A story about a guy finally fulfilling his desires, in an odd way.
Fantasies do come true

This is a story concerning many fetishes. I appreaciate constructive criticism, so sugestions may be taken into account for any rewrite/sequel. This is a work of fantasy.

My name is John. I'm in my late 20's, living a pretty confortable life between my obligations at work and home, where I live with my fianc?Justine. We have been together for a few years now, gone through a lot and made through, so we're pretty much open about anything around each other. That's how this story started.

Let me first describe ourselves: me and Justine are pretty close in age and habits, so we're both a bit sedentary, but not much. We're not really fit, but we're not fat. We both have dark hair and brown eyes - she has long hair, while mine is regular, old-fashioned short cut. I'm slim but used to work out; she has a little plump since a few years, but really hot. Her tits are about 30C, and she also has thick thighs and nice plumpy ass. She had everything I liked best about a woman's looks.

Despite her being hot, our sex life wasn't so good. At first, we were both aroused every single day, almost any time. But after some years together, I was lucky if she was aroused twice a month. Even then, not every time was I lucky enough to get laid.

As I've said, we're very open with each other. As a result, she knows all my sexual fetishes, have even indulged me in most of them at least once, but disapproves basicly all of them. To her, oral sex is as far as she's willing to go from regular sex. She also shaves her pussy, but mostly for hygiene reasons.

So, in what I thought to be a normal weekend to just chill around the house, Justine wakes me up a bit early (which for me is 9 o'clock, on saturdays) and tells me to take a shower and meet her at the living room, 'cause she'd have a surprise for me. I took a shower thinking she would made me breakfast or give me a present, nothing too much out of the ordinary.

When I arrived at the living room, I was comprehensibly surprised. All our furniture was gone, and there were, sitting on plastic chairs over a different, cheap looking rug, four women, besides my wife. I knew all of them closely enough. The first one from left to right was my mother-in-law, Ruth. She and Justine looked a lot alike, only her skin was a little bit more tanned, and she liked wearing blue contact lenses. Her age, early 50's, only made her a little more frail, but she still had a very attractive figure. Next to her right was my sister-in-law, Sandy, who was only a couple years younger than Justine, had a tighter body, only with small B cup tits but with perfect ass and legs to make up for it. Her hair, different from her sister's was shoulder length, and a bit lighter collored - almost auburn. Next to her, was a friend of our's, Melissa. She was black, very athletic, and had C cup tits and the most perfect ass I knew, about a tie with Sandy. Her long, dark hair was kept in thin rastafari locks, but not dreadlocks. She was really close to us, and we used to go out together. Last, there was a friend of Justine, Lena, whom I knew for a while, but wasn't all that close to. She was very pretty, with long dark hair and hazel eyes, and every since I knew her she had a nice body, close to Justine's figure, but less blessed in the rear department. By the time, she was 5 months pregnant, but was one of those women who only get prettier when carrying a child. They were all, interestingly, wearing almost identical short white dresses, which flattered all of their legs.

I approached them a bit embarassingly, since I had left the room only with some jogger pants on, expecting none but my fianc?home. Justine smiled at my embarassement, stood up and told me to sit on her chair. I got to the point of having some small talk with them, while she stood behind me rubbing my shoulders a little, when a silent moment arose, and Justine asked:

"Honey, aren't you curious about why we're all here?"

"Well, I thought they were just visiting", I answered.

"Yes, you can say they are", she replied with a smirk, "but aren't you curious about what was the surprise I promised you?"

"Oh, you mean it isn't this massage?", was my answer, trying to sound funny. At least I made them giggle.

"No, John, it isn't.", she said after the giggling.

"Then what is it?"

"Well, I was talking to all the girls here, and we decided to make you a surprise. They're all here for that.", she answered. It must have been obvious that I wasn't following her line of thought. "You know how you have desires, and I don't like most of them, most of the time. So, talking to the girls, we decided they would help you fulfill all of them."

I froze. They were all looking at me. For a moment, I was still, as the news sank in. I shifted in my seat and stumbled the words " What do you mean? All of these comitted, if not married, women, who are close to us, have been told of what I fantasize, AND are going to do it with me?"

They all smiled. "Don't worry", said Ruth, "this will be our little secret."

"We're gonna do everything, and anything at all.", said Melissa, caressing Lena's pregnant belly as she said it.

