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John Smith, 180 cm, dark blond, average build, fair looks, lives a quiet, dull life. His only living family is his niece Brooke. She's his niece, but no blood kin. His older brother married a much younger girl, while in high school; she was pregnant at the time. When Brooke was born, John was nine years old, his brother was 18. Brooke was eight years old, when her parents and grandparents died in an explosion and fire. Brooke was injured too, and needed blood transfusions to survive. She's type A, both her parents were type O; thus, John's brother isn't Brooke's biological father. John, the only living relative to either parent, takes responsibility for the young girl. They've lived together ever since. Brooke is short for her age, and a 'late bloomer,' she looks to be 12 years old, but is really just on 16 years old.

John took a job as a security guard at Preston Industries, when he took over her care. Years later, one night at work, he suffers serious injuries when part of the facility explodes. In order to save his life, and give him some sort of quality of life, Dr Elizabeth 'Liz' Preston uses John as the humanoid element in her Powerman Project. Without this, he's a basket case, no limbs, and on permanent life support - if it can keep his damaged body alive.

His extremely damaged body is replaced with a fully integrated mechanical one. Surviving core elements of him are retained inside the cyborg. This is possible, because his brain, spinal cord, and some essential organs are intact. These are safely secured inside the Kevlar torso, with the nervous system connected to the computer and mechanical components. To save on control circuits, weight, and cost, sensitive nerve receptors are placed in limited locations. Thus, the cyborg's arms, legs, and body have only one tenth of the overall sensory capability of normal human limbs. The control and feedback parts of the nervous system normally used for these functions, are used to control the various other mechanisms in the cyborg body. The artificial outer covering looks, feels, and reacts like normal skin. Full sensory capability is extended to areas where Liz feels they're absolutely needed, such as the hands, face, and similar areas.

With a body made of carbon fibre and Kevlar, John is a lot more durable than his original parts. His sight and hearing are augmented, as are speed and endurance. Other built-in tools are activated by verbal or mental commands, using a command prefix of 'Pman.' To ensure he gets the command right, he's trained to vocalise it. The system is also tuned to respond to commands by his and Liz's voices. One good side effect is, he'll never again be hurt by something being over hot or over cold, be it a drink or the environment - his body will automatically adjust. He has telescopic and microscopic vision, also, he has infra red and ultra violet vision - all at will. He can hear the full audio spectrum, and imitate any voice range. The eye, ear, and voice enhancements require simple thoughts to activate, not the normal command formats.

The firm's insurance company pays John 1.6 million dollars compensation for his injuries. The amount is according to their set table for the insurance policy, and is a once of payment for his severe injuries. They don't expect him to survive or be productive - they're unaware of the project.

He spends many months in hospital, recovering from the trauma. During this time, he's often visited by Brooke, and they plan changes to their house. The big one being a 20 metre (m) x 10 m enclosed pool at the back of the house. The enclosure connects to the house, and includes a large section of lawn to sun on, with four toilets built against the house. Walls of brick for 3 m, tinted plexiglass for 2 m, plexiglass roof, and heated. It's quickly completed, well before John is ready to be released.

When John is recovered from the trauma, Liz puts him through a very extensive set of training and testing procedures. To ensure he knows, and can safely use, all the mechanical aids built into his new body - a search and rescue (SAR) prototype. Most of this is done in her main lab, with lots of specialist assistants on hand. He handles normal movement OK. But has trouble mastering the use of some specialist tools, as he'll often be thinking of one item, while saying another - due to changing his mind about which to use. This causes some very interesting results, as the commands get confused, and anything can pop out. Eventually, one Thursday afternoon, he's passed as having an acceptable level of control of his body, and the SAR sensors and equipment within it. From now on, he'll always have the right tool for the job.

Special Testing
The next morning, Liz and her assistant, Mary Jones, take John to a special lab, to verify the working and control of some special equipment using a different set of command protocols. Leading Mary and John into the smaller, warmer, and more comfortable special lab, she double locks the door, so no one can disturb them now.

Facing John, she says "John, please don't get embarrassed, but we now need to conduct some special tests. I've been putting them off, until you had full control of the rest of your equipment. In the accident, your penis was severed and badly damaged, but your testicles were perfectly OK. We've retained them within your new body, installing a very realistic mechanical penis and testicles, they look and feel like the real thing." He looks at her with surprise, and is slightly embarrassed by the talk.

She continues "Your genitals have full sensory capability, and are as sensitive as your original equipment. However, you have a much higher level of control in reaching an erection, and in maintaining it, for as long as you wish. Ejaculation is solely at your command, and your sperm is highly potent, you can get your partner pregnant - we tested that. To allow you to better satisfy a wider range of partners, your penis has four lengths, and three width sizes. Also, being erect or flaccid, is now at your discretion, you may ejaculate and keep your erection."

John is embarrassed, as he can see where she's heading, and not sure he wants to go there with both of them present.

Liz says "You control your penis in the same manner as your other mechanicals, except the command activation is the verbal or mental word 'Dickman,' followed by one of the relevant instructions. They're 'Floppy' to go flaccid; 'Stiffy' for an erection, with numbers and letters for size and width. If you leave out the number or the letter, it'll stay at the current setting. However, just 'Stiffy' will give you the default setting, which is the same length and width as your flaccid penis. The length setting are '1' for 200 mm, '2' for 250 mm, '3' for 300 mm, '4' for 400 mm, 'More' will move it up one size from its current length, and 'Less' will move it down one size. The width diameters are 'T' for thin of 40 mm, 'M' for medium of 60 mm, and 'W' for wide of 80 mm. The command to ejaculate, is 'Coom.' Each ejaculation is a set amount, so it'll take over a dozen ejaculations to empty your testicles. We now need to test all the settings and sensors work properly, Mary and I will assist you in this. Please get undressed. You may as well relax and enjoy this session, as you can't leave without me opening the door, and your penis will also respond to my voice commands."

John is extremely embarrassed, humming and hawing, while backing away. Mary slides up from behind, reaches around, and starts undoing his shirt buttons. While he's distracted, Liz steps up, undoing his trousers, she quickly pulls them and his shorts down to the floor. Between them, they soon have all his clothes off. They undress themselves. As their clothes fall to the floor, he's no longer against this test, they're both lovely women. He's always liked them as people, but he can now see all their physical charms properly - and he likes what he sees.

Liz is tall, willowy, athletic build, with lovely 38 CC breasts. Mary is shorter, plump, and very Junoesque, with 44 DD breasts. Both are very pretty. Looking at all this lovely flesh, has only raised a smile. Mary slips her hand down his chest, and starts playing with his penis. It feels wonderful, but no erection.

Grinning, Liz says "Dickman stiffy." He instantly has an erect penis 200 mm long and 40 mm wide, also, the sensitivity doubles. Dropping to her knees, Mary examines his penis, leaning forward, she kisses it, and takes it in her mouth. The sensation is marvellous, he moans. As Mary lifts her mouth away from his penis, Liz says "Dickman 4 W;" they've obviously worked out the tests in advance. His penis is suddenly 400 mm long and 80 mm thick. Stretching her mouth wide, Mary goes back to sucking on it, he starts moaning again. She tickles his balls, he moans louder. Mary releases his penis, and Liz says "Dickman 1 T." His penis shrinks. She puts his penis through all the combinations of length and thickness. Mary gives it a good sucking, between adjustments. Liz even tests the 'More' and 'Less' commands. After 30 minutes, she has his penis at the 3 M setting, and Mary is giving it a good sucking. She has an excellent deep throat technique. Liz drops to her knees, and starts sucking his penis. Mary stands up, walks over to a couch, and pulls it out into a bed. She lays on the bed, with her legs spread wide, the next test is obvious.

Putting his hands on the back of Liz's head, John holds it still, looks down at her, and says "Dickman coom." She continues to suck, as she swallows, and glares at him. When he finishes ejaculating into her mouth, he stands back, saying "I want your voice activation of these commands removed, NOW." Neither woman has seen John acting in such an authoritative manner before, they're both surprised by his 'take command' approach at the moment; he's always been so shy and unassuming, so quiet and obedient - a very retiring type.

Looking up at him, Liz gulps, saying "Pman, program command, security protocol, root access authority change. User ID Preston, delete access DM command authority." After a moment's wait, she says "Dickman 1 W." His penis doesn't change at all.

Smiling, he walks over to Mary, waving his dick at her. Smiling up at him, she says "I'm a size queen, can you please use 4 W, and fuck my brains out."

Grinning down at her, he says "Dickman 4 W." His penis expands to 400 mm long and 80 mm wide. He kneels on the couch bed, settling himself between her thighs. Placing his dick head at her vaginal entrance, he slowly lowers himself into her waiting pussy. He easily slides in, until his groin mashes up against hers. Slowly, he withdraws, until almost out, and slides back in. With each thrust, he increases the pace, until he's pounding her pussy at top speed. She's moaning and cumming on each thrust. At first, she heaves her hips up at him on each thrust. After 20 minutes, she lies there, unmoving, with a huge smile on her face, as he thrusts in and out. She's having an orgasm on each inward thrust. Deciding it's time to do Liz properly, he thrusts into Mary, as she reaches another orgasm, he thinks 'Dickman coom, coom.' He holds her tight, with his dick head at her womb's entrance, as he fills it with sperm. Her eyelids flutter, as she moans in orgasm. When he finishes flooding her womb with his sperm, he withdraws, and stands up.

Quietly, Mary says "Bastard, you weren't supposed to cum in me. I've been on antibiotics for the last two weeks, and not taking the pill. You were so far up me, it's most likely you got me pregnant."

Smiling down at her, he says "You should have spoken to me about this, BEFORE organising to mouse trap me into fucking you senseless. I expect you'll be available, whenever I want to repeat this exercise regime."

Grinning, she says "Bloody hell yes. That's the best fucking I've ever had."

Turning to Liz, he says "Your turn now Liz. What size, and where do you want it, desk or floor?" Shaking her head no, she starts to back away, he leaps across the room, grabbing Liz by her arms. Lifting her, he holds her to him. So close, her breasts are pressing into his chest - a delightful feeling. Bending his head down, he kisses her, as he thinks 'Dickman 1 T.' His dick shrinks to 200 mm long and 40 mm wide. John slides his hands down to her arse. Cupping an arse cheek in each hand, he lifts her slightly off the floor. Maintaining the kiss, he walks to the nearest wall. Leaning her against the wall, he keeps his mouth on hers, while moving his hands wider, to grasp her thighs. She struggles, as he pulls her thighs apart, he keeps up the pressure, until her legs are wide apart - in a 'splits' position. Slowly, he lifts her whole body, moving her vagina up along his dick. With the head of his dick pressing at the entrance to her vagina, he lowers her, until his dick head is just inside her love tunnel. Her eyes are wide in fright, and she's struggling hard.

In this position, he can't lower her any more, not without increasing the risk of dropping her. He thinks 'Dickman 2 M.' Her eyes go wider, as she realises he's fucking her by adjusting the size. He thinks 'Dickman 3.' His penis lengthens inside her vagina, filling it. Realising he's going to fuck her, regardless of what she wants, she resigns herself to the situation, relaxing into his embrace, and returning the kiss. He breaks the kiss, smiles at her, and walks over to the desk. Laying her down on the empty desk, he commences to really fuck her brains out. Within a few minutes, she's having an orgasm on every inward thrust. 30 minutes later, she's laying there, unmoving, tired, and thoroughly fucked, with a huge smile on her face. She's had over a hundred orgasms. Smiling, he holds her tight, as he thrusts forward, and thinks 'Dickman coom, coom.' Her eyes grow wide, as he cums, shooting his sperm into her womb.

Slowly withdrawing, he says "You'll be available when I want you." It's a statement, not a question.

She nods her head yes, saying "At least, up until the last trimester, I was going to give you a condom to wear."

Picking her up, he nods at Mary, who's now able to stand by herself. She's had a 35 minute rest. They all go into the attached shower unit - for a group shower. He holds Liz up, while Mary washes and rinses her. He and Mary have fun, washing and rinsing each other. He holds Liz while Mary dries her, and they dry each other. Dried, they return to the main room, and get dressed. Liz opens the door, and he leaves the lab. He's on his way home, now he's been released from medical care. The ladies sit around, resting for an hour, before making notes in the high security computer files - on the 'test' and its results. It's just going on noon, and they feel like they've done a full days work already. The test didn't go exactly as they planned, they got a few surprises, but they're extremely happy with the overall test results, especially the outcomes.

John arrives home for the first time since the incident at work, eight months earlier. He'd spent all that time in hospital, or the Preston Industries labs. The house is clean and tidy, he'd expected it to be messier, as Brooke is living here on her own. Walking through the house, he looks out into the backyard. The pool and enclosure is finished, ready for use - probably, Brooke has already used it.

Sitting down in the lounge room, he goes through the mail Brooke hasn't yet taken to him at hospital or the labs. Nothing of interest, except the one stating his new credit/debit card is awaiting collection at his local bank. It was sent there for safe keeping, until he's released from hospital. After checking what food is in the house, he heads to the bank, it's a short walk away.

At the bank, he gets his card, and withdraws some money. Walking down the street, he does some grocery shopping, and walks home - he'll never again get tired by walking. While putting the groceries away, he thinks about what to do for Brooke's 16th birthday, it's the week after next. He goes upstairs, to lie down and think; turning his hearing down, while he does so. He takes a nap.

Some hours later, he's woken up by some noise. Getting up off his bed, he quickly isolates the sounds. They're coming from the bedroom room window. It over looks the back of the house. John's room is upstairs, at one end of the house, which runs across the block. His room is the full width of the top floor of the house, with front windows looking down onto the lower roof of the lounge room, the front garden, and the street. The back windows looked into the backyard, they now look into the pool enclosure, it's built up against the house. Going to the window, he looks down.

Three nude teenage girls are swimming in the pool, and four more are lying on the grass, just sunbathing. He wonders what's going on, until he sees Brooke walking out from the house, with a tray of glasses and bottles of drink. She puts the tray down on a pool side table, and the girls gather around for drinks. Using his telescopic eye ability, John focuses on the girls; realising they're all friends of Brooke, and he knows them well. He suddenly realises they're all wonderfully sexy looking young women, including Brooke. He's known them all for several years, and wonders - 'When did they grown up so much?'

He has a thought, smiling, he quietly walks down stairs. Through the house, and into the lounge room. There's plenty of noise from the girls, as he walks through the lounge room and into the pool area. The girls are sitting around the pool side tables, talking and laughing. No one notices him walking up to them.

Smiling, he says "Well, Brooke, I see you've christened the pool." The girls turn as he speaks, they all scream, and dive into the water, to hide their nude bodies. Sitting down at the tables, he pours himself a drink, saying "Suddenly, sitting around the pool nude, seems to be a problem for you ladies, why?"

Stammering, Brooke says "Because you're here now, Uncle John."

Laughing, he says "Yes, I am. And you should realise, that walking over from the door, I've already had a very good look at what all of you have to offer." They calm down, realising he's not angry with them. Brooke, and some of the girls, start to smile at his choice of words. He continues "You know, I'll get an even better look, when you decide you'll have to leave the pool. To visit the ladies, or get hungry, or go home. So you may as well be comfortable, accept that I'm going to enjoy viewing your charms, and get out of the pool."

One of Brooke's friends, Rachel, sighs, and walks up the pool's entrance steps. Standing at the side of the pool, she strikes a pose, giving John a good view of her lovely body. 175 cm brunette, 36 D breasts, athletic build. Slowly walking over to the table, she sits down opposite him, saying "He's right girls, bite the bullet, and come get your drinks. Who knows, we may even be able to talk him into playing games with us."

They think over Rachel's words. One by one, they slowly leave the pool, and walk to the tables. Mandy - 170 cm brunette, 34 B cup, average build. Jessica - 174 cm blond, 36 C cup, average build. Melissa - 173 cm honey blond, 32 B cup, slight build. Nataly - 175 cm black hair, 34 D cup, average build, coffee skin. Wendy - 178 cm brunette, 38 C cup, solid build. Tina - 165 cm blond, 34 C cup, average build. They're all sitting around the tables, chatting, except Brooke.

Putting his drink down, he says "Excuse me a moment." Walks over, and squats by the pool, right in front of where Brooke is holding onto the edge of the pool, saying "You'll get out of the pool now, Brooke." She blushes, stammers, and shakes her head no. He grabs hold of her wrists, stands up, lifting his hands above his , and lifting Brooke out of the pool. Her shorter 158 cm height, places her head above his. She looks at her friends, while he stares directly at her A cup breasts. Quietly, in almost a whisper, he says "Very lovely, Brooke." She blushes from head to toe. Putting her down on the side of the pool, he places a hand in the small of her trim back, and gentle pushes her to the tables. As they near the tables, he slides his hand down, giving her bottom a gentle squeeze, before pushing her towards the last empty chair. Sitting down, he says "Brooke, you look beautiful with that full body blush. Come to think of it, you're all beautiful, in your own ways." They all smile and blush.

They sit and chat for a while. When it starts to get late, he asks "Brooke, when do the girls have to be home?"

Laughing, she says "Silly Uncle John, have YOU lost track of the days. Today's Friday, they're all staying over night, so we can travel to soccer together - tomorrow morning. Rachel has her licence, and is driving us, in your mini-bus. They go home Sunday. But it's about time we had something for dinner. Can I order pizzas please." He nods, she picks up the cordless phone, placing an order for twelve pizzas, and several large bottles of drink. They all like cold pizza, and you get a 10% discount for ordering twelve. The Pizza people promise delivery in 25 minutes. He sits there, admiring the girls' charms, as they all grin back at him.

When the pizzas arrive, he pays for them, once the door is closed behind the delivery boy, the girls come through, and help carry the plunder out to the grass. They sit down on the grass, consuming pizzas and drinks, as they chat.

After eating, they lie around, talking, for some time. One of the girls, Mandy, raises the subject of sex. They all get embarrassed by John's presence, but continue with the topic, some watching his responses, out of the corner of their eyes. He's well aware of their interest. Brooke is the youngest of the group, and Rachel is the eldest, she recently turned 17. The discussion reaches a point about why some of the experienced girls at school say sex hurts, and others say it doesn't, that it's great.

Turning to John, Mandy says "Uncle John, you're older than us, surely you've had some experience with this, do you know? Can you tell us why this is so?"

Smiling, he says "I think I can, only, I won't give any practical demonstrations in front of anyone who hasn't yet turned 16. Since that applies to only Brooke, and she's your hostess, you don't get to start a group orgy tonight, right." They all nod their heads, a few have slight smiles, as they realise he hasn't ruled out private classes later. He continues "Who here's a virgin, someone that's never had a real penis inside your vagina?" All but Rachel put up their hands. He says "Whoever has inserted something like a dildo, vibrator, pickle, or hairbrush handle, etc inside their vagina, is to lower their hands." Two girls blush, and lower their hands.

Turning to them, he says "The first time you slipped something into your vagina, did you feel a resistance, and did it hurt slightly?" They both nod their heads. He says "That's because you broached your hymens, busted your cherries. Most girls are born with a hymen, a small lap of skin that partial seals the vagina at the entrance. When you first have sex, this is broached, it can hurt a bit or a lot, depending upon how the broaching is done. This is called 'Losing your cherry,' understand?" They all nod their heads.

He continues "OK, well some girls are born without a hymen, some break them by accident - through sport or exercise, some by self exploration. But most don't broach it, until they have sex for the first time. If their first partner is loving and careful, it'll hardly be noticed. Most will experience some small fleeting pain, some nothing. But if the partner knows little, and rushes things, the sudden broaching can be very painful. Also, sex is like any other exercise activity. You use muscles, and you have to work the muscles in careful, so they get used to the activity. Added to this, the vagina stretches; but the first few times, it has to be done slowly and carefully." He stops for a drink, they nod their heads. He says "Usually, it takes a few times before a young woman can enjoy a casual or quick sexual encounter, because it takes her body that long to adjust to the new activity. However, with a knowing and careful first partner, the situation is totally different, the pain is minimised, and the pleasure maximised, as he takes his time making it 'just right' for you. The important thing, is to make sure the vagina's internal juices are free flowing, before attempting to enter. Few boys know this, and a lot of pain comes because he's in a hurry, and the girl's almost dry. No fluids, and you have too much friction in a very sensitive area; thus, causing pain. Rachel, have you had enough experience to understand what I'm saying."

Smiling, she says "No, I lost my cherry about two months back, and haven't had sex since. But I think I'll be learning the rest of what you said, in the very near future." As she winks at him, the other girls smile, as they realise her intentions.

Realising he's likely to have a bed mate tonight, John smiles back at her. Brooke watches this interplay, and bites her lip; she suddenly realises, she'd like to spend the night in bed with Uncle John - in an active manner.

Turning to the larger group, he says "Up until now, we've been talking about genital sex, where the male places his penis in the female's vagina. But there are other forms of sex. Oral sex is where someone, male or female, uses their mouth to sexually stimulate another person, male or female. The same applies to digital sex, this is where someone uses their hands and fingers to sexually stimulate another. Digital sex is often knows as feeling someone up, finger fucking, and a hand job. Oral sex is often called pussy eating, pie eating, muff diving, head job, cock sucking, and blow job." John stops for a drink, he notices a lot of the girls' pussies are damp, and some are squirming a bit. He says "For a girl, when someone has a finger working their pussy, and a mouth wrapped around her clit, with their tongue working her clit to a fare thee well, so she's having an orgasm - it doesn't matter if the mouth and hand belongs to a male or another female. The same applies to a hand fondling a breast or kissing - gender of the people doesn't affect the sensory input. For a male, when their penis is enclosed in a warm wet mouth, and a tongue is wrapped around it, teasing the piss hole - the gender of the mouth owner doesn't change the pleasure of the act. The difference between giving head and a blow job, is simply a case of keeping your mouth on the penis, and continuing to suck as you swallow the sperm the male is ejaculating, that's a blow job. You suck until they blow in your mouth. Stop sucking before they come, and it's giving head or cock sucking. For a heterosexual female, knowing how to suck cock is very important. After a male ejaculates, it normally takes a few hours before he's stiff and ready to have sex again. However, when you deftly suck his cock, you can get it stiff and ready to perform much quicker, and it'll stay stiff, ready for use, much longer." The girls all stare at him, in wonder about the lesson he's giving them. He's answered the questions they wanted answers to, but were afraid to ask.

Brooke quietly asks "So being a lesbian or gay isn't wrong?"

John smiles at her, saying "There's a difference between enjoying the pleasures offered by a member of the same gender, and being a lesbian or gay. Many people are bi-sexual, they enjoy sexual encounters with both men and women, sometimes singularly, sometime in groups. It all comes down to respecting your partner or partners, and not forcing them into doing something they really don't want to do. For example, if Rachel's boyfriend walked in here, and asked to suck my cock - I'd probably let him. If he asked me to suck his, I'd say no, as I don't like doing that. But if Rachel asked me to eat her pussy, I'd take her upstairs, and you'd shortly hear her screams of pleasure, as she orgasmed." They all look at Rachel, she sits their smiling, and licking her lips. Her pussy is sopping wet, at the thought of John eating her. He continues "Being lesbian or gay, simply means you don't want to have any sexual encounters with members of the other gender. I think that's foolish, as we're designed for the maximum sexual pleasure from a heterosexual encounter. Most people are against homosexual encounters, because of early training and cultural conditioning. One thing against homosexual behaviour is, it does nothing to propagate the race. It takes heterosexual encounters to breed."

Suddenly standing up, John says "Anyway, we better do some more swimming, because if we continue this discussion much further, I'll have to take Rachel or someone upstairs, and fuck their brains out." Stripping off, he lets them all get a good look at his 200 mm long, flaccid penis. Walking over to the pool, he dives in. The girls all follow. They're soon playing a game of water tag, one person is 'it,' and they have to tag another, the rest have to keep out of the way of the person who's 'it,' without leaving the pool. During the game, many people take opportunities for private conversations.

After an hour of this, they take a break, staying in the pool, talking in small groups. Mandy and Rachel are in the same group as John. He feels a hand on each thigh, and both are moving towards his penis. The girls glare at each other, when their hands meet at his dick. He quietly says "Easy girls, no fighting, there's plenty for both of you." They both turn to him, and smile.

Rachel says "After all this, how come you haven't got a woody?"

Smiling, he says "I've much better control than most. Get a good hold, and feel what I can do." Waiting until they both have a good hold of his dick, he thinks 'Dickman stiffy.' Their eyes go wide, when they feel it go stiff, they go wider again, when he thinks 'Dickman 2 M.' For a few minutes, they enjoy themselves, playing with his stiff dick. A couple of the other girls notice the action, and he soon has four hands fondling his dick, as they talk. He feels the pressure of a wave front wash over his dick, followed by Brooke rising out of the water in front of him. She'd swum under water, and got a good eyeful of his erection.

Looking him in the eye, she says "Very lovely, quite impressive, Uncle John."

Smiling at her, he says "I'm glad YOU approve. While you're here, have you thought about what sort of party you want for your 16th birthday, and what sort of presents you want?"

Grinning, she says "Well for a present, I want your dick. For a party, how about a pool orgy, with all my friends, think you could manage that, Uncle John." The girls around her are at first shocked, then smile widely.

He returns her grin, saying "If memory serves me right, your birthday is tomorrow week, and next week is the last week of school for two weeks. So, what say we make it a two week long party. The girls can arrive here any time from Friday after school, and stay as long as they want. The whole two weeks holiday if they want. Only rules being, they keep the house tidy, and they're available to me for sex, when I want them. Oh, they can also ask me for sex when they want. No jealousy about who I fuck. No one not yet turned 16, I don't want to go to prison. You can sell the idea to the parents, as a way to get the girls out of their hair for the holidays, and have some time to themselves. Put it in terms of, I'm allowing you to have an extra long sleepover, because you've been such a good and brave girl, while I was in hospital. OK. Oh, we go shopping Saturday, and I'll buy everyone a 'Thank you for coming gift.' I think, Victoria's Secret would be a suitable shop for that, and your birthday present." Brooke has an ear to ear grin, as do the rest who hear it.

Brooke says "Oh, yes please, Uncle John." She surges forward, to give him a hug and a kiss, he quickly thinks 'Dickman floppy.' The girls holding his dick are surprised, as it suddenly goes flaccid, and slips from their hands, nanoseconds before Brooke reaches him. Rachel smiles, when she realises, if he hadn't made his dick flaccid, Brooke would have had a pussy full of Uncle John dick, well before she got her arms around him.

Smiling, and winking at Rachel, he says "I told you I had a much higher level of control than most. And it works both ways." Rachel is stunned, and very pleased by this news.

Letting go of a jubilant Brooke, John says "I think it's time we got out of the pool, have showers or baths, and get ready for bed, don't you?"

Laughing, Brooke says "What that means, is you want to sneak Rachel and Mandy off to your room, to fuck their brains out, don't you?"

Private Fun
Laughing, he says "No it doesn't. I wasn't going to sneak anyone off. I intend to be quite open about it." With that, he places an arm around each of the girls, fondles a breast with each hand, saying "Well ladies, want to join me in the bath, followed by a brain destroying fuck?" Smiling, they both nod yes, they exit the pool together - as a group of three. The rest of the girls watch them go, with huge smiles. They stop to pick up John's clothes, before heading into the house.

Upstairs, John leads them to the large bath in the master bedroom en suite, big enough for four people. They sit in the bath, as it fills with water. He picks up a washer, washing Rachel's breasts and body. They're all washed, by the time the water is up to their bellies. John thinks 'Dickman stiffy 2 M,' his dick is a rigid 250 mm long and 60 mm wide tower, poking out of the water. Both girls are smiling and salivating, as they look at it. Reaching forward, he turns Rachel around, picks her up, slowly lowering her onto his rigid pole.

As she slides down, he leans her back onto his chest. Mandy sits there, watching, as his stiff dick vanishes inside Rachel, who moans in pleasure, as it does. Once she's well seated, with his dick filling her, and his arms around her, fondling her breasts, he thinks 'Dickman 1, dickman 2, dickman 1, dickman 2,' over and over again. His dick, is growing and shrinking inside her, just as if he was thrusting in and out. After a few minutes of this, she moans, melting back against him, with her first orgasm, quickly followed by two more. He lowers one hand, to play with her clit, wanting to get in on the act, Mandy leans forward, and starts sucking Rachel's breast. She has several more orgasms, in quick succession. He stops all action, and lets her settle down. At his signal, Mandy sits back up.

Moaning softly, Rachel says "How did you get that fucking action, without moving, it was heavenly."

Smiling, he says "I'm glad you liked it. It's all a matter of control, I doubt anyone else can do that. Was that a much better experience than your last heterosexual genital sex encounter?"

Rachel says "Oh, yes it was. Way better, I wish I'd had you, before him."

Laughing, John says "So do I. Are you protected, or should I cum in your mouth instead."

She replies "Yes, I'm on the pill, but I want to be greedy, and have both."

Mandy smiles, saying "Me too, please. I'm on the pill, as well."

Smiling, he says "Well, lets get out and dried." Lifting Rachel off his dick, he thinks 'Dickman floppy,' and stands, with her still in his arms, both girls are impressed with his strength. Mandy stands, and they all get out of the bath. They have a fun time drying each other, and move to his king sized bed.

At the bed, he reaches around Mandy, and fondles her breasts. Turning her around, he kisses her. As their tongues dance in their mouths, he caresses her body. Breaking the kiss, he lowers her to the bed, and lays down beside her, caressing her body all the time. Rachel lies on the other side, and joins in. Grinning, as she fondles Mandy's breasts. Mandy lies there, with her eyes closed, and moaning with pleasure. He signals Rachel to kiss Mandy, while he sucks on one breast, and plays with her pussy. Mandy writhes under their twin pleasure assault. As he kisses his way down her body, he spreads her legs apart.

With her legs wide apart, he gently spreads her labia, and kisses her clit. Mandy humps her hips at him, as he sucks on her clit. Slipping a finger into her vagina, finding it wet and ready, he adds a second finger, and starts to finger fuck her, while sucking her clit. Leaning his weight on her hips - to hold them down, he adds a third finger, then a fourth. Rachel stops kissing her, and sucks on one breast, while fondling the other. Mandy moans and writhes with pleasure. Suddenly, she heaves, as an orgasm washes over her, then another, and another. He stops working on her vagina, and kneels between her thighs. He thinks 'Dickman stiffy 1 T,' Rachel watches his dick go instantly from flaccid to rigid pole. She smiles at the sight, in anticipation of what's to come.

Seeing movement in the corner of her eye, Rachel turns her head, and sees the bedroom door is open, four of the girls are watching the proceedings, while playing with their pussies. John whispers "Signal them to be quiet, and to come closer, to watch, as they're next - after you again." Smiling at this, Rachel looks directly at her voyeuristic friends, puts a finger to her lips, and motions for them to move closer. They quietly walk up to the bed, standing on the side nearest John and Mandy. Smiling, they look down at his stiff dick. Brooke and Wendy are still swimming.

John lowers his body onto his knees and one hand, until his penis is touching Mandy's pussy. With his free hand, he reaches down, gently rubbing the head of his dick up and down her pussy, to get it wet with her juices. Each time he rubs it over her clit, she moans and writhes.

Placing it at her vaginal entrance, he lowers himself further, sliding his rigid dick into her waiting pussy, she smiles at the feeling of his entry. She experiences a very short and small pain, as he pushes through her hymen. He continues, until their groins are rubbing against each other. Mandy is moaning, and saying "Fuck, yes." Over and over again.

He slowly withdraws, until only the head of his dick is in her, then slowly slides back in. After doing this several times, he speeds up the movement; a moment later, and she's humping her hips up during his forward thrusts. Soon, she's cumming each time their groins slam together. He thinks 'Dickman 2,' as he starts to thrust forward again, this time, his thrust is slower, so the head of his dick has time to expand along her love tunnel. Her eyes open for the first time since laying down on the bed, they go wide at the feeling of his dick filling her vagina, they go wider on seeing the audience, she has her biggest orgasm yet. Several times, he withdraws and re-enters her, she cums on each entry. Each time she cums, her pussy squeezes his dick in the most delicious manner, and the muscles ripple along his dick. He's in heaven, and so is Mandy.

Stopping with his dick deep in her, while she heaves in orgasm, he waits for her to finish cumming, he thinks 'Dickman coom.' Feeling him shoot his sperm into her, causes her to cum again. As she writhes on the bed, he reaches down, playing with her clit, starting her on a multiple orgasm. She cums for several minutes. When she settles down again, he thinks 'Dickman floppy,' and withdraws his flaccid dick.

Moving off the end of the bed, he stands. All the girls can see his 250 mm flaccid dick with some drops of sperm still on the end, most lick their lips. Walking around the bed, he stands beside Mandy's head, and lays the head of his dick on her lips. She opens her eyes at the contact, and seeing his dick on her lips, opens her mouth - to let it slide in. Turning her head slightly, she takes more of his dick in her mouth, and sucks on it. He gives her instructions on how to suck dick, all the girls listen carefully, very carefully. After a few minutes of this heavenly exercise, he thinks 'Dickman 1 T.' Mandy smiles around his dick, as it goes rigid while she sucks on it - the watching girls sigh. Pulling his rigid dick out of her mouth, he tells her to sit up.

When Mandy is sitting up against the bed head, he places his dick back in her mouth, and she starts sucking again. A few minutes later, he tells her to open her mouth wide, to keep it open, and be prepared to swallow. Mandy sits there, with her mouth wide open, the head of his dick resting lightly on her lips and teeth, it's pointed at her tongue. The girls are watching closely, he thinks 'Dickman coom.' His sperm shoots out, hitting her tongue, bouncing to the side of her mouth, up to the roof, and falling onto the back of her tongue, before sliding down her throat. She moans in pleasure, she loves the taste and the feel of it. The watching girls are fascinated with this, as they play with their pussies. Two cum, just from watching him shoot into Mandy's mouth.

As he finishes cumming, he thinks 'Dickman floppy,' and slips his limp dick back into Mandy's mouth. She starts sucking on it again, making sure to get as much sperm out of his dick as she can. A moment later, he thinks 'Dickman 2 T,' and withdraws his stiff dick from her mouth.

Rachel is lying on the bed beside Mandy, playing with her sopping pussy. She watches, as he slowly walks to the end of the bed, fondling each girl's breasts and bottom, as he walks by. Standing at the end of the bed, directly in front of Rachel, he reaches up and grabs her ankles. He pulls her down the bed, until her arse is rubbing against his dick, and her legs are straight up in the air. He lowers her legs to the side, and rests his dick on her pussy. Slowly, he rubs it up and down her pussy, she moans each time it touches her clit.

Smiling at her, he says "What do you want, slow and easy, or quick and hard?"

Grinning, she cheekily says "Quick and hard, with plenty of cream please?"

He thrusts hard and fast, the full length of her vagina. She's so hot and ready, she cums immediately he hits bottom. He thinks 'Dickman M,' as he commences his next thrust. The extra girth makes a tighter fit, and she cums on each thrust. On the tenth thrust, he thinks 'Dickman 3,' and starts her on a multiple orgasm. The feel of her pussy clutching and rippling his dick is exquisite. Waiting until she starts to settle down, he thinks 'Dickman coom,' and shoots her full of his sperm. The feel of his warm sperm starts her cumming again. She settles down, and he thinks 'Dickman floppy.'

Withdrawing his limp dick from Rachel's juicy pussy, he walks around the bed. Pulling her up the bed to rest, sitting her up against the bed head, he places his limp dick against her lips. She immediately starts sucking. Rachel has an interesting technique. She holds his dick head in one side of her mouth, while wrapping her tongue over the tip of it, and running her tongue around it. Waiting until she's drawing her tongue back from exploring his piss hole, he thinks 'Dickman coom.' Rachel is surprised and almost chokes, when his limp dick shoots warm, tasty sperm onto her tongue tip and along her tongue. She swallows, as it bounces off the back of her mouth, going down her throat. He waits until she's finished swallowing his sperm, and sucks his dick clean. He thinks 'Dickman stiffy 1 T,' leaving his stiff dick in her mouth for a minute, before pulling it out.

Walking around the bed, he approaches the girls who'd been watching. Noticing Jessica has pussy juices running down her legs, he steps up to her, and rubs his rigid pole along her wet pussy, as he takes her in his arms and kisses her. Lifting her up, he kisses his way down to her breasts, she closes her eyes, moaning. Leaning forward, he slowly lowers her to the bed, laying her across it, as he kisses his way down her body. Reaching her pussy, he spreads her legs wide, licking the full length of her pussy. She cums, as his tongue slides over her clit. He sucks on her clit, making her cum again, and again. Standing, he rubs the head of his dick along her pussy and clit, causing another orgasm. Sliding it down her pussy, he places it at her vaginal entrance, and pushes in, broaching her hymen. She opens her eyes, and starts to speak, he lowers his body onto hers, and kisses her, continuing to slide his dick into her wet pussy. It seems she wanted to enjoy the show, but not join in quite so much, or she's still scared about sex. Either way, it's too late. She clenches her vagina a bit, it's so sopping wet, he easily slides in. With his body on hers, and his mouth on hers, she can't move or object. Gently and slowly, he continues to move his dick deeper into her tight velvet love tunnel. He breaks the kiss, saying "Jess, relax, it was way too late when you walked in here. Tensing up like this, will only make it harder on you. Relax, and let your body tell you what it really wants, and how it really feels."

She gives him an uncertain look, they stay like that for a minute. Then her pussy relaxes, and her whole body seems to go boneless. Reaching between them, he fondles her breasts, first one, then the other. Another few minutes, she's moaning and smiling. Lowering his hand, he plays with her clit, her eyes open, and go wide, as she has her first orgasm with a dick inside her. Rubbing her clit again, makes her cum again. This one is harder and longer, she humps her hips up at him, and achieves a slightly deeper penetration, as she shoves her pussy up. She drops back to the bed, with a huge smile. He follows, pushing his dick all the way into her vagina again. Reaching full length, he stops for a moment. But it's enough to cause her to cum again, and to hump at him, trying to get more in.

He gently withdraws, re-entering her a bit faster. On each forward thrust, she's cumming and moaning. A dozen orgasms later, he reaches full length, her squeezing, rippling pussy is a heavenly feeling. In the middle of her orgasm, he thinks 'Dickman 2;' the extra 50 mm, makes for a deeper penetration. The feeling of being so full, sets off another orgasm, followed by a third, when he thinks 'Dickman coom,' and she feels his warm sperm shooting into her, filling her up. They stay like that for a few minutes.

Looking down at her hugely smiling face, he thinks 'Dickman floppy,' and starts to withdraw from her. As he does, she looks up, saying "I better call mommy, ask for one of her 'morning after' pills, and arrange to get on the pill." Seeing the sudden look of concern on his face, she realises he hadn't intended to get her pregnant, and is concerned for her. She says "Don't worry, if I do get pregnant, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have as the father of my child. That was marvellous, despite my concerns about my first fuck."

Looking at the crowd, John picks out two, saying "Do you want to sleep here with me, in case I want to fuck someone during the night, or first thing in the morning?" One nods yes, the other shakes her head no, but the one not asked, nods yes. So he has two bed mates for the night. Smiling, he says "Right, everyone needs another bath, come along." Picking up Jessica, he carries her to the bath, and the rest follow.

Letting out some of the water, he runs more hot water, he sits down in the bath, with Jessica in his lap. Picking up the wash cloth, he washes her all over. He must have done a good job, as she has another orgasm while being washed. Standing up, he grabs a towel from the pile beside the bath, and dries her down to the water line. Picking her up and placing her on the mat beside the bath, he dries her lower legs and feet. Picking up Mandy, he repeats the process. He washes all the girls in the same manner, and each give the same reaction to the way he washes their breasts and pussies - they cum. When he starts to wash himself, the girl who didn't wish to sleep with him, Tina, takes the washer off him, and washes him. She leaves his dick until last. After washing his dick, she leans in, and takes it in her mouth, giving it a good suck. He thinks 'Dickman 1 T,' to give her something better to suck on; she smiles around his dick, as she sucks on it harder, licking the head with her tongue.

Looking down, he says "Do you want me to cum in your mouth?" She lifts her mouth off his dick, and nods her head. He waits until she returns her mouth to his dick and gives it a few good sucks. Reaching down to hold her head still, he pulls back, until the very end of his dick is resting on the tip of her tongue. Thinking 'Dickman coom,' he shoots warm sperm into her mouth, it bounces off her tongue and onto the top of her mouth, only to fall back down on the tongue. The next spurt hits the pool of the first, and splashes sperm all around the inside of her mouth. She doesn't swallow, the inside of her mouth is soon coated with his sperm from the next few spurts.

