her legs. She tried to keep him out but his bared teeth were soon at her throat and his angry growl convinced her to change her mind. She spread her legs and allowed him access to her vaginal slit and then began praying that tonight was not a rerun of the night before.

Susan sneered at her assailant but it didn’t faze him in the least. He dug his tongue into her pussy as deep as possible and enjoyed every minute of it. He didn’t have the faintest idea that his licks were exactly where they needed to be in order to heat her up in the quickest way possible but he managed. He hit her G-spot several times and he rocked her little clit so well he would have rivaled many great cunilinguists. In five minutes he had her vaginal secretions flowing and she shuddered as she orgasmed. Her pelvis involuntarily tilted upward to give his tongue greater access and she felt ashamed.

By the time her tremors began to subside she realized that the dog was no longer licking her. She refocused on him and realized that he was standing there as though waiting for her to get on her hands and knees. “Oh… NO, not this time! I’m not going to let you f…”

She barely saw him move but the pain of his strike was certainly felt. “Ouch…” She yelled and then felt a trickle of blood begin to flow down her inner thigh. He began to growl again and it was a warning that grew louder by the second. It wasn’t hard to interpret the message; as soon as the growl reached a certain pitch he would bite again. She managed to last three seconds before her resolve broke and then she began to move.

Susan turned over slowly but wasn’t sure why. She knew what was going to happen to her and all it was going to do was stall the inevitable. This dog was going to fuck her and the longer she waited for it to happen the longer it would be before it was over. She held out no hope that she would be rescued.

Susan finally got on to her hands and knees and spread her legs. She felt several tentative licks to her vaginal slit and then grunted as the weight of the animal landed on her back. She closed her eyes as tightly as possible and tried to think of other things but when the dog’s cock slammed into her several times without entering her she breathed a sigh of relief; maybe the night before had been a fluke. The hot probe kept searching for her and it hurt but when he hit her in her little pink rosebud. She jerked in response and it proved to be her undoing.

All the huge dog wanted was to fuck the hot bitch beneath him and so far he wasn’t getting anywhere. He felt the female below him shift a bit and the next thing he knew he was home. He sank himself into her as deeply and as quickly as possible and when he was sure of his position he let it rip.

Susan groaned painfully and the ache didn’t stop for several minutes. The only thing that saved her pussy from being ravaged completely was the fact that the dog’s precum was lubricating the way for his rapid advance. She could even feel her breasts as they moved within her tube top because he was banging her so hard.

Time wore on and he continued to have his way with her. Before she realized it the pain was gone and pleasure was beginning to flood her senses. She shook her head and tried to over ride it all but her body eventually took over for her. It wasn’t much longer before she was pushing her pussy back at the invading member and trying to capture everything.

Her body was conquered but her mind was not. “Damn it, no… I don’t want this… I don’t want this dog’s cock in me and making me feel this way. Ohhh… god he’s so deep. I don’t think I can take any more of this… Ohhh… SHIT.” She shrieked as his knot entered her and then all the pain subsided.

Susan felt every thrust as he gently rocked his cock into her depths. Her G-spot was getting a workout of its own, she had never experienced this much stimulus to that area before and it was hot. All of her insides were being gently jostled as the huge cock invaded her depths. There hardly seemed to be a single part of her internal anatomy that wasn’t being affected by the fucking that was getting and it. Before she knew it she orgasmed and so did he. The feel of his sperm shooting into her intensified what she was feeling. If her lover had been able to see the climactic look of bliss that crossed her face he would have been proud of himself; if he hadn’t been a dog that is. “Oh god that feels so good.” She grunted. “How am I ever going to live this down?”

The young blonde held still as the dog continued to pump his seed into her. Eventually the utter bliss of the situation wore off and the reality of it all resurfaced. “Damn you dog.” She muttered. “I don’t know how but I’m still going to kill you if I get the chance. You may think you’re putting your puppies into some receptive bitch but I’m going to have the last laugh as I throw dirt on your grave.”

It wasn’t too long after that until the huge animal pulled his knot out of her well fucked pussy and she breathed a sigh of relief. Her ease was short lived; she had forgotten about the other dog. She was just about to get to her feet when she was pounced upon anew. As the weight settled upon her back and the forepaws grasped her ribs the second dog’s cock shot neatly into the opening vacated by the first. “Ohhh… god, not again…”

The second animal was every bit as big as the first and every bit as eager to breed this new bitch. He wasted no time and was soon thrusting into Susan at a pace that would have rivaled a machine at maximum speed. Just like his brother he knew how to fuck a bitch and he set about doing just that. He had no trouble what so ever setting a blistering pace as he thrust his hot shaft into the girl as deeply as possible. His brother’s sperm was coating her vaginal walls very well and allowed him the freedom he wanted. There were advantages to being second in a situation like this as far as he was concerned.

Susan was nearly in a delirium. A third orgasm washed over her but the animal on her back didn’t stop to let what she was feeling really sink in. The minutes passed and every thrust of the beasts cock registered on her brain in some way or another but all in all it turned into one huge unending fucking.

The young blond was mere seconds from her forth climactic event when the dog slowed. As he purposely thrust his member at her in an effort to lock with her, she responded by pushing back. “Ugh… how could I.” She groaned in an accusatorial tone; but her body was betraying her and acting on its own accord. Once the beast had his knot in her they thrust at each other slowly. The same internal movements as with the first dog began to massage her very being and it wasn’t long before her forth orgasm did claim her. “Ohhh… god, how can I be letting these dogs fuck me like this and then enjoy it like I am. I don’t want this.” She sobbed as she sank to her elbows, but there was no mistaking the pleasure she felt; it was only the way she was receiving it.

Several minutes passed and Susan felt the animal pulling his semi deflated knot out of her. She looked back just in time to see almost a cup full of their sperm gush out of her and fall between her spread legs. “Yuck…” She exclaimed but then she managed to get a look at the huge piece of meat that had been inside of her pussy. “Holy shit, how in the world did he have that in me?”

Susan allowed herself to roll to her side in the grass and the coolness of it added to the experience of the situation without her even realizing it. She looked at the dogs as they sat there for a moment. “You bastards better watch were you cross the road. I know you live around here somewhere and I’ll get you I promise. This is a war now, and I don’t plan on losing the battle; not to you sons a bitches.”

Both huge animals seemed totally unconcerned as to what she was saying. They were satisfied for the moment and seconds later ambled off toward the hideout they shared with several other strays in the area. They had her scent and they would have her again if she ever entered their territory in the future. In their primitive brain they wondered exactly what kind of pups she would have; at the last she had been a very receptive bitch.

