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read part one first
I came back down stairs all refresh and clean. Going to the back door, I saw Liz right where I left her. She was turning her head from side to side, I guess trying to hear the sounds around her better. Maybe she was thinking someone was out there watching her, but I knew that no one was. I open the door and had her crawl in to the kitchen.

Her ass was red and a little puffy around her asshole. I asked if she enjoy ever thing was has gotten so far, and she responded in a purr with a “yes”. I lead her to our basement where my wife and I have some fun and kinky stuff set up for sex. I had a swing attached to the ceiling and a twin bed with straps at the corners to hold someone down. The bed was almost in the middle of the room so I could get all around it when some is on it. Zoe also liked it because it gave her the chance to move around and watch at all angles. My wife had a trunk down there with all types of strap-ons and dildos. Some whips, pink bondage tape and rope; she like to have so females over for her self and have fun down there.

I removed Liz’s blindfold and watched as see looked around and room to see what we were going to do next. I place her in the swing and rigged it so that she couldn’t close her legs if she wanted to. Next I place a ring gag in her mouth to keep in; Liz starts to drool down her face and onto her tits because of not being able to close her mouth.

“Oh look at that, you are making a mess.” “Now I want to hear you as I have me way with you.”
I tell Liz that I want to hear all the moans and screams of pleasure during this. I like to hear her as she feels what I do to her.

I walk over the table behind us and get the riding crop again. I love this whip because it only hits a little area of flesh, but what is does get they know. I started on the inner thighs and work my way to her pussy. Liz lets out some small moans and soft yells as I hit her thighs. I catch just a little bit of Liz’s pussy lip and this causes her to jump almost right out of the swing.

“Oh did I get something good”
“Yes, sir you did”

As I’m hitting her with the crop I see her tits bouncing all over the place. I go and get the pink tape and tie you nice melon size jugs up so they wouldn’t move as much. Now after I finish I see that they are perkier than saggy now. I asked Liz when was the last time her tits were that perky and she tells me not since she was in high school. I took this time to insert my conk into her mouth and fuck her a little, before returning to her inner thighs. They were turning pink from the hitting and had some deep red marks for where I hit her more then once.

I took a different whip, one with multiple pieces of leather and started to work on her cunt. As I was hitting her pussy, her lips would bounce around and she really started to moan. I could tell this was getting her going and I started to increase the hardness of whips, not to have her enjoy too much of this. Liz’s chest was completely cover in drool and was moaning at a high rate. I could see her cunt really getting puffy now and was just leaking out to the floor.

I reposition Liz in the swing so that she was somewhat in a doggy position up off the floor. I could see her ass very well and started to whip it. This cause her the swing front and back, and so I took got behind her and when she swung back I drove my cock into her ass; to which she let out a sexy little scream. I started to fuck her ass real good and use the whip to hit her tits from the sides and under her. Liz’s ass as surely getting use to my cock because it wasn’t as tight as it was in the beginning. I was just going to town on her ass ramming my cock as deep as it would go. I could see the sides of her tits really getting red from the whip, but I was so into the fucking I could stop. Liz was moaning and screaming very loudly now and her ass was bright red from my hips slamming into them. Liz called out if she could cum and I know I was close to, so I told her she could. With that she came like a waterfall, all the pussy juice she had just squirted out and onto the floor. I spun Liz around blew my load all over her face. She opened her mouth and got some in, but most went on her face. After six good shots and two pumps that I just rubbed on her face. I was done for the night. I removed Liz from the swing and told her to clean the floor and put everything away. I headed upstairs and told her to join me when she was done.

About ten minutes later Liz came crawling into the den and sat up like a dog, wanting for me to give the next command. I told her to go and shower fast because she only had ten minutes to do so, or there would be a price to pay. Liz hoarded off and shower; I was looking at the clock and saw three minutes remaining when Liz crawl in all washed up.

It was going on seven and I was getting hungry. I told her to stand and handed her a short pink robe that just came down to cover her cunt.

“Now for the remainder of the night, you can just be yourself.” “No slave and master play till tomorrow morning.”

I told her this because I like to give some time in between to relax and reenergize. Liz looked at me from a moment, not knowing what this was. I told her it was okay and that I was not trying to trick her. Liz walked over and told the robe from my hand and put it on.

“Well thank you, sir” Liz replied.
“Call me Zack” I told her.
“Ok sir, I mean Zack” “Well if you want to any time during this intermission to tell me to do something, it’s alright” Liz started to say. “I like it when you boss me around, it get my juices going.” “I never have been so turned on or horny in my life, then since I been here with you.”
“Well I see how I feel, but this will be mostly rest time.” “What would you like for dinner” I asked her.

So I decided to get pizza and had it delivered to the house. I opened a nice bottle of wine and we sat at the island in the kitchen talking wild we wanted for the pizza. About twenty minutes later the doorbell ran and I got up to get it. I looked to the eyehole and saw that is was a kid that looked around eighteen or so. So I told Liz to answer the door, and did try and turn the boy on as his tip.