Smiling, she takes her mouth off his dick, when he stops cumming. Standing, she opens her mouth, to show everyone how her mouth is coated with sperm. With her mouth open for them to watch, she runs her tongue around her mouth, and sucks the sperm down her throat. Turning to John, she says "Tomorrow, after I tell mom what I'm going to do, I'll spend the night with you, and expect a couple of loads in both my mouth and pussy. OK." He smiles, and nods yes. The girls all leave for the beds they'll be sleeping in.

He gets out of the bath, and is drying himself, when Brooke walks in. Taking the towel off him, she finishes drying him. Smiling, she says "The news all over the house is, we now have three non-virgins, and will have two more before breakfast. With another one or two lining up for tomorrow. You're not wasting much time seducing my friends. How come the sudden change in behaviour, Uncle John?"

Smiling at her, he says "Many things Brooke love. The explosion at work has made me realise how mortal I am. Also, I've know you lot for several years, and still thought of you as little girls. But seeing you all out there, in your natural beauty, I suddenly realised you've all grown up, and are now young women. Seeing so many sexy young women at once, added to my mortality, made me realise I want to spend a lot of time making love to a lot of sexy young women. And here they are - ready, willing, and wanting. So I did."

Giving him a pensive look, Brooke says "Uncle John, you never have been able to lie worth a damn. I know what you said is all true, but that's not all. What's the rest of the story?"

He replies "Sorry Brooke, I'm not sure you're ready for the rest. You may be, and probably are. But I'm not ready to talk about it, yet. Please, let's leave that alone for now. Ask me on your birthday, I may be ready to talk then." Picking her up, he kisses her on the forehead, puts her down, patting her bare bum, as they leave the en suite. She leaves the bedroom, as he climbs into bed, between two sexy 16 year old girls.

Waking at 6.00 am, John is momentarily surprised to find two nude teenage girls in bed with him. It takes a moment for him to catch up with yesterday's events. Smiling, he turns to the girl on his left, Melissa. Leaning over, he gently kisses and sucks her right breast. She moans, and moves in her sleep. Carefully, he moves his hand down to her groin, and spreads her legs apart. Using one finger, he gently plays with her pussy, it's soon very wet from her own juices. It seems she's having one hell of an erotic dream, as she humps against his hand. He inserts another finger, a third, a fourth, she's soon moaning and humping his hand. He keeps this up for a few minutes, until her pussy is sopping wet. Carefully getting off the bed, he spreads her legs very wide, thinks 'Dickman 1 T,' and climbs back on the bed - between her thighs.

Lowering himself towards her body, he rubs his dick up and down her pussy, she moans softly. Placing his dick at the entrance to her vagina, he gently enters her, slowly moving his dick into her love tunnel. Breaching her hymen, he continues a slow gentle entry. Suddenly, her eyes fly open, and she gives a small scream, as she realises this most unusual and erotic dream of her life, is factual. Smiling, she heaves her hips at him, impaling herself on his dick. He maintains his position inside her, as they drop back to the bed. She wraps her arms and legs around him, and they kiss.

Breaking the kiss, she says "I'm not on the pill, please don't cum in me. But do fuck me senseless."

Starting a good thrusting action, he does just that. Fifteen minutes, and about 40 orgasms, later, she's lying spread-eagled on the bed, motionless, and moaning softly, with a huge smile. Withdrawing from her, he climbs off the bed, and moves to his other bed mate, Nataly.

Smiling at him, Nataly spreads her legs wide, removes her hand from her sopping pussy, and says "I'm on the pill, and came three times watching you two. Fuck me good, and fill me with your sperm, please." Climbing on the bed, he places his dick at her vaginal entrance, sliding straight in, she's one of the girls who admitted to popping her own cherry. When his groin meets hers, she starts cumming again. Placing his mouth on hers, he starts their tongues dancing, as he thrusts in and out at a medium pace. She's soon writhing underneath him, and unable to hold the kiss. Breaking the kiss, he speeds up his thrusts, as she moans with pleasure, having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. After ten minutes of constant orgasms, her pussy is starting to dry out. On the next thrust, he thinks 'Dickman 2,' and fills her vagina with more dick. She heaves in her strongest orgasm yet. He greatly enjoys the squeezing action of her pussy on his dick. He thinks 'Dickman coom,' and fills her with his sperm. Her eyes pop open again, as she responds to the feel of his perm shooting into her - with another huge orgasm. He lays there for a few minutes, fully inserted in her pussy. Thinking 'Dickman floppy,' he withdraws his flaccid dick.

Standing up, he goes to the en suite and starts a bath, returning to the bedroom, he carries the girls into the bath - one at a time. With the three of them in the bath, he carefully washes them all over. Getting out of the bath, he dries the girls off, dries himself, and lets them lean on him, as they walk back into the bedroom.

The girls sit there smiling, as they watch him get dressed. He heads off to get breakfast started, as they go to get dressed. In the kitchen, he finds Brooke cooking bacon and eggs for everyone. Looking up, she says "I gather Melissa and Nataly will be along shortly." He nods yes. Placing a plate of food before him, she says "That was an interesting yell I woke up to about 40 minutes ago, who was it?"

Smiling, he says "That was Melissa. She was surprised to wake up, and find her erotic dream of being fucked, was a reality. She seemed happy with things after the initial surprise." The girls around the table laugh. Melissa and Nataly walk in on the end of the laughter.

Melissa says "I heard how you unfeeling people reacted to my wake up call. I hope he does the same to you."

Smiling, Brooke says "So do I." John smiles at her, as many of the girls nod their heads in agreement.

Turning to Rachel, John says "I'm glad you've already agreed to drive today. I'm going to need some practice lessons before I try to drive again. I don't want to risk you lot, not while I'm relearning." At this comment, both Brooke and Rachel give him a funny look. Rachel nods her head yes, acknowledging her driver status.

At 8.00 am, they're all in his mini-bus, and driving down the road. Rachel at the wheel, John in the middle of the back seat, with a girl on each side, and a breast in each hand. Three blocks down the road, Rachel stops, to pick up four more members of the team; two are twins, and the other two are their cousins. Getting on the 20 seater mini-bus, the girls stop, and stare at John. He has a young girl's breast in each hand - he hasn't done that before. They sit down in vacant seats, and ask the others what's going on. They're quickly told, as the bus is full of smirking school girls. Arriving at the playing field, they meet up with the last member of the team, Sera Weatherall. Her mother, Gwen, always takes her to the games and practice.

Gwen and Sera watch with amusement, as Brooke makes everyone wait on the mini-bus, until she's ready for them to get off. Placing John at the foot of the stairs, she gives him instructions, and hustles Sera onto the bus. The girls line up in shirt number order; starting with number one, the goal keeper (Melissa). John lifts them off the next to last step, gives each a thorough kiss, and places them gently on the ground. He does this with every girl, finishing with number 13, Jessica. The girls run onto the field, starting their warm up routines and pre-game practice.

Sitting down on the sideline bench beside Gwen, John says "Hello Gwen. The girls tell me you've been doing a good job of filling in as manager / coach, during my hospitalisation."

She nods her head yes, saying "Someone had to. The other mothers either work to make ends meet and don't have the time, or they're not that interested in seeing their girls have a happy time at sport. Anyway, I heard you were a basket case." In response to his sudden look of surprise, the extent of his injuries had been kept secret, she says "I have friends at the emergency centre you were taken too. Some know you, and it broke their hearts to see you like that."

Giving her a sickly smile, he says "Things are not always what they seem to be. I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about it yet. And when I am, I have to tell Brooke first."

Smiling, Gwen says "Yes, sometimes the hurts are too big. Maybe I should tell you mine first. I'll think about that." He gives her a penetrating look, but she just shakes her head. They turn to watch the start of the game, as Brooke and Jessica walk up and sit down. Being a public place, Brooke just cuddles up to John, and pulls his arm around her, to hold on to, while Jessica puts her hand in his other hand. Gwen's eyebrows go up at this.

Five minutes before the end of the first half, Sera falls to the ground, with a sharp scream. The referee stops the game, John and Gwen race onto the field. Sera is rolling around, holding her right thigh, and groaning loudly. Kneeling beside her, John lifts her lower right leg, and uses it to push her knee up into her chest. Reaching around her leg, he starts feeling her thigh. He determines she's strained the muscle. He rubs her upper thigh, fast and hard, the pain settles down. John picks her up, carrying her to the sideline, while Brooke takes her place on the field. Sera is the largest girl on the team, she's 180 cm, as tall as John, and very solidly built, with a Junoesque figure (38 DD cup, but it's not obvious) - she out masses him by about 15%. He effortlessly carries her off the field. Gwen is surprised, last year, she was needed to help him carry any injured girls off the field.

Back at the bench, John continues to rub Sera's thigh, before strapping it up with a wide compression bandage. Setting her back down on the bench, he sits beside her, with Gwen on the other side of her, and Jessica on his other side.

Soon it's half time, and they gather around for a summary of the first half. Gwen and John mention some problems they'd noticed in the girls' play, and ways to take advantage of the opposition's weaknesses.

The second half starts, and Nataly is sitting it out - so Jessica can play. The girls rotate who sits out. Nataly and Sera were quietly talking during the half time briefing by Gwen and John. The adults return to the bench, as the team returns to the field. Nataly smiles at Sera, and nods.

Sitting between Gwen and John, Sera says "John, am I too fat and ugly for you to fuck?"

Both look at her in surprise. John turns and looks at Nataly, she tries to look innocent. He says "Did you put Sera up to asking that right now?" Looking worried, she nods her head. He says "Nataly, remind me later, to give you a 10 hit spanking on your bare bum, for trying to embarrass Sera." Gwen watches, and listens, with interest.

Turning to Sera, he says "Sera, you're NOT ugly, and you're not fat. Oh, don't go on, we all know you're a bit over weight, and eat a bit too much. But fat for a girl, is when her belly sticks further out than her tits, and she's not pregnant." Sera laughs at that deion. He continues "I'll also admit you're not in a position to push the top make-up models out of their positions, yet. Regardless of your physical beauty, true beauty is more than skin deep. Skin's the dust cover to the book that's the person. The person is their heart, mind, and soul; and true beauty is a person with a beautiful heart and soul. Remember, what you see, isn't always what you think it is." He stops for a breath, and she sits there looking at him. He continues "Sera, if your mother doesn't threaten to call the police for my corrupting you. Although, I think Nataly has already done that, then I'd be honoured to make love to you, and teach you the physical side of sexual relationships. Provided, this is what you really want, you've turned 16, and you're prepared to stay at my house for a weekend or longer, to do so." Sera smiles, and hugs him, Gwen looks on, surprised by all this.

Sera says, with a grin, "Thank you, I do want learn about sex. Nearly all the boys I know, say I'm fat and ugly. The girls on the team don't see me that way. But, like you, they say I could lose some weight."

Standing up, Gwen says "Nataly, you and Sera stay here; I think, John and I have to have a private talk."

John stands up, saying "Nataly, you may want to mention Brooke's birthday party arrangements to Sera, while we're away talking." John follows Gwen, to a point about 30 metres away.

Secrets Revealed
Looking at John, Gwen says "Sera and the girls are only 16 or 17, and Sera turned 16 last Thursday. Don't you think that's a bit young for you?"

John replies "I don't know how old you think I am, but I turned 25 a month ago. I was only nine when Brooke was born. I'm not going out of my way to seduce the girls, but neither am I going to reject them."

Surprised, Gwen says "Sorry, I thought you were about a decade older than that. I never met you, until after Brooke's parents died, and you've always seemed so sure and mature. And knowing your brother's age, I thought your were older than him." She turns away, with a pensive expression.

Turning back, she says "John, I think it's about time you learned something about Brooke."

He holds up a hand, saying "I already knew she's not my brother's biological daughter. The blood types don't match. They checked for compatibility, when she was in hospital after their death. However, I'd like to know how you know that, and anything else you can tell me about her."

Gwen says "Oh, I didn't know that you knew that. OK, here goes, and I may end up in court for this. Four of the girls on the team are my cousins." John is surprised, he wouldn't have guessed, it never showed. She continues "Sera is half sister to at least one of them, and so is Brooke. I don't know which, and the fathers aren't interested in getting the situation resolved. If I try to take any action, the gratuity Sera and I get from them, may be gone. Brooke's mother got a single payment when she got married." John is stunned by these revelations. Clearly, there's more to this, he looks at Gwen, raising one eyebrow.

Sighing, she says "OK, here's the rest. Years ago, my parents went away for a holiday, they left me with an aunt. My best friend's parents went with them, so my best friend, Brenda (Brooke's mother) stayed with me, at my aunt's. The aunt had three daughters in their twenties, they were all married, and six months pregnant. Their husbands were rich brothers who had very good jobs. One Saturday, my aunt and cousins were off for the day, at some charity event. The husbands were fixing something in the house, for my aunt. Brenda and I were out at the pool, sunbathing in small bikinis. Late morning, we walked inside for some drinks, the men were sitting at the kitchen table. No one else was there, just us five. We were only 12, but well developed for our ages, and looked a lot older. The eldest looked at Brenda, as she bent to get a drink from the lower part of the fridge. He said 'That's one sexy schoolgirl ass, bet you guy's would like a piece of that.' Another of them said 'I wouldn't mind a piece of both these cute chickies.' They stood up, we tried to run, they soon caught us, and removed our bikinis. One held Brenda and played with her breasts, while another held me down on the table, the third tied me to the table. They then tied Brenda down beside me. They spent the next three hours taking turns raping us. My aunt wasn't feeling well and came home early, I have no idea how things would've gone if she hadn't. Seeing what they were doing, she pulled out a pistol she carried in her purse, and chased them off. She immediately called some friends and a doctor. The men came back, 30 minutes later, to find two armed security guards ready to blow their balls off." She stopped to catch her breath; talking about this, was bring back all the old emotions, and she needed a breather.

She continues "The next week at school, we were right out of it, and got sent to the school counsellor. We were sitting there, not saying anything, when this high class counsellor walks in and speaks to the school counsellor. After that, we were seeing that counsellor, instead of gym and sport each week. Someone was paying her $2,000 a week, to come to the school to conduct our sessions. Some people recognised her as the top rape counsellor in the state, so the whole school soon learned we'd been raped. Most kids and staff cut us some slack after that. After six weeks, we were starting to get through the thing, when we found out we were both pregnant. Brenda had been the strong one until then, but she totally collapsed at that news. Somehow, that news went around the school very quickly. The next week, we're in a counselling session, and getting no where, as Brenda is like a stone. Someone knocks on the door, very insistently. The counsellor opens the door, and there stands your brother, the school captain, the big man at school. Walking in, he stands in front of Brenda, puts out his hand, and says 'Hand it over.' She looks straight ahead, stone faced. He slaps her, she blinks, and looks at him. He shoves his hand in her face, saying 'Hand it over.' She shakes her head, no. He says 'Hand it over, or I'll spank you.' She shakes her head no again. The counsellor has shut the door, and is watching this with interest. He's got more out of Brenda today, than she did. Pulling up a chair, he sits down, pulls Brenda to him, lays her across his lap, lifts her skirt, and spanks her panty covered bottom - several times. She's crying, and saying 'No, no, you can't have them.' Sliding her off his lap, he grabs her by the arms, and says 'Your mother's in the front office. She's hysterical, because she knows you've taken her new bottle of sleeping tablets. Now hand them over.' Brenda says 'No.' He says 'You left your diary open on your desk, and your mother read it - she knows what you plan to do. She also showed me the diary, and some entries in it.' Brenda's eyes go wide, and she shakes her head violently, no. He says 'I now know that you love me, and have done so for some years. That's why your mother thinks I can get you to hand over the tablets. I think she's right, because I'm not leaving here without them. Even if I have to give you a strip and cavity search.' Brenda's eyes go very wide at this. She starts sobbing, and reaches into her pocket, pulling out a bottle of tablets, she gives it to him. Smiling, he stands, and sits her down, saying 'Thank you. You'll cease all thoughts of suicide, right now, got it.' Walking to the door, he says over his shoulder, 'I'm not having the girl I love and intend to marry, kill herself.' Brenda's eyes go extremely wide, her mouth drops open, and she faints. The counselling went a lot better after that. Six months later, a judge approves their marriage, a lawyer gets us to sign waivers, and gives your brother a big payment. I'm given a monthly allowance for life, and a house. Since then, Brenda and I remained good friends. We made sure to keep Sera and Brooke at the same schools etc, so they would be good friends. It's just coincidence my cousins have their daughters at the same school. And no, I don't know if they know. I've never asked, I was too afraid of losing the monthly allowance, and that would hurt Sera's living, as I wouldn't be able to pay the school fees. The Masters girls are my cousins."

Having revealed her great secret to John, she stands there, crying. He takes her in his arms, and hugs her, until she settles down. The game is finishing, so they return to the bench, and Gwen sits down, still crying.

Gently stroking her hair, John says "We have to tell them, they should know they're family." She nods her head yes. He says "Did you drive or catch a cab?"

Looking up, Gwen says "I knew Rachel would have your bus, so I caught a cab, to simplify lunch." At his raised eyebrow, she says "We're all going out to lunch today, to celebrate Sera's 16th birthday, last Thursday."

The girls come back to the bench, happy - they just held the competition leaders to a 1-1 draw. The first game that team hasn't won this year, and the competition is half over. They're all very happy, until they see Gwen crying. John quickly gets them organised, and onto the bus. As they drive away, John finds out the restaurant they're having lunch at, The Great Dragon Chinese Restaurant. He hands his mobile phone to the Masters girls, and tells them he has to talk to their mothers - today, at the restaurant, it's important and urgent. They look very surprised, but ring their mothers. They agree to come to the restaurant, in an hour or so.

Saturday Lunch
They're having a good time at The Great Dragon, they've numerous different types of dishes, and everyone is having some from each. The girls have all brought presents for Sera.

Getting Sera's attention, he says "Sorry Sera, but I was only turned loose yesterday afternoon, and no one told me about your birthday or the party, until today. Will you accept a rain cheque to go shopping Monday. I think two items from Victoria's Secret may be enough to make up for not bringing anything." Sera is greatly surprised, she loves looking in the VS catalogue, but can never afford anything. This makes her very happy, and her smile shows it. Gwen is surprised, and happy as well, especially for how happy it makes Sera.

Suddenly, Gwen twigs to exactly what he said, and sits up, saying "Three items, and I tag along. You're not taking my daughter shopping for sexy underwear, without me. I know your game, you just want to look at a pretty girl in sexy underwear."

John smiles, saying "Guilty as charged. But I'll only pay for three, if the third is a negligee, and I get to demonstrate the correct way to remove it, that night." The Masters girls look stunned, surely he's not publicly offering to seduce Sera, not in front of her mother.

Smiling, Gwen says "Sera, are you happy with that arrangement, and would you like me to supervise the demonstration, or not?" Every one, except the Masters girls, are grinning - the Masters girls are in shock.

Grinning, Sera says "Hmm, John, do you think you could handle a double team?"

Smirking, Brooke chimes in with "Sure he can. He triple teamed Mandy, Rachel, and Jessica last night, and followed that up by double teaming Nataly and Melissa before breakfast today. Why do you think they were so all fired up and full of energy today. I wonder if screwing the whole team senseless before the game, will improve our game much." Gwen and the Masters girls are stunned by this revelation.

Sera turns to John, saying "Well then, what say you get mum a nice negligee as well, and fuck us both senseless, too." He nods, as does Gwen. The Masters girls can't believe what just happened.

Winking at Brooke, John says "You probably know we now have a nice swimming pool at home." They all nod their heads yes. He continues "When we're finished here, we can all go for a nice swim, if you want." They all smile, and nod their heads. He says "Oh, there's only one unbreakable rule about the pool. I don't know if Brooke's told you, but the pool area is a textile free zone. No clothing allowed in there, none at all." They all smile, the Masters girls aren't sure what happened to John in the hospital, they're not sure if they like the change, but it does sound interesting, and promises to be fun.

Brooke takes the opportunity to explain about the school break long birthday party and its rules. She invites them all to attend for all or part of it, as they wish. They all promise to see what they can do.

A short time later, the Masters girls' mothers arrive. They walk in, stopping dead, upon seeing Gwen. Standing up, John excuses himself and goes over to them. Leading them to another table in a corner, he asks if they want anything to eat or drink, they select some light snacks and juice drinks.

Looking at them carefully, he says "I see you recognised Gwen, your cousin." The all start, when he mentions the relationship, they nod. He says "Why do you avoid her?"

They look at each other, and Barbara, the oldest, replies "Because we all feel guilty about what our husbands did to her and Brenda. We don't know if she'll forgive us for leaving them there, like that, and are afraid she won't."

Nodding, he says "Well that answers the question about if you know what happened. I do hope you've made your husbands' lives hell for that."

Smirking, Deborah, the youngest, says "Mother made sure we knew. Those bastards only wanted to laugh about their fun. Well, we made sure they paid compensation, and then some." Seeing his raised eyebrow, she says "After our girls were born, we had them take some extended leave, and visited a very special holiday resort. Two months at $20,000 each, but they're now well trained submissives, and we've come to like being BDSM doms. Care to joins us, sometime?"

Smiling, John says "Sounds interesting, I'm sure Gwen would like to watch you put them through their paces, and I'm sure I'd love to see the expressions on their faces, as I cum in their mouths, after you make them suck my dick." They all smile at that thought. He says "But if I come along, it would be with the expectation of being the senior dom, and getting to fuck the three of you senseless, as well."

They all gulp at that, and Julie says "I do so love the idea of watching their reactions to your cumming in their mouths, we've not thought to have them suck each other off. Don't know why we missed that one, but I like it. As to being submissive to you, I'm not sure I can do that now."

Smirking, John says "Oh, I'm sure I can make you do it, and enjoy it, too. But the main thing I want to talk to you about is, I need to run DNA scans on your husbands - to ascertain which are actually Brooke's and Sera's fathers. Also, I think it's way past time all the girls got told that they're cousins or half sisters."

The women look at each other for a moment, finally, Barbara says "OK, you don't need to do DNA tests. Peter and Jerry are both sterile, very horny, but sterile. All the girls are half sisters sired by Steve." The other two look at her in shock; clearly, they didn't know this. She says "When we first got married, the boys wanted us to swing as a group. I was against it. Steve told me the situation. I checked it out, by supervising tests at a top fertility clinic. Steve is the only one of the three that can sire a child. I knew how much my sisters wanted children, so I agreed to the partner sharing, despite how much I hated it - then; I couldn't deny my sisters the chance of having children. Steve eventually got us all pregnant, as intended. All of our children are his."

Sitting back, a stunned John says "Well, that IS a revelation, I'll take your word for it. Now, about telling the girls, and letting Gwen know the full details too." They sit there for a moment, one by one, they nod their agreement. John signals Gwen to come over. When she arrives, he tells her all he's learned. She's stunned by the paternity revelations, and laughs at what happened to her attackers. She also accepts the offer to assist in some of their husbands' control sessions. He says "Leave the girls to me. I'll sort it out over the coming weeks. Probably as I let them seduce me." The three sisters sit up and take notice at that line.

Laughing, Gwen says "The girls gave me the low down. Yesterday afternoon, they talked him into giving them the male point of view on sex, and pumped him for what he knew about the problems when a girl loses her cherry. Turns out, he knows quite a lot, especially about how to make it best. Well, after that, some decided to trick him into having sex with them. When they tried to sneak into his bed, he made a point of making it obvious, and gave an open invitation to anyone interested. Five of the girls are singing his praises, very loudly."

John quickly jumps in, with "I've not put the word on any of the girls, and I won't. Except, during the coming school holidays, I'm allowing Brooke to have a break long sleep over party. During that, any girl who's staying over night, is automatically giving me permission to make love to her. If they don't want that, they can arrive at breakfast and leave by 8.00 pm. So far, my problem seems to be scheduling volunteers through my bed, at a high enough frequency to keep them all happy. I won't proposition your daughters. but I won't reject them either." The women just stare at him, and slowly nod their heads.

Gwen laughs, saying "Don't worry. Sera and I will be double teaming him on Monday night, her idea. And I'll get back to you by next weekend, about how good he is as a first for Sera, and for an experienced woman like me. Also, can I assume we don't have to go on avoiding each other now?" They nod yes. They stand, and give her a long overdue hug each, before leaving.

Standing up, John says to Gwen "Please stay here for a moment." Going to the girls, he gets Brooke, and brings her back to the table with Gwen. Sitting her down in Gwen's lap, he says "Better give her a hug Gwen, I think she'll need it." They both look at him, with concerned expressions. Taking a deep breath, he says "Brooke love, there are some things you need to know. Some I can tell you now, some will have to wait a few days, OK." She nods her head yes. He continues "First, you should know that we're no blood kin, your father was my brother, but he wasn't your biological father."

She interrupts, saying "I know that Uncle John. I've known for years, ever since mom and dad died. When the doctors seemed upset about some of the blood tests, I asked a nurse some questions about blood and paternity. We may not be blood relatives, but we're very closely related, by love." John is surprised.

Gwen interrupts with "She's real smart, this one. I wouldn't be surprised if she knows it all, already."

Smiling up at Gwen, she says "Don't worry, I won't say anything to anyone, until you say I can. But I gather from the recent visitors etc, somehow were all related, correct." Gwen and John nod their heads.

John smiles, saying "Yes, Sera and the Masters girls are your half sisters. You all share the same biological father."

Smiling up at Gwen, she says "Is that why you always go to so much trouble, seeing that Sera and I spend so much time together?" Gwen nods, she continues "Oh, Uncle John, I know what both a basket case and a cyborg are, too. So you don't have to tell me the details, just admit the truth, OK."

Gwen goes stiff with shock, at the mention of cyborg, that option had never entered her mind, but it makes sense. She looks closely at John. He says "Yes, you're correct. They could only save my brain, spinal cord, one lung, and some other organs, including my testicles. They're all safely lodged within my chest and stomach area. I don't need much sleep, food, or oxygen, even have an internal emergency air supply. The rest of me is computer controlled mechanicals, they're activated by my brain, much the same as normal parts. Some bits have the same sensory capability, some don't, some have more. Like my new dick, it's much more capable than my old one. My surface material feels just like skin." Seeing the expression on Gwen's face, he says "Before you ask, yes, I can keep an erection for many hours, and I only cum when I want to. I really enjoy the feel of an eager pussy on my dick, much more than that of an ejaculation." Both the ladies smile.

Standing, they all walk back to the party. Everyone is wondering what the conferences are about, but none are prepared to ask. They know they'll be told, when they should be told. The rest of the party goes well.

On the drive to the Smith house, Rachel stops to let the Masters girls off. Before she can drive away, they come running back, with small bags in their hands. They climb back in the bus.

The eldest girl, Paula, says "Mother said we aren't to go home, until we're on our way to school Monday."

The youngest holds her bag up, saying "Hey, the only clothes in here are my school clothes for Monday." The others quickly check their bags, they're the same.

Smiling, John says "Maybe your mothers figure you won't need anything else until then." They look at him for a moment, then they all blush, as they realise their mothers intend for them to be nude with John, for the rest of the weekend. Smiling, he says "This looks like being an interesting and very beautiful weekend. Gwen, are you and Sera staying over night as well?" She makes like she's thinking, and nods yes.

Swim Time
Rachel parks the mini-bus in the drive way, everyone gets out, and races into the house. John stops them in the lounge room, and informs them they have to get all the gear out of the bus; they can either do it now, or later - nude. They go back and bring all the gear in, and put it away. As they troop back into the lounge room - on the way to the pool, he stops them, and makes them get undressed - one at a time. The dirty clothes go into the washing basket at his feet, and he measures their height, bust, length from shoulder to thigh, and shoulder width. They all regard him strangely. Sera is last, and a bit unsure about going nude. He measures her, and hands the pad to Gwen. Reaching around, he fondles her breasts. She squeals and turns around, he takes her in his arms, and kisses her. As she gasps for air after the kiss, he whips her playing shirt up and off her, dropping down, he slides her shorts and panties off. Stunned, she stands there, in just her bra, until her mother undoes the clasp from behind, and pushes it off her shoulders. She's nude.

John turns her around, pats her behind, saying "Now go swim, I'll be along shortly, to play with those lovely tits." Blushing, she takes a running dive into the pool. Taking back the pad, John measures Gwen, as she strips. He has her measure him. Going to the phone, he calls a local shop, giving them measurements and names. Returning to the clothes basket, he picks it up, and takes it to the laundry. After putting all the dirty clothes in the washing machine, he starts it, and heads for the pool. On the way, he stops at the music centre, putting on Brooke's favourite music, some he likes, and pipes it into to the pool area speakers.

In the pool, he comes up behind Sera, she's talking to Jessica. Reaching around Sera, he takes a double hand full of her breasts, and fondles them. She jumps and squeals, before laying back into his embrace, and relaxing to the pleasure of the sensation. Jessica reaches between Sera's legs, and starts playing with John's dick. As she pulls his flaccid dick forward and between Sera's legs, he thinks 'Dickman 3 T'. Jessica gasps, at the sudden transformation, and Sera gasps as this big dick suddenly slides up her pussy slit, and is rubbing against her clit. He moves his hips back and forth, giving her clit a real good rubbing. Gwen comes over, to see what's happening. She dives under the water, and resurfaces. Smiling, she places her hand on his dick, and pushes it harder against Sera's clit. Soon, Sera moans as she cums, three times. John thinks 'Dickman floppy.'

Lifting Sera out of the pool, John carries her to one of the chairs, and puts her in it. Returning to the pool, he organises a game of pool tag. Everyone enjoys the game, for about an hour, Sera joins in - after a 20 minute rest. Later, as everyone is taking a break, John goes to get some drinks. He makes a mental note, to get another fridge - for drinks in the pool area. Bringing the drinks and glasses back, he places them on the table, and pours drinks for everyone. Soon, they're all sitting around chatting. Around 3.30 pm, John says he has to go shopping, and asks Rachel to drive him. She agrees, so they get dressed. She drives him to a nearby shopping centre.

In the shopping centre, John goes to a T-shirt speciality shop, and collects his order of 20 T-shirts, 15 with names. While in the centre, he visits the Pizza Hut store, ordering and paying for 24 pizzas - to be delivered at 6.00 pm. He also shops at the grocery store, boxes of drinks and nibblers - for the hungry horde at home.

Rachel opens the box with the T-shirts, and asks why he paid so much for plain white T-shirts with a name embroidered on them. Everyone has one in their size, and their name embroidered on them, centred on the bottom of the V of the head hole. Picking up one of the shirts, John places his hand inside it, about where the breasts would be. In a moment, the heat causes deep blue letters to appear on the front and back. The front reads 'Fuck ME.' The back reads 'Please.' He does the same to the one with his name, and its front reads 'Fuck ALL of you.' The back reads 'I hope.' Rachel has a good laugh at the joke.

Returning home, they put the drinks in the fridge, to get cold, and take the snacks out to the troops. The box of T-shirts is left near the lounge room door. They sit around, talking some more.

Pizza, Parlour Trick
At 5.30 pm, John asks Gwen and Brooke to help him set up for dinner. As the the ladies open the table, he puts the fly leaves in. They place serviettes and glasses around the table, with fifteen chairs. At 5.50 pm, they get out bottles of cold drink, and spread them around the table. John calls everyone in, and hands each a T-shirt to put on, as he'll need their help with the pizzas, when they arrive. Quickly, he lines them up in a row, Gwen at one end and Brooke at the other. They stand there in white T-shirts that come down to the top of their thighs, standing, they look OK. But bent over or walking, their cute bums are on display. Playing the fool, he pretends to be an officer with his troops on parade, they humour him, and stand to attention, just flashing the very bottom of their cute pussies. They laugh at the message on his shirt back.

A few minutes past 6.00, the doorbell rings. John opens the door, two pizza delivery girls are standing there, he knows them well - they play on the school basketball team with Brooke. As the door opens, all they see, is a line up of their school friends in white T-shirts with deep blue letters saying 'Fuck ME.' Their eyes go wide, then they laugh when they look at John, and see his says 'Fuck ALL of you.' Calling the girls forward, he has them take the pizzas from the delivery team, and walk them through to the dinner table. As each one steps forward, the others see the 'Please' on the back, and giggle. This causes some delight with the pizza delivery team as well. It's not until the girls are standing around the table, that they see the message written across the others' breasts. Then pandemonium breaks out, as they all start verbally abusing John, calling him all sort of nasty things. The delivery girls look at John.

With a cheeky grin, he hands them a $10 tip each saying "New shirts, heat activated letters, first time they've worn them. Please don't say anything to anyone." They get the picture, nod their heads, and leave - laughing very hard. Walking into the dining room, they get their first good look at his front message. Then they're all laughing so hard, they forget to be angry at the trick he pulled.

Rachel and Gwen are laughing so hard, they've to dash to the toilet, before eating. Everyone else sits down and eats pizza. They sit and chat, taking about an hour over dinner.

After dinner, they sit in the lounge room, to watch some DVDs. There aren't enough seats, John makes a mental note to get some new lounge furniture, so many are lying on the floor. Still, 13 girls, a man, and a women, take up a lot of space, which is at a premium by the time the last arrive, the Masters twins - Jacqui and Lorna. Calling them to him, John has Jacqui sit on the floor leaning against his legs, and Lorna sits in his lap, with his arms around her.

Lorna says "Even though mother sent us here without clothes, I'm not sure she meant for us to be sitting like this."

Sliding his hands under the T-shirt, and onto her breasts, he fondles them, saying "I think she does, as I told her at the restaurant, I'll fuck you girls senseless, if you stay here overnight." She half turns, to stare at him, then turns back, and leans on his chest.

Softly, she says "What else did you lot talk about? I know mother and my aunts were very upset when they first arrived, then they were very angry with you, and then happy. And in all the years I've known Sera, that's the first time they've even spoken to Gwen. And now you're saying they approve of you having sex with us, after being on our backs about being careful about sex for so long. Something's up, what is it?"

Sighing, he says "Stand up, we need to go elsewhere, and call your mother." They both stand up, and walk out to the poolside tables, taking off their T-shirts, as they enter the pool area. Sitting down, Lorna picks up the cordless phone, and calls her mother. When it's answered, she hands the phone to John. He says "Hi Deborah, it's John, can you please tell Lorna you're OK about us fucking?" He hands the phone to Lorna.

Calmly, Deborah says "Hi love, yes, we want him to teach you girls about sex. He's also to explain some other things to you, believe what he tells you. Put John back on, please." With a puzzled expression, Lorna hands John the phone. Deborah continues "John, I think you best tell the girls everything this weekend, OK. I'll tell the ones you don't have, no need to mention father's names, please."

John replies "OK, I'll do that, may as well do it now." Hanging up the phone, he stands, and takes Lorna's hand. Entering the lounge room, he says "Gwen, can you keep an eye on things down here, please. No one is to go upstairs, except me and the following, Lorna, Jacqui, Paula, Peta, Sera, Brooke. All of you get your cute arses upstairs, and onto my bed, now." The Masters girls look at Lorna, she nods her head yes. Sera looks at Gwen, she nods her head yes. The girls get up, and head for the stairs. John continues "Sorry Gwen, Deborah thinks I should tell them now, not next week. I think it'll be easier, without you, OK." She nods her head. Sera and Brooke had stopped at the bottom of the stairs, and heard this. Brooke takes Sera's hand, and leads her up the stairs, Sera is very concerned.

In the bedroom, John has all the girls sit on the bed. Sitting down, Lorna says "I just spoke to mother, and she says she wants John to fuck our brains out, we're also to believe what he's about to tells us." The other Masters girls are a bit surprised, but not shocked with the instructions re sex, due to the day's events.

Pulling up a chair - so he can sit and look at them all, John sits down, facing the bed. Sighing, he says "What I'm about to tell you, should be a surprise, and may even shock you. But nearly 17 years ago, three brothers raped two 12 year old girls who were very good friends, and got them pregnant." The Masters girls know about their father's relationship, instantly twigging who the men are, and who the babies are. He says "The girls both had daughters, one called her daughter Sera, the other called her daughter Brooke." Sera looks up in surprise, and looks at Brooke, who nods yes, they turn back to John. He continues "The three men were married to three sisters, they were pregnant at the time, and were also cousins of one of the victims, Gwen." They all look at each other. He says "Since that day, the sisters had been afraid to speak to their cousin, out of shame at their husbands' behaviour. Today, that silence was broken, as you saw at the restaurant." They stop and stare at each other, as they realise they're related to Gwen, Sera, and Brooke. He says "Another thing that has been a close secret until now, is that two of those men have been sterile since their teens. You're all sisters, not cousins, you all share the same biological father." The girls are stunned with this news. He continues "That makes some of you full siblings to those you already think of as siblings, and half sisters to the rest. You girls are all half-sisters, except Lorna and Jacqui, who're full sisters." Suddenly, it's group hugs all round. Smiling, he says "What Lorna said is true, your mothers now realise it's time for you to learn about the physical aspects of sex, and approve me as your trainer, if you wish. They'd been concerned about teenage pregnancies, due to the damage that they saw it do Brenda's and Gwen's lives."

Smiling at John, Paula says "Well, I think we should handle this by age."

Grinning back, John says "No, Lorna has already staked first claim, but stay around, you're next." Brooke stands up, and leads Sera away by the hand. Johns watches them go, saying "It's all right Sera, remember, you're down for Monday night." She leaves, smiling. Jacqui and Peta just sit there, smiling.

Bedroom Games
Approaching the bed, John sits down, and pulls Lorna to him. He kisses her, turns her around, sits her in his lap, with his dick between her thighs, and fondles her breasts. She sighs, leaning in to his chest. Telling the others to get comfortable, he thinks 'Dickman stiffy 1 T,' and gives them the talk about hymens and sex, the same one he gave the others yesterday.

At first, Lorna is a bit distracted by his stiff dick rubbing her pussy, but soon becomes engrossed in the lesson. By the time he has finished speaking, all the girls are playing with their pussies, except Lorna. She's playing with his dick, while pushing it against her pussy, as he fondles her breasts.

In reply to questions, he learns they're all on the pill, and eager to learn. The other girls take off their T-shirts, at his request, and spread about the bed.

Lifting Lorna, he turns her around, and sits her on the bed. They all stare at his erect organ. Leaning forward, he kisses Lorna, and kisses his way down her throat to her breasts. Sucking on her breasts, he lays her down on the bed, and kisses down her body to her pussy. Reaching her clit, he tongues and sucks it, until she has three orgasms. While doing this, he slips a finger into her vagina; he finger fucks her, adding more fingers, until he's using four fingers, and her pussy is sopping wet. Kissing his way back up her body, he gives her breasts another good sucking. Reaching her mouth, they start tongue dancing. With his mouth firmly over hers, he guides his dick to her vaginal entrance, and slides it in, breaching her hymen. As he enters her and feels the warm embrace of her velvet love tunnel, her eyes go wide, arms enclosing his chest, as she pulls him to her.

Despite her eagerness, he enters her slowly, he pauses. Her legs wrap around him, trying to push him in further, no effect, her eyes go wide at his strength. Slowly, he lowers himself, pushing deeper into her love tunnel. She sighs, when their groins rub together, he withdraws. Ready to slide forward again, he thinks 'Dickman 2,' and slides back in. This time, her eyes go wider, as his dick reaches further into her. She humps at him, as best she can - she wants more of him in her. Four more thrusts, and she's cumming on each thrust. She breaks the kiss, to gasp for air, eyes closed, and head thrashing from side to side, as she moans with pleasure. He loves the feel of her warm, juicy pussy, as it embraces and squeezes his dick with each orgasm. Five minutes of continuous orgasms, her arms and legs fall to the bed, she lies there, with a huge smile, moaning with another orgasm washing over her on each thrust. He stops, full embedded in her, and thinks 'Dickman coom.' He ejaculates into her. Her eyes pop open again, as the warmth of his seed in her, triggers another orgasm. She moans 'Fuck yes,' and faints. Gently, he withdraws his still stiff dick from her.

Looking about the bed, he sees Paula, Jacqui, and Peta with glazed eyes, lying in pools of their own pussy juices; clearly, they enjoyed the show. Gently pushing Lorna's legs together, he moves her over a bit, as he moves towards his next student.

Paula's eyes slowly gain focus. She watches John's stiff dick sway slightly, as he moves on the bed - towards her. Grasping her ankles, he pulls her down the bed, and spreads her legs apart. She's already tired - from cumming several times, while masturbating, as she watched John and Lorna fuck, it was so sexy. He leans down, and clamps his mouth over her clit, sucking hard, as he tongues it. She thrashes about, with her biggest orgasm yet. He removes his tongue, and she flops back on the bed, with her eyes closed, a huge smile on her face, too exhausted to move. He thinks 'Dickman 1,' he doesn't want to hurt the girls by accident, so he intends to start small, and work his way up in length and width.