Susan gathered her shredded clothing, after the dogs began walking away. She kept a close eye on them in case they turned back for seconds. She also watched for other dogs. She wasn’t going to be caught off guard ever again if she could help it.

Susan examined the remains of her clothes and managed to fold her blouse and panties into a diaper to catch the dog sperm that was still dripping from her. With the help of a few safety pins that she had in her purse she was even able to get her shorts repaired enough to hold it all in place. She finally eased her way into her car and was soon headed home. She hoped she wouldn’t run into anyone from her party or have to wait too long in order to get into her house undetected. The last thing she wanted to do was try and explain to anyone why she looked the way she looked.

For all the bad luck she seemed to be having with dogs lately her luck held for stealthy entrance into her home. She only had to wait for two hours for the path to clear and when it did she was in her room in minutes without being discovered. She took her clothes off and threw them in the trash, even her tube top. The material was snagged but at least it saved her from further scratches in that area.

Susan took inventory of her injuries. “Fucking dogs.” She hissed as she examined her naked body in front of a full length mirror. There were four new minor scratches and one set of teeth marks on her skin in different areas. Unfortunately, they were in places that were normally in the open if she wore anything that would show of her fantastic figure.

“Damn bastards!” She muttered as she entered the shower and once again tried to wash the remembrance of the dogs fucking her out of her body and soul. She ran the water for half an hour and managed to splash as much water as possible into her vagina but when she got out of the shower she still felt liquid running out of her and down her leg. At first she thought it was water but when she touched it she knew immediately that it was the damn dogs’ leftovers.

“I’m going to annihilate them.” She promised herself.
Susan kept to herself for several days. She even managed to evade her father and the rest of the family that would have asked unbearable questions if they had seen her scratches. She missed lounging by the pool and tanning herself in her micro-bikini. Her self exile in her room, to escape the dog’s inflicted injuries to her semi-tanned skin from being detected, wore on her more and more as the hours passed.

Three days passed before she felt well enough to venture forth. When she did she found a pawn shop that wasn’t too particular in the state identification process and she was able to purchase a gun. She knew very little about guns and the shop owner sold her a small 22 pistol. She hadn’t told him what she had planned for it; she simply mentioned that it was for… personal protection.

After Susan left the shop she tried to find a secluded place to shoot her new acquisition. She had to drive over thirty miles but eventually found a small dirt road that lead to nowhere. On the bank of a small ravine she finally came to a stop. Feeling fairly safe she got out of her red Mustang and went down the embankment.

On the flat area below she found several bottles that looked as though they had been there for at least a year. She set them up and then backed away from them about twenty yards. It took a bit, but she eventually got the small revolver loaded. She took aim and fired the gun at the end target. She knew that she had it in her sights and the kick of the gun was negligible, but when all was said and done the only result that she saw was a plume of dust; several feet beyond the intended victim.

“Damn it!” Susan swore and then aimed again. She held the gun in both hands and emptied it at the bottle but when the dust cleared this time the drinking vessel was still intact. “Son of a bitch.” She swore again; and then reloaded the weapon again after dumping the spent shells on the ground.

Susan looked at her targets again while chewing gently on her bottom lip. “The sons a bitch won’t be that far away. And they’re a lot bigger.” She mused. She then moved closer and aimed again. When she fired this time she was only ten feet away from the bottle.

When the young blonde saw the glass container shatter this time she felt vindicated. She took aim at the next target and pulled the trigger again. The dirt flew up behind the bottle so she fired again. Once more the glass flew apart. She fired the rest of the bullets and managed to hit one more container. She sighed wearily.

Susan loaded the gun again while rationalizing in her mind that the dogs were bigger and they might be even closer to her when she fired. In her mind’s eye she pictured herself shooting both of the animals as they tried to slowly move closer to her. “I’ll get you… this time.” She hissed.

By the time Susan got into her Mustang the sun was two hours from setting. She figured that she had just enough time to get to the new subdivision before it got dark. Her estimate of time available to get to her destination was quite fair. She arrived at the place of her last attack right when she expected to get there.

Susan pulled into the short drive near the fence and looked around carefully. She wasn’t going to get caught like she did last time. She scanned the area and then waited; she did this several times. She continued this tactic until she saw movement down the drive a bit. She smiled as she saw the two mongrels that had violated her.

With utmost stealth, Susan exited her vehicle. She kept her eyes on the dogs the whole time. She would outsmart them this time and she would have her revenge. She patted her pocket and made sure that the gun was there before she walked quietly to the gate and opened it. As she stepped through the gate she turned her head for only a second to be sure that no one was taking an interest as to what she was doing. She then locked her eyes on the damn beasts once more and advanced with the 22 pistol leading the way.

Susan was slowly cutting the distance between her and the intended targets. They continued to slowly amble their way toward the new structure that was being built on this particular property. She moved quietly and became more and more excited as the striking point diminished. “Assholes don’t even know I’m here yet.” She mumbled to herself softly. “They’ll be dead before they even know what’s hit them.”

By the time Susan moved close enough to the dogs to be sure of her shots she began to wonder if they were deaf. She couldn’t even see her car at the moment but it didn’t matter. She had these bastards dead to rights. She was just about to pull the trigger and shoot the first animal in the back when the pair stopped walking and slowly turned.

“I’ll teach you assholes to rape me.” She said angrily; and then she tried to fire the first shot with her sights set squarely on the left dog’s forehead. She was concentrating so heavily on her intended target that she never even saw the animal to her right until a split second before the firearm discharged. She saw the bullet strike the dirt next the beast and then the gun was flying out of her hand.

Susan felt a cold chill run down her spine as she pulled her hand back and saw the tooth marks of the dog that had foiled her aim and caused her to drop the weapon. She tried to turn and run but it was useless. The two animals that she had been tracking were on her in an instant.

The young blonde hit the ground and tried to fight off her attackers but it was hopeless. She screamed as loudly as possible but her cry for help was swiftly stifled as one of the dogs grabbed her by the throat. She thought her life was over at that moment but the animal only held on hard enough and long enough to silence her.

Susan fell silent and the dog backed off just enough to place his teeth only inches from her face. The second dog moved in and did the same only from the other side. The first animal then stopped growling just long enough to snag her blouse, pull on it, and then growl again. The message was obvious; they wanted her to remove her clothes.