"And are you gonna participate?", I asked Justine.

"No honey, I'll only tape everything. I also called your friend Raissa, to take some pictures. Raissa, come in", and as she called out, Raissa entered the room from the kitchen. Raissa was an old friend o'mine who worked as a photographer. At least I knew I could trust her, better than anyone else she might have hired for such a job. She greeted me, handed my fianc?a video camera, then took from a bag a digital photo camera.

"Now, John, take your pants off so we can get started" was Sandy's order. The video camera was tuned on, my pants were off, and the first pictures were shot.

My dick wasn't hard yet, from my nervousness. I didn't knew what to do, so my mother-in-law commanded "Bend over. We'll all take turns feeling up your prostate." All the girls took out from their back a tube of lube and began lubing their fingers.

Ruth was the first to insert her index finger up my rectum. My cock grew hard immediately, as her daughter had never done that to me. It felt so good to have a finger other than my own feeling up there. Every time she moved her finger, the thrill would make it seem like I would cum.

She soon removed her finger and stepped back, and Sandy took her place. Her fingers were thinner, but she seemed more excited about it. She moved her fingers in and out frantically, some times stopping to press against my prostate. My loins were tightening up more and more as she kept her rhythm.

"Oh fuck, I think I'm getting close to cumming", I said, warning everyone. Hearing this, Melissa moved closer and squated between my legs. I looked at her (strangely, cause my head was upside down from bending over), she smiled at me and, without waiting a second, took one of my balls in her mouth. It was awesome, her soft lips and tongue caressing my increasingly full scrotum. As she stood her position, legs spread, I could see her barely shaven and clearly wet pussy from underneath her short white dress - it was beautiful, and made me wonder if each one was sporting the same lack of panties and pubic hair.

The last drop before I came was feeling another hand on my ass, and a different finger being pushed alongside Sandy's. As I redirected my attention back to who was fingering me, I saw that Lena had moved closer to Sandy and was the one inserting a finger in me. The combined pressure of both girls fingers, Melissa sucking on my balls, plus all the excitement from being watched, photographed, taped and fondled by all these gorgeous and familiar women made me burst. It was the strongest orgasm I had ever had until then. I would have fallen to the ground if Melissa hadn't supported me a bit.

As I stood up, recovering from my orgasm, all the girls looked at me with smiles in their faces. Ruth was the first to say something.

"So, how is your asshole? Ready for more?"

"Oh yeah. That was so great, I even feel light-headed right now."

"Well, you better lie on the floor, then. Since you're there, pull your knees to your chest", she said. My heart was racing, but I trusted them completely. This was going better than I could ever expect something like this to go.

As I laid on the floor, I noticed Ruth pulling something out of her purse. She held it in such a way that I could not see it from my point of view, although it may have been not on purpose. She kneeled between my buttcheeks, and I could soon feel her hands spreading them even more, as she dropped her head until she was eye-level with my asshole. One second later, her tongue was lapping at my anus, with little force needed to penetrate my hole. I could see Melissa, still squatting on the floor, push a hand up Ruth's dress, caressing her slowly. I could also watch Sandy pull Lena's dress up, and slowly tease Lena's hairless pussy caressing her inner thighs, while stroking her belly with the other hand.

The next thing I noticed, Ruth stops licking me, and lifts something up. I realize it's a bright pink dildo, about 7 inches long but not very thick. She starts to push it up my sphincter. After all the play up until now, it gave little to no resistence, and I felt myself getting fuller and fuller. I moaned, showing how much I liked this. They all seemed to be glad I was enjoying myself, or at least should be with all the sex play going on even between them.

As the dildo entered it's last inch, I was delighted. My cock was hard and throbbing again, and I was expecting some dildo fucking my ass, which would make me cum in minutes. Instead, the dildo was left buried in my ass, and all the girls stood up.

"What's going on?", was all I could think of asking, lying helplessly on the floor.

"We are standing up to give you a new treat", said Sandy ", one that you love, but my sister doesn't like to give you very often." They were all circling around me as she said that, and I could see all their shaved pussies under their dresses. I had an idea of what the treat could be, but remained silent while they reached their positions.

Once I was in the middle of the circle, they all lifted their dresses, showing their glistening cunts. "Before you woke up, dear, all of them drank at least half a gallon of water each.", Justine said. "It's time for them to relieve their bladders."