Smiling, he moves up the bed, and slides his dick into her tight, drenched pussy. Gently, he pushes in and through her hymen, stopping, when their groins meet. Her only reaction, is a low moan of pleasure, it lasts for the whole of the entry. He withdraws, and sets up a nice pace, soon, she's cumming on each thrust. He can tell, as her warm, wet vagina is squeezing his dick with each orgasm. But she's not moving any other muscles, clearly, too exhausted to react or enjoy the situation in a more active manner. He pounds her sweet pussy for five minutes, to the sounds of her pleasure moans. Stopping, with his dick fully embedded, he thinks 'Dickman 2,' waits a moment, as it delves further into her depths, and thinks 'Dickman coom.' His dick floods her pussy with his warm sperm. The extra feeling of this, causes another large orgasm. Her eyes open, she humps at him, moans, and faints - with a huge smile still on her face.

Thinking 'Dickman 1,' he withdraws from her and looks at Jacqui, she's unconscious, with her hand still in her drenched pussy, as is Peta. Smiling, he thinks 'Dickman floppy,' and arranges the sleeping girls on the bed in a group cuddle. Making a mental note to change the sopping sheets later, and to buy more sheets - ones that are much more absorbent than these ones. Gently placing a doona over them, he goes for a quick shower. After drying, he puts on his dressing gown, and heads downstairs.

Saturday Evening
Seeing John walking into the lounge room, after being upstairs for only an hour, Gwen says 'One hour for four sexy nymphs. You bad boy, who did you short?"

Smiling, John says "Jacqui and Peta, they did something I never knew could happen. I expected them to get turned on, and cum while playing with themselves, as they watched Lorna and I, then Paula and I, screwing. But I never expected them to cum so much, they fainted from playing with themselves. Since both Lorna and Paula fainted when I ejaculated in them, I now have four sleeping, exhausted, and very happy girls upstairs."

Gwen and the girls are stunned. Looking concerned, Gwen stands, and heads for the stairs, saying "I think I better go check on them." The rest of the girls get up, and follow her upstairs, to see this wonder.

As they leave, John replies "Their heart rate and blood pressure are OK. Normal sleep patterns."

A few minutes later, a relieved looking Gwen walks into the lounge room, saying "I'm beginning to get worried about Monday night. You fucked four girls into unconsciousness, and never touched two of them."

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, Brooke says "Since were changing all the house standing orders, and starting a whole lot of new ones, there's one I want to start." They all look at her, she continues "It's time for our baths, and you, Uncle John, have to wash us all in the big bath." They all grin at this, as does John.

Nodding agreement, he says "We'll have to be quiet, but OK. And I think I better get hold of a plumber to build us a bigger bath." They all move off upstairs, quietly passing through the bedroom, and on into the en suite.

In the bathroom, everyone strips off their t-shirts, while the water is running. John gets in the water, and grabs the washer, he gives Brooke a thorough wash and rinse, followed by Gwen, Sera, and the rest of the girls; as Brooke directs them into the bath. As they're getting dried, she assigns them sleeping quarters, and sends them off to bed. When all the girls are done, Brooke gives him a thorough wash and rinse.

As they leave the master bedroom, Brooke says "Since your bed is full tonight, you better sleep in the guest bedroom." Opening the door, she waves him inside, and shuts it behind him. The bedside lamp is on, he sees Wendy and Tina lying on the bed, eagerly awaiting him.

As he walks towards the bed, Tina stands up, saying "I'm first, and I want to be on top, please lie on the bed." Smiling, he thinks 'Dickman stiffy 1 T,' and walks across the room. The girls lick their lips, while watching his stiff dick sway as he walks. Reaching the bed, he lays down. Tina goes to sit on him, but he draws her hips to his face, giving her a good licking and sucking first, concentrating on her clit. After her third orgasm, he lifts her up, and places her above his dick. He holds her just above his dick, while she catches her breath. Both John and Wendy enjoy the lewd sight, his erect dick just below her wet and ready pussy, as it drips her juices onto his dick. A moment later, Tina places her knees on the bed, one on each side of his hips, and takes her own weight on her legs.

Smiling at her, he lets go of her waist, and slides his hands up to her breasts, as she eases herself down, rubbing her pussy on his dick. He fondles her breasts, as she teases him, by rubbing up and down against his dick. He lays there, enjoying the sensation of her wet pussy sliding along his dick, and a double handful of teen breasts.

Looking her in the eyes, he says "How long do you think you can keep that up. Sooner or later, you have to fuck me properly. If you don't do it yourself, I need only wait until you're tired, then lay you on the bed, and slide all the way in. Stop having second thoughts and settling for second best, get on with the action, and learn how to really enjoy yourself." Wendy giggles at this, as Tina had told her she intended to have a good time, and retain her hymen. He just told her she's wasting her time, if she thinks it's going to happen that way.

Tina stops all action, at this clear statement of intent. Grinning, John says "Tina love, believe me, when I say I'm not at all like other men any more, I'm different, and can do things others can't. Even like this, I can take your cherry - if I want to. If you don't want me to take your cherry, all you have to do, is say so. I'm not going to intentionally hurt you or rape you. Nor will I allow you to try and get the best of both worlds, or back out once you make a commitment. Tell me now, do you want this, or not?"

Lifting herself away from his dick, she lays on his chest, saying "I don't know, part of me says 'Hell yes' another part says 'Not now girl.' I don't know what I want. When Brooke sent me in here, I thought 'Yes this is it, I can do this, as I'm no longer in charge.' But once in here, I had second thoughts. When you walked in and let me take charge, I had third thoughts. I'm so mixed up."

Looking at her with concern, John says "OK, lets discuss this a bit, I don't think Wendy will mind a short delay." He looks at her, and she signals for him to continue, he does "If I can't help you sort this out, then we can find where Gwen is, and she may be able to help you." He stops, to get his thoughts in order, and says "First, I need some answers to these questions. Are you afraid of the pain, are you concerned about getting pregnant, are you concerned about what they others think?" He looks at her, as she thinks for a few minutes.

Finally, she says "I'm a little bit afraid of the pain of when my hymen goes. I'm more concerned that some girls at school will think I'm a slut, for sleep with a man old enough to be my father, and I'm concerned the team will be upset, if I don't sleep with you. I'm on the pill for regularity, so I can't get pregnant, and that isn't a concern. I think it's more a fear of the unknown, and also, once I do this, every boy will expect me to have sex with him."

Laughing, John says "Well, if any boy expects you to have sex with him because you had sex with someone else, then you tell him to go fuck a French poodle, as he only deserves a little foreign bitch, and not a lovely local lady." Both girls laugh so hard, that Brooke and Sera, sleeping in the next room, come in - to see what's happening. John looks at their expressions, and explains Tina is having some second thoughts. Wendy tells them what he said, and they laugh too. John says "Brooke do you know my real age?" She shakes her head no. He says "How old do you think I am?"

Brooke replies "Well daddy was 19 when I was born, and you always seemed so more mature. Also, when mum and dad had a problem, and decided to discuss it with you, daddy would always say 'Let's go ask the old fuddy duddy what he thinks.' So I always thought you were his older brother, and had a condition that makes you look younger, like that adult actor who looks like a 10 year old boy. With me being 16, and daddy's 19, making him 35 today; I figured you had to be four or five years older, and around 40 years old. Most of the girls think the same, which is why they see you more as a father figure than a potential boyfriend. At least, they did until yesterday, now most are wanting to list you as their prom date and boyfriend, as I do."

Laughing, he says "No love, nothing like that. For reasons I never knew, my parents waited several years between children. I was only 9 years old when you were born, and I turned 25 a few months ago." They all look at him, stunned, then they smile, as they think '25 is an acceptable older boy friend.' He says "Check my driver's licence or birth certificate, if you don't believe me. Because of various instances as a boy, I've always been a lot more careful and mature than my age group, or my big brother."

Turning to Tina, he says "So we just let the girls at school learn my real age, that should resolve the age concern. But I think it's more than that. As to what this lot think, if you don't have sex with me. Well, if I was you, I'd just stick my tongue out at them, and say 'I'll do as I like with my body, when I like.' Then leave it at that. As to the pain bit, we can broach you hymen with a thick pencil or something else a lot thinner than my dick, if you want. We can wait until you're happy about it, to go all the way - hence the expression. It means, all the way in your vagina. Well, your call, Tina."

Tina thinks for a moment, and says "Can we breach my hymen with something else, and let me think some more." He nods yes, and has her lie down on the bed, she spreads her legs - very wide.

John goes into the hall, returning with a fan style feather duster, and a tube of KY. Rubbing the jelly on the handle of the feather duster, he lays between her legs, and gently inserts it into her pussy, pushing it through her hymen, she winces. He moves it from side to side, to widen the gap, pushing it in further, until he feels it contacting her cervix. Stopping, he looks down at the young girl with the feather duster fan growing between her legs. He tries hard, but can't stop himself from giggling. Tina gives him a dirty look. He gets a mirror, and shows her how she looks, she has to giggle too, as do the girls.

Gently removing the feather duster, John slips one finger in, and gives her a finger fuck, two fingers, three, four fingers, widening her vaginal entrance, by spreading the fingers apart. Stopping, he gets a towel, and wipes her clean. Standing, John says "Well, we've dealt with everything that you've said is a concern. Do you need to go elsewhere to think some, do you need to talk to Gwen, or do you want to stay here and think, while I screw Wendy senseless? Then you may get so turned on, you forget everything else, until it's too late."

Laughing, Tina says "I think it's mostly last minute jitters, and fear of something unknown. I'll sit here, while you and Wendy have fun, and see where things are at, when you two finish."

Sera and Brooke leave the room, while John kisses Wendy. As he lowers her to the bed, she says "Doggy style please, I've no hymen to worry about, remember."

He lays her down on the bed, and kisses her breasts, working down her body, he kisses her clit and sucks on it, while finger fucking her to three orgasms. Sticking his tongue in her vagina, he licks up and along her pussy slit, reaching her clit, he tongues her to a fourth orgasm. Standing, he rolls her over, spreads her legs, lifts her hips, pulls her back so her legs are angled sideways and slightly forward, giving him easier access. Reaching his left arm around her, he holds her up, while using his right hand to rub his dick along her pussy. Placing his dick at the entrance to her vagina, he gently pushes in, until his groin is against her arse. His current length, but not her full depth - not at this angle.

Looking up, he sees Tina is mesmerised by the sight of his dick in her friend. John says "Tina, please lie on the bed, with your head under Wendy's breasts, and give them a good suck and fondle." Smiling, she licks her lips, climbs on the bed, leans forward, and gives Wendy a good long kiss. When she breaks the kiss, Wendy's gasping for air. Tina places a pillow under Wendy's breasts, and lays down, with her head on it. She needs to lift Wendy a bit, when she lowers her back down, Wendy's right breast slides right into her mouth. She immediately starts giving it a tongue lashing and sucking, while fondling the left breast with her left hand, and reaching down with her right hand, to play with Wendy's clit. Wendy starts moaning, in response to Tina's work on her breasts and clit.

Smiling, John now knows what Tina's problem is, and how to deal with it. He slides his dick back, until just the head is in Wendy. Thinking 'Dickman 2,' he gently thrusts forward, she moans with the extra contact. Thrusting faster and faster, he soon has Wendy cumming with each thrust. Her body writhes, and she humps back on each thrust. Her pussy is squeezing his dick, trying, with each orgasm, to milk it of sperm. He keeps this up for several minutes, soon, she's too tired to hump back.

Tina is lying across the bed, with her head, almost to this side, on a pillow, and sucking Wendy's breast - like her life depends on it. Wendy is sort of standing, with her feet right beside the bed, but her arse pulled back - at an angle away from the bed, John has his feet directly under her hips, fucking her for all he's worth. He can hear Wendy moaning with pleasure, and Tina humming with pleasure.

Thinking 'Dickman 3,' he thrusts into Wendy again, making contact with her cervical entrance. Her head comes up, and she yells "Oh fuck, yes." Two more such thrusts, and she's having a multiple orgasm, as the slight pain gives her more stimulation, he's in heaven - as her pussy squeezes his dick. Stopping, with his dick deep in her, he thinks 'Dickman coom' and ejaculates, filling her pussy. The warm sperm shooting into her, makes her cum again. Turning her head around, she looks at John, saying "Fuck yes, give me your baby, I want it NOW. Fill me again, it's the right time, and I'm not protected. Lover, give me your child." He's very surprised to hear she wants to have his child, but more than glad to help her. He thinks 'Dickman coom,' again spraying her insides with his seed. This causes her to have another multiple orgasm, and collapse. The only thing stopping her from falling onto Tina, is John's hands holding her up. Carefully, he shuffles forward, until her hips are over the edge of the bed, and lowers her down onto Tina. When Wendy moves forward, Tina releases her breasts. When he stops, Wendy's pussy is right above Tina's mouth, and almost touching it, also, Wendy's face is resting on Tina's hip, beside her pussy.

Tricking Tina
Grinning, John says "Tina, start sucking and licking." She immediately starts licking his balls, Wendy's pussy, and sucks her clit. Reaching forward, he turns Wendy's head, and moves it into Tina's pussy, saying "Wendy, lick her pussy, and suck her clit." Without any hesitation, she does as her lover tells her. Smiling, he says "Tina, place you tongue at her clit, and hold it there." When she does, he slowly withdraws from Wendy's sperm filled pussy. Pushing forward, he wipes his dick on Tina's tongue. Sliding his dick into her mouth, she opens it wider, and sucks on his dick. She does a good job. A few minutes later, he says "I want to cum in you mouth, swallow, and keep sucking, when I cum." Thinking 'Dickman coom,' he shoots his sperm into her mouth, she sucks harder, as she swallows it all. After she's swallowed all the sperm, and cleaned his dick off, he thinks 'Dickman floppy.' His shrinking flaccid dick starts to leave her mouth, she sucks harder - to keep it. He smiles at this, saying "I'm pulling out, so you can go to work on Wendy's pussy." She lets it go.

Stepping back from the bed, he looks down, to see Tina, with a huge grin, slurping on Wendy's pussy. Walking around the bed, he finds a very tired Wendy, sucking on Tina's pussy. Kneeling beside the bed, he spreads Tina's legs wider, and gently pushes Wendy's head aside, he licks the full length of Tina's pussy, she shivers in response. Wendy lies there, watching, as he gives Tina's clit a real tongue lashing. Wendy feels Tina thrash about, as she cums, in response to John's work on her pussy and clit. Wendy smiles at John, happy to see him pleasuring her good friend.

Standing, John thinks 'Dickman stiffy 1 T.' Wendy watches his dick go stiff, and smiles. He quietly says "Wendy, I want you to turn around on the bed, and kiss Tina, I want you to stick your tongue as far down her throat as you can, and wash her tonsils, OK. Kiss her as hard and thoroughly as you want to kiss me, we'll catch up later. Make sure to keep your arse up, and that sperm in, if you really want a baby."She smiles, and nods her head. She's a very sexy sight, as she turns around, with her arse held high in the air.

Tina is upset, when Wendy's delicious pussy is taken away from her, but is very happy, when Wendy lowers her face to hers, and gives her a most thorough tongue kiss. She's in heaven, she's wanted to kiss Wendy, and the girls, like this - wanted to do so, for ages, but was too scared to do so. She loses herself in the pleasure of such a deep kiss.

John places his stiff dick at the entrance to Tina's wet pussy, and gently slides in. He continues a slow gentle pressure, until his dick is all the way in her vagina. He gently withdraws. The mild bump of John's groin against hers, gets Tina's attention for a moment, but she's so involved in tongue dancing with Wendy, she doesn't stop to wonder what it is. Several times, John thrusts in and out, making sure to stop short of her groin. A few minutes later, Tina breaks off the kiss, to gasp for air, as she cums, kissing has never made her cum like this before. Then she realises, it's not the kissing, it's John's dick in her cunt, it's sending her over the edge. She cums again, and again. Seeing they've stopped kissing, he motions Wendy to suck on Tina's heaving breasts, she does so, with joy. He thrusts deeper into Tina, mashing their groins together on each thrust. She writhes and heaves in orgasm, on each thrust. Wendy gives Tina's right nipple a good tongue lashing, and sucks on it - sucking for all she's worth. Tina heaves hard, as she goes into a multiple orgasm. John continues thrusting into her, and enjoying the feel of her warm, silken vagina squeezing his dick. As she starts to settle down, he thinks 'Dickman 2M,' as he thrust back in. She heaves hard, at this wider invasion, and screams 'Fuck yes.' He thinks 'Dickman coom,' and fills her with his warm seed. She heaves in another orgasm, he thinks 'Dickman coom,' and again sprays her insides with sperm, triggering another orgasm. She settles down, he thinks 'Dickman floppy,' and withdraws from her. At his touch, Wendy backs off too.

Smiling, he looks down at Tina, the thoroughly exhausted girl smiles, saying "Bastard, you worked me to a T, didn't you?"

Nodding, he says "When I saw how eager you were to kiss Wendy and suck her tits, I knew you had a preference for girls, and were hesitant, because you thought you were a lesbian, right?"

She nods her head, saying "Yes, I thought I was a lesbian, I've had numerous sexual encounters with some female cousins and an aunt, I greatly enjoyed them. I'm excited when I see the girls nude, but next to nothing about seeing you nude. However, I got confused, as seeing your stiff dick excites me too. I also like sucking it, and love the taste of your cum."

Grinning, John says "It's OK Tina, now you know you're bi-sexual, with a preference for girls. Would I by right, in thinking Wendy is your favourite wet dream star?" Blushing, Tina nods her head, Wendy looks surprised. He says "Who are your next two favourites?"

Looking embarrassed, she says "Brooke and Sera."

Smiling, John says "Well, now I know, I'll see what I can do to help. However, I think it's going to be in a manner where I also spend a lot of time pounding that hot pussy of your as well." Grinning, she nods yes. Turning to Wendy, he says "Not a word to anyone about this, right."

Grinning widely, Wendy says "Whatever you wish, oh my darling master, as long as I get a decent amount of time with your dick, and her tongue as well." Both Tina and John look at her, and nod.

He says "How long have you wanted me to father a child on you?"

Blushing, Wendy says "I've known you for 6 years, and had crush on you since we first met, when Brooke joined the soccer team. When I started menstruating, mom sat me down, telling me about sex and babies. She said she can't stop me having sex, but if I ever came home pregnant, before I got married, she'd throw me out of the house and lock the door. She got married again, two years ago, to a real bastard, Roddy Ruiz. He's been trying to get into my panties since the day he moved in, six months before the wedding. After we heard about your accident, I was talking to Brooke. I confided how I wanted you to be my first, and also the father of my children. Mom overheard me, and read the riot act again, Roddy interrupted, to say they shouldn't throw me out, but keep me around as a whore for his friends - at $20 per fuck. If they knew you were out of hospital, they wouldn't have let me come over this weekend."

Looking very concerned, John says "You're an only child, aren't you?" She nods her head yes, he continues "Well then, it's no problem if you don't go home again, is it?"

She sits up, and smiles, saying "You mean I can stay here, permanently?"

He replies "Yes, isn't that what you were hoping would happen, once you got confirmed pregnant?" Shyly, she nods her head yes. He continues "You'll still be an unmarried mother, but you'll be living here, not there." He stops, and thinks for a moment, turning to Tina, he says "Tina, my little Cum Sponge. Please, get Brooke and Sera from next door, and find Gwen. I'd like to talk to them together." Grinning at this pet name, she hurries off, to do as asked.

Planning the Future
Brooke and Sera walk in the door first, they approach the bed, and sit down. John says "Brooke, you know when your parents bought this large house, they expected to have many children in it." She nods her head yes, he continues "How would you feel if I invited some other people to live here, permanently?"

Brooke looks at him, saying "A lot would depend upon who, why, and the circumstances. Talk to me."

He says "I'm sure you know Wendy is in a difficult home situation, also, she has a very full womb of my sperm, and, as I'm sure you know, trying to get pregnant by me." Sera looks stunned, Brooke just nods. He continues "From now on, no secrets Brooke, if you know something like this, tell me straight away. If I'd known this yesterday, I'd have probably started her baby in the pool area instead of talking." They all look stunned, Brooke nods her head. Tina walks in with Gwen. Turning to Gwen, he says "How serious are you about Sera and Brooke becoming very good friends, especially in light of the fact they're half-sisters?" Wendy and Tina go wide eyed - about the half-sisters bit.

Gwen says "Very serious, much more so now. Why?"

John replies "Then, wouldn't it make much more sense for them to live together. You could sell your house and move in here, we can do some renovations, to add more rooms."

Sera and Brooke grin, as Gwen smiles, saying "That's a wonderful idea, but I think you just want a housekeeper and an extra pussy or two handy."

John replies "Oh, stop complaining, you know this is what you want. It'll be good for the girls, you'll get laid regularly, as will all the girls and I. And yes, having you here will help a lot, in many ways. I'll also need a woman around, to help with a few other things. Wendy is staying here from now on, she'll make one more trip home, supervised by me, to get her personal things. Then she's moving in here permanently. She's made it clear, she wants me to get her pregnant, and made an excellent start on that. So, she'll shortly be pregnant, and could do with some womanly advice on pregnancy, as I know nothing about it, or on being a single mom, I hoped you'd fill that gap. I also have a feeling a few others will be wanting to leave home soon, and look to us as a shelter. We need to think about what we want to do with renovations, we can discuss them in more detail later. I'm thinking to extend the house backwards alongside the pool house, a wide bottom floor, with a large games and play area, entrance into the pool as well. With a second floor of bedrooms."

They all smile, and there's general chatter about what to include, what to do. They come up with some good ideas, and make a note to speak to builders - soon. They break up the party at midnight, to go to sleep.

Standing, John says "Cum Sponge, why don't you go with Gwen, and you can discuss your little issue with her." Gwen, Sera, and Brooke give him an odd look, Tina and Wendy just smile. He says "I used that earlier, as a pet name, she likes it, it stays until Tina says otherwise." They leave, shaking their heads. He directs Wendy to lie in the middle of the bed, and walks out the door. Shortly, he returns with Paula, and places her in the bed on her side, facing Wendy, placing Paula's mouth on Wendy's breast. Wendy smiles at him. He leaves, and returns with Lorna, doing the same thing on the other side, he places a doona over them. Leaning over, he kisses Wendy good night, saying "Have pleasant dreams." She smiles, and nods. He goes to his room, and climbs into bed with Jacqui and Peta.

7.15 am Sunday, and John is woken up, by Peta crawling over him - she's on her way to the toilet. She's only half awake, and having trouble getting over an obstruction, him. Flipping the covers off, he lifts her straight up, pivots in the bed, and stands up beside it. Carrying her through to the en suite, he places her on the toilet. She's now awake enough to be embarrassed, he's standing beside her, while she's on the toilet. With a mischievous grin, he tips her head back, bends down, and kisses her. She relaxes into the kiss, opening her mouth, and using her tongue. His free hand fondles her breasts, slides down her body, pushes her legs wide apart, and plays with her clit. She's ready to cum, when he stops. She glares at him.

Smiling, he says "Next instalment is after you have your piss." She blushes, he reaches down, and plays with her clit. She starts cumming, and that starts her pissing. She blushes, as she relieves herself. Her eyes go wide, as he thinks 'Dickman stiffy 1 T.' He places the head of his dick against her lips, she opens her mouth, and sucks his dick in. She runs her tongue around the head, into the piss hole, and all over it. He looks down, smiling, and says "Good girl, now reach up, and gently tickle my balls." She complies. He says "In a moment, I'm going to cum in your mouth, continue sucking, and swallow." Thinking 'Dickman coom,' he shoots his warm sperm onto her tongue. Peta continues to suck, as she swallows his sperm. By the time he's finished cumming in her mouth, she's finished pissing, and no longer blushing. Withdrawing his dick, he grabs a washer, leans down, and cleans her pussy for her. She smiles at him.

Reaching down, he lifts her off the seat, and places her on the washer bench, hugging her to him, they kiss. Breaking the kiss, he kneels in front of her, and sucks on her clit, while slipping his finger into her vagina. A few minutes later, and he's using four fingers, as she reaches her third orgasm. He stops, and stands up.

Stepping between her open thighs, he places his arms around her, and kisses her, gently sliding his dick into her vagina, at the same time. She'd closed her eyes when they started kissing, but opens them wide, when she realises his dick is entering her. She has no hymen. He doesn't stop, until his groin is touching hers. Setting up a nice rhythm, he soon has her cumming, again and again. After keeping her in constant orgasms for ten minutes, he slows down and withdraws, her vagina is drying out.

Breaking the kiss, he smiles at her, saying "Like that?" She smiles back, and nods. Placing her in the bath, he starts it running, saying "Relax, and keep an eye on the water, I have to wake your sister." Smirking, she nods back, she knows exactly how he's going to wake up Jacqui.

Walking into the bedroom, he finds Jacqui lying on the bed and moaning, with her legs wrapped around a spare pillow. Smiling, he rolls her onto her back, slips the pillow out ,and lowers his face to her groin. As he licks her pussy, her legs spread wider, and her moans increase. Her pussy is already wet, so he slowly kisses his way up her body, until he's ready to enter her pussy. Placing his dick at the entrance to her vagina, he kisses her, she returns the kiss. As he breaks the kiss, her eyes go wide, and she starts to leap off the bed, thus impaling herself on his stiff dick. The shock of the sudden entry into her vagina, causes her to stop. He leans down, and continues to enter her ,until his dick is fully in her, their groins are touching, and his balls are against her arse, no hymen, and no trouble accepting him.

Looking him in the eyes, she wraps her arms around him, saying "Bastard," before kissing him.

He limits his reply to returning the kiss, and setting up a good back and forth thrusting into her vagina. A few minutes later, she breaks the kiss, and gasps for air, as she has her first orgasm, followed by another, and another. He thinks 'Dickman 2,' and his next thrust pushes his dick further into her. She gasps at this deeper entry, and starts cumming again. Thoroughly enjoying the feel of her pussy milking his dick as she cums, he's in no hurry to finish. For several minutes, he thrusts into her, keeping her cumming on each thrust. However, a call from Peta in the bathroom, asking for a back washer, causes him to decide to let up on Jacqui. She's lying there, smiling, eyes closed, and writhing slightly - with each orgasm. Holding her still, he thinks 'Dickman coom.' The warm sperm flooding her pussy, causes her eyes to open again, as she cums again. She finally lets go of John, and he thinks 'Dickman floppy.' Slowly withdrawing from her, he stands up, picks her up, carries her to the bath, and places her in the warm water.

Smiling, Peta reaches over, and grabs his dick, leaning in, she starts sucking it. Carefully, he gets in the bath, with his legs straddling her face, as she takes all of his dick in her mouth. Smiling, Jacqui, from the otehr side of the bath, reaches up, and tickles his balls, turning his head, he smiles at her.

Withdrawing his dick from Peta's mouth, he picks her up, and places her between Jacqui's legs. Placing his dick back in Peta's mouth, he hands Jacqui a washer, saying "Wash Peta's back and breasts." Smiling, Jacqui sets to - with a will, she quickly washes Peta all over, and settles down to fondling her wet breasts. Peta adds moaning around his dick, to her oral action. Shuffling forward, he uses his hips to push Peta back into Jacqui. He stops, when Jacqui is laying against the bath side, with Peta leaning back on her, his legs are level with Peta's bellybutton and Jacqui's hips. Peta's head is angled back, almost looking into Jacqui's eyes, and his dick is in Peta's mouth. All are smiling, as Peta sucks his dick - with a real will.

Thinking 'Dickman stiffy,' he watches the look of glee in Peta's eyes, as his dick goes stiff in her mouth. She adjusts her angle, to get it down her throat. He asks "Do you like a big dick in your throat?" She nods yes, giving him a new thrill in the process. He says "Do you gag on it?" She shakes her head no. Smiling, he says "Do you want a lot of dick?" Shaking her head yes, she moves to lay her head back on Jacqui's shoulder, to give him a more direct line down her throat. Grinning, he says "Remember, you asked for it." He thinks 'Dickman 2.' Her smile widens, as his dick lengthens another 50 mm down into her throat, Jacqui's eyes bulge, as she can see the lump of his dick in Peta's throat. He thinks 'Dickman 3,' and Peta cums, as his dick grows bigger still. The visible lump is further down her throat. Not wishing to hurt her, he pulls his dick half way out of her throat. She grabs his hips, to stop him. He thinks 'Dickman 4,' and she suddenly has another 100 mm of dick in her.

A noise causes both Jacqui and John to turn, and look at the bathroom door. Gwen, Wendy, Sera, Lorna, Rachel, and Paula are standing in the doorway, looking at the bulge in Peta's throat, and a good 200 mm of his dick still to enter her mouth. Peta is busily eyeing his dick, and pulling on his hips - to get it all in. Smiling at the spectators, he slowly moves his hips forward and down; soon, his balls are again resting on Peta's chin, and his dick is as far down her throat as it can go, a large lump is visible the full length of her throat. Peta is moaning around his dick, and violently humping Jacqui's hand, as she cums. Gwen vanishes, and returns with a digital video camera, turning it on, she gets a good shot from the doorway, moves to the end of the bath, and walks around the bath, to get as many angles as she can, of this extreme deep throat action. Waiting until Peta has cum so much that her hands have dropped from his hips, John slowly withdraws his 400 mm stiff dick from her mouth, Jacqui licks it, as it comes out. The girls in the doorway are all agog, and playing with themselves, Gwen gets it all on disk. With just the head of his dick left in Peta's mouth, he angles her head towards the spectators, and opens it more. Thinking 'Dickman coom,' he fills her mouth with his sperm, two of the spectators cum at the sight, and Peta cums again, she swallows it. He thinks 'Dickman coom,' and Peta moans around his dick, as she swallows, while cumming again. All the spectators have now cum, and are sitting on the floor, with hands deep in their pussies. Gwen is still working the camera with one hand, while working her pussy with the other. Taking his stiff dick from Peta's mouth, he places the cum covered head against Jacqui's lips, she opens her mouth, and sucks it in, licking it clean, as she smiles. Peta, lifts her head up, until she's looking at his dick, it's sitting there, about 100 mm in front of her eyes. Her jaw drops, as she realises how big it is.

Gulping, she says "Did I really have all of that monster dick down my throat?"

Smiling, John looks down at her, and says "Yes you did, and you gave me a clear impression that you wanted more. You definitely seemed to like the situation. You had many orgasms." She blushes hard. Pulling his dick out of Jacqui's mouth, he sits down, and pulls Peta to him, for a kiss.

Picking up a washer, he washes her face and breasts. Giving her pussy another quick wash, he tells her to stand and get dried. As she gets out, John sees Brooke standing beside the bath, staring at his fully extended dick, her eyes open wide with awe, Brooke dries Peta.

Very timidly, Sera says "Surely, you don't expect to put that monster in me tomorrow."

Looking up, and seeing the sheer terror in her eyes, he softly says "No, I can control the size to suit the woman." Standing, he shows the room full of girls, they're all here now, the full length, before adding the full width. Wendy swoons at the maximum size. He then puts his dick through the full range of widths and lengths, explaining he can control the size to suit the girl. They marvel at this.

They take turns getting in the bath, and being washed by John, Brooke dries them. Finally, it's down to Gwen to be dried, and Sera in the bath, with Brooke to have hers. John washes Sera, telling Brooke to join them. When she does, both Sera and John wash Brooke. Followed by Sera and Brooke washing John. Getting out, they form a circle, and dry each other. They arrive downstairs for breakfast at 10.00 am, to find half the girls have had breakfast, and the rest are eating it. They join the happy throng.

After breakfast, he tells Wendy to get dressed, and asks Gwen to drive him to Wendy's mother's house, to get her things to bring back to her new home, here. Gwen agrees. Rachel and Melissa look at each other, and stand up, saying they're going too.

In response to John's raised eyebrow, Rachel says "We're the two best martial artists in the school, both black belt. If you're taking on the gorilla her mother married, you'll need help. He's a tough bar room brawler."

Smiling, John says "You can come along to help Wendy pack and move things to the bus, but you do NOT get involved in any fights. If her mother wants to cause trouble while I'm dealing with Roddy, you can do what's needed to protect Wendy. She's moving to live here, not start a war." They nod agreement, while thinking things won't go that way, and they'll have to fight Roddy.

Wendy Changes Homes
Just before noon, Gwen pulls up outside the house of Wendy's mother. Wendy lets them all in, and they go upstairs, the adults aren't in sight, it's an empty house. Quickly, the girl's pack Wendy's things, while John and Gwen put them in the bus. The last items are in the bus, and Wendy is locking the front door, when her mother and step-father arrive back - with their arms full of alcohol. John quickly motions Wendy into the bus, Gwen and the girls are already in it. John is about to step on the bus, when Roddy puts his load on the ground, and walks over, at the same time, Wendy's mother orders her off the bus.

Turning to face them, John calmly says "Wendy's moving out today, she's coming to live with Gwen, Sera, Brooke, and I. You should like this, as it'll reduce your living costs, not having to clothe or feed her, I'll look after her from now on."

Roddy snarls, saying "Like hell, that slut's staying here, earning her keep as whore for my friends and me."

John laughs, saying "First, she's not a slut, she's had one sexual experience, last night. Second, the only whore around here is you, why don't you let them fuck your arse at what you're worth, a dollar a go. Third, you have no friends, no one with half a brain would be friends with you. Fourth, Wendy loves me, and I love her more than you love anything but booze, so she's coming to live with us. Fifth, if I ever find out that you've been within two kilometres of her or the school, I'll pay you a visit, and make you so sorry, you'll beg me to let you be a slave to anyone, just so you can stay alive and have the pain stop."

Everyone but Gwen is staring at him. He's just told the town's biggest arse hole and bully, exactly where to get off. Roddy snarls and jumps forward, swinging a punch, John holds his left arm up, to block the punch. The arms meet, Roddy screams, as both his forearm bones snap in two. He drops backwards onto his arse, holding his arm, screaming, cursing, and yelling threats.

Smiling, John looks down, saying "I'd get that attended to at the hospital, if I were you." Turning, he climbs on the bus, Gwen drives off, as the girls stare at him - in wonder. On the way home, they stop for hot chicken and chips - to take back as lunch.

Arriving home, all the girls come out in their T-shirts, to help take the food and things inside. Every time they bend over, they flash their bare bums at the world. The 15 year old boy across the road, had been playing with his dog, until he saw they had no panties. Walking across, he asks if he can help. Giggling softly, John hands the boy a box, and tells him to follow Nataly. Hearing her name, Nataly looks over her shoulder, and sees what's going on. Seeing the boy's attention is riveted to her arse, she adds a bit more sway to her walk. As she starts to climb the stairs (all the bedrooms are upstairs), he can see under the hem of the T-shirt, and gets flashes of her pussy. Tina and Mandy are about to walk down the stairs, they step to one side, tapping their feet, as if waiting impatiently. This causes their T-shirts to rise, and give the boy a very good view of their bare pussies, which are visible between their slightly parted legs. They smirk, when the poor boy cums in his pants, as he nears the top of the stairs. After delivering the goods, Nataly turns to him, and gives him a thank you kiss. He leaves happy.

Watching the lad walk back across the road, John says to Nataly "You do realise, for the next year or so, his nightly dreams are going to consist only of the heavenly sight of your bare arse?"

Smiling, she replies "I hope so. That or the bare pussies of Tina and Mandy, they flashed him on the stairs."

Laughing, John says "Oh, he'll remember and appreciate those sights, but he was watching your arse before he came over, and deliberately timed his question, so he could follow you if I said yes." She grins at this. Laughing, they lock the bus, and go inside, to join in the feast of chicken.

They're still laughing, as they enter the dining room, Brooke asks what the joke is. She laughs, when they tell her what happened. She suggests they hire the lad to clean the pool, everyone giggles at that. John smiles.

Sunday Afternoon
After lunch, everyone heads to the pool area, to lounge around chatting. John snags Tina, and sends her up to the guest bedroom. A moment later, he snags Brooke, Wendy, and Sera.

Sitting them down in the lounge room, he says "I noticed on Friday, some of the girls didn't like the idea of girl on girl love making. I want you three to help me change their minds." They smile, and ask how. He says "First, I want Brooke and Wendy to sit near the Masters quartet, and for Brooke to raise the subject. At the proper moment, I want Wendy to comment that it's good, not as good as with a man, but better than by yourself." Turning to Wendy, he continues "Then you can start talking how good it was with Tina last night." She smiles, and nods her head, as the other two look at her wide eyed.

Wendy says "What you said, just about describes it, except she's a much better kisser than you. Or maybe that was just the circumstances."

Looking at Sera, he says "Sera, love, I want you to help me make one of Tina's favourite fantasies come true. There's a particular young lady in our group, one she considers very beautiful, and has wanted to make love to for years, but she's been too scared of rejection to ask her. I'll need your help to get the two together in the right situation. Will you please help me in this endeavour."

Smiling, Sera says "I don't know how I can help, but I'll do what I can."

Standing, John says "Thank you. Brooke, Wendy outside. Sera, I'll need your help upstairs."

As they walk up the stairs, Sera says "Who is it that Tina wants to make love to, and how can I help?"

John replies "You can help by being relaxed, and follow my lead." Opening the door into the guest bedroom, they see Tina sitting on the bed. He continues "The young lady Tina thinks is so beautiful and desired for so long, but been too scared to ask, is Sera Weatherall." Stunned, Sera stops, half way across the room, a few steps from the bed.

Blushing, Tina gets up, walks over, and stands in front of Sera. John lifts her hand, and places it on Sera's breast, giving both a gentle squeeze. Seeing Tina is embarrassed and scared, but also desirous of the encounter, Sera takes an uncharacteristic action of assertiveness. Stepping forward, she places her arms around Tina, and kisses her on the mouth. Tina quickly responds. A minute or so later, they break the kiss.

Smiling, John says "I think it best you two young ladies continue THAT discussion on the bed." They both look at him, and blush. Smiling, Tina takes Sera's hand, turns around, and they walk to the bed. Laying down, side by side, they go back to kissing.

John walks to the bedroom window, and looks out onto the grass area beside the pool. Grinning, he opens the window. Turning, he sees Tina is kissing Sera's breasts, while playing with her pussy, both girls' pussies are dripping wet. As he watches, Tina kisses her way down to Sera's pussy, and licks her clit, Sera moans with pleasure. Smiling, he leaves the room, activating the privacy lock as he goes out.

Downstairs, he walks to where most of the girls are gathered around Wendy, she's discussing her encounter with Tina the night before, and he sits down. Shortly, Gwen walks up, and asks if they know where Sera is.

With an expressionless face, John says "Don't worry, she's OK. She can live without you for a hour or so." Gwen gives him an odd look, he continues "I know you worry about her, but you do tend to be a helicopter mom, you know - always hovering. I've also noticed she tends to eat more, when she thinks you may not like something she is about to say or do. It's past time to back off and give her some room. Just because you had trouble, doesn't mean she will." Gwen starts to respond, sighs, and nods her head. He says "I saw her a few minutes ago, having a very lively, private discussion with Tina, and I don't think they want to be disturbed." Smiling, Gwen sits down, they talk about girl on girl love making, and how good it is or isn't.

When asked by Brooke, Gwen says "Oh, making love with another woman can be fun, it's much better than by yourself. But a good, loving man is still much better. Also, the feel of a handful of breast is nice, isn't that right John." He eagerly nods his head, he pulls Lorna to him, sits her in his lap, and fondles her breasts, nodding his head again. They all laugh at his antics. The conversation moves onto other subjects.

A few minutes later, they hear a faint "Oooh, yes, I'm cumming, fuck, yes, I'm cumming again. YEESS." The voice floats out of the guest bedroom window. All conversation in the pool area stops, as heads turn to the open window. The voice comes again, saying "Yes, suck my clit off, that's so GOOD. I'm cumming again. Oh yeess, that's it, I'm cumming again."

Looking puzzled, Gwen says "That sounds like Sera."

Smiling, John says "Sure does, and it sounds like she's really enjoying herself." Gwen turns, and gives him a hard stare, he adds "I'd guess Sera and Tina, have reached a mutual agreement in their discussion." Gwen gives him a glare, sighs, and relaxes back into her chair. All the girls are expecting her to explode, they all know how much she keeps a very close eye on Sera.

Sighing again, Gwen says "You may be right, I should give her much more personal space, and time to be with others. But, I do wish you'd discussed this with me - before hand."

John replies "I made the arrangements to give them the opportunity, but the final decision, and the initial action, was by Sera. She's old enough to make a lot of decisions on her own, please let her. This is the only way for her to learn how to make the right ones, let her practice decision making." Sighing again, she nods.

About 20 minutes later, they all hear Tina moaning and yelling her pleasure, as Sera returns the favour. 20 minutes after that, both girls come out into the pool area. Everyone is looking at them, and smiling. They look perplexed. Calling them to him, John points at the open window. They both realise which room it is, and blush, they stand taller, glaring around at everyone, daring them to say something bad.