“You bastards!” She hissed, but she knew that they would bite her if she didn’t co-operate. She knew that they were going to rape her again and she didn’t need a hundred more wounds to try and hide. She was going to have to submit to their demands once more.

Susan began to slowly remove her clothes. She took off her blouse first and then her pants. Her bra was next and then she sat to remove her panties. She was just about to assume the hands and knees position when the animal that had raped her that first night got between her legs and began licking her vaginal slit. “I wish I had the clap and could give it to you!” She hissed at the dog as he burrowed his tongue into her as deeply as possible.

Time seemed to pass slowly, but as someone famous once said; it was all relative! It seemed like the dog licked her for hours before Susan orgasmed but in actuality it was only ten minutes. The whole act disgusted her but by the time she climaxed she had opened her legs for him even wider and tilted her pelvis upward so that he would be able to eat her better. She was totally unconcious of her actions.

When Susan’s orgasm ebbed she found the animal looking at and she knew what he wanted next. “I hate you bastards.” She hissed as she got on her knees and assumed the doggy position. The words were barely out of her mouth before she felt the dog mount her and begin searching for her pussy with his cock.

“Ouch… ouch… ouch… Damn, that hurts you jackass.” She yelled as his hot shaft pounded the tender pink area between her vaginal slit and her tiny rosebud. “Why don’t you Ohhh…”

The dog’s pointed lance sliced into her deeply as he finally hit the right spot. It didn’t take long before he was in her up to his knot. Once he was in her satisfactorily he cut loose from there. If it hadn’t been for her climactic juices and his continually spraying precum her vaginal tube would have picked up blisters from the heat that would have been generated.

Susan coherent verbiage fell to the wayside as the animal within her pounded her senseless. All that was able to form were grunts and groans as he pumped her into her next climax. She did manage two coherent words. “Oh…shit!” She gasped as his knot entered her and then the grunts and groans returned. It wasn’t until her third orgasm that she got a reprieve. Her climax hit her and she felt his sperm shoot into her. She knew that his cumm would be in her for days.

The young blonde tried to relax as much as possible and not think of her predicament. She knelt there for ten minutes after her orgasm had subsided until the mangy mutt was able to pull his cock out of her pussy. The interval between the first animal and the second lasted for only seconds. Her vagina didn’t even have time to close before she was invaded by the next beast.

Susan began to grunt again as soon as the next dog entered her. He had her every bit as deep as the first animal; if not deeper. His knot began pushing her vaginal lips open after only twenty seconds and when he did set his knot he didn’t slow down like the other one had.

This was the second time this dog had this particular bitch and he was really beginning to acquire a taste for her. She was better than any female he had ever fucked before and he wanted her to know it. He hadn’t planned on setting his knot right away but now that it was there he was going to make the best of it. He set a pace every bit as fast as his friend had and he tried his damndest to maintain it.

Susan could do nothing but grunt, groan and pant as she received the pounding that she was receiving from this dog. Each thrust jammed the hard shaft that was in her brutally against the bottom of her vaginal tube. The impact of his cock caused her insides to be jostled about over and over again and his knot continually rubbed her G-spot. She could feel her fourth orgasm approaching her with the speed of a jet plane and the weight of a freight train. It slammed into her mercilessly and before it was over she could barely remain on her hand. The one consolation was that she felt the dog spraying his seed into her. All she had to do now was wait for him to pull out of her.

Fifteen minutes passed and Susan was regained a little strength. The animal that was tied to her had turned to the side and they were now locked together butt to butt. She shuddered at the grossness of it but there was nothing she could do. She couldn’t even scream for help. The shame of being found with a dog’s cock in her was something she simply didn’t want to bear. She breathed a sigh of when the beast pulled free of her.

Susan tried to get up, thinking her ordeal was over. She managed to get one foot under her before she was confronted by another dog. “No…” She groaned. She had forgotten about the third member of the pack. She returned to her submissive position and awaited yet another round of vicious fucking.

The animal started by licking her from vaginal slit to asshole and she detested it. “Cut it out you Bastard and just get it over with!” She yelled at him. Her plea had no effect on him what so ever and it was another five minutes before he mounted her.

Susan looked back quickly when the licking stopped and she braced herself just in time. The dog’s weight came down on her and it surprised her because he was heavier than either of the first two. The animal began thrusting his cock at her almost immediately and after two heavy blows to her already tender bottom the mutt found what he was looking for. “Damn...” She swore for about the umpteenth time before the brutal pounding began again.

Grunts and groans became her vocal output once more as the dog buried his hard hot shaft in her to the outmost of her physical limits. Once more her internal organs were pushed out of the way to accommodate his advances and then spring back into place as he retreated slightly. Her whole body was beginning to respond to the fucking she was getting. The speed wasn’t there but the force seemed greater; even her firm perky tits were jiggling from the impact of it all.

Susan’s arms finally gave out and she slumped forward onto her elbows. Another orgasm claimed her and the beast continued to fuck her over and over; she thought it would never end. She felt the dog slow and then pull back a bit. She wondered if he had cumm in her and she didn’t feel it but in the next second he advanced into her again. Only this time he entered her a little different.

“Oh god, oh god, oh… god…” She exclaimed as she felt his cock punch through her cervical opening and into her uterus. She knew her anatomy and she knew exactly where he had his cock crammed into her body. “Damn you dog. Just because you stuck your cock there doesn’t mean you’re going to make me pregnant you Asshole. God damn… Ohhh”

The dog was trying his damndest to impregnate her and he would have succeeded if interspecies mating were really possible, but the sad fact was that their DNA did not match match. It didn’t keep him from trying though. Once he had his knot locked in her he pumped her full of his sperm. He had plenty of it to share with her because it had been several months since he had fucked his last bitch. Load after load of his potent puppy makers were swimming in her deeper than anything else had ever been.

Susan murmured with each spurt of fluid that he shot into her. And it was several minutes before he stopped. She was so out of it by then that she hardly even felt him pull his cock from her depths and walk away. It wasn’t until the cool evening air hit her back that she realized that the dog was gone.

Five minutes passed before the girl got off her knees and managed to stand. Dog cumm from the first two dogs was running out of her vagina and down her legs and it grossed her out completely. If there had been food in her stomach she would have thrown up. It was fairly dark now but there was just enough moonlight for her to see how distended her belly was. It made her look like she was three months expectant and it scared her. What if these Bastards had made her pregnant? The tormenting thought just wouldn’t go away because of the bulge. How was she going to explain this to her family; the lump in her belly was so… obvious.