With that, they all semi-simultaneosly began to pee all over me. I love the feel and taste of warm girl-pee over me, and this was arousing me up to my limits. Sometimes they aimed for my open mouth, other times to my chest, but overall I think I got a mouthful from each. They all tasted lovely, and I had never drank so much pee in my life, which made me a little nauseous.

Next, they all kneeled down. Sandy and Lena began sucking on my nipples - still covered in pee -, while Ruth played with her pussy a little, and Melissa approached me, a few inches from my face.

"Now, you can choose one of us which you'll pee on, and she will gladly drink your urine."

"Well, I guess it will be a bit dificult for me to do that right now", I said, pointing at my dick. She smiled.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of that.", Melissa said, and caressed Ruth's thigh. She got the hint, and straddled my hard cock in an instant. Her wet and smooth hairless pussy was only a bit looser than her doughter's, but still tremendously pleasuring. My cock disappeared inside her before I could even muster a moan, and she began going up and down over me like crazy. In about a minute of this, her tits scaped her strapless dress. They sagged very little for her age, specially when Melissa took one of her nipples into her mouth and started suckling. Meanwhile, she reached a hand between my legs, and began moving the dildo in and out of my asshole.

Combining all those stimulations was a perfect recepie for cumming in five minutes. That's about the time I took to fill my mother-in-law's cunt with my juice.

With that, all the girls stopped to look at me. I was in bliss, and had no idea what to say.

"So?", Lena asked.

"So what?"

"Who's going to drink your pee?"

"First, I wanna see something, " I said, getting a naughty feeling up my spine, "I want Sandy to clean her mother's cunt from my sperm."

I could see the grin in all the girl's faces, except Sandy and Ruth. Such an incestuous thought must never have crossed their minds. Sure, I had mentioned to Justine how I'd like to see her eat her sister out, but never something mentioning their mom.

Ruth was the first to react. She climbed off of me, and sat on a chair, with her legs spread as far as she could. She looked serious but sexy, playing with her clit with one finger, as if inviting her own daughter to eat her snatch.

Sandy kept looking at us, not knowing what to do, until I slapped her ass. She knew what she had to do. She crawled to meet her mother's sloppy cunt, knowing she would cross a border from which there was no return. Yet she stopped between her mother's thighs, and passionately kissed Ruth's nether lips. It was a beautiful scene, and if I wasn't so worn out, I believe I would have came right there and then. Melissa and Lena began stroking their pussies furiously, and Ruth looked like she was in heaven. Watching a hot and horny daughter suck globs of cum from her hot and horny mother's pussy is really something out of this world. In a few minutes, I was hard again, and Ruth and Lena were cumming at the same time.

I stood up, removing the dildo from my ass, as the girls' orgasms subsided. Sandy was still buried in her Ruth's love-box when I pulled her by the hair, made her knee in front of me, and placed my cock in her mouth.

"You are gonna drink it. Try your best to swallow it all." Sandy only nodded a bit in response, her eyes shocked from the sudden motion.

I forced a little, since I was already hard again, and eventually my piss started to flow. It was so hot watching her taking a mouthful, trying to swallow and gagging because of the taste. She tried harder and could swallow the next few mouthfuls, although still letting some scape. Lena came to the rescue, fondling her tits and trying to lick off the scaping urine, until I was over.

Sandy looked sick after drinking so much pee, and tried to run off to the bathroom. I held her by the hair, and made her lie on the floor. She gasped for air, and I held her down once more.

"Melissa, come here and suck some pussy."

Melissa took my cue, stopped stroking her own clit and dove into Sandy's cunt. Sandy seemed to calm down when the feelings in her clit traveled through her body. I, on the other hand, was getting really worked up with Melissa's ass pointing up in the air. I had to fuck that shithole, and I did.

Melissa's ass was perfect, even more with my cock forcing it's way into it. Her black, puckered hole against my white dick made me have a completely new understanding of the phrase "Ebony and Ivory", and a real special one. She moved her hips all around, making me insane and increasing my pace. I noticed she too was moving her ass towards me stronger every time, and Sandy was really moaning like a bitch in heat.

Sandy triggered our reaction. In a few minutes, she began thrusting her hips at Melissa's face like a maniac, cursing and cumming. This lead to Melissa's release of tension, in an orgasm which made her lose her balance and land her face on Sandy's pussy. Her very tight ass got unbelievably tight, and there was no way I wouldn't cum, even if just some dribbles after so much I had come.