John says "I don't think anyone is angry at you or with you, but I do think quite a few are jealous." They both smile at him, and review everyone's expressions. Grinning, they nod, and sit down.

Patting her lap, Rachel says, with a huge grin, "Tina, why don't you sit here." Smiling, Tina sits in her lap. Rachel lays Tina's head on her shoulder, fondles her breast with one hand, and her thigh with the other.

Most girls can't believe how brazen Rachel is being about it, but soon settle down, as both girls have huge grins.

John says "Rachel, do you mind not being quite so brazen in front of Brooke, at least not until after her 16th birthday?"

Smirking, Rachel responds with "No problemo, Brooke left with Wendy, a few minutes ago."

Gwen watches John closely, he smiles, and says "As long as I'm not involved in having her witnessing or doing anything sexual until after her 16th birthday, I can't get put in prison for corrupting her. I do hope they enjoy the game they've gone to play, whatever it is." They laugh, as they all have a good idea of what game it is the two girls are playing.

Sunday Evening
The rest of the afternoon is spent swimming and talking. About 6.00 pm, John and Gwen go to the kitchen, and start cooking dinner for everyone. While cooking, they have some long talks about parenting styles. Everyone sits down to a full meal at 7.00 pm. The meal finishes at 8.00 pm, and most of the girls have to go home. Everyone gets dressed, and piles into the mini-bus. After dropping Rachel, Mandy, Jessica, Melissa, Nataly, and Tina home, the rest go to the video store, to return some movies, and to get some more.

In the store, they run into an old friend of John's, Police Sergeant Steve Katz. Looking at Wendy, he smiles at John, saying "You know the town arse hole, Roddy Ruiz, went to hospital earlier today. Has a broken arm. He claims you just walked up and broke his arm, for no good reason."

Laughing, John says "Wow, really, what happened?"

Steve replies "That's the part you'll like. The doc was 'Mamba' Black, I'm sure you remember him well." John nods, Mamba was a good friend of his brother's, he knows him and the rest of the 'Snake Gang' very well. Steve continues "Mamba looks at him, and says 'Seeing your face is a good enough reason for breaking any bone in your body.' Well, Roddy is about to swing at him with the other arm, when the nurse chimes in with 'Try that, and you'll find this injection more painful than the arm.' Roddy settles for glaring at both." They all laugh at the images this tale brings to mind. He continues "Seeing Wendy here, with you, makes me wonder what did happen. He's an arse hole, but not given to lying much, except to avoid a charge."

Smiling, Gwen says "Wendy moved out from home, he objected. John told him to shove his objections where his brain was, via the nearest portal, his arse hole. Roddy swung at him, John put his arm up to block the punch. Roddy hit John's arm, Roddy's arm broke. Self defence officer, simple. Rachel, Wendy, Melissa, and I witnessed it. I don't think John wants to charge him, as that'll likely come back at Wendy."

Laughing, John adds "Anyway, the story, as it is, will be around town by now. Can you imagine how this'll go down with his usual crowd. Some dweeb half his weight and shorter than him, broke his arm, and is so contemptuous of him, he's not laying charges. He's going to cop heaps from those bums." They all laugh hard, including the store staff standing in the next aisle, putting movies on the shelf. He continues "Tomorrow, we'll be seeing the child welfare people, the school, and a judge. I want an order keeping him away from Wendy, and her normal places of being - school, our home, and the soccer field." Steve looks up at the 'our home,' but says nothing, he just grins, and nods. Collecting the girls, they pay for the movies, buy some nibblers, and go home.

Getting home at 9.00 pm, they have a communal bath, watch two short movies, and go to bed at 11.30 pm. Seeing Wendy is a bit nervous, John puts the four Masters girls in his bed, and joins Wendy in hers, the bedroom he placed her in, has a queen size bed.

Snuggling up to her, he says "With school and everything tomorrow, no sex tonight, just a good comfort cuddle. OK." She nods her head. A few minutes later, Brooke enters the room, walks over, and climbs in.

Snuggling up to Wendy, she says "I guess all the changes this weekend are a big shock for you, but you're much better. Just cuddle up, and cry if you need to." They settle down for a three way cuddle, and sleep.

Brooke seems to have a very good emotional radar built into her.

Waking up at 7.00 am, John wakes Wendy and Brooke, by gently fondling their breasts. After a good morning kiss, they go to John's bedroom, for a mutual shower. After the shower, John wakes Paula, Jacqui, Lorna, and Peta - by fondling their breasts. He gives them a good morning kiss, and sends them for showers. He dresses and goes to wake Sera and Gwen, beds are empty, so he goes to the kitchen. Gwen is cooking breakfast for everyone. Shortly, they're joined by Wendy, Brooke, and Sera. A few minutes later Paula, Jacqui, Lorna, and Peta join them. Everyone is dressed for the day, all the girls are in their school uniforms.

At 8.15 am, they pile into the mini-bus, Gwen driving, and head for school, via the Masters residence. Paula, Jacqui, Lorna, and Peta dash in, to drop off their clean soccer clothes, and collect their school books. At the school, John gets off the bus first, and gives each of the ladies a thorough kiss, as they get off. He's about to go to the administration area with Gwen and Wendy, when Rachel and Mandy walk up, demanding a kiss each. Noticing a large number of student are watching them, John takes Rachel in his arms, bends her over, and thoroughly kisses her for a couple of minutes - quite a few students whistle. Returning Rachel to an upright position, he breaks the kiss. She stands there, fanning her face, while John does the same to Mandy. More whistles from the audience. They come up for air, to find Jessica, Melissa, Nataly, and Tina, lined up behind Mandy. About 20 minutes after parking, all the girls have been kissed good morning, and they're on their way to the School Administration Office. With over half the student population, and a fair number of teachers, witnessing the greetings, it's the main topic of before school conversation.

In the School Administration Office, John asks to speak to the principal. While they wait, Wendy changes her school records to list Gwen and John as her emergency contacts, and to give the Smith's address as her new home address. Also, Gwen gives the Smith's address as Sera's new address, listing John as an approved contact and collector. John does the same for Gwen in relation to Brooke. The school clerk makes the changes without comment. When the principal returns from a before school meeting with teachers, they're shown into his office. They all sit down in some lounge chairs in one corner of the office.

Wendy says "Principal Harding, as is my legal right, I've moved out from home. My mother's husband is violent and abusive. I'm not taking any more of his behaviour. On the weekend, I moved into a spare room in the Smith's house, and am now living with John, Gwen, Brooke, and Sera. I'll be missing some classes today, while we see Child Welfare Services, and get a court order to keep mother's husband away from me, my new home, and the school." The principal slowly nods his head. She continues "As you know, John is just out of hospital after a serious accident, and is still recovering. I've wanted to get out of home almost as long as I've wanted John to be my lover." Principal Harding's eyebrows go up at this, and she blushes, saying "I thought he would take me in regardless, but wasn't sure. On the weekend, I seduced him. I'm not using any protection, it's my fertile time, and I did my best for him to get me pregnant. I'd intended to use the pregnancy as a lever to get out of home. Since then, John has let me know it was silly of me not to realise he would've taken me in anyway. However, the situation is that I'm probably pregnant, and if I'm not already, I soon will be, or John'll be back in hospital." All the adults try hard not to laugh at that clear statement of intent. She says "I'll be attending school until the last day the doctor says it's safe to do so. I felt you should know now, as you'll probably have to make special arrangements for my exams."

Smiling, he says "Thank you for informing me of your changes, and the reasons for them. On a personal note, I know John would have taken you in, regardless of any personal relationship. You should've realised that, but you may not have known exactly how much he rearranged his life to take Brooke in." Wendy glances at John, and raises an eyebrow at Principal Harding. He continues "John had a very good college scholarship, and was in the process of moving interstate to a very prestigious college, when Brooke's parents died. He immediately informed the college of his change of circumstance, moved into Brooke's house, to minimise her disruption, and found a job. Not much available for people without a college education. Anyone with a heart as big as his, would gladly accept and help out anyone else in a bad situation, or in need." Turning to Gwen and John, he says "I'll let all the staff know by lunchtime, that neither Mr or Mrs Ruiz are to be allowed access to Wendy, and they're banned from the school grounds. I'd appreciate a copy of any court orders you get. I'll leave discussion re pregnancy, until after I see a doctor's certificate." Standing, they thank him, and everyone shakes hands.

The interview at the Child Welfare Services is short, sweet, and easy. Sergeant Katz had already informed them of what he knew. The CWS even provide a case officer and lawyer, to help with the court orders restraining Mr and Mrs Ruiz from being within 250 metres of Wendy, the school, or her new residence. An interim order is issued immediately, with it becoming permanent, unless they object within seven days. In the case of an objection, a full hearing will be required, and the interim order will stay in place, until after the hearing. Wendy is dropped back to school at 11.20 am, with a copy of the court orders for the school.

Gwen drops John off at Preston Industries, on her way to give the police a copy of the court order, and do some other business.

Program Adjustments
Walking into the Preston Industries offices, John is greeted by everyone he sees. He was a well liked member of staff before the accident. They're all happy to see him up and about, after so long a time in hospital. They know the injury was work related. He goes to Liz's office, and asks her secretary, Diana, for a time to speak with the boss. After checking, she sends him in. Entering the private office, he smiles, and takes a seat in the discussion corner, as Liz walks around her desk, to join him.

Smiling, he says "Morning Liz, can you tell me what plans you have to get a financial return on the research that resulted in my new body? Also, I would like to make a few minor changes."

Grinning, she replies "I think it's safe to tell you our marketing plans. Some changes already? I better get Mary up here as well." Standing, she steps to the door, sticks her head out, asking Diana to call Mary, and have her come straight up. Also, to rearrange her schedule, to clear the rest of the day. Her secretary's surprised by this sudden change. Closing the door, she chats with John, until Mary arrives. In the chat, she explains their only marketing plans are to sell variants of his body to police, military, and emergency services groups.

Once Mary arrives, John says "First, the changes, I think they'll be simple. Mostly program adjustments, and maybe a few extra control circuit activations. First, the Tasers built into my fingers. They currently have a simple pre-set pulse activation control. I want that changed, so I can use a separate setting to run a very low trickle charge, and be able to adjust the strength of the charge a bit. I have a few reasons for this, but one you'll appreciate is, it'll allow me to recharge external battery operated devices, if needed." They both nod at this concept, and can see the advantages. He continues "Regarding the Dickman commands, I want a routine, where I can set two sizes and a time frame of 'x' times per second, so it'll automatically switch between the two sizes at that rate, until I tell it to stop." Both ladies eyes go wide at this idea. He says "I also want an addition in my tongue. I want to make it about double its length, and give it a bit more rigidity, make for better licking and exploration." Both ladies sigh, Mary starts squirming in her seat.

Sighing, Mary says "Oh, hell yes, why didn't I think of those. Yes, their easy, small programming changes, and little hardware changes. The Taser idea is mostly a control program change as well. But, I think your idea of a separate control link adds a safety margin. One link has high charge and limited time, the other has a low charge limit and no time limit. Put in an extra control circuit with a hard wired limit, and they only come together at the device. I can have everything ready and tested by Wednesday, OK."

Grinning, John says "That's good, I'll be back Wednesday morning for the upgrades." They all laugh at his attitude, they'd been a bit concerned on that issue. He continues "I've had to tell a few friends that I'm a cyborg, but not the extent of it, or the capabilities - they had to know." Liz isn't happy with this, but nods acceptance, it's his life. He says "Now, regarding the marketing. I've had a few ideas, and I want some royalties from them. In most cases, a dollar or two per unit sold, will do, but in one case, I want a hundred dollars per unit sold under certain circumstances. In each case, you can charge heaps, and start reaping some financial returns, the moment you can ship them."

Smiling, Liz says "That would be nice, and solve our current cash flow problems, talk to me."

John says "First of all, my fancy dick can be made by itself with a remote control unit, wired or short range wireless control unit. Sell it as a top end mechanical dildo, at a few hundred dollars over production costs, even if it goes as high as a thousand dollars, or two thousand, you'll still sell hundreds of thousands. I'm also sure you can apply the same technology with the memory plastic to a vaginal version that adjusts width, depth, and can be set to have a minor ripple effect by a pulsed squeeze and release." Both women look shocked, turn to stare at each other ,and nod their heads. He continues "The absolute top of the range version will be worth tens of thousands of dollars, and incorporate a whole body that has simplified weak muscles, the program allows the arms and legs to do a few set movement. The body is little more than a shell, but the mouth, tongue, genitals, and rectum are full working components. The rectum and mouth being a smaller version of the vagina. These would be limited activity sex androids, both genders, high end market, high profit. The existing whole or part limbs could be sold as prosthetics or computer controlled for remote work."

Wide eyed, Liz says "Yes, that's all doable. The delay with this program, has been developing strong muscles. I can see we would want weaker muscles in the sex toys, don't want any law suits. I think we would need to set up another company to market these, but yes, millions of dollars of revenue. We've been so focussed on the military and rescue service sales needs, we failed to see these. And what's the high end big royalty idea?"

Smiling, John says "You may want to check with a doctor, but I'm willing to bet the memory plastic inserts that gives my dick a woody, can be reduced to some narrow strips, and activated by an induction current." He looks at Mary, she nods her head. He continues "Then, they could be surgically implanted in a human dick, and activated by an external control, giving a man a constant erection, until turned off."

Both ladies smile at this. Liz says "OK, I can see how that would help someone with penile dysfunction, but that's a very limited market. And, yes, we could supply that option very cheaply, for a better result."

Grinning, John says "I'm prepared to accept a one dollar for this idea, for each one you sell as a penile dysfunction device. However, for each one you sell as a high end sex toy, I want one hundred dollars royalty. Take a moment to think about how many rich people, world wide, are into BDSM. Every single dom, male or female, will want one. The dom males to have a constant woody to fuck their slaves ragged. The dom women to have a constant woody on their slaves - to fuck them ragged. You can also look at doing a similar trick for vaginas, once you've worked out your artificial vagina. Just imagine a vagina that's wireless set to give a rippling milking action, to work a dick dry. Every high class hooker will have to have one, just to stay in business. I figure you're looking at dom sales of a few hundred thousand at least. And you can over charge for these units, several thousand bucks each, they'll pay. You can even set up sales via an overseas service before the Health Department approves the devices for use as a medical treatment. I think I can set up a contact for the sale to rich doms. I'll need one as a free sample, to show them."

Liz's eyes are wide open, her jaw hanging down, as she nods her head. She says "Hell, I never even thought about that aspect, but you're right. Wednesday, we'll have a price and a procedure worked out. With a time and place for a sample insertion. I won't ask how you have a contact in the rich dom circuit. Oh, what's your personal reason for a trickle charge on the Taser?"

Smiling, John says "Just imagine my thumb and forefinger are rubbing your clit, while I put a very low trickle charge through them. I imagine it would be a bit arousing, especially if you're already a bit aroused."

Both the women nod their heads, and smile, at the thought. Their smiles grow bigger, as John stands, and starts taking his pants off. They stand and get nude, before he can finish undressing.

As the undresses, he says "Also, the plastic inserts can be used to treat muscular dystrophy." They both nod.

Productive Meeting
The three are on the couch, in a nice cuddle, kiss, and grope session, when the intercom chimes. Answering the call, Liz says "I said I wasn't to be disturbed."

Diana, her secretary, says "Sorry boss, but Janice is here, and insisting that you two HAVE to talk and work out a strategy for tomorrow's finance meeting, NOW. So she can get everything ready for the meeting, if the company is to avoid a bankruptcy hearing tomorrow afternoon."

Looking at John, Liz says "Damn it, fuck her. I wish we didn't have to have this meeting at all, especially now you've shown us a way to make big money quick."

Laughing, John replies "One, you should deactivate the intercom before making comments like that." She looks down at the intercom, it's still open, she goes white. He continues "Two, invite her in, and I may fuck her. At the very least, we can see how she handles distractions. And three, I may be able to help you solve this." He speaks while clearing the desk of objects.

Staring at John, she leans down saying "Sorry, but this is a very bad time for an interruption, and I'm pissed at the timing, not at either of you. Send Janice in, and we'll have both meetings at once."

Janice, the Chief Finance Officer, walks in, to find her boss sitting on her desk nude, and Mary, one of the top research designers, lying nude on the desk, while a nude John is giving her a good fisting. As she crosses the office, she shakes the folder in her hand, saying "I can't see any way to save us this time. My spies tell me Masters Financing is going to insist we shut down and sell up. They realise they'll take a ten million dollar loss, but are prepared to wear that, instead of hanging out and take a higher loss later." All the while, she's staring at Mary's breasts, and licking her lips. John recognises the behaviour, from Tina on Saturday night. So Janice has the hots for Mary, hmmm. He also notices Diana is very slow closing the door, as she flicks her gaze between the nude women.

Catching the key company name, Masters Financing, John says "Get your gear off, and sit on the desk, so we can talk, while Mary eats your pussy." Mary's eyes go wide, and she starts to shake her head no. He stares at her, and says "I think it's time you acknowledge I'm your master, and you're my slave. You'll do as I say, won't you." Thinking 'Dickman, stiffy, 4 W,' he places his stiff dick across her lips, saying "Or would you rather I never let you play with this again?" She shakes her head no.

Standing, Mary turns to Janice, and gives her a thorough kiss, while undoing her dress. Mary continues to kiss and caress Janice's body, while she undresses her. Janice is a honey blond, 175 cm, 36 D cup, average build. She has a lovely body blush, she's embarrassed by John watching. But she's too intent on finally getting to have Mary, to let anything stop her.

Smiling, John says "How much do you owe Masters Financing? If they turn from wanting to shut you down, to supporting you, will that be enough to keep going for a year or so?"

Placing the folder on the desk, Janice steps out of her panties, sits on the desk, and pulls Mary's head into her crotch. She says "Oh, yes, lick my cunt." Turns to John, smiles, saying "If you can pull that miracle off, I'll be your sex slave for a year. And I've not been near a man for several years. The situation is summarised on the first page of that report."

Smirking, John says "If I pulls this off, I'll accept you as my slave, and you'll get a thorough fucking in what ever hole takes my fancy, when, where, how, and by whom I so chose. Got it?" Janice nods her head. Picking up the folder, he opens it, as he says "Liz, suck Janice's tits, while you play with Mary's, please." Smiling, she happily jumps into the grouping. He reads the front page.

Picking up a pencil, he crosses out some paragraphs. Leaning over, he hits the intercom, saying "Diana, can you please come in here?" Quickly, the door opens, Diana walks in, looking at the nude ladies and licking her lips. She stops short, when he turns around, and she sees his huge woody. Her mouth opens wide, and her nipples nearly tear through her blouse. Handing her the sheet of paper, he says "Can you please make several copies of this sheet, without the paragraphs I've crossed out. Once they're ready, please bring them in. After that, if you wish, and can arrange someone to watch your desk, you may join us."

Smiling, she nods her head, turns, and leaves - at a very brisk pace. Picking up the telephone book, he looks up a number. Lifting the phone, he dials the number. While waiting, he moves behind Mary. Janice watches him, as she moans with the pleasure of the other ladies' attentions. Checking Mary is as sopping wet as she looks, he places his dick at her vaginal entrance, and thrusts in, hard and fast. Janice is surprised his huge dick goes into Mary's cunt at all, let alone so easily and quickly, or so deep. It's almost all in, before she feels Mary jerk with the impact of the dick. He sets up a hard, fast, full length thrusting. The sight of his huge dick going in and out like that, is exciting her as much as Mary's tongue on her clit. She starts cumming and cumming and cumming. Moaning, Janice falls back onto the desk, as her body goes into orgasmic overload. John smiles.

The phone stops ringing, a woman's voice says "Yes, may I help you?"

John continues to pound Mary's pussy, as he says "It's John Smith here, I wish to speak to Barbara, please."

The woman says "I'm sorry, sir, Mistress Barbara is not available at present, nor will she be so for some time."

He responds "And I suppose Mistress Deborah and Mistress Julie are also unavailable?"

She says "That's correct sir."

He says "May I have your name please?" By now, both Janice and Mary are moaning, as they cum.

She replies "My name is Alice, sir. And I know you won't be able to get me into trouble over this."

Laughing, he says "Oh, I have no intention of causing you trouble for doing your job well. I just wish to make sure that when I do reach Mistress Barbara, she provides the most important staff, you, with the updated priority protocols. Can you hold on for a moment please?" When she replies she can, he picks up another phone, and calls Gwen's mobile. Diana returns to find Janice laying back in almost constant orgasms, as Mary continues to eat her pussy, while having orgasms of her own. John pounding Mary's pussy with a phone to each ear. And Liz is sitting in a chair watching, while she plays with herself. Putting the papers down on a side table, Diana quickly undresses, and starts eating Liz's pussy, as John watches. Diana is 170 cm, brunette 34 C cup, athletic build.

When Gwen answers her mobile phone, he says "Hi Gwen, I urgently need to speak to one of your lovely cousins. But I can't get past an extremely efficient filter by the name of Alice. Is there a family code phrase or something that I can give to get immediate access?"

Laughing, Gwen says "Yes, tell her 'Monkey balls are gooey,' that should get an immediate response."

Thanking Gwen, he hangs that phone up, and turns to the other, saying "I need to speak to one of your mistresses urgently. I'm told the phrase 'Monkey balls are gooey' will get me a quick hearing."

Alice sucks in her breath, she says "That's an extremely old code, sir. But it's not been recalled. I'll have to disturb mistress for instructions, please wait." He can hear her walking away from the phone, shortly, he can hear bare feet running to the phone.

Breathlessly, Barbara says "Sorry, John, I'll inform Alice that you have the right to disturb us. Now, what's so urgent?"

He says "If memory serves me right, you, your sisters, and your husbands, own 90% of Masters Financing, and can direct its actions. If so, then I need to urgently talk to you about a deal at Preston Industries."

She replies, "Your memory is correct, and yes we do control the company. Is this about tomorrow's pre bankruptcy meeting? If so, it better be some deal, to make us not recover what we can now."

He says "Yes it is. I've taken on a new position as a special advisor in marketing, and have come up with several ideas that can generate large revenues within a few months. They use existing research and patents. Given a bit of support and money to get quickly into production, you could recoup all your money and interest, within a few years. Also, I'm sure you'll have a profound personal interest in one of the items. It's suitable for your special play room." That gets a few stares from the ladies in the room. During this talk, Janice pulls Mary's face from her pussy, to listen in, while Diana and Liz have changed places. He says "I'm in a meeting with Liz, her CFO, and her senior research developer at the moment. Can you please hurry down here, so we can speak about this in a more secure environment. Just listen to what we can offer, and then make a decision. I promise, once you see the offer, you'll want it - at any price."

Barbara thinks, and replies, "Warn security, we'll be there in 20 minutes."

Smiling, he says "Thank you." Hanging up the phone, he turns to Janice, saying "Warn security, Barbara, Deborah, and Julie Masters are on their way here, and I want them immediately escorted into this office."

Janice picks up the phone, and calls security, briefing them on the important visit. Hanging up the phone, she reaches for her panties. John reaches out, and takes them off her, saying "No, when they get here, they'll see me with some lovely nude ladies at my beck and call. Mary is already my slave, as is Liz. And by the end of the meeting, you'll be my slave, as per your promise. And Diana is a temporary for the meeting."

He looks around the ladies, they all gulp, and nod yes. Smiling, he says to Janice "What contraceptive protection do you have?"

Gulping, she says "None, I'm a lesbian. Have been for years.

Smirking, he says "Not any more, mummy. That'll make you, Liz, and Mary, three very pregnant executives in a few weeks. All to the same daddy, me. Care to join the crowd, Diana."

Laughing, she says "I'll have to wait a few months. I'm bi, with a girl leaning. So I'm on the pill."

John thinks 'Dickman 2 T,' as he spreads Janice's legs apart, and pulls her across the desk, towards him. With her legs wide open, and her arse just on the desk, he steps between her thighs. Placing the head of his dick at the entrance of her dripping vagina, he slowly pushes forward. She shakes her head no, and tries to pull away. All in vain, he slowly impales her wet pussy on his stiff dick. Still shaking her head, she says "No," but doesn't scream. He continues to pull her towards him, off the desk, and onto his dick. Her eyes going wider, as each centimetre of his dick enters her body. Her mouth opens wide, her eyes wider, as their groins meet. She lies there, panting, with a juicy, sopping cunt - full of his dick. Holding her hips, he lifts her from the desk, steps forward, and lays her back down.

Leaning over her, he looks into her eyes, as he withdraws. With only the head of his dick still in her, he starts pushing forward again. She lies there. Motioning with his hands, he has Diana play tonsil tongue with Janice, as Mary and Liz suck a breast each. Half way back into her, he reaches down, and pinches her clit. Half moaning, half screaming into Diana's mouth, Janice heaves up in orgasm, impaling herself the rest of the way onto his dick. He lowers his hips, as she drops back to the desk. Pinching her clit, he triggers another orgasm in her. Again, she heaves her body at him, forcing his dick into her. He continues to pinch and play with her clit. Each touch making her cum again. With each orgasm, her pussy squeezes his dick, and slams against him. She's crying, partly frustration, partly humiliation, partly pain (each heave feels like his dick is tearing her insides apart), but mostly - pleasure, great pleasure.

She's a woman who's always been in total control, and in full charge during sex. Here's a man who's forcing her, yes forcing, he's raping her in front of her friends, it's extremely humiliating, and she wants more. She's never been so sexually aroused before, already, he's given her more cums than she has in a week. He's raping her in the most humiliating way possible, and she wants more. That's playing merry hell with her psyche.

Diana breaks the kiss, Janice screams "Yeeess, fuck me master. Fuck me good." As her words echo round the room, the other stare at her in amazement. John waves the ladies back, smiles at her, and sets up a fast full length fuck stroke. He's not making love this time, he's fucking her arse off. She's heaving, writhing, screaming, and cumming on each thrust. After several minutes, she's hardly moving, too worn out. He thrusts once more, and fills her with his sperm, a moment later, he cums again, giving her a second load. As she feels the second load of sperm filling her, she looks at him and smiles. She says "Thank you, master." Oddly enough, she means it. He thinks 'Dickman, floppy,' and withdraws from her. Looking around, he can see everyone's had several cums, from watching them. They all sit, catching their breath, and talking.

High Finances
A short time later, there's a knock on the door. Wearing just a dress, Diana opens it, letting Barbara, Deborah, and Julie in. They survey the messed room, the nude people, and the smell of sex. Smiling, Barbara says "Damn, looks like we arrived a bit late for the good fun."

Smiling, John thinks 'Dickman, stiffy, 4 W,' as he says "Oh, I think I can rise to the occasion." They all look at the huge erection he's suddenly sporting. Julie faints. Laughing, John picks her up, and places her on the couch. Slipping her panties off, he thinks 'Dickman, 1 T.' Sitting on the couch, he picks Julie up, and lowers her onto his dick. Giggling at his trick, Barbara wakes Julie up. She quickly realises she has a pussy full of dick, looks over her shoulder, at a smiling John. Thinking he's shoved that monster dick in her, she faints again. Slipping her off his dick, John sits her down, places her panties back on, and lays her on the couch. Everyone quickly dresses. A few minutes later, Julie wakes up again. Looking around, everything looks OK, no one is nude, no monster dick, what happened?

With a concerned look, John says "Julie, are you all right? You walked in here, and fainted." Shaking her head, she looks around, nothing is like it appeared when she walked in. Did that all really happen, was it a weird dream, what's going on. Leaving a confused Julie to sort herself out, he hands out copies of the memo, turns to Barbara, saying "Is this summary, how you see the Preston financial situation?" She nods her head. He continues "Preston has a whole new range of high quality prosthetic devices, and speciality devices ready, for production. We just need to stay in business, and borrow a few million to get things rolling. Within a year or two, all the debts should be cleared. The really big profit earners are going to be a special prosthetic device to be sold to doms." All the ladies look at him, with great interest, he continues "A special insert controlled via induction circuitry, it'll give a man an erection, one that stays up - until turned off."

Everyone, but Mary and Liz, sit up and take notice at this. He continues "Working prototypes of most of these items are available for study, if you need to. The only thing we don't have a prototype for, is the dick insert. I thought one of your husbands might be volunteered for that task, and you'll get the unit free. All we need is for Master Financing to support the company through this."

Barbara says "That all sounds good, but under the circumstances, we'll need more than just some verbal assurances. Can you offer some security? Can we see one of these new level prosthetics?"

Smiling, John says "You can have me as security. If the deal sours, you get to keep me." Barbara smiles, and starts to speak. He waves her to silence, concentrating, he activates some release controls, grabs his left hand with his right, turns it 180 degrees counter clockwise, and pulls his arm out of his shirt. Handing it to a shocked Barbara, he says "Here's a sample of the prosthetic devices." Julie faints again, as Diana, Janice, and Deborah stare at him - in shock. After a moment, they turn their attention to his removed arm, as he takes his shirt off.

They notice it still looks and feels, normal, except for the attachment unit at the end. After they've examined it, they hand it back, watching him reattach it, and put his shirt on.

With a serious expression, Barbara says "So, now we know why you were so long in hospital. How much is you, and how much is prosthetic?"

Looking into her eyes, John says "I'm over 90% prosthetic, as is all that you see. What's left of the original me, is safely secured in a compartment in my chest. I'm a cyborg, little more than a human brain controlling a very complex machine. Even then, much of it's computer controlled, and I issue general command instructions. Most of the devices to be sold, can be made from existing materials stocks. The penile insert device, and a few others are little more than the special materials that are my new muscles, electronically activated by computer control. I figure, we can sell them to doms for themselves or their slaves, at around ten or fifteen thousand dollars each, making several thousand dollars profit on each."

Nodding her head, Barbara says "That would work, and I know the market source you want to use. I need a medical doctor's opinion on the viability of the inserts, since it hasn't been done yet."

Quietly, Mary says "It can be done, in the early stages of development, we tested the material in animals, as substitute muscles for atrophied ones. They worked, and had no rejection problems. A few days would be required for us to just confirm the best place to put them in a live dick, and the best way to insert them."

Barbara looks at Deborah, she nods, Julie is still out. She reaches for a phone, and calls her husband. Once he's on the phone, she says "Steve, I'm at Preston Industries. They've come up with a way to trade out of trouble. All that research is ready to be harvested. All they need is more time, and a few million more, to do it; we get everything back, plus more interest, and some special bonuses. Set things up to support them tomorrow, and extend their credit by another five million. Oh, also be prepared to buy out anyone not prepared to let them trade out." A pause, she says "No, there's no point in trying for a take over. The patents belong to individuals, and all the company has is first right to exploit the patents, with the owner's approval. They're prepared to sign royalty contracts, but only with the existing owners." Another pause, she says "I'll inform them. Oh, one of you boys is taking a month's leave, to have a special operation; if you haven't come to an agreement by dinner time, I'll make the choice." Hanging up, she turns to Liz. She says "We all know how this company does its patents, your father set it up so a hostile takeover never got the patents. Smart man, he even had all the patents he developed, placed in your name, though few realise that. You've got two years to pay back at least 60% of the debt, and another five million to get into immediate production. Make sure it happens properly, and soon. Steve will see that all goes well tomorrow. Eventually, I'll want three free insert sets, as a negotiation bonus." Liz nods.

Janice groans, Barbara stares at her, Janice says "Earlier, I told John, if he some how kept us in business, I'd be his slave. We're still in business." She sits there, thinking that she's slave to a machine. Her own ego won't accept that. So she worries the problem, until she realises she may have had sex with a machine, very much like her vibrators, but the power controlling the machine is the human brain of John. It's his ego, his personality that dominated her, and made her his slave - strangely, this makes her much happier.

Grinning, Barbara eyes her over, licks her lips, turns to John, saying "John, may we borrow your slave some evening?" Janice's eyes go wide, she also licks her lips, at the thought of an evening with Barbara.

Smiling, John says "No, but I may bring her over to help us play some evenings. I'll want to retain control of her and my other slaves. But I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy them all." Barbara smiles, and nods. Turning to Mary, he says "I just had a thought. We should build a set of secondary communications circuits, using short range radio, like Blue Tooth. A redundancy capability for emergencies." Mary nods, and adds it to her notes from today's discussions. Suddenly, she smiles, as she realises he's talking about the arm's special devices, having them still being operational if the arm is removed or severed high.

They all stand up, John picks Julie up, and throws her over his shoulder. They take their leave of Liz, Janice, Mary, and Diana. As they enter the elevator, Deborah calls for their chauffeur. At the security desk, they run into Gwen, she's come to pick up John, for a late lunch, before collecting the girls from school. It's been a busy two and half hours. He carefully places Julie in the Masters limo. They kiss each other goodbye.

Gwen and John leave Preston Industries, to have lunch at one of John's favourite restaurants. When they walk in, the owner (who knows John well) just stares at him. After she takes his order, she says "OK, miracle man, how come you're walking around?" John gives her a strange look, she says "My best friend, Laura, was one of the doctors called into ER, to work on you. She knows you well, her daughter plays on one of the other soccer teams, and you often chat during the games. She told me about cutting your legs off in the ER."

With this information, John can place Laura. Smiling at Grace, the restaurant owner, he says "Advantages of working for a top flight company like Preston. I'm the test bed for some prototype prosthetics, you'll see them on the market in the next few months. You may wish to tell Laura to keep an eye open for them."

Smiling, Grace says "I'm glad to see you're taking it so well. And happy to see you up and about again."

Grinning, he says "Well, I either have to take it well or kill myself, and that would upset Brooke. I can't have that." Nodding her head, Grace takes the order into the kitchen.

It's nearly 3.00 pm, when they leave the restaurant. They go to school, to pick the girls up. Arriving at the school, they park opposite the main entrance. A few minutes later, the final bell goes, and the students seem to explode out of the school, as they rush, laughing and talking, on their various ways home. The whole soccer team piles into the mini-bus, they're going for a swim and study session at the Smith house. After dropping everyone at the house, Gwen, Sera, and John go to the main mall, to the Victoria's Secret shop.

Sera's Birthday Presents
When they enter the Victoria's Secret store, as a group, one of the staff walks up to serve them. Examining the merchandise on display, John says "This has all the hallmarks of being a very interesting shopping trip. Especially, checking the fit and colour." Sera blushes, as she realises he'll see her in only bra and panties, as she tries them on.

While Sera and Gwen discuss what to look at, John speaks to the manager - about arrangements for next Saturday's visit. The store doesn't have any large fitting or display rooms, so they arrange for them to use the main store after normal trading hours. John and the girls are to turn up just on 3.00 pm, their normal closing time, and some staff will stay to serve them. The store is 'L' shaped, so they'll use the part not visible from the front window, as a private show room. The manager is looking forward to the potential sales, John expects to have 15 to 20 girls, all buying a minimum of one item each, this is over $5,000 of sales, well worth the extra hour or two's work. The staff and manager are all on commission, so they'll help out.

Turning back to Sera and Gwen, John sees they've several items to try on. He carefully examines each item, and hands them back. He asks Sera what she intends to wear them under. She tells him, one is for under her school clothes, and one for under her best dress, when going out. At his request, Gwen describes the dress. Turning to the staff member, John asks to use use the private show room, and could their best expert on supported silk bras join them. Smiling, she shows them into the 3 m square private room, and gets the manager. John has Sera strip to her panties. Holding and lifting her breasts from behind, he explains to the manager, they want to see what they have in the way of silk or satin supported half bras that'll hold Sera's breast up in the manner shown. Grinning, she returns with several styles, Sera tries them on, finding two that are very comfortable. Both bras leave her nipples uncovered, he orders two of each, one in white, and one in light blue. Both Gwen and Sera have light blue eyes. Next is matching panties. Sera wants thongs, John talks her into getting high hip panties instead. John asks the manager's advice on a negligee for Sera, she returns with a baby doll, panties, and matching gown outfit in mid blue. Sera puts them on. The outfit is so see through, they can see her nipples and fine pussy hair, through all three items. Smiling, John says it's perfect, and orders a matching outfit for Gwen. John has Sera dress in one of her new sets of underwear, and asks the manager for advice on a sweater dress. She returns with a light blue woolen sweater dress, one with a low cut front. Sera puts it on, it falls to her knees, the top of her breasts are on display, and her nipples are clearly visible through it. Although form fitting, it isn't tight. It makes her look much slimmer. John thanks the manager for her help in selecting the clothing, she thanks him for the custom.

While he pays the $5,750 bill, the manager says the choice of a supported uplift bra makes Sera seem slimmer, by accentuating her breasts and drawing the eyes there. Sera is standing in front of a mirror admiring herself, and Gwen can hardly believe the transformation.

Smiling, as she picks up the rest of the gear, Gwen says "I thought you were buying three items?"

Gwen and the manager laugh, when he replies "Three items, I thought you meant three outfits. Then we had to get two sets of the daily wear stuff, for when one is in the wash. And I couldn't take her home in just bra and panties, could I? We'd have been arrested walking down the street, although I'd have admired the view, until we were arrested." Turning to Sera, he says "Well, come on sexy, strut your stuff outside, we're leaving."

Grinning widely, Sera turns, and struts out the door. Gwen and John follow her, with big smiles, she looks and acts so much more confident. They have trouble recognising her.

After putting the rest of their purchases in the car, they walk down the street, to a large second hand goods store. Sera draws a few wolf whistles, as they walk down the street. At the store, he examines a number of commercial drink fridges and can vending machines they have for sale. Selecting the best for his purposes, he buys two items, to be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Next stop is a furniture store - to order new lounge room furniture, enough to seat them all.

Arriving home at 5.00 pm, they find Brooke and Wendy in the middle of cooking dinner. The rest are getting ready to go home. They all stop, to stare at the new Sera, they can't believe their eyes. She looks slimmer, happier, and sexier than what they're used to seeing. They like the new look. They get in the mini-bus, and Gwen drives them home.

7.00 pm, after dinner, Sera puts on a fashion show for Wendy and Brooke. To emphasis the difference in the type of bras, John has Sera dress in her usual school clothes. Followed by her wearing the same uniform with the new underwear, the difference is startling, the bra makes her breasts seem three sizes bigger, and her waist two sizes smaller. Gwen takes many photos during the fashion show.

With the main fashion show over, John asks Sera and Gwen to show their new night clothes. It's only when Sera can see how much of Gwen is visible through the clothes, that she realises she must be just as visible. She blushes nicely. Sitting down, Sera says "The silk feels so sensuous on my skin, and makes me feel sexy."

Grinning, John responds "Well, I don't know about the feel, but it makes you look very sexy." Sera smiles back at him. Blushing, she nods towards the stairs, a very clear invitation. Standing, he says "I'll just lock up the house. Wendy, Brooke, please make sure you get to bed at a reasonable time. Sera, Gwen, I'll meet you in the bedroom, in a few minutes." They all grin, as they move off to their evening activities. Wendy and Brooke stay to watch TV

Keeping a Promise - Sort of?
After making sure the house is secured for the night, John goes to his bedroom. Gwen and Sera are both sitting on the bed, waiting, and looking very nervous. His extra sensors tell him Sera is also very scared. Walking up to Sera, he bends down, and kisses her forehead. Sitting down, he says "Sera, do you really want to do this, or would you rather leave?" Gwen sits there, a quiet observer, letting John handle this.

Gulping, she smiles weakly, saying "I asked you, and said I would."

Caressing her arm with his hand, he gently says "I know you did. However, I can tell you're scared out of your mind. I also get the impression that you really want someone else to have your cherry. Who is it?"

Lightly biting her lip, Sera sits and looks at him. A few minutes later, she says "Barry Stevers, he's in the year above me at school. We work together, tutoring the slower students, two afternoons a week. I know he's interested in me, but he's shy, and I've been too shy as well. I know he wants a virgin wife, and I'd like to be his wife. On Saturday, I thought I'd never get to have a boyfriend or sex. But since then, you've convinced me that I AM beautiful, and can have a proper relationship. However, I said I'd have sex with you, so I have to."

Smiling softly, he replies "And what would you say, if I can make it possible for you to have both?"

Her eyes go wide, softly, she says "How can you make that miracle occur?"

Grinning, he says "If I promise not to place my dick in your pussy, will you relax, and do everything I ask of you, as I prove it's possible?" Biting her lip, she relaxes, and nods her head. He continues "Good, because there are four ways to have sex - genital, oral, digital, and anal. A person is classed a virgin, until they engage in genital sex. So all you have to do is, suck my dick, while I eat your pussy, and fuck your arse."

Standing, he pulls her to her feet, slips his hands inside the gown, taking her in his arms, and kisses her on the mouth. She responds, willingly, as he slips the gown and negligee off her shoulders. He breaks the kiss, stepping back slightly, he slips the clothes down her arms - to fall on the floor, as he fondles her breasts. She closes her eyes, and gives herself over to the pleasure of his touch.