Susan held her stomach while picking up her clothes; at least this time her garments were not totally destroyed. She doubted that she would ever wear them again though because they would forever remind her what had just transpired here. She dressed hurriedly and then searched for the gun. She didn’t find it and after two minutes of looking she abandoned it. She was afraid that if she stayed there too much longer that she would be raped again so she left; she was unsure if she would ever return to look for it unless she could find some other way to protect herself.

When Susan got to her car, sat in the bucket seat, and closed the door she finally breathed a sigh of relief. She started the car and glanced at the clock. Her head sank to her chest and she cried; the damn dogs had raped her for over two hours straight. She gritted her teeth and lifted her head once more; somehow she had to find a way to kill these bastards; they were not going to get the best of her. There was too much at stake now.

Susan drove home slowly and her luck remained. She made her way to her room without being seen and was soon in the bathroom. She stood in front of the full length mirror and began removing her dirty cum soaked cloths. She swore under breath at what she saw. Her ribs where the dogs had grabbed her were red and scratched again. And the bulge she had seen in the moonlight was still there and the chill that had run down her spine returned with a vengeance. “I can’t be pregnant.” She hissed. “Dogs can’t fuck girls and give them puppies… can they?”
Susan spent the next week recuperating. She managed to keep out of everyone’s way for the most part but her brother did question her absence from the pool. He knew her usual habits of lounging by the water in the skimpiest, most revealing swimsuits imaginable; and he loved it.

Nathan was one of Susan’s greatest admirers and he was seriously beginning to miss the eye candy. He had lost count long ago how many times he had stroked his cock while looking out and down onto pool patio from his bedroom window. He even had a few videos of his sister removing her bikini top when she thought she was alone. He loved her perfect breasts and her pink tits; his only unrealized desire was to be able to touch her and suck on those delectable nipples. Hell… his own sister looked better to him than ninety percent of the college girls that he knew. He was continually measuring them against her physical qualities. He knew that she had a personality problem but so did a lot of the women he knew. He could put up with a lot as long as he managed to get his dick into them. Besides, he rarely stayed with any girl longer than fucking her the first time. His devilishly good looks and money usually had them naked on the first date and his little black book had only a handful of girls that he had gone back for a second shot at. “So where have you been lately?” He asked of the sweet little blonde as she was getting some food to take back to her room.

“I just haven’t been feeling good for the past week.” She said curtly. “Mind your own business Nate.”

“Hey, I’m just looking out for my baby sister’s well being.” He said defensively.

“Well, in that case, I’m fine… so don’t let it concern you any further. I’m… trying to get things situated for college, that’s all.”

Nate watched his sister gather her food and take it to her room. He nearly salivated as he carefully followed her and watched her walk up the huge staircase. The robe she had on was mid thigh in length and just about gave him a glimpse of her sweet ass. He pictured her naked under the cloth and he would have been very surprised to find out differently. He had no idea that she was wearing more discrete underwear since her doggy ordeals began. He did wish though that he was better at carpentry and electronics. He wanted so dearly to be able to see what went on in her room by putting a hidden camera there but he was afraid of being found out. His mother and father would never forgive him if he ever did such a thing and he was surprised that his sister got away with wearing some of the clothes that she did have.

When Susan got back to her room she ate and then disrobed. She then examined herself in the room’s full length mirror for the umpteenth time that day already. She hurled curses at the three dogs that had scratched her sides with their claws and violated her vagina with their cocks. She vowed again that she would kill them in the most hideous and torturous way possible. Unfortunately, she was having trouble finding the means to accomplish that pleasurable task. Every time she tried to come up with an infallible plan some other thought would supersede the process and she would see herself naked, on her hands and knees, and at the mercy of the rapists once more.

It was while she was standing there before the mirror, poking and prodding her flesh that her cell phone rang. With an annoyed demeanor she picked up the device and answered it in exactly the tone of voice that fit her mood. “Who is it?” She growled, not even bothering to see what the caller ID said.

“Susan?” Came her father’s voice in a surprised tone of it’s own. “Are you all right?”

Susan sighed. “I’m all right, Daddy, I’m just getting over a bug or something.”

“Pumpkin, you should have told me, I’d have had the doctor take a look at you.”

“Oh no, that’s okay, I’m better now.”

“Ohhh… that’s good to hear because I need you to join me tonight at the Haven Hills Country club. Your mother was supposed to go but she had one of her ladies club meetings that she couldn’t get out of.”

“Ohhh… Daddy, I don’t know…”

“Susan, I need you. It will look good to the club committee if I come with a beautiful lady on my arm. This is the club I’ve been trying to get into for several years now and financially we finally qualify… I…”

“Okay,” Said Susan abruptly, cutting off any further begging from her father. “I’ll go but don’t expect me to stay right by your side every minute. What time do I need to be ready?”

After making the final plans with her father concerning the evening she rested a bit more. She figured she’d go and mingle a bit and then split. Who knew, maybe she’d meet someone interesting.

By eight O’clock they were at the club and she was off on her own. She had already met several very interesting and very rich guys that she would consider going out with. The hard part was that they already had escorts.

Susan began roaming around the grounds on her own. Here at least she felt safe; the entire club was walled in or fenced. Nothing could get in if it wasn’t supposed to be here. Even though the sun hadn’t set yet it had still gone behind the high hills that semi surrounded the place. The shadows were growing deeper by the moment so the light from the barn drew her like a moth to a flame.

When Susan entered the first bright red, freshly painted, barn she wasn’t surprised to see horses; she had smelled them earlier but it wasn’t a smell that offended her. The whole establishment reeked of money more than anything and even though she didn’t see the hire hands she knew that they were somewhere because the place was immaculate considering the fact that it was a stable.

As Susan sauntered about she looked into the individual stalls. She didn’t know much about horses but the animals she saw there were absolutely beautiful. Their well defined muscles and sleek looking hides spoke volumes about their care and breeding. She heard a noise that intrigued her and decided to check it out. She went through the large set of doors, opposite the ones that she had entered and found herself in a dark grass covered yard.

Susan hadn’t gone far when the noise that had enticed her to enter the yard sounded again directly behind her. She finally recognized it for what it was; the rattle of a chain and the whine of a dog. A chill shot through her and in that moment of immobilization it sealed her fate once more. Before she knew it the animal had her on the ground and was standing over her.