We were exhausted. I was, at least. I needed some time to rest, and could have my way doing it.

"Are you girls still up for more?", I asked them.

"Sure!", Ruth and Lena answered, followed seconds later by Melissa and Sandy, both with huge grins on their faces.

"I know what you can do. Let's form a daisy chain!"

The girls agreed, even if some of them a little tired, and formed a chain as I instructed: Ruth would eat Sandy out, Sandy would eat Lena, Lena would do Melissa, and Melissa would do Ruth. I made sure Raissa took lots of pictures of this, because if there was something difficult to repeat about this encounter, it would be to get all these girls back together to repeat this.

Ruth was a bit relunctant to lick her daughter's snatch at first, but when she started to get excited by Melissa eating her out, she lost all inhibitions. That really got the thing going, as each one getting hornier would make the next even hornier.

The first to cum was Lena, squirting girl-juice all over Sandy's face. It took some more time for Ruth cum, triggered by Melissa's own orgasm, which triggered Sandy's also. In my case, having stuck the dildo up my ass again, and stroking my cock because of such a sight, I was on the verge of cumming again. I pulled Sandy and Lena close on their knees in front of me, and they started taking turns licking my cock. Lena decided to engulf my cock and start to bob her head up and down it, and then Sandy pulled Lena's top off to suck on her preggo tits. In a minute, I warned them I was cumming. Lena took my dick out and started stroking it over her face. I pulled Sandy again by the hair, and made her focus on my shaft, licking and kissing it. In seconds, I was sending squirts of cum over Lena's and Sandy's face. They finished me off by licking some remaining drops from my cock tip.

I laid on the floor, exhausted. Ruth helped me by taking off the dildo from my ass, while Melissa kissed me passionately on the lips. As Lena cleaned her's and Sandy's face, she stood over me.

"We're not over yet. There's one more thing we have planned.", she said with a grin, pulling her dress off to reveal her gorgeous pregnant figure. All the other girls stepped aside, as she squated over my chest, gave me a deep kiss, then started to squirm a little, as if pushing something. In seconds, a solid turd began making it's way out of her anus, landing on my chest. I had never done that, although I expressed myself to Justine once that I might agree with trying it out. I didn't knew if it would become a "thing" for me, but it definetely excited me then.

A few more pushes, and three more small turd pieces landed on me, the smell intoxicating the room. Lena proudly smiled, pushed the solid turd pieces off my chest to the ground, and kissed me one more time.

"Let me lick your ass clean.", I wispered to her. I could see she was caught off guard by my demand, but obliged by bringing her asshole in full contact with my mouth. I savored the taste of freshly dirty ass, and loved it. I lapped like crazy, and could see her getting wetter by the minute as I did it. Without warning, she moved away from my face, climbed on my by now hard cock, and let her ass impale on it. She was already lubricated from my saliva and her shit, so it was an easy deal. Sandy and Melissa stepped closer to suck on her nipples as she rode me, while Ruth was rubbing herself with one hand and her daughter with the other.

Lena soon came, won over by her excitement and her hormones. It wasn't enough for me to cum, by now, so as she climbed off me, Sandy took her place, filling her perfect asshole with my penis. Ruth moved to let Sandy suck her pussy, while Melissa placed her pussy over my face so I could lick her. We worked this like a well-oiled machine, our rhythm increasing with every stroke.

Sandy came soon enough, only to be replaced by her mother's huge ass. Minutes later, Melissa came from her oral stimulation, leaving only me and my mother-in-law to finish off. Helping out, Sandy began eating her mom out while she rode me, all the while reaching a hand between my legs and massaging my balls. We couldn't handle much longer, and Ruth and I came for the last time that morning. That sure beat the record of most intense orgasm at the time.

We ended up completely exhausted, limp on the floor, the girls and me. We would kiss each other, caress a little, but we were done for now, and had to rest a lot before attempting anything new. Raissa and Justine took some last photos and recordings of us in our state of bliss, before leaving the recorder on a corner and starting to clean things up.

An hour later we said our goodbyes, and each took their way home. I was very thankful of Justine for arranging such a gift for me. We saved the video and pictures, and not very often would watch them together. Her sexual appetite didn't improve over time, and we kept the same rhythm between each other. But every now and then I meet with one of the girls, and all my desires are fulfilled.

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