Nodding at Gwen, John indicates he wants her to take his clothes off. She stands, slipping her gown and negligee off, as she walks around the bed. Quickly and deftly, she takes his pants and shorts off, removing his shoes and socks, as she lifts the feet out of the pants leg. Standing, she undoes his shirt, slipping it off his arms. He leans down, and sucks on Sera's breasts, while Gwen is sliding his shirt down his arms. With John nude, Gwen slides her panties off, as he slides Sera's panties to the floor. Standing up, John thinks 'Dickman, stiffy,' takes her in his arms, and kisses her, while cupping her bum cheeks in his hands, pulling her against his body. Her eyes open wide, as she realises they're both nude, and she can feel his dick against her belly and pussy. Breaking the kiss, he keeps one hand against her bum, pushing her groin into his, as he slides the other up her spine, while leaning down to kiss her breasts. She closes her eyes, and moans with pleasure.

Kissing Sera again, he slides his hand back down her spine, she shivers, and moans into his mouth. Reaching down, he moves his hands to her legs, slipping them between her thighs, he starts pulling her legs apart. As he spreads her legs, her labia part slightly, allowing his stiff dick to press against her clit. When he has her legs wide, in a split, Gwen tells her to wrap them around his hips, and her arms around his neck. This changes the angle of contact, her labia are now spread very wide, with his dick between them, lying the length of her pussy, and pushing hard against her clit, with his balls against her bum. She moans, as he breaks the kiss, and smiles at her. Slowly, he moves her up and down a few centimetres, rubbing her clit against his dick, and her breasts against his chest. Her head falls back, eyes closed, moaning with her pleasure, she likes the feel of this.

John continues this rubbing, as he carries her to the bed, walks on his knees, to the middle of the bed, and places her on it. Sera's unaware of the movement, until she feels the gravity change, as he lowers her to the bed. With them both flat on the bed, his weight is now pressing down on her clit, as he rubs his dick against it. He kisses her, their tongues dancing in their mouths again. He sucks her tongue into his, and partly closes his mouth, to trap it there, while wrapping his tongue around hers, tickling it with the tip of his. Her eyes open, and roll back in her head, as she has several quick orgasms during the kiss. She's panting for breath, when he breaks the kiss. Her arms and legs have fallen to the bed. She lies there, smiling and moaning.

Slowly, he slides down the bed, kissing his way down to her breasts, belly, pussy. She moans loudly, when he licks the length of her pussy, and sucks on her clit. The sounds of her pleasure are cut off, as Gwen kisses her, while fondling her left breast. A moment later, Gwen uses her weight to maintain the kiss, while Sera heaves in orgasmic pleasure, as John applies some heavy duty suction to her clit. She bucks her way through a multiple orgasm. He lifts his head from her sopping pussy, Gwen sits up smiling, Sera lays there, exhausted by her pleasure, covered with sweat, and smiling.

Sera's a limp rag doll, as John pulls her down the bed, and rolls her over. He lifts her hips, while Gwen places two pillows under them. Sera has no energy to resist them, whatever they're doing. It's all she can do, to turn her head and look back at him, as he reaches under her, playing with her tender clit. She closes her eyes, moaning. He smiles at her, while Gwen gets the tube of KY from the bedside table, and lubes up his dick. Gwen lays down beside Sera, and takes over playing with her clit. She doesn't notice the change.

Carefully, John places his dick against her arse hole, slowly, he pushes in. For a moment, there's a slight resistance, then the head of his dick is past the ring. Sera's eyes open wide, her mouth opens in an 'Oh' of surprise. He says "Relax and enjoy." She does, she has too little energy to do anything else. He continues the slow, gently pressure, until his groin is up against her arse, and his balls are touching her pussy. He stops, and stays like that for a moment, to allow her to get used to the feel of his 200 mm dick in her arse. Slowly, he pulls out. With his dick out, he thinks 'Dickman 4 T.' Gwen's eyes go wide, as she watches his dick double in length. Slowly, he starts sliding his dick back into Sera's arse.

He has just over three quarters of it in her arse, when Sera quietly says "That's starting to hurt a bit, Uncle John." On Sunday afternoon, the girls had decided they'll all call him Uncle John. He thinks 'Dickman 3 T.' She smiles, as the pressure is relieved a bit. He starts moving in and out of her arse, in a slow fuck. After a moment, he speeds up the motion, a few minutes later, he's fucking her arse fast and hard. Soon, she's screaming "Yes, fuck my arse," as she cums. After her third orgasm with him in her arse, he pulls out. He's thinks 'Dickman 3 M,' when she says "Who said you could stop so soon?" Carefully, he slides his thicker dick into her arse. She moans, saying "Yeees, fuck my arse good." So he does, he gives her a thorough arse fucking, she cums 14 or 15 times. She's totally exhausted, and hardly moving, when he pulls out of her arse.

As he goes to the en suite to clean his dick, he notices both ladies have sopping wet pussies. He returns, to find Sera in the same position, but with the pillows under her shoulders and chest, and Gwen across the bed with her legs held up wide open. Gwen says "Fuck me, NOW."

John walks up to the bed, grabs her hips, and pulls her to the edge of the bed, his legs are against the bed. He places his dick at her vaginal entrance, Sera moves, to get a closer view. Smiling at Gwen, her pulls her hips towards him, quickly impaling her on his dick, as it slides along her vagina to the end. She moans at this sudden intrusion, she feels full of his dick. He starts a fast thrusting in and out, while rubbing her clit with his thumb. Within a minute, she's heaving with her first orgasm, and cumming again, on each subsequent thrust. After several minutes, he pulls his dick out, keeping the tip resting against her vaginal entrance, he thinks 'Dickman 3 W,' Sera's eyes go wide, as she watches his dick widen. Mimicking Sera's voice, Gwen says "Who said you could stop so soon?" Both Sera and John laugh at her joke. He meets a little resistance, as his thicker dick enters her pussy. Gwen says "Damn, I'd only thought I was full before. Fuck me, you bastard." Slowly, his dick slides along her vagina, widening it, as it goes the length of her vagina. She moans, saying "Oh yeah, now that's a cunt full of dick." Sera grins at her mother's language. She's never heard her say anything impolite before, didn't think she knew the words. He speeds up, Gwen heaves at him, soon, they're fucking hard and fast, again. She loves the feel of his dick sliding in her pussy, he loves the way her pussy ripples along his dick - they're both happy with the situation. After cumming another 20 or so times, she wraps her legs around his hips, trapping him in her. Pushing down with her feet, she tries to push him in further, saying "Cum you bastard, cum. Fill my cunt with your cream. Don't just stand there grinning, fucking cum. Give me a fucking cunt full of your sperm. I want a cunt overflowing with your sperm."

With an ear to ear grin, John smiles down at her, saying "I told you, I have complete control of when I cum. Why do you want it so much?"

Smiling back, she says "Because I want to make sure you get me pregnant, you stupid bastard. I'm unprotected, and it's the right time. Now do it, or I get up, and we leave."

Grinning, he says "Tch, tch, tch. I run this show, not you. Now ask properly, and say please. Like a good slave would." Both women's eyes go wide at this.

Gulping, Gwen softly says "Please master, fill me with your sperm, and give me your baby?"

Smiling, John thinks 'Dickman coom, coom, coom.' The feel of his warm sperm in her womb, makes Gwen cum again and again. He thinks 'Dickman 2 W, Dickman coom, coom.' Her eyes go wide, as she feels his dick shrinking, but continuing to cum in her. He thinks 'Dickman floppy, Dickman coom, coom.' And slowly withdraws, as he unwraps her legs from his hips. Holding her legs high, to keep her hips up, he turns her about on the bed. Seeing his intention, Sera slips the pillows out from under her, and places them under Gwen's hips. She's mesmerised by the sight of the white sperm that's oozing out of her mother's sopping pussy.

Placing a hand on the back of Sera's head, he says "A pussy filled with fresh cum like that, is known as a 'Cream Pie.' I think you look hungry, have some pie, Sera." And starts to push her head towards Gwen's pussy. Sera doesn't resist at all, in fact, she's so eager, she lowers her head faster than he can push her. Soon, Gwen is moaning, as Sera eats her pussy. Gwen looks up at John, with a huge grin. He thinks 'Dickman stiffy,' and places his stiff dick on her mouth. She opens up, and starts sucking. Her eyes go wide, as he says "Swallow," and thinks 'Dickman coom.' Her mouth fills with his sperm, and she swallows it. Pulling his dick out, he says "Enjoy yourselves. It's ten o'clock, I'll just go and check on Wendy and Brooke."

Night Games
Neither Brooke or Wendy are in their bedrooms. Going downstairs, he finds them asleep on the lounge. Both have wet pussies and faces. Getting a cloth damp with warm water, he cleans them both up. They murmur, but don't wake. Picking Brooke up, he carries her upstairs, and puts her to bed, kissing her on the forehead, as he draws the covers up. She mumbles "Night, Uncle John."

He replies "Good night, Brooke love." She smiles, and goes back to sleep. He goes back downstairs.

Rearranging Wendy on the lounge, he sits her up, with her legs spread wide. Thinking 'Dickman 3 T,' he places his dick at her vaginal entrance. Bending down, he reaches his arms around her, picking her up, and impaling her on his dick, at the same time. Her pussy's so wet, he easily slides in. She stirs in her sleep, when her breasts meet his chest. Laying her head on his shoulder, he stands up, turns, and walks upstairs. He's holding her firmly to him, with one hand under her arse, and the other across her back. However, she slides up and down on his dick, with every step, just a few centimetres, but enough to be a pleasant feeling for them both - she moans slightly. Walking up the stairs triples the length of the movement. As they reach the top of the stairs, Wendy says "Lets go up and down stairs a few times, that was great."

Grinning, he says "I've got a better idea." He proceeds to lift her up and down the full length of his dick. She moans, and nods. Part way down the hall to his bedroom, he give a little jump in the air. At the top, his dick almost comes out of Wendy, she cums, when she hits bottom, after quickly sliding back down its length. Going down the hall, he does this four times. Entering the bedroom, he sees Gwen and Sera lying side by side, the pillows are still under Gwen's hips. Smiling at them, he lays Wendy on the bed, and starts fucking her - hard and fast. She's starts a multiple orgasm with the second stroke, and is enjoying herself, while he loves the feel of her cunt squeezing his dick. After a few minutes, he thinks 'Dickman coom, coom, coom,' filling Wendy with his sperm. She cums again, another orgasm with each shot of sperm.

Smiling at him, she says "Trying to stay out of hospital, huh?"

He nods, saying "I've seen more than my share of that place." Turning to Sera, he says "Sera love, in the cupboard nearest the corner, are some more pillows, please get them." She climbs off the bed, and brings back six pillows. She places one under Gwen's head, puts two more along the bed head, and slides two under Wendy's hips, after helping John slide Wendy up the bed and into the centre of it. With Wendy set to retain his sperm, he pulls his dick out, and knee walks up the bed, placing his dick on her lips. She opens her mouth, and starts sucking his dick clean.

With a grin in her voice, Sera says "You know, I feel like some desert." And promptly lowers herself to Wendy's pussy, licking and sucking like crazy. Wendy can't see Sera, because of John's body, and wonders what she's talking about, until she feels Sera's tongue on her pussy. Her eyes go wide, and she moans around John's dick. Grinning, he thinks 'Dickman floppy,' and withdraws his dick from her mouth.

As he climbs off the bed, Gwen says "Isn't that nice." Wendy smiles, and nods her head. Both Gwen and Wendy give Sera advice on pussy eating.

Smiling at them, John says "I think I'll leave you three ladies to rest here. Make sure you pull the covers up, before you fall asleep." They nod their heads in agreement. Going down the hall, he climbs into bed with Brooke, snuggles up, reaches a hand round to cup her breast, and goes to sleep.

Waking to his internal alarm clock at 7.00 am, John gently fondles Brooke's breast to wake her. After several minutes, she says "I was awake before you started that, and if you think I'm getting out of bed while that feels so good - you're crazy. But if we don't get up soon, I'll be late for school." Grinning, he stops, and they get up.

In his bedroom, Brooke goes to start the bath, while John wakes the others, by gently fondling their breasts. Laughing, Gwen says "That's the best damn alarm clock I've ever had." They're all laughing, as they have baths. John washing, and Brooke drying, until they're all clean - Brooke washes John, and he dries her.

As they get dressed, John stops Sera putting her old underwear on. He makes her wear a set of her new day wear bra and panties, saying "Before breakfast, I want all your old bras and panties in a plastic bag, to go to the opportunity shop. If you need more than what we have now, I'll buy you more of these." Grinning, she does as told, she loves the feel of the silk on her skin, almost as much as her new look.

As they're eating, Sera says "John, why do these bras make such a difference to my appearance?"

Smiling at her, he replies "There's a few reasons, some physical, some perceptions, some emotional. First the physical. Wendy will you help out here, take off your top and bra, please." Standing up, she strips to the waist. John turns her to be side on to Sera, saying "Look closely at her profile." Standing behind Wendy, he runs his hands down her breasts, pulling them down and back slightly. Her breasts flatten, her shoulders hunch, and she bends over slightly, pushing her stomach forward. Her stomach is only a couple of fingers short of her breast line. He says "That's what your old bras did to your figure." Releasing Wendy's breasts, he cups them in his hands lifting them up, and pushing them forward. Her shoulders go up and back, making her stand straighter, and her stomach pulls back. He says "This is what the new bras do. The old ones pull your breasts back and your shoulders down, pushing your stomach out - making you look shorter and fatter. Your breasts draw the eye to your waist line. The new ones make you stand upright properly, making you seem taller, your stomach is pulled back, looking thinner, and your breast are pushed out, looking a few sizes bigger. The overall effect is a perception of a slightly taller thinner person. The more prominent breasts draw the eye away from your waist to your nipples. I'm sure the old ones must have made you uncomfortable, as you rarely smiled. These ones make you feel happy, and that shows on your face. A smile makes a big difference to a woman's overall appearance and appeal. Most importantly, you know they make a difference, you know they make you look sexy, and you feel sexy. This gives you more self-esteem and confidence in yourself. Knowing you're sexy, is more than half of being sexy." She nods her head at his explanation, it's all visible, with the demonstration. To Sera, knowing why is important. He continues "Hopefully, you'll feel enough extra self-confidence to speak to Barry, and ask him out." Blushing, she shakes her head no.

At 8.15 am, they pile into the mini-bus, Gwen driving, and headed for school, via the Masters house, picking up Paula, Jacqui, Lorna, and Peta. At the school, they follow the new routine of John giving each girl a thorough kiss, as they get out of the mini-bus. Jessica, Melissa, Nataly, Rachel, Tina, and Mandy are already there, lined up for their kisses. Most of the student population are on hand, to watch the show again.

With the welcomes over, Rachel says "Brooke, I'll be very late on Friday, I've a date with a new boyfriend, and he's too fragile to risk a deferment at short notice. Sorry." Brooke smiles, and nods agreement.

John sees Sera watching a young man who'd watched the show. As he turns to walk away, John calls out "Barry Stevers, can I have a word, please?" Sera turns, and glares at him, as the young man turns, and walks to him. He says "Hello Barry, I'm John Smith, Brooke's uncle, and Sera's male father figure. I'd like to ask you a few questions, please." Sera's eyes go wide, and she blushes. Brooke takes hold of her hand, giving it a squeeze - she knows of her crush. He continues "I believe you do some tutoring with Sera, is she good?" Smiling, he gives Sera a fond look, and nods his head. John says "Do you like Sera's new look?" Grinning, he nods his head, a few times. "Do you like Sera?" Another nod. "Do you want to take her out on a date?" A blush, and another nod. "Have you wanted to do so for some months?" Another blush, and very vigorous nod. Sternly, John says "Then why the hell haven't you asked her out?"

Blushing hard, Barry says "Because I'm afraid she'll say no, be offended, and stop tutoring with me."

John nods his head, saying "Thought that my be the case. Do you have a girlfriend?" A shake of the head, this time. "Are you free Friday night?" Another nod. "Good, you have the hots for her, she has the hots for you, so Friday you're taking her out, right." This is a statement, not a question.

Blushing, Barry nods his head, saying "Yes please, but, I've never been on a date before. What do you do?"

Laughing, Rachel says "That's easily fixed. We'll double date, meet us at the Smith's house at 4.30 pm, Friday afternoon. You can join Max and I on our date. Right?" He nods yes. Blushing, Sera steps up to John, and waves a fist in his face. Smiling, he grabs it, and kisses it. Exasperated, but happy, she goes to class.

Climbing into the bus, Gwen says "She's angry with you, but happy with the result. You better think of a way to get on her good side." They drive off, to an appointment with a builder.

John says "I know, but neither of them were going to start things. Left to themselves, neither would've had a date for the prom. I've been thinking, you may want to have an agent rent your house out, instead of selling it. That way, Sera will have a home of her own in the area, if she wants it. She can always sell it later. By the way, can Rachel borrow your car on Friday night?"

Gwen replies "The house makes sense, and yes I can loan Rachel the car. Why?"

He replies "I doubt any of them have their own car, and if neither boy can borrow a parental vehicle, then they have one available for the date." Gwen grins, and nods her head in agreement.

Parking in the city, they go to the builder's office. John is carrying the current house plans. They spend two hours discussing options. The builder's designer will draw up plans for approval. The existing house, as you face it, has a single storey, double, side by side garage on the left, a two storey main house across the block, with the lounge room in the right hand corner, and the master bedroom above the lounge room. The en suite, bathroom, and five more bedrooms make up the top floor. The upper floor is only two thirds the width of the ground floor, the back walls are the same plane. The ground floor includes the kitchen, pantry, laundry, dining room, and play room. The pool area runs backwards from the right hand side of the house.

The extensions will consist of a 2.5 m wide one way driveway, all the way around the block, it's a large block, and they'll need access to extra parking in the back. The parking will be behind the left hand edge of the garage, 3 m wide and 25 m long, angle parking for several vehicles. Above the garage will be a large bedroom, and a large multi-unit bathroom. The ground floor will be 25 m by 6 m wide, with folding walls that can divide it into three areas - this'll be the games rooms. This'll have an exterior exit to the car park at each end. The area between the games room and the pool will be grass, with a weatherproof plexiglass cover. Five sets of French doors will open onto it from the games rooms, two doors to the pool area, and one to the back driveway. Upstairs will have eight bedrooms (3 m x 3 m) on each side of a 2 m wide hallway - 16 bedrooms in all. The left hand set of bedrooms will be over the car parking area. An inside stairway, at the back of the extension, will join the floors. All exterior walls to be double brick, for insulation and strength.

Other changes include the loss of one existing bedroom, to become a kitchenette alcove and walkway to the extension hallway. The new arrangement will have 21 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an en suite. The spare room and linen closet between the current bathroom and the en suite, will have their space divided between an enlarged bathroom, an enlarged en suite, and an enlarged linen closet. A balcony and ladder off the master bedroom into the pool area. A doorway from the rumpus room into the games rooms. Insulation and sound proofing will be improved in all rooms, as will the electricity supply. Wiring for a house wide network, phone system, burglar and fire alarm system. All windows to be double glazed, with security screens and heavy tinting. Also, a complete interior repaint through out. The extension to be completed first.

After a lovely lunch, they stop at Victoria's Secret, for John to buy three more sets of the day wear underwear for Sera, and a nice casual dress for Friday. For the dress, he relies heavily on advice from Gwen and the manager. When asked, the manager admits Rachel is a regular client, and she knows her sizes. Again, relying on the ladies, he selects a dress for Rachel, for Friday night. He's smart enough NOT to buy bras and panties, without the intended wearer trying them on. He does get a set of underwear for Rachel, in shades to match the dress, of a style and size she recently bought there - but in silk this time, not her usual cotton. The staff are fast becoming very happy with John, another $3,500 sale. The manager gets a manager's commission on all sales at the store, the staff commission on sales she makes personally, goes to the staff who calls her in.

Another Productive Meeting
With all today's business finished, they go to Preston Industries, to find out how the financial meeting went. Instead of bothering Liz again, John and Gwen go direct to Janice's office, arriving at 2.30 pm. They find she's in private conference, and her secretary won't disturb her.

Smiling, John steps around the desk, and has the secretary watch him punch Liz's direct number, known only to the top executives and their secretaries. When she answers, he says "Hello Liz, can you please tell this person I can disturb Janice, no matter what she's doing?" He hands the phone over.

The secretary listens for a moment, saying "Yes, ma'am," just before hanging up. Turning to John, she gulps, saying "Janice is in a very personal private conference. If you know what I mean."

Laughing, John says "Is it her usual lover, or an extra? Oh, are you one of her regulars?"

Smiling weakly, the secretary says "No, I'm not that way inclined at all. The deciding factor on my getting this job. It's her current girlfriend, and I do mean GIRL friend, if you get my drift."

John replies "Well, that's a shame. For a moment, I had a nice picture of you as the meat in a triple, me balls deep in your pussy, with your mouth buried in her pussy. Oh well. I get your drift. For your information, she no longer has any personal private conferences, unless I approve them. Yesterday, she became my sex slave, and her body belongs to me, now." The secretary's eyes go wide at this, and she grins widely.

Getting the spare key from her desk, she unlocks the door, and opens it, letting John and Gwen into the room. They all get an eye full. Janice is naked,with her legs wide open, straddling the face of a very lovely looking girl on the couch, she's a teenager. The body looks familiar, but he can't place it. The girl's doing a real number on Janice's pussy, and Janice has her eyes shut, moaning, while playing with the girl's clit. Signing for the secretary to leave, he quietly closes the door behind her. Undressing, he walks across the room, he signs for Gwen to do the same. Smiling, she does. Being careful not to alert the girl, John leans over, planting his mouth on Janice's. Her eyes go wide, as his tongue enters her mouth. She goes through a gamut of emotions, anger, fear, worry, embarrassment, finally - acceptance. Breaking the kiss, he indicates it's Gwen's turn. Eagerly, Gwen complies, fondling Janice's breasts, as she kisses her. Janice responds just as eagerly.

Kneeling between the girl's thighs, John bends down, licking her pussy, and sucking her clit. Her flavour is familiar too. She jumps with the contact, she can tell it's not Janice. With Janice on her face, and John in her groin, she can't move much. Pretty soon, she's not interested in moving, as John pushes her over the edge to an orgasm, followed by several more. Her moaning into Janice's pussy, makes her cum as well. Rising from her pussy, John signs for Gwen to back off, and for Janice to get off her. He thinks 'Dickman stiffy 2 M,' and stands there, between her thighs, with a nice stiff dick - ready for action.

Janice moves clear of the girl, he can see her face, her eyes go very wide. John says "Hello, Cum Sponge." He lowers himself, sliding his dick into her juicy pussy, she grins, wrapping her arms and legs around him.

Sitting down on the coffee table, with her legs spread wide, a grinning Gwen says "Well, ain't it a small world. Your turn to eat pussy, Janice." Pulling Janice between her thighs - she resists.

John glances up, quietly saying "Fuck Toy, eat Gwen to five orgasms, and I'll go lightly on your punishment." Tina's eyes go wide at this, as Janice dives into Gwen's pussy. John sets a up a good rhythm, a few more strokes, and Tina's moaning her way through another orgasm.

A few minutes later, Gwen moans in orgasm, saying "She's not bad, but nowhere as good as Tina."

John is really enjoying the feeling of Tina's tight cunt squeezing his dick, as she cums. He laughs, saying "I don't think it's wise of me to ask how you know how good Tina is. Based on how well she sucks dick, I'd expect her to be a great muff diver."

Giggling her way through another cum, she replies "Well, after you set her up with Sera, I had to do some quality control checks, and make sure Sera was getting quality service. By the way, you should know that Tina has already enjoyed the top five on her pussy parade list, and is working her way through the team."

Smiling back, he says "Well that's good news. She got up the confidence to ask, huh."

She responds "Well, not really. After your set her up with Sera, Brooke cornered Tina, saying 'Where am I on your pussy parade list?' Tina blushed, and replied 'Top.' Brooke smiles, takes her by the hand, saying 'Show me what I've been missing out on.' An hour later, Brooke has a Tina Tasting Roster made out, and shuffling girls into bed with her. So far, everyone has reported a good time."

He replies "Good, now I won't feel like anyone is missing out, if I don't get to them every day."

They both laugh. Tina's orgasm response is getting less, she's getting tired. He thinks 'Dickman coom,' and pulls half out of her pussy. With the head just inside her vaginal entrance, he thinks 'Dickman coom,' filling her velvet tunnel with sperm. Withdrawing from Tina, he places a cushion under her arse. Walking over to Gwen, he spanks Janice on the arse, five times - hard. She squeals and jumps with each one, but keeps eating pussy, too scared to stop. He caresses her head, saying "Well done, Fuck Toy. Now, I have a lovely desert for you." Lifting her from Gwen, he takes her to Tina's pussy. Janice shivers at the sight of the sperm oozing out of the pussy. He says "Now eat up this cream pie. Not one drop is to fall on the couch when she stands, suck it all out." He pushes her face into Tina's pussy, she starts licking and sucking - with a will, not wanting any more punishments. Tina had heard all this, and is very surprised - her very controlling aunt being ordered about. It turns her on, the pussy eating soon makes her cum again. John places his dick on Tina's lips, smiling, she opens her mouth, and sucks his dick clean. Smiling, he withdraws, thinks 'Dickman floppy,' and gets dressed. Gwen gets dressed too.

Opening the door, he latches the lock back, and steps out, to talk to the secretary. He finds Mary waiting at the desk, and Liz walking down the hall. To the secretary, he says "Please remember what I said about no more private conferences for Janice, unless I approve them." She grins, nodding her head. Looking up, he says "Liz, Mary, come in." They grin, when they walk into the office, and see Janice with her face buried in Tina's pussy.

While the door is wide open, Liz loudly says "You'll be pleased to know, your special negotiations yesterday, they worked wonders. We're still in business. At this morning's meeting, Masters Financing stated they'll support us. We've two years to pay back half the current debt. The other three companies weren't prepared to wait, so Masters bought them off, by writing off what we owe them against what they owe Masters. Not quite the cash in hand they wanted, but they couldn't argue. They also extended our line of credit by another 10 million bucks, to get the new range into production a.s.a.p. We now have one debt, Masters, and it's 78 million. Our analysts think we can do this easily, thanks to the new ideas of yours."

Grinning, John says "Do you think you said that loud enough for everyone to hear?"

A voice floats in from the general office "No, but those of us who did hear, can spread the word." There's general laughter all round, everyone's happy, they're keeping their jobs.

Closing the door, he says "OK, what sort of housing do you two have?"

Grinning, Mary says "We both have small apartment,s on the same floor of the same apartment block. That's handy of late." Both are grinning, obviously, their personal relationship is changing.

He replies "Good, work out what you want to do with them, as your moving in with me, tonight."

They both smile widely. Mary says "I think we should keep one. They're within easy walking distance, and very handy when working late. We can sell or rent the other out. We'll work out which one to keep. By the way, I've finished all the programming changes, and included an extra width and length - X for 100 mm width and 5 for 500 mm length. The current hardware will handle that."

Eyes popping, Gwen says "And which horse do you expect him to be fucking with that monster."

With an ear to ear grin, Mary replies "Me, please."

John says "I doubt you'll be the only one." As they all look at him, in wonder, he continues "I know a 16 year old girl who loves to deep throat. She took a 4 T, and kept trying for more. I'd like to see how she goes with a 5." They stare at him - in awe.

Gwen barely whispers "I saw that, but 500 mm with your balls against her chin. She's so short, you'll just about have the head in her womb, from the top. Oh, hell, just thinking about that sight is getting me hot."

Mary holds up a flash disk, saying "Got time for a software upgrade? Also, the new hardware is ready. We can fit it in five minutes, in my lab."

John turns to Janice, saying "Stand up, Fuck Toy." Janice does. He examines Tina's pussy, and the couch. Patting Janice on the head, he continues "Good girl, no more sex with anyone without my prior approval. Do you understand?" Meekly, she nods her head. He says "Good, tonight, I'll expect you at my house by 6.00 pm, for dinner, with what you need to live there for several days. You're moving in with me, understand." She nods her head, again.

Tina pipes up with "Oh goody, since I live with Aunt Janice, I'll have to move in, too."

John nods at her, saying "And no more skipping school, understand. Whatever your grades are, I'll expect to see an improvement." She nods her head. He says "OK, you two, get dressed. Gwen, please wait for Tina, and I'll see the both of you downstairs in the lobby, in about 15 minutes." They nod their heads, as he leaves with Mary.

In her lab, she has John activate a set of special protocols, they allow her to remove his head. She starts the software upgrade, while she does his tongue. The upgrade loads and tests OK, just before she finishes with the tongue replacement. She reattaches his head, gives him a sheet with the new commands, and has him check out all the Dickman changes, while she adds the Taser hardware upgrades to his arms. Since she designed the system for modular replacements, it's all quick and easy. Finished 12 minutes after leaving Janice's office. Six minutes later, he's in the lobby. They leave to collect the girls from school. Dropping Tina off at home, to pack. Picking up the girls, they go home, everyone is going for a swim first.

Afternoon Games
Once in the lounge room, everyone gets undressed, and dives in the pool. They play pool tag for a while. John spends most of the time fondling breasts, between avoiding taggers. After 40 minutes, they break for drinks. And John asks "Does anyone know how Tina's grades are?"

Rachel replies "Not as good as last year, she's had too many afternoons away, and can do much better."

Smiling, he says "That all changed today, no more afternoons off. Oh, Gwen said you can borrow her car on Friday night, if you need wheels." Rachel smiles at this. John and Gwen tell the girls about the planned renovations, and the four new house guests.

Wendy licks her lips, saying "Hmm, new flavours." They all laugh.

Calling Sera and Rachel to him, John makes sure that they're well and truly dried. Standing, he takes them into the lounge room, the rest are intrigued, and follow. Sitting them down on the lounge, he sits in a chair opposite them. Looking at Sera, he says "Sera love, I'm very sorry if you felt embarrassed this morning, but I felt something had to be done to get you two moving, or you'd have no date for the prom. And that's only 6 months away." They all laugh, including Sera. He continues "Am I forgiven?"

She replies "Barry and I had a nice chat at lunch time, he was embarrassed as well. But he's glad you forced the issue, I am too. I didn't like it, still don't. But I know you acted out of concern for me, and forgive you."

Smiling, he says "Good, thank you. Since I'm getting rid of all your old bras and panties, I felt I should replace them. Gwen agreed." Lifting them from the bag hidden beside his chair, he hands her the three sets of underwear. Smiling, she gets up, takes them from him, sits in his lap, kissing him.

She says "Thank you. But you didn't have to buy these to get back into my good books."

He says "I know that, I decided to buy them at breakfast, to replace your old ones." Lifting his arm up from beside the chair, he holds up the dress and underwear, saying "This is what I bought you to get out of the dog house." Squealing with delight, she grabs the dress, jumps up, and holds it to her chest, as she spins around. All the girls comment on how lovely it looks. Suddenly, she stops, and looks at Rachel, they smile at each other, turn, and look at him, with a raised eyebrow each. Laughing, he holds up the other dress and underwear, saying "I felt Rachel needed a thank you for being so quick to help out, and bought her these. The manager says they're your size and styles." They both exclaim how beautiful the dresses are, and, naturally, have to try them on, right now. They both get dressed, right there. They're stunningly beautiful in the dresses.

Laughing, Rachel says "When mom sees this, she'll be positive that you're after me to move in as your lover."

Laughing, Gwen says "Well, if you want to, we'll have the space, once the renovations are done, so you're welcome if you want. But tonight, he has four more regular live in lovers moving in. So we'll have to sort out beds for four women, four girls, and John. AND five of them are, or about to be, pregnant with his babies."

They all stop, and stare at him. Giggling, Wendy says "With us all due at the same time, you could have a VERY interesting time at the maternity hospital. Running from delivery room to delivery room." They all laugh at the picture she paints. She says "I wonder how the staff will react to it."

Grinning, he says "I think I'll need a bigger car, or a bigger fleet. OK, my beauties, put those away, carefully, for Friday night. And the lot of you get on with your studies. Brooke, since you're working out all the bedding and sleeping arrangements, please prepare a list for tonight, and place it on the upstairs notice board." She nods her head, as she walks up the stairs, with Melissa's hand in hers. Turning to Peta, he says "I've got something extra special for you to try, if you want." Grinning she, licks her lips, and nods yes. They go upstairs, with the rest following, to watch the show. Seeing the pack circle behind them, he says "Alright, you voyeuristic vultures, but no kibitzing." They all grin.

In the bedroom, he lays all the pillows on the bed, in a row, and lays Peta on them. She's lying across the bed, with her head off the bed, and supported on a cushioned stool beside the bed. He kisses her, standing, he says "You're sure you want this." She vigorously nods her head. He thinks 'Dickman stiffy 5 T.' The girls eyes go wide at the full length of his dick. Jacqui swoons, and sits down.

Smiling, Peta says "Can you make it thicker please. Oh, before I forget, mummy said to tell you, she's having a special party tonight, if you wish to go. Remind me later, and I'll tell you more."

He thinks 'Dickman 5 M.' Smiling, Peta reaches her arms over her head, and starts playing with his dick. He moves forward, she licks her lips, takes a firm hold of his dick, opens her mouth, and sucks his dick. Slowly, he creeps forward, sliding his dick down her eager throat. Everyone can see the huge lump of his dick head in Peta's throat, as it moves along it. Looking up, he sees Gwen is shaking her head in wonder, as she video tapes the scene. A few minutes later, and his balls are resting against Peta's eyes, her tongue is wrapped around his dick, tickling it. Carefully backing up, he pulls it out. With only the head in her mouth, she sticks her tongue tip in his piss hole, as she motions with her hands for it to be wider. He thinks 'Dickman 5 W.' Nataly's eyes pop, she moans, sliding to the floor, as she cums. He slowly moves forward, sliding his dick back down Peta's throat. He's half way down her throat, when she starts heaving. Thinking she's having trouble, he starts to withdraw. Stopping, when she gets a good grip on his dick, pushing it down her throat. He realises she's cumming. She cums twice more, before his balls are again on her eyes. She cums again, during the withdrawal. With her mouth stretched almost as wide as it can go, she motions for more width. Shaking his head, he thinks 'Dickman 5 X.' Her mouth is at maximum stretch - to take in this width. He slips it down her throat, she cums six times, as it goes down. He can't believe she's actually taking this all in. With his balls up against her eyes again, he checks she's breathing OK. Thinking 'Dickman slom 4 X, 5 X, 5 R, 30 S.' This sets his dick changing from 400 mm to 500 mm, and back again, 5 times a second for 30 seconds. This will be like him very quickly sliding it back and forth. As soon as the program starts, she starts heaving in orgasm, she cums for the whole 30 seconds. Her arms fall to her sides, in exhaustion. Carefully, he pulls his dick out. She lies there smiling. He walks around the bed, and places the head of this monster dick at her pussy entrance. Eyes wide, she shakes her head, pleading, he smiles, saying "Now let's see how far we can go from this end." Rubbing his dick up and down her wet pussy, he thinks 'Dickman 2 T.' Placing the much smaller dick against her pussy, he leans in, sliding his dick along her velvet tunnel. She cums, as their groins meet. Smiling, he rubs his groin against hers, as he thinks 'Dickman slom 1 T, 2 T, 15 R, 90 S.' Her eyes roll back in her head, as she cums, their groins are mashed together, and it feels like he's fucking her like a speeding piston. She lies there, cumming for 90 seconds. As the program ends, he thinks 'Dickman coom.' She moans, as his warm sperm shoots forth into her. Pulling out. He walks around, and places his dick on her mouth, she sucks it clean. Very relieved to know that he didn't fuck her with the monster she sucked earlier.

Picking her up, he takes Peta into the bath, runs the water, and washes her. While being washed, she says "You probably know our moms are into BDSM. They have a nice dungeon, where they take our dads for sex. We're not supposed to know, but I sometimes sneak in, and watched them. They would like you to help them 'play' with our dad's tonight, and / or tomorrow night, if you can fit it in. I'm supposed to just pass along a request to play games, either or both nights." He nods at her message, and lifts her out of the bath. He's about to stand, when Brooke and Melissa walk in, supporting Rachel. He washes her, while they dry Peta. Brooke cycles the girls through the bath.

While Brooke and John are bathing each other, she says "Uncle John, I think you should tell the girls about being a cyborg." He raises an eyebrow, she giggles, saying "We're all getting good at that question technique. Seriously, at lunch today, some of the girls were talking about sex, and how great you are. One of the older girls, a real bitch, a senior cheerleader, said they had to be lying, as no human can have that much control or range. Later, in science, someone asked the teacher, he's very cool with such questions, and was very surprised at what they described. He didn't say it was impossible, but said it would be an extremely rare skill. Now, they're wondering." He nods his head in reply, as he thinks. By the time everyone's bathed, it's 5.00 pm.

Downstairs, he has the girls ring their parents, and ask if they can stay for a pizza dinner. They agree, so he rings up and orders 24 pizzas for 6.10 pm delivery. They sit and chat. Mary and Liz turn up at 5.30 pm, and are introduced to all. Janice and Tina turn up at 5.55 pm, and are introduced to all. John has the new arrivals undress upon arrival, so everyone's nude. They chat, while setting up the covered grass area for their pizza dinner, napkins, plates, and drinks. The doorbell rings, John puts on a T-shirt, to answer it. It's Eliza and Kira with their pizzas, they giggle, when they see the bevy of naked females hurry forward to take the pizzas off them. Smiling, John pays for them.

Philosophical Dinner
Between bites of pizza, John says "Let's have a nice philosophical discussion over dinner. Ladies, unless I directly address you, I want the girls to answer the questions. First, what's intelligence, not the IQ they measure, but the differences between an intelligent animal like man, and a dumb animal like a bigot?" Giggling at that comment, the girls argue this around a bit, and have no clear answer. He looks at Mary.

She says "In the scientific community, we have an even bigger problem answering that question, and fail. So I'm not surprised you lot couldn't. The best accepted answer is - an intelligent animal uses tools to change their environment. Many don't accept that, as dolphins are clearly very intelligent. Beavers change their environment, and aren't as intelligent as dolphins. Also, otters use tools to break shell fish open."

He says "OK, next question. Let's use the premise that intelligence involves self-awareness, the ability to think in abstract terms, and to solve complex new problems. What's self-awareness, and how does it occur?

Mary interrupts with "Hey, I like that definition of intelligence, best I've heard. However, that question is unfair. Not even the top scientist working on artificial intelligence have defined, let alone created, self awareness. Ask a question that they have a chance of answering."

Smiling, John says "OK, point taken. What's a human, and what's a man?" Liz's and Mary's eyes go wide, they can see where he's headed. They nod their heads in agreement.

After much discussion, involving comments that certain people look human but aren't, like Roddy Ruiz, they reach an agreement. Humans are a very diverse group of animals that are intelligent, as defined by John earlier, and come in two basic sub groups - male and female. The female can have children, and the male can impregnate the female. The group doesn't accept any other gender based roles to define the differences, as they see everything else as being inter-changeable between genders. Man is a male human.

It's been a very lively discussion, and the pizzas are nearly gone. John asks "What's a prosthetic device?"

Lorna replies "That's any device, usually mechanical or electrical, that's used to replace or assist a damaged part of the body. I know some people with prosthetic devices, one has a pace maker, the other has a prosthetic leg."

Smiling, he says "Very good Lorna. What's a cyborg?" Peta and Rachel both stare at him, and their eyes go wide; clearly, they're now ahead of the conversation. Both nod their heads at him, and smile encouragement. They realise how difficult this must be for him.

Tina says "I read about cyborgs in a science fiction story last year. That's where you have a mechanical body that's controlled by a human brain, usually through a computer interface, and the brain has no functioning human body. One author has a series about human brains that control very advanced, computer run, space ships. The whole ship is a cyborg and the brain's body, the brain can't exist outside the cyborg, due to illness or injury." Her voice tapers off at the end, as her eyes go wide with understanding. Some of the girls look at her in puzzlement, because of the voice change. She continues "Being a cyborg doesn't make them any less human, it's no different to someone in a wheel chair - like that scientist Hawking." Suddenly, she jumps up, races to John, cuddles him, crying, quietly saying "Oh, Uncle John, you poor thing."

He holds her tight, softly saying "It's alright Tina, it's alright." Many of the girls are sitting there, wide eyed, and staring, as they finish adding 2.00 + 2.00 + 2.00 and getting 6.00 as an answer.

Quietly, Jessica asks "Does it hurt?"

Looking at her, he replies "Only in the middle of the night, my heart aches - a lot. But an arm full of loving friend, makes the pain go away." She nods her head in understanding.

Jessica says "You must be cutting edge technology. I have a very hard time believing it. Oh, I know you wouldn't lie to us, but you look perfectly normal. Would you mind proving it?"