Susan looked at her captor and even in the low light recognized him as a German Shepherd; a huge German Shepherd. This dog was even bigger than the other dogs that had raped her. She thought of screaming for help but the look on the animal’s face and his menacing growl convinced her to change her mind. Even the notion of using her short chained purse as a bludgeon fled from her thoughts. It wasn’t long before the beast was actually nipping her into position and she was soon on her hands and knees in the soft grass.

The young blonde was determined to make it hard for the animal to get her but in the end it didn’t matter. He lifted her dress over her rump, baring her butt the cool evening air and then used the tactic that had worked before; he nipped her into submission.

Susan sobbed as she grabbed her panties and pulled them down. She didn’t stop until she was free of them and was once more in position to be mounted. “Get it over with you bastard. You’re just another mutt I owe a horrible death to.” She hissed. “And I definitely know where you live. I…”

Her threats were cut short by the huge animal’s tongue as it began licking her pussy lips. He took his time and hit every square inch of her tender flesh before he began jabbing his oral digit into her deeper. Over and over he raked her clit and several times he even managed to hit her G-spot His manipulation was perfect and after five minutes Susan experience her first of many orgasms that night.

Susan was barely over the first intense throes of her climax when she felt the dog mount her and begin searching for her woman hood in earnest. Several times the searching phallus hit her sharply between her pussy and ass and made her wince with pain. After the third attempt she lifted herself a little higher and the invading cock found its target after that. She let out a guttural grunt as the hot shaft sliced into her core but it was better than being brutalized over and over the way she had been moments before.

Once the Shepherd felt his cock enter his new bitch he wasted little time in sinking it into her as deeply as possible. He was soon thrusting himself into her at a pace that was nothing short of miraculous. His paws were wrapped around his mate tightly and there was no way she was going anywhere until he had accomplished his task; fucking his progeny into her.

Minutes passed and Susan could do little but grunt with each and every impact that followed as the beast thrust feverishly into her. The huge head of the animal rested just over her right shoulder and she heard and felt every exerted breath that her rapist took while expending himself within her. She tried to shut it out but it was impossible to diminish any of the feelings that she was being flooded with at the moment.

Susan was pushed over her second orgasm but her pounding didn’t stop until she was almost ready to have her third. She felt her captor stop and prayed that he was done but when she felt his cock shift within her and then advance again she cursed the animal’s ancestors anew.

The huge Shepherd sensed that he was ready and searched for his prime target and he found it easily. The pointed tip of his cock skewered the small opening of her uterus without difficulty and he was soon plugged into her so deeply that none of his sperm would see the light of day for over forty-eight hours. His knot entered her also and was soon ensconced within her vaginal tube and caressing her G-spot.

Susan swore as she felt the beast’s cock enter her cervix but when his knot blew through her vaginal opening she nearly fainted. She doubted that the ball of flesh that had just entered her was as big as a grapefruit but it sure felt like it. This dog was half again as big the other animals that had raped her and she was sure that her poor pussy would never be the same. She would probably have to have some kind of surgery done to repair want this bastard was doing to her.

The animal on Susan’s back was thrusting into her much slower now but with each thrust came a jarring within her that moved several of her major organs around. It was an agonizing pleasure and one that she was sure would probably kill her if the beast was pounding it into her like moments before. She could only hope that he was almost done with her before someone found them together like this. It was during this though that she heard voices and they were very close to the door behind which she and the dog were sexually engaged.

“Oh George, these horses are beautiful.” Came a girl’s distinct voice. “Are you really going to buy me one after we’re married?”

“Of course I am Babe, anything you want.” Responded the young man. “I doubt it will cost as much as Sebastian did but I’ll make sure it’s a good one for you. I’ll probably get you a hot looking mare and then we can watch him fuck her. Think that would make you hot?”

“Mmmmm… you know it would you tease.” She responded by cupping her fianc? crotch and rubbing it gently. She felt him stirring almost immediately.

George groaned softly. “Easy Honey, or I’m going to have to take you into one of the stalls and fuck your sweet ass.”

“Really,” She cooed softly while continuing her manipulations. “I think it’s a little too light in here but why don’t we step into the back yard where it’s darker and you can take care of my itch there. I’ll let you push me up against the fence and you can you plug me from behind.”

George chuckled. “You don’t want to go out that door Babe. Titan would grab you and make you his bitch before you even knew what hit you.”

“Titan?” Inquired Jill as she ceased her caresses and looked more closely at the young man.

“Yeah, there is a huge Shepherd chained out back and he will fuck any female that comes within range of him; two… or four legged.”

“Really, and what does he do to guys.”

George laughed again. “Guys probably wish that he would only fuck them. I heard that one would-be bandit was found dead on the shed roof. He made it that far before he bled to death.”

“The guy was torn up that bad?”

“Well… it was more like where he was torn up. I don’t think they ever found his cock and balls.”

“Are you serious?” Ask Jill wide eyed.

“Yeah, I am, fortunately the club has enough powerful members to keep such incidents hush-hush but it’s happened three times already. Two guys and one girl. The men of course were killed but the girl was fucked silly before the stable hands managed to get her away from the old boy. I guess she really found out what it was like to be a bitch.”

“Whoa… Hey… speaking of bitches,” Commented Jill. “Did you see that blonde that was with the new perspective member?”

“Yeah, the name escapes me but I saw them.”

Jill nodded. “I know her and I’d love to see Titan get his paws on her if he’s as ruthless as you say he is. She’s the typical little rich bitch that give the rest of us a bad name. And the ironic part of it all is that her daddy isn’t even a real millionaire. He’d have to sell off everything he had to get close to the magic number. Yeah… I’d love to see a dog make her his special bitch. Where is he?”

“Come on and I’ll show you.” Smirked George. “But if he rips your dress off you and tries to shove his cock up your cute little cunt don’t blame me.”

Beyond the fact that Susan had a huge piece of hot meat stuffed into her pussy at the moment her eyes bugged even farther from her sockets if that were possible. She had heard almost everything that had been said and the shadows of the people in the barn were now blocking some of the light that was pouring out the semi-open door. She would soon be discovered and her shame broadcast to the whole world. These people would never let her live it down; she would be ruined.

Susan swore that she could feel her heart begin to skip a beat and she felt faint. She was sure that she was about to die when the shadows stopped abruptly just short of allowing the people within from seeing her in her compromised position.

“George, Jill, Come on.” Came the booming voice of the young man’s father. “I want you with me in the other barn when I show Sebastian off to Rita and her sister. That horse always acts better when you are there.