Liz went to the door and stood off to the side to see them but the kid wouldn’t be able to see me. When Liz opened the door the kid started to tell her who he was and when his eyes met her body in the short sexy pink robe. He almost dropped the pizza and the doorstep; started to stumble with his words. I thought that Liz would have to pick his jaw up off the ground. Liz asked how much was the total and took the pizza and turn and put it on the side table next to the door. She bent over a little when putting the pie down and the back of the robe road up to revile her ass and vag. I could see the delivery boy get a boner when she did this and never took his eyes off her ass. After a long drawn out period of time, Liz turned back around to the kid but his head was still down as to be looking at her ass. Liz used her hand and put it on his chin and tilted his head back up to look at him in the eyes. This made his face turn red and he knew that she knew; he was looking at her ass. Liz paid the total and gave a little extra for the tip. She then went in and kissed him on the cheek and grabbed his boner through his pants and whispered something in his ear. Liz then shut the door and turned to me and smile.

“That was fun, Zack” “I never been this sexual or naughty in my life” Liz said as she grabbed the pizza and walked with me into the kitchen. “I’m just sad that after this weekend it will be all over.”

“Well maybe we will work something out” I told her as a got two plates and join her at the table.

Liz let all a soft noise and she sat up on the stool. I asked her if her ass was still a little tender from all the anal I gave her. She replied “yes” but said it was ok because she loved every minute of it. We ate the pizza and talk over a couple more glasses of wine. I told her that the life style that my wife and live was enjoyed by both, and even thou I had sex with other women I loved my wife dearly; and that outside of the sex there was nothing between me and the women I did it. My wife really was the one the start bringing people into our relationship; we knew each other since high school and fell in love there. Besides me my wife was lonely with a few men, but she really enjoy being with other women. She would go off on the weekends and have sex with other women and would come and tell me all about it. In the beginning she though that she would just be with a woman and leave me, so she and I took a break to see what the future had in store for us during college. One night as I was still living in my parent’s house; she crawled in through the bedroom window and into my bed. She snuggled up to me and told me that she was in love with me, wanted to know if I would marry her and aloud her to see other women for sex. I told her yes and that anything to make her happen because I loved her a lot.
After we got married and got our own house, I told her it was safer to bring these women to our house and not meet up with them a run down motels. As you started to bring these women home I noticed that they were all older women in their forties. Zoe told me that she really enjoyed being with older MILFs and that knew just how to get her going.

It was in the third year of our marriage that Zoe asked me if I would like if she bought someone home and watched as I had sex with them. I say sure and that was how the next faze of our relationship started. Zoe started to really enjoy me fucking these MILFs and sometimes turning them into my slave. I didn’t know where is person inside my came from, but in the heat of all this. I would just start tell these women what to do and turn them into my slave and they enjoy it also.

Zoe still would mess around with women and sometimes join in with me. She always picked the lady and set it up, I enjoyed it more not knowing when it would be or who was it going to be.

Liz was just so entree with what I was telling her. I asked her about her past and how she came to be blindfolded in my closet? Liz started by telling me that she was fourteen when met John her future ex-husband. He was twenty-one and since she had no father of her own, she just melted with all the crap he told her. At fifteen he got her pregnant and had the twins; she would stay home and took care of the twins. At thirty-eight he was looking for a much younger piece of ass and found one on the road at a bar. Since he was the money maker he took the house and she was forced to move in with her mother with the twins. Her mother only had a two bedroom house so Liz slept with her daughter and her son slept on the couch. This left no chance of bring a man home and she worked a lot so going out was a big problem. After the twins went to college she tried to find a man, but it just didn’t seem to happen.

Liz told me that she was a client of my wife’s salon for a long time and really enjoyed going there. So after John left her, it was the only thing she did for herself. She got talking one day to Zoe when the salon was slow and she was the only one there. Of how she longed to a man and how she always wanted a real man to boss her around and control her. My wife told her that if she wanted to and if she would tell no one else that she could upset something for her to have a man do all that and more.

A couple of days later Zoe called Liz and told her that she was going out of town, but she had set up plans for her to experience what she and wanted to do for a long time. Zoe picked Liz up out front of the salon and blindfolded her and drove her to the house. Zoe didn’t tell her who the man was or what he would do to her, but only to strip down to the silk panties that she told her to wear and put on the high heels that she bought. Zoe then lead her up to the bedroom closet and told her to wait in there and that when she heard noises for out side the door; to be on her knees waiting for the man to open the door. Liz told me that she was in there not long and was just thinking of things that I would do to her, but never of the things I did do to her. She told me that she loved ever moment and that the anal was the best part.

We finish the bottle of wine and headed to the den and sat on the couch. I asked her what she was going to do after this weekend. She told me that she would be finding a new place to live because her mother sold the house and moving down south for warmer weather. I told her that that sucked and that my wife knew and long line of people that could help her with finding a good place. We watched a little TV and then I told her that she would be straying in the guest suit. I told her that it had its own bathroom and that she would find everything she needed in the closets in there for the night. I told her that when we met again that she would resume her role as my slave and to address me as “sir” once again.

I hit the lights and held my arm out to aloud her to go first up the stairs, so that I could get one last view of her sweet ass before heading to my room. I closed my door and crawled in to bed. I text Zoe and told her how I liked the surprise today and hope she wasn’t on the edge of killing her family because I knew how they got to her sometimes.
Zoe text me back and said it was okay, but she would be back tomorrow evening. She asked about Liz and I told her that it was fun and that I got a lot of footage for her. I also told her that Liz was losing her place and Zoe told me that she knew but she had a plan for that to tell Liz when she showed up tomorrow.

I told her goodnight and closed my eye thinking of what I would do to my slave tomorrow.

To be continue…

hope you guys are liking where this story is going more to come

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Can't wait to continue reading these series of stories.

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