Smiling, John shakes his head, saying "The give away to some people, like Gwen and Grace, was that I look normal. I was in the middle of a major explosion, followed by having a three storey cement building fall on me. And I have no scars from that - not real people, not real."

Concentrating, he activates his arm release, grabs his left wrist with his right hand, turns it anti-clockwise, and removes it. Mary reaches over, and takes it off him. She passes it around the circle of girls. Carefully, they exam his arm, noticing it still feels warm. He says "All of what you see is engineered, the biological me is in a protected box in my belly. Advanced technology explains my versatility in certain things." They all grin at this, it's clear what he's talking about. He continues "Mary and Liz here, built me." The girls look up, and smile at them.

Brooke walks over, and gives them both a hug each, saying "Thank you for giving him back to me." The others nod their heads, in total agreement.

Looking around the circle, he says "Although this isn't a national secret, and a lot of people do know - it's not public knowledge either, and not for general discussion around town. I would appreciate it, if you kept this to yourselves, and only discussed it whilst in this house." They all nod their heads, some are starting to smile again. He continues "Shortly, Preston Industries, and some new subsidiary companies, will be marketing parts of what went into building me, as prosthetics and other devices. Soon, you'll be able to buy ..." He stops short, eyes going wide, he starts laughing. Turning to Liz, he says "I just had an idea for a range of novelty devices. Simple computer controlled arms and legs, you can control them with a joystick, and record the actions for continuous replay or replay on demand. Imagine an executive toy that's a spare arm secured to your desk, it holds your cup of coffee or can of drink, and tips up when you want it to, etc." They all laugh at the idea, but Liz is racing inside - to write it down, while she remembers it. Receiving the arm back, he re-attaches it.

Mandy says "I like the idea of being able to buy a copy of your dick, and have it all to myself. But I get a feeling that it won't be the same as you."

Mary sighs, saying, in an accent, "Ain't dat da truth." They all giggle. She continues "What makes the big difference between a mechanical dick and a human controlled one, is the mind behind it. A lover who reads and responds to your mood, your desires, and can also lead you down the path of pleasure, instead of following. His dick may be mechanical, and I already have some just like it at home, but when his mind is controlling what it does - well, it's a whole different ball game, literally." Everyone laughs, and agrees.

Grinning, John says "Hey it's almost 7.30 pm, we better be getting you lot back home."

Melissa, the most quiet and shy member of the team, softly says "Can you please come to basketball practice tomorrow afternoon, it starts at 2.00 pm?" He nods his head, she continues, in a harder voice "Good, there's a cheerleader I'd like to introduce you to, and I want you to fuck her senseless." All stare at her. They've known her for years, and this is the first time she's ever acted aggressively, except on the playing field.

As they stand, Gwen says "I better drive everyone home. You haven't had your driving lessons yet." They all smile, as they now know why he needs to learn how to drive, again.

In the lounge room, as they dress, Rachel says "Well, being a cyborg, you don't tire easily, do you?" He nods his head in agreement. She continues, very assertively, "Then, there's no reason why, once you've taken Brooke's cherry on her birthday, you can't line us all up, and fuck our brains out, is there?" He shakes his head, agreeing with her assessment. They all leave, with wide smirks, they have access to a tireless lover, one who knows how to really push their buttons.

As they're getting in the car, Nataly says "Sheet, he can do it too. He can fuck us ragged, and do it again, without stopping. He could fuck us to death." She sighs "Oh, well, what a way to go." They all laugh loudly.

Night Games
In the lounge room, John turns to Liz, saying "Liz, stay here, and keep an eye on Brooke, Sera, Wendy, and Tina, please. Mary, Janice get dressed in tracksuits, no underwear. Oh, Liz, don't wait up for us. Brooke isn't 16 yet, so it's unlawful for her to get involved in sexual activity with an adult, or to watch the same. Got it?" She nods her head.

Dressed in tracksuits, John, Mary, and Janice walk out the door. As they leave, Brooke takes Tina's hand, saying "The notice board in the upstairs hallway has tonight's bedding arrangements. Tina you're eating, err sleeping with me tonight." Grinning, they go upstairs. The others laugh at the intended, truthful, error. Checking the roster, they find that Sera and Liz are sharing a bed tonight, and Wendy will be with John. Wendy decides to spend the time until John returns, with Liz and Sera.

Walking down the street, John and company soon arrive at the Master's residence. They ring the doorbell, it's answered by an attractive woman in her late 30's. She says "This is the Master's residence, they don't usually accept callers, except by appointment. How may I help you?"

Smiling, he says "You're Alice, right." She nods her head, her eyes open a bit, as he continues "Good job you did yesterday. Please inform Mistress Barbara, that Master John is here for some fun in the games room." Stepping back, Alice opens the door, and waves them in. Giving Mary and Janice the once over, as they enter.

Smiling, she says "Please wait here." She leaves the room. A moment later, she's back, saying "Come this way, please." She leads them through the house, to a side room, and down stairs. The basement room is done up like a torture chamber, with lots of interesting equipment covering the floor of the 15 m by 15 m room. Three men, wearing only restraints and dick clamps, are tied to some equipment. Barbara and her sisters are wearing nothing but slippers and a smile each. Alice says "Mistress Barbara, Master John and two slaves." She turns to leave.

John says "Alice, please ask Miss Peta and Miss Lorna to join us." Alice looks at Barbara, she starts to speak. He walks over, grabs the back of Barbara's head, and kisses her. His right hand is rubbing her clit. He thinks 'Dickman snickle 1 R.' The Taser in his right hand starts to feed a very low voltage current between his thumb and forefinger - through her clit. Her eyes open wide, she squirms, but can't break free. Finally, her mouth opens fully, as she relaxes into the kiss. He thinks 'Dickman stong.' His tongue lengthens to 200 mm, entering her mouth. He curls it up, to tickle the top of her mouth, as it extends further in, he slides it down her throat. He moves his tongue around inside her mouth, tickling her whole mouth, and the back of her throat. Her mouth has NEVER been so thoroughly invaded, she struggles to break free, but can't. After a minute of this double assault, she's cumming, she humps his hand, and writhes in his grip. Thinking 'Dickman storn, snicked,' he relaxes his hold, as his tongue returns to normal, and the current stops. Breaking the kiss, he steps back. Alice watched wide eyed, Mistress Barbara is ALWAYS in control, but, clearly, not tonight. Looking at Alice, Barbara nods her head. Alice turns to get the girls. John says "Wait, Barbara, tell Alice that when I'm here - I'm in charge of the whole house. Clear."

Nodding her head, Barbara gulps, saying "Alice, please inform all the staff, whenever Master John is here, he's in charge. Oh, you remember Miss Gwen, she's now a highly welcome guest, at any time, as are Sera and Brooke." Grinning, Alice leaves to get the girls, and pass the word. Looks like some changes are in the air.

Waving his arm at Mary and Janice, he undresses, they undress too. Shortly, Peta and Lorna are shown in by Alice. They're surprised at being shown into their parents' games room, previously forbidden territory. They smile, on seeing John. He notices Alice's eyes are glued to Mary's large breasts. Grinning, John says "Peta, Lorna get undressed, please. Alice, if you wish, you may stay, as my slave for tonight." She looks up, turns, goes to the door, locks it, and removes her clothes, returning, to stand beside Mary. Turning to Peta, he smiles, saying "Peta, my pretty, if you could have anything within reason, what would you ask for?"

Smiling, she says "That's easy, we'll all have licences soon, and I'd like us to have a car that only we can use, for school, dates, and things. I don't expect a car each, but one or two we can all share."

Smiling, John turns, facing Barbara, saying "Alice, the well endowed woman beside you, is Mary, my other slave is Janice, known as Fuck Toy. Fuck Toy, Alice, suck Mary's breasts." Behind him, the two women do as instructed, Mary starts to moan. Barbara licks her lips. He continues "Barbara, if Peta and I can put on a show that'll make you cum, without anyone, including you, touching your breasts or pussy, will you get her such a car?" She nods her head. He says "The three of you stand against that wall, so we can chain you to it, and stop you playing with yourselves." They do as told, and he chains them to the wall. Calling Mary over, he chains her to the wall. Janice and Alice don't move. He says "Alice, Fuck Toy, did I tell you to stop sucking tit?" They race over, and return to Mary's breasts. He says "I suppose it's not really your fault, I didn't tell you to move either, so I won't punish you - this time. But, when I tell you to do something, you continue to do it, until I say to stop, even if things move." They nod their heads in understanding. The girls are wide eyed.

Examining the equipment Steve, Peter, and Jerry are on, he sees they have wheels, and moves them over, closer to the action. He also wheels over a slightly angled table with restraints. He locks them all in place, making sure they can't move.

He says "Peta, lie on this table, please. Lorna my luscious, for tonight, you're the senior mistress, just below me. Mistresses Barbara, Deborah, and Julie are just below you - unless they get down graded to slave. Julie, you will stay awake and watch. If you faint again, I'll know you don't have what it takes to be a sub-mistress in my dungeon, and rate you as only a senior slave. Understand." She nods her head. He says "Good, Peta is a neutral volunteer, neither slave or mistress tonight, none but I can order her about, but she can order slaves about. Everybody else is a slave, responsive to anyone above them. Everybody clear on their status, and the pecking order." They all nod their heads. He continues "Fuck Toy, Alice, you may kiss Mary, or suck her pussy, if you wish, no arguing. No one is to touch the chained mistresses, not until I say so. Mistress Lorna, you may enjoy yourself during the show, by playing with any of the slaves."

She grins, and moves to her Uncle Steve, saying "Uncle Steve is always flapping his tongue and ordering us kids about, now he can flap his tongue - in my pussy." Climbing onto the table he's strapped to, she lowers her pussy to his mouth. He does nothing. Taking his dick in her hand, she digs her nails in, saying "Suck my pussy slave, or I'll shred this tiny dick." She grins, as his tongue goes to work. Deborah's eyes go wide at her quiet daughter's behaviour.

Seeing the reaction, John says "I thought Lorna was a natural dom, she'll be very good. Won't you my sweet."

Looking up, she says "Hmm, yes I will, but don't worry, I already know how to control it. Slave, move that tongue around, and apply more suction, I know kids who can do better." He must have hearkened to her advice, she starts to smile and moan, saying "Hmm, better, not anywhere as good as Tina or Uncle John, but OK for a trainee." That comment stuns Barbara and Deborah. Seeing their expressions, she says "Master, do I get to try out the other mistresses' pussy eating techniques tonight?"

Smiling, he says "Yes, after you taste their pussies, and show them how to eat pussy properly." Barbara licks her lips, at the prospect of having Lorna eat her.

Turning to Peta, he leans down, and kisses her. Working his way around the table, and down her body, kissing all the way. Spreading her legs apart, he says "I've had a new upgrade today, I think you'll like it." Peta looks at him, he opens his mouth, thinks 'Dickman stong.' His tongue sticks out, and continues coming out.

Seeing the 200 mm tongue sticking out at her, causes Peta's pussy to flow, as she says "Fuck yes." All the women are staring at his tongue, and licking their lips, even Janice and Alice. They'd turned to look at Peta's comment. He curls it upward, and touches his forehead with the tip. Lowering himself to her groin, he straightens his tongue, and pushes it into her vagina. As he slides his tongue up her sheath, he moves it about, licking and tickling the sides with the tip. She cums, before he's got it all in. She grabs his head, pulling it into her groin. He turns the tip about, tickling her inner most parts. She's heaving in orgasms, screaming "Fuck yes." He loved the taste of her pussy before, but now, with her juices flowing over his whole tongue, he can savour the full taste, she's delicious. Taking her hands off his head, he pulls back, moving his head up her body. His tongue is slowly dragged out of her pussy, and up her slit. Trapping her clit between his upper lip and tongue, he curls his tongue up, tickling her 'G' spot. She heaves, screaming her pleasure in a multiple orgasm. He thinks 'Dickman storn,' and his tongue quickly shrinks, sliding down her sheath, up her slit, over her clit, and into his mouth. Looking at him, she smiles, saying "Now that's a licking." All laugh.

Standing up, he looks around. Steve is doing all he can, to not choke on Lorna's copious fluids. All the ladies' legs are drenched in pussy juices. Grinning, Barbara says "It may have cost me a car, but that was one hell of a show, and well worth it."

Laughing, John says "That was only to loosen Peta up for the main show." They've just seen the hottest sex show in their lives, and it's the intro, what's he up to. He Thinks 'Dickman stiffy 5 X,' his 500 mm x 100 mm dick sticks out like a huge club. He lays that on Peta's stomach, with his balls against her clit. His dick head is just under her jaw. He says "Don't worry, I'm not going to shove this monster in her juicy cunt."

He walks around the table, waving his dick in the air. Licking her lips, Peta lays her head right back. He places the head on her lips, she opens up, he slowly moves forward. Julie, her mother, screams "You can't shove that monster down her throat, you'll choke her to death."

Smiling at her, he says "Yes I can, and she loves it. It's her idea, and favourite form of sex." Peta waves her hand, to show it's OK. He slowly slides more in, soon, they can see a distinct lump moving down her throat. Julie is swaying in her chains. A few minutes later, and his balls are resting against Peta's eyes, he can feel the breath from her nose, on his balls. Flexing his groin muscles, they watch her belly button rise, as the head of his dick pushes it up from inside her. Going up onto the tips of his toes, they watch as he lifts her off the table with his dick. Julie faints. He lowers her to the table, and thinks 'Dickman slom 4 X, 5 X, 5 R, 60 S.' He stands there, as his dick quickly shrinks and expands, giving Peta the feel of being very thoroughly throat fucked. She's soon cumming, heaving in orgasm, all through the rest of the program. Knowing it's the feel of his dick filling her throat that she likes, he slowly removes his dick. With his dick out, she sits up, turns, smiles, hugs, and kisses him. It's clear to all, she really enjoyed the action.

Looking around, he says "OK, now we have three chained women whose pussies need sucking. Julie is no longer a mistress, but a slave. Anyone not chained, may choose anyone chained." Alice and Janice smile.

Peta, gets off the table, walks to her mother, and rubs her face, to wake her up. When Julie's eyes open, Peta says "Slave mommy, you fainted, and missed the best part of the show, I must have cum a hundred times so far tonight." Stepping back, she runs her hands down her mother's body, fondling her breasts, she says "Slave mommy, I'm really going to enjoy you eating my pussy." Reaching up, she undoes the chains holding Julie's hands to the wall, steps back, pulling her mother's hands forward, forcing her to her knees. Moving her hands back above her mother's head, she steps forward, grabs both wrists in one hand, places the other behind Julie's head, and pushes Julie's face into her pussy, saying "Eat pussy, mommy, eat my pussy well." John walks over with some wrist restraints, locks them on Julie's wrists, and clicks them together. Peta smiles at him, as Julie eats her pussy. She says, "Uncle John, please fuck me. I think mommy deserves a nice cream pie."

Thinking 'Dickman stiffy 2 T,' he spreads Peta's legs apart, places his dick at her vaginal entrance, and steps forward. His dick slides into her juicy cunt, his balls hit Julie's chin, and Peta moans. He fucks her to five cums, before thinking 'Dickman coom, coom, coom.' Withdrawing his dick, he lowers the angle, and slides it forward, into Julie's mouth. She gets the hint, and sucks it clean. He pulls out, and she goes to sucking his sperm out of her daughter's pussy. Both seem happy with the situation. Looking down, Peta smiles, saying "Good mommy, suck my man's sperm from my cunt. We don't want me to have his babies, yet. Do we?" Julie nods her head, as she sucks.

Looking around, John sees Janice kissing Barbara, and rubbing against her. Alice has pushed Jerry's table against the wall, and has him eating her pussy, while she kisses Mary, and fondles her breasts. Lorna is eating Deborah's pussy, as she says "That's my girl, eat mommy's pussy. Oh, you eat pussy so well." She heaves in orgasm, screaming "Yes, suck mommy's cunt."

Picking up a video camera on tripod, from near the wall, he takes it over to Steve, sets it up, gets the angle right, and turns it on. Looking down at Steve, he says "You're going to suck my dick until I cum. When I do, you'll open your mouth, so we get a good shot of me cumming in your mouth. The better job you do sucking my dick, the quicker I'll cum, take too long, and you'll have a wider and longer dick to suck. Take way to long, and you'll have to deep throat me the way your daughter just did. Understand." He nods his head, he understands it all. The cock sucking, and the fact that John knows all their secrets, the paperwork shows Peter as Peta's father.

A few minutes later, he cums in Steve's mouth. Going to Peter, he repeats the process. When he's ready for Jerry, Alice is happy to release him, and 69 with Mary. Meanwhile, Lorna is eating Barbara, Janice has Julie between her thighs, and Peta is eating Deborah's pussy. He sets the men up to watch the ladies enjoying each other's charms and skills.

By 9.45 pm, all the ladies have eaten all the available pussies, and greatly enjoyed the evening. John has spent the last hour having the men take turns sucking his dick. He now sets them up in a circle, sucking each other's dicks. He told them, the first one to get a mouth full of cum from their partner, will get to fuck Alice. However, he didn't remove any of the dick clamps, it'll take a minor miracle for any of them to collect.

Walking over to where Alice and Barbara are eating each other's pussy, he thinks 'Dickman stiffy 2 M.' Kneeling behind Alice, he rubs his dick against her vaginal entrance, and thrusts forward, hard and fast. Her head is only half turned, as his dick races up her satin sheath. Hitting bottom, he stops, as she shivers. Using a quick long stroke, he fucks her - hard, fast, and furious. She has marvelous control of her vaginal muscles, he feels her rippling them back and forth - to increase the pleasure, he enjoys the action. On the third stroke, she heaves and cums, she moans and cums with every stroke after that. After five minutes, he withdraws, lowering her to the floor. Barbara looks at him, wide eyed, shaking her head no. Sitting up, he grabs her legs, spreads them apart, and pulls her to him. Releasing her legs, he grabs her hips, lifts them up, and pulls her hips towards his groin, quickly, he impales her on his dick. Running his hands up her back, he lifts her up, stands, places her on a table, fucking her hard and fast. On the fifth stroke, she starts a multiple orgasm, and cums continuously for 10 minutes, while he fucks her. When he stops, she can't move, totally exhausted.

Stepping back, he bends down, picks Alice up, putting her on the table, he places her head at Barbara's breast, Alice immediately starts sucking it. Barbara moans. Walking over, he taps Janice and Mary on their shoulders, at his nod, Janice gets up from Peta's pussy, and Mary rises from Deborah's. Tapping Lorna on the shoulder, he motions her off Julie's face. In response to his silent command and pointing finger, Julie crawls between Deborah's thighs, and eats her sister's pussy. Picking up the clothes of Peta and Lorna, he hands them over, quietly saying "Time for a bath and bed. If I ever hear you talked about tonight, to anyone anywhere, without my prior approval, you'll be very, very sorry." They both nod their heads in agreement.

Softly, Lorna says "As long as we act responsible about this, we can look forward to similar nights in the future, can't we? The sex was great, but I really loved being in charge."

Quietly, he responds "Yes, you can expect more games night. But, you won't always be in charge." They nod their heads. "Your sisters wouldn't understand the extra dimensions this represents, yet. When the time is ripe, I'll introduce them." During this discussion, John, Janice, and Mary are getting dressed. Smiling, they all leave, Lorna showing them to the front door, making sure the house is properly locked for the night.

Back Home
Arriving home at 10.00 pm, they find Gwen watching TV. Smiling at them, she turns the TV off, saying "We've made a change to the sleeping roster. Janice and Mary are in the green room. The only doors open are that room and the bathroom." They leave to have a bath, and go to bed. She continues "You were down to sleep with Wendy and Sera, while I slept with Liz. When you left, Brooke changed it to Sera and Liz. They can't make up sleep time tomorrow, I can. Wendy went to bed early, so you owe her an early morning fuck. Got it mister." Laughing hard, he nods his head. Sternly, she says "Mind explaining what's so funny?"

Smiling, he says "I've just come from a couple of hours of mind blowing sex, as the Master of the Universe, in total control of the best damn personal BDSM dungeon I've seen or heard about. I had your cousins, Mary, Janice, Alice, your cousin's husbands, Lorna, and Peta running around, fucking like crazy. All at my beck and call, doing my slightest whim. I get back here, to find you laying down the law, and telling me to behave. I couldn't think of two more opposite ends of the spectrum, if I spent all night trying."

Laughing, she says "I see what you mean. I wish I'd thought to call in. It must have been good."

Still laughing, he says "It was good, but it was better that you didn't call in, this time." She raises an eyebrow, everyone seems to use that in this house. He continues "This was the first visit, I had to make sure that I put all six of your cousins in their place. If I didn't immediately subdue them, they would work at subduing me. I make a great equal and a marvelous master, but a lousy slave. Lorna is a natural dom, and Peta will make an even better one. So I included them, and created a situation with them in control of your cousins. Made for an extra hot time by all. I also got some good footage of the husbands sucking my dick, and slurping up my sperm, as I came in their mouths." She smiles at this last item. Checking the house is locked up, they turn off the lights, and go to bed.

Climbing into bed, John cuddles up to Wendy, reaches over, and cups her breast, saying "Goodnight love." She snuggles back and sighs, without waking up.

Waking to his internal alarm clock at 6.00 am, John gently fondles Gwen's breasts, to wake her. With her awake, he signals for her to help remove the covers. Carefully, they lift them straight up and off. Wendy is still asleep. Now she's on her back, with her legs wide apart. Standing beside the bed, they look at her lovely body. Placing a hand over Gwen's mouth, he whispers in her ear "Get an eye full of my latest upgrade." Opening his mouth, he thinks 'Dickman stong.' Her eyes go wide at the sight. He takes his hand away.

Lying on the bed between Wendy's thighs, he gently plays with her pussy. Soon, her juices are flowing, her vagina is opening up, and she's moaning in her sleep. Understandably, she's having an erotic dream. Curling his tongue into a tube, he slowly inserts it in her vagina, waving it from side to side, stimulating her sheath. With it nearly all in, he moves up the bed a bit. Holding her labia apart, he lays his tongue along its length. With her clit trapped between his teeth and tongue, he starts sucking, as he flattens his tongue, spreading her tunnel wider, and curls the tip up, to tickle her 'G' spot. She cums, hard, her juices flooding over his tongue. He holds her hips down, as she cums again. Suddenly, she sits up in bed, screaming "Fuck yes," and collapses back on the bed. A herd of elephants races down the hall, splitting up, to flow round the bed - well that's what it sounded like. They look down at John, with his mouth over Wendy's pussy, while she writhes on the bed, in orgasmic overload, cumming and cumming. He lets up on Wendy, thinking 'Dickman storn,' she relaxes.

Giggling, Gwen says "Well, talk about dramatic responses. You'd think no one had ever eaten her pussy before." Janice and Mary realise he's what he's done, and start to laugh. They others stare at them.

Mary says "Last night, he tried out a new technique on Peta, and got a similar response. I can't wait for my turn." They all lick their lips, in anticipation.

Standing up, John leads them to the bathroom, for the morning bathing ritual. Brooke supervises and dries, as he washes. The new arrivals appreciate the process. Gwen and Sera's clothes are in the master bedroom, for the moment. So the three are getting dressed together. He and Gwen notice the way Sera puts on her silk bra and panties, gets them in place, and caresses herself. Noticing their noticing, she says "They make me feel so sexy. It's not the same as when someone else fondles my breasts, but it's close - I like it." They smile. She says "Uncle John, why do we all like having you wash us, so much more than washing ourselves."

Smiling, he says "It's many things. But the main part is, you're being pampered by someone you know loves you and cares about you. It takes you back to when you were a little baby being washed by your mother. You appreciate being pampered by a loving friend."

Breakfast is a lively event, with nine people talking and eating at the same table. After breakfast, Mary, Janice, and Liz head off to work in the same car. At 8.10 am, the rest pile into the mini-bus, Gwen driving, and head for school via the Masters house - for Paula, Jacqui, Lorna, and Peta. Lorna and Peta look a bit tired, they wink at John, as they get on. Gwen comments that they should have got more sleep. At the school, they follow the routine of John giving each girl a thorough kiss, as they get out of the mini-bus. Jessica, Melissa, Nataly, Rachel, and Mandy join the line for their kisses. More of the student population are on hand, to watch the show again. Also, Eliza and Kira have joined the line - the two girls from the basketball team that work for Pizza Hut. Grinning, he switches to his internal air bottle, takes Eliza in his arms, and kisses her. Clamping his mouth over hers, he pushes his tongue into her mouth, followed by sucking her tongue into his, and clamping it in place, while running his all over it. Her keeps the kiss going, until she's weak from lack of oxygen. Breaking the kiss, he comes up for air, while she lies in his arms, gasping for air.

Giggling, Rachel says "Yeah, his kisses are a bit radical the first time, but they're easier to handle, once you get enough practice." The rest laugh. Gulping, Kira steps forward for hers. He repeats his trick on Eliza, for the same result from Kira. Brooke helps Kira walk to her first class, the bell will go soon, and she doesn't have time to stand around gasping for air. He switches back to normal breathing mode.

Back in the car, Gwen says "You didn't use your new tongue on those poor girls, did you?"

Smiling, he says "No, that's not for first kisses. But they'll know about it, when I do. It's long enough to wrap around their tonsils and tug." Gwen sighs, and laughs. They go to the bank, to organise a new account for the daily housekeeping costs, they're all going to chip in. He makes Gwen the main signatory, and has them issue a credit/debit card to her - for use against it. Stopping at the Opportunity Shop, they drop off all of Sera's old bras and panties, with a lot of other old clothes from them all. They stop for an iced chocolate at a coffee shop.

Seeing a woman walk in, order a drink, and pay. John calls out "Laura." She turns, he waves, she turns to get her change, suddenly, she spins back, and stares at him. Absent-mindedly, she takes her change and drink. In a trance, she walks to their table, eyeing him up and down the whole time. As she sits down, he says "Haven't spoken to Grace for a few days, have you?" She shakes her head no. He continues "Yes, it's me, no, it's not a miracle. Some marvelous new prosthetics, Preston Industries are moving to put them into production, as we speak. I'm the test bed." Calming slightly, she has a long drink, she needs it. She's talking to a man with two legs, a man whose legs she cut off, to save his life - and then doubted it would work. "If we can find somewhere private, you can have a better look. Please, don't talk to anyone about my injuries. It's hard enough managing, without them pitying me for a cripple, which I'm not." She nods her head.

Finding her voice, she says "My office is upstairs, if you don't mind me looking." He smiles, and shakes his head no. They finish their drinks. Laura leads the way upstairs, through her waiting room and waiting patients, into her office. He quickly strips. She looks him over, but sees no seems. Gulping, she says "Was it that bad." He nods his head. Concentrating, he removes his left arm, again. Taking it, she examines it in detail, and hands it back. He reattaches it, and gets dressed.

He says "By the time they got rid of all the damaged parts, all that was left was a brain, spine, one lung, heart, and balls. Most bones were shattered, even the spinal column was cracked its full length. They split the fractured bones off, and wrapped it in kevlar tubing. The chest contains my biologicals, the bio interfaces, and a computer. I issue general commands, the computer breaks that down to specifics, and gives those to the prosthetic limbs. Everything is modular design. So making individual prosthetic arms is easy. The hard part is the installation of the bio interface, and attachment will involve operations to strengthen the bones to take them. Also, placing simplified computer controls into the arms will mean a reduction in sensor capability in comparison to what I have. But, still much more than what the other prosthetics offer. Doctor Mary Jones at Preston can give you better details." All through this, Gwen is sittings there, ashen faced. She'd been told he was a cyborg, intellectually, she knew it. But this forces it home - emotionally, and she's hurting for him. He continues "The muscles are memory plastic, and take up very little room, they can be inserted into tissue, controlled by induction. As you saw, the finished product is very light. I thought you may like to know some info in advance, as it may change how you plan some patients' care. I'd appreciate it, if you could let some of the other specialists know about the coming gear, and let Mary know what associations and journals she should inform, to get the message out. By the way, none of what I've told you is commercially confidential."

Showing them out, she nods her head in agreement, saying "Thank you for sharing that information. You're right, this will change patient care - a great deal. I have a few patients who may not need amputations, if you have a suitable product coming out soon." Several patients look up at this. Turning to her receptionist, she says "Please contact Preston Industries, I wish to talk to Doctor Mary Jones - it's a priority issue." The receptionists nods, as he grabs the phone book. Turning to her next patient, she says "Mr Jennings, do you mind waiting longer. I've just heard about something new, it could affect your options, I want some more information, before going any further?" He nods in agreement, he really would like to avoid having his arm amputated. She takes the following patient, and her file, into her office.

She's showing that patient out, when Mary calls back. Taking the call, she says "I've heard you're coming out with some new gear and treatments. When can I have some info and specifications?"

Mary says "It's alright, John told me he spoke to you. He's our new Executive Marketing Consultant, on commission only, so he's eager for us to get sales. My people are working flat out, putting together some preliminary technical specifications packages for advance publication. If you'll fax me a list of associations, journals, and people I should send them to, I'll send you all we have, as we get it. In the mean time, if you've got some urgent specifics, I'll try to answer them over the phone."

Relieved she's not getting John into trouble, Laura says "I've two patients facing the amputation of their arms because of serious traumatic damage to the upper arm's nervous system. Below the elbow, all is OK, but the upper arm has no sensors, and the muscles are atrophying very badly, very fast."

Mary replies "Actually, I think we can do something about that immediately. The only snag would be the Health Department approvals. We have memory plastic inserts that are safe for human use, just not processed the paperwork yet. The development was along other lines, until Monday, when John took over his new job and turned us around. I'll fax you what info we have from our files, and start paperwork for Health. If we class these as human test cases, we can cut on your costs, and shorten the Health processing. We may even be able to just rewire around the damaged nerves, have to have a look." They hang up, to organise the faxes.

A minute later, Laura's fax is printing paper, she's reading the pages as they come out. By the third page, she's grinning. Looking at Mr Jennings, she says "This looks very good, please come in Mr Jennings, we can save your arm after all." Smiling, he stands, and walks into her office.

Home Again
Gwen and John arrive home. A delivery van is parked outside, and a man holding a long flower box, is ringing the doorbell, another is sitting in the van. They don't look like florist delivery men. He tells Gwen to wait in the mini-bus. Turning on a mini-recorder, he puts it in his pocket, and gets out, calling out "Can I help you?"

Looking up, the delivery man says "This the Smith residence?"

He says "Yes it is, I'm John Smith."

The man replies "I got a delivery of lilies for you and Wendy, from Roddy." Whipping one hand from under the box, he points a sawn off double barrelled shotgun at John. But he's not there, he's beside the man, lifting and turning the man's body, to face the delivery van. The other man is standing beside the van, pointing a light sub-machine gun at them. Both weapons discharge at once, the shot gunner catching several 9mm rounds in his chest, the fellow at the van catching the shotgun blast in his stomach and groin. Both fall. John checks the man's pulse, he's dying. The man looks at John, saying "Get fucked."

Smiling back, John says "I do, every night, by Wendy. She's great." The man chokes on the reply, and dies. Walking over to the other gunner, John checks his pulse, dead. Siren's can be heard in the distance, approaching fast. Looking across the street, he can see his neighbours standing in their doorways, watching. Walking to the mini-bus, he opens, the driver's door. Gwen falls out into his arms, shaking and crying. He holds her tight, and lets her cry it out. Looking in the mini-bus, he sees Gwen's video camera still running. Reaching out an arm, he snags it, turns it off, and puts it in his other coat pocket.

Police and ambulances arrive. They quickly determine the men are dead. They call homicide, crime scene investigators, and the medical examiner. Sergeant Steve Katz is amongst those who turn up. Seeing Steve, he yells "Sidewinder." Hearing his nick name, Steve walks over, and nods at John. John says "When we're finished here, I want you and two other cops to drive me over to see Roddy. I want witnesses that he's alive when I leave." Steve starts to speak, John takes the recorder out of his pocket, rewinds, and hits play. They hear the exchange of words and bullets. Looking at Steve, John says "YOU take me and bring me back. You know I won't tear him limb from limb in front of you. Right." Steve nods, he knows how deadly John can be, when he feels he has to be.

An hour later, the police are still clearing up the scene, when two delivery trucks arrive, the fridges and lounges. John directs them around the side, and they carry the gear in through the pool's double doors. Gwen supervises their placement, and starts filling the fridges, glad of having something to do. John goes upstairs and gets changed. Back downstairs, he tells Gwen he has to go out for a short while, Steve leaves two officers in the house with her, while they go for a drive with the detectives. The dead men aren't known acquaintances of Roddy, but are known acquaintances of those that are.

At Roddy Ruiz's house, they find Roddy with his local preacher and several other witnesses. Walking up to Roddy, John says "Stokes and Piston are dead, they died very painfully. But not nearly as painfully as you will, the next time you're stupid enough to try and hurt Wendy, me, or any of my people. The police will now have some questions for you. Why you ask? Well listen to Piston's final words." Holding up the tape player, he hits play, he'd rewound it in the car, on the way over. This is the first the detectives know about it. They all hear the exchange of words and bullets. John tosses the tape to the detectives. He faces Roddy, who's sitting back in his chair, saying "Be smart, pack up, and leave town. Go live somewhere on the other side of the country. That way, you can live. Be dumb and try to hurt us, then I'll tear your arms out of their sockets, shove one up your arse, and one down your throat, so they can shake hands in your stomach." Picking up Roddy's favourite aluminium baseball bat, from a nearby corner, John holds it up, and snaps it in two. Everyone's eyes pop. Turning, he leaves the building. The detectives ask Roddy to accompany them to the station, for a few questions. Steve, calls for another police car to take them back - he's not having John and Roddy in the same car.

Very quietly, Steve says "Alright, Cobra, you were never strong enough to snap liquorice, how'd you do that?"

John stands there, facing up the street, staring into space. Stepping around him, Steve sees he's crying, the tears rolling down his cheeks. John says "Did the police ever get any leads on who blew up the lab, or who blew up my parents and brother. I was at both explosions, they were the same. Also, dad was working secretly for Preston Industries at the time, I think I'm the last person alive who knows that. Pass that along, and see if they can find any links, please. If the police find those responsible first, the courts can have them. If I find them first, you'll need a sponge for them." Turning, he looks at Steve. Staring at each other, Steve remembers why the Snake Gang took such a young boy into their gang, and called him Cobra. They all had younger brothers, all older than John, but he was the only one who fitted, and he fitted extremely well. He was, by far, the quickest mind they all knew, and the most deadly, especially when it came to the crunch. Cobra was the only snake that came close to matching what they all saw in John, even then, it fell short of the mark, John is much deadlier - when he wishes to be. It all changed, when one of the gang died in a car accident, his body was never found, the river washed it away. Breaking the stare, John looks out at nothing again, saying "I'm sure you've heard the expressions, nerves of steel, muscles of iron. Well, mine are made of carbon filament and kevlar, much stronger. If it weren't for my brain and balls, I'd be a robot, that's all that's left of me, Sidewinder, that's all. Even the tears are fakes, triggered by the emotional centres of my brain." Steve, doesn't know what to say. This is way beyond him. They stand there in silence, as they wait for the police car to take them back to his home.

Arrive back home, Steve takes his leave. Outside, he arranges for the police to keep an eye on the house, by doing frequent drive bys. He doesn't like what John told him, he suspected a connection, now John confirms it. John and Gwen go upstairs, and lie down for a couple of hours rest.

They get up, with enough time to eat, clean up, change, and go to the basketball training. While eating, John reviews the video recording Gwen made. Looking up, he says "I hope you had no plans to give this recording to the police." She looks at him, he turns the recording around, and hits play. She goes bright red at the scene before her. He laughs at her response. She'd forgotten to download and clear her video of Peta deep throating his dick. Before he leaves, he downloads all its memory to his computer.

Basketball Not Training
Arriving at the school, Gwen and John check in with the office, and get permission slips to go to the gym. No one is allowed on the school grounds without permission. At the gym, they meet the girls coming out of the change room, some are dressed for basketball, some as cheerleaders, the teachers haven't arrived yet. A senior girl is having some strong words to say to Melissa, when they walk into the gym. Melissa waves to them, they walk over. Melissa waves at the girl, saying, with a great deal of venom, "This is the head cheerleader, she's a bossy, hypocritical, lying bitch, called Clarissa." All look at Melissa, they've only ever heard her say four bad words about anyone - just now. She continues "She tells me sex is wrong, yet fucks herself brainless with her dildo each night, Sunday to Thursday. Fucks her self brainless on the tongue of one of her lesbian girl friends, every Friday and Saturday. Derides all males, and promotes lesbianism. She's also my older sister, she uses mother's name, while I use father's." Waving at Tina, she says "Clarissa, that's Tina, and she's a much better lover than that whole pack of yours." Waves at John, saying "And this is John, our lover, his dick makes you instantly forget Tina's tongue, it's heaven." Turning to John, she says "My sister needs to be taken aside and fucked senseless, please do so." Clarissa snarls, and swings at Melissa, John grabs her hand. Pulls her to him, turns her arm behind her back, and pushes her groin against his. Letting go of her arm, he grabs the back of her head, pulls it back, and lowers his face to hers, while using his knees to spread her legs apart. Slipping his right hand under her very short cheerleader skirt, and into her panties, he slides it between her labia, to grip her clit with his thumb and forefinger.

Looking at her trying to keep her mouth shut, he thinks 'Dickman snickle 2 R.' The current washing through her clit, stimulates her libido, the suddenness of it, causes her mouth to open. He places his open mouth over hers, as he thinks 'Dickman stong.' His tongue extends into her mouth, sliding along hers, pushing it down, and extending into the back of her throat. She starts to gag, he curls his tongue back into her mouth, tickling the roof of her mouth at the same time. Her eyes are wide, her hands are beating against his back, and her pussy is rubbing against his hand, seeking relief. Her mouth is filled with his tongue. He moves it about, over, and under hers, wrapping it up in his. She finally makes a sound, moaning her way through her first cum. Keeping his thumb on her clit, pressing it down hard, he moves his forefinger down her slit, and into her pussy, she cums again. Thinking 'Dickman storn,' he drags her tongue into his mouth, partial closing his mouth to trap it there, as he tickles it all over, with the tip of his tongue, while sucking on it. After her fifth cum, she's laying limp in his arms, he breaks the kiss, thinking 'Dickman snicked.' The cheerleaders, the basketball team, the netball team, and both volleyball teams, with their six teachers, are standing in a circle, watching them. All have very wide smiles, they're happy to see Clarissa being taken down.

The teacher in charge of the cheerleaders, waves at an open office door, saying "My office is over there, if you want some privacy, while you fuck her brains out. About time a real man showed her what a pussy is best used for. We can easily manage without her for a session."

Picking her up, he takes her to the office, Gwen follows them in, and shuts the door. Clarissa has her eyes open, as he lays her on the empty desk. Gwen gets out her camera, and makes sure Clarissa sees her videoing the action. Clarissa's eyes go wide, her mouth flaps, but no sound comes out. Rolling her over, he undoes the zipper of her outfit, sliding it off her shoulders, and down her arms. Rolling her back, he pulls it all the way off her arms, and down to her waist. Slipping one hand under the small of her back, he lifts her, while using the other to strip her outfit and panties down to her knees. Lowering her to the desk, her grabs the clothes, and finishes stripping her. Spreading her legs very wide, he steps back, and takes his clothes off. Gwen walks around her, getting good shots of her naked body. She's 177 cm honey blond, 42 DD cup, very athletic build.

Thinking 'Dickman 2 M,' John walks up, and places his dick head on Clarissa's mouth. No response, he takes hold of her jaw, pulls it down, and pushes his dick inside. She starts to suck it, he smiles down at her, she sucks harder. Pulling his dick out, he walks around the desk, running his hand over her body, as he does. Fondling her breasts in the process. She shivers at his touch. Stepping between her thighs, he rests his balls on the edge of the desk. He slides her down the desk, until the head of his dick is touching her vaginal entrance. Running his hands over her groin and chest, he plays with her clit and breasts. She moans and writhes, in response to his touch. Smiling at her, he says "Don't worry, I won't fuck you, until AFTER you beg me to. Oh, you'll get very aroused, but no more cums for you, except on my dick - after you beg for it." He continues to stimulate her body, taking her up to, but not over the edge. When she tries to play with herself. He grabs her hands, holding them together above her, waggling a finger of his other hand, saying "Naughty, naughty, I never said you could play with your pussy. Baad girl." Lowering his right hand, he spanks her groin, across her aroused clit, the pleasure / pain of the hit arouses her, without sending her over. For several more minutes, he plays with her tits and clit.

Finally, she can't stand it any more, she says "Please fuck me, please." He stops, and stares at her, licking his lips. She says "I'm begging, please fuck me, fuck me good."