Susan heard no reply, but as the shadows receded she breathed what sigh of relief she could as the animal continued to pump himself into her. It wasn’t much longer before she felt her belly bloat as the dog shot his sperm into her. It felt like molten metal was pouring into her womb and rushing into her depths. She swore she could feel each tube that the hot liquid was being injected into. She orgasmed again herself and could feel her vagina betraying her as it took on a mind of its own and tried to milk all it could out of the shaft inside of her.

It wasn’t much longer before Titan was almost through with his new bitch of the moment and had turned butt to butt with her. His puppy batter was still pouring into her and he was almost certain that he had accomplished what nature had intended him to do.

Susan felt the animal get off her back but knew that they were still tied firmly together. There was no mistaking the huge knot that she had within her vaginal tube; it was still nestled up against her G-spot and trying to send her into another orgasm. She tried to think of other things but failed. Her forth orgasm claimed her and she did lose momentary consciousness. When she came to she found herself slumped forward with her elbows on the ground and her ass still in the air. The dog’s cock, implanted in her pussy, was holding her from falling down and to her side.

The young blonde got up to her hands again and continued to wait for the huge bastard to pull out of her. In the mean time she began formulating plans to kill the son of a bitch that was still imbedded inside her womb. All of this she did quietly in continual fear of being found mated to Titan.

Twenty minutes passed before Titan finally pulled his cock out of her and very little of his sperm leaked out of her as they detached. When she was free of the animal she scrambled as far away from him as possible. It wasn’t until she tried to put her panties back on that she discovered they were no longer around her one ankle. She peered carefully into the darkness and on the grass where she had been kneeling but still didn’t see them. It wasn’t until she moved a little closer to the spot that she saw the silky garment. They were sitting between Titan’s front paws and it looked as though he was daring her to come and get them. “Keep them for now you bastard, but I’ll come and get them eventually and when I do I’ll have a little surprise for you. I know where you live!” She threatened.

Susan tried to brush herself off and straighten her clothes as best possible in the very dim light. At least she still had her purse she thought as she peered around the open door and into the barn carefully before re-entering the stable. She exited the main door and headed for the central area of the club. She had almost made it back to one of the ladies rooms when she ran into her father. “Susan, where have you been and what’s happened to you… you’re… a mess!” He exclaimed.

The young blonde spun around quickly and faced her father. She managed to contrive a convincing smile and answered him as sweetly as possible while actually wanting to scream at him. “I had a run in with a frisky… colt and he knocked me down in the grass. After I get cleaned up a little I would really appreciate it if you would take me home. If you can’t then at least call me a limo to come and pick me up! I’ll be ready in about ten minutes.”

Susan didn’t wait for an answer but quickly entered the ladies room and began taking stock of her present conditions. She was fairly mussed up and there were substantial grass stains on both her hands and knees. All through her self examination she mumbled curses and threats at the beast that had done this to her.

Eventually Susan got down to the part she dreaded the most. After making sure that she was truly alone she locked the bathroom door and then stood before the mirror again. She lifted her dress and managed to place one of her feet on the counter top. She was totally surprised that her pussy wasn’t bleeding or half turned inside out from the ordeal but the bulge of her belly did shock her. She looked like she was several months pregnant again and she detested it because she knew that it was dog sperm swimming inside her uterus that was making it look like it did. Even as she stood there, several drops of the animal’s cumm leaked out of her and it disgusted her to be reminded of what had happened to her.

Susan threw a small fit but luckily didn’t damage or bruise anything but her own fists on the counter top as she beat on them. After thirty seconds of yelling, screaming and throwing paper towels around the small room she slowly cooled and straightened her dress again. She looked in her purse for a tampon but found none so she had to revert to carefully stuffing some tissue paper into her leaking slot to staunch the flow. The whole situation grossed her out totally but she had little choice in the matter.

Fifteen minutes after entering the ladies room Susan emerged looking as though she had only gone through a category one hurricane instead of a category four storm. Her father actually had the car waiting for her when she emerged and they were soon on their way home. He asked her a few questions were asked but received no answers and within thirty minutes more the young blonde was once more sequestered in her room. She went directly to her bed and crawled beneath the covers where she fell asleep shortly after that.

Susan slept fitfully. In her dreams she saw all the dogs that had raped her standing in a small circle. They were discussing among themselves how they had satisfied themselves within her body. They filled in every detail of their adventure with the most deive words possible and she relived her entire ordeal as she slumbered as though she were currently experiencing it anew. When she finally awoke it was as if she hadn’t slept at all. She was wet with sweat and semen and even more tired than before.

Susan walked to the side of the barn instead of entering it and moseyed up to the fence that surrounded the back area of the huge red horse shelter. She didn’t look suspicious in any way because she didn’t glance about as though she wanted to see who might be watching her. She had walked boldly as though she belonged there. When she reached the six foot chain link barrier she found exactly what she had hoped she would find.

Titan saw her immediately and moved out of the shade in which he had been lying. He didn’t bark but he was totally alert. His movement drew her attention to him also and she smiled. “Hi, remember me you son of a bitch?” She intoned sweetly, in an attempt to ease his aggressiveness. “I told you I knew where you lived, and now I’m going to reward you for what you did to me.”

Now, Susan did glance furtively about. She didn’t want anyone seeing her feeding the poisoned meat to the dog. Once she was sure that she was in the clear she deftly pulled the tainted protein from her purse, opened the bag a bit and then tossed it into his pen. From this point on her nerves got the better of her and she hurriedly walked away. She couldn’t afford to have someone see her near the pen of a poisoned animal. If they questioned her… she would never be able to explain why she did it without total humiliation.

Susan was satisfied now that she had gotten even with at least one of her attackers; and the others were next. What she didn’t see though was that the plastic wrapped meat patty had fallen three feet short of it’s intended goal. Titan wasn’t the smartest of dogs and he had tangled up his chain in a way that hindered his movement. He couldn’t get to the food that he smelled and though he tried several times to reach it his chain was too strong for him: kept him alive this time. Later that day when the stable hands did find the meat it stank so bad from lying in the sun that the man simply threw it away; he did wonder how it got there though.

As the owner of the red Mustang headed for her next rendezvous at the building site she chuckled gleefully at how easily she had poisoned Titan. “You won’t be raping anymore females now you son of a bitch. I told you I’d get you.” She stated triumphantly.

By the time Susan arrived at the construction site, the last of the workers were packing up their tools and leaving for the day. She parked in a seclude area and watched. The building she was interested in was about a hundred yards away and she could see no animals moving about. She decided that now was the opportune moment to strike.