Smiling, he says "Ask properly - slave."

Her eyes go wide, she has to acknowledge being his slave, his sex toy. Collapsing within herself, crying, she says "Master, will you please fuck me, I'm your sex slave to fuck as you wish, please fuck me, master." Letting go of her hands, he grabs her hips, and pulls her onto his dick, hard and fast, he impales her. His dick isn't the longest things she's had in her cunt, but it's the thickest. His dick quickly stretches her sheath wide, they both feel the delicious contact, all the way along her vagina. Yelling "Fuck yes," she cums twice, during the entry. He quickly starts fucking her, no tender loving, straight out fuck her arse off thrusts. She's cumming constantly, to her own chant of "Fuck, yes, fuck yes," over and over again. He keeps her constantly cumming - for 15 minutes.

Stopping with his dick filling her, he says "Cum in mommy," as he thinks 'Dickman coom, coom.'

Realising he's about to cum in her, she screams "No." Feeling his warm sperm in her pussy, makes her cum again, twice, causing her to yell "Fuck yes, fuck yes." Pulling his sperm coated dick out of her cunt, he walks around, and places it on he lips. She opens her mouth, wrapping her tongue around his dick, she sucks it clean. Looking up at the grilled vent space above one wall, he runs his eyes along all the girls' faces. Picking out Paula, he says "Paula, my sweet, I've a nice cream pie here. Care to come and eat it up, please."

A shocked gasp goes through the crowd of spectators, a moment later, the door opens, Paula walks in, drops to her knees, and eats Clarissa's pussy, sucking the excess sperm out, while John dresses, Clarissa cums four more times. Licking her lips, Paula stands up, saying "Uncle John, why did you want me to eat her out, and eat all that tasty sperm, after going to so much trouble to get it in there, to make her pregnant. With the sperm out, she shouldn't get pregnant."

Smiling at her, John says "You're wrong. There's no way you can suck out the sperm that's in her womb, all you got was the excess that couldn't fit, and would have dripped down her legs, making a mess. Also, having an orgasm or two AFTER the sperm is placed in the womb, greatly increases the chances of impregnation. Check with your sex education or biology teacher, the vaginal action during orgasm, works to push the sperm further in." Looking up at the spectators, he says "Isn't it time you lot stop playing with your pussies, hit the showers, and played with each others." The gallery quickly departs. The teachers walk in, all sporting soaked crotches. Smiling, John says "Well, that was clearly a very reproductive class." They giggle. He continues "The girls all learned several things, got lots of exercise, and are leaving, feeling very happy." They laugh.

With tears falling down, Clarissa stands up, saying "Master, do I have to leave you?"

He turns, looks at her, saying "You must go shower, and get dressed, return with Melissa." She nods her head, and leaves. Turning to the teachers, he says "Any psych grads here?" One steps forward, and nods.

The Basketball coach says "She's always been a demanding, in absolute control person. In getting her to give you control, you broke her to the core, she's surrendered total, absolute, permanent control to you. Until she spoke then, I would've expected her to bounce back, scream abuse and threats at you, and leave. I would guess she's never before been denied anything, or ordered about, in her life, she has no experience to deal with this."

Thoughtfully, John considers her words, saying "Thank you." Turning, he walks out the door. Shortly, they hear the girls scream, as he walks through the girls locker room. Finding Melissa in the shower, washing Brooke, he says "Melissa, leave that, get dried and dressed. I have to talk with you, NOW." Turning to Clarissa, he says "Rissa, take over washing Brooke, do as she tells you." Turning, he leaves. The teachers that followed him in, are awed by his casual approach to all the naked girls. Walking out, he playfully slaps a few girls behinds. They squeal and giggle.

Several minutes later, Melissa walks out, still drying her hair. He takes her across the gym. Looking at her, he says "Who runs your household at home?"

Gulping, she looks away, turning back, she says "Clarissa, she's been in total control since dad left, when she was seven and I was five. Mother broke down, and has been totally useless since."

John swears, saying "I was hoping you wouldn't say something like that." Melissa looks at him, with concern, he says "I gather you needed to shock Clarissa, and shake loose some freedom for yourself." She nods, he continues "Well she broke, completely. She has no experience with give and take, her whole life has been total dependence or total control. We just kicked her control persona in the guts, for the final count. She's now totally dependent upon me." Melissa looks shocked.

She says "I'm sorry, I never meant for that to happen, what can we do?"

He replies "Nothing yet, I'll have to keep her as a slave, or give her to someone else as a slave."

Seeing the rest of his girls grouped around Gwen, Brooke has Clarissa beside her, and looks worried, he leads Melissa over. Standing beside Clarissa, he puts his arm around her neck, over her shoulder, and cups her right breast. She smiles up at him. He says "Come along Rissa, we'll go home now." She grins widely. As they leave the gym, the girls basketball coach (Miss Stoner) is with them, he says to her "You better go tell Mr Harding about this afternoon. The girls are going to talk, and he'll find out. It'll go better, if you tell him first." She nods, and hurries off to do so.

Outside, they find the rest of the gang standing at the mini-bus, talking. Already, his fucking Clarissa is the talk of the student body. Quite a few students stop to watch John walk up, with Rissa's breast in his hand. They think he's tamed the hardest of the school dykes. Some of the girls think he must be some man to do it.

Principal Harding comes hurrying up, as the girls climb on the bus. He tells Rissa to sit in the middle at the back, and to save him a seat beside her. Taking Melissa with him, he moves away, and has her tell Mr Harding about their home life. He swears, very extensively. Then he tells Melissa off, for organising this to happen at school, during school hours. While they're standing there, they can hear sirens nearby, and approaching fast.

Looking up the road, John sees a speeding car flying down the road - with police in pursuit. A young girl, from the nearby junior school, is crossing the road, frightened, she stands still - in the middle of the road. John turns, sprints to her, picks her up, and wraps an arm around her. He's moving off the road, clear of the centre, when the car reaches them, the driver swerves hard, to hit John. He's knocked into the air, flying towards the school. Everybody turned at the sound of the speeding car, many girls scream, when it swerves, more scream when it hits him. Holding the girl tight with his left arm, he holds his right out, to cushion the landing. The car's left wing collapses onto the wheel at impact, puncturing the tyre, causing the car to spin and roll. It goes down the road, rolling over several times, while John is still in the air. He spins in the air, four times. Coming down on the cement footpath, he turns his free hand in and under slightly. His hand hits, fracturing the cement, his body rolls over the bent arm, and moves sideways onto the grass, leaving a deep indentation, as he hits on his back. The girl is unharmed, shaken, but not stirred too badly. Her frightened older sister is much more in need of comfort, than she is.

Standing up, John places the girl on the grass, smiling at her, he says "I think, in future, you best wait on the other side of the road, until your sister comes for you." Both nod their heads. Principal Harding stares at the broken cement, and the hole in the grass. The police arrive, and arrest the driver.

Turning to Principal Harding, he says "Some good comes from even the worst of experiences. If I hadn't needed so much rebuilding, that girl would be dead. If you'll excuse me, I need to get my kevlar prosthetic leg checked out, after that hit." Harding gulps at this, and nods. Climbing on the bus, John sits between Rissa and Brooke, fondling a lovely breast with each hand. All the girls are smiling at him, even Eliza and Kira - they'd added themselves to the group.

Turning to Rissa, he says "Rissa, when I'm not around, I want you to obey Gwen and Brooke. They're next in charge, after me, do you understand?"

She nods her head, saying "Yes, Uncle John. Brooke explained a lot of things in the shower, also, about how I should always call you Uncle John, instead of Master."

He smiles, squeezes her breast, and pulls her too him, saying "That's right, you're a good girl." She grins. He continues "When we get home, Rachel will have to drive Melissa and me into town. Gwen will be in charge. You can swim in the pool, and study with Brooke and the girls, until I get back." She nods her head.

At the house, they all get out. Rachel, Melissa, and John go to Gwen's sedan, and drive off. The rest go inside to study. Pulling out his mobile phone, he calls Mary, saying "I just got run over by a speeding car, do I need to come in for a check up?"

She says "Can you walk, and does everything feel OK. If so, don't bother, I'll bring a test kit home, and check you over tonight. If a problem develops, call me. You're designed to survive being run over by a speeding freight train, so a car should be no problem."

He smiles, saying "It was a car, but it felt like a freight train. See you later." Turning to Melissa, he says "Give Rachel your address." She does, and Rachel changes direction at the next corner. He says "Melissa, does your family have a regular welfare officer who calls in?" She shakes her head no.

Melissa's Mom
Arriving at Melissa's home, they park, and go inside. Melissa's mom is sitting there, watching TV. As they walk in, she says "What's for dinner, and when is it?" John and Rachel look at each other, with concern - much concern.

Walking over to her mother, Melissa says "Stacey, we're going out for dinner tonight, and staying with some friends for a while." Her mother smiles, and turns back to the TV.

Rachel walks over, saying "Stacey, stand up and take your clothes off." She stands and strips. Rachel says "Stacey, get dressed." Turning to Melissa, she says "I'll help you pack for several days stay, you can't come back here." John nods his head, in total agreement. Melissa can't look after her mom by herself, and have a life as well.

They pack the boot, make sure everything is turned off and secured, before locking the house. As they go to the car, Stacey says to John "Will you sit in the back with me, and make me feel good?" Nodding at Melissa, she says "Her daddy was very good at playing with my titties, and making me feel good. No one's done that some time, not for such a long time."

John says "How old were you when Clarissa was born?" She looks lost, as if she doesn't understand the question.

Melissa says "Stacey, how old were you when Boss was born?"

Smiling, she says "Oh, 14 when I had Boss, and 16 when I had you, I was 21 when your daddy left. He wasn't happy when I didn't get control of mummy's estate, he hurt me bad, and left."

John activates the child proof lock on the passenger's door, slides across the back seat, and invites Stacey to sit beside him. Smiling, she slides in. Melissa closes the door. John fits both their seat belts, and places an arm over Stacey's shoulder, fondling her breast. She sighs, and snuggles into his arm, against his shoulder. She's 32 years old, but appears to be stuck around 14 or 15. Melissa and Rachel climb in the front.

Getting out his mobile phone, John finds a listing, when it answers, he says "Sidewinder, Cobra, I need a really big favour. I urgently need what your system can tell me about a Stacey Goddard, about 32 years old."

Computer keys click, Steve answers "OK, the public stuff is address etc, I think you'd have that. Only heir to the Goddard business empire. Parents disliked her choice of husband, the will has it in a trust until her death, or she turns 30 and lodges a claim. 11 years ago, she was badly hurt, mild brain damage, in an explosion and fire at her home. Would have died in the fire with her two daughters, except the eldest, seven years old, bossed her sister into helping her drag their mother out of the building. Scuttlebutt has it, she's been in charge since. The investigators went to talk to the husband, the fire was arson, and the place he worked at stored the materials used in the fire. Anyway, he took a runner, and is wanted for questioning, whereabouts unknown. FYI, I'm handing your two fires to the special investigation team, and this one too, it has some similarities."

John replies "Thanks Sidewinder. The poor woman is stuck in a mental trap in her mid teens. Non-functional. Ask the trustees to contact me, I'm sure you have that info there."

Steve replies "10-4 buddy, see ya. Oh, almost forgot. Thanks to this morning's incident, the judge has yanked Roddy's parole, he's back inside for the next four years. We don't have enough to take him to court on new charges, but it was enough for the judge to see a major violation of his parole, and send him away for the rest of his term. His missus was screaming blue murder in the court room. But very quiet, with a huge smile, as she left the court house. One of his newest mates had one hand down her dress, and the other up her skirt, in the back seat of the taxi taking her home. I doubt she'll sleep alone tonight."

John says "Thanks for that, she won't cause any trouble. But I'll call in tomorrow, and confirm a reason for her to stay away. How did things go with that TA near the high school today."

Steve says "Funny about that, the car looks like it hit a brick wall with its left wing, but no other damage in the area, and the wing had cloth caught on it. Witnesses say an unidentified male saved a young girl from being run over, and the driver swerved to hit him, but no one reported injured. The grass near the collision shows an indentation like someone landing hard. The driver was high on drugs, and is going down big time, if he gets out of hospital alive. He's critical, and they don't have much hope."

John replies "He didn't hit a brick wall, he hit something harder than steel. If I'd been only human, that girl would be dead. It seems some good does come out of the worst experiences."

Steve is silent for some time, finally, he sighs, saying "Take care friend." They hang up.

As he puts the phone away, Stacey reaches up, squeezing his biceps, saying "Your arms do feel as hard as steel. I bet they can hold me tight, while we fuck." She smiles at him, as she drops a hand down to rub his dick, and lean into him further. Melissa is embarrassed by her behaviour.

Looking up, John says "Don't worry Mel. She was used to a bed mate and regular sex, and has now done without for 11 years, I would guess Boss saw to that. So she wants to feel good again, and taking any opportunity. I bet Boss didn't include Stacey in her bed mates, either." Melissa nods he head. John reaches across, and plays with both of Stacey's breasts, she smiles.

Arriving home at 4.30 pm, they walk in, to find everyone in the lounge or dining room, studying. Brooke looks up, sees the new face, and figures the score. She sends a group out, to unload the car, and changes her bed roster. John just smiles at her weakly. She smiles back, saying "At least these stray kittens are fun to play with. Now we have a clear two to a room, better get those renovations done quick." He smiles, and nods.

Sitting down opposite Rissa, Stacey points at her, saying to Melissa "She looks like Boss, but doesn't act like her. Have things got better, has Boss left too?"

Seeing Stacey is causing Rissa some issues. John walks over, has Rissa stand in front of Stacey, and fondles Rissa's breasts, while saying "Rissa, this is Mel and Stacey. Mel is a very good friend of mine, and Stacey is a new slave, on equal footing with you. If I ever catch you giving either of them an order, you'll be in big trouble, do you understand, Rissa?" She nods her head. He says "I care about all three of you, you're all to care and love each other as equals, and get on. I want no trouble from any of you, understand, Mel, Rissa, Stacey?" They all nod their heads, and smile. He looks at Brooke, she nods her head towards the pool, and smiles.

He says "OK, I'm told you've all studied hard, and earned a relaxing swim. As the official head of this house, it's my great pleasure, err, solemn duty, to initiate all new swimmers to this pool. First timers are to line up here." Eliza and Kira look around in wonder, as they walk over. Smiling at them, he says "If you wish to back out now, you have 1,000 nanoseconds to leave the house. Sorry, times up." All laugh at this idiocy.

Turning to Stacey, he pulls her too him, kissing her lightly, as he undoes her dress. She's 173 cm, brunette, 36 D cup, average build. Stepping back, he slides the dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. He undoes her front clip bra, slips his hands inside, fondles her breasts, and slides the bra off them - it falls to the floor. Kissing his way down her body, he gently sucks each breast, sliding the panties down, lifting and spreading her legs, to take them off with her shoes and socks. Leaning in, he kisses her clit, before standing, turns her towards the pool, lightly slapping her bum, and saying "Go have a fun swim." Yelling with joy, she races to the pool, and dives in. Turning to Eliza - 172 cm blonde, 38 D cup, athletic build, he repeats the process. Kira is 168 cm redhead, 34 C cup, slight build, and is undressed in a simialr manner, as is Rissa. In a few minutes, all the ladies are nude and in the pool, except Gwen. Taking his clothes off, John heads to the kitchen, to see how Gwen is going.

Helping her prepare some vegetables, he explains the problem with Stacey. She nods her head in understanding. He says "Gwen dear, I'm fast collecting a strange assortment of stray kittens. I just wonder how many I would have collected years ago, if I'd but opened my eyes and had a close look at Brooke's friends then." Gwen gives him an odd look. He says "Once I opened my eyes, and really looked at Melissa, I could see she had home problems, and I would've taken the time to find out and help, but I didn't look. Has the delay caused her any real long lasting troubles. The same with Wendy, Sera, Lorna, Peta, Tina. Now I'm waiting for Rachel to accept that she can trust me to help with what ever it is troubling her, and approach me with her problem. I hope she does before it goes critical, as the vibes I get from her, are it's nearing critical mass."

From the kitchen door way behind him, Rachel says "Yes it is, I doubt you can help. You're not superman."

John replies "That's what I thought, too. But according to my designer, Mary, I AM superman. I'm stronger than steel, can catch a speeding bullet, and survive being hit by a freight train. Only today, I survived being shot gunned, machine gunned, and run over by a speeding car. What more do you want from a superman."

Rachel turns an appealing look on Gwen. She shakes her head, saying "It's reaction. Some months back, he got blown to bits, literally. Wakes up, to find he's a cyborg, his body is gone, and is having trouble adjusting to that. Suddenly, he realises good friends have long standing problems, and he didn't see them. Next, two men try to kill him, miss killing me, only because he redirected their fire. Gets deliberately run down by a car, while saving a little girl's life. In the process, realising the girl is alive, simply because he's not really a normal human any more. Yeah, a little bit of emotional shock. Oh, add in, he really does care and love you all, and you won't tell him what's wrong, that worries him the most. Typical human male - having troubles coming to grips with his emotional side, and wigging out a touch. But he's better than most, he'll sort it out soon."

Rachel, shakes her head, then snaps it up, saying "Two men tried to kill you today? Sheet."

John says "Yeah, and for violating his parole in organising it, Roddy is back in prison."

Shaking her head, in wonder, Rachel says "And I thought I had the world on my shoulders. OK, if you insist, here it is. Mum and dad still love each other, but they had a big argument last year, and neither will shove their pride out of the way and apologise. Dad's becoming a workaholic, and mom's on her way to being an alcoholic. They plan to divorce when I graduate high school and go away to uni. What can I do?"

John thinks, looks up, saying "Can you skip half a day tomorrow?" She nods, he says "Good, we call on your parents tomorrow, organise the time with Gwen please. Until I get time to learn to drive again, I'm reliant on Gwen." Turning to Gwen, he says "Gwen, please don't think I'm using you or don't appreciate you. But in an odd way, you and I are the de facto mother and father of a rather unusual family. I'm the father figure, and you're the mother figure. I don't expect you to do all the cooking and washing etc. If you want to do it, well and good, but it's not expected. I do expect you to see that it's organised. Either set up a roster of people, or organise to hire people. Which ever you're happy with. Brooke is adjutant, and organising the administration, simply because she likes doing it. If you want a cleaning roster, your involvement may be to ask Brooke to arrange one. Your call. Is that acceptable to you?"

She nods her head, saying "I'm glad you said something, as I wasn't sure, and was just slipping into what I think is a typical wife role. And I don't like it, but I do like cooking occasionally. I'll organise a cook soon."

Smiling, John says "Good, I don't want anyone unhappy because of feeling put on. Before advertising to hire people, check our gang first, they may know someone."

Rachel says "Do you want me to keep an eye on these, while you have a swim?" Smiling, Gwen hands over the apron.

Walking into the pool area, they jump in. John swims over to where Eliza is talking to Sera. Rising out of the water behind her, he reaches around, fondling her breasts. She squeals, and relaxes into his embrace. Thinking 'Dickman stiffy 2 T,' he slides his stiff dick between her legs, and along her pussy slit. Her eyes go wide, surely he's not doing THAT here.

Sera, leans over, saying "Feels lovely, doesn't it?" Eliza nods her head. Her mouth opens, as Sera pushes his dick against her clit, saying "And that's even better." After cuddling her like that, he thinks 'Dickman floppy,' and swims over to where Rissa, Stacey, Melissa, and Brooke are talking.

Slipping between Brooke and Melissa, he cups a breast in each hand, saying "OK, Brooke love, whose bed do I share tonight?"

Brooke, looks at him, saying "What happened this morning? The neighbours asked if you were really OK."

Grimacing, he says "Nothing to worry about, just the town contract assassins trying to kill me for Roddy. He's back in prison, broke parole, and they're in the morgue."

Nodding her head, she says "I suppose you were going to tell me about this, later."

He replies "Yes, when I got you alone, I don't want any secrets between us. I wanted to work out a strategy with you in private, before telling the others."

She nods her head, saying "Smart thinking. OK, tonight, I figure you need the comforting. Stacey, Rissa, and me, in your bed. Right."

He nods his head, saying "OK, I think. You, Gwen, and I, need to sit and talk about a few things. I just told Gwen she's not my wife, and doesn't need to think she is. Although, I do want her to act as domestic commander, and see to order in the house, she doesn't have to do it herself. But is responsible for seeing that supplies are obtained, meals ready, place cleaned, etc. She can hire people or organise others to do it. I see you as the adjutant, coordinating things like bedrooms, etc. And I'm the commanding officer who does what his two top commanders tells him he needs to be doing, and solves problems. OK."

Smiling, Brooke says "I'm glad to see you understand your place. Right now, I better organise to have someone replace Rachel looking after dinner, while you play with Rissa and Stacey." As Brooke swims off, John moves around, to play with Rissa's and Stacey's tits. They smile at the contact.

Looking at Melissa, he says "Mel, how long can you hold your breath." Smiling, she sinks below the water, as he thinks 'Dickman stiffy 3 M.' Mel slips her mouth over his dick, and sucks on it, a heavenly feeling. A few minutes later, she surfaces for air. Stacey drops down, and sucks his dick. He fondles Mel's breast. Brooke looks over, not seeing Stacey, she's about to speak, when Stacey surfaces, and Rissa slips below the water, Brooke leaves - smiling. Stacey moves over for some tit play. Half an hour later, all three have had several turns sucking his dick, when Brooke calls them in for dinner. He thinks 'Dickman floppy,' and they all get out of the pool.

They're sitting down to dinner, when the doorbell rings. John puts on tracksuit pants, and answers it. A couple in their early 40's, is standing there. The man angrily says "Is this Smith's brothel?"

Smiling at the man, John yells out "Hey, is anyone here getting paid to have sex?"

Tina yells back "No. Why, are you angling to get paid? I hope not, I don't earn enough to pay you what you're worth." General laughter from the dining room.

Both the people are getting angrier. John says "Who are you, and what do you want?" Liz, Mary, and Janice arrive. John opens the door wider - to let them in, saying "You're just in time, dinner's on the table, roast beef and four veggies. Smells lovely." They walk in, undressing as they leave the entry. The couple, stare at them. He says "For your information, we're practising naturalists in this house. We swim and walk around nude, getting dressed only to go outside or answer the door. Now, who are you?"

The man snarls "We're here for our daughter, Rachel."

John calls out "Rachel love, did you send out for two angry parents?"

She replies "Sheet, no I didn't, nor did I tell them anything about what we do. Just a moment, while I dress."

Heatedly, he says "No, finish your meal first. I'm not letting anyone go anywhere with such angry people. They can either sit in their car until they calm down. Or they can come in, and sit in the lounge room until we finish our meal. Or they can come in, undress, and join us for dinner. I'm taking no more crap today. I've been shot at by two murderers, run down by a drug crazed motorist, while saving a girls life, and yelled at by the man who hired the killers. I'm well and truly pissed, I'm taking no more. And being hungry, isn't helping. Now, you two can get in or get out, stop blocking the door."

The man, inhales, about to yell, when the woman pushes him into the house. She says "I caught the news, you didn't. This does look like the house in today's shooting, and the school with the motorist, was Rachel's. I think he's telling the truth, in which case, the gossip may be just that. And, I'm hungry, too." They walk in, John closes the door. The woman starts undressing, John slips the man's coat off, and puts it on the coat rack.

Pointing towards the dining room, he says "Dinner is in there, when you're ready." Taking off the pants, he drops them over a nearby chair, and walks off. A few minutes later, the couple walk in, embarrassed, they sit down at the two vacant places Brooke set for them, a moment before.

During the meal, everyone discusses a lot of things. John fields a lot of tricky questions about school work, and those he can't handle, are dealt with by Gwen, Mary, Janice, or Liz.

During desert, a fruit platter with sorbet, Mrs Marshall says "Mr Smith, we've been hearing some odd rumours about you, the last few days. This afternoon, we had a call from a teacher, telling us you raped a student at school, and nothing was going to be done about it. Added to the previous talk, we decided we didn't want our daughter here. What we see, is nothing like what we expected."

Smiling, John says "Don't worry, things are a bit slow tonight. Because of the intense activity during the day, I cancelled the daily orgy, for tonight." Looking at their shocked expressions, he says "I'm not going to lie to you, nor am I going to pander to any prejudices. Yes, I've had sex with most of the people at this table, during the last week. Apart from yourselves, Eliza, Kira, and Stacey are the ones I haven't. I won't ask them, nor will I reject them, if they ask me. This afternoon, I did have sex with a girl on the school grounds, there was a control issue involved in the matter, that may have caused some people concern. We were in an office, but a large number of students found ways to look in and watch. I got the impression they enjoyed the show. I didn't know until afterwards, that the office walls didn't go to the ceiling."

Eliza interrupts, with "It sure was some show, and we all loved it. Everyone I know who watched, had several cums, watching and playing with themselves. Even the teachers."

John continues "Rissa, did you beg me to have sex with you, today in the gym?"

Nodding her head, she says "Yes, Uncle John, I did. I'm glad I did, as it was the best sex I've ever had. And now, you've accepted me here, as part of your family. For the first time in many years, I feel loved."

The Marshalls stare at her, during this statement. He says "Every day, when I see Rachel arrive from her home, she's upset, after being here a while, she's happy and relaxed. Whose doing what wrong? She tells me you two fight all the time. That, plus your incipient alcoholism, and his being a workaholic, makes her very unhappy at home. I've offered to relieve the pressure, by killing one of you, which should it be?" They sit up in shock, the whole table is stunned and silent.

Mrs Marshall stares at him, saying "Rachel needs her father's income, neither of them needs an alcoholic. It best be me."

Stunned, Mr Marshall says "And I should try and live without the woman I love more than life? It should be me, the insurance will see them right."

Surprised, Mrs Marshall stares at her husband. Rachel giggles, saying "I'm sorry Uncle John, it seems that you ARE superman. That's the first time daddy's said he loves mother, in years. If he's smart enough to say it again, they may stop arguing, and we can go back to being a family."

Her parents turn and stare at her, turn to each other, smile weakly, and hug. John says "Loving some one, means you don't have to be right, you don't have to have the last word, and you don't have to say your sorry. But it does mean there'll be times when you should say your sorry, because you're right."

They look at him, mouths agape, and nod. Standing, John says "OK, dinner's over, those leaving, are to get dressed, collect their things, and be ready to leave within five minutes. The rest, check with Brooke for bedding assignments. I know forced sharing is tough, but it's only until we can get the extensions approved and built. Be thankful all the beds are doubles." Giggling, they all stand, and split off to do things, Tina and Wendy clear the table.

Five minutes later, Kira, Eliza, Nataly, Mandy, Jessica, Rachel, and her parents, are all ready to leave. Janice will drive all but the Marshalls home. They all leave happy.

Mary gets some equipment from her car, taking it to the pool area, she sets it up in the far corner of the grassed area, against the house. John lays down, and initiates unlocking. Removing his right arm, she plugs a tester into it, she does the same with his right leg, and plugs a tester into his torso, where the leg was removed. While the diagnostics are running, she physically examines his whole body. She gives him a clean bill of health. She closes up the testers, and leaves them there.

Going inside, he sits with Gwen, Mary, and Brooke, to discuss his mental balance. After a few minutes, Mary leaves, and sends Liz to talk with him. They convince him it's all part of the normal acceptance routine that all amputees and trauma patients go through - what they call 'the emotional reality strike' phase.

He goes to bed early, Brooke has him lie down, with his arms spread wide. Rissa lies on her side, on his left arm, head on his shoulder, and his hand cupping her breast. Stacey takes the same position on the other side. Brooke climbs up his body, and lies down on him, her head on his chest, just below his chin. Gwen lays the covers over them, within minutes, they're all asleep, looking like a group of puppies.

John wakes up at 3.00 am, his chest is wet, Brooke's mumbling and crying, augmenting his hearing, he hears her quiet words " God, heal Uncle John's soul, he's still in there, I know he is, he's really a good man, don't let me lose him too. Not this way, I'm..," he turns his hearing down. Lying there, he thinks. Soon, Brooke's asleep again, he continues to think. He's only needs two hours sleep a night, and he's already had more than that. He's still churning things over in his mind, when his internal clock tells him it's 6.00 am. Expanding his attention to the world around him, again, he realises Brooke isn't asleep, just lying there.

Softly, he says "Brooke darling, please get up, it's time to wake up." She stirs, and levers herself up on her elbows, to look at him. He smiles, saying "Come on, get up, help get me untangled, and start the bath, while I make sure Rissa is pregnant." Grinning widely, she slowly backs down his body, stands, lifts the covers, and carefully steps backwards off the bed. Walking around the bed, she places her hand on Stacey's mouth, and shakes her shoulder, to wake her. Stacey wakes, and using signs, Brooke gets her off the bed. Now free to move, John rolls onto his side, and gently lays Rissa on her back, while withdrawing his arm. Sliding off the bed, he winks at Stacey, as he whispers "Quiet, first Rissa then you." She watches him, with a puzzled expression, as he gently spreads Rissa's legs wide apart. He thinks 'Dickman stiffy 2 M,' and moves between her thighs. Stacey smiles, in expectation. Brooke leaves the room.

Climbing up the bed, John balances over Rissa, on his hands and knees, with his dick just short of touching. He leans down to kiss her, she wakes and struggles, opening her eyes, she sees John, opens her mouth, and eagerly participates. As he starts to lower his hips, Stacey grabs his dick, rubs it along Rissa's slit, and slips it into her cunt. Rissa wiggles with the contact, and wraps her legs about his hips, as he enters her. Several strokes later, she heaves in orgasms, he breaks the kiss, and she moans, cumming with each thrust. After five minutes of constant cums, her legs drop from his hips, she's exhausted. He thinks 'Dickman coom, coom, coom,' as he slowly pulls his dick out. Heavenly feeling, her pussy cumming on his dick, as he shoots his sperm into her womb, followed by her pussy trying to pull his dick back in, as he withdraws. Lifting up from Rissa, he puts his arms under her shoulders, and moves her up the bed, to a sitting position against the headboard. Getting up, he stands beside the bed, placing his dick on her lips, she opens up, and sucks it in. Smiling at her, he says "Good girl, Rissa." She smiles back. He says "Stacey, Rissa has a lovely cream pie that needs eating. Are you hungry?"

She looks at him wondering what he means, he points at Rissa's pussy. She smiles, climbs on the bed, and sticks her tongue in Rissa's pussy, eating her out. Rissa moans, as she heads towards another cum. Walking around the bed, John plays with Stacey's pussy, she's very wet. Lifting her hips up, he spreads her legs, placing his dick at her vaginal entrance. She lifts her head, turns, and smiles at him, saying "Yes please, I so need a good fucking." Smiling, he slowly slides into her satin sheath, she shivers, and goes back to eating Rissa. After a few slow strokes to start, he moves to a faster rhythm. Soon, she's cumming on every thrust, and moaning into Rissa's pussy, instead of eating it. Rissa doesn't mind, the moaning into her clit, is more than enough stimulation. After ten minutes of continuous orgasms by Stacey, he slows down, and withdraws. She rolls over, looks at him, and says "I love what you've done to Boss, I much prefer her as Rissa. And I want a good fucking each fortnight or more, please." Johns stares at her, she continues "I'm not quite as far gone as I usually make out, close, but not quite." They both laugh, as she moves into a 69 with Rissa.

Thinking 'Dickman floppy,' John walks to the en suite, to find several ladies waiting for their baths. He apologises, they chorus 'That OK.' He gets in, and the morning bathing ritual starts. When everyone else is bathed, Brooke gets Rissa and Stacey for their baths. Everyone is downstairs and at breakfast, by 7.10 am. Finishing breakfast, they stand up to get dressed, John says "Mary, Liz, Janice, Sera, will you all please get your clothes and get dressed in my room with me." Everyone looks at him, he continues "I need to talk to Liz and company, and I love watching Sera dress, she's so sexy - dressing the way she does."

Gwen says "I think everyone who's seen her dress the last few days, agrees with that. Why don't we all get our clothes, and dress together in the lounge room. You can talk, and we can all watch Sera dress." Sera blushes, while smiling, she loves the attention, she's not used to it.

Sera stands in the middle of the lounge room, slipping her panties on, followed by her bra, she slowly slides her hand over the material, smoothing it out, and caressing her body. It's like she's using the clothes to make love to herself. It's so sexy to watch. She realises she's the centre of attention, blushing the whole time, but she really enjoys getting dressed in silk underwear. John is very distracted, as he gets dressed, eyes on Sera, talking to Liz, Mary, and Janice.

Grinning, he says "How long before you can have some technical sheets and costs out to people?"

Also enjoying the show, Liz says "All the cost sheets should be finished today. We've incorporated all the research and development costs into the price structure. Spreading them out over 10 years of estimated sales, accounting's estimates are below yours, so we should be more profitable, as I think your estimates are more realistic. The good thing, is the pricing sheets, they show an acceptable profit margin for each item. However, 75% of the cost is the R&D costs we've already expended. So cash flow wise, we're going to be rolling in it, and able to retire the debts very quickly. Mary expects to have the majority of technical sheets finished today. Some were already in the files, and have been sent to people. Thanks for talking to Laura, from that one contact, we already have about $400,000 of sales, for stuff we can ship off our shelves, to 80 doctors. I intend to show Masters those confirmed orders today. Production is already setting up production lines, and the liaison team have started work on required government paperwork, for ones requiring Health Department approval. I figure the first new products will be on the shelves, within a month."

Smiling, he says "Good, call me when the order paperwork is ready, and we'll deliver it together."

At 8.20 am, Gwen drives the loaded mini-bus to school, having collected Paula, Jacqui, Lorna, and Peta. At the school, they follow the routine of John kissing each girl leaving the mini-bus. Jessica, Nataly, Rachel, Mandy, Eliza, Kira, Vera, Anna, Helen (the rest of the basketball team), and the coach (Miss Stoner) join the line for their kisses. Many students are on hand to watch the show. He gives all in the line, a thorough kiss.

Lifting from Miss Stoner's face, he says "OK, what's the deal?"

She replies "We're a team, we do everything important together. That's good for team spirit."

Laughing, he says "OK, we've got a swim at my pool after school today, be there, no swimsuit." She blushes, and nods.

He turns, to look at Rachel, she seems a lot happier today. Grinning, she says "It's all OK now. They made up last night, thank you Uncle John." The girls go to class, he, Gwen, and Stacey go to the administration building. They give the clerk the change of circumstances information for Tina, Rissa, and Melissa. John asks to speak to Principal Harding.

Once in the principal's office, John says "I'm sorry if I seem a bit odd, or act a bit odd lately, but I've had a lot on my mind. A lot of things have been flying about my mind. I settled a lot of things during the night. There's something you should know, and have probably guessed." Removing his shirt, he releases and removes his arm, handing it to Mr Harding. He examines it, and hands it back, Stacey stares at him. John reattaches it, saying "The fact that I'm now a cyborg, is NOT for public consumption. It's one of the side effects of being, literally, blown up." Mr Harding nods his head, in agreement, as John gets dressed.

Standing, he shakes John's hand, saying "I'll put yesterday in the gym, down to being an error caused by excessive emotions, and not take any action, unless I get complaints from any of the people directly involved." John nods his head, in thanks.

Leaving the school, they go to the builders, and review draft plans. John approves the plans, asking for them to plan as if another floor of bedrooms was being built on top, then remove the top floor, and build that, a.s.a.p. That way, everything will be right to add another storey, if required. He explains he's in a hurry. They agree to amend the plans, and to get started on the council approvals today. They leave.

Ruiz Meeting
Arriving at the Ruiz residence, John rings the doorbell. Mrs Ruiz opens the door, saying "Well, Roddy's in prison now. And I'm gonna get my daughter back. See ya in court." She starts to shut the door.

John holds it open. Walking into the house, he closes the door behind him. Noticing a man in his twenties, standing in the bedroom doorway, in shorts, with his right hand behind his leg, John says "I have no intention of hurting anyone. Just stay where you are, keep that gun hidden, and no one'll get hurt. I'll say what I've come to say, and leave." The man nods his head, and leans against the door frame. Mrs Ruiz looks at him, and at John. Turning to her, he says "I've come to talk, and only talk. But since you're angry, I'll demonstrate a skill of mine. One Wendy doesn't know about. She left here to be with me, of her own free will, she asked me to take her in, she asked me to get her pregnant. I agreed to all of those, and more. You're still getting her government student allowance, we haven't changed that. I'll be checking with the courts tomorrow, if there's an objection current, we'll change that - for it to go direct to Wendy. That'll reduce your income now, not two and a half years time. In court, the judge may or may not rule in your favour, either way, you lose all contact with Wendy, as she'll not come back here, and she'll never see you again. I'm prepared to allow for you to see her twice a month - in a supervised situation, and she's agreed to do that, as a favour to me. We go to court, that offer goes out the window. Yesterday, I showed your husband my strength, today I'll show you my real power. You ever do anything to hurt Wendy, and going to court will hurt her, or fail to stop anyone from hurting her, and I'll return. I'll use my power to make you a very, very sorry slave. I don't make threats, only promises." She glares at him, pointing at the door.

Smirking, he says "Oh, I'll go, shortly, but first. Do you suck dick?" She shakes her head. He says "Do you hate sucking dick?" She nods her head. He says "Do you eat cum?" She violently shakes her head, no. He says "So there's no way, you'd agree to suck my dick until I cum in your mouth, is there?" She nods her head in agreement. He new boyfriend is watching very closely. Lowering his voice, and putting some steel into it, John stares hard at her, as he pulls his dick out, saying "Get on your knees, and suck my dick, until I cum in your mouth." Her eyes go wide, she stares at him, shakes her head no, without taking her eyes off his. He smiles, slowly, she drops to her knees, crying, she takes his dick, places it in her mouth, and sucks on it. Keeping eye contact, he thinks 'Dickman stiffy.' She jerks a bit, as the dick goes stiff in her mouth. He tells her how to suck cock, she does as he says. Smiling, he says "Open your mouth wide, so we can all watch, as I cum in your mouth." She opens her mouth wide, and keeps it open. He holds his dick just inside her lips, as he thinks 'Dickman coom, coom, coom.' He and her boyfriend watch, as she grimaces, while his cum shoots out of his dick onto the roof of her mouth, spilling down onto her tongue, filling her mouth, and flowing down the back of her throat. She starts to gag. Drawing his dick away, he says "Swallow." She closes her mouth, and swallows. Placing his dick against her lips, he smiles, she opens her mouth, takes his dick in, and sucks it clean. A minute later, he thinks 'Dickman floppy,' pulls his dick out, and puts it away. Smiling at her, he says "We all know you hated doing that, but you'll do it again, if I tell you to. No court, no problems. Court, and you get to do that two to ten times a day; as the whim takes me. Do you understand?" She nods her head yes. He continues "Good girl, stay a good girl, and we have no problems." Turning, he leaves the house.

As he gets in the mini-bus, Gwen says "Well, what happened?"

He smiles, saying "You'll be sorry you didn't come in. She said she was going to court, I told her not to. I asked some questions, she hates cock sucking, and detests the taste of cum. Without touching her, I dropped my dick out, using eye contact and words, I made her suck my dick, while I had three cums, filling her mouth, and made her swallow it. I told her if we go to court, she can expect to do that several times a day. She seemed not to like that idea. I think she'll withdraw the objection." Gwen nods, smiles, and drives off.

They stop at a bedding store, they select, order, and pay for 20 king sized beds for delivery tomorrow, and a special made to order of matching design - 3 m wide. The store manager checks with their suppliers and other branches, they can deliver the 20 king sized beds tomorrow, for an extra freight cost, the special will be 21 days. They agree, and buy a few boxes of linen for the beds, as well.

Since leaving the school, they've been sitting in the front seat of the mini-bus, John in the middle, between Gwen (driving), and Stacey,with an arm around each lady, fondling a breast with each hand. Both ladies appreciate this method of driving around town. They head to a restaurant, for an early lunch.

Enjoying lunch, Stacey says "How long do I have to stay with you, and how long can I stay?"

Gwen replies "You have to stay until we're happy that you can look after yourself, or have someone look after you, and you want to leave. You can stay as long as you want, until you die of old age - if that's what you want."

Smiling, John nods agreement. Grinning, Stacey takes a mobile phone out of her purse, selects a number, and makes a call. When it's answered, she says "Hello Marta, Stacey here, please put Lita on." A pause. "Hello Lita, Stacey, I want you to draw up power of attorney papers for John Smith and Gwen Weatherall, over my daily spending accounts and me, full authority. Oh, and a level 3 addition to my will for Brooke Smith and Sera Weatherall, I'm living with John Smith now, bring them there for signature - any time next week. I'll move our things out of the old house this weekend, you can hand it back to the agents for renting, any time next week."

Smiling at John, she says "You're stuck with me, now."