To Susan it was obvious; during the day, the dogs vacated the area because of the noisy workers. The mutts would return later in the evening. She scanned the area with a pair of binoculars that she had borrowed from her father’s hunting equipment. She saw nothing moving at the site. With her supposed success at the country club spurring her on she retrieved the shopping bag, her father’s hunting knife and a can of mace from under the seat of her car. Now she was ready.

Susan opened the door of her car with some trepidation, but her thirst for revenge outweighed all common sense. She rationalized that the reason she had failed before was because it had been dark or nearly dark when she attempted her revenge. This was not the case this time. There was plenty of light for her to see and she would not be caught off guard again.

The thin well shaped blonde carried the razor sharp hunting knife in her right hand and ready to strike. In her left were the bag of poisoned food and the can of mace, ready for her to spray it into the face of any attacker. She wanted to poison these bastards but she was ready to slice and dice them if she had to. Her bravado far exceeded her expertise.

The cautious advance to the building site took over ten minutes but eventually she was standing in what would someday be someone’s living room. She carefully set the knife down on a pile of lumber and pulled out one of the baggies of meat. She opened it slightly so that the smell of the food would entice the dogs and then tossed it into the corner of the room. She did the same with the remaining bags in rapid succession, but in different corners and then turned to leave. That was when she stopped short at the sight of one of her previous attackers. He was sitting in one of the open doorways.

Susan reached for her father’s knife quickly and was soon waving it in front of her as though she was creating some kind of invisible barrier that the mutt could not penetrate. “Just eat the food I brought you like a nice doggy and everything will be fine.” She said in a voice that betrayed her outward calmness. That didn’t shatter until she looked at all the possible exits out of the room.

The young blonde continued to face the mutt in the living room entryway; but glanced at the two other exits quickly. A chill ran down her spine as she saw that these had a dog sitting in them also; she was surrounded.

“Oh shit.” She hissed and then she spied what would someday be a huge picture window. She began backing her way toward this avenue of escape and was just about there when she saw a fourth dog sitting on the future front porch.

The largest of the mutts that she had seen yet didn’t remain on the porch long because he quickly launched himself at her. His aim was good and as he passed by her he snagged the long sleeve shirt of her knife wielding hand before she could even react.

Susan shrieked in fright as the beast grabbed her shirt and yanked her viciously from her position by his sheer weight and momentum. She managed to begin spraying the animal as she was pulled from her feet but it was a futile attempt. The spray barely hit the animal’s face and landed mostly on his neck and shoulder. She found herself at the mercy of a pack of wild dogs once more as the huge K9 shook her arm so hard that she lost contact with the knife.

Susan lost her bearings for a moment, barely knowing which direction was up let alone anything else. When things did become calm she was weaponless. The knife was several feet from her and the can of mace had rolled into the future fireplace; it might as well have been on the moon for all the good it was going to do her in her current situation.

The young blonde surveyed her situation and it didn’t look good. Her shirt was tattered and torn in so many places that it was really nothing but a rag anymore. Her pants also were frayed at the edges and she was totally surrounded by the four dogs. There were no open routes of escape. The only thing that surprised her was that except for a few nips that stung she was not bleeding from any major wounds.

Susan watched as the largest of the mutts, the one she hadn’t seen before, got right in her face. He growled and then nipped at her bra. “Oh god.” She sighed, because she knew what he wanted. “I hate you sons a bitches.” She spit at him but she also began to reach behind her and release the catch of her undergarment.

Once Susan had bared her c cupped breasts and thrown the item of clothing into the center of the room, the dog moved closer. He began licking her fine flesh and pink nipples as though he knew exactly what he was doing and what would turn her on.

Susan groaned her mental displeasure but inside her body was betraying her. She cringed at his touch but below, her vaginal juices began to flow and she hated what was happening to her.

The huge dog backed off a bit and sniffed at her crotch. He gave it a tentative lick and then growled at her again while looking her dead in the eyes.

“Bastard.” She hissed as she began stripping her pants off. Her stomach turned sour and she would have thrown up if there had been food there. She knew where all of this was leading and she couldn’t find any way around it. The huge animal in front of her was going to rape her and there was nothing short of a miracle that was going to keep that from happening.

The dog watched as his captive bitch shed more of her clothes. When she was done he swiped the sweet smelling area again with his tongue but there was still a barrier there that impeded his advances; he growled again.

“Fuck you, asshole.” Shouted Susan as she gained a little strength to be defiant.

The rebellion was short lived. Her tone of voice must have triggered something in the beast that he understood. In an instant he deftly had her panties in his mouth and bullyragged her so hard that in the end she was not only naked but scuffed raw on her sweet derriere from the attack.

Susan watched as her ruined undergarment went flying to join the other articles of clothing she had once possessed. The abraded skin on her butt cheeks stung as she sat there so when the huge animal nudged her shoulder she moved. She knew that she was about to be raped but she had already accepted that inevitability. There was no sense in adding visible injury to her list of abuses.

The huge mutt watched as his newfound mate began to submit herself to him. She slowly moved into position and when he saw that she was ready he gave her pussy a perfunctory sniff and then mounted her.

Susan heard more than felt the shaggy beast that was about to rape her as he sniff at her vaginal opening. She shuddered at the thought of what was to come and then her supposed fears became reality. She nearly collapsed from the animal’s weight as he mounted her and the shame she endured as he sought out her sex was almost beyond bearing. She was the one supporting them at the moment. She was the one holding herself at the ready for her rapist to use her.

“God damn Bastard.” Hissed Susan as her attacker’s hot shaft hit the tender bridge between her openings several times before homing in on its intended target. On his fifth stab he managed to sink three inches of his male anatomy into her vagina and from there he claimed his victory completely.

Susan uttered a pained moan as her attacker’s cock violated her pussy several inches. It didn’t retreat after that but surged even deeper into her interior. It didn’t stop until it had bottomed out at the end of her tunnel. “My god… he’s so… big.” She muttered incoherently.

Once the dog had set his shaft into his bitch he began thrusting in earnest. He had no idea what the sounds that were coming from his present mate meant but it didn’t really matter to him. He had her and he was going to fuck his puppies into her. She was going to carry his progeny if it was the last thing he ever did.

Susan moaned, panted, squealed and made almost every pained sound imaginable as the huge animal used her for his purposes. If it hadn’t been for the precum that was continually seeping from the dog’s cock and lubrication her pussy, she was sure she would have been rubbed raw inside. She could almost picture herself trying to explain to the nurses what had happened to her and she was sure she would die of shame because of it. She had to keep her injuries to a minimum; she couldn’t let anyone find out about this.

Susan lost track of time. She had no idea how long the beast on her back pounded her. Her third orgasm was beginning to subside when the animal inside her slowed. She breathed a sigh of relief as she felt his hot phallus pull out of her slightly but it was a short reprieve. The heavy shaft returned with a vengeance and this time it found a new opening. Almost like a bat using radar to guide it the tip of the dog’s cock skewered her cervix and entered her uterus.

Susan arched her back involuntarily at the new invasion and only succeeded in allowing the whole process to truly unfold. Lined up as she was now, the dog’s knot blasted through her vaginal lips and locked him inside her.

Within two seconds the huge animal had claimed his mate entirely. He was truly free to impregnate her now. His billions of squiggling sperm were aimed at the precise point to which they needed to go; her ovaries: and his knot would hold him in place until it was all accomplished.

Susan almost passed out from the pain of taking her rapist’s knot into her body. She had felt the huge bulb beating at her vaginal door since the rape began; it was continually mashing itself into her clit. It was nearly the size of a tennis ball and she prayed that he wouldn’t manage to get into her but her plea went unanswered.

“I’m going to find some way to kill you Bastard…” She managed to hiss between clenched teeth; but then her fourth orgasm hit her and she felt the dog beginning to pour himself into her. The heat of his fluid as it entered her was impossible to miss.

“Oh god, oh god, ohhh… god…” Exclaimed the possessed blonde as she felt the animal mounted to her empty his seed into her womb. He spewed so much of his fluid into her that she actually sensed her abdomen expanding to make room for it. She hated it. She had been totally fucked by this brute and would probably be carrying his sperm in her for several days. Her only consolation was that she wouldn’t get pregnant and have to carry his baby in her belly for months on end.

Time became a blur once more. She had no idea how long she had been kneeling there with this huge animal imbedded in her most private parts but she was fairly certain that it was over an hour. Her knees, her hands and her elbows were sore. She wasn’t sure how much more of this abuse she could stand when she felt a noticeable difference. The animal above her shifted and the next thing she knew her vaginal lips felt as though they had been pulled inside out.

“Son of a bitch.” Susan cried out as she crashed to the floor on her side. Tears came to her eyes and her poor little pussy stung from the abuse. She lay there for a moment and then her eyes caught a glimpse of the huge cock that had just exited her body and she knew why she hurt. She gulped at the thought that the ten inch piece of meat that she saw dangling from the dog had been in her. And not only the shaft, but the tennis ball sized knot also.

Susan watched as the huge dog then went to one of the corners that had meat in it. She smiled inwardly as the beast sniffed at her offering. Gleefully she waited for the bastard to eat the poisoned morsel but he turned his nose up at it and looked at her. He barked once and it was almost as if he gave his henchmen a command. The next biggest dog approached her and began asserting his wishes on her.

Susan knew that she was in trouble. She saw a low bench looking device and managed to scrabble to it on sore hands and knees before her next attacker grabbed her. Now, at least, she would not have to support her rapist as he took advantage of her.

Where time went was anyone’s guess. All Susan knew was a seemingly unending orgasm brought about by animals that she despised, hated and wished to see annihilated. There was no doubt that her body was responding to the fucking that she was receiving but her mind simply could not enjoy the pleasure. She was being raped by a dog and that was all that mattered.

Susan felt the fourth animal mount her. She grunted as he entered her sore battered pussy. As he began to thrust into her she finally decided to shorten the mating process and began to thrust herself back at him. She arched her spine a bit and tried to capture his knot. “Come on you asshole, fuck me and get it over with. Come on… try and put your puppies into me. Your all so stupid… you can’t make me pregnant.” She chided.

As the other dogs lay there watching their last member service the bitch that had wandered into their territory they witnessed something that they hadn’t received. The female that was fucking their partner was being more cooperative now. Why hadn’t she done the same for them? They lay there and stoically watched.

Susan felt the forth animal’s knot enter her and was thankful that it wasn’t the big dog’s cock that was imbedded in her at the moment. She thrust herself at him two more times and was rewarded for her efforts by feeling him spew his hot sperm into her body. “That’s it you fucking mutt.” She whispered hoarsely. “Get you nut off in me. I hope you enjoy it because I’m still going to see you and your buddies die a horrible death if it’s the last thing I do. I got the bastard at the club and I’ll get you too if you don’t eat the poison.”

Susan lost count of the times she had orgasmed. She was utterly exhausted. She shuddered from relief and revulsion as the dog pulled his cock out of her. She looked about the room and now realized just how dark it had become. Her knees, hands, elbows and stomach were sore and she was a total mess. Gingerly she went to retrieve her clothes and found the three packages of tainted meat lying on top of them. She threw them in the direction of the fireplace.

The young blonde looked at the four dogs and swore that they had smug looks on their faces. It was dark but she knew that they were somehow laughing at her. She put on her shirt and then stepped into her pants. “Ewww…” She muttered as she felt some of the animal’s sperm leak from her vaginal slit and run down her legs. The feel of her pants against it was gross.

As she went to button and zipper the garment into place she realized just how bloated her stomach really was. In the dark it was hard to see but once more she estimated that she looked as though she was about four months pregnant. She felt like a whore as she dressed in front of the animals that had used her and she blushed.

She picked up her ruined panties and bra and stuffed them in her pants pocket as best possible. She didn’t want to leave evidence behind that would alert the builders that something had happened here. She then moved to her father’s knife but before she could pick it up the pack leader growled and intercepted her attempt; he placed his huge paw directly on top of the weapon. She pulled back quickly and decided that it would have to be a loss. The dogs were leaving her alone at the moment and she figured that it would be best if she got her ass out of there before they decided otherwise.

Susan made it to her car after stumbling several times in the dark. After she got into her car, movement nearby drew her attention. She peered carefully at the shape she saw there and realized that it was the leader of the pack. He had followed her to where she was parked and it scared her because she hadn’t even seen him. She had looked back several times to see if they were there and had missed him completely.

Susan started the engine of her car and then pointed at the dog as though she was aiming a pistol at him. “Pow…” She muttered as thought she were firing a shot at him. “I won’t miss next time doggy. You’re already dead… you just don’t know it yet.” She angrily threw her Mustang in gear and hit the gas. Dirt and rocks flew into the air as the tires spun for traction and soon the vehicle was gone.

The leader of the pack ambled away after that, wondering when he’d get to see this light haired bitch again. He liked her.

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