He smiles, saying "No, but I think I'll stick you, often."

Both Gwen and Stacey sigh, saying "Yes please." They all laugh.

John says "Stacey, are you happy with being my slave?" She nods her head yes. He continues "Mind telling us what happened with Clarissa and you."

Sighing, she says "I'm unable to be independent, I need to depend on someone, you're the best choice. Being your slave, especially your sex slave, is the easiest and most fun way to do that. I found out the hard way, my husband was only after my wealth. When my parents died in a strange explosive fire, just before I turned 21, he was angry to learn I wouldn't inherit for another decade. He hit me on the head with a frying pan, and set the house alight. A few days before, Clarissa told me what he planned, I didn't believe her. Then when he did it, figuring killing us would make him the sole heir, I just broke down. It was a few years, before I was able to sort of function, during all this, Clarissa was running the family, and it just stayed that way. We called her Boss, as she bossed us. Yesterday, I thought I'd play along, and see what you'd do. According to my therapist, I'm not independently functional, never will be again, but I'm better than before. I can handle the small decisions, but not the big ones. I love you, your family, and your dick, what ever it's made of. Your body may be metal, but your heart and soul are more human than most people's."

Softly, John says "Yeah, I knew that about my heart and soul, but my emotions didn't, not until about 5.00 am this morning." They smile at him, Gwen's glad his emotional crisis is over, happily.

As they leave the restaurant, Liz rings, to say the order confirmations are ready. They call by Preston Industries, to collect her and the papers. On the drive to the Master's house, Liz eats the sandwiches she bought for lunch. Parking outside, they go to the door.

Afternoon Delights
Alice answers the doorbell, smiling, when she sees John. She says "Welcome, Master John, Mistress Gwen. Mistress Barbara is in the games room. Please follow me." She leads them to the games room. Liz and Stacey are stunned by the dungeon. Barbara, Deborah, Julie, and Jerry are naked. Jerry and Julie are chained to tables, with Barbara and Deborah sitting on their faces, moaning. Alice goes to speak. John touches her hand, shaking his head no. Smiling, she closes her mouth, and shuts the door, standing in front of it.

Taking his clothes off, John thinks 'Dickman stiffy 2 M,' climbs on the table behind Deborah, placing one hand over her mouth, the other on her left breast, tweaking the nipple, as he bends her forward. Placing his dick at her vaginal entrance, he slowly slides into her. Looking at Gwen, he nods at Barbara, she grins, and whispers to Liz. Both get undressed, Gwen climbs on the table, standing just in front of Barbara, she grabs Barbara's head, pushing it into her pussy, as Liz grabs Barbara's arms, and pulls them back. Unable to move, she has no option, and sucks Gwen's pussy. John says "Hello Barbara, pussy eating time." She stops struggling, and eagerly eats the pussy in her face. Deborah also stops struggling, and relaxes to his entry. The Master has arrived. Looking at Stacey, he says "See anything you fancy?"

Smiling, she undresses, turns around, walks to Alice, and kisses her. Alice eagerly responds. Taking Alice's hand, she leads her to the table with Jerry, placing her between his thighs, she undresses Alice. Climbing onto the table, she sits on his dick, and pulls Alice's face into her pussy. Slowly, she slides up and down on his dick, while Alice licks both their genitals. Very quickly, she's cumming, and her juices flood out. Alice speeds up her licking, Jerry moans into Barbara's pussy, showing he's enjoying the action, as is Barbara. Jerry is in a heaven / hell situation, Stacey's orgasming cunt is trying to milk his dick of sperm, his dick is trying to fill her cunt with sperm, the dick clamp is making that impossible. Every stroke is heavenly, while not being able to cum is growing more painful with each stroke.

Deborah is moaning and humping at John's dick, as she cums and cums and cums. He's enjoying the lovely feel of her cunt clutching at his dick, she's enjoying his dick sliding in and out, while Julie is trying to suck her clit off. Several minutes later, Stacey is tiring, she gets off, and signs for Alice to mount Jerry. Grinning, Alice stands, leans close to Jerry's ear, saying "I wouldn't fuck that Latino bitch with someone else's dick. She'll never know the pleasure of my dick. Remember those words in high school, Jerry. Try and stop me, now." Everyone grins at her words, seems there's more than one score to settle here. Alice mounts him, and really works his dick with her cunt. He stops moaning with pleasure, to groan with pain, her ripple action cunt is working his dick well, the pain of not coming, is more than the pleasure of her fucking him. Grinning, Stacey makes it worse, as she takes his balls in her mouth, sucking them, and tickling them with her tongue.

Withdrawing from Deborah, he looks around. Everyone is getting a bit tired, and the action is slowing down, all pussies are sopping wet. Unchaining Julie, he rolls the tired Deborah off her. Sitting in a comfortable chair without sides, he has Julie mount him. As she slides her lovely pussy down his dick, he says "Now fuck me for all you're worth, cum as often as you like. Smiling, she places her hands on his shoulders, and lifts herself up and down his dick. In a minute, she's cumming and cumming. Placing his hands behind his head, he smiles at her, enjoying the feel of her rippling pussy on his dick. Looking around, he sees the team working Jerry has changed. Barbara is riding his dick, while Gwen is twisting his nipples, hard. Alice has Deborah eating her pussy, while Stacey is eating Gwen's, Liz is tickling Jerry's balls, while sucking Barbara's clit. Several minutes later, Julie is too tired to move, and collapses on his chest, with a huge grin on her face.

Loudly, John says "Now that we've shown how pleased everyone is to see everyone." All but Jerry laugh, he continues "Liz has some good business news for you, Barbara." Gwen and Alice continue to play with Jerry's tender dick, as the rest take seats near John. He says "Gwen darling, if you really wish to cause him pain, why don't you get one of those lovely short whips from the wall over there, and give him a light whipping?" Grinning, Gwen and Alice go to the whips, selecting one each.

Coming back, they strike the tables with them, hard, they make a hash sound. Standing on either side of the table, they take turns, lightly whipping Jerry across his dick and balls. Not enough to make him scream, but enough for it to sting. John tries hard not to wince in sympathy, he just manages not to wince.

Smiling, Barbara, says "We got them for decoration, never thought about using them, thanks for the idea."

Getting out copies of the paperwork, Liz hands them to Barbara, saying "Thanks to the efforts of our new Executive Marketing Advisor, we're already getting a return on the new lines. He's working on royalties and commission only, so he's been working hard to get orders. These are copies of orders for items we currently have on the shelf, so the only extra cost is packaging and shipping. We can start paying back some of the money straight away. These represent $415,000 of confirmed orders, with the promise of more to come. The new non-medical stock lines should be in the shops soon, probably before the girls go back to school. Pre-release surveys indicate a good response, as shown in these papers, it was done by an independent body."

Grinning, Barbara says "Well, good work, I did tell you to move, but this is much faster than I expected. I must find a way to thank your new Marketing Advisor." She grins widely at John.

He smiles, saying "I thought you might like prompt action - to justify your faith in Preston. You need to decide over the next 24 hours, which one of you I'm going to get pregnant first." All three sisters grin, and lick their lips, as they look at each other.

Liz hands over more paperwork, saying "Here's the costs, procedures, and specifications for that special bonus insert. We can do it any time, but you may want to have your own doctor review these papers first." Barbara grins, as she takes them. She puts all the paperwork aside, for close study later.

Lifting Julie off him, John stands, saying "We have to leave soon. But first, a final show." Looking at Alice, he says "Alice, come here please." She does, he whispers "Would you like to have Jerry empty his over full balls into your pussy, and then have him suck it all out again?" Grinning, she nods her head.

Standing, he goes to Jerry, while waving Alice to the next table. As he unchains Jerry, Alice lies down, and spreads her legs wide. Barbara and Deborah play with Jerry's dick and balls, making sure he's ready. Placing Jerry between Alice's thighs, Barbara slides his dick into Alice, he moans with pleasure, at the feel of her wet pussy. Barbara pushes on his arse, until he's balls deep in Alice. Standing behind Jerry, John thinks 'Dickman 4 W,' coats his dick with KY, places it against Jerry's arse, and pushes the head inside. Jerry squirms at the contact. John says "Jerry, you have three minutes to fuck Alice to three cums, while also fucking your arse onto my dick. Manage this, and we'll remove your clamp, so you can fill her cunt with your sperm."

Jerry, immediately pulls his dick out of Alice, and shoves it back in, moaning with pleasure on the inward stroke, and groaning with pain on the backward stroke - as he fucks his arse onto John's dick. Playing with her clit, he soon has her cumming. On her third cum, John thinks 'Dickman coom,' and releases Jerry's dick clamp at the same time. Jerry slams forward, sighing with release, as his dick shoots load after load of hot cum into Alice's pussy, while John fill his arse with hot cum. Soon, Jerry's dick is deflating, as his balls finish emptying into Alice. He sighs again.

Barbara lift's Alice's hips, as Deborah slips a cushion under it. John thinks 'Dickman floppy,' as he pulls his dick out of Jerry's arse. Leaning forward, he says "That's a very big load of cum you have there Jerry. Now kneel and suck it all out, as you eat Alice to ten cums." Jerry's huge grin at shooting his load, quickly vanishes, as he realises he now has to eat his own cum - second hand, from Alice's pussy. Barbara pushes his head towards the pussy, crying, sighing, he kneels, and starts sucking. Alice moans, with pleasure.

Julie walks up behind Jerry, rubbing her wet pussy against the back of his head. and applying more pressure to Alice's pussy, she says "That's it my darling husband, eat her pussy, mine will wait a short while, until you finish with hers."

As John, Liz, Gwen, and Stacey get dressed, Deborah puts on a coat, to show them out. As they leave, she hands John a small bag. Opening it, he sees some cuffs and restraints - for portable use. Smiling, he nods his thanks. They have just enough time to go home, shower, change, and collect the girls.

After School
They leave Liz at the house, to rest, while they collect the girls. On the way, John suddenly sits up, and makes a phone call. When Steve answers, John says "Hey Amigo, we need to talk urgento, plento, at Boredom Hall."

Recognising the voice and the old codes, Steve says "Hiss off, mate." Agreeing to meet at the school.

School is out, and the girls are on the bus, waiting to leave, while John stands on the footpath. All the family girls, the soccer team, the basketball team, and the coach is waiting to follow. 15 minutes after the end of school, Steve Katz pulls up, in his police car. He gets out, and they walk across the lawn together, talking.

John says "Thanks for coming, Sidewinder." Knowing this is serious, Steve nods. John continues "I've had some very bad thoughts lately, about fire deaths. I want you to go to that special crimes investigation team of your, and get them looking into a few things. First, every single case of a fire and explosion in the region, for the last 20 years. Make a list of everyone who got hurt, everyone who worked or regularly visited the place. Especially, the ones at mom's, the Goddard's, both Stacey's and her parents', and the recent Preston one. List everyone hurt, not just the important people. Then make a list of all the people who worked at places where they could have got the materials for the bombs. Make a list of every member of the Fern gang, their siblings, adopted and blood, and lovers. Especially, the families of those that died. Do the same for the whole of the Snake gang, even those that are dead - you may want to talk to the other living ones, before you do that. Then compare all the lists, and make a list of any matches. Get a detailed history of the matches. Look at all those lists, and look for any direct or indirect link to Preston Industries and their research. Then I'd like you to talk them into letting me look at all that data. There's a link there, somewhere, we just don't recognise it, yet."

Steve says "You're taking an awfully big chance there friend. Giving them names they don't have."

John replies "Even with names, they'll have no case, I left NO evidence. Even if I screwed up, can you see the prosecutor saying a six year old boy did all that, and not have the jury laugh in his face? We need to do this, before they kill any more people." Steve nods his head. John says "Oh, by the way, tell your people, when they send a young cop undercover, they should teach him not to fall into standard police practices. That cop at the Ruiz house, he couldn't declare his real job any more clearly, unless he wore the uniform."

Steve says "Shit, I don't know if you're right, but you're never wrong on those. OK, about the fires, I'll have to talk to the Deputy Commissioner, and he may want to talk to you." John nods his head. They split up, and head for their respective vehicles.

Climbing into the mini-bus, John walks to the back seat, sits down between Rissa and Wendy, reaches out, and fondles a breast of each girl. Both sigh, and lean against him. Before Gwen can start the bus, Brooke stands up, and stops her. Walking to the back of the vehicle, she looks at John, saying "Spill it mister, when's the world coming to an end."

Standing, he says "We'll talk later." He adjusts his flaccid prick, to run straight up his belly, picks Brooke up, and cuddles her too him, saying "Place your arms and legs around me." She does, he drops his hands down, to cup her bum cheeks, and sits down. Keeping his left arm across her back, pushing her into his chest, and cupping her left bum cheek, he removes his right arm, and places it around Rissa, fondling her breast. Both girls sigh. Gwen starts the bus, and drives home.

At home, they unload and go inside. Over a snack, Brooke checks everyone's homework status, everything needed for tomorrow - is done, so they can swim straight away. Giggling, Kira has Vera, Anna, Helen, and Miss Stoner line up near the lounge. Smiling, John says "Oh good, some more victims, err guests, to initiate. Oh, the pleasures, err responsibilities of my job are many." The waiting four aren't sure what to expect, beyond swimming, some fun, and some nudity.

Smiling, John undresses, he thinks 'Dickman 3 M.' The four new swim club members gasp on seeing his stiff dick, they gulp, and look at the grins on the other girl's faces. Stepping up to Miss Bernice Stoner, taking her in his arms, he kisses her, while cupping her bum cheeks, and pushing her groin into his. She squirms, but responds eagerly. Breaking the kiss, he undoes the buttons of her blouse, slips his hands inside, fondling her breasts. Slipping the blouse off her shoulders, he undoes her bra, slides his hands around, to fondles her breasts again. Stepping part way around her body, he slips a hand down the front of her shorts, inside her panties, and cups her pussy. Sliding a finger between her labia, as he slips his other hand inside the back of her shorts, inside her panties, and along the groove of her arse. She moans, he angles his arms away from her body, starting her shorts and panties sliding down his arms. Kneeling down, he pushes her shorts and panties to the floor. Lifting her legs, he takes them off, as well as her shoes and socks, placing her feet down, with her legs well apart. Leaning forward, he spreads her labia, and licks her clit - she moans and shivers. Standing, he slides his dick along her pussy, rubbing her clit. Taking her in his arms, he kisses her again. Standing back, he admires her body -183 cm blond 44 CC cup, very athletic build.

Next is Vera, she's standing there, in a one piece swimsuit, with her school clothes on the seat behind her. Shaking his head in sorrow, he takes her hand, and lightly slaps her wrist, saying "New initiates must wait to be undressed by the Master of Ceremonies, and no swimsuits are allowed in this house." Her eyes go wide, as she reads the sign he points to above the doorway - it says just that. Placing his hands on her breasts, he fondles them, he slides his hands up to her shoulders, slips them inside the straps, and slides the straps off her shoulders. Running his hands down her front, he fondles her breasts. She blushes, as he lowers his hands, exposing her breasts to general view. She tries to stop him removing the swimsuit. Despite her struggle, he gets it off her. Admiring her body -168 cm brunette, 32 B cup, slim build, he says "Liz, please get that bag we got today." All stare, as Liz carries it to him. Turning Vera around, he draws her arms behind her. Taking a set of leather restraints from the bag, he secures her hands together, behind her back. Removing another set, he secures her arms together, just above the elbows. Her arms are now held close together, behind her back, and her breasts are pushed forward. He says "Primary rule violation, 30 minute or 30 plus cums restraint penalty." All stare, wondering what this means.

Turning to Anna, he undresses her, and admires her lovely body - 165 cm, black hair, 32 B cup, slim build. Last, he undresses Helen - 177 cm, blond, 38 D cup, solid to Junoesque build, mostly muscle.

With everyone undressed, he walks the line of the new girls, fondling their breasts, and kissing them.

Returning to stand in front of Vera, he shakes his head. He asks "Were you told about the nudity, no swimmers, and waiting to be undressed?"

She nods her head, yes, saying "I thought Kira and Jacqui were just pulling my chain, and wanted to embarrass me."

He says "You saw I was undressing Bernice. Why didn't you wait for me to undress you?"

She replies "I thought if I stripped, you wouldn't play with my tits, like you were playing with hers. I don't like people playing with them, or seeing them, I'm ashamed to have such small tits."

Sighing, John says "Oh, dear. Who hurt you so badly?" She looks at him, with an odd expression. He says "You're clearly parroting someone else with that, who lied to you, so badly?" She stares at him. Reaching forward, he caresses her body, and fondles her breasts, saying "Well, for the next 30 minutes, you'll stay by my side, restrained like that, while I play with your pretty tits and sexy body. Unless you chose to go with me upstairs, to see how long it takes me to fuck you to 30 cums more than one per minute of sex." Her eyes go wide, everyone stares at him.

Peta sighs, saying "Oh, yes please. I'd love to be fucked by you, for an hour straight." Everyone laughs.

Softly, Vera says "I think I better take the 30 minutes, I'm not sure I can handle the other, as my first fuck."

Smiling, he nods his head. Walks around behind her, slips his stiff dick between her hands and her legs, sliding it up her pussy, and between her labia, as he reaches around to cup her breasts. With her in place, he says "We'll now walk in step, take a misstep, and you could become an accidental non-virgin. To the pool, my lovely." They take small steps, as they walk in unison, to the pool. Vera has a huge smile, and moaning, before they get half way there. Everyone else, races for the pool, and dives in. Arriving at the steps, John changes his hold, to keep her in place, while he carries her down the steps and into the water.

John walks Vera down the pool, until the water height is just lapping at her nipples. She's now moaning loudly, the stimulation of her breasts and clit is getting to her. A few minutes later, Wendy, Tina, and Peta come up to them. Smiling, Peta places a hand on Tina's head, and pushes down. Vera watches, as Tina ducks below the water, she licks John's dick. Vera jumps, as Tina starts to lick her clit as well. Peta stares at Vera's breasts, and licks her lips. Getting the silent message, John slides his hands back from Vera's tits, saying "They're really nice and suckable, aren't they." Both Wendy and Peta nod their heads, as they lean forward, and suck on them. Vera suddenly squeals, and shivers, as Rissa swims up to them.

Tina rises from the water, saying "Uncle John, can you please move your lovely dick, I can't get at her clit properly." Smiling, Rissa, drops below the water, and pulls his dick aside, to suck on it. Tina vanishes below the waves again. John holds Vera tightly, as she moans and writhes her way through several orgasms. Rissa and Tina keep coming up for air, and changing targets.

Thirty minutes after entering the pool area, Brooke yells out "Time."

Vera, stirs enough to yell back "Another 10 minutes, please." They laugh, she must be liking her punishment. John can't fault her, the girls have made her cum over 20 times. Releasing her, he caresses her body, as he slides his hands back, and undoes the restraints. With her arms free, Vera pulls them around, and clasps Wendy and Peta to her breasts, while she cums again.

Turning to take the restraints away to be dried, he bumps into Bernice. She says "If that's a punishment, I'd love to see what you get for a reward."

Coming up behind her, Brooke slips her arms around, to fondle Bernice's breasts, saying "Being fucked brainless, by a dick that'd give most stallions a case of penis envy."

Slipping his hands between Brooke's hands and Bernice's breasts, he takes over the fondling, saying "Brooke, go play with someone your own age. You can seduce Bernie on Saturday, when it's legal to do so." Turning to Bernice, he says "In case you haven't heard, starting after school tomorrow, we're having a holiday long orgy. If you haven't been invited yet, you are now."

Grinning, Bernice says "I think, the whole school knows about the party, and that it's invite only. So far, I've had only three invites, Brooke, Gwen, and you. And I plan to be here."

Smiling, he says "Good, remember, Miss Stoner gets left at the door, in this house - you're Bernie. And Bernie WILL enjoy all the pleasures offered by all the inmates of this insane asylum." Her eyes go wide. Seeing her expression, he says "I mean it. When Tina or someone else wants to take you, you go, and enjoy yourself. The detail of who does what to who in this house, stays in this house, or else."

Bernie jumps, as two pairs of hands caress her legs, pulling them apart. Her feet leave the pool bottom, and she tips back, against a pair of soft breasts, while a pair of arms fold around her body, and spread her labia. Grinning, John removes his hands, as others slide in from the side - to fondle her breasts. Stepping closer, John rubs the head of his dick along her pussy, pushing it against her clit. She moans, despite herself. Laying back at a further angle, she hears Peta say "Keep up the good work girls, she's nearly there." As another girl places her mouth on hers, and kisses her, she closes her eyes. She knows she shouldn't, these are school girls, school girls she teaches, she opens her mouth, and allows the tongue free entry. The hands on her breasts are replaced by mouths. She moans and shivers, as she cums.

She's cumming again, when she feels John's dick sliding into her pussy. Slowly, oh so exquisitely slowly, he slides it in, a millimetre at a time, she cums - several times, before his balls rub against her arse. The mouth leaves hers, she gulps in air, and softly says "Oh, fuck, yes please."

Standing there, with his dick balls deep in Bernie, John watches Peta cum, in response to Bernie's statement. Peta is really getting off on the control side. She'd brought, Wendy, Tina, Vera, and Rissa over - in a concentrated pleasure attack on Bernie. Peta stands to the side, quietly issuing orders, and Bernie's submission made her cum. Grinning at Peta, John grasps Bernie's hips, and starts thrusting back and forth, Bernie cums again and again and again. Some time later, he stops, and looks around him.

Everybody, but Brooke, is spread out around him, clearly, having just cum. Bernie is lying there, exhausted, arms and legs floating free, as is her hair in the water. Sliding his hands up her back, he pulls her upper body to him, as he thinks Dickman floppy.' Withdrawing, he cuddles her, and carries her to side of the pool, placing her on the tiles. Quickly, he picks up all the ladies, and places them on the pool edge. None have enough energy to climb out, most are just floating, exhausted by pleasure. With everyone safely out of the water, he gets out, gets towels, and wraps them all up. Carrying them over to the grass area, to be more comfortable. It's nearly 5.15 pm, time to organise dinner. He must have been fucking Bernie for 40 minutes or more, no wonder they're out of it.

Walking into the lounge room, he finds Brooke spread out in a chair, her pussy is sopping wet, her legs soaked in her pussy juices, a semi-glazed expression on her face, and a phone to her ear. She says "Yes, that's right, banquet no 7 for 30 people, delivered to my home by 6.15 pm. Thanks Gayle." Hanging up, she looks at John, saying "I've ordered Chinese for dinner." He smiles at her. Grabbing another towel, he dries her legs, and wraps her up in it. She has the sense to blush, the insides of her legs are the only part of her that's wet.

At 6.00 pm, he wakes everyone up, and has them set up for dinner on the grass. A few of the more recovered ladies, help bring drinks and glasses through. When the food arrives, he makes a special exemption - to allow the two young men making the delivery, to walk the food through to the grass area. Most of the ladies have wrapped the towels around their waists only, so they get a good eyeful of breasts. He pays the bill, giving them a $10 tip each, for prompt service. They all dive into the meal.

Towards the end of the meal, Bernie says "I don't know what that was, but if the reward for exemplary conduct is much greater than that, I doubt I could survive it. Now I know what they mean by the expression - being fucked senseless." They laugh, and commiserate with her.

At Gwen's request, John asks "If anyone knows of anyone seeking or willing to work as a cook, maid, or domestic help. We'll pay award wages, as a minimum, depending upon the duties, and conditions. We're not concerned about qualifications, just ability." They provide several leads. At 7.00 pm, Brooke starts the bath routine, with those leaving going first.

Steve's Story
Leaving John, Steve goes to the hospital, and talks to Mamba. Together, they visit Taipan. Krait joins them there. They get Viper on the phone, for a conference. Steve explains what John wants done. None are happy with their past associations becoming known. Only six out of nine are still alive, but this talk is between a decorated police officer, a decorated fire fighter, a well known doctor, a Senator, and a nationally recognised businessman - three of them being decorated ex servicemen. They bat it back and forth for a while. It ends, when Taipan, as an elected official - he has the most to lose, says "The key factors here, are that Cobra sees some sort of link, but can't identify it - lack of data. We're talking about people who've murdered over a dozen people, including Brown and Diamond, they may even have been involved with Tiger's death. They also tried to kill Cobra. Have any of you known Cobra to be wrong about anything important? Then, I think we should go with this, do as he asks, but do what we can to keep it under wraps. Maybe the police can do everything else, and give the data to Cobra to compare with ours. See what you can do along those lines, Sidewinder." They talk some more, but agree with Taipan.

Arriving at Police Headquarters, at 4.55 pm, Steve goes to the eighth floor, and waits in the outer office of Deputy Commissioner Williams. At 5.15 pm, DC Williams walks out, on his way home. Steve stands, saying "Excuse me sir, can we take a walk together?"

After staring at Steve for a moment, he says "Certainly Sergeant Katz, I'll just give home a call first." Picking up his secretary's phone, he calls home, and lets his wife know he'll be late. Together, they go down to the lobby, and walk out into the nearby city park.

Steve says "It's a good thing that the Special Crimes Investigation Team is your responsibility, as I couldn't approach any of the other DCs with this. Earlier today, I had a long talk with John Smith. He was at the scene of the Preston explosion and fire, and also the one that killed his parent's. He says they were very similar. A few other similar incidents have come to his attention, lately. He's asked that I put certain matters before SCIT, to look into, as a matter of priority."

Williams interrupts, with "Well, give it to them, and they'll consider it, with their other cases."

Steve says "No sir, I'll need your support to make them treat it as a hot priority. John sees a pattern that goes back over a decade, but doesn't have enough information to make much sense. SCIT are the only people who have the expertise and access to get all the data together."

Williams stops, and looks at Katz, saying "I know Smith is a particular friend of yours, why, beats me. But, why should I jump when an uneducated security guards asks me to?"

Steve replies "He may be unqualified, but he's not uneducated. In fact, if SCIT hired him to review cases, I think they'd get more work done, much quicker. Both his parent's were top research scientists. When he was in school, he won all the state's science competitions. He had offers for fully supported scholarships from top universities around the country, and overseas. He passed on them, and took a job as a security guard at Preston. It was the only job he could get, where they would promise him work hours of 9.00 am to 3.00 pm, so he would be able to care for his just orphaned niece." Williams stops, and looks at Steve closely, he says "He threw a very promising career as a top scientist away, to care for a child he loved. They both should have died in that explosion. They didn't, because they sneaked out of the house to get ice-creams, and were just returning, when it exploded in their faces, he saw it all."

Williams says "You've got my interest, and I'm prepared to listen, convince me."

Steve says "He wants us to investigate every explosive fire in the region for the last 20 years, listing everyone who was injured, or at the scene. With special attention to the Goddard, Preston, and Smith fires. List all who worked at places where the bomb materials could have been obtained. List all the members and families of the Fern and Snake gangs. Especially, the families of the dead gang members. Look for matches, look for links between any of those people and Preston. Also, let him review everything that we put together. He says there's a link there, it's a conspiracy of some sort, but he can't yet see who or why - he lacks the data. If we don't act to stop them, they'll kill again, and he's afraid they'll target him and hurt Brooke. Oh, I almost forgot. He says his parents were secretly working for Preston, at the time of their death."

Williams considers the request, saying "I think he may be onto something. I worked the Goddard and Smith fires. I was never happy with the results, something about them, still niggles at me. OK, I'll get them onto this in the morning, as a priority issue. But I remember the Fern and Snake gangs well, we have full dossiers on the Ferns, but nothing of value on the Snakes. So how does he expect me to add their names to the list?"

Smiling weakly, Steve says "I'm hopping you'll approve John or me to do that last bit of correlation." Williams stops, and stares at Steve. Gulping, he continues "I know all the Snake gang names, I used to be in the gang. Sidewinder is my nickname, but I took it to Special Forces, I didn't get it there, as most people believe. John and his brother were in the gang as well. His brother was called Diamond, and John earned the name Cobra, despite being only six years old."

Eyes wide, Williams says "Hell, you ARE full of surprises. All that mayhem was planned and carried out by a six year old. Damn, I best listen to the bugger. You may not know it, but 80% of the anti-drug intelligence I got in those days, was sent to me by Cobra. Most of it was just a thorough analysis of publicly available information. It bugged the hell out of me, knowing my best busts were handed to me on a platter, by the person at the head of the department's 'must get' list. Now you tell me he was only six years old. OK, I'll let you know when we're ready to add the Snake gang names to the pot, and we won't tell anyone else why we're adding those names. Oh, and thank him for all those leads back then." Shaking hands, they part, to go their own ways. Steve heads for John's house, stopping for dinner, and a change of clothes on the way.

A Serious Evening
Steve arrives at John's at 7.30 pm, Gwen lets him in, and takes him upstairs. Steve is mildly distracted by all the nude ladies, when he sees John is bathing each of the girls, to everyone's obvious enjoyment. He says "Bugger you Cobra, you get ALL the good jobs." Liz and Mary look up at the comment, they turn and look at each other, turn and look at John. Their reactions aren't lost on John, he files it for later.

Looking at Steve, he says "That's because I work hard at earning them, and do them so well." Fondling Kira's breasts, he continues "Don't I Kira?" Smiling, she nods her head, and gets out, to be replaced by Rachel. Washing Rachel, he says "OK, Sidewinder, what's up?"

Steve says "It's started, I spoke to Deputy Commissioner Williams, he's going to do as you asked. He wasn't happy to learn about me or you, and he said to thank you for all that intelligence back then. He'll probably call you or me in, to add in the last set of names, and won't tell the team why they're being added. Taipan requested we try to do it that way. Oh, don't be surprised if Williams contracts you to do some analysis work for him, he remembers the quality of your old stuff, Mr Genius." John nods his head.

In a puzzled voice, Liz says "Mr Genius?"

Steve looks at John, who nods, he says "He's a certified genius, got a paper from MENSA lying around somewhere, youngest ever member. In high school, John had offers of supported scholarships from across the country and overseas. One company wanted to pay him an intern's salary, while he got a degree at MIT, provided he signed a 10 year employment contract. He turned them down, as family was more important." Everyone is looking at John, he blushes.

Mary suddenly jumps up and down, saying "See, it does work, I told you we could do it." Turning to John, she says "You've no idea how hard it was, working out how to trigger a blush response. How come you took a job as a security guard, surely you could have done something else."

Smiling, John says "I took the only job I was qualified for, that would let me work 9.00 am to 3.00 pm each day. At that time, I had something more important to do with the rest of my time." Brooke blushes. The talk didn't slow down the bathing process. He says "Sidewinder, thank Williams for me, please. I hope this doesn't have an adverse effect on your career." Steve shakes his head, turns, and leaves. Rachel shows him out, as John is washing Gwen.

Shortly afterwards, Gwen drives the girls home. John calls a family conference, when she returns.

At 8.15 pm, they're sitting around the lounge room, he explains this is an extended family, and the household command and management structure. He's in overall command, Gwen is second in command, with responsibility for domestic and transport services. Brooke is third in command, adjutant, responsible for sleeping and coordination. They all nod in agreement. Smiling, he says "Fuck Toy, stand." Janice stands, he continues "This is slave Fuck Toy, between the hours of 9.00 pm and 6.00 am, she must obey any order by any family member, to engage in sexual activity with them; provided, it's a mutual exchange, cum for cum, and it's not overruled by command." Janice blushes, the rest smile. He says "Also, posted sleeping arrangements can only be changed by command, and you must be in your assigned bed by midnight, unless approved by command. You may make requests of particular bed mates to Brooke, her decisions are final." They all nod.

Brooke says "OK, Uncle John, what's with all the secrecy with Sergeant Steve?"

John says "I was getting to that. I think I've found a way to identify some murderers, ones who've been hiding in the shadows, hiding a long time. The people who killed your parent's and mine, and recently blew me up. The trouble is, to do it, I have to give out some very secret information about some people. I'll also have to admit to some crimes I did a long time ago. It shouldn't go to court, as they've no evidence, but that may not stop them trying. I'm worried how this will fall back on all of you, but I feel I need to stop these people, before they kill again." They're all quiet.

Gwen says "Pardon me, if I find it hard to believe you ever committed any crime, other than swiping an apple out of an orchard."

Smiling weakly, John says "Oh, I used to be a real devil, on the side of the angels, but a dangerous devil. The mayor didn't know he was talking about me, but he once described me as 'An amoral blight on this fair city.' Two months later, he was in prison, because of the evidence of corruption I 'found,' and got to the police. I didn't always do the work, but I planned it all. If they had enough evidence, the list would include burglary, theft, intimidation with menaces, unlawful phone tapping, kidnapping, attempted murder, and murder. We concentrated on the drug dealers, pushers, and the corrupt people who protected them." All stare wide eyed. Here's good old, safe, dependable, honest John, saying he's stolen and killed people - they can't believe it, even when he's saying it.

Putting her hands to her mouth, Brooke, gaps "Oh dear, it's true. You're not lying. Is this that dark secret you've always kept from me?" He nods his head yes.

He says "Your father, his friends, and I were a very wild bunch. We did many things we shouldn't have. I don't regret doing them, only regret that they may adversely affect you. I've worked hard to see you don't make the mistakes we did. We never hurt anyone who didn't hurt others first, but that's not enough for the courts. The police never identified us, and those still alive, are now upstanding members of the community. And to check the information to trace these killers, I'll have to expose the sordid past we've kept secret for many years. If we'd kept up our activities, we would probably have been caught."

Brooke says "But Uncle John, I've known you all my life, you couldn't have done much, not since you adopted me. And dad was always at work, or at home with us."

John replies "We stopped when your parents got married, I put my foot down, and insisted we disband. A husband and father couldn't take those sort of risks, I wouldn't allow it. Since I was the planner, they had no choice. We've all been good boys since. It all took place between my sixth and ninth birthdays." They all gasp at this, one so young, involved in crimes like that. He continues "I've started the wheels moving, all we can do now, is wait, and see what happens. Whatever it is, it won't hurt you lot directly. So smile."

Liz says "So you were in the Snake gang?" He nods, many stare, many of the Snake gang's doings are part of the city's street legends. Older criminals still shiver at the thought of having the Snakes after them. Since they were never identified or accounted for, everyone knows they're still out there, watching, waiting.

Sera says "Brooke, can I please sleep with Fuck Toy tonight?" Janice turns, looks at Sera, licks her lips, and smiles.

Smiling, Brooke makes a note on her pad, saying "Only if you both go to bed immediately this
meeting is finished, as I want you asleep by midnight, in room 3." They both nod their heads, Sera stands, walks over, and sits in Janice's lap, fondling her breasts. Janice returns the favour. Everyone smiles. She continues "I numbered the bedrooms today, use the assigned rooms. Bedroom assignments are 4 Tina / Rissa, 5 Mel / Gwen, 6 Stacey / Mary, 1 Liz / Uncle John, 2 Wendy with me, and you have to get up early to fuck Uncle John awake." All smile and nod, accepting their orders and lovers for tonight.

John says "Oh, how many have been invited to the party?"

Grinning Brooke says "We have acceptance from the whole soccer and basketball teams, many others will be dropping in at various points. I'll give you lists later. The maximum at any one time, should be 62 people." Gulping, she glances at Sera saying "I've also invited Max and Barry to stay for the weekend, they accepted."

Sera, stares at her, saying "You what? How did you get his parents to agree? They don't approve of me."

Grinning, she replies "Well, they know he's going on a double date with Max, they're already good friends. They've been worried about his not dating. Max was with him, when he told his parents, and Max said his girlfriend would bring one of her friends, as a date for Barry. He also invited Barry to sleep over with him, for the weekend, as his girlfriend had invited them both to a birthday party the next day, and they may be able to go out Sunday. He just neglected to name the girls, or say where they were sleeping over at. Oh, I haven't told them about the no clothes rule, yet." They all laugh. Brooke continues "I also told Barry I know you're a virgin, and if he wants to have sex with you, he'd better bring plenty of condoms, and he better intend their use to be a proposal of marriage. The cheeky bugger smiled, turned to Max, and said 'Do you know where I can buy a gross of condoms?' Max smiled, and promised to show him this afternoon. I do think Barry is serious." Sera blushes. Everyone laughs.

On such a happy note, John ends the meeting. Everyone heads off to their assigned beds. John sits there, and signs Liz to sit in his lap. She does, they kiss and cuddle for several minutes. Standing, he says, I have a slight detour to make, come along, and join in. Smiling, they walk up the stairs, hand in hand. First, he goes to his room, thinking 'Dickman stiffy 3 M,' and coats his dick with KY. Liz watches, with interest.

A minute later, he's quietly opening the door to room 3. Janice and Sera are in a serious 69, both moaning, with Sera on top. Silently crossing the floor, he places a hand on the back of Sera's head, to keep it in Janice's pussy. Sera struggles, trying to rise, she stops, when she feels his dick touch her arse. Relaxing back into her pussy eating, she hums against Janice's clit. At John's nod, Liz spreads Sera's arse cheeks apart, and guides his dick to its target. With it in place, she moves to playing with the four available breasts, while John grabs Sera's hips, and pushes into her arse. Liz has trouble believing he's going to get that sized dick in his target.

Slowly, he slides in, half way, he stops. Sera raise her head, saying "Don't fuck about, fucking well get on with fucking my arse off." Liz laughs. John thrusts the rest in, hard, Sera grunts, moans, and says "Fuck, yes."

For 10 minutes, he rapidly slams his dick into her arse, while Janice sucks her clit, Sera has 30 or so cums. Liz cums several times, while playing with herself. Janice has several cums, from Sera's moans into her pussy. Pulling out, he lowers Sera's body to Janice's, saying "Sera love, it seems you owe Janice a dozen or more cums tonight." They all giggle. Turning to the door, he watches it finish closing. Quickly crossing the room, he sticks his head out, looking down the hall, he can see a shape in the dark, closing the door to room 2, it's too short to be Wendy. Smiling, he leads Liz back to his room, she closes the door to room 3, behind her.

Back in room 1, he goes to the en suite, and washes his dick. He returns, to find Liz has all the pillows piled up, and is lying over them, with her arse in the air. She says "I've never been arse fucked, so be gentle when you get there. Please fuck me to exhaustion, then fuck my arse off."

Smiling, he walks up, rubs his 3 M dick along her pussy, and slides it into her juicy cunt. She's ready, and cums twice, before he hits bottom. He fucks her, fast and furious. She cums on each stroke, squeezing his dick with her cunt. They both moan with pleasure. Some time later, she's collapsed onto the bed, gasping for air. He pulls out of her pussy, thinking 'Dickman 3 T,' he places his dick against her arse hole, spreads her bum cheeks apart, and slowly slides in. Reaching full depth, he slides half out, he reaches around, and plays with her clit, as he gives her arse a good fucking. After her three cums like this, he thinks 'Dickman 3 M,' and slides back in. As he reaches full depth with the wider dick, she moans, softly saying "Fuck, what a feeling."

Laughing, he says "Since when were you a Toyota?" Setting to with vigour, he fucks her to several more cums. Pulling out, he turns towards the en suite, to wash his dick. She softly says "Bugger," they both laugh about car advertisements. He notices the door to his room sliding shut. Switching to infra red, he watches a heat source move to room 2, and enter.

After washing his dick, he carefully places Liz on the bed, pulls the covers over them, cuddles up, cups her breasts, and goes to sleep. Liz is already snoring.

Special note by Author - re the above scene: Please skip if you feel this may spoil your reading of the story.

I'm an Australian, and some years ago, the Toyota car company ran two campaigns that seemed more Australian in design than their usual ones, I don't know if they were shown around the world. The first shows someone driving a Toyota car about, and at the end of the advertisement, they jump up, joyfully shouting "Oh what a feeling," because the car was so nice to drive, and performed well. Another featured little things going wrong, with people and a dog saying "Bugger" when they did. In one advertisement, a fellow uses his utility (pick up for those from the USA) to pull a cow out of a bog, the cow flies over the truck, and slams into the ground in front, the driver looks at this, and says "Bugger," the implication being it's more powerful than he's used to. Another shows his dog going to leap onto the back of the truck, as the man drives off, the truck is too fast, and the dog lands spread eagled in the mud, saying "Bugger." The first ads got some extra publicity, as a very small minority complained about the ads. There were several ads in both campaigns. The best were when the guy's dog said "Bugger." The very best was one where the dog orders a "Burger" at a drive through, and says "Bugger," when the man accepts the bugger from the sales window, and starts to eat it.

Down here, we use the term 'bugger' as an exclamation when something goes wrong or not quite right, much the way some people say "Oh, shit; oh, hell; damn; etc."

Also, the act of fucking someone in the arse, is known as buggery, and the person doing the fucking is known as a bugger. Hence, the relevance of that joke in that situation. Just in case you didn't know, many don't now days.

to be continued...

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Story really written by Cazna Rochester who posts at Stories On Line, they have the full story and free membership